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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  May 12, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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one year later victims are recalling the day of the tragic amtrak derailment in port richmond. and a bomb threat forces a local high school to stop class and evacuate students. and donald trump made his first big sales pitch to congressional leaders. i'll have details on what happened behind closed doors. one year ago tonight eight people were killed and more than 200 were hurt when an amtrak train derailed in philadelphia. the victims are being remembered and passengers are telling their stories of survival. it was last may 12th when the new york bound train hit a sharp curve going two times the speed limit. the engineer could remember braking but it was not enough to keep the cars from tumbling off the tracks. john rawlins is live in center city where he heard today from a
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survivor of the deadly derailment. >> reporter: well, because of head trauma that survivor underwent five days of medically induced coma and months and months of rehabilitation. he spoke with the law offices of his lawyer, the survivor's recovery is slow and fraught with set backs. >> i have pain 24/7 problems breathing because almost my entire rib cage was battered and it didn't heal properly and not where it's suppose to be. and i have significantly less volume for my lungs to expand. >> it's a bad year for robert hewitt of essex county, new jersey, and his wife judy. his kidneys are badly scarred and fractured vertebrae and describes lying awake at night wracked with guilt.
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he was in the first car where others died. >> i remember getting thrown out of my seat and hitting the ceiling and right before i lost consciousness, i crashed head-on with another gentlemen. and i woke up laying on a pile of rocks. >> the hewitts discovered this photo of another victim and they believe the victim is robert. >> i was hoping they could identify the gentlemen and give them opportunity to thank them for getting me to hahnemann as quickly as they did. >> he was told by a doctor he was the first amtrak victim to be brought to hahnemann hospital and the last to be discharged. he and his wife and daughter are expected to attend a noon time memorial at city hall. it's a private affair and it's where they hope to meet and thank the first responders and a
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public event late tonight at 7:00 p.m. at 2045 wind chief lane. there will be a memorial to mark the anniversary of the amtrak crash. >> john thank you. our coverage of the amtrak crash anniversary continues on, get caught up with the latest on the ntsb investigation into the tragedy and see our collection of photos and videos of the scene and a look back at those who lost their lives. find it out on turning to the forecast now sunny skies and warm temperatures have smiles on the faces of many folks today. looking live at sky 6 hd we head to penn's landing where it's a nice day to walk along the river and maybe have lunch outside. no matter what you do or where you go spend time outside because it's only temporary. david murphy has details out on the terrace from accuweather. >> there is more cloud cover
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around, have you to go north of philadelphia to see full sunshine but we are all enjoying a warm afternoon. we started out sunny and there are clouds building in and there are breaks at time this afternoon but can't argue with the temperatures, 75 in philadelphia, notice it is cooler the farther south you go in washington, underneath thicker clouds and the farther south and west you go in our area down towards wilmington and dover and extreme south jersey, the better chance of stopping in the 60s. most of us will get up in the 70s. if you have plans of heading out to the playground, you are picking a good one, i would apply sunshine for the sunny breaks and you have the sun breaking through and you can get this time of year a little bit of problem with sun burn even through the clouds. cool drinks are also pornlgt. 72 by 5:00 and 74 by 4:00, and get to 78 in between there at around 3:00 this afternoon.
