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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  May 11, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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conference at any moment. and new details of a deadly stabbing rampage in massachusetts that sent people running for their lives. and stumping in the garden state, hillary clinton is bricking her message to our area today. >> hillary clinton is expected to speak at camden county college in about a half hour. she will talk about how to raise wages. vernon odom is live at camden county college in blackwood with more. >> reporter: good afternoon rick, we are in a packed gymnasium at blackwood. hillary clinton has two tasks one is keeping bernie sanders at bay as she continues to look forward to the fall battle expected with donald trump. the lines have been long to get in and see and hear hillary clinton. she rolls into south jersey this afternoon still with a huge delegate lead over bernie sanders. despite losseses in west
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virginia and nebraska last night. there is growing concern in the clinton camp since gop, donald trump has started to surge in polls and some pulling evenly nationally. i spoke with some hard line clinton supporter who are anti-trump. >> he is crazy. >> he is pulling close in the polls. >> that is a tell tale sign of the society we live in. >> god forbid, he doesn't get in we'll have world war 3 on our hands, he wants to give everybody the nuclear bomb. hillary has a lot of common sense and is mature and experienced. >> anyone but trump. if you vote for bernie or hillary. >> reporter: eer sara the new jersey primary is the last day
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along with california's. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> vernon thank you. bernie sanders is vowing to fight for every last vote, he came away with 5 delegates more than clinton winning the west virginia primary yesterday. clinton is now 94% of the way to the democratic nomination. on the republican side, donald trump may set up a commission to take a closer look at his immigration policies, trump may ask former mayor, rudy giuliani, he has called the idea of a muslim ban unconstitutional. pennsylvania state police have arrested a man for firing on a car on the blue route last week. 50-year-old anthony richardson was taken into custody this morning. according to police richardson fired at least one shot at
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another car while driving on 476 northbound last thursday. investigators say that the car's center console stopped the bullet saving the driver's life. he was arrested after a tip given to police. and we are waiting for an update from police on the case and the news conference is set to begin any moment and we'll bring you it to you live when it begins. camden police are investigating a shoot that left a man fighting for his life. is happened on south 7th street and everett street. the victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. philadelphia police are asking for the public's help to track down this man. he held up the dunkin' donuts on torresdale avenue on may 1st. the man demands money while claiming he had a gun and made off with an unknown amount of cash. if you have information on this robbery you are asked to call philadelphia police. on the weather front we have one more dreary day before nicer
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weather returns tomorrow. sky 6 hd taking a live look at the jersey shore in cape may where morning clouds give way to peeks of sunshine, we can still see a bit of soggy weather but temperatures remain on the warm side and tomorrow looks like a real winner. david murphy is outside on the terrance with the latest from accuweather. >> reporter: i actually brought my jacket out with me just in case but it's beginning to warm up on the terrace and we'll get up into the 60s before it is done. a lot of spots hitting 70. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you that after a basically dry morning we are continuing the pattern. i will point out west of dover there are showers beginning to develop east of baltimore and that stuff is gathering momentum and will eventually be pushing up to areas closer to philadelphia later in the afternoon. also, the clouds are looking fairly thick and every now and then you may see a peek of sunshine. the farther north you are the better chance of seeing that so
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far and the same for this afternoon and eventually the showers on the way and most of those hold off until later this afternoon and this evening and most action is south of philadelphia but the city itself could get caught with some of that. 52 in philadelphia right now -- excuse me that was the morning is low -- we started in the 40s, the low 40s in allentown unupper 40s in trenton and reading and over toward the airport in atlantic city. but temperatures have rebounded up to 61 degrees in philadelphia and spots around the city are bumping up to the mid-60s and i expect a high of about 69 degrees and we'll hit that between 3:00 and 4:00. 2:00, 67 and up close to 70 for a couple of hours after that and still 67 at 6:00 before dipping down to the low 60s at 10:00 tonight. we'll look at the potential showers on future tracker 6 when we step inside and another round of rain coming on friday before
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some more issues for the weekend. not really bad issues all together. it looks like it will be mild on saturday but cooler on sunday. >> just looking forward to tomorrow. thank you. meanwhile, local members of the american red cross are on their way to alberta, canada, to help the victims of the massive wild fire in fort mcmurray. "action news" was at the airport as the leader the communications got ready to head out. 50 volunteers will head to the town as it tries to reopen. all 90,000 residents were evacuated andp 90% of the city was saved. breaking news now. we want to get to a news conference for a state police barracks in winfield, we are getting an update on an apparent road rage shooting on the blue route that happened last week. lets listen in --
