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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 12, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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"action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. $5 million worth of drugs,
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controlled substances. federal agents say a doctor with an office in south philadelphia peddled prescriptions for cash. he and two other m.d.'s indicted today on some very serious charges. it is wednesday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is a major pill mill bust by the justice department. authorities say three doctors sold to addicts and drug dealers. "action news" reporter dann cuellar live on south broad street in philadelphia. dann, it is an ugly story. >> reporter: it really is, jim. according to the federal indictment the three scheming doctors operating their now-defunct clinic on south broad, a booming business selling $5 million worth of pills. doctors rather than helping people, are contributing to this absolute crisis in our societies. >> named in the indictment is the alleged ringleader alan
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summers and his cohortses, azad khan and keyhosrow parsia. operating under the name national association for substance abuse-prevention & treatment, dr. summers makes his pitch to unexpected families. >> the recovery person is damaged and injured by the misconception and fallacies, and getting the support they really need and deserve. >> the feds say what was really going on, they were writing skripts for commonly-abused drugs with no medical exam required. >> in this case it involved doctors rather than helping people, who needed help because they were addicted to drugs, they turned into nothing but drug dealers. >> perhaps more sophisticated they had a 10-year financial plan, planning to spend $100,000 to develop the venture complete with a satellite office in upper darby and attending narcotics and alcoholics anonymous meeting
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to hand out cards and videos. >> and they have a bad name, but you have to get past the name to the reality of what we're trying to do here. >> i mean this, to them, was nothing but a business. an illegal business, but it was a money-making business not designed in any way, shape or form to help some of the neediest people in our society. >> if convicted of all charges, all doctors face possible prison terms, fines, restitution, special assessments and a term of supervised release. they say this man is the blue route road rage gunman. anthony richardson was arrested today, accused of shooting into a car last thursday driving in west conshohocken. the car's consul stopped the
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bullet from hitting the driver. the troopers have not said what happened between the two drivers to spark the violence. the authorities stay a chester county mother ended up recording audio of the moments leading up to her own murder. the deadly shot of gun blast and what happened next. 40-year-old wesley webb lived with her boyfriend, keith smith. the two got in a shouting match on may 2 and webb threatened to leave with her children. investigators say that smith then grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun. >> the victim, as she sees the gun come out pulls out her phone and hits record. and she records the murder. and you can actually hear him taking the shotgun and shooting her and talking to her. >> smith then allegedly tried committing suicide, but survived the shotgun blast to the face. he was in the hospital in stable
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condition. the kids were at home at the time. they were not harmed, at least not physically. chester county officials are investigating a case of sexting at the fred s. angle middle school in london grove. a boy received a photo of a naked female friend and allegedly passed it on to two other boys. and all of the four children are 13 or 14. gone in 60 seconds, a new castle man caught a car thief on camera stealing his ride right in front of his home yesterday on central avenue and holloway terrace. the passat was idling in the driveway unlocked, but they hope the surveillance video can turn the wheels of justice and catch this car thief. build in 1984, alleging the history of philadelphia's divine lorraine on north broad street. it was the city's first integrated hotel and it is now
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undergoing a transformation into luxury apartments and a boutique hotel. construction goes on. and tonight they opened the doors for a pop-up shop and chance to be part of the historic transformation. and christie ileto live between ridge and fairmont avenues with the full story. christie? >> jim, an estimated 2,000 people walked through the first floor of this iconic landmark, their last chance at getting an up-close look at history, one of the popular addresses to live at. wanting to get into the doors of the hotel snaked around the block. >> how long have you been in line? >> about two hours or so. >> you get in before the changing you might as well do it. >> what is the fascination of the building? >> it is so romantic and scary at the same time. like a haunted mansion. >> and the developers opened the doors to get the first look at the what will be luxury apartments in a boutique hotel,
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and a final glimpse of what the building looks like right now. >> it has a stored past. >> once owned by a spiritual leader, divine, the boarded up building a broad street landmark. >> the first integrated hotel in philadelphia, one of the first to have an elevator and one of the first to have electric. >> it is beautiful. >> even in construction? >> yes. >> and inside, pictures and graffiti of the history. >> so many stories in the building, not just who lived here before or spent time at the hotel, but people who broke in and created all this art. >> i was hoping to see an example of the apartment. >> some expecting less construction. >> you need a hard hat in there. it is still pretty rough. >> a piece of history. it is one of my favorite buildings in the city. i'm moving in two months and wanted to catch it before i leave. >> believe it or not, some of the units have already been leased to renters and the
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building expected to be completed by the end of the year. reporting live in spring garden, christie ileto for channel 6 "action news." ♪ on to politics, hillary clinton used a rally at camden county college today to attack donald trump's tax plan. calling it a plan written by a billionaire for billionaires. and called on trump to release his tax return, saying she and her husband released them for the past 33 years. and said clinton, you have to ask yourself why he doesn't want to release them. and clinton ignored sanders sanders who is in montana today. and he told a packed house his campaign does indeed have a steep climb to close in on clinton's lead in delegates. but as you can see, he was feeling pretty good with his recent primary victories. and clinton needs only 143 more delegates to hit the magic number. and the house speaker paul
