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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  May 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 a.m. on this wednesday, may 11th. >> here's what we're following for you. authorities are trying to determine why a man went on a murderous stabbing rampage at a mall and at a home in massachusetts. >> a berks county student gets ahold of a school employee's gun and now they are both facing consequences. >> a presidential candidate stumps in south jersey today after a primary loss last night. >> picking up a little bit of rain out there. let's turn to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. >> most of our rain this morning is down south by dover and cape may and you can see that it is plowing toward the
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east. we had some earlier thunder in the overnight hours down there. not picking up any of that right now although another lightning bolt or two would not be out of the question. pretty much the rest of the area is dry. there might be a little light sprinkle up around maybe southern delaware county near i-95 and northern wilmington. but everything else here appears to be ground clutter and not on the move. as we take a look at the wide view, we are going to start out with a fair amount of clouds and there is the chance anyway of some of those showers continuing down the shore but as we go into the later morning and afternoon hours we're hoping that these clouds begin to break up a little bit and we're going to get some sunshine back into play. 55 degrees to start out in philadelphia, 46 allentown, 49 friend49in trenton. mainly cloudy skies mainly dry if you're not down in the extreme southern areas and 50 degrees by 6 o'clock. a jacket required this morning. as we roll through the day
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things are going to get milder than yesterday. by 11 o'clock, 64. by 1 o'clock, 69. maybe some holes in the clouds in through here. and by 3 o'clock, 72 and that is going to be your nice high today. we'll probably still be holding on to 60 by 6 o'clock. what about the rest of the work week heading into the weekend? we'll check it all coming up in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. karen. >> david starting out with construction on the roads. here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway. this is westbound near conshohocken. we can see crews on the scene blocking the right lane. so scheduled to clear in about another half hour but in the meantime you see westbound traffic near conshohocken moving just with one lane getting by so watch for that. more construction on can kelly drive. they continue to do that resurfacing work. usually clears about 6:30 and today they're blocking all the inbound lanes. traffic is getting by bi-directionally in the outbound lanes. you can use the outbound lanes on kelly drive between hunting park avenue and fountain green drive.
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vine street expressway closed overnight for construction from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. scheduled to reopen any minute. westbound traffic just one car moving but it has been blocked in the overnight hours so you know traffic at this point -- no traffic at this point westbound or eastbound. tam. >> thank you karen. the biggest question is why, why did a 28-year-old man go on a violent spree assaulting and stabbing people first at a home and then at a mall? two people were killed before the man himself was shot dead by an off duty sheriff's deputy. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live with the latest. good morning, annie. >> good morning, tam l police are calling this a one man stabbing spree that spread across a massachusetts city, the massachusetts city of taunton. it left two people dead also we are told that the suspect is dead. he was killed by an off duty law enforcement agent. well, authorities say this all began on this street in the city of taunton about 40 miles south of boston. that's where suspect arthur darosa crashed a car outside of a house then walked into
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that home and stabbed two women with a kitchen knife. an 80-year-old woman the victim in there died. her daughter is in the hospital with the life-threatening injuries. police say he then stole a vehicle from that street and crashed that car into the silver city galleria mall in front of a macy's. he assaulted multiple people inside the macy's then entered the restaurant w bertucci where he stabbed two people and a 56-year-old man. an officer was in the restaurant and shot the suspect. darosa died at the hospital. witnesses describe the chaos. >> when i was coming in the car was swerving into the parking lot. >> we were pulling up. and as we pulled up we saw some girls that were pretty shaken up. they were freaking out saying don't go in there. >> we saw a pregnant lady being pulled out and she was holding onto her stomach screaming and crying for her baby. please help my baby. >> and authorities are still trying to determine if this
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was random or if the suspect had some sort of connection to the people he assaulted and killed. for now reporting live from the satellite center annie mccormick channel6 "action news." matt. >> thank you annie. berks county has a student that is suspended for getting ahold avenue school employee's gun. that employee has resigned. it happened at reading muhlenberg career and technology center a week ago. school officials say the legally registered gun was in the employee's car and students were working on the car as part of the training program. the employee noticed the gun was missing. police later realized the student had it. officials have not released the name of the suspended student or the employee who has resigned. >> to politics. hillary clinton will be campaigning in south jersey today. she'll hold a public rally at camden county college in blackwood ahead that of state's june 7th primary. now in west virginia's primary yesterday it was a rival bernie sanders who was the victor. abc's stephanie ramos has the
