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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 10, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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(colonial penn jingle) the market for impressionists in modern art may be soft right now but this rare sculpture by rodin set a record. sotheby's sold "eternal springtime" for $24.4 million. eternal springtime was created from a single block of marble between 1901 and 1903. it's about 26 inches high. >> that's it. >> more than $20 million. >> wow. so big things come in small packages as they say. so just north of new york
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city, it's not a sculpture but a ra photograph spark controversy at the nation's premiere military academy. >> he backlash brewing over a photo showing 16 female cadets with their fists in it the air. ryan smith has that story. >> reporter: this photo is at the center of a growing controversy at west point. the elite military academy now investigating whether these 16 african-american cadets raising their clenched fists violated a policy against political activity while in uniform. >> there's a tradition at west point for seniors where they pose and they have a very stoic look on their face intended to be a throwback to the old days. what makes this photo different is everyone's kind of doing the pose but then there's the clenched fists in the air. >> reporter: to critics of the picture, the cadets pose looks like an expression of support for the black lives matter movement. a movement some believe is anti-police. >> if these men and women are in uniform and they're making a
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political statement, they could run afoul of the defense department regulation and they could be in serious trouble for that. >> reporter: coming to the cadets defense chairwoman of the board of visitors and former army capital brendan sue fulton tweeting a different photo of the same women posing without fists raised writing fearless, flawless, fierce, ready. fulton telling it it the army times "i knew it was their expression of pride and unity. unfortunately in their youth and exuberance it appears that they didn't stop to think it might have any political context." the firestorm coming only a few months after beyonce's formation halftime show, the fists raised there also causing controversy. west point telling abc news academy officials are conducting an ininquiry into the matter. ryan smith, abc news, new york. still unclear how long that might take. they're set to graduate on may
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21st. >> for a lot of people the clenched fist means solidarity. it also means strength. mandela used it several times and getting out of jail. it would be interesting to see where this goes. coming up, overcoming enormous odds on the road to victory. >> why one wounded warrior isn't it in just to win it but for his young son. you're watching "world news now." >> annou toilet germs don't just stay in the toilet.
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♪ >> in orlando this week, everyone is a champion at this year's invictus games. >> but they are games and there is some fierce competition. and this be morning, one of those wounded warriors is overcoming some massive odds not just to the compete but to provide something invaluable for his young son. we are up "up all nightline" with bob woodruff. >> the stories you're about to hear embody the true meaning of invictus. >> reporter: the invictus games, a competition for wounded service members shown on espn attract the likes of presidents, royals. >> we are invictus. >> reporter: but it all comes down to the real stories of men and women like d.t.
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air force master sergeant israel del toro was a young father on deployment in afghanistan when an ied explosion severely burned more than 80% of his body. >> when i got out of the truck i was on fire from head to toe and i thought i'm going to die here. i must have said it out loud. that's when lieutenant says d.t., you're not going to die here. you said you will never let your son grow up without his dad. >> when he woke up from a coma in 2006 is, he was told he might not walk again that his military career was probably over. but he beat the odds. >> when you learn to walk you never think it will hurt so much. it was some of the most unbearable pain i can imagine that i went through. i had to do it. i wanted to show my son, you know, dad, went through a lot of crap, buddy. but you know, he can still pull out.
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when i did see myself for the first time, i was scared. and if i think i'm a monster, what's my 3-year-old son going to think. >> when i saw the car pulling up to our driveway, i ran out. my mom said slow down, you're going to hurt him. i ran out the door. and my dad was all burned. i didn't really recognize him. >> all of a sudden, he stops. and like oh, crap. i was like is he scared of me. >> he was standing there. and i was like papi, or just dad? and he was like son, and i just gave him the greatest hug. >> reporter: d.t. continued to make his comeback. he was awarded the purple heart and in 2010, is he became the first 100 fers disabled veteran to reenlist in the air force. in 2014, he was able to compete
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in the inaugural invictus games in london. >> you're competitive. you've actually taken a couple records. >> the games here, yeah, i'm competitive but they're not my big thing here. i'm more to educate and inspire. >> reporter: and now he is competing in his second invictus games. >> go. >> i beat the odds. and like so many others and it was only possible because i had hundreds of people who rallied around me and supported me. >> what is the definition to you to win? >> it doesn't have to be a shiny little medal. i can win at anything i do as long as i'm still here. you beat the odds, you're winning life. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm bob woodruff in orlando. >> it was -- >> that story. >> was tough. >> can you imagine getting out of the car and your son not recognizing and he runs and hugs
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2:55 am with lightweight spf 30 ♪ >> i was just reading the words to panda. it's lyric is genius going out like i'm in montana. >> just poetry. >> panda. six times. okay. so if you've been having a tough time, those are the lyrics to the number one song in the country. if you've been having a tough time lately, many say it's because mercury is in retro grade. >> now, whether you believe in astrology or not, what the planet did do yesterday is something it does only 13 times every century.
