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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  May 12, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning, everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, may 12. here's what's happening. a car hit and killed a pedestrian on a montgomery county root overnight. we have the details. amtrak derailment mystery surrounds what went wrong while the city of philadelphia perhaps to remember the victims. a brand new report that breaks down how much states are spending on preschoolers. the different amounts in the area may surprise you. it's a great day, the best we've seen in seven or 8 years.
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>> reporter: we have very nice conditions building in. we have cloud cover out there, from philadelphia south that will break up quickly. sprinkles on the way out. overall it's a nice one today with warm afternoon temperatures and partly cloudy skies. 57 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. not too booed. winds are light in -- not too bad. 57 in wilmington. 55 in millville and cape may. on the bus stop this morning, light winds, temperatures in time up 50s between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m., we hit 70. 74 by 1:00 p.m. the high today is 76 degrees. we'll hit that at 3:00 p.m. with partly sunny skies all the way, a pleasant day ahead. the pollen count is running medium high today. drops off with rain at times. there will be thunderstorms
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saturday afternoon late in the day will knock the pollen countdown. although it will be running medium high again. two shots, rain and thunderstorms over the next 72 hours. >> reporter: great. >> reporter: not today, though. we'll have that in future tracker 6. >> reporter: i'll bring you good news, we're looking at schuylkill expressway conshohocken it's clear and dry. no accidents, the overnight construction has cleared there. no problems there. the crews have left the scene on the vine street expressway. it was closed overnight construction. westbound, eastbound open, all the ramps are open. the crews will return at 11:00 p.m. tonight and shut it down. we have an accident injuries on the scene. boulevard at red lion. traffic lights are not working shore ham township easton road at horsham road because of an earlier accident.
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use extra precaution heading into intersection. a driver struck and killed a pedestrian at easton road and ruth avenue in horsham late last night. the action cam was on the scene as officers roped off the scene to investigate the crash. the driver remained there to talk to police. no word on what caused the crash or if the driver will be charged with a crime. happening today, the city of philadelphia will host a memorial service to mark a year to mark the deadly amtrak derailment. it will mark the event by love and questions. annie mccormick has more. >> reporter: today and tonight is to honor victims. derailed train 188. it was a year ago today when the new york-bound northeast
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regional train derailed and crashed into a port richmond neighborhood late in the evening. 8 people were killed, 200 injured, 11 critically. the train was clocked at 102 miles per hour in a are 50-mile an hour zone in an area with a sharp curve. the train's engineer said he has gaps in his memory, but recalls and accelerating and breaking when he felt the train go too fast. next tuesday, the ntsb will meet to detail the probable cause of the crash and investigating the train being hit by a projectile. today the city will hold a memorial service to remember the 8 people who lost their lives. and the city's memorial service at noon is closed to the press. it is only for friends and family members of the victims. tonight the harrowgate civic
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association will hold a candle light service at the crash site. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." back to you. we have breaking news coming to us, the action cam is live in west philadelphia, the unit block of north ruby street, a short while ago, maybe about an hour ago, police got a call about an unidentified man stabbed twice in the stomach and robbed of his cell phone. the man was rushed to the hospital, he is in serious, but stable condition. police are looking for three to four men who fled the scene. police have found a crime scene in a nearby home. the action cam there at the scene in west philadelphia. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you any updates as they come to us. three doctors have been indicted for running a pill mill. dr. alan somers is the alleged ring leader. the feds say it was a so far,
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somers and his partners wrote illegal prescriptions for over $5 million worth of commonlily abused -- commonly abused drugs in exchange for cash. they were going to expand into upper darby and attract no clients at aa meetings. police say a female student at the middle school in london grove shared a sexually explicit photo with a boy in her class, it was shared with other boys and they are 13 years old and will face summery misdemeanor charges. national institute for education found wide wide range
