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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  May 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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so, if you have a question about how to make debt work for you, ask me. sincerely, brandon heaven fellow dad and fellow citizen. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. here on this wednesday may 11th. here's what's happening. >> he may not be the frontrunner but he just keeps on winning. bernie sanders grabs yet another primary victory while hillary clinton heads to south jersey today. >> a rash of bank robberies in center city has residents on edge and police on high alert. >> and the weather is helping crews battle the canadian wildfires while more help is on the way from across the country including from here in philadelphia. >> let's talk about your accuweather and go on out to dave murphy and karen rogers has your traffic.
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good morning. >> it's cool enough for a jacket again this morning but we have winds on the light side. storm tracker6 live double scan also showing you that the vast majority of the region is dry. southern cape may county has a bit of a lingering shower but that will be offer the coast before too much longer. give it another 15 to 30 minutes and couple of sprinkles out in the northern and western suburbs but those really not amounting to much. satellite shows you how there is some cloud cover this morning although here on the terrace i'm seeing some breaks early on and out to the west by washington you see some breaks in the clouds. so, i do think it will be a cloudy start a little damp down south. then we'll probably break into more of a mix of clouds and sun before we have to worry about another round of showers coming in later this afternoon. most of those look to be best chance anyway down south of philadelphia. 54 degrees and dry in the city right now. 45 in allentown. 50 in reading. 54 in wilmington. so, again, a jacket a good idea heading out. and it does look like it's going to be milder this afternoon than it was yesterday. by 11:00, 64. by 1 o'clock, 69 and by
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3 o'clock 72. that is your high today with again clouds at times giving way to some sun. when i step inside, we've got a beautiful day on tap for tomorrow. even a little bit warmer than today, karen, and then rain on friday. details on all of that ahead. >> all right, dave, let's hit the roads and help you through this morning commute. we're looking live here on i-95 approaching cottman. that's your southbound traffic as you head towards center city. slow approaching cottman and girard. dry on 95. no issues and no accidents. so, that's some good news. we're looking on the ramp though from i-95 northbound to broad street. we had some construction here on the off ramp and it has reopened, the off ramp. yes you can is clear. traffic moving much better so no problems right here. we have an issue with a disabled vehicle in limerick township on neiffer road at swamp pike. it is causing traffic restrictions. getting a transformer fire, problems in browns mill and the issue is a transformer fire that brought down power lines and we have lots of
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closures around pemberton browns mill road near louis town road. avoid the area and expect some closures. matt and tam. >> thank you karen. let's start with some breaking news here. chopper now over that fire in sellersville. take a look at this. this apartment building has eight different families that are in it. a fire broke out there just before 3:30 this morning. this is the 200 block of north main again in sellersville. it spread quickly going from apartment to apartment. it seems as though they did manage to get everybody out of that building but for an hour they were fighting that fire and to the point that the firefighters in south jersey ended up needing some help and firefighters from montgomery county coming in to help with that but after an hour they got it under control. right now the red cross on the scene trying to help the people displaced by the fire in that apartment house. and going on to the race for the white house, democratic frontrunner hillary clinton will be stumping in new jersey today ahead of the june 7th primary but overnight it was her rival bernie sanders who racked up the latest primary win in west
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virginia. what does that mean? let's go to katherine scott. she is live in blackwood camden county with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. new jersey's primary is next month and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are still fighting it out for the democratic nomination. bernie sanders made two stops on sunday and monday in the garden state and today hillary clinton will be here at jammed n county college. >> thank you salem. >> reporter: from a campaign event in salem oregon bernie sanders and his supporters celebrated tuesday's primary win in west virginia. the vermont senator has now won 19 states compared to 23 for hillary clinton but she is still 94 percent of the way to winning the nomination. still sanders vows to keep fighting for every vote. >> we have now won primaries and caucuses in 19 states. we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination.