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ryan getting ready to meet with donald trump. he has not yet endorsed the nominee. and trump today said that he doesn't need ryan's support or support of other cautious republican leaders. says trump if we make a deal, great if we don't, i will trudge forward like i am doing and winning all the time. the holocaust survivors in philadelphia a new reason to take heart. a memorial plaza build around the first holocaust memorial statute on the ben franklin park yeah. and monica malpass joins us tonight with more on this. >> that's right, jim. philadelphia was the first city in the united states to erect a statue honoring the loss of 6 million jewish lives in world war ii. and now 60 years later building a plaza around the statue drawing more attention to the genocide in germany. >>i think it is important this
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beautiful memorial gets enhanced. >> officials and holocaust survivors gathered on the ben franklin parkway, and architects are adding to it with an eternal flame and a tree grown by children using their rationed water. >> can you imagine asking the children to give up a portion of their daily water when the rations are small? but they did. >> giving the few remaining survivors a special experience and making sure philadelphians don't forget the horrors of the past. and marion sent in a cattle car to siberia at age 7. >> we are hoping it will go to the next generation so they will not forget us and know what we went through and what the holocaust really means. >> max was sent to a
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concentration camp in austria at age 10. and he still chokes up about it. >> it is very, very important to us because we have lost six million, a million and a half children and it is horrible. >> obviously horrible. a day to look back, but also a day to look forward. a victory tonight for delaware county residents opposed to a shopping center at the former site of the school. the township officials told the developer to go back to the drawing board. the developers wanted to build retail and residential properties on the land across from the st. peter and pauls cemetery. many residents were opposed citing concerns about the environment and traffic problems. still to come on "action news" tonight, this was no accident. now the hunt is on for whoever spark the plant explosion that killed 15 people. ducis rodgers shows us that
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the phillies can keep up their winning ways. and a special report on a new pre-school where kids can really get their hands dirty. cecily? >> a cool and cloudy may day. new york city 76 and sunshine. we will tap into that tomorrow, but it doesn't last long. i explain in the forecast. and that and more when "action news" continues tonigh
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this is the aftermath of a fire and explosion in texas three years ago that killed 15 people, hundreds of others were injured. dozens of homes were destroyed. investigators now say it was intentionally set, but they still don't know who did it. the fire was set at a fertilizer
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plant at a town in west texas, an explosion as strong as 2.1 earthquake. >> please get out of here. >> a $52,000 reward now offered for information leading to an arrest. an off-duty deputy sheriff and teacher hailed as heros tonight for stepping in to end the stabbing rampage of a mentally disturbed man. but one of those men paid for his courage with his life. 56-year-old george heath was stabbed in the head as he struggled to get the knife away from the 28-year-old who was attack ago waitress in a mall in massachusetts. and we told you about this last night. off-duty lawman shot and killed him, and he left a four-mile trail of destruction with two accidents scenes, two dead victims and at least five others wounded.
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a team trying to create the future of transportation with a kitty hawk moment like the wright brothers. and it lasted only a couple of seconds as the prototype accelerate the down attract floated by magnetic levitation. and they hope to do a full-scale test by the end of the year with the ultimate goal the hyperloop that can transport passengers from los angeles to san francisco in 30 minutes. and about to get a scrubbing, the statute on city hall will be washed, waxed and buffed thanks to a $25,000 grant awarded, in addition to city funds and private donations. the restoration is a massive undertaking that will start late this coming summer. tonight's special report, a program for children that is thinking outside the box. in fact, the whole point of it
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is being outside. "action news" reporter with the story. >> frank lloyd wright said stay close to nature, it will never failure. many early childhood education exports feel we fail our children not giving them enough time outdoors. a few preschools designed their curriculum around an outside classroom. >> whether it is renaming a salamander. >> put your feet on the rock now. look for another root. >> or improving dexterity by rock climbing on actual rocks. early learning nature all year-round in every weather condition. unless it is down right dangerous the classroom is outdoors. >> the program has inside programs for lunch and option for free time, students under 5 spend most of the day and school
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year learning outside. >> not deterred by any sort of weather, he knows that he can pull on rain pants or snow pants. >> the pre-school manager says that time outside for young children promotes critical thinking, team-building skills and self-confidence. >> more willing to take the risks socially, or whether it be in the boardroom as a leader or something like that, they know their own abilities. >> and i don't want her to worry about her dress or whether they are hair is discombobulated, just that she is enjoying herself. >> academic lessons are incorporated a less conventional way, learning reading and writing throughout door adventures. >> and doing journalling in drawing pictures, and encourage the child to develop the letters and make connection between book and learning in print by developing their writing skills. >> and a similar pilot program in place at the friends school, forest edge. the teacher woods says less than
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ideal weather is usually a deterrent for adults, not children. their natural surroundings is where they thrive. >> children are sitting at desks and need to move. this is how they naturally think. to have that free atmosphere makes children so comfortable. >> wood says research also indicates that children have less sick days. both programs had such success this year, they are expanding the size and perhaps even the age range for next year's program. visit our website at to learn about a pilot program offered for inner-city kids. >> interesting story. and tomorrow these kids have a great day. >> exactly, we can all go outside and enjoy the weather, sunshine on the way. we still have a few lingering light scattered showers. and elsewhere clouds are beginning to break and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 58 degrees in philadelphia down from the high of 66. 6 degrees below normal.
