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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  May 10, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it is 5 o'clock on this tuesday may tenth. tam is off this morning and we are following breaking news. a driver strikes a bike ride interwest philadelphia and then takes off. we are live with the search for the motorist. three teenaged girls now face criminal charges in the death of a delaware girl who was in a bathroom fight. and shades of gray. the clouds are back and accuweather is tracking a few showers. let's turn now to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning, matt. we do have some showers on
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storm tracker6 live double scan this morning. they're not everywhere but we have a bank coming from the west. down south in cape may county central delaware, parts of new castle county delaware a little bit damp. there's a bit of a shower coming through north central chester county but again there's more out to the west and at times this morning we are going to be on the damp side. satellite also shows you how cloud cover is retain the region overnight and we're going to wind up with mostly cloudy skies today and at times a little damp. most of that rain out to the west will probably fall apart before it gets here but at times it will be wet. 56 degrees in philadelphia. 56 currently in millville and wilmington. just 44 in allentown. temperatures not quite as chilly as they were yesterday morning but still jacket weather i think. then on the bus stop this morning, most areas are going to be dry but some areas will see some shower activity, so it kind of depends on which neighborhood you're in. 53 degrees is more or less where the temperature is going to hold between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock and the numbers don't go that was far today. 55 degrees by 11 o'clock. 56 by 1:00 and your high today
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is that 58-degree reading at 3 o'clock with clouds and occasional spotty showers. we'll show you those on future tracker6. more rain possible at times tomorrow but the big change tomorrow, karen, will be milder air returning. >> all right, dave, i'm just watching the construction seeing some of the trucks leave. this is route 23 at 422 in upper merion and we've got construction out here but should be clearing within the next hour so still some restrictions over there. the actual construction on 422 itself has since cleared so moving better there. let's go outside live right now and looking pretty black but the vine street expressway has reopened. we'll switch to our maps but on the vine they're going to have that closure once again tonight as the crews return at 11 o'clock so you're going to watch for the vine being closed but everything is opened and all the ramps are opened as well on the vine. now we're looking at other construction crews out there right now and we're looking at route one northbound approaching meadow road as well as i-95 between 295 and route 31 here so we've got construction in mercer county that's causing some problems blocking the right lane and
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the shoulder until 5:00 a.m., matt. >> breaking overnight police are searching for the driver who struck a man who was riding his bicycle in west philadelphia. the driver didn't bother to hang around and see how that rider was doing. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live near 52nd and spruce streets with the latest. katherine. >> reporter: matt, the victim is 46 years old and thankfully he doesn't have any major injuries. he remains in the hospital in stable condition. fifty-second street here in west philadelphia is back opened. the accident happened near irving. that's about a block away from spruce street. this happened right around 2:00 a.m. the victim was on his bicycle when he was struck by a vehicle heading north on 52nd. the cyclist was thrown over the top of his bike. the vehicle took off. investigators were here at the scene, they loaded the bike in the police vehicle for evidence. at this point police do not have a detailed description of that striking vehicle but they do believe it could be a light colored suv. this is a busy corridor,
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though. there are surveillance cameras nearby so they are checking for footage to hopefully find out who is behind this but again, that victim remains in stable condition. he is at penn presbyterian hospital which is nearby here. we're live in west philadelphia, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." matt. >> thanks, katherine. state prosecutors file criminal charges against three high school students in connection with the death of their classmate amy joyner-francis. the 16-year-old died after an assault inside a bathroom at howard high school on april 21st. the medical examiner determined joyner-francis died from a sudden cardiac incident caused by a preexisting heart condition but officials say the assault aggravated the cardiac problem. a 16-year-old faces criminal negligent homicide. she could be tried as an adult. two other girls are charged with criminal conspiracy. >> now their lives are completely destroyed and for what? a bathroom fight. is it worth it?
