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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 11, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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he also suffered brain damage in the accident. four years ago. we're just getting this video now. he has now settled with the museum for more than $7 million. >> that's scary. >> yeah. >> there's a new controversy swirling at the citadel. this time pitting military discipline against religious faith. >> the south carolina military college has denied a request from a newly accepted muslim woman to wear a ha jab as part of her uniform. >> the family is now squaring off for a fight. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> it's a big decision many here are support png school administrators are politely denying a request from an incoming student who asked to
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wear a headscarf with her uniform. she admitted to the class of "20/20" wassing a religious accommodation. but the military college founded in 1842 explains in a statement that uniformity is the cornerstone of their training. > she said to the command dant this isn't fair that i have to choose between my education and my faith. it's just not fair. >> reporter: only six weeks, the u.s. army granted its first long-term religious accommodationings to an active duty observant sikh who asked to grow a beard and wear a turban. he is a decorated soldier who put his life on the line in afghanistan. even the secretary of defense is on record supporting the trend. the school still hopes the student comes for classes in the fall. the family is exploring their legal options. steve osunsami, abc news, charleston. >> okay. so the spokesperson for the council of american islamic relations said the student cannot attend the citadel
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without this accommodation because it's part of her religious obligation. >> right but then "the washington post" is pointing out the citadel has never made objections before. catholic students have been told they can't wear a sign of the crucifix. big debate going on over where you draw the line and how make exceptions for. >> the school has been controversial over decades. it was awhile ago that they accepted their first female student about two decades ago. >> '95, right in the that involved some legal trouble. they say they've come a long way and that women are much more integrated now. i don't think the debate is going away anytime soon. we'll continue to keep you updated. >> coming up, squalor in the an shadow of so much wealth. >> the number of billionaires is growing by leaps and bounds in mexico city, but what about these, the forgotten children? an abc news exclusive investigation straight ahead. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ it was nearly a year ago that abc's david into your shed new light on what is a growing problem in mexico city. >> despite the city's growing list of billionaires, orphan children some are disabilities lived in absolute scowl lore some even locked in cages. the government at the time promised major changes. >> now david and his crew returned and there is what they found. >> it was nearly a year ago, we traveled to mexico city in search of the children. abc news getting the government blacklist, obtained by disability rights international. so, authorities put these institutions on a blacklist. >> yes. >> but they're still open? >> yes. >> we discovered padlocks on doors and windows and we see a
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commotion outside this door. no doorknob, just a little girl peering out. >> hola! >> she's locked in the bathroom. government money keeps this place open. other facilities not on the blacklist, and yet we find children with disabilities inside cages, rows of them locked up. he spends 24 hours a day in this cage? >> they take him out for one hour. >> the director of the facility at the time guiding our team, telling us they are all well taken care of here. they have a good quality of life. but after our visit, the ministry for social development in mexico city banning all cages and restraints. an apparent victory. but nearly a year later, we return. first, the facility with cages. the team was invited, but when we got there, they refused. but i ask, have they made any changes? "yes," she tells me, but rings the bell to get in without us. we ask for just five minutes. she says no.
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>> take a look? >> so, as you can see, they've closed the door on us, after initially telling our team that we could come back a year later to see the changes. they tell us there are changes inside, but now won't allow us five minutes to see them. priscilla rodriguez suddenly gets a text from the government. so, the government has now said no, too. >> yes. >> are you convinced there are any changes? >> we cannot be sure anymore. >> we're off to the next stop, where a year ago, we witnessed children, this boy hanging by his hands over a treadmill. their bodies wrapped in gauze and makeshift splints. and this is what we found. >> you can see the gauze is still here, and they have, you know, told us they still use this. >> and they promised that they would change this since our visit? >> we asked the people here, the authorities just told them, well, it looked bad to use restraints. so, be careful. >> it looks bad. then, we discover the children. a little boy, his hands in socks. >> pretty little girl. >> and what appears to be a
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little girl, her head slumped, tied up. we learn she is 17. and an american nurse, traveling with the team, offers a simple suggestion. make charts with pictures, engage the children. as we see leonardo crawling to reach up for a newspaper. 24 hours later, we return, the 17-year-old is now outside. fernanda. fernanda, and her head comes up as soon as we talk to her. and leonardo, who crawled over to that newspaper -- when we reach for his hand, he immediately puts his head on my arm. suddenly, we see that smile. and the director there tells us, she took that suggestion from the nurse. already making charts of pictures. and he takes my hand to point to each one. look, he's having me point. leo is already using the charts. leonardo, i want pizza. ah! the director tells us, she's ready for change. so far, nothing from the government. we go to one last place.