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latest. >> reporter: bernie sanders notched yet another victory calling his win in west virginia tremendous. >> it appears that we've won a big, big victory in west virginia. >> reporter: hillary clinton still holds a commanding delegate lead but sanders is not giving up. >> we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination. >> reporter: clinton focusing on next tuesday's kentucky primary making no mention of west virginia's vote during her final event before polls closed. instead looking ahead to the general election and railing against donald trump. >> if i'm fortunate enough to be the nominee i am looking forward to debating donald trump come the fall. >> reporter: while the billionaire businessman is the last man standing in the gop race he still continues to campaign in primary states going after the magic number of delegates needed to clinch the party's nomination. republican voters sticking with the new yorker no matter what. >> i've registered republican i might as well vote for trump
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but that is not who i would want tour president. while trump preps for his big meeting on capitol hill thursday down the street the white house getting pretty close to an endorsement. vice president joe biden telling abc's robin roberts that this election is hillary clinton's to win. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and i feel confident she'll be the next president. >> reporter: the vice president on the mind of donald trump. he says he's shortened his list to about five or six people. someone believed to be on that short list new jersey governor chris christie. in washington, i'm stephanie ramos for channel6 "action news." >> happening today, northeast high school students will be biking to school to learn about cycling safety on the roads. they will meet at the jardel rec center and head to the school in northeast philadelphia for class. police are imploring bicycle riders and drivers to be more aware of each other. they continue to look for the driver who hit a bicyclist in west philadelphia early yesterday morning. they're also investigating a
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deadly crash involving a cyclist and a septa bus. nine cyclists were killed in crashes in philadelphia last year. there have been two this year. the bicycle coalition says new intersection designs and red light cameras might curb the problem. drivers say sharing the road is a two-way street. >> the driver has to give the person who's driving the bicycle a little courtesy and so does the person that's driving the bicycle. >> the bicycle coalition plans to hold a ride of silence next week to raise awareness and to honor those injured or killed on city roads. >> happening today, philadelphia city council will hold a hearing on mayor jim kenney's proposed 2017 budget. the public will be able to weigh in on the mayor's proposed tax on sugary drench eases calling for a three-cent per ounce tax. opponents say the tax would hurt small businesses in low income communities. today's hearing gets under way at 5 o'clock. >> coming up next on "action news" a matter of religious
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and military tradition. a prestigious military school debates a student's request to wear ahead scarf. >> should a bartender refuse to serve alcohol to a pregnant woman? new changes in guidelines in new york city. >> this afternoon it's shorts and t's and there's rain on radar down south this morning. i'll show that to you and let you know where numbers are going for the rest of the work week and the weekend. it's all ahead.
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>> the search continues for a mother accused of leading police on a crazed chase. dashcam video shows her driving backwards on streets to maneuver her minivan around patrol cars. she sped through several lawns before driving up a street the wrong way. police eventually called off the chase saying it had gotten too dangerous for her young child and the community. she's wanted on felony
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warrants in kentucky. she's still on the run this morning. and an arlington texas a different kind of police chase caught on dashcam video. officers followed around a young bull on the loose. the runaway steer casually walked and took some walks to eat some grass. the slow speed pursuit lasted about four hours before a rancher stepped in and said let's do this the old fashioned way and wrangled the bull in. >> i recognize a grand torino. >> the bull is like whatever, walking through the neighborhood. >> yeah. >> weird. >> nice day out there. >> yeah, no the bad. storm tracker6 live double scan shows us we're mainly dry across the region. as we go south there were showers producing lightning bolts a little while ago. there were some thunderstorms mixed in with this in central dover delaware. and it's just showers pushing into cape may county and the southern edge of cumberland county. you might get a little bit
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more later in the day. most of the shower activity seems to be centered about where you see the rain right now. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies over the commodore barry bridge, looking from the chester waterfront up north, jersey in the distance and so we are starting out kind of gray. 55 degrees is your current temperature. the winds are calm which is nice and looks a little bit cool, cool enough for a jacket but not too terribly uncomfortable. future tracker6 picking up showers down the south and as we roll through the day a few more are possible down there. every now and then the model wants to place a shower farther north. i'm not buying into. that i think most of our rain will be down south and i think these clouds may actually break up a little bit as we go through the afternoon and we could transition to what we would can consider partly sunny skies from about philadelphia north. 54 degrees by 8 o'clock, 62 by 8:00. the other part of the story today is how much milder it's going to be. yesterday you were stuck in the 50's. today 67 by noon. and 72 by 3:00. that's going to be your high this afternoon again with a chance of partly sunny skies.