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leo spaul worth has it the story. >> reporter: it looks like an ink spot moving across the sun and has scientists excite. >> this is called a mercury transit because the planet mercury is passing between the earth and sun. so it looks like a little black dot moving across the sun. >> a rare occurrence. we are atop the griffith observatory. this is a multimillion dollar telescope that is streaming that event live. i'm here where dr. laura danley. are you excited. >> it's a rare event and it's thauls always exciting to see something you don't see every day. >> reporter: it's been roughly nine years since the telescopes were able to capture such an event showing the solar system at work. most of the morning, cloud cover has been an issue. >> even if you had your own clear sky, you couldn't look straight at the sun and see it. >> reporter: although it ticks nearly half a dozen hours for mercury to make the journey
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between the earth and sun, it's a sprint. the rare sight that happens nearly a dozen times a century. >> mercury is traveling around the sun a little more than twice as fast as we are so it's overtaking us over these few hours and happens to do it right in line with the sun. >> reporter: it's science, space, an the final frontier. >> we see planets in the nighttime sky because they reflect sun light. to see it in silhouette as it passes between us is a cool sight. >> reporter: we talked people who think the whole experience is, well, pretty cool. >> we're weight actually for the sun to col out so we can get a little glimpse of it, as well. >> that's pretty special. i think he'll remember it. >> i saw the sun and i saw the black dot on the bottom right. >> was it cool? >> yes, it was. >> reporter: >> i missed it. did you see it. >> i didn't get to see it. >> it happened for seven hours and we still missed it. >> i'm still reading is the mir rickal hi, anne.
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this morning on "world news now," deadly twisters is descending upon the heartland. >> those tornadoes ripped up homes leaving very little behind but devastation. we'll have the latest as we get more from the storm zones. the battle over north carolina's bathroom law intensifyi intensifying. the state's governor and u.s. attorney general holding back to back press conferences suing each other. details just ahead. after days on the run, a fugitive is finally taken down. the dramatic scene is played out as authorities move in. later on, the toast trend. how gourmet chefs are taking a simple piece of toasted bread and dressing it up to make a whole meal's worth of delight. plus, it's toast. so you can even make it in the middle of the night if you have the munchies. we'll show you how in our
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"insomniac kitchen" on this tuesday, may 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> some news you can use there. >> it is news you can use. if you have wonder bread at home, you know, you can slap some stuff on it and charge people 15 bucks apiece. >> i think everyone's pumped now. they can't wait to hear more about that. >> we'll get to that later on. first we're going to start on a serious note. >> our top story this morning is the severe storms hitting the country's midsection. they've already left two people dead. a strong thunderstorm in the lincoln, nebraska spawned a tornado, large hail and fierce of flooding. many busted windows were reported in buildings and in cars. >> the two victims killed in severe storms and tornados in oklahoma. the most severe weather has moved eastward. homes were severely damaged and travel is restricted in some parts of that state. kayna whitworth is in the storm zone.
3:02 am
you another tornado touching down. meteorologist damon lane warning viewers to take cover. >> continues to make its way closer and closer to i-35. >> reporter: live choppers showing destruction. this latest twitter part of the same system that brought these terrifying scenes to the plains. near the small town of wray, colorado, the storms dropping a tornado that looks like it's made in hollywood. >> it's coming down. it's coming down. >> it's coming down. >> reporter: going from a thin streak to a quarter mile wide monster. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: stormchaser gabe cox on it from the beginning. >> we were about 100 yards away from the tornado as it was moving away from us. it was probably the most amazing tornado we have seen. >> reporter: tracking more than eight miles, an ef-2 with 130 mile-an-hour winds. then it stops. a wall of wind and dirt spinning in place. debris somersaulting across the road. gabe telling us he used those white clouds hundreds of feet up
3:03 am
as a guide to stay safe. >> as long as we were outside of that and the wall cloud, there was no real risk. >> reporter: the storms flattened homes, flipped trailers and tangled power lines. five people injured. when people hear those tornado warnings they rush to underground shelters like this one at a local business tlak hold up to 25 people and rely on them to survive the storms. kayna whitworth, abc news, osage county. >> we're going to have more coverage from oklahoma throughout the morning. we want to get to this. our first look at the widespread devastation inside the canadian city of ft. mcmurray ravaged by the firestorm. entire neighborhoods levels. nothing left but rows of incinerated homes. about 2400 homes and other buildings were destroyed or damaged by the fire. but city officials say about 85% of the structures survived. overall that will fire scorched about 600 square miles.
