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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  May 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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carry a gun many public. they were highly critical of the training policies of the police department. we'll have more coming up later tonight on "action news." now to an accident that changed the lives of hundreds of people forever and it happened one year ago today. an amtrak train left 30th street station and derailed. people are marking the anniversary of the tragedy and the overwhelming neighborhood response. it's thursday afternoon and i'm brian taff. >> and i'm sharrie williams, the big story is the first anniversary of amtrak train 188, eight people died and more than 200 others were hurt when the train went off the rail. the train was traveling 106 miles per hour. more than twice the speed limit. today the victims, witnesses and city leaders and amtrak officials are all paying tribute to people who lives were altered beyond measure that day.
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john rawlins is live now. that was chaos and tonight it is certain to be an emotional vigil. >> reporter: it was 9:23 when the train derailed. there will be a vigil to remember the anniversary. the cause of this crash remains undetermined. we know what happened. the train was going too fast for conditions but the why is still unclear. >> a year ago tonight amtrak 188 flew off the frankford curve and neighbors recalled the all hands on deck efforts by residents and first responders. >> i have never witnessed anything like that before and i hope i never do. >> serious train accidents are rare and this one was bad. the locomotive was traveling price the speed of the posted limit of 50. the ntsb will determine the
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cause of the crash next week in washington. amtrak's boss was in philadelphia today. >> we need to understand what really happened and we expect the ntsb to provide that very shortly. amtrak is already faulted for not having speed control technology on the line that could have stopped the speeding train. much of the scrutiny now is focused on the 32 amtrak engineer. andr andrew bostonion. he was not using his phone. as of last october he can still not recall his actions during the critical moments when the train reached 106 miles per hour when it should have been slowing to 50. besides the ntsb criminal probe there is an investigation by the philadelphia d.a. and today he
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was asked about the da's investigation. >> the first i have heard of it. >> he was driving the train 106 miles per hour. >> vehicular manslaughter or something like that, he took eight lives. >> the d.a.'s office is participating in the ntsb's investigation and the da is watching and waiting when it comes to rule when it comes to probable cause, the agency is already released a huge number of public documents, more than 2,000 pages of public findings. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you our coverage of the amtrak crash anniversary continues at, get caught up with the latest on the investigation into the tragedy and see our collection of photos and videos from the scene and we have a look back at those that lost their lives in the crash, find it all right now at
4:04 pm like everyone else, i had to wipe my eyes and double-check is that the sun? >> we enjoyed it. didn't we? i did. lets get outside to cecily tynan it is the place to be. >> reporter: we experienced something today we haven't had all month long, an above normal temperature day. the current temperature 75 degrees, seeing partly sunny skies and this is the first above average temperature day we have had in two weeks so i hope you enjoy it because we have changes on the way temperatures right now philadelphia 75 degrees and we do wake up with sunshine, wasn't it nice to see that sun this morning at 8:00 not a cloud in the sky, however with the heating of the day we are seeing some clouds bubbling up and there is some rain on the way and unsettled weather and thunderstorms, that will move in through the day tomorrow and
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another round that is moving in on saturday afternoon this is what to expect tomorrow, periods of rain and not raining all day but some rain is heavy at times with the high humidity and a few rumbles of thunder and a quarter inch to three quarters inch. i'll have details coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. from our delaware newsroom, a newark karate instructor is charged with two counts of rape and detectives believe there could be other victims out there. they say that carlos villa is charged. and gray hall will have more in a live report coming up at 5:00. now, to the latest in the race for the white house, topping the headlines today, the much anticipated meeting at capitol hill for likely gop nominee donald trump and house
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speaker, paul ryan. his first real effort to win over republican congressional lead leaders. >> that is true we want to beat hillary clinton. we had an encouraging meeting, there is no seek et that donald trump and i have had our differences and we talked about the differences today. it's very important that we don't fake unifying, pretend unification, we unify so we have strength in the fall. >> they pledge to move forward after unity after a nasty primary season. this was trump's first big sales pitch as the likely nominee. >> if you agree on 70%, that is always a lot. outside of the meeting at rnc headquarters on capitol hill. demonstrators trying to block the entrance and meeting. trump gave a wave as he went
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into the back door. paul ryan is the most powerful republican in washington, he has not endorsed trump but focused on positives. >> he is bringing a new thing, new voters. >> meanwhile democrat, hillary clinton is pushing him to release his taxes. >> why doesn't he want to release them? >> trump says he is being audited and until then he can't release them. >> hopefully before the election i will release and i would like to release. >> bernie sanders calls it an uphill climb and is optimistic about the next eight, he is not giving up yet. sharrie and brian -- >> thank you. it is time now for the "action news" traffic report. lets is send things to matt pellman. >> it will challenge us as well.
