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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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night's $429 million powerball next on "action news." ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night. the big story on "action news" is breaking news from delaware. a major crash should down a
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portion of i-495. >> eight vehicles involved and seven people hurt. the scene, happening about 9:30 in the southbound lanes near the terminal avenue exit. and traffic crawling by on the shoulder and one injured tracked between two cars after getting out of the car to check on the damage. drivers are urged to avoid 495 and use i-95 instead. we will keep you updated as we guess more information. $429 million, one winner of that winning powerball ticket sold at a 7-eleven in trenton, new jersey. and tonight everyone is wondering who the lucky winner might be. that multi-million dollar lottery ticket sold in our region. >> the lucky numbers picked at a 7-eleven in trenton. and jeff chirico live with more. hey, jeff. >> hey walter and sarah. the owners of the store believe the winner is a woman who regularly buys her lottery tickets here.
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you can imagine, that news of someone of this neighborhood won the big jackpot is fueling wild speculation. >> everyone is talking about it. >> at pat's diner in trenton, rumors are racing. >> the waitress at pat's diner. >> usually it is talk. >> may have been hearing who won. >> i have no idea, no idea, but god bless them. >> the restaurant a mile from the 7-eleven that sold the winning ticket. and rumors when a server did not show up for her shift. >> the rumor, it is a waitress that works here. >> true, that is the rumor. >> is it true? >> no, it is not true. >> and the lottery owe -- officials called her at home. >> wanted to know if i would speak with him, here we are.
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>> they they they bought it and chose their own numbers, and chose the cash option. >> and you say nobody will ever win here but they did. it is pretty exciting. >> the country waits for the winner of the record-breaking jackpot to come forward, his and her neighbors are offering advice. >> stay out a little whit white -- while and get a lawyer and don't lose your money right away. >> save the money for your family and congratulations. >> and planning a news conference tomorrow at 11:00. and she and her husband win $30,000 for selling the winning ticket and plan to take a trip to alaska. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, jeff. we can confirm nobody here won the lottery, but after a week of wet weather, the sun
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returns for mother's day. and melissa magee with the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> hi there walter. we are all winners today after weeks of being stuck in the muck and gray. the sun made a comeback and spring back for now. high of 63 yesterday, and today maxed out at 71 in philadelphia. and that's where we normally should be this time of year. we had ample sunshine for everyone as we close out the weekend and for the day of mother's day. currently outside 60 in philadelphia, 53 allentown. the lehigh valley 51. reading and lancaster. and 54 in the poconos. and satellite 6 and action radar, a partly cloudy sky in the region. high pressure over the great lakes slowly drifting eastward for the start of the workweek and the unsettled weather across the nation's heartland with the boundary across the eastern half
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of the u.s. and the bulk of the moisture away from the region at least for the start of the workweek. it is less wind. and sunshine coming back from the workweek on monday, but showers soon return later this week, going over all of details in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you. thieves hit a restaurant in glen mills right before the mother's day rush. now the police need your help finding the crooks. and "action news" reporter christie ileto has more. >> and many could go out to move the chairs back in and they were gone. >> caught in the act, these pair neighboring off with nearly two dozen chairs stolen from avenue kitchen in broad daylight and police are investigating. >> this is happening while were you -- >> we were crazy busy. it was a busy day, with mother's day today. >> the chairs temporarily placed outside of the glen mills restaurant only to be moved in when needed. avenue kitchen rented them for extra seating during a busy
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mother's day weekend. >> what was going through your mind at this point? >> i count believe it. they are not really even in a rush. not to think that hey somebody needs these, they didn't care. >> the owner says it is not clear how much it will cost, but adds that this lawlessness could have been far worse. >> everybody parks their cars back there. there have been cars broken into before in the shopping center and parking lot. people come into work and leave their things in their car and who knows. >> and saying this is the first time something like this happened at their restaurant, and anyone who recognizes the suspects in the surveillance footage is asked to contact the state police. reporting in media, christie ileto for channel 6 "action news." three people in custody after a woman shot in wilmington in the leg around the 100 block of franklin street. the victim taken to christie an hospital and no details released about the was. a traffic mess on i-95, a
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truck stuck in the gassy immedia -- grassy median. and got tangled up in a safety wire. and they shutdown two lanes on the southbound side while they worked to free the truck from the wires. the driver was not injured and lanes reopened a few hours later. a 73-year-old woman crashed into a building mick -- mixing up the brake and gas pedal. losing control of the car and slammed into a clinic. no one inside and no one injured. the coast guard suspended the search for a man missing after toss the from a jet ski. jesus diaz melendez from trenton on the jet ski with another man when they lost control. the other man is ok, and he
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contacted the coast guard. they searched but no sign of the missing man. a 7 week-old baby died after a horrific crash in east falls. the infant in the car with six others when colliding with a vehicle on henry avenue. the baby's father and 6-year-old boy killed. at the time of the crash they said the baby was in the child safety seat but were not sure if the seat was properly installed. they say the rain that day appears to have been a factor in the crash. penn state's president says new allegations that former coach joe paterno was told that jerry sandusky sexually abused a child at early as 1976 were you be substantiated. in a letter they said he was appalled by the rumor and rush to judgment. and in part of an order part of litigation, and sandusky serving a decade long sentence.