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nearly a year later, we return to another one of the facilities and we find that there are children of all ages here and yet no government help, no visits from the government. disability rights international revealing they are now filing an international suit, promises unkept. they promised almost a year ago to get rid of the cages, to replace the restraints, to help get children back out into the community and to families and to foster care, if you will. have we seen any of that? >> no. they signed documents, they made it look official before the cameras. but that translated into nothing. >> the government telling abc news, they have made changed. saying they banned those cages. but again, they wouldn't show us. which is why we keep coming back. >> such a touching report there especially seeing that little 17-year-old girl who should be a lot bigger than she was.
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>> yeah, with some of these kids you can tell they just want someone to pay some attention to them. >> glad we're on that case. in a world that's trying to turn you into someone new...
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out now. >> i can't keep up. >> kids and these snapshots. it was 100 years ago this year that president woodrow wilson created the national park service. >> as part of the centennial celebration, abc news is embarking on an epic campout. this morning t.j. holmes is checking out one of america's newest national parks called the black canyon of the gunnyson. ♪ >> reporter: it's steep, deep and narrow. welcome to colorado's grand canyon.
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the park is essentially in its infancy in terms of being a national park. this is you all are kind of a young pup in terms of national parks. >> in 1999 it became a national park. >> plunging nearly 2,000 feet, the black canyon could lous the empire state building with 500 feet to spare. the park has 22 miles of hiking trails, but i am not here to hike. i'm here to go over the edge with world class rock climbers tommy caldwell and kevin jorg an son on their record break rock face climbs, they usually spend the night on a tiny portable ledge aptly called a port a ledge. i'll attempt to join them in the morning but tonight, i'm kamping out on solid ground. >> these are my accommodations for the night. >> it's starting to look a lot more like a tent. so then take all these little hooks and clip them on. >> why does mine look like a space capsule. my campsite neighbors trevor and
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dorias. >> welcome to the woods. >> remember, earlier this week we met stephanie and jonathan traveling to all 59 national parks. you know what? these guys are doing it, too. >> #59 and 5. >> they visited 46 parks so far. >> guacamole. >> campfire connoisseurs. they treat me to a fantastic fajita feast. >> we've come a long way since the tent setup. >> satisfied, sleepy, it's lights out. >> so we can report back this morning that t.j. made it down and then back up safely. >> i like the idea of the rappelling thing. that sleeping on the side of the cliff, no thank you. >> i like the idea of t.j. doing it. the worst thing about toilet germs?
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this morning on "world news now," full steam ahead for bernie sanders. his big win in west virginia's primary last night giving his campaign a major boost. but is it too little too late in order to stop clinton. >> meanwhile, ted cruz hints that his campaign might not be finished either. >> and a bizarre and deadly rampage leaves at least three people dade in new england. the suspect is going on a an stabbing spree starting in a neighborhood and heading to a nearby mall randomly attacking shoppers. >> fire on the front step. the incredible video from the raging wildfires in canada. this doorbell cam footage showing firefighters taking on the explosive flames and trying to save one home of so many destroyed there. and the man, the myth, the mvp. steph curry is the first ever toe earn that honor with no votes for any other player.
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but the nba's brightest star was eclipsed by someone else. his own daughter. letting us know yesterday that she's watching us just as much as we are watching her. oh, and her dad, of course. it's wednesday, may 11th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." got to love that, right? >> i do. listen, you best vote for my dad next year or else. i got you. >> i love it. >> good wednesday morning, everybody. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. we start with another victory for bernie sanders in west virginia. >> yeah, speaking from oregon last night, sanders told supporters that he's going to fight for every last vote, but the victory isn't enough to stop hillary clinton. even though sanders easily picked up more than 50% of the vote, he'll end up with about the same number of west virginia delegates as clinton. now, she now has 94% of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. well, after clearing the republican field, donald trump
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sailed to victory in west virginia and nebraska, as well. >> but as trump waits for fellow republicans to fall in line, sanders is pointing to a new poll that has him beating trump by a wider marge than clinton. it's your voice, your vote. abc's karen travers has is the latest. >> reporter: bernie sanders may have claimed victory in west virginia's primary. >> it appears that we've won a big, big victory in west virginia. >> reporter: but it seems the number two democrat in the country thinks he's already out of the race for the nomination. >> you bring up the next president. we're all anxious to see who. >> who she is? >> vice president joe biden telling robin roberts this election is hillary clinton's to win. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and i feel confident she will be the next president. >> reporter: sanders doesn't seemed worried about a biden boost for his rival. >> nobody in the establishment believed that we would be here in california with a reasonable chance the to win.