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>> hello louisville. >> reporter: in kentucky clinton wooed voters ahead of next week's primary. she also picked up a win tuesday in nebraska. lately she's been shifting her attention to the general election. >> the right wing never gives up attacking me. have you noticed that? they're really going to throw everything including the can kitchen sink this time. i have a little message for them. they've down the for 25 years and i'm still standing. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: for the republicans presumptive nominee donald trump added wins in west virginia and nebraska to his tally. his office called the victories an honor. he said he's learned a lot in the time he spent in both states and "that knowledge will be put to good use towards the creation of businesses, jobs and the strengthening and revival of their economies." and today's clinton rally is opened to the public. it starts at 1 o'clock. the doors open at 11:00. we are lie in blackwood katherine scott channel6
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"action news. >> "action news" will continue to be your source for political developments as the race runs towards the general election in november. >> american airlines co-pilot arrested at detroit metro airport because of suspicion he had been drink willing not appear at a scheduled hearing today. police removed john maguire from the philadelphia bound flight before takeoff back in march. the pilot from chadds ford was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol. authorities say his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. maguire's lawyer will be there to represent him in court in romulus michigan but did not explain why maguire will not attend. >> 6:06. fires continue to rage on in canada reducing homes to rubble liking that. >> while the american red cross will be deploying nearly 50 people from around the country canada today to assist with the wildfires in alberta. >> and thee of those people will be from the... three of those people will be from the philadelphia area. the wildfire has torched 400,000 areas and we're talking about an area that's half the size of the state of
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rhode island. still the fire has yet to be contained but the weather is starting to cooperate and the flames are headed towards less populated areas. a plan is being put together so that most of the 88,000 evacuees can return to their homes if 33 still have homes to return to. that could happen within the next two week. >> the fact that there are a record number of job openings may have you scratching your head but there's a reason why so many of them are unfilled even though so many people are looking for work. maribel aber is lie at the nasdaq in times square with our market watch report. hi, maribel. >> reporter: hi, matt. well, there are close to 5.8 million job openings in the u.s. the number of job openings has increased for five straight months according to the labor department. it's a sign that businesses are hiring but analysts say it also shows that companies are having a tough time finding skilled workforce fill the available jobs. talking stocks, stocks rose yesterday as a rally in oil prices helped to lift the markets. right now futures pointing to a lower open. a look at the federal budget is due out later today.
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and the staples-office depot merger is off. the company called off the deal after a federal judge issued an injection to stop the $6 billion merger. the federal trade commission had asked for an injunction and the ftc says staples-office depot merger would give the combined company too large of a market chunk. >> little bit damp out there in some spots. generally speaking a milder day on tap for most of you and as we take a look outside we have rain in cape may county. things are getting better. as you go in tighter you can see the rain is almost off the coast. garden state parkway drying out in southern cape may county before too much longer and that additional shower down by llewes scooterring off the coast. want to go up to the northern and western suburbs just briefly and show that you there are a couple of real scant sprinkles and showers out by honey brook in western chester county. some of this kind of scooting towards pottstown. if you see some of this it's
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just not going last that long and it's a minor nuisance this morning. we have cloudy skies across most of the region but there is some sun breaking through at times and you can see a lot of pink above the ben franklin bridge in south jersey as we look from center city. 45 degrees in allentown. it is a cool start in the lehigh valley. and in philadelphia 9 degrees better at 54 which is also jacket worthy this morning. satellite shows you how that current batch of shower activity is getting past us pretty quickly. then there actually are some breaks in the clouds and i think we'll see that sun and clouds mix for a bit today. additional showers farther to the west of us in west virginia may try and scoot through a little bit later in the day. most of those appear to be headed for southern delaware and south jersey but we can't totally rule out another sprinkle or a quick shower up around i-95. overall, though, a mix of clouds and sun up in the lehigh valley, mainly dry and a high of 70 today. a nice improvement. down the shore a little bit cooler. more clouds with some sunny breaks, 61 degrees is the high there. and some spotty showers are
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possible at the shore straight through the afternoon. it's not going to be raining all the time but off and on you could see that. in philadelphia it's mostly just clouds and sun. 72 is the high. there will be time when the sun is a little bit brighter and other times when it's more cloudy and while we can't rule out a brief shower at some point in philadelphia, it looks like it's mainly dry and most of our shower activity is probably down south. for the union tonight at home against the l.a. galaxy, we'll go mostly cloudy but there's the possibility of some breaks. seasonable conditions about 66 for the start of the match and 62 for the finish. should be a decent night for soccer in chester and 54 is the overnight low, partly cloudy and comfortable with light winds. and we get into tomorrow and we have a beauty for you. next storm system still out to the west and down to the south. we'll see a high of 74 with a mix of clouds and sun. a brief dry period because on friday that next system comes in and does give us a round of rain in the afternoon. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 72 is today's high, a mix of clouds with some sun. there is the chance of a shower. best chance is south of
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philadelphia down in south jersey and delaware. tomorrow clouds and sun, and nice a high of 74. 72 on friday with a round of rain arriving into the afternoon and perhaps the early evening. could be a thunderstorm mixed in as well. on saturday to start the weekend mostly cloudy, still mild, 72. but in the afternoon or evening there's the chance of a shower or thunderstorm. and then sunday all of that's over with but it's breezy and cooler with a high of 63 drones looks lik65 degrees. we could have a stretch of three days where it's not raining. >> that's nice. more stories you didn't see last night including the dave reckoning for two a california sheriff's deputies thirty eight a videotaped assault. >> a scare for taylor swift. why police showed up outside of her apartment. karen. >> we're live in tell wear county checking out the blue route past macdade boulevard. northbound traffic headed towards baltimore pike. no delays just yet. looking pretty good. looking dry. we're going check that construction on city avenue and talk about a new accident coming up.