3:04 am
now to north carolina where the federal government filed suit to stop the state from enforcing its so-called bathroom law, the law dictates that people must use bathrooms that coincide with their birth gender. attorney general loretta lynch compares that to past attempts at racial segregation in the state and an says the law aims to solve a problem that doesn't exist. >> they created state sponsored discrimination against transgender individual who's simply seek to engage in the most private of functions in a place of safety and security. a right taken for granted by most of us. >> north carolina also filed its own suit in defense of the law but the state's public university system defied the state government saying it intends to comply with federal law on this issue. lawmakers in california are closer to passing a bill there that would require all single stall public bathrooms be gender neutral. a republican hop opposes the bill says men's messy habits
3:05 am
would inconvenience many more people than that bill would help. the white house hoping to spur a vote on its nomination for supreme court. maker gar lond will submit responses to a questionnaire detailing his credentials. it's another step in the white house push to break the blockade on his nomination. the committee chair said there won't be a vote on his nomination. >> turning to the race for the white house as republicans scramble to bring their party together, paul ryan says he's willing to step aside as the gop convention chairman if that's what donald trump wants. trump plans to meet this week with ryan and other republican leaders after ryan refrained from endorsing him. several gop lawmakers refused to back trump. ryan says there's no point in faking party unity and clarified his remarks on withholding support. >> i never said never. i wish had i more time to get to know him before this happened. we just didn't. >> after shrugging off the need to unify the party, trump says he's focusing on the general
3:06 am
election and announced chris christie would lead his transition team if he wins in november and marco rubio will not be part of the trump administration. he is not interested in the vp job. trump is continuing to blast hillary and bill clinton but the democratic front run ser refusing to take the bait. >> i have been very clear that a lot of his rhetoric is not only reckless, it's dangerous. clinton added she's responding to trump on the issues that voters care about but still trying to win over more democrats. she's facing off with bernie sanders today in the west virginia primary. this morning a new jersey prison escapee on the run for nearly a week is back in custody. arthur buckel was spotted yesterday and held at gunpoint while corrections officers put him in handcuffs. buckel escaped days before he could have been eligible for
3:07 am
parole. a fired city administrate ser accusing the mayor of flint, michigan of searing donors to a political action committee. it charges the mayor redirected money to give did the money to the mayor's own fund not approved by the city. the mayor is not commenting on the allegations prfz and california could soon be backing away from strict water saving standards. the state will consider lifting a mandatory statewide water conservation order after a rainy snowy winter aced the state's drought. members of the state water resources control board will died may 1th whether or not to lift restrictions. >> this is interesting. budweiser appears to ready to make tats biggest patriotic tie-in yet. the popular beer filed for permission to replace a name of its labels with the word america. so the filing with the government also includes
3:08 am
patriotic catch phrases such as liberty and justice for all. >> there's no confirmation from bud wise toesht story in advertising age but the marketing chief has said it the beer would take an advantage of an expected behave of patriotism this summer. the irony is budweiser now owned by a belgian company. >> what? >> yeah, budweiser not owned by an american company anymore. ive bev. >> stella artois will be usa next week. >> i don't know. >> so the whole concept, they will possibly put on the national anthem, the words of the national anthem lyrics on the label, as well. >> does that mean any product could do that then? >> i don't know. >> you can't copyright those words, right? they already economist. >> what do youny america ferrera thinks about this. >> maybe she likes it. good advertising for her. >> i don't know if i'd mind seeing her on a beer bottle. >> coming up, later in the mix," meet the woman who could become
3:09 am
the youngest member of congress ever. >> first scandal in the spotlight. the reports of sex abuse at some of the country's top prep schools and the team who uncovered it a familiar one to movie fans. >> later in the "insomniac kitchen," let's say cheers to toast. not your drinks, of course. we're talking about the bread getting all fancy and stuff. with new toppings that might not be -- you might not be used to. >> check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram. you're watching abc "world news now." it only takes a second for an