3:03 am
>> reporter: clinton herself already looking to the general election and donald trump. >> i am looking forward to debating dot com the fall. >> reporter: trump's facing problems of his own. this week, he heads to capitol hill trying to mend the divide in the gop. but for the first time, two of trump's former foes are talking revealing they're still not ready to support trump. >> i have well defined differences with the presumptive nominee of the republican party and like millions of republicans you try to reconcile those two things. >> reporter: ted cruz not even ruling out a return to the fight. >> we've suspended the campaign because i can see no viable path to victory. of course, if that changed we would reconsider things. >> reporter: karen travers, abc news, washington. and that was ted cruz taking questions on his first day back to work on capitol hill after dropping out of the race. his wife heidi is now comparing her husband's white house run to the battle to end slavery. that came during a conference call with the campaign's national prayer team where she told supporters it took 25 years
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to defeat slavery and that's a lot longer than four years. she vowed to keep moving forward. >> the other major story we're following this morning is breaking news. a bizarre stabbing rampage in the boston area which left three dead. police in taunton say it started after a traffic accident when the driver began running around the neighborhood trying to break into homes. he stabbed two women at one house and then he drove to a shopping mall nearby crashing into the front of a macy's store. once inside the mall, he stabbed two more people. the suspect was eventually killed by an off-duty police officer. one of the dead victims was inside the house. the other at that mall. the investigation is still on going at this hour. we're going to have more in our next half hour. >> meanwhile twisters continue to wreak havoc across the south and the plains. this was the scene in the city of mayfield in southwestern kentucky. a tornado barreled through there yesterday afternoon causing significant damage to homes and businesses. at least ten people were taken to hospitals with what were
3:05 am
described as nonlife-threatening sxwroirpz some storms are possible again today from the tennessee valley to the carolinas and severe conditions are expected in oklahoma and texas, as well. with more tornadoes possible there. to northern california deputies are expected to turn themselves in today after being charged with assault. the incident last november caught on camera, the two alameda county officers chasing an auto theft suspect into that alley and then this takes place. the beating there with batons even though he was already on the ground. this goes on for a little bit here. the man can be heard screaming i'm sorry. and help me. new images this morning after a flight from puerto rico to orlando was rocked by turbulence so strong, the oxygen masks deployed. eight people were taken to the hospital. abc's david kerley has the details. >> cleared to land, jetblue 1134. >> reporter: this video, right after getting hit by turbulence. oxygen masks deployed. these photos of debris in the
3:06 am
galley, the refrigerator door that burst open. >> unknown injuries from turbulence, inbound jetblue flight. >> reporter: eight passengers injured according to airline for what was a harrowing experience for all the passengers. >> it's super scary. i was thinking that we really were going to die. >> reporter: about 30 minutes into the flight from puerto rico to orlando, the jet hit turbulence. it's just days after a flight out of the dominican republic also had seven injured in rough air. and a week after those dramatic pictures of passengers praying as they hit turbulence approaching jakarta. nearly 50 injured in just a week by turbulence. david kerley, abc news, washington. we're learning flu details this morning about events leading up to prince's death. the music icon was seen by a doctor on april 20th, the day before he died. according to a search warrant, the doctor arrived at the singer's home with test results on april 21st but prince was already dead. federal and local investigate serious certainlies the singer's
3:07 am
home again on tuesday. the doctor had also seen prince on april 7th. >> black west point cadets under scrutiny for a controversial photo will not be punished. the 16 fee fail mail cadets raised their fists in a pregraduation photo. the military academy found that the group photo did not violate any rules against political activity. a mentor for the women said they were simply celebrating the graduation. >> a lab operated by the cdc has reportedly had its operating permit secretly suspended because of safety violations. according to "usa today" that lab and others run by the cdc were kited for mishandling certain viruses, bacteria and toxins that are hev heavily regulated. the name of the labs were not revealed because of security concerns. president obama is heading to hiroshima, japan later on this month, the first sitting u.s. president to do so visiting that city devastated by an atom nick bomb seven decades ago.