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>> wilmington mayor dennis williams issued a statement saying this is the first step in providing closure. a judge has set bail at $1 million for the man charged in the shooting death of his cousin outside a camden funeral home last week. 31-year-old victor rodriguez was arraigned on a charge of being an accomplice in the murder of 22-year-old jonathan vasquez. police are still searching for the person who shot vasquez. lahe was heading to a funeral for his grandmother when he was killed on thursday. >> fbi and philadelphia police joining forces to capture a bank ban digit he was wearing that light gray hoodie and sweat pants. detectives believe he is the same man who held up a citizens bank branch just 11 blocks away at 15th and market streets on friday april 29th. there is a reward available for his capture and tipsters can remain anonymous. happening today, the delaware state senate is set
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to vote on a bill that would ban the sale of a popular cough suppressant to minors. the legislation prohibits the sale of dextromethorphan or d xm to anyone under the age of 18 the only exception would be if they have a prescription. the measure is aimed at keeping children from using d xm to get high. the bill already passed in the statehouse last month. a smaller field of can candidates are going in today's presidential primaries in west virginia and nebraska. bernie sanders leads democratic frontrunner hillary clinton in the polls in west virginia but a landslide victory would not do much to advance the vermont senator's path to the nomination. clinton leads sanders in the delegate race and needs just 17 percent of the remaining delegates to secure the democratic nomination. donald trump is the presumptive republican nominee but he's still trying to garner support from the leaders of his own party. he's slated to meet with republican leaders on thursday including house speaker paul ryan. ryan said last week that he
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was just not ready to support trump. trump has tapped new jersey governor chris christie to lead his transition team should trump win the election in november. let's turn now to the accuweather forecast and dave murphy. >> we're starting out a little damp in some neighborhoods matt. storm tracker6 live double scan shows that as there are showers out to the west a few more down to the south and if we go in closer to philadelphia some of the stuff coming close to the philadelphia area, media, delaware county picking up a light sprinkle or shower. a little bit more of that in new castle county delaware. a bit more over by medford lakes and parts of south jersey, central camden county and central burlington county. if we go out wider, there are also some sprinkles and showers down in cape may county and down toward dover. it's this big mass of rain, though, that's pushing toward the east that might make us a little bit wetter during at least part of the morning commute. as we take a look outside, cloudy skies and cool conditions again although not quite as cool as it was this time yesterday. 44 degrees in allentown.
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that's one of the chillier spots but in philadelphia 56 degrees, same thing in wilmington this morning. so as you step outside a good morning for jackets, not quite as chilly as yesterday. probably not a bad idea to bring along some rain gear, too if you're in some of those spots getting the rain. future tracker6 shows as we move forward into the day by 12 o'clock a couple more sprinkles and showers are possible and through the afternoon right up to 5:00 off and on there could be spotty showers. obviously today is not a washout and also it's going to be pretty cloud deal. as we go later into the evening we may see some breaks in the clouds but there could still be a late evening shower on storm tracker,, too and of course adam and cecily will have that for you tonight if it's there. lehigh valley forecast, well, it's mostly cloudy, a spotty shower can't be ruled out as you just saw, though it's not a washout and a cool high of 59 degrees. so, two things about today. first, it's cloudy and somewhat damp at times and it's also going to be cool. most of us will be stuck in the 50's. down the shore, we'll go 56, lots of clouds, some spotty showers possible there as well and in philadelphia a high of
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58 degrees, lots of clouds, spotty showers are possible at times and winds variable at about six to 12 miles per hour. overnight tonight mostly cloudy with another shower in a you believe can of neighborhoods. it does not look super wet tonight though and an overnight low of 52. and then tomorrow dry air to the north and east, some more showers possible at times coming in from the west. a high will be milder tomorrow, a-70 but still mostly cloudy and maybe a couple of pop-ups here or there. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, cool today, cloudy, damp, 58 degrees, a couple of showers at times. milder again tomorrow with a high of 70 but we will still see lots of clouds and another shower here or there is possible. very likely dry for the union contest in the evening butter we'll see about that. keep your eyes on that. thursday looks good, 74 degrees with a mix of clouds and sun and then friday is our next rain day with periods of rain at times. and maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon and a high of 72. for the weekend, mild on saturday, 72 but lots of clouds with a late afternoon shower or thunderstorm