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subways in new york city are undergoing tests this week to check how well air moves through the system. homeland security officials are releasing invisible odorless harmless gas containing tracer particles to see whether detect sisters installed at several stations can track vape pores from those gases. we turn now to explosive claims against new england's most elite prep schools. >> a boston globe investigation found more than 200 students have lodged sexual abuse claims against employees at more than five dozen schools. >> 9 charges span decades. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> we're going to tell this story and tell it right. >> reporter: it took the oscar for best picture this year. >> and the oscar goes to "spotlight." >> reporter: by taking on the true story of a small team of investigative reporters at the boston globe that uncovered
3:14 am
widespread sexual abuse in the catholic church. >> they knew and they let it happen. to kids! okay? we've got to show people that will nobody can get away with this. >> reporter: the famed paper is putting another explosive scandal in the spotlight. this time about alleged sexual abuse at some of new england's most re-leviathan private schools. among the schools included in the article, phillips exetter academy in new hampshire and st. george's in rhode island and it doesn't stop there. they report 67 schools have faced allegations against school employees since 1991. more than 200 alleged student victims. >> 37 school employees were fired or forced to resign and about two dozen were convicted or pled guilty to criminal charges sexual abuse against children. >> reporter: in a taped interview with the paper, one of these alleged victims wonders what his life would have been like if this had never happened. >> i don't know who i might have
3:15 am
been had you not gained my loyalty and confidence and friendship and then abused it so and that has really screwed up my life and i'm sure lives of many, many, many kids. >> it was really shocked at how pervasive this issue is. there were a lot of failed marriages. there are issues with trust. there's a lot of alcoholism. >> reporter: abc reached out to st. georges who says the school realizes the long lasting impact after buse and is dedicated to working with survivors to aid them in healing from its painful aftermath. phillips exeter says the leadership is committed to addressing all allegations of misconduct. we are indebted to the survivors who stepped forward. linsey davis, abc news, new york. thank you. coming up in our next half hour, the facelift in a bottle. scientists at m.i.t. and harvard have created what they're calling a second skin that rubs on like a lotion and makes bags and wrinkles poof, disappear.
3:16 am
no injections no surgery. >> but first, going whole who on one of america's an favorite breakfast staples. why toast these days isn't just about the butter and jelly anymore. our "insomniac kitchen" is straight ahead. you're watching "world news now.
3:17 am
♪ a little piece of toast because there's so much to choose from, brown bread, white bread ♪ >> our producers can find a song to go with anything. >> i'm trying to figure out where they find those. >> a little piece of toast. >> for some of you this might be a breakfast staple. for carb counters it might be banned from your kitchen. >> if it's good enough for oprah, it's got to be good. toast is making a comeback and not just any toast but pimped
3:18 am
out glammed out red carpet toast. it's huge. we went to new york's betford and company to find out what's behind this trend "insomniac kitchen." >> what's up, everybody? we are here in the kitchen of bedford and company. we're like reinventing the wheel. this is going to turn into something gourmet and look and taste a lot better. john delucci is the i don't knower. >> this is our ninth week. >> what is this called? >> in this right now is just a slice of sourdough bread. we're going to transform this into a delicious lunch. i've made this cool herb brush. and i'm going to douse this with olive oil. seasoning, a little salt. this is kosher salt. and some fresh ground pepper. this is going to go on our wood burning grill which is running at about 1,000 degrees. >> if you want to know what the
3:19 am
inside of the sun feels like, i'm feeling that right now. that's some wonderful toast. >> now we'll go make our cree agency. >> time for the fun part. >> we're going to make something out of nothing. this is the abcad doe toast. get a nice ripe avocado. the spoon. i'll let you to do it. >> does it matter where i go? >> no. >> that's it. the next thing is we have a lime. i'm going to add some kosher salt. have i ground chili here. >> perfect. >> oops. that's a lot. >> and just mash it. >> that's the easy part. spread it over the bread. have i breakfast radishes and cilantro leaves on every one of the radishes. avocado toast. the second one is is broccoli rabe. we have broccoli raub which we sauteed in garlic olive oil.