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for money spent children in the tri-state area. president obama will speak at rutgerss university. he spoke at howard university saturday in washington, d.c. he will be giving the commencement address at the air force academy out west, he spoke there in 2012. at the very least it's a good day to give storm tracker 6 live a break. it's been working a lot. >> reporter: we'll fire it up tomorrow. storm tracker 6 live is at work, scanning the region. you can see a sprinkle off the coast of the cape may. that's getting out of here. as we look outside, we're looking at partly cloudy skies across the region. that would include philadelphia, we're seeing low-lying cloud cover dancing atop william penn. we'll be saying goodbye to that
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quickly and transition to partly sunny skies, 57 degrees currently as you step outside. maybe a light jacket works. 57 in wilmington, 52 in trenton. 50 in allentown and 55 in millville and do you want shore and cape may. satellite shows you how we're knocking the clouds as we speak. probably start out fairly bright and going for partly cloudy skies. there will be periods of the day are it's prior to and others cloudier, others back and forth. up in the lehigh valley, partly sunny, warm 78 degrees, there will be times when the clouds are thinner we expect the temperatures to get warmer. down the shore, cooler, next to the cooler ocean water. 66 is not bad. 76 is the high in philadelphia under partly sunny skies overall. pleasant conditions, winds light out of the south at 6 to 12 miles per hour not even
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enough to knock that baseball cap off your head if you're out walking today. 58 degrees is the overnight low mostly cloudy. in the overnight hours there's a possibility of a sprinkle or shower developing. that's late, i think the evening looks okay. tomorrow morning future tracker 6 showing you that we may have a couple of little sprinkles to show you on the broad case. the bigger issue is late in the morning and afternoon. we'll see showers and rumble of thunder out to the west. over by the coast by 4:00 p.m. it may be slower than that, but we are expecting it to dry out for the evening activities. during the afternoon we're looking at a shower or rumble of thunder. now let's fast forward to saturday. saturday morning looks great. lots of sunshine and mild. but, again, after 1, 2:00 p.m., we're on the look out for
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showers. we could have strong gusty thunderstorms in the afternoon, this could take longer to get through. it's similar parts friday and saturday with the afternoon centering on rain and thunderstorms. 76 today, tomorrow, cloudy and rainy in the afternoon. early sun on art, with afternoon -- on saturday, with afternoon storms, some of them could be gusty. 76 the high. what a change for sunday, breezy and cooler, 59. breezy on monday, and tuesday and wednesday we could have a shower around wednesday night into thursday. a texas mother of two is accused of putting her zumba class before her children. wild ride ends by crashing into a fence. the person behind the wheel is not old enough to drive. >> reporter: overnight construction is clear at 422 and 23. we'll take you to the blue route. calvin klein's new ad
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campaign stirs up serious outrage on social media. we'll show it to you, in the morning buzz. welcome back taking a live
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look there, penns landing looking clear and dry, easy to zip up and down, it's 5:13, of course, within the speed limit. karen catches a lot of time people speeding. >> reporter: i see a lot of people speeding even tam.
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this is the blue route, approaching the schuylkill expressway, no problems, this morning, if you're coming in from media or springfield, you're looking good as you head out. langhorne bucks county we have an accident maple avenue at aspen avenue. watch for it. traffic lights are not working at easton and horsham road because of an earlier accident. we have someone on the waze app talking about an object on the road 38 westbound. philadelphia international, five miles visibility. 1.3 in reading. near zero in lancaster. be careful as you head out. lots of clouds to insulate the heat here. 57 degrees for the current temperature. today is better than it's been, 76 for the high, partly sunny skies, rather pleasant. no weather-related problems as
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you head out the door. watch out for fog. new on "action news," a utah mother and her four daughters escaped from two men who had them tied up in a basement. the father son duo lured the family to the home under the pretext of a barbecue. after the woman and girls escaped the two suspects fled. the pair is considered armed and dangerous. a texas mother is accused of leaving her two young children home alone so they could attend an exercise class, 18-month-old and 2 1/2-year-old were found wandering the streets of austin. the father said his wife was late for the zumba class so she rushed out, thinking the children would be okay because they were sleeping. she did take a child she was babysitting to the class. a neighbor spotted children in the street and called police.