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the deck is stacked against us in several spots, this is the schuylkill expressway clogged in both directions close to the roosevelt boulevard. the travel times are 14 or 15 minutes. not helping us out is the closure of the kelly drive, because it's dad vail weekend. the regatta is in town. you can take it and detour around the ball fields but i would stick with the mlk drive and expect extra traffic. this is the roosevelt extension, a crash aproefrping the schuylkill but that cleared out and northbound is backing up like every afternoon. and an overturned vehicle crash as you approach norristown and the right lane is out of commission. so single digit speeds east of valley forge. this is 422, eastbound side a crash approaching trooper on the shoulder and westbound volume
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starting to kick in and carnies point township a truck flipped over so 35 southbound past 48 a lane is out as well. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday almost friday. it's nascar race weekend at the dover raceway, so we have traffic on key road as well. expect that to continue throughout the weekend. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> fast cars resulting in slow cars. still ahead today the trial begins for another police officer tied to a controversial case that made national headlines. and we talk to officer jessie hartnett about think recovering and what it means to have the support of the community. and imagine being able to take a picture with just a blink of your eye. it sounds like science fiction
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but a company has plans to make it reality. and it's time for one of adam joseph's outdoor adventure. he is enjoying the play ground in medford, new jersey. >> good news you know what that means? get the kids out and play so they get tired and sleep all night. you guys ready to have fun? >> yea! >> lets go in. when "action news" returns we'll have lots of fun. ♪
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the trial began for one of six officers charged in the freddie gray case. edward nero appeared in court for his role. he was han cuffed and put in the back of a police van without a
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seatbelt. he says he followed his training during the arrest and prosecutors say that is not true. the case will be decided by a judge rather than a jury. the first female president in brazil is facing permanent removal of office. she faces an impeachment trial. health experts say the up comes olympic games in rio could spread the zika virus and they are pushing to move the games to a different city. we'll have more coming up at 5:00. today they laced up their sneakers and embarked on a 100 mile journey to honor our heroes? >> the law enforcement run kicked off at the navy yard this morning and they will travel across three states to our nation's capital. they came from the tri-state
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area and even as far as canada, they are running for our men and women in blue who made the ultimate sacrifice. jessie hartnett was there for the sendoff. hartnett is still recovering after being ambushed in the line of duty. he says that all of this support means the world. >> showing support gives you faith in what you are doing and it's some big shoes to fill. it's definitely a big task and not easy, there are people out there that don't like the police and it's hard to deal with, so when you get the full support it makes it a lot easier and gives you more incentive to go out and do your job. >> the runners arrive in washington, d.c. by sunday, the beginning of national police week and as for hartnett, he is feeling pretty good.
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the road to recovery is long but he is on the mend. maybe he can join them next year. he is out supporting his fellow brothers and sisters in blue. >> i believe a newly engaged hero. >> yes. today center city put the focus on their neighbors. they hosted the annual job fair. katherine scott shows us it drew a crowd of thousands. >> plenty of resumes. >> reporter: resume in hand olga joins the line around the hall this morning at temple. tens of thousands come to the job fairhoping today is the day. >> i hope this is the end of my road to find a job. >> i'm look fog work over the summer. >> i'm an art history student, or i just graduated that was my major there is not a whole lot in the art.