3:20 am
this is baraca, a creamy mozzarella. >> i've made my own. didn't come out looking like this. >> this this is vermesco sauce. >> i'm going to go easy on it. >> that's pretty good. this is rapini and barata toast. this last one, spread the goat cheese. >> almost like butter. >> like butter. >> like butter. two new yorkers. now the next thing is mushrooms. >> all right. >> don't be shy. >> whoops. and don't mess it up. >> don't mess it up. >> we have tarragon, basil, and parsley. >> wow. >> this is our wild mushroom toast. >> let's go with the avocado first. >> great. >> this might it be my favorite already. i can tell you. you can taste the olive oil, the bread. fresh avocado. really, really good. >> this is the rapini or
3:21 am
broccoli raub with ramata and the row mess co. >> there's no eating this quietly and having a good conversation with somebody, is there? this is our mushroom. >> goat cheese. >> goat cheese. >> and herbs. >> i'd say still to this point the avocado is my favorite. what a great way to reinvent something as simple as toast. and something you could do at home. >> right. >> thank you. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> wow, my dome was shiny in that story. >> we have to put this to the test now. >> bedford and company were able to. >> i'm just laughing at how you cut this like perfectly neat bite and yet i'm just going in monster style. >> a little piece. >> what could possibly go wrong. >> oh, yeah. >> it tastes like toast.
3:22 am
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time now for the mix. you know how everyone's talking about how millennials are notmost motivated, they don't work? well, i want you to meet erin. she start add ecoplatform and an environmental non-profit turning green when she was just 13 years oiled. now at the ripe age of 25, she is running for congress. >> over achiever. she agreed and officially declared her candidacy for congress in california's second district. she was still just 24 at the time. now a few weeks later she is officially 25. her campaign is in full swing. very much a millenial campaign, she uses instagram twitter and facebook in the save have i way only a digital native could and made her official announcement on facebook, as well. >> paul ryan first went to congress in his 20s.
3:26 am
>> aaron schrode, look out for her. >> i guess the popular gift on mother's day was all about beyonce. >> really. >> yeah, take a look. >> are you [ bleeped ]. >> nope, beyonce. >> you and i are going to see beyonce? >> yeah. >> are you kidding me? >> no. >> i love her mouth. >> mom lost her manners for a second. >> this was a big thing. it was trend ong twitter. after sunday, a lot of kids gave their parents or gave their mom beyonce tickets to the "formation" tour. >> we got. >> that one came with signs, as well. >> we got mama a handbag. a very nice handbag. it was really nice. >> great. all right. >> that's. >> now i should have gotten beyonce tickets instead.
3:27 am
>> that's what happens when you take mom to beyonce. this is what happens when you surprise your daughter at college or rather this is probably the most benign outcome if you surprise her at college. this particular mom decided would be a good effort forler to just show up at her daughter's school. when she arrived at her daughter's dorm room and she wasn't there, she thought it would be funny to send her a photo. she shade look where i am. daughter said where are you, mom? she said in my bed. guess what, it wasn't in her bed. she was in the wrong dorm room all together. >> doesn't she know what her daughter's linen looks like? >> i guess not. she said the room was all packed up for summer. so it looked like it could have been my dorm room. it wasn't that far away. >> it's a little odd. >> i wonder how she got in and also thank the lord that's all you found. sorry. don't surprise your children at colleg
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now," bracing for impact. tornadoes ripping across the nation's midsection overnight and turning deadly. giant funnel clouds threatening residents as the storm watch continues for today. we're going to have the latest next. >> and in politics, donald trump and house speaker paul ryan try to figure out how to move forward as hillary clinton refuses to fire back over recent comments about her marriage. we have details ahead. >> new this half hour, a muslim teenager given the name isis in her yearbook. >> we're now hearing from the high school senior as the school tries to figure out exactly what happened and if the misprint was just an honest mistake. and trying to catch a falling star on the red carpet. jennifer lawrence racks up another career tumble. could she be turning this into a thing? the full story ahead in "the skinny" on this tuesday, may 10th.
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good tuesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. let's get right to our top story. at least two people are dead after tornadoes tore through parts of oklahoma. >> in one rural county alone a dozen homes were destroyed and many livestock killed and at this airport that you see there shortly, winds topping 80 miles an hour, tossing planes like toys. strong winds and large hail also hit the central plains, but no deaths or serious injuries are reported outside of oklahoma. >> and as the weather radar shows, the strongest storm cells have moved on, but of course, not without leaving their mark. abc's lauren lyster joins us now with more. good morning. >> they left their mark. 18 tornadoes reported in all on monday. and parts of oklahoma are really going to have to start cleaning up an because they got very hard hit. overnight, check this out in
3:32 am
arkansas. 60 to 80-mile-per-hour winds that kendis was talking about, they wreaked havoc at this airport. look at those planes. and this violent tornado ripped through garvin county, oklahoma. this is the destruction left behind in the path. the twister killing a 76-year-old man, also livestock, pummeling around a dozen homes. is the storm taking two lives over all. listen to this story from a man who survived a tornado in nebraska. >> we opened the door and looked out and the tornado sat over there east for a long time. then it headed our way. so we headed for house and he went under the deck and it picked me up and threw me against that tree, and i just held on. >> he held on to a tree. unbelievable. parts of nebraska digging out not from snow. that's actually hail. areas getting pounded by the destructive balls of ice on monday. they were the size of baseballs. look at that. the good news though, the tornado watches are being lifted. and the twisters are forecast to be winding down and becoming more scattered.