3:08 am
the white house says he will honor the victims but will not apologize for the attack. he's also not seeking an apology for attack on pearl harbor. the president will be in japan for the g--7 summit. >> a new record holder for the world's oldest living cat, scooter. he celebrated his 30th birthday on march 26th. his owner gail floyd attributes his longevity to staying busy. >> he doesn't look a day over 32. >> so the frisky feline has visited 45 of the nation's 50 states. he also enjoys getting blow dried after baths and nibbling on chicken every other day. scooter lives in mansfield, texas. that almost sounded like a personal ad for scooter. >> he has great skin. i think he must moisturize. >> good doctor or good genes. >> though he is not the oldest living cat in history. that went to a cat in texas also
3:09 am
in texas. 38 years old. so scooter still has eight more years to go. >> he's got a few to go. >> goals, scooter, goals. >> scooter, if the normal cat has nine lives how many lives has scooter? >> i don't know. >> thanks for the close-up of scooter. >> news you can use. >> sorry. i find this whole thing hilarious. >> scooter? >> all right. coming up "the mix," broccoli for dessert or at least maybe you can convince your kids of that. we'll show you the latest experiment. >> but first a new procedure that can bring clarity to millions with poor vision. why you might be able to toss those contact lenses and put those glasses down for good. >> meet the inspiring veteran bringing home the gold for the u.s. at the invictus games and how she and her fellow wounded warriors are giving it their all. >> remember to find us on facebook, twitter,
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rarely do you get a look as up close as there at firefighters doing their job. this was taken by a camera from the doorbell of a house in ft. mcmurray, canada, as a fire crew went to work against the flames burning into the home's front porch. officials say firefighters saved 25,000 homes there. about 2400 excuse me were lost
3:14 am
in the wildfire which has now burned more than 880 square nice. >> dramatic images out of alberta, canada. now to some sports. and a big surprise in the nba playoffs. russell westbrook of the oklahoma city thunder sealed his team's victory with a three-point play. with just seconds left against the san antonio spurs last night. the thunder four-point win puts them up three games to two in the series. they can wrap up a trip to the conference finals tomorrow at home. >> off the court, steph curry is making history again. >> the golden state warriors guard has become the first nba player unanimously to be voted most valuable player but stealing the show yesterday, yeah. i got you. i got my eye on you. his 3-year-old daughter riley letting reporters know she had her eyes on them. >> she is too funny. i love that. then the point. just to be clear who that was directed at. >> look at the point right here
3:15 am
again. i got you. >> she's so funny. but still, curry did get a lot of the spotlight yesterday. this is his second mvp win in a row, as well. here's abc's matt gut olympian. >> reporter: stephen curry's history-making mvp selection, just the sweet follow-through on a season in which curry appeared as a "gq" man of the year, fan and brand favorite. from an army of stephen's for under armour -- >> there it is. >> reporter: to trick shots for apple. making those impossible shots -- >> bang! >> reporter: probable. >> oh, what a shot from curry! >> reporter: sinking 402 three-pointers. it took celtics great larry bird eight seasons to hit 400 threes but while account family guy curry may seem superhuman on the court, he tells "parents" magazine, at home, he's just like us. >> we're blessed. we have two beautiful daughters and they mean a lot to us. >> reporter: revealing he has met his match. >> daddy. >> you're going to be -- >> be quiet.
3:16 am
>> reporter: his show-stopping 2-year-old, riley. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. that's becoming a familiar scene for curry. it was also a familiar scene at the white house today. the national champion uconn women's basketball team was congratulated by president obama for the fourth year in a row. and the president says he expects the huskies to be back even though he won't be there to welcome them again. he said the team continues to set a high bar for excellence thus improving the entire women's basketball game. >> and they gave him a rocking chair as a gift. some super talented ladies and another to tell you about taking part in the invictus games in florida. >> on the track yesterday, sarah rudder won the women's 100 meter dash. a retired marine lance corporal who lost her left leg after being injured. rudder says competing with the u.s. team is about the same commitment she made to the marine corps. >> we're doing amazing. we're putting our heart and soul out on the line for our country
3:17 am
just like we do in battle. and we're here to represent. >> rudder is also in yesterday's 200 meter dash. she fell on the way to the finish line but she got up and finished second even after falling. > good job. so far rudder is the most decorated competitor at the games. the u.s. competitor having won four golds and three silver medals. today she will compete in a swimming event. >> if that's not inspiration, i don't know what is. coming up in our next half hour, a mom on the run. the urgent hunt for 9 fugitive mother in ohio this led police in a hot pursuit with her young child in the car. why they suddenly just stopped chasing her. >> first a medical breakthrough for millions of american who's reach for those reading glasses. a new surgery could replace them for good. how it works straight ahead. you're watching "world news now." >> annou er
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♪ i can see clearly now the rain has gone ♪ ♪ i can see all the obstacles in my way ♪ >> makes me think of cool rungs. a lot of people though cannot see clearly even when the rain is gone especially when it comes to seeing up close, you try to focus on the print on a bottle or maybe clasps on jewelry, small things. >> for generations the solution has been drugstore reading glasses. now a new surgery could replace those gas for good. abc's mara sheaf campo explains. >> those ever elusive reading glasses something that millions of americans deal with every day, even hollywood stars. >> yeah, i do need my glasses. come here. >> i don't have mine either. >> you don't have yours either. >> 51-year-old done nan glen was fed up. >> i had to put reading glasses on for every near task and
3:20 am
reading glasses are traditionally never where you want them to be. you're always searching for them. >> reporter: that's when dr. andrew holtzman of tlc vision stepped in with a new solution, a procedure called the camera inlay. >> this technology draes a major concern because the age related decline in near vision affects everyone. it starts in our 40s, continues on into our 50s and 60s. >> reporter: but how exactly does this revolutionary technology work. >> the kamra inlay is a small plastic-like disk about one-third the size of a contact lens and one fourth the thickness of a human hair. it has a small central opening right in the middle and what we do is implant it into the cornea. this blocks the unfocused rays of light from entering the eye and only allows the focused rays of light through which means they're able to see full range of vision from distance to near clearly. >> reporter: and in a tv first, our cameras take you into the or
3:21 am
as christine clement has the inlay implanted into just one eye. dr. holzman says that's all that's needed for the procedure to work. >> the procedure takes approximately 20 minutes to perform. the patient doesn't feel anything. all right. nice and steady now. >> reporter: the post-op recovery? >> we tell the patient to go home, take a nap and they start using their eye drops. the nicest part about it if the patient doesn't like it, it is a reversible procedure. >> reporter: some of the risks include the possibility that vision may not return to normal even after the procedure is reverses. it can take up to a month for a patient to realize the full effect of the inlay which costs around $5,000 and is typically not covered by insurance. still for donna glen, the high cost was worth it to refocus on her life. >> working on the computer, i'm cooking. i can see my recipes. i could read ingredient labels at the store. everything i need to do. i don't know where my reading glasses are and i don't care. i'm very happy.