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police responded to a car crash and found out that the driver was 4 years old. police say he took the keys from the suv from the coffee table and hopped in and started the i ignition and drove into the neighbor's fence. the owner of the fence was impressed that a 4-year-old could get an suv moving. a former south carolina police officer with ties in the area is facing federal charges after gunning down an unarmed black man, the rare 3 count indictment doesn't cite race as a factor, he fired the deadly shots violating scott's constitutional federal rights. he grew up in mount laurel, burlington county. the phillies face the braves in the final game of the series tonight. phillies couldn't get their bats
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going in atlanta at that last night, but then ryan howard led off the 5th inning with the 8th home run of season. the phillies couldn't score again, they lost 5-1. sam bradford's walkout did not accomplish much other than doubt his commitment. eagles brass insists he will be the starter. it is 5:17. pizza hut hits a major milestone. pay less is pulling shoes from their shelves saying they can catch fire.
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to the women who know what real values are, doggy day care more often. he is a pretty smart dog. my dog has eaten her way out of everything, a door, climbed out. i didn't know it was so delicious. >> reporter: a doggy door. let's look outside and check out 309 this is fort washington, approaching the pennsylvania turnpike, coming down from perk ski, montgomeryville, no problems right here. touch of fog, the construction cleared between the turnpike eastbound valley forge and norristown. the accident was moved to the shoulder i told you the boulevard red lion road in the outer drive should be cleared soon. >> reporter: on the big board we are dressing kids in a jacket, temperatures if the 50s. it's not all that uncomfortable. this afternoon shorts and ts.
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57 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m., 62. and we'll already be in the low 70s by noon. 73 degrees, overall expecting partly sunny skies, if you see cloud cover, don't worry it won't last all that much longer. the high today, 76 degrees at 3:00 p.m., partly sunny skies, wind on the light side today as we take a look at the airport. any major delays, probably not, all green aircraft, north to south, no hint of precipitation in the big travel destinations, tam. in "healthcheck," pregnant women are urged to take folic as i had -- acid to prevent birth defects. researchers say they linked high level of the vitamin in the mother's blood leads to a high risk of autism. nobody should change what they
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are doing, but more research needs to be done. up next in the morning buzz, doctors raise concerns about an indian woman who gave birth through fertility treatments when the child is a teenager she will be in her 80s. killing of an unarmed florida teen that made national headlines for months is making a debut in philadelphia. first up, here's america's money. >> reporter: possible fire risk from shoes, payless shoes is pulling shoes after they burst into fire. payday loans charge interest rates of 36% or more. pizza hut is mark be expansion into 100 countries
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with a record setting stunt. they delivered a pizza to africa's highest peak kilimanjaro. the highest deliver of pizza -- it was the highest delivery of pizza.
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morning buzz time, calvin
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klein has taken provocative advertising to a whole new level. the latest ad says i flash in my cal -- calvins. critics call it pornography and appeals to pedophiles because of how young the model looks. the model is 22 years old. it's getting a lot of attention. an idaho couple is gaining attention for taking a lighthearted approach to a difficult issue. they have unexplained infertility. to help others in the same situation, they created infertility announcements on their blogs. they parody the pregnancy post
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you see on social media. the couple have adopted two children. anian woman and her husband gave birth to their first child after undergoing years of fertility treatment. they are in the their 70. fertility experts raise questions about the future of a child born to elderly parents swells health issues to the mother. the doctors said tests showed she was ready to carry the baby through pregnancy. wow. still ahead on "action news," police say going fishing at a south jersey store sent this man to jail, we'll explain what he stole. a woman refused to eat a balanced meal in protests over how a new jersey university streets disabled students. "action news" will be right back. ♪
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this afternoon, refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a medium sweet tea, sweet tea lemonade, or original iced tea from dunkin'. sip one for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. doctors promising treatment for addicts are accused instead of
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preying on the patients for cash. was os after a collision -- chaos after a collision on kelly drive. developers open the doors to on historic divine lorain. no showers to speak of. we have david and karen. >> reporter: we have sprinkles down the shore, but they are burning off. weapon partly sunny skies and the blip of rain out to the west will not be an issue for us today. we're at 57 degrees in philadelphia. 56 degrees in millville. and 57 in wilmington, 50 degrees in allentown. cool to start out, not too bad. on the bus stop light winds partly cloudy overall, 56 by 6:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m., 5


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