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a little word to the wise, i started to have a problem with this a half hour ago. the pollen is definitely noticeable. running in the medium high range, those of you that suffer from allergies, if you are going to be outside you may want to apply the medications and we'll slowly ease down into the 60s by 10:00 tonight. when i step inside, there are two chances of rain one friday and one saturday, for now pretty good out here. >> thank you. we'll talk to you again soon. it's sunny as david mentioned. keep close by on all of your devices, rely on double scan live radar for real time views at what is in store. >> classes are back in session in phoenixville, chester county, when a student claimed to have a bomb. chopper 6 hd was over phoenixville high school this morning. school officials say a teacher overheard a student say he had a bomb in his back back. all students and staff were
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evacuated while officers investigated. nobody was hurt when a vehicle and taxi collided in north philadelphia overnight. there was heavy damage done to both vehicleses at 13th and girard. the impact sent the taxi into the utility pole. in the race for the white house donald trump made the rounds at capitol hill on his first attempt to win over republican leaders. and karen travers is live in washington now. >> reporter: unite, unify and unity, these are the buzz word we are hearing a lot on capitol hill. paul ryan is encouraged with the meetings with donald trump. but bringing together republicans won't happen in one
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meeting. they put out a statement saying it's a positive step to bringing republicans together. it was a circus outside of the r inch nc headquarters. trump giving a wave as he went into a back door. this is trump's first big sales pitch to party leaders as a likely gop nominee. he helped to bridge deep divides. no matter what you have you'll have differences, if you agree 70% that is a lot. >> house speaker paul ryan has not endorsed trump and there is no indication he is in a rush to do so. but trump has started to shift positions on tax policy and minimum wage and even his controversial muslim band and that could put increasing pressure on ryan to get off the fence. >> his colleagues realize that the republican house speaker has
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to support the republican nominee for president. he represents an institution where the presidents will be immense. >> hillary clinton is hammering trump to release his taxes. you have to ask yourself why he doesn't want to release them? we are going find out. >> trump says he is being audited and can't put anything out until after that. >> hopefully before the election i will release and i would like to release. >> donald trump and paul ryan says before the meetings they didn't know each other and only met once, they said today there is more conversations like this and committed to working together to win in november. reporting live from capitol hill, karen travers, channel 6 "action news." dozens of runners are pounding the pavement to show support for the law enforcement. they are taking part in the memorial run that set off from the naval yard, this group is running 100 miles to the
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nation's capital to honor fallen officers. officer jessie hartnett who was injured last year was there to show support. >> there are people that don't like the police, and it's hard to deal with, when you get the full support it makes you easier and gives you more incentive to come out and do your job. it's all part of the law enforcement month. thousands of job seekers in our area are hoping today is their lucky day. mayor kenney was there for the annual neighborhood job fair. the doors opened at 9:00 this morning and this year there are 90 employers taking part in the fair and that is more than ever before. job seekers with resumes in hand are hoping to leave the fair with a new job to start tomorrow. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, they say it could create a public health disaster in the u.s.
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there are concerns for olympic athletes in rio bringing the zika virus home. and a boy goes on a joy ride in his parent' car and ends with a crash.
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a new report is calling for the 2016 summer games to be moved out of brazil amid concerns over the zika virus. the report in the harvard review says holding the games in rio could be a disaster. and they say it's irresponsible to hold the games there. but dr. richard besser doesn't think they will be moved. >> making sure that people that go to the games use repellant and protect themselves. >> and he tells people to be aware of zika symptoms. health officials will
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carefully review the case of a man that killed two people and wounded several others. meanwhile a deputy sheriff and a bystander are hailed as heroes. >> reporter: investigators in massachusetts trying to figure out what sparked this week's stabbing spree that left three people including the suspect dead. the accused killer, 28-year-old arthur derosa's family tells he was hospitalized before the attack being treated for a break down but that morton hospital did not treat his mental illness. >> it's a disgrace that someone goes in for help season wants help and nobody does anything. >> they say they cannot comment on patients and state investigators looking into the hospital's actions and retracing derosa's steps. the father of two left his child's soccer game, crashed his car and entered a house and
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stabbed a woman to death and injured her daughter, kathleen and then derosa drove to this mall slammed into macy's and grabbed a waitress at this restaurant and stabbed her repeatedly. >> he had the back of her shirt and kept stabbing him. >> my husband grabbed his arm and that bystander then stabbed to death. >> we lost a good man. a great man. >> it's attack finally ending when off duty deputy jeff creed shot and killed derosa. >> and the waitress is hospitalized listed in critical condition and four other people hurt in the rampage are also recovering. a utah mother and her father daughters escaped from two men that had them tied up in a basement. the father son duo lured them to
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the home under the pretense of having a barbecue but it was a ruse. and then they fled. the pair is considered armed and dangerous. cleveland police answered a call about a car crash and shocked to find the driver was only 4 years old. it happen said yesterday morning when the parents were sleeping, he took the keys from a coffee table and hopped in and started the ignition and drove into a neighbor's fence. the owner of the fence was actually impress that a 4-year-old could get a suv moving. the philadelphia orchestra is ready for their 2016 tour of asia and china. they were on hand for the residency. and the director will lead the arc stro on its second asian tour with the ensemble. it goes to hong kong and beijing and then japan.