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>> the phillies are the kings of close games. >> yeah. >> the results of yet another one run decision later on "action news." >> ♪ pet moments are beautiful,
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here at a view across the platt bridge. it is 6:14 and 54 degrees out
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there right now. >> we're just looking down the corner here, karen, from our studios,. >> i know, looking down the road city avenue at bala avenue. if you were driving along city avenue yesterday another nightmare with the construction crews staying out there all day long. here they are right now off to the right lane so you want to watch for that. blocking the right lane. yesterday they were out there all day. we'll see about today. city avenue at bala avenue as you head northbound towards the schuylkill. we have a new accident skippack pike at cross roads. watch for that accident coming in. disabled we had here in limerick has cleared. we're getting more information on this problem here in burlington county new jersey in browns mills. we've got pemberton browns mills road near louis town road a transformer fire that brought down power lines and now the schools are saying for the pemberton schools they have problems with the drop-off and the pickup of students. they're going to be trade because they're rerouting traffic because it is causing traffic problems around the area of pemberton browns mill road into your lewis town
6:16 am
road. more information keeps coming in. storm tracker6 live double scan shows showers out to the northwest that are very light. rain in cape may county that you can see is pushing off the coast. currently 54 degrees. yesterday our high was only 60. today headed up to 72. so, warmer and a little bit better there matt. >> thanks karen. brands new two san francisco area sheriff's deputies who are charged with felony assault are expected to surrender today. they were caught on camera beating a suspected car thief. the video shows the officers delivering more than 40 blows with steel batons. the deputies are accused of stealing the sundayd thief's gold chain to give to a homeless man to keep the homeless man quiet about the beating. >> a man has been detained outside of taylor swift's home in manhattan. she was not home at the time this went on. the unidentified man was spotted estreat by swift's security guards. police say man was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric
6:17 am
evaluation and it's still not clear if the man-made any threats. this is also new a search warrant reveals that a minnesota doctor saw the singer prince a day before he died. a warrant says dr. michael todd shawl len berg treated prince on april 7th and april 20th and that shawl henneberg also prescribed medications and prescriptions for the musician. prince died at his minnesota home. autopsy results are pending. sources say investigators are looking into whether prince died from an overdose. >> 6:16. car service crisis. it looks like this uber is in need of a lyft. [laughter] david. >> okay there, matt. we've got jackets on the kids a little bit of rain down in south jersey, a sprinkle in a couple can of other spots but not enough for rain gear at this point. shorts and t's this afternoon. i'll have your day planner forecast and we'll get you to the airport in case you're traveling. that's all coming up. ♪
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>> national preschool trend with a simple idea. get the children to to go outside for more exercise fresh air and to benefit their learning curve. erin o'hearn has a preview of ton 90's' special report. >> you going slide down? >> reporter: rock climbing splashing through creeks and using logs as balance beams the official classroom of two new area preschools is the great outdoors. >> it provides the freedom and space for children to explore to get to know their own abilities. >> reporter: children enrolled spend the majority of their days outside regardless of the weather condition. >> there's no bad weather only bad clothing. >> reporter: why these teachers and parents believe outdoor school rooms are the key to children thriving academically and socially tonight only on "action news" at 11:00. >> i have not heard of that. that's interesting. >> send them outside. that's what i my mom always said.