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and bill cosby in court, lawyers for constan say she is ready to testify but they may not call her to avoid a cross examination before trial. she says that she was drugged and molested at cosby's home. and members of the philadelphia branch of the group called normal head an annual march. they say that legalizing marijuana for medical purposes is not enough and it should be regulated and taxed. so far five states passed laws for the pot for recreational abuse for adults. and on the campaign trail. bernie sanders campaigning in the garden state. telling a full house at rutgers that donald trump cannot win the
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november election if he gets the party's nomination instead of hillary clinton. >> the democrats want to have the strongest candidate against trump, they should look at the polls because in every single one of them we beat trump by a larger margin than does clinton. >> and standers at another rally tomorrow morning in atlantic city. and clinton closer to the number of dell that she needs. and on the g.o.p. side, presumptive nominee donald trump appears to alter course on part of the tax clam. when he first released it including a tax cut for wealthy but told george stephanopoulos that it may not help. >> they will go up a little bit and they may go up -- >> but they are going down in your plan. >> in my plan they are going
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down, but by the time it is negotiated it will go up. i don't mind paying more tax i will be honest with you. >> and sarah palin says she will work to remove house speaker paul ryan from his post if he decides not to support trump for president. and the council holding a hearing to does mayor kenney's proposed 2017 budget. the public can weigh in on the mayor's tax on sugary drink. 3 cent per tax, and opponents say it will hurt small businesses and low-income communities. >> alberta, the out of control wildfire slows down. and they are hopeful they soon will get the upper hand.
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and the name means unc ko conquered and competing in the invictus games. and showing promise, jamie apody has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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>> the massive wildfire burning in canada tonight, but the first time since it started officials say it is showing signs of slowing down, thanks to much cooler temperatures and a small amount of rain coming in. more than 500 firefighters, 15 helicopters and 14 air tankers are working together to battle the blaze that has grown to more than 620 square miles and for than 80,000 fled. >> i thought dear lord if you can get my children safe, then i don't care. >> the fire destroyed 1600 homes
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and buildings. temperatures are cool the next few days, allowing the firefighters to put out some of the hot spots. a mother is getting the credit for saving the life of an 11-year-old girl after a horrific accident at a carnival. elizabeth seen in the cell phone video riding the ride in omaha, nebraska and her hair got caught. and other children yelled for help she jumped into action. >> the next thing i know the operator stands up, stops and then jolts. and takes off through the crowd. and somehow i stopped it with both of my hands and turned it, pivoted to the platform. >> the girl will be ok, but we are told she faces a long recovery from serious scalp and head injuries. and local officials are investigating to see what went wrong. some moms in camden with a sweet treat this mother's day. the police had the ice cream truck stop by in four
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neighborhoods giving kids and their moms free ice cream. officers came along, too, to greet the mothers and wish them the very best on their special day. a local mom with a surprise difficult on mother's day, a brand new baby girl. tiffany not due to deliver until next friday, but this morning gave birth to laci jane at paoli hospital. two big brothers to look after her. >> they are anxious to get in here and meet her. >> how old are they? >> 2 and soon-to-be 4, so we have our hand full. >> tiffany and dad, michael, say this is the best mother's day ever. still to come on "action news" tonight, talk about a night to remember, the ominous sign that didn't keep this couple from their prom night. and the forecast for us much better. looking here from sky 6 over penns landing, a comfortable night out there. and melissa magee with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back. eese