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possible. and then sunday dry but blustery and cooler, matt, with a high of just 63. i'll be headed to the phillies probably bringing my nice blanket they gave me. >> hopefully get some great starting pitching like they've done so many times. >> that's the way it's been going. >> thanks, david. still ahead on "action news" a woman who was accused of scamming people through online dating services. police want to hear from herjavec tipples. flying debris in a florida highway leaves a man seriously injured. he was in a convertible. karen. >> we're looking live in morrisville bucks county. looking pretty good here at route one at pennsylvania avenue. no big problems. pretty dry right here. we'll take you to delaware county, check out i-95 coming up. >> a mother's day meal turns to mayhem. the video later in the morning buzz. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> 5:13. the horizon lit up in orangey color. take a live look at the platt memorial bridge on this tuesday morning. 56 degrees on city avenue. let's turn to our traffic report and karen rogers. good morning, karen. >> hey, matt. if you're starting the day, coming from the suburbs, sometime you have to wake up a little earlier so here's your suburban traffic report. we'll look outside live. this is i-95 in delaware county near the commodore barry bridge. northbound traffic headed towards the blue route. no overnight construction. so that's some good news right there. on the commuter traffic report we found someone talking about 295 southbound near new castle. a minor accident there. o mac peaceful reporting that there. watch for that as you're coming in covering to the waze app. we have construction on the pennsylvania turnpike and this is westbound near norristown here. the overnight construction is
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in the process of clearing out. it's looking a lot better right here on the ramp from approaching norris to past norristown looking a little better there. northeast extension construction crews blocking the left lane northbound past quakertown and southbound at lehigh valley and the construction crews that are out there going to get a little bit wet. storm tracker6 live double scan showing that we do have some showers moving in from the west and as we go he in a little closer to them you can kind of see what's happening. we're a little wet in parts of the city but certainly in media near the blue route, route three near west chester and coatesville along the 30 bypass. chadds ford pretty dry right now. wilmington just south of that getting a little shower on i-95. not terribly heavy but some showers moving in for you, matt. >> thanks, karen. new here on "action news," the search continues in tennessee for a missing nine-year-old girl. police issued an amber alert for karley trent on thursday. her uncle gary simpson signed her out of school under false pretenses the day before. authorities believe the two are in an isolated area like a campground.
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police have released video of the two buying camping supplies and nonperishable foods from a store in eastern, tennessee. a 22-year-old musician was hit by debris while driving a convertible on a florida highway. this is video from the accident last month. holden amery was traveling when a piece of metal crashed through the windshield. he has countless stitches. it's not clear where the debris came from. also new a california woman is under arrest accused of using online dating sites to steal people's identities and their money. police say maria christina johnson met her victims on dating sites and social media. once she was at their homes, she would locate their personal identifying information and opened lines of credit. detectives say they found multiple id's and credit cards on johnson when she was arrested. police have identified 56 victims and ar -- six victims ad
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looking for more. adam morgan to get the start against the braves. braves are the worst team in baseball. weren't how that feels, right? we have also -- they have also lost four games in a row but the phillies doing well this year. 18, 14 and in third place in the nl east. sam bradford is back. the eagles quarterback worked out with his teammates yesterday morning skipped voluntary workouts after the eagles drafted quarterback carson wentz but he's back. bradford has also rescinded his trade request. 5:16 now and takata changes its tune when it comes to just how much its air bag recall is costing. and a prison in new york is using a new nontraditional rehabilitation method. it is basically shakespeare behind bars. david. >> jackets on the kids this morning because it is cool and staying way this afternoon and some of you might want rain gear. i'll have another look at live radar coming up next.
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narrator: the constitution says the president shall make nominations for the supreme court and the senate votes. no exception for election years why is pat toomey refusing to do the job pennsylvania elected him to do? toomey refuses to consider anyone president obama nominates, even a former prosecutor with more experience than any other nominee with bipartisan
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support. but toomey is choosing his party's leaders and playing politics with the supreme court. call senator toomey and tell him to put the constitution before his politics.
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>> singh prison in new york has a new outlet for prisoners. shakespeare. the criminals are taking part in a program called rehabilitation through the arts. they are currently performing shakespeare's 12th night. inmates say working on the production has taught them greater patience. the warden says he's seen a change for the better in those who participate. >> the classics. >> right. who knew they would help. we're looking live in exton chester county getting damp in some spots. this is route 100 at commerce drive. southbound traffic coming right towards you heading towards the 30 bypass. i want to take you to lawncrest section of the city. adams avenue is now closed between kressonville road and newtown avenue. it closed yesterday and it's going to last four months. they're doing some bridge construction there. you'll stick to tabor road or olney avenue instead, dave. >> couple light sprinkles and showers moving through the region right now. a little bit more of that out west that might come through. every now and 70 in lancaster seeing a dark shade of green and yellow.