3:33 am
>> feels like between the floods and the tornadoes, that whole midsection of the country keeps getting hit. >> absolutely. >> hopefully they can catch a break. lauren, thanks so much. >> it's been a rough run for many of those people in the midwest. that storm system though is threatening some other parts of the country today. >> so let's turn now to accuweather's paul williams who has the forecast for us. good morning, paul. >> good morning to you, diane, kendis. we're bracing for severe storms throughout the mississippi valley region but targeting the memphis area. southern portions of illinois and just shy of the st. louis area where you see green, we're looking for widespread scattered showers to cause heavy downpours and showers reaching into the mid atlantic. the irony of the southeast is that this high pressure system will keep it clear but we won't keep it all the way clear up towards the ohio valley. outbreak of scattered showers in cincinnati all the way over towards d.c. diane, kendis. >> paul, thank you. let's go to politics where donald trump tapped chris christie to head his transition team should he win
3:34 am
the general election. before he takes on the democratic nominee, he may have to win over house speaker paul ryan. we have more now from abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan says he's willing to step aside as chairman of the republican convention. ryan saying it's donald trump's show, donald trump's rules. >> he's the nominee. i'll do whatever he wants with respect to the convention. >> reporter: ryan now also seeming to soften his tone after declaring he wasn't ready to endorse trump. >> i never said never. i just said at this point. i wish i had more time to get to know him before this happened. i didn't, but we just didn't. >> reporter: trump now further alarming republican leaders with what sounds like a flip-flop on taxes after promising to lower taxes on everyone, includings the rich, trump now telling george this. >> bottom line, do you want taxes on the wealthy to go up or down? >> they will go up a little bit and they may go up. >> but they're going down in your plan. >> no, no, in my plan they're
3:35 am
going down but by the time it's negotiated, they'll go up. >> trump trying to clarify saying wealthy americans will get a tax cut but just how much is open to negotiation. >> they're still going to be paying less than they pay now. i'm not talking about increasing from this point. i'm talking about increasing from my tax proposal. >> clinton now trying to build a solid lead among those swing voters meeting with suburban moms in virginia. she's trying to ignore trump's attacks tying her to her husband's sex scandals. >> and hillary was an enabler and she treated these women horribly. just remember this. and some of those women were destroyed not by him but by the way that hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> reporter: it didn't stop there. >> in all of the men we're petrified to speak to women anymore. we may raise our voice. you know what? the women get it better than we do, folks. they get it better than we do. >> reporter: clinton refusing to respond. >> and i have been very clear
3:36 am
that a lot of his -- a lot of his rhetoric is not only reckless, it's dangerous. >> reporter: recently donald trump has spoke in glowing terms about senator marco rubio but rubio said he doesn't even want to be considered for the vp spot saying he still has reservations about trump's campaign and many concerns about his policies. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> the troubled ferguson police department department has its first african-american police chief. delrish moss was sworn in yesterday. the department has been under intense national scrutiny since the fatal shooting an of michael brown in 2014. moss faces several major challenges including budget problems and adhering to the hundreds of provisions in a u.s. justice department agreement. a man claiming to be the biological son of prince has come forward. 39-year-old carlin williams filed paperwork in a minnesota court requesting dna testing and he wants to be declared the late singer's so surviving heir.