3:22 am
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see? told you it would work. cascade. it is time now for "the mix." we started things off with a witt of an experiment. some parents decided they were going to prank their kids and give them broccoli for breakfast after this big preamble of saying we have a big surprise for you for breakfast. the kids open their eyes and see broccoli. didn't quite pan out the way the parents expected though. take a look. >> dessert. >> no. >> broccoli. >> yeah. it's a treat. >> i don't like it. >> we wanted chocolate. >> that's dessert. >> yeah. but that's dessert. >> we don't want that broccoli. >> no broccoli. >> look at the little one though. >> he love that he gave in. >> after this giant tantrum
3:26 am
little thomas over there decides what the heck. i'll try the broccoli and then once r.j. sees his little brother seems to be kind of enjoying himself, he then wipes away his tears and decides. >> does he give in, as well. >> okay, fine. >> at the end. >> just like nibbling down on it. >> looking at his older brother still throwing a tantrum and just munching away. little by little you can hear the parents completely unable to keep it together. they start laughing too and finally the older brother r.j. jumps in, as well. >> success. >> good job, parents. >> is it thomas? >> thomas is the little one. r.j. is the big one. >> enjoying it after his initial trant trum. >> r.j. eventually says i still kind of wish it was chocolate. >> their mother eventually did cave and she then gave him chocolate afterward. >> now to another kid that was cute on british tv yesterday. so his mom was on tv talking
3:27 am
about the fascinating topic of kids and rotten teeth. here you see 5-year-old after right now the victoral's kid. the show was on victoria shows on abc. he couldn't help himself. he was board senseless lis nick to mom talk about this. just like all right. are you done yet? >> it's so funny. >> he stole the show. >> most kids when they're on tv, they're fascinated by the lights and everything going on and they tend to stare at the camera or themselves on the monitor. this kid could care less about any of it. when can i go home and watch my cartoons. >> this is boring. i kind of agreed with him. >> i like that. i like the full on funny faces he starts making. >> so the world's ugliest dog competition. >> well, known. >> tongue sticking out action or something. we go to one dog who won the world's ugliest dog. now he's winning
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," a deadly and seemingly random stabbing spree at a busy shopping mall in massachusetts. we'll hear from the witnesses forced to either fight the attacker or run for their lives. the latest just ahead. hillary clinton may have all but locked up her nomination but bernie sanders big primary win last night is sending a message. he's not giving up. we're live with the latest from both sides of the campaign trail. >> and new this half hour. a mom on the run. >> a fugitive leads police on a chase driving across lawns, around patrol cars, running red lights all while her young child was in the back seat. >> and photoshop fail. why meghan trainor says her new video reduced her to tears and what she's doing about it right now. the full story ahead in "the skinny." it is wednesday, may 11th. ♪
3:31 am
>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good wednesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. we begin with some breaking news. a stabbing rampage which ended inside a mall not far from boston. three people inclutding the suspect are now dead. >> it began with a car crash in taunton, massachusetts. the suspect got out of his car, went into a nearby house and stabbed two women at random. one of them has died. >> then he drove to the silver city galleria mall, crashed into the front of the macy's store, beat up some people and made his way to a restaurant. jorge quiroga from our boston station picks up the story from there. >> all of a sudden, people were hollering, there's a killer. there's a killer. >> reporter: that frightening moment of chaos inside the bertucci's restaurant quickly turned to carnage. >> he came from the back of the restaurant and he was walking towards the front. and as he was coming, he was slashing people and people were throwing chairs at him and
3:32 am
stuff. >> reporter: witnesses say the man for no apparent reason appeared to randomly select his victims, one of whom was a pregnant woman, brutally assaulting them with a knife. those who could like ruth ran for cover supply went to the beauty salon and told them there's a killer. we all went in the back room. >> reporter: the assailant then shot by an off-duty sheriff's deputy. >> a couple noises. i couldn't tell if it was a gunshot. or couldn't tell. i saw people running, kids running. younger girls running. >> there was just a bunch of women that came running into the building and asked me to close my doors. >> reporter: the bertucci's was one of three separate crime scenes. the first one happening at a nearby home and involved a car accident and a stabbing. the suspect then drove this car into the macy's entrance at the mall before heading to the restaurant full with diners. >> we pulled up and there was people on stretchers getting taken out and everything. one girl was crying for her baby. >> our thanks to jorge quiroga.