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let's check the roads for you. looking live in gloucester city that is 42 approaching 130. northbound traffic headed towards the walt whitman bridge not looking at any delays yet and the overnight construction there is long gone. we have a problem with an accident that brought down a pole. now they're doing an accident investigation we have police and fire crews blocking 47 in cape play county both ways at beaver dam road. stick to route nine as your alternate dave. >> all right karen. spiking of cape may county earlier showers are off the coast as expected. there's a little blip in southern camden county and every now and then in the northern and western suburbs you might encounter a very spotty light quick shower looking the clouds and a few sunny breaks. by 9 o'clock 59 and the afternoon is going to feel a lot better than yesterday. we'll go for a high of 62 degrees probably hitting that at about 3 o'clock, maybe sitting there for a you believe can can of hours. still 71 by 5 o'clock and yes, there is the chance of some sunny breaks. the better chance up north. farther south you go you'll
6:22 am
probably see more clouds. as we take a look at the airport no major delays as is evidenced by all green aircraft. still looking at fog out in chicago so that's an area to watch. matt. >> thank you david. chopper six just arrived at a story that is developing in trenton, new jersey. we are overhead at south clinton street near hudson street and you notice that there are police officers at that scene and they also have an area of that block plus it looks like that parking lot with all those cars all taped off as a crime scene but we do not know what crime, if any, has been committed in this area so we'll monitor this situation. we'll keep chopper over there to see if we can learn any more information about what's happening in trenton right now. >> in health check this morning, when it can comes to testing for the zika virus turns out a urine based test seems to be a bit more accurate than the most common one used now which tests your blood. experts say the test could potentially aid efforts to control zika which is mainly carried by mosquitos. it's expected to spread further into north america in
6:23 am
the coming months. the epidemic has swept through latin america and the caribbean. doctors believe zika can cause a number of knishes babies an rare paralyzing condition in adults. >> the phillies continue their three game series against the braves tonight. jerad eickhoff takes the mound. adam morgan allowed only one run in seven innings last night and maikel franco homered in the eighth helping the phillies win three to two. >> up next, what the recent weather pattern has to do with a rash of local robberies. >> what began as a car crash turns into a deadly rampage in new england. a full report on the investigation is next at 6:30.
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>> local and federal authorities trying to track down the people who carried out a host of bank robberies in center city. police and the fbi say there have been eight bank robberies since april 29th and they're being committed by at least four men. they say the robbers do not display weapons only make verbal demands or use demand notes. the investigators believe the men are taking advantage of the rainy weather. >> after the bank robberies they're able to put on jackets and put on other clothes to blend in with the public and majority of these robberies are here in the center city district. >> posted the surveillance video on so you can take a closer look at the suspected robbers. if you have any information call the fbi or philadelphia police. >> ♪ >> happening today, a judge is expected to rule on whether a man who gunned down three people at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado is
6:27 am
competent to stand trial. robert deer declared his guilt in loud outburst. three people died and nine were hurt in the attack. if a judge declares him unfit deer's case would be put on hold while he undergoes treatment. a uber driver was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a sinkhole opened up in san francisco. look at that. crews had to rescue a family out of the back seat. they were from l.a. and they were trying to get back to the airport. amazingly no injuries were reported. a broken sewer line caused the ground to cave in. it's going to take at least a day or two to repair a hole that big. >> 6:27 and up next finding a motive for a senseless stabbing spree in new england. >> a driver makes a desperate attempt to escape police jumping curbs and running red lights. find out who is in the minivan -- who was in the front seat and the back seat and why that answer made police let them go. >> ♪
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>> now on "action news" a new england man is dead after going on a stabbing spree that killed two other people and left four more wounded. >> new this morning a staff member of the berks county school resigns after a student gets ahold of his gun. >> it is a mixed bag for the morning rush. a little bit of shower activity as we welcome in our wednesday. >> let's find out more on exactly what you can expect. it's 6:30 on this may 11th. dave murphy is outside taking a look at accuweather and karen rogers has your traffic. good morning. >> nothing but clouds out here on the terrace and we have a few sunny breaks as well. as we take a look at that storm tracker6 live double scan imagery earlier showers are off the coast of cape may. there may be just a little slight sprinkle in northern chester county pushing into northern montgomery county and maybe a little bit down in salem county but if you see something like that, man, are you in the small, small