3:37 am
his mother claims she met prince at a kansas city hotel back in 1976. williams is currently in prison on a weapons charge. if he is prince's son and no will is discovered, prince's siblings may actually get nothing. new developments in the battle over sumner redstone's fortune now that a suit over his medical care has been thrown out. a judge in california ruled that the media mogul clearly stated in a deposition he wanted his daughter to make medical decisions should he become incapacitated and that he wanted his former girlfriend out of his life. that will girlfriend has filed a new $70 million suit against his daughter. >> a mus rhythm high school student mistakenly identified as isis phillips is speaking out. she said she found it coincidental that she was mistaken for a girl whose name is widely associated with the terror group and a former student at the school. she was hurt by the error but more so after classmates blasted her for denouncing it. >> for something like that to
3:38 am
happen to me knowing what the name isis means for muslims it really hurt. >> the school is investigating how the mix-up happened and the distribution of the yearbooks has been halted. so after missing the first three games of this nba playoff series, steph curry came off the bench last night to lead the golden state warriors to a 132-125 victory over the trail blazers from portland. this was in overtime, by the way. . >> the warriors now lead the series three games to one, heading back home to oakland. meantime, espn is reporting curry will be named the nba's most valuable player. no surprise. this will be for the second straight season but the big surprise steph curry may be the first unanimously chosen mvp in the league ever. not jordan, not lebron. not your other favorite nba players. you know. >> steph curry has the nicest eyes out of all of them. i think that's why.
3:39 am
>> is that why he was chosen? >> i think so. yeah. >> he's the prettiest. >> and michael jordan as we discussed because of pro stars he gets my vote. i like the cartoon, and "space jam" is awesome. >> yes. okay. >> so it's been kind of a rough season for ball boys. you might recall this from the barcelona open last month. a ball boy trying to get out of a player's way accidentally trips and falls face first into a wall. we were told he was -- >> he's okay. >> perfectly fine. he's okay. >> so then this time it's the italian open. rome. coco vandeweghe versus venus williams. when the action moves off court, a ball boy passes out. yeah, face plant even. clearly he doesn't know what hit him. we're told he was overcome by heat but he's okay. >> i feel bad for the ball boys. they're running around. they're in this horrendous heat
3:40 am
and everyone is obviously fully paying their attention to the no one ever thinks the ball boy might need some water, as well. >> that poor kid. >> come on, people. stop neglecting the ball boy. >> he's okay. we'll send more love to the ball boys. >> his pride might be hurt but i'm giving love to the ball boys today. i'm feeling for them. >> full face plant. i mean -- >> coming up -- be. >> i don't want to laugh at it but it's hilarious. >> coming up, we have a miracle. a facelift in a bottle. scientists have unveiled a second skill that makes bags and wrinkles just disappear. could this be the fountain of youth? >> we're one step closer to the mirror ball trophy. who ended up getting the boot last night despite earning her first perfect score on "dancing with the stars"? uh-oh. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
3:41 am
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downy fabric conditioner. wash in the wow. welcome back. returning to what's being called a possible new weapon against aging. > scientists in new england unveiled what they call a second skin that can make bags and wrinkles disappear instantly without injections or surgery. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: what if a band-aid could make wrinkles disappear? a new report out makes harvard and m.i.t. scientists sound a lot more like magicians. look at the before and after pictures of this woman. on the left, treated skin. on the right, untreated. it's a so-called second skin that they say rubs on like lotion and makes those unwanted bags under your eyes vanish.
3:45 am
poof, they're gone. and all without an injection or pricey procedure. >> well, it also can act as kind of a liquid spanx. >> reporter: what they found is if you combine this invisible cream with a catalyst, it creates an adherent layer on top of the skin that is invisible and can mimic the properties of young healthy skin. scientists say it's composed of commonly used chemicals deemed safe by the food and drug administration, and can also be used to hold medicine in place to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. to date, they say none of the 170 subjects included in the study has reported irritation or allergic reactions. this skin can last for more than a day and can be removed by washing it with a solution. no word just yet on when it will be available or how much it will be, but considering that last year more than 200,000 americans had cosmetic eye surgery, there's certainly a market for it. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> a lot of people are going to
3:46 am
be interested in that. i want to see what they look like when they smile. >> whatever it costs. >> name your price. >> when we come back, who got the boot last night on "dancing with the stars." >> and the actress who suffered yet another tumble on the red carpet. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny
3:48 am
>> oh, yes, it is a tuesday "skinny." that means we start with "dancing with the stars." >> it was judges teamup challenge night. team bruno features the show's first ever same-sex couples. joe the i sweden danced with peta murgatroyd and nyle dimarco danced with keo motsepp. >> as it turned out, they all scored 29 points. >> so then the standout moment of the night was nyles' paso doble which included that. silence. dramatic silence during which the music was turned off. if that's in essence what he hears during his normal routine. >> still don't understand how he does the show and these dances deaf. >> yeah, it was just such a touching moment. he got near perfect scores. 29 out of 30. >> now our own ginger zeerks however, continued to dominate.