3:33 am
the d.a. credits the deputy who killed the suspect saying there could have been many more victims. a motive for the attacks remains under investigation. but state police said they have found no evidence of a connection to terrorism. >> in the race for the white house, bernie sanders and donald trump have easily soared to victory in west virginia. trump is now running unopposed and also won in nebraska. despite his success with voters though, the republican leadership is still hesitant as trump appears to meet with paul ryan tomorrow, former rivals ted cruz and marco rubio are not backing him. he now has more than 91% of the delegates he needs to officially claim the gop nomination though. >> on the democratic side, sanders with the large victory in west virginia, his latest victories haven't put a dent in hillary clinton's delegate lead. he vows it's going to fight on. it is your voice, your vote. lauren lyster joinings us with more on the sanders/clinton race. and who knew this would still be going on at this point.
3:34 am
>> it continues to be interesting, kendis and diane. you have bernie sanders campaigning in oregon doing a victory lap over that west virginia primary win. and continuing to fight for the democratic presidential nomination. citing all the upcoming state primary contests he would need to win. but saying this. >> we are in this campaign to win. we still have that road to victory in winning the majority of pledged delegates. we fully acknowledge we are good at arithmetic, that we have an uphill climb ahead of us. but we are used to fighting uphill climbs. >> well, it is quite a fight. abc finds sanders would need 98% of all remaining delegates to win the nomination. that is still virtually impossible for the vermont senator to clinch the nomination and cut into hillary clinton's
3:35 am
more than 700-delegate lead. clinton meanwhile losing to her democratic opponent tuesday in a state she won back in 2008. she did get a glowing endorsement from vice president joe biden. he told robin roberts he feels confident clinton will be the nominee and the next president. >> so he is making all this head way but it doesn't seem likely this is going to happen. how does this all play out? >> no, i mean it really does seem like hillary clinton, this is her nomination. she is not focusing on sanders on the campaign trail. she was focusing on donald trump attacking him for his economic policies saying she thinks it would be a race to the bottom with working families paying the price. so she seems to be focusing on her opponent on the republican side. >> she's focusing on both at the same time which is a tough fence there to straddle. >> juggling two men is always a balance to achieve. >> abc's lauren lyster, well played. thanks so much for being here. >> we want to move on now to the extreme weather. damaging storms could cause more
3:36 am
problems today from the tennessee valley into the carolinas. the city of mayfield, kentucky, this was the scene, suffered severe damage to homes and businesses. when it took a direct hit from a tornado yesterday afternoon. at least ten people suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. they were treated at hospitals. in the meantime, the hope in oklahoma is that a scene like this won't be repeated anytime soon. storm chasers recorded the incredible close video that experts now say was likely a tornado with winds of up to 165 miles an hour. two men, both 76 years old, were killed during monday's outbreak. as the clean-up gets under way, there are more storms in the forecast for today. unfortunately, more tornadoes, as well. >> so exactly who is in that targeted path today? >> we find out from the accuweather's paul williams who is tracking it all. paul, good morning. >> good morning to you, kendis, diane. we're watching out for localized storms from dallas, reaching through up toward st. louis, kansas city and then moving into the west central portions of
3:37 am
illinois. dry air coming in out of the west. cooler air coming from the north. warm moist humid air out of the south and the three is going to create a three-eyed monster which will culminate in severe storms, tornadoes and hail. those severe storms reach up towards minnesota with heavy down pours up near the great lakes. kendis, diane? >> all right. our thanks to paul. overseas in germany, one person was killed and three others wounded during a stabbing spree at a train station. witnesses say the suspect yelled infidel, you must die, and allahu akbar during the attack. the suspect has a history of mental illness. investigators say they found no link to islamic terror groups. >> north korea has rapped up its first workers party congress with a day of celebrations. part of those celebrations included a torch light procession involving thousands of students. abc's terry moran shares a rare look inside north korea. >> reporter: just after dawn, we head towards pyongyang's central square. it seems the whole city is on