6:31 am
minority probably less than 1 percent of the region seeing rain right now. you see that clouds out to the west with some breaks. i expect a transition to a clouds and sun mix across much of the ream region for awhile today and there could be additional showers later this afternoon. most of those south of philadelphia. 54 is your current temperature so grab your coat on the way out the door. 52 in millville. 45 in allentown. this afternoon does feature a swing back in temperatures. we're going to go for a high of 72. we'll hit that at about 3 o'clock. on the way pretty comfortable as soon as 11 o'clock, 64 degrees there. 69 degrees at 1 o'clock. recess outside today in all likelihood and again some sun breaking back into play along with those clouds. more sun to the north, less sun to the south and a chance of a spotty afternoon shower mainly south of philadelphia. when i step inside, we'll talk more about the next chance of rain which comes can on friday a little more significant rain then and then that weekend call, it's all ahead in the seven day. karen what you got on the roads. >> we spotted an accident in our cameras as we're scanning
6:32 am
dave. live on 422 eastbound at 23. there's the accident scene blocking the left lane and you can see how slow traffic is already jammed from the saint gabe's curve to 23. no police on the scene just yet. two vehicle accident blocking the left lane. traffic really jammed on 422 eastbound. other problems out there, we've got an accident in skippack pike at cross road there in skippack township. we have been talking about this fire in sellersville bucks county, main street closed near temple avenue so if you're in this area stick to 309 as your alternate. 309 moving fine at this point. some heavy volume on the vine street expressway. look at that westbound traffic. really jamming up as you head towards the schuylkill. and this is a big problem here. pemberton-browns mills road, right near lewistown road in pemberton. chopper6 live on the scene. a transformer fire that brought down power lines. look at all the crews that we have on the scene in this location in browns mills burlington county, new jersey and they're warning us that the pemberton schools drop off and pick up types are delayed.
6:33 am
traffic has to be rerouted on area roads surrounding this because of the downed power lines and transformer fire. chopper6 will be keeping you on top of that one matt and tam. >> thanks karen. a small town in new england searching for answers this morning. a man went on a deadly stabbing rampage there in massachusetts and it all started at a home. and ended at a shopping mall. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has the latest on the investigation live from the satellite center. >> reporter: matt, that's right, two people are dead and four people injured in what police are calling a one-man stabbing spree. now we've also learned that the suspect was killed by an off duty law enforcement officer who did shoot him while he was in the middle of this rampage. now, authorities say it began on this street in a town about 40 miles south of boston. that's where suspect arthur darosa crashed a car outside of a house then walked into that home and stabbed two women reportedly with a kitchen knife. an 80-year-old victim died and her daughter is in the hospital with life-threatening
6:34 am
injuries. police say he then stole a vehicle somewhere on that street and crashed that car into the silver city galleria mall into this macy's. he assaulted multiple people inside the macy's then entered a bertucci's restaurant where he stabbed two people including a 56-year-old man who died. a off duty sheriff's deputy happened to be in that restaurant and shot the man. >> the car was swerving into the parking lot. >> we were pulling up and as we pulled up we saw some girls pretty shaken up and told us, they were freaking out like don't go in there. >> we were sitting in the car in front of the main entrance and we saw a pregnant lady being pulled out and she was holding onto her stomach screaming and crying for her baby, please help my baby. >> and authorities also say if it hadn't been for that off duty sheriff's deputy this could have been much worse. authorities are still trying to determine if this was
6:35 am
random or or if he had some connection to the places or victims. reporting live from the satellite section annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> what a terrible night for those people. thank you you. a staff member at a berks county school resigned after a student managed to get ahold of his gun. this happened on may 3rd. the employee took a class to the parking lot to work on his car as part of a training program. the weapon was inside his vehicle. and it wasn't until the worker left for the day that realized his gun was gone. police quickly recovered it from the student who swiped it during the lesson. that student has been suspended. the fbi has rounded up another defendant in the political corruption probe of allentown and reading city halls. an engineering firm executive pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery. matthew mctish participated in a pay to playdrome. he says he was pressured to make thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to keep his company in line for a municipal contract. he becomes the seventh person
6:36 am