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i will say it's going to be one of those days where the farther south you are the more clouds you'll see. the farther north you go through the region the more sun you're liable to meet. high temperatures across the region 70 degrees now in allentown, 71 in reading. not much difference in these northern suburbs all the way town to the i-95 corridor. millville probably only about 66, 67 in dover and low 60's today right down along the coast. tomorrow we get a one-day break from any chance of rain. today actually doesn't look bad but tomorrow even better. a slice of nice with a brief dry period. 74 degrees will be your high. but we do have the system coming from the west that is going to produce a period of rain on friday. and in fact it could be a soaking rain at times. future tracker6 picking up the story on friday afternoon between noon and 2:00. you see a mass of rain coming through with a little bit of luck it will be out toward the east by the time you get ready to head out on the town friday night. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, we've got clouds mixing with some sun today, a nice high of 72, cloudier and cooler down the shore with a passing sprinkle
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or shower and still pretty mild up north with even more sun the farther north you go through the region. union play at night tonight. it looks like clouds will be breaking and you'll probably be fine. clouds and sun on thursday, 74 degrees is the high there. and then friday as you just saw that's that rainy day. at least at times. maybe a thunderstorm mixed in and a high of 72. mostly cloudy skies on saturday to start the weekend, 72 degrees is the high there. late in the afternoon and early evening there could be a shower or a thunderstorm popping through. and then behind that for sunday breezy and cooler, 63 and staying in the 60's on monday and tuesday. remember whenever we're not here on the air you can always catch the latest weather information on so, things are improving across most of the region today and getting better tomorrow. >> all right, thanks, david. the citadel military college in south carolina has denied a request by a newly admitted female student to wear a traditional muslim head scarf. the school known for its buttoned up uniforms and strict discipline says allowing the student to wear the head covering would not be
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consistent with its policy of having cadets looking similar. family spokesman said the woman no longer plans to attend the citadel in the fall plus they are considering legal options. >> there are new guidelines in new york city about expectant mothers and alcohol. bars restaurants and nightclubs can not now refuse to serve drinks to pregnant women. the law calls it a form of discrimination. and it applies to raw seafood too these changes. medical experts have warned mothers to be about the potential health risks of both items. the city's human rights commission says it should be up to the mother to decide what is best for her and her baby. >> this is new. parents in baltimore are becoming more and more concerned about their children coming into contact with used hype did he mean mick needles on theihypodermic needles. a woman says in an incident two children were stabbed and are undergoing hiv testing every six months. parents say baltimore city schools sent out a letter several months ago warning
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about debris around the schools. >> parents need to be aware of their kids walking to school and what they're picking up. it's not safe for them to be picking these up. >> baltimore city schools have not yet confirmed the two needle incidents. >> 4:47 and coming up next, two lawmakers have a plan to speed up your wait at the airport but an airline official says the strategy won't work. >> more and more chip cards are finding their ways into people's walt but a huge retailer is filing suit saying the new credit cards are not secure enough.