3:38 am
its way. after hours of tight security, we're just arriving at the square, preparations are in place. the parade's about to start. a sea of people, standing silently. participation in these rallies is mandatory. then -- ♪ >> and there it is. what an entrance he makes. this whole scene intensely choreographed. all for the young leader. all this to glorify kim jong-un, after a week where he consolidated his absolute rule here, and got a new title -- chairman of the worker's party. but the pomp and pageantry here mask grim facts. nearly half of north koreans it's estimated live in extreme poverty and food shortages are a part of life. when night falls, it's even more intense by torch light. a totalitarian spectacle unlike anything else in the world. terry moran, abc news, pyongyang, north korea. quite a spectacle there in
3:39 am
pyongyang and quite a sight on the west coast of california or in the west coast of this country. fresno for what some are calling a definite miracle. it is a statue of the virgin mary that is crying. > there she is. the tears seem top well up in her eye and stream down her face on to her chin. maria cardenas collects the tears in a glass and shares them with those who come to visit. >> so she received the statue ten years ago. but she says she didn't -- it didn't start weeping until 18 months ago when her cousin was murdered. for the record, the tears are said to feel oily and smell like roses. >> hmm. she's apparently had several priests come to the home who say they consider this a miracle. they say sometimes she doesn't cry for weeks or months at a time. and then suddenly she starts again. >> it's kind of freaky. >> it's a mystery. >> it is a mystery. >> or a miracle perhaps. >> exactly. >> coming up, the fugitive mom
3:40 am
on the run in ohio. what triggered this high speed and dangerous chase north of cincinnati and why police eventually were forced to let her get away. >> and the photoshop fail caught meghan trainor by surprise. but it wasn't her latest video that the grammy winner says reduced her to tears. you're watching "world news now." ♪ i thank god every day >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by my pillow. pillow.
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>> this was the frightening scene on a louisiana interstate as a school bus went up in flames. the bus was returning to school from a field trip when it suddenly caught fire. but thankfully at the first sign
3:44 am
of smoke, the bus driver pulled over and immediately evacuated the students with the assistance of some chap reasons. >> in the end, no one was hurt. >> good move on the part of the bus driver and chaperones. >> police are on the hunt for a fugitive mom who led police on a chase with her young child in the car. >> so the chase was so reckless apparently and dangerous that officers had to eventually let her go because of public safety concerns. abc's gio benitez with the story. >> reporter: it's a harrowing police chase. and the most shocking part? the driver, a young mom, allegedly putting her toddler's life at risk, riding right there in that mini van. just watch as she drives backwards on streets in springdale, ohio, maneuvers around patrol cars and goes right through lawn after lawn in a neighborhood. police dash cam video capturing erica barreiro-rapp driving the wrong way against traffic, through red lights, nearly colliding with a school bus. then aggressively barreling over a concrete barrier on the highway. it all began with barreiro-rapp appearing in court for minor
3:45 am
charges, but police discover she had felony warrants in kentucky for alleged concealed weapons violations and drug use. and they say she took off, starting that chase. police stopping the pursuit because they felt it was just too dangerous for that young child and the community. and police say she later turned up at a hotel, but as soon as she heard police were on the way, she jumped out of a first-story window, with her child. and right now, she is still on the run. gio benitez, abc news, new york. one of the stories you keep thinking how could this get more dangerous. and here comes gio saying she jumped out of a window with her child, as well. >> it was a wild chase. understandably police are concerned about her child's well-being and saying it was a young daughter, possibly 2 or 3 years old in the vehicle with her during all of that. >> now in the end of this, she is now facing charges of eluding police and child endangerment.