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and the residency begins on may 19th. still ahead another check of your accuweather forecast. >> looking ahead at sky 6 hd, philadelphia international airport, hazy skies over the airport right now. meteorologist, david murphy, has an update when we come right back. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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tell her i need her help and want to escape and i'm chasing the son. >> he is your father's prisoner liv his puppet like i was. >> tonight on the season finale of "scandal" as each presidential candidate gets ready to announce their running mates, olivia finds herself in a dire situation. tonight on 6 abc and the prime time lineup kicks off with an all new "grey's anatomy" at 8:00 and the catch at 10:00 and stay
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tun tuned for "action news" at 11:00 with jim gardner. it's nice and warm and cloudy over philadelphia. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we are rain free and chopper 6 hd was flying above what i think was the turnpike bridge over the connecter i believe. you see sunshine over earlier, and clouds have overtaken philadelphia a bit. the farther north you go the more sun we see at the noon hour, it's nice and warm. 74 in philadelphia, and your winds are light at 3 miles per hour. and the rest of the day looking pretty good and feeling well. there are the clouds massing a bit from the south, we'll see breaks through the day and predawn they are out of here and cloud cover is possiblelaritier in the afternoon but the numbers treat us pretty well. 78 in philadelphia and 79 in
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reading and 77 in trenton and the farther south and east and west the better chance of cooler numbers. but the 68 in millville is comfortable and 64 down along the cool ocean water. here is what to expect. 2:00, 77 degrees be our high of 78 at 3:00 and 77 by 4:00 and low 70s by dinner time. and 69 degrees by 8:00 and down to 63 degrees by 10:00. still not bad. changes for tomorrow -- we'll start on the cloudy side as clouds buildover night. we may have a spotty sprinkle or shower but the bulk of the rain looks to hold off until the afternoon. the bulk of the rain comes in later in the afternoon up until 4:00 when there could also be thunderstorms mixed in with this. and the good news is it looks like it's over to the east in time for us to go to the
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phillies or do whatever we want to do on friday evening. it starts out sunny and then 2:00 we see showers moving in from the west and 4:00, 4:30 showers in the center of the region along with a possible gusty thunderstorm. thunderstorms are possible on friday and the chances is something stronger is out there on saturday. and like friday it looks to be off the coast fairly quickly, maybe a delay at the start of the phillies game but it still doesn't look too bad. speaking of delays, dover racing, we have the chance of afternoon showers on friday and saturday. and i could see race delays on friday and saturday. sunday is cooler but dry with a gusty breeze. your seven day, today's high 78 degrees and more sun to the north and more clouds to the south. and tomorrow cloudy and rain in the afternoon, a high of 72 and early sun on saturday and 76
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degrees is the high and in the afternoon a shower or thunderstorm and maybe a couple of thunderstorms late in the day. that knocks off early in the evening and then sunday we are windy but cooler, a high of 59 degrees, i'll be bringing that blanket of mine to the phillies game i think. back to the low 60s on monday. >> is it one of those things that zip up? >> just a regular old jacket. >> take a picture and post it david. topping our people scene, kiss star, gene simmons, is apologizing for comments he made about prince's death. he commented how pathetic that he killed himself, he died on april 21st at the able of 57. and they are investigating opiate use by the late singer, simmons apologized for what he calls his big mouth. if you see justin bieber out on the town don't try to take a
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picture with him. he wrote he is done with the fan's selfies, he feels like a zoo animal and people don't say hi. he finished his post saying just because you bought his album doesn't mean he owes you a picture. >> the horse and country fair begins next week and melissa magee has more on the horse show that started 120 years ago. >> reporter: it's the 120th year of the devon horse show. and it's a thrill for equestrian lovers. >> we have horses and coaching and jumping and all sorts of equestrian activities. is books it runs may 26th to june 2nd and there is something for the entire family. >> we'll have the philly phanatic here one day and the mummers here one day and pray for memorial day second to none. for the young people coming in
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to see the horses that is exciting. for the folks that want to spend a nice day with the family -- >> the country fair is the philanthropic arm of the show and all the proceeds benefit bryn mawr hospital. >> last year we were able to give $500,000. >> and plenty of shopping. >> you go back and fine the ferris wheel and children playing in the duck pond and it's amazing.
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final check of accuweather it's looking good. >> we are warm, 78 in allentown and kutztown 78 and reading closer to 80 degrees. got a little bit of sunshine up to the north. down on the i-95 corridor it's cloudy in most spots and sunny breaks are possible and
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everybody is warm with mid to upper 70s. the farther south the cloudy it will be and the better chance of being in the mid-60s at the shore. pretty nice overall. >> take your co-workers to lunch david murphy. >> you can take me -- sure. >> don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for david murphy and rick williams, who is taking us to lunch, and the entire "action news" team, i'm sara bloomquist. have a nice afternoon.
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