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allentown and trenton 60. and wilmington 57 and dover currently 55 degrees. satellite 6 and actions radar showing the piece of energy, the short wave moving away. that's taking the moisture with it. and you can also see how the clouds are really starting to erode from the north. high pressure to the north. what this will do is bring up dry air tomorrow. but don't get used to it, we have another storm moving through the midwest and this is arriving on friday. and another system that will be moving in on saturday night. unsettled weather pattern continues, but we get a break in the action tomorrow. sun, mixing with clouds for the bus stop forecast and pretty mild. at 6:00, 58 degrees. by 8:00, 61. and finally, looks like tomorrow will be the first day this month with temperatures above normal. our normal high for this time of year, applause, normal high 73. and topping that by about 2 degrees hitting 75 at 5:00 with
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a mixture of sun and clouds. the problem on friday, rain develops again as a cold front moves in. the high, 72. mild but looking at generally a quarter to three-quarters of an inch of rain. most midday between 8:00 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon. and then we get a break friday night and saturday morning. and the next front rolls through with potential for thunderstorms. and behind it high pressure brings us sunshine sunday, but it will be windy and will be very cool. a roller coaster ride. and tomorrow enjoy. partly sunny and seasonably warm, high of 75 degrees. friday, you need the umbrella and the raincoats again. periods of rain through the mid-day hours. the high, 72. and saturday we start with sunshine, but by the afternoon and evening, some thunderstorms. and some of those could be strong and gusty. the high, 75 degrees. we get the sunshine by on sunday, but it comes at a price. winds gusting up to about 35 miles per hour. the high, 61.
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it will feel more like temperatures in the 50s. below average monday, 65. tuesday mostly cloudy, 66. and wednesday, limited sun with a chance of a shower and a high of 68 degrees. so the best day of the week will be tomorrow. 75 degrees, partly sunny, enjoy it. >> thanks, cecily. this is a night to celebrate second chances in rittenhouse square in philadelphia. young adults dancing for a very good reason. they are part of the jewish employment and vocational services program helping high school drop-outs earn their geds. and tonight the young people enjoyed the prom that they never had. looking for the to a bright future. and cirque du soleil troupe performed tonight. and as you can probably tell from the antenna on the dancer, it stars a variety of insects. and that's because ovo means egg in portuguese. and the acrobatics and dancing
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set to brazilian music and the story follows the insects cycle of life.
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they honored the student-athletes at the charter high school in west oak lane in philadelphia tonight. the school's football team made history this past december when it became the first philadelphia high school, the first public team to capture the state championship. tonight, teachers, parents, coaches and administrators paid tribute to the athletes at the school with a special dinner. and tonight in atlanta the phillies. >> exposed a little bit, yeah. they have got some problems. the phillies have not scored many runs this season, despite that finding ways to win. pitching and defense strong, neither is tonight against atlanta. phillies held without a hit until the fifth inning. ryan howard going the opposite way the eighth homer of the season. phills down 3-1. the braves get the run back in
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the sixth. freddie freeman off jerad eickhoff and phillies lose 5-1. and eickhoff 1-5 and the phills committed three errors in the game. history tonight in d.c. nats scherzer 20 strikeouts against detroit. they win 3-2. sam bradford's brief walk-out did not accomplish much other than have fans deny his commitment. and tom condon says he spoke with the team, no hard feelings and his client moving forward. >> he is a tough guy and the players under and to do the coaches. and the eagles made a decision that was good for them. and sam made a decision that had the opportunity to be good for him, it didn't work out. and we take our next best
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objection and that is to play good, or to play great and see where we are next year. and several former eagles at ron jaworski's new golf course in mount laurel and bradford the hot topic in how he handled the situation. >> i would think that sam would probably be more embarrassed that he tried something that didn't work, you know. that's really how i would look at it. so now he has a lot of pressure because he tried to do something, now he has to come out and prove it on the field. >> the eagles made an addition to the front office, naming joe douglas
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>> the union have had little success with the galaxy. 1-6 all-time. in the fourth minute. vincent nogueira, opens the scoring with that goal. 1-0 union. the galaxy score the next 2. and now 2-1 l.a. and the n rosenberry. >> a better team. >> much better than they have been. an organization tracing its roots to the 1800s held the largest annual fundriser and erin o'hearn guest speaker for the needlework guild.
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and it started in 1882 and still going strong today. and "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6. guests are alec baldwin, riley keough and music from cole swindell. and for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night.
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