to plead guilty. >> just about 6:36. happening today hillary clinton campaigns in blackwood, new jersey. the state's primary is less than a month away. bernie sanders is holding two rallies in montana today. the democratic won easily in west virginia last night but only gained a small amount of delegates. sanders needs to claim 66 percent of the remaining primary and caucus delegates to secure the democratic nomination and yet the senator vows to bring his battle with clinton all the way to the convention here in philadelphia. not surprisingly presumptive gop nominee donald trump won the west virginia and nebraska primaries. ted cruz and john kasich were still listed on the ballot and both received some votes. cruz said yesterday he hasn't ruled out jumping back into the race if he sees a path to victory. the head to head matchup between trump and clinton may be closer than some pundits are predicting. a new quinnipiac university poll has the candidates neck and neck in three battle bound
6:37 am
to states, pennsylvania, ohio and florida. clinton barely edges trump in pennsylvania and florida, 43 to 42 percent but that is within the margin of error. trump has a statistical lead in ohio, 43 percent to clinton's 39. >> happening today, philadelphia city council will hold a hearing on mayor jim kenney's proposed 2017 budget. the pub will be able to weigh n he's calling for a three cents per ounce tax to fund programs including universal pre-k. opponents say it will hurt small businesses in low income communities. the hearing gets under way at 5:00 this evening. >> itsy bitsy storm cells out there. >> little spritzes here and there. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you the wide view and you can hardly see anything out there. i will take you in a little bit closer and not all of the green that you see showing up on radar is actual rain. some of it's ground clutter and i can highlight that for you. this don't worry about. all the stuff around doylestown it's not moving
6:38 am
when the radar lapses. this is a little bit of actual rain coming in around pottstown. and there's a little bit more just on the chester and new castle county delaware border pushing into southern delaware county and that's a little bit of a blip over by hammonton and there might be a little bit more coming out of the chesapeake bay, the northern chesapeake bay into southern new castle county before too much longer so it's very spotty. it's just here or there and when you go out wide, it kind of disappears. there's not much going on. if you get caught in something like that it won't last long. going outside we got cloudy skies with some sunny breaks coming through. and there you see a beautiful picture of exactly what we're talking about. cloud cover occasionally giving way to some sunny breaks and that's going to be the story today. 54 degrees currently. a little bit on the chilly side. winds are on the light side so you don't have to deal with a breeze but a jacket not a bad idea this morning. there are those early sprinkles and showers. they'll be pushing away from us before too much longer. then we get into a clouds and sun mix back here before some additional showers come in later in the afternoon.
6:39 am
most models are suggesting those additional showers will stay south of philadelphia although don't be surprised if you get hit with something quick later this afternoon up around i-95. for your day planner, 54 degrees by 8 o'clock. 62 by 10:00 and then comes the other part of today's story and it's the good part. we're going get milder today. 72 degrees by 3 o'clock. that's your high. and there is that chance of that clouds and sun mix as we go through the day. i will tell you that in general the farther south you go through south jersey the more clouds you'll see and the farther north you go through the region the better chance you have of seeing more sun. nonetheless not a bad day overall. 70's is your high in allentown, 71 reading, 72 in philadelphia. the closer we get to the shore the lower into the 60's we slide. and then tomorrow a beautiful day on tap. next storm system still out to the west and down south and we'll wind up with clouds and sun and a nice high of 74. looks dry tomorrow, too. but then on friday that next system comes through and we do get a round of rain. looks like it's going to be centered in the afternoon. this is the 4 o'clock image. could be a thunderstorm mixed
6:40 am
in here as well. we are hoping it gets off the coast in time for us to dry out for the evening activities which would include a phillies game at citizens bank park. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, we are looking at a high of 72 today, clouds, some sun at times and maybe a spotty shower. then tomorrow clouds and sun, dry and nice, 74. 72 on friday with that round of rain coming in mainly in the afternoon and early evening and then for the weekend mostly cloudy on saturday another nice high of 72 but later in the day there is that chance of a shower or a thunderstorm if that you're dune at the dad vail regatta keep your eyes out for that. sunday the precipitation is over but the warmer air scoots offer the coast. it's breezy and cooler, a high of just 63. and thin looks like we stay in the mid 60's monday and tuesday. there's a chance we get several straight days with outany chance of rain which would be nice. >> would be. thank you david. 6:40. field trip fiasco. teachers scramble to save their students when a school bus catches fire. >> all new at this hour the queen's royal pain. elizabeth the second explains
tv-commercial tv-commercial
6:41 am
how she really feels about some other country's leaders. karen. >> look at the traffic on 422 eastbound really jammed up as we look live at the saint gabe's curve. already a 15 minute ride. good sized delay. it's all because of an accident. i'll show you the accident scene coming up. >> and also when we come back an abc comedy has flyers fever. we'll tell you about a special episode when "action news" continues. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy.