3:46 am
when we come back, meghan trainor like you've never seen her and like she's never seen herself before. >> and he's refusing autographs walking barefoot through boston. tom brady? no. justin bieber. what's happening? >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny and it's appropriately
3:48 am
called "the skinny" this time. >> that's right. especially with this lead story. >> exactly. because topping the headlines, the photoshop controversy surrounding me, too. >> you too? >> not me, too. meghan trainor. >> oh. so meghan trainor says she broke down into tier, tears when she premiered her second single off her new album "thank you," the single being "me too" and saw what video editors had done to her waist to make her look slimmer. calling it insulting and has signed off on a new version saying she plans to show the dramatic difference between the two. >> so this isn't the first time the grammy winner has been photoshopped. last month, fans accused "seventeen" magazine of altering her body on the front cover there. >> the whole thing's the more ironic since given her body positive single "all about that bass" in 2014, trainor has spoken out against
3:49 am
unattainable standards of beauty and her latest me too" video has a similar message of empowerment. >> i didn't know you could photoshop video. >> i didn't know either. >> i might try to have a talk with the folks here at abc. i could lose a couple pounds. >> strange to go for a song and an artist that stands for that kind of a message about body positivity and unattainable standards and then they photoshop something without her permission. >> wouldn't you know this before it premieres? >> she said she didn't, right? she saw the video and fired back and said fix it. >> it has tus talking about her music. >> good for her. she looks great. >> next, what's going on with justin bieber. >> the biebs apparently on an emotional roller coaster. he's been bursting into tears during performances, canceling meet and greets with fans. now this alone and barefoot in boston's public garden. feeding squirrels? he spent the day in the parka loan until dusk. >> this came less than 24 hours before bieber then went on an instagram rant demanding his
3:50 am
fans stop asking for his autograph. he told fans yesterday "i feel like an animal," making it clear that he's a person, emotionally drained and doesn't owe anyone anything. >> some fans are wondering now if it's too late for him to say sorry. >> get it? because that's his song. >> that's his song. justin responded what do you mean. >> where are you now? >> where are you now. >> i do feel bad especially for someone who became famous at such a young age. they spend their lives under this microscope constantly surrounded by cameras and it's hard to realize how crazy that can really make you. i remember watching the britney spears documentary and it changed my perspective on when she went through what seems like something similar. >> you're saying this should have been a long time coming. >> no, i'm not saying that. i think maybe it's time to give them their space a little bit. a little privacy. >> clearly he needs company. that's another one of his songs. tom brady. >> you're a fan, huh? are you one of the people
3:51 am
that's constantly asking for an autograph. >> you are the problem. >> i am that person. >> leave him alone. >> apparently being tom brady isn't easy either. >> the new england patriots quarterback is only three months away from his 39th birthday and is here in new york city to promote his commercial for simmons new mattress the beauty rest black. >> will you be needing anything else? >> no. not a thing. >> okay. so you may be surprised to learn that brady hits that mattress at 8:30 every night for a solid nine hours of shuteye before getting up at 5:30 in the morning along with his super model wife, the kids, the upcoming cookbook endorsements and vitamin water. his own training company than whole football career thing. brady admits he's extremely disciplined about his sleep, diet and family. >> i'm exhausted just listening to all that. >> yeah. >> i read once he only eats tomatoes and peppers as a treat.
3:52 am
>> he sounds like a fun guy. >> a treat. a treat. tomatoes. >> peppers? a little hot sauce? ibilit you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could help pay some of what medicare doesn't, saving you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you've learned that taking informed steps along the way really makes a difference later. that's what it means to go long™. call now and request this free [decision guide]. it's full of information on medicare and the range of
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source. find it in the stain remover aisle. ♪ surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise ♪ >> bruce springsteen, of course. >> surprise. 13450 yes, surprise. so this weekend will test whether george clooney still has the goods to rock the box office. >> sony is releasing is "money monster." >> i'm going to let you finish but speaking of bruce and "surprise," we've got a surprise. it's been one month since you graced us here at the desk. >> i had no idea! >> so let's take a look back, shall we? >> oh, weird. ♪ ♪ fashion >> turn to the right. >> that's sort of like the ru paul version is what it's sounding like. >> i'm practicing. i just realized i matched the background. >> you kind of do. kind of blend in. ♪ downtown things will be great
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when you're ♪ >> okay. >> i really wanted to tell you to go fish. >> i know. everybody. >> i've pulled up to the house and i yelled to the cabbie see you later. >> i don't know. i think it sounds okay. i think it's all right. >> typical every time i read. it's like we're married. ♪ >> oh. wait. ♪ tell you what i want, tell me want what you really, really want. ♪ i'll tell you what i want what i really, really want ♪ ♪ tell me what you really, really want ♪ ♪ i want to i want to >> i'm sorry. >> you get a chair and you get a chair and you get a chair. everybody gets a chair. ♪ ♪ >> come on, plugging your mind. come on and stop and call this new hot line.
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>> wait a second. >> it's delicious. >> kendis is supposed to tell you we'll be right back but he ran away so -- ♪ >> this is so bad. >> is it supposed to be -- ♪ yeah. >> a lot of singing and dancing. > during the show, i thought we were in the nest. >> she does the entire opening theme every "fresh prince of bel air." >> the whole song. >> you know what i've learned from that montage, i don't think we have enough fun on this show. we take ourselves way too seriously. >> or the commercial break. we've broken the trust. >> i need to dance more. i don't move around enough. >> i have the same move. did you notice it's all like -- p?p?o?gv
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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a violent crime spree after a knife wielding man goes on a deadly rampage inside a mall. >> there's a killer. there's a killer so they get out so we all went in the bathroom. >> people ran for their lives at two separate scenes. the latest on the investigation and the suspect. another big victory for bernie sanders. winning the west virginia primary. renewing his commitment to the campaign and slowing hillary clinton's march to the nomination. we're live in washington. and a museum worker's fall caught on camera after he goes right through a glass floor. see how this one ends. going viral, another adorable moment for steph curry's daughter stealing the show and taunting reporters.


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