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but i'm still being optimistic. >> each year the organizers promise the floor will be packed with employers looking to find positions of all different skill levels. this year 90 employers attended that is more than ever before. we have entry level job opportunities up to management opportunities and entrepreneur opportunities so there is plenty of job opportunities here for anybody that is looking. >> there are computers on site, so they can apply then and there at company websites, the process can be stressful. the need is great but they are hopeful it helps to spread resumes far and wide. >> i am going to every table. >> some job seekers like this format because they can meet the perspective employers face-to-face and hopes that that gives them an edge. >> in north philadelphia, katherine scott, channel 6
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"action news." >> wishing them the best of luck today. >> what a great opportunity. time for accuweather and another one of adam joseph's outdoor adventure. >> he is at the bob meyer playground and as always having fun with the kids. >> on your mark, get set -- go. >> wait i'll tickle you, what happens? did you win? did you win? these kids are having a blast and finally the weather is cooperating, what do you think this is fun, you guys done with the rain? >> yes! >> done playing inside? >> yes! >> this is only one of two playgrounds here on the bob myers memorial park we'll show you the other one in a little bit. lets talk weather because finally something good to talk about today. >> yeah! >> 78 in trenton and 77 in allentown and 75 in philadelphia. dew points are also coming up so
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it feels a little humid out here, wilmington 61 and millville 60. and 58 in philadelphia, once you get above 60, you say it feels more summer like and this is the warmest day we have seen since april 26 and. we look at satellite and radar close to home, we had the clear skies early on and now clouds are pushing in south and west of the area, d.c. and baltimore did not really break out of the clouds today. we finally did. a few showers in western pennsylvania and maryland and pushing in tomorrow. as we look at a wider vantage point here, we see a cold front from chicago to illinois and memphis with pop-up thunderstorms, through tennessee and virginia and north carolina, this front comes through on friday. the clouds are moving in and a few showers in the predawn hours, 55 to 58 degrees, future tracker showing tomorrow guess what? the clouds are back tomorrow
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guys. and then scattered showers in southern areas by noon time. a line of showers and downpours in the western suburbs and then it starts to work in a couple of different areas a line in new jersey of downpours and thunderstorms and a rumble of thunder tomorrow and another one near the i-95 corridor and it's not an all day rain but it briefly could be heavy but 6:30 in the evening -- someone has a popsicle -- i need to find these -- your four day at 4:00 forecast, a rumble of rain and 72 degrees, rather unsettled late morning and into the afternoon. saturday we start with sun and gusty thunderstorms developing in the afternoon with a pretty powerful piece of energy that will really drop the temperatures as we go into the second half of the weekend. 76 on saturday and then on sunday, it is windy and much cooler and dry and a high of only 60 and monday morning, it's going to be a chilly start. it stays breezy and cool in the
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afternoon but dry with temperatures topping off around 63 degrees. all right, you guys playing basketball over there? who is winning? you playing teams. >> we were winning. >> you know why you have the cool gloves man. and some of these girls here have popsicles. where did you get them? >> my dad. >> your dad? >> there is no more left. >> those are the best the red and the white and the blue. look at this, they will probably run -- the kids get to come out and enjoy -- she doesn't want to talk -- you want to talk we'll show the other playground. >> we said hello, you don't have to be shy. >> adam thank you. we have breaking news now chopper 6 hd just arrived in north philadelphia where we have learned that three people are taken to jefferson hospital
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because of a collision of a septa trolley and a car. this happened at 9th street and girard avenue. a septa route 15 trolley traveling westbound on 9th street when it collided with the car. you can see the result of this crash here. septa is temporarily running shuttle buses on to route 15 on to frankford avenue trying to make up for this trolley out of service. a live look from chopper 6 hd over the scene, we know now that people have been hurt from a crash from a trolley and car, and taken to jefferson for treatment. "action news" at 4:00 will be right back.