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>> once again live at winfield heights police barracks where they will talk about the arrest of a suspect, identified as 50-year-old anthony richardson, accused of firing at least one shot driving on 476 northbound last thursday. investigators say -- lets listen in -- >> troopers from the pennsylvania state police philadelphia barracks were dispatched to interstate 476 in the area of exit 16 for a reported shooting. at that time the patrol trooper as rived on location at that area. it was determined through investigation that the suspect fire one shot into the passenger door of the victim's vehicle. information was learned that the
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suspect fled towards exit 16 into conshohocken. the suspect's vehicle was put out to be a 2001 navy blue lincoln town car with tinted windows. the victim provided a sketch that was released and we received a confidential tip over the weekend and with investigator tools we were able to determine the identity of our suspect. we provided due diligence and learned that the suspects address, and earlier this morning we obtained warrant withes and went to the resident and took the person into custody. the male was identified to be anthony richardson of the overbrook section of philadelphia. he was taken into custody along with the vehicle and transported back -- >> you are listening to this
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news conference from state police on the arrest of 50-year-old anthony richardson in connection with the apparent road rage shooting on the blue route that happened last week. the confidential tip coming in and a warrant executed this morning. we'll update that story at and throughout the newscast as more information becomes available. we are learning more information about the deadly stabbing rampage in massachusetts. one victim was a teacher but they are still trying to figure out a motive. marcy gonzales is live in new york with the latest developments. >> reporter: yes, the investigation is still underway and that teacher's wife now explains he was heroically trying to get the knife away from the attacker when he was kill killed. >> people were hollering, there's a killer there's a killer. >> a man on a stabbing spree
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sending people in this mall running for their life. >> as they were running he was slashing people and people were throwing chairs and stuff. >> the alleged suspect, arthur derosa, getting into a car accident and then running off and forcing his way into the house and killing an 80-year-old woman and severely wounding her daughter. >> the suspect then stole the victim's car and drove it through the entrance of this macy's in the galleria, continuing his attack -- >> reportedly making his way into this restaurant, stabbing and killing teacher george heath pictured on facebook and injuring a pregnant woman -- >> the deadly spree finally ending when off duty sheriff's
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deputy timmy creed who was there having dinner shot and killed derosa. >> but for the actions of the deputy sheriff there may have very well been other victims. >> and investigators are still looking for a motive and don't believe there was any connection to terrorism. the boston herald reports that his family reports he was suicidal and just released from a psych ward a day earlier. >> marcy thank you. back here the dangers of drinking and driving was a harsh lesson for more than 600 students here in south jersey. williamtown high school hosted the mock crash this morning to show students the consequences of drinking and driving and firefighters and emt's took part in the mock scenario making it look as real as possible. with proms scheduled for this friday night officials hope this lesson will make students think
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advice before getting behind the wheel drunk. up next, a deadly day in iraq, people have been killed in separate car bombings and isis is claiming responsibility for one of them. and a safe way to clean your house. some products can pose a danger to children and we have an easy way to make your own. we'll be right back.
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relatives of the victims of value jet 592 gathered today in florida, 20 years after the deadly clash on may 11th, 1996 the atlanta bound plane crashed into the everglades and all 110 people on board died. they blamed mislabeled oxygen tanks for causing the plane to crash. dozens are dead after a series of bombings in iraq's capital. a car bomb detonated outside of
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the city today killing at least 63 people. the islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack. one was a car bombing that targeted a police station and five police officers were killed. a high school student barred from attending her prom because she wore a suit. will dance after all. another high school in york invited anna wolf to their prom. she was not allowed at her catholic high school prom because she wore a suit instead of a dress. household cleaning products are good at cutting germs but the chemicals can be dangerous if kids get ahold of them. in today's kids health matters erin o'hearn shows us alternatives. >> they keep our clothes clean
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and our homes clean and shiny, but household products are the number one cause of poison it can even happen with parents close at hand. >> you take your eyes off it for a second and the kids are into it. >> bathroom cleaners often have lye and furniture polish can be inhaled. you can mix your own with vinegar and baking soda and olive oil. >> this is a cleaner with four tablespoons of baking soda and one quart of water. >> baking soda is also great in the bathroom. >> sprinkle it on the tub and tile surfaces and use it as a powder and soak your sponge in full strength vinegar and use that to scrub. >> or three points olive oil and one part vinegar not nor a salad dressing but to polish. you need to keep track of what
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you are using. >> label it carefully with the name of the product as well as the ingredients and the concentration of the ingredients in there. keep all cleaning products out of the reach of children. some like laundry packets should not be used in homes with small children. if there is an accident, call poison control right away. for more on safer cleaners go to the link with this story at still ahead on "action news" another check of the accuweather forecast. >> looking live outside from sky 6 hd at philadelphia international airport it is a dreary day. but meteorologist, david murphy, says the sun will come out tomorrow. >> you going to sing that? >> i will. when "action news" comes right back. ♪ the sun will come out tomorrow ♪ >> oh boy.