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>> welcome back. matt was telling me that i scare him a little bit so sorry. let's look outside in south philadelphia. this is the ramp from i-95 northbound to broad street. we've got construction here blocking the off ramps. stay away. blocking the off-ramp because of paving on broad street itself so watch for that ramp being blocked on i-95 northbound to broad street at this point with some construction out there this morning. and speaking of construction, we've had it going on for about a you're with the closures of the vine street expressway. we had that overnight as well. eastbound vine had been closed. looks like we're starting to see some traffic move. westbound reopened. this all usually clears by 5:00 a.m. and we see it in the
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process of clearing out. crews will return again tonight at 11 o'clock to shut down the vine again until 5:00 a.m. more construction going on. look at all the crews out here so hard at work. this is 422 at 23 in upper merion. should clear within the next hour. watch out for the crews out there right now. matthew. >> thank you, karen. time for your first look at business. at the big board there are a record number of job openings in the u.s., 5.75 million. the labor department though offers one reason why so many are unfilled right now saying there is a gap of skills in the workforce. chip cards are supposed to make transactions safer but wal-mart is suing visa because it says the company won't allow it to require a pin for each transaction as an added level of security. chip cards are designed to prevent data breaches that had almost become the norm a few years ago. visa has yet to comment on wal-mart's lawsuit. major stock indices surged yesterday.
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the dow was up 222 points. futures indicate there could be some give backs though at the opening bell. two u.s. senators proposing that airlines should drop baggage fees on checked luggage. they say that would speed up the lines at security check points. an airline spokesperson called the proposal misguided and said it would lead to fare increases to make up for the lost baggage fees. >> a bucks county man has set out on a biking journey to celebrate his 96th birthday. bill grunt bikes almost 10 miles a at the same time he got his first bike when he was 10 and he's loved riding ever since. to mark his birthday he went for a ride in doylestown. "action news" was at wesley enhanced living as he got a cake and commemorative membership to the club. my guess is that he'll be riding to a hundred and beyond. >> let's hope so. >> yeah. >> 4:52. coming up on "action news" local volunteers are heading north this morning to help a region in canada that is being
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destroyed by wildfire. details at 5:00 a.m. >> you can expect to see plenty of orange and black on abc prime time tonight. up next how a hit show will feature and honor a philadelphia flyer. >> ♪
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>> a settlement has been reached in a a terrifying fall caught on camera. a worker plunging 38 feet to the floor of the road din museum. he survived. a seven and a half million dollars settlement has been announced keeping the case from going to trial.
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phani guthula suffered talk injuries in that 2012 fall. >> he broke badly both of his legs, he broke his hip, he broke both of his arms badly. >> guthula has had more than 15 surgeries and at one point during his recovery he required a service dog for even basic tasks. he fell through a glass attic floor while inspecting lighting fixtures during an energy efficiency audit. attorneys say there were no guardrails or warning signs. there's more fallout from the fbi's political corruption probe into both allentown and reading city halls. an engineering firm executive pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery. matthew mctish said he was pressured the make thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to keep his company in line for municipal contracts. he becomes the seventh person to plead guilty. >> tonight on 6abc the goldbergs features an episode about the flyers. it is new titled the big
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orange and it's centered around barry's love for his favorite flyers shirt. the philadelphia area comes up often as a theme on the goldbergs. you see jenkintown neighbor adam goldberg created the show and based it on his upbringing in our area. tonight's episode is also dedicated to flyers founder ed snider who died a month ago at the age of 83. the show will end with a special clip of schneider. all new flyers filled the goldbergs tonight right here at 8:30 on 6abc. >> coming up next on "action news" a rehab facility in connecticut is using a shirtless man to promote its services. some say this has gone too far. >> police were called to taylor swift's apartment in new york city yesterday. why? a little later on "action news." >> ♪ trying to make me eat my greens?low.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning, it's 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday may 11th and here's what's happening. >> he may not be the frontrunner but he just keeps winning. bernie sanders grabs yet another primary victory while hillary clinton heads to south jersey today. >> a rash of bank robberies in center city have residents on edge and police on high alert. >> the weather is helping crews battle the canadian wildfires while help is on the way from across the country including here in philadelphia. >> but first up let's talk a little bit more about that weather with dave murphy and karen rogers has a look at your traffic. good morning. >> oh, we are mainly dry across the region this morning, kind of cloudy. there is a shower down in south jersey and cape may county and the southern tip of cumberland c


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