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a delaware man is accused of stealing more than $190,000 from the fire department he worked for. justin worked for the millville
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fire department from 2012 until last year. he admitted to using the department funds for his own personal use. oakley is charged with theft and falsifying business records. now a look at closing numbers. not a lot of movement, the dow barely closing up 9 points today to close at 17,720 points. tony is working on a contact lens that could double as a digital camera, they filed a patent application for the technology and the lens can capture still photos and videos using sensors and camera parts that would be embedded in the contact lens, all you have to do is take the picture is blink. samsung is working on a similar project. >> unbelievable. think about how huge cameras used to be.
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>> crazy. if you spotted a lot of creepy crawlers around town, you are not alone. caterpillars seem to be taking over and we look at the insect invasion next. >> plus -- i'm nydia han online shaving clubs promise a good shave we are checking them out in what's the deal? .
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"action news" continue with meteorologist, adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff.
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it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with news of an area judge facing charges for allegedly stealing more than $100,000. and thieves strike in a delaware man's driveway. hear from the victim who says his car was stolen right out from under his nose. >> and a model and mom is fueling a parenting debate online. she manages to enjoy a child free weekend every weekend find out how she pulls it off. chances are you have seen a few of these little guys popping up across the delaware valley. from the city to the suburbs, cat pierpillars seem to be invag neighborhoods. vernon odom is live with more. >> reporter: good evening sharrie and brian, indeed the experts say there appears to be more out here than last year and
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recent years past but it's an annual right of spring. no, this is not the pod of an alien body snatcher here on earth to take over, these appear on trees all over the eastern u.s. and all over pennypack park as they are every spring. it's the tent of an eastern caterpillar. still people are freaking out. >> they are creepy crawlers and make a lot of dirt and mess. >> they spin the tents to protect themselves from elements and predators and cold temperatures, and they hide in there. >> nothing to fear nature experts say, the caterpillar esolves to become a full pledged moth and they don't eat wool. their only crime is eating leaves on trees mostly wild cherry and other trees that promptly rejuvenate.
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>> they are not extremely distruckive and rarely kill the trees they eating and incredible important to birds. >> since this is their hatching season they are crawling all over neighborhoods in their evolution to moth. if they annoy you pick them up and throw them in a bucket of water. getting the chemicals in your yard is not good for you and does very little. >> i just don't like them, they crawl on your feet and your arms and they drop from the trees and get on your body. and like i said they make a mess all over. >> i like the look of them. it looks like snow. >> reporter: but winter is gone. brian and sharrie, these silk tents will be back next season when spring time comes again. i'm vernon odom, channel 6
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"action news". >> all right thank you. >> philadelphia police are asking for help finding a presidentner that escaped from the emergency room at pen presbyterian. they say that khalil robertson was being treated for dui and when officers when to make sure he was handcuffed, robertson jumped up and out of the room. the officers chased him out on to the street but he got away. criminal charges are filed against a berks county judge accused of stealing $113,000. prosecutors say that timothy dorrity took $15,000 from the wyomissing court. a man says he was robbed and stabbed multiple times in south philadelphia.
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they found him on ruby street at 4:00 this morning and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened. the victim says he was stabbed a few blocks away and witnesses tell police he was in a fight with four other men. a delaware man is hoping that this video will help catch a thief that stole a car out of his driveway, vince perry is warming up his car and wife's car in newcastle yesterday morning. he went inside and when he came back out, his wife's car was gone and there it goes. >> turns out perry's home surveillance system captured the entire crime. it through us way off our beat, we would be on our way to work but we didn't go for the day and had to call insurance companies and rent a car and we were kind of shocked all day. >> well, perry is urging anyone with information to contact newcastle county police. all right now to a check of
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the accuweather forecast. from meteorologist, adam joseph, who picked a perfect day for an outdoor adventure. adam is live in medford at the bob meyer memorial park and hanging out with the kids too. good day. >> reporter: the original playground here was built back in the early 1990s, this particular area back here. and this is a community driven playground and park, like a nonprofit. where the community comes together and puts it together. and then a second playground built in 2010, the first all accessible playground in the entire burlington county. wheelchairs can get up there and all kids can have fun. lets look at the numbers now, high temperatures with the sun back, we finally get back into the 70s here, 80 degrees in buffalo today and so far new york city on the verge of 80 and