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david back with another check of the accuweather forecast. this check is yet again gray. >> it is. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us that most of us will not have it. i am giving you a look at the eastern shore of maryland getting ready to pull into chestertown and dover and smyrna. and later this afternoon into the evening hours there is a possibility of showers. mainly in the area i am showing you on the map some of it could get as far north as philadelphia. as we look outside, we have mostly cloudy skies every now and then the sky gets brirter and the sun looks like it's trying to break through. the farther east you are through the region up towards northampton county and mercer county, the better chance of seeing sunshine but the clouds
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are generally winning out today. 69 degrees is your official temperature, and wins from the west is not all that strong just 3 miles per hour. satellite and radar shows you clouds socking us in the farther north and east you go the better chance of seeing sunshine. and here is the next wave of rain coming in. later this afternoon we'll be on the lookout for that. future tracker 6's latest run looking like it's patting dover and then breaking it down to showers on up to 6:00. and models have philadelphia still dry. but there is a chance of southern showers popping through through 10:00. if you have plans to be out headed to the union game check out adam and cecily here at 4:00 here on 6 abc, and adam will be on air at 10:00 on phl 17 and cecily here at 11:00. the high of 68 at wilmington and
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shot at getting warmer north of here in allentown and reading. spotty shower cannot be ruled out in the southern half of the region. 69 at 3:00 and 4:00 we will sit there for an hour and a half and 10:00 we are back down into the low 60s. for the union, hosting the l.a. galaxy in chester tonight at 7:00, i'll go mostly cloudy and there is the possibility of a shower but as you saw on the model maybe it misses the stadium and the last touch for the final whistle 63 degrees, tomorrow it looks like a better day, 74 degrees for a high, and we'll stay dry for the frontal boundary and storm center off to the west and low pressure off to the southeast. tomorrow is good, clouds and sun and 74 and the frontal system comes in for friday and friday morning we already have some sprinkles and showers around and the steadiest stuff starts to
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built in during the afternoon and we'll see that through the region and the way things are looking now though, we should be drying out in time for your plans on friday night. including a phillies game at citizens bank park. a spotty shower cannot be ruled out today south of philadelphia and maybe the city gets clipped. tomorrow is nice clouds and sun and 74 and then a round of rain coming through friday in the afternoon. sunday is breezy and cooler -- did i skip saturday? saturday mostly cloudy and afternoon showers and 74. a slight chance of a shower late in the day and then sunday and it's cooler and breezy but dry. >> we need both of those days, very important. thanks david. coming up on 6 abc a special episode of the goldbergs, with a touching tribute to the late ed snider. >> all my memories were in the shirt, i was wearing it when we went to our first flyers game.
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>> the episode entitled the big orange is centered around barry's favorite flyers shirt being destroyed and how he copes with the loss. jenkintown native adam goldberg created the show and based it on his upbringing there. they pay tribute to ed snider at the end of the episode. an all new goldbergs at 8:30 on 6 abc.
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before we leave you one final check from accuweather. >> the numbers are going up more up to 70 in the northern and western suburbs. a spotty shower possible up north but better chance south of philadelphia.
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the middle portion of south jersey and lower 60s down the shore. >> okay got it david. thank you. a look at stories coming up later this afternoon on "action news" at 4:00. it's a memorial that will change the landscape in center city, details on the new plaza to the victims of the holocaust. and a new heartburn drug showing it could be causing damage. >> don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team. i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon. pet moments are beautiful,
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