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here's a prom photo unlike any other. you see in the background this couple in colorado decided to capture their pre-prom evening with that large tornado moving through the background. ali and her date, charlie, braved the storm going to the prom despite twisters in the area. what do you think her parents thought? ali's mom was the one who took the photo. >> it is different out there. and a check of the accuweather forecast, and most of my family saw a big yellow ball in the sky and we were terrified. >> i was trying to figure out what that was myself. what was that? it is to bright. >> it was the sun, yes. days since we have seen sunshine and looks like we have sun to start the day tomorrow before clouds roll in. and stormed 6 live radar, it is dry. the high pressure is dominating the rest of the night and at least the first half of the day tomorrow. and showing you the picture outside, the action cam outside earlier tonight there in
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manayunk looking at the manayunk canal. a partly-cloudy sky to mostly clear across the region and dry conditions as well. it's been awhile since temperatures maxed out in the 70s. the high today in philadelphia 71. the warmest since april 26. and back then a high temperature in the 80s. and 86 degrees. and temperatures well above average and nice and comfortable today. and a really nice reprieve. temperatures the most part 6 degrees below normal in the rainfall 2.5 inches the month of may. now in philadelphia, 60. 53 in allentown. the lehigh valley 44, 60 at the boardwalk. and satellite 6 and action radar, partly cloudy to mostly clear. and the high pressure over the great lakes, unsettled weather,
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tracking tornadoes out of colorado. and the severe weather threat tonight over nebraska and kansas. this frontal boundary draping across the ohio valley and the eastern half of the u.s. the high pressure the most part suppresses the moisture south of our region going throughout the day tomorrow. and mostly clear and normal, 43 in the suburbs the overnight low and 50 in philadelphia. the call from accuweather as we go throughout day, sun to get the day started and then clouds roll in and 73 in philadelphia, 70 reading, 67 lancaster. the coast 65, and 72 in toms river. futuretracker showing you for the morning commute, no issues. mostly clear 6:00 in the morning. going throughout the day, you notice by noon the clouds are starting to trickle in. and the high pressure keeping us dry and trying to suppress the moisture south of our region. tuesday, a bit of a different story and things cloud up and getting cooler as well.
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by 11:00 a.m. tuesday a couple of showers in philadelphia, especially areas to the south as the frontal boundary makes progress. and the call from accuweather for the bus stop forecast, mostly clear, not bad. 6:00 a.m., 51. and by 8:00 tomorrow, temperature coming in at 57. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, sun-to-clouds tomorrow, high temperature up to 73. it is cooler tuesday and at 66. and the showers stay mainly south of the city. on wednesday sun and warmer 73. and thursday partly sunny and evening shower and 71. and then turning unsettled again getting into friday. showers possible high of 68. and 69 and rain moving in saturday. watch that closely because of the regatta. and enjoy the sun while we can for now. >> compared to last week that is correct is not bad at all. >> thanks. find the seven-day forecast and a live look at the double scan radar any time of the day
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on our website at thousands showed up at the philadelphia art museum taking part in the susan g. komen race for the cure. the 5k run and walk is the biggest fundraiser in its fight against breast canner. now a 26-year tradition. one of delaware's best love traditions. the point-to-point steeple chase and thousands flock in the museum's grounds enjoying the races and the beautiful day. and cecily tynan there to help announce winners. the event now in its 38th year. prince harry's invictus games. >> and inspiring them on the road to recovery. >> the story of one athlete that is a powerful inspiration. >> hi, mom. >> hi sweetheart, i am so proud of you, oh, my gosh. >> here a mother's day hug.
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navy corpsman and his mother. shot in afghanistan in 2010 seriously wounded. >> i was shot multiple times, gunshot wounds to the upper arms and to the right leg. broke my femur and humerus. and i have a plate. >> in orlando at the invictus games to run the 400. a mother's day gift for the woman there for him as he recovered. >> i told her i was going to get you a car, but i figured hey making the finals would be the equivalent and she said she couldn't ask for anything. >> invictus means unconcured and that's the spirts of the game. wounded warriors competing in things like wheelchair basketball, indoor rowing and track. and former president bush there
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to support the troops including angela and her mom. >> to watch him compete. >> to see him back a full person and competing. >> it is one of the moments you never expected. >> no, i didn't. it's beautiful. >> on a beautiful spring day under the florida sun, a mother's day to remember. "action news," ordinary.
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