4:35 pm
washington, d.c. 65 degrees where the clouds did not budge, if you look at double scan live radar a few thunderstorms in western pennsylvania but the biggest concentration is in the tennessee valley, that is a long a cold front that will pass in here on your friday to bring us more rain as we round out the week. >> are you being silly? show everyone what you were just doing being silly. they are getting the energy out of the kids because they are finally out of the house. with vernon's package, how many are you carrying around? >> three. >> they are having fun with the caterpillars. i'll let you know if the sun returns in the accuweather forecast. >> what are you going to name him? we'll get back to her on that. adam thank you. visitors to this summer's democratic convention get a unique perspective on the voting
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process. mayor jim kenney announced the return of political fest, that debuted during the republican convention back in 2000, the idea is to allow visitors to learn about goemts and the road to the white house. children in philadelphia have a new place to learn, the first reading nook opened today at a neighborhood barbershop and children gathered at the creative image on cecil b. moore avenue. at least three other barbershops will participate. it's a partnership with philadelphia and pnc bank. >> the childrens hospital of philadelphia invited patients and families to learn about healthy eating today. two chefs put on the culinary demonstration and rooftop gardens, along with that new book it's part of the hospital's
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books and cooks series and the reach out and read program. >> philadelphia firefighters are ready to fill the boot once again, they kicked off their annual campaign in south philadelphia today. starting tomorrow 2000 firefighters are fan out across the city asking drivers for donations and the money goes to kids and adults battling md and ms. coming up george zimmerman is getting a lot of attention for what he is putting up on the auction block. we have the details straight ahead. plus, it's a love story between a 2-year-old and his favorite disney princess, the adorable story next in big talkers. and we'll check in with adam who has the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" continues next.
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the gun george zimmerman
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used to kill trayvon martin is hitting the auction block. zimmerman posted a trips calling it american firearm icon. it was set to be auctioned off on another site but they took it down this morning. zimmerman said the broker was not prepared for the traffic or publicity. the gun was in federal custody since zimmerman was acquitted in martin's death. pope francis announced today that he is open to the idea of allowing women to serve in ordained ministry, the holy father is willing to create a commission to see if women could become decons. he clarified this would not allow women to become priests. big talkers now, a child free weekend, it may sound good to people watching this now.
4:41 pm
one mom in particular is getting slammed for this decision to have a child free weekend every weekend. every weekend they drop their 2-year-old girl violet off at grandma's house, in an interview, finch says having the weekend for themselves is healthy for their relationship and sunday when they pick up their daughter, they have their energy back. now social media went to town on this confession calling them selfish and childish and finch fired back on instagram saying a mother should not be made to feel she are not doing stuff when they are safe and loved and only a mother knows what is best. that post is liked more than 4,000 times, really good discussion on this on my
4:42 pm
facebook page right now. you can call this happily ever after. there is a princess, snow white and prince, jack from north carolina. and the setting is not more perfect. little jack was recently diagnosed with autism. his mom amanda says he is normally quiet and does not do well with strangers no less costume characters until he met his leading ladies. mom says his eyes lit up and he went in for a big old hug even resting on his lap. look at her laughing, he is smitten and she is happy too. mom says he had never seen snow white before, so this is really love at first sight and they are grateful to the actress and this tender smile from his little guy
4:43 pm
is viewed a million times go watch it on our website and facebook page right now. >> adorable. >> and snow white seemed to like it too. >> lets get a check of the roads right now. >> the ride home will not feel like a fairytale. dreams are not coming through on 95, the crash cleared from the southbound left lane at woodhaven road and still slow from street road and getting on to the southbound side of 95 from wood haven. that is one of many things going on. an accident at the roosevelt boulevard at tyson and the wawa and kelly drive is shut down until saturday evening because the dad gail regatta is back in town and the septa trolley at 19th and girard, the 16th is shuttling to the delaware loop. and the crash approaching norristown has cleared out and speeds now up in the 30s.
4:44 pm
better than the teens from the last time and still in the teens on the eastbound schuylkill. you probably don't want