3:49 am
she earned her second perfect score for her argentine tango. >> it was beautiful, as well. >> paige vanzant and mark ballas as well as antonio brown co-starring his abs and sharna burgess performed stunning waltzes there but neither was performance was enough to put them at the top of the leader board. >> and finally, "fuller house" star jodie sweetin and keo motsepp earned their first perfect score of the season. but -- >> that's great. >> then she got the boot. >> wait. >> it was not enough to keep her in because the voting was based on her performance from last week's show, which was not good enough to keep her in the running. >> so you get a perfect 10. >> and then you get to go home. >> but she said it was a highlight. what more could she ask for than to go out on all 10s. her mother turned to her and said i did it, i did it, i did it. >> good for her she starts shooting today on "fuller house."
3:50 am
>> it worked out conveniently for her. >> now only five couples remaining. getting down there. >> double elimination next week. next to catch a falling star. >> it's becoming a sort of thing with jennifer lawrence taking tumbles on the red carpet. this time it happened in the uk at london's x-men apocalypse global fan screening last night. as j law tried to avoid the rain. her other infamous falls included last november in madrid and at two separate oscar ceremonies. the most famous being her trip up the stairs in 2013 to collect her best actress award for "silver lining playbook." >> amy schumer took a fall in front of kimye at the time warner gala red carpet last month. she said she did it because she thought it would be funny. >> they thought it was funny, too. >> mission accomplished i would
3:51 am
say but i love jennifer lawrence and how she plays these things off. even at the oscars she went, of course, i fell. >> i love how kanye didn't even blink. >> did you hear anything? >> did you hear anything? >> next we have the glad tidings for another pair of celebrity couples. >> we just recently announced they were expecting. ryan gosling and eva mendes pulled the biggest cover-up in hollywood history. announcing they had their baby two weeks ago. she was reportedly born april 29th at 8:03 n a.m. in santa monica joining big sister 20-month-old esmerelda amada. >> very nice name. >> it means beloved. >> brie larson is engaged to boyfriend alex greenwald. they're now making it official. >> lots of congratulations. >> and finally pink is keeping it all in the family. >> her latest video "just like fire" features her husband and their 4-year-old daughter willow
3:52 am
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♪ on the road again, i just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ ♪ the life i love >> who else is getting on the road. >> who? >> there's a couple celebrating the 100th anniversary of america's national park and they are taking the road trip of all road trips to celebrate. >> and they're taking a year off. just to visit all 59 of america's national parks. and guess who's going with them. >> taking a little extra person in tow. >> jesse palmer. >> reporter: meet stephanie payne and her partner jonathan irish. >> looking into the cameras. >> reporter: stephanie a creative product developer at nasa and jonathan a photographer for national geographic, they put their lives on hold for what they're calling the greatest american road trip ever, giving
3:56 am
themselves one year to fulfill a lifelong dream, an epic journey through all 59 national parks their travels taking them from the awesomeness of the grand canyon to yellowstone's geysers. from a tropical underwater oasis to death valley, one of the hottest and driest places on the planet. active volcanoes, underground caves and even there psychedelic hot spring. these breathtaking images from the new imax film "national parks adventure." ♪ >> reporter: our national parks have been called america's best idea with 300 million visitors annually, there's a park for each of us. they are the backdrop of america's scrapbook. today they're at sequoia national park. the trees mammoth, this one with a circumference a third the length of a football field. >> this park is like every other
3:57 am
park blowing our minds once again. >> reporter: just one stop on a road trip to a world of wonders right in our own backyard. >> the national parks belong to each one of us and i think it really helps us all connect to these amazing places. ♪ ♪ no matter where we go we always find our way back home ♪ ♪ yeah, we always find our way back home ♪ >> a great experience there. should point out so many of those stunning images part of the new imax film "national parks adventure" in theaters right now. >> you know, 307 million people last year alone visited the national parks. i still have a lot of them i want to cross off list. >> i have about 58 to go. >> yosemite and yellowstone are the two top on my list. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, deadly storms roar across the plains leaving destruction across several states. new video just in. a tornado tearing apart everything in its path. powerful wind and damaging hail, as well. the forecast for that same area today coming up. more primary voters head to the polls today as the presidential front-runners try to lock up their party's nominations. meanwhile, bernie sanders is not backing down and putting on a late night show of strength in california. anger over a high school yearbook photo and a student's name. was it just a mix-up or someone's cruel prank? be careful where you step. you wouldn't want to walk out of the house and land, say, right on top of an alligator.


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