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it's possible that occasionally some of you might get caught in a steadier rain but only briefly. obviously most of are you dry right now but that's what the rain looks like currently. as we go through the day it's going to be cloudy and cool today. staying in the 50's with a high at 3 o'clock of 58 degrees. and clouds socking us in pretty much. there might be a couple of times where the sun tries to break through but i think it's generally cloudy and through the day there is that chance of a spotty pop-up shower. checking the airport for those of you planning on getting away from this cloudy cool day in philadelphia, well, looks like there's no rain and no major delays in any of our big travel destinations. a lot of clouds in chicago and atlanta and orlando this morning. matt. >> researchers believe swaddling a child may actually pose a serious health risk. study in the journal of pediatrics finds swad w can kaddled babies were twice as like to die from sids. researchers say overheating
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may be to blame or being overheated while being wrapped up face down. they tell parents to pay particular attention to the baby's position and put them down to sleep on their back especially if swa swaddleed. >> reporter: the sister of a man with a disability reached out to the troubleshooters frustrated she couldn't get a home alarm coast guard to cancel her brother's contract after he moved. >> the next bill said you must pay immediately 261. the next bill said $314.84. it just kept going. >> reporter: whether you're dealing with a contract involving your cell phone or cable provider or home security company, beware. canceling can sometimes be difficult if not nearly impossible. the "action news" troubleshooters tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00. >> 5:21 and up next in the morning buzz, the plan who illegally decorated his truck
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with pieces of an alligator's body. an unfortunate caption in a yearbook photo puts a high school student into the national spotlight. that's at 5:30. here's america's money right now. >> ♪ >> good morning. topping america's money, a huge impact on profits because of a record breaking recall. >> takata says it will show a loss of $120 million over the past year. the company has recalled more than 70 million air bags just in the u.s. alone. >> its air bags have inflaters that might explode. >> lower gas prices apparently have americans rushing to buy suv's and trucks. sales up about 10 percent. >> but small car sales are down 6 percent creating a surplus on car lots. the upside automakers are offering deep discounts and generous lease offers to move those small cars out. >> and budweiser's bottles and cans this summer may be missing something. the name of the actual beer. >> yeah. bud's maker has filed for permission to replace the name on its labels with the word
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>> we're getting a lot of sky6 pictures of sun coming up.
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we have some cloud cover over there but it's peeking over the horizon. we'll check on the sun in a little bit. it will be up shortly. knuckle sandwiches were added to the mother's day menu when a fight broke out at a restaurant in georgia on sunday mother's day. the video shows the massive fight that erupted between five customers and the staff at a japanese restaurant. police are looking for five people in connection with the brunch brawl. the owner says he easily lost $5,000 from people who left without paying. no one was seriously hurt. >> a teenager in ohio got a treat on prom night a surprise date with a cleveland browns player. offensive lineman cam irving escorted 17-year-old elma wright. she has a rare progressive disorder. she was planning to go with her boyfriend but sadly he died back in the fall. irving showed up at her house in a limo bus. the two also posed for pictures before going to the
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party. wildlife officials stopped a florida man trying around with an illegally poached alligator foot stuck in his dashboard. police had stopped the truck to check the driver's credentials and found many other gator parts scattered throughout the vehicle. at first the driver said the remains came from a gator he hunted a few years ago. eventually he admitted to killing the gator without a permit a few days ago. the driver received a citation. don't put gator parts in your car. time right now is 5:27 and still ahead on "action news," two people are dead as several tornadoes ripped through the great plains. and a pizza delivery driver saves a man's life. how it happened on "action news" next there next.
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>> and a yearbook mixup involving a muslim student ends up with her name being listed as isis. googood morning everyone its 5:30 on this tuesday may tenth. tam is off and we have some rain approaching. let's go to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. >> we sure do. some neighborhoods already seeing it. one of my twitter followers just said that they have some drizzle on township line i believe out in delaware county and you see some of that in parts of chester county, parts of delaware county, southern new castle county now getting some of this. this may fall apart as it heads east but we have to allow for some sprinkles and showers and looks like cape may new jersey is another spot also getting some of that right now. you can see how the cloud cover has built back in overnight and showers out to the west at times will be a factor today. otherwise just cloudy skies. it's also going to be cool. we're at 56 degrees right now in philadelphia. we'll drop off a little bit over the next couple of hours


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