6:42 am
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>> ♪ >> 6:43. chopper6 is live over burlington county, new jersey, where utility crews are hard
6:44 am
at work. there was a transformer fire along these lines here on this roadway. there was a power outage. some lines actually came down on the roadway so they're trying to fix this but in the meantime the pemberton school district has to reroute the bus pickup in that area so the kids might be showing up a little late to class. >> karen you've been talking about this and what it's doing to traffic. good morning. >> yeah, you can see all the crews on the scene. there goes a school bus as we look. even the school buses are diverted. this is happening in burlington county, new jersey. the roadway itself right here is pemberton-browns mills road and that's right near lewistown road. they're not only blocking this but they have issues in the surrounding area. they have a number of detours around the area and that's because of a downed power line after this transformer fire. so it's been a real mess. chopper6 live on the scene. we see the utility workers. you can see all the wires that are down there right on the roadway, right. no wonder they've closed it off. they've got arrows, police trying to help you around the area directing traffic. chopper6 live this morning right in an area a lot of
6:45 am
people trying to go to school and you've got some of the roads blocked off right here and this is happening right now because of a transformer fire that's caused these detours here in browns mills new jersey in burlington county. chopper6 live on the scene. so this is the location. stick to mount misery road or route 70 as your alternate. staying in new jersey, we've got this problem in cape may county. an accident investigation after the accident brought down poles, brought down wires. we've got fire crews, police crews all out here blocking 47 and that's right at beaver dam road so stick to route nine as your alternate while they do their investigation there. i want to take you back outside live and look at a situation we've got going on. this is on 422. last time i showed you this accident no emergency workers there. we see penndot now with the arrow board blocking the left lane, 422 eastbound here at 23. look how jammed traffic is trying to get around this accident, jam past oaks to 23. how about the travel time, 31 minutes. that's a huge travel time on 422 eastbound from oaks to 202. normally we see about seven
6:46 am
minutes with no delay. sometimes at this hour gets up to 10 minutes but 31, that's pretty huge and causing problems out there right now, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. well, the search continues for the mother in a pliny van who led police on a wild chase through a suburb. era barreiro-rapp speeding through several lawns before driving up the street the wrong way while her toddler was in the back seat. police can cut off the chase in order to protect that young child's safety. officials say barreiro-rapp fled when police discovered she had felony warrants in the state of kentucky after appearing there in court in ohio for minor charges. >> the citadel military college in south carolina has denied a request by a newly admitted female student to wear a traditional muslim scarf. the school known for its buttoned up uniforms said allowing the student to wear the head covering would not be consistent with its policy of having cadets look similar. a family spokeswoman said the woman no longer plans to
6:47 am
attend the sit citadel in the fall plus they're raising eyebrows. >> in a recording just released today the queen is overheard telling a senior police officer that chinese officials were very rude during a state visit in october. the comment is unusual because the 90-year-old monarch has been very careful to stay clear of politics during her long reign. british officials have so far declined to comment on the remark.
