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tv   ABC World News  ABC  May 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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known traditions winterur . to point steeple chase, thousands of people flocked to the museum's ground to enjoy the races and this beautiful day. our own cecily tynan was there to help, announce the winners, and the event is now in its
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38th year. release the hound. >> i like her hat, fascinator. >> that is something i learned, i didn't know what one was. >> gorgeous for any event outside. >> yes, what a treat. >> lots of sunshine in time for mom on mothers day or any celebration action to have outside today, we have plenty of sun tomorrow and then we will track showers later in the week. we will talk bit, storm tracker six, live double scan radar. you can see it is dry, no issues with precipitation, high pressure dominating coming from the great lakes providing us with plenty of sunshine, to close out our weekend here. we will show you picture outside, action cam was outside, earlier today, earlier this afternoon in rittenhouse looking at the beautiful, pink bag of flowers we have there and really comfortable conditions. after we were stuck in the muck with the gray conditions and wet weather overhead, a and nice improvement today. it has been a while since we have had temperatures, this warm, believe it or not. our high in philadelphia 71 degrees. the it has been 12 days since numbers were in the 70's, warmest it has been since
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april 26th, we have probably all remembered this day we had a high temperature of 86 degrees. nice change after temperatures have been well below average and we have pick up two and a half inches on have rain for the month so far. outside at this hour 69 in philadelphia. sixty-five in allentown, lehigh valley. sixty-eight in dover. at the coast in cape may with that northwesterly win, cooler at 63. fifty-three in the poconos. sixty-six in i-95 corridor in trenton. the here's the satellite six with action radar. instability showers riding up across portions of pennsylvania. this will stay to the north and dissipate reaching the rest of the delaware and lehigh valleys tonight. we have high pressure over great lakes that will continue to sink south and provide with us dry conditions, and clear skies, on the way tonight. call from accu weather over next 12 hours, it is mostly clear, just a few patchy cloud. temperatures are near normal. so seasonably cool, dropping down to 43 in the suburbs and 50 in philadelphia for the overnight low. the as we get in the day
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tomorrow, it is nice. sun to start and then a few afternoon cloud will if in. seventy-two for the high in philadelphia. sixty-nine in allentown. seventy in reading for the high. upper 60's in dover. the at the coast in cape may 65. boardwalk in at atlantic city we will max out in the upper 60's. so here's the set up on our monday, future tracker six showing 5:30 at 6:00 in the morning mostly clear, dry start to the day, and then high pressure is still staying in control, is there a trough of low pressure that will then just dip south to the region. sun giving way to increasing included as we go throughout the afternoon hours and it looks like that moisture stays low to the south, for the fagoter of the day tomorrow. the as we get into tuesday, however it looks to be mostly cloudy, cooler day and some showers are possible mainly south, of philadelphia a, as we track that trough of low pressure that moves on through. one issue with our forecast and we have felt it to the day because we had breezy conditions, wind gusting from 25 to 45 miles an hour. today over the next five days,
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oak, burch, mapel, the top offenders as far as the pollen goes and we are in the medium to high side as we go throughout the rest of the this week. the here's the exclusive seven day forecast, sunshine to clouds tomorrow, it is not a bad day, high temperature coming in at 73 degrees. the then cooler on tuesday, in at 66 degrees. those showers, stay mainly to the south of us. on wednesday, some sunshine, and, it is at seven three, and then on thursday, turning a bit unsettled, partly sunny, evening showers likely in at 71. here we go again friday it is dam one showers possible, and in at 68. we will track that because we have aberdeen dad vail regatta a then. saturday it is cloud which rain possible, high of 69, and sun and cloud, next sunday we will dry out then with a high of six 36789 i'm sure everyone is happy to see the sun today, we will get more of that tomorrow, guys. >> yes. >> thanks, melissa. you can find seven day forecast and live look at storm tracker six double scan radar anytime on the day on our web site. just go to six
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>> abc's world news sunday next on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we're right back here again on six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, jamie apody, sarah bloomquist and the entire "action news" team i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪ vo: across america,
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if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. gooj -- good evening thanks for joining us. i'm tom llamas. the center of the country on alert. a tornado watch in four states, an anxious night ahead. this twister blowing through the town of rhea. hail bouncing off the ground in this parking lot in denver. let's begin with rob marciano. >> reporter: tonight, blackened
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skies as severe weather sweeps across the plains. seven reported tornadoes ripping through eastern colorado. >> the big black wall. i put the cars in the shed just to keep them out of the hail. >> reporter: david rippe's shed and his four cars crushed, the roof ripped off his home. >> we have windows broken out, it's not pretty. >> reporter: that mammoth twister, captured near the town of wray. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: spewing debris and injuring five people. near denver, hail the size of golfballs ricocheting off of windshields and covering roadways. this, just one of more than 100 reports of severe weather stretching from colorado to kentucky. just east of louisville, powerful winds and rain barreling down on cars. in mt. carmel, illinois, winds gusting to 66 miles per hour, tearing the roof off of this middle school.
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>> rob joins us life -- live. who is in the bull's eye tonight? >> well, storms severe already in texas. but we're worried across oklahoma and kansas. the cells beginning to pop. those could develop tornadoes over the next couple of hours. and more tornadoes and large hail expected. but this is an area that has already seen heavy rain, and more coming as well. and wildfithe wildfire, pol checkpoints forced to wear masks to breathe. here's neal karlinsky with new images from inside the destruction. >> reporter: in rugged northern alberta, the massive wildfire just won't stop. but tonight, for the first time, it is slowing down.
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thanks to much cooler temperatures and even a small amount of rain blowing in. more than 500 firefighters, 15 helicopters and 14 air tankers, taking on a blaze that's grown to more than 620 square miles. the thousands who had been cut off to the north of the fire zone, are now safely out of harm's way. >> all i thought is, dear lord, if you can get my children safe, then i don't care. >> reporter: pictures from inside what's left of ft. mcmurray show a city transformed. some homes virtually untouched near others that were incinerated. in all, there are now nearly 90,000 nomads. who have no idea when they will be able to return to their normal lives. >> will we have a home to go to? jobs? where are we going to live? >> reporter: some of the areas are too remote for firefighters to get to on the ground.
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so they're dropping buckets from helicopters. tom? >> thank you. and donald trump, right from the start, slamming bill clinton for his infidelitieinfidelities. but he didn't always feel that way. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: now in a fierce battle for the critical women's vote, tonight, donald trump says bill clinton is fair game. >> i think he gets involved when she plays the women card. if he's involved in the campaign, he should absolutely, you know, he could be brought into it. >> reporter: his latest shot at hillary clinton, a tirade over her husband's infidelities. >> here's a guy who was impeached because he lied. he lied. remember the famous, "i did not have sex with that woman," and then a couple months later, "i'm guilty." and she's taking negative ads on me. >> reporter: but back in 2008,
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trump downplayed president clinton's sex scandal. >> they tried to impeach him which was nonsense. >> reporter: now that trump's the presumptive nominee, clinton says concerned republicans are turning to her. >> i've had a lot of outreach on republicans in the last days who say that they are interested in talking about that. >> reporter: fighting on two fronts. trump is also warring with republican leaders who want him to unify the party. but trump says, not so fast. >> does it have to be unified? i'm very different than everybody else, perhaps, that's ever run for office. i actually don't think so. >> reporter: trump's next big test, a meeting this week with house speaker paul ryan, who's still withholding his endorsement. a move that has sarah palin vowing to help kick ryan out of office. >> his political career is over, but for a miracle. because he has so disrespected the will of the people. >> reporter: trump and ryan will try to smooth things over. but already trump seems open to possibly removing ryan as chair of the republican convention if he doesn't get onboard.
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tom? >> thank you. now to the deadly shooting spree in maryland that left three people dead. leading to the dramatic takedown of eulalio tordil, a former police officer for the homeland security department. court documents allege he botched two carjackings, and will make his first court appearance tomorrow. when we come back, how a carnival ride took a terrifying turn. stay with us. is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain...