6:48 am
6:49 am
♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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maxx life in store and online. >> let's get a preview of "good morning america." >> for that let's go over to amy robach. i'm sure you're continuing to follow this bizarre story up in massachusetts like we are. >> reporter: oh, it's so bizarre and so sad, tam, matt, great to be with you and yes, at least two people are dead as you've been reporting following that stabbing sproul astabbing spree.the suspect stoa restaurant. we're live at the scene this morning with all the latest on that. then it was a big night in the race for the white house. bernie sanders scoring that victory overnight in west virginia. the big question, what does it mean for hillary's campaign. then robin goes one-on-one with vice president joe biden in an exclusive interview. we'll tell you what he said about hillary, donald trump and the current election. plus we are kicking off our summer concert series next friday in central park. can you believe it? this morning we are revealing our full lineup and we have a special guest joining us live to do that. i think it's going to start
6:51 am
feeling like summer now so i'm very excited about that news. back to you. >> i'm going to make my guesses. iron butterfly is getting back together. >> no. >> not going to be them. >> that's not it matt. >> no? [laughter] >> let's take a look outside right now. more problems on the roads. look at this traffic jam in south philadelphia. penrose avenue at 26th street here. the problem is a disabled vehicle blocking the left turn lane on twenty sixth street at penrose avenue so as you try to turn to get to the schuylkill the platt bridge eastbound jammed from the upside to approaching 26th street because of this. tacony palmyra bridge scheduled to go up at 6:50. stick to the betsy ross bridge instead. it's about going up right now and the lawncrest section don't forget adams avenue is now closed. it's going to last four months. created big problems yesterday dave. >> mainly dry on storm tracker6 live double scan this morning, karen. earlier showers off the coast of south jersey. every now and then in the northern and western suburbs you see a little blip of precipitation but it's not much, not going overboard with the rain gear obviously for the kids.
6:52 am
i'm recommending a jacket though as we have temperature in the low 50 on the way to the bus stop. this afternoon it's going to be milder today getting on up into the low 70's. 67 degrees by noon. by 2 o'clock 71. your high between 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock today is going to be that 72. clouds giving way to some sunshine occasionally during the day. i think we'll go back and forth a little bit and while there's the chance of another pop-up shower in the afternoon the best chance appears to be south of philadelphia. matt and tam. >> thank you david. a palser is by caught this video as a school bus went up in flames along louisiana highway. white and black smoke started coming from the bus at elementary school students were returning from a field trip. all students were taken safely off the bus and minutes later flames engulfed the vehicle. witnesses believe an object on the highway struck a fuel line sparking the fire. >> tonight on 6abc the goldbergs features an episode about the flyers titled the big orange centered around barry's love for his in any event flyers shirt. the philadelphia area comes up
6:53 am
off as on the goldberg. adam goldberg created the show and based on his upbringing in jenkintown. the show will end with app special clip of snyder so an all new flyers filled the goldbergs tonight at 8:30 right here on 6abc
6:54 am
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>> welcome back. here are your top stories. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will hold a public rally at camden county college in blood wood new jersey. bernie sanders wop west virginia's primary yesterday. new jersey will hold its primary june 7. public will be able to weigh in today on philadelphia mayor jim kenney's proposed tax on sugary drinks. today's city council budget hearing gets under way at 5:00 this evening. >> big delays on 422. right now we're looking at chopper6 over this transformer fire causing detours in browns mill burlington county. pemberton-browns mills road near lewistown road detouring traffic. schools in the area they're saying drop-offs and pickups will be delayed because they have to detour that. this is the jam on 422 eastbound with the accident blocking a lane here in 23. dave. >> couple sprinkles here and there. mainly dry this morning. looks like today is going to be milder than yesterday and altogether better. we're going for a high of 72 at about 3 o'clock this afternoon. clouds mixing with occasional
6:57 am
sunny breaks. there's the chance of a spotty shower this afternoon. the best chance south of philadelphia. >> all right. >> like that. >> all right, all right. >> all right. >> that's it. >> that's it. >> that's all you get. >> silence. >> until tomorrow. >> hey. >> "gma" is next. >> ♪
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a deadly stabbing spree at a busy mall. >> there's still a victim, female. macy's second level in a changing room. >> terrifying moments as a 28-year-old man storms the shopping center attacking at random. >> as he was coming he was slashing people and people were throwing chairs at him and stuff. >> the off-duty officer who leapt into action stopping the killer in his tracks. >> hillary clinton suffers another defeat as bernie sanders takes home a big win. >> and tonight it appears that we won a big, big victory in west virginia. >> as vice president joe biden opens up in an abc news exclusive about donald trump and his own decision to the to run. >> i think i would have been the best president. >> and his mission to take


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