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>> my daughter went through torture. >> reporter: elizabeth gilreath, seen here saturday on the spinning attraction called the king's crown. moments later, witnesses say her hair got stuck in the ride. the other children sitting with her, desperately yelling for help. >> there's absolute terror in their eyes, and some were screaming and crying. it was still spinning. so i stopped it with both my hands. >> reporter: though experts say traveling carnival rides are generally safe, this comes just one week after another festival nightmare. two teenagers thrown from a ride in el paso, one of them killed. back in omaha, this ride now closed. the investigation, under way. >> we're trying to determine if there was a malfunction or if it was just an accident. >> reporter: and elizabeth's mother, by her bedside. saying she has a long road ahead. >> we're all praying for her, and we love her, and we want her to get better. >> reporter: and she is expected to survive. we reached out to the company that operated the ride but they declined to comment.
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tom? >> thank you. when we come back, the big powerball mystery. where that winning ticket was bought, and when will the new multimillionaire come forward? plus, two police officers go above and beyond the call of duty, involving that baby right there. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb,
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to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them with k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. back now with our "index." starting with a frightening cruise ship accident in baltimore. crushing three cars. no one was hurt. the ship was only slightly damaged. the accident is being investigated tonight. a starting report on sex abuse allegations at some of the country's most prestigious schools. 67 schools facing allegations since 1991, involving 300 students, 37 staff members fired
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or resigned. and 11 cases in which accused employees found work at another school. now to two police officers pulling double duty. he was rushed to the hospital, when they thought he was choking. next to the giant powerball lottery. one winning ticket, but the winner hasn't come forward. tonight, the first clue -- the ticket was purchased at this 7/11 in trenton. >> it's a small neighborhood, we see a lot of the same people every day. the winner, i think it's going to be big for them. >> yeah, i'm excited. >> life-changing. >> definitely. the winner has a year to collect their $429 million jackpot.
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and the store owners will make $30,000. still ahead, let the invictus games begin. prince harry's competition for wounded servicemen. how one of them is turning it into a special gift for his biggest fan. stay with us. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it should be used along with diet and exercise. trulicity is not recommended as the first medicine to treat diabetes and should not be used by people
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if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. finally tonight, prince harry's invictus games getting started in orlando, florida. for one veteran, it's all about someone else on this mother's day. here's bob woodruff. >> hey, mom. >> hi, sweetheart. i'm so proud of you. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: here, it was a mother's day hug. navy corpsman angelo anderson and his mother angela.
6:57 pm
angelo was shot in afghanistan in 2010, seriously wounded. what's your wound? >> i was shot multiple times. gunshot wound to the upper arm, gunshot wound to the right leg. broke my femur, broke my humerus. so now i have a titanium nail up through my femur into my hip. and i have a metal plate over my humerus. >> reporter: that's it? >> that's it, yeah. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he's in orlando at the invictus games to run the 400. it's a mother's day gift for the woman who was there for him as he recovered. >> i told her earlier, i was going to get you a card. but i figured making finals would be the equivalent. and she was like, couldn't ask for anything better. >> reporter: invictus means unconquered. and that's the spirit of these games. more than 500 wounded warriors competing in events like wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, indoor rowing and track. former president george w. bush is there to support the troops. that includes angelo and his mom. for angela, watching her son compete is a dream come true.
6:58 pm
>> it's so great to see him back a full person and competing. it's just wonderful. >> reporter: it's just one of those moments you never expected, huh? >> no, i didn't. it's beautiful. >> reporter: and on a beautiful spring day under the florida sun, a mother's day to remember. bob woodruff, abc news, orlando. >> a perfect story for today. we thank bob for the report. the invictus games, opening ceremony tonight on espn2. and don't miss robin roberts' exclusive interview with prince harry tomorrow on "gma." and thank you to all the moms out there. i'm tom llamas in new york, have a great evening. good night.
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these families are just some of "afv's" past $100,000 winners. tonight, one lucky family will join their illustrious ranks as they take home the $100,000 prize. who will it be? find out on tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. man: oh! oh! [ laughter ] young man: oh! [ laughter ] aah! [ thud ] [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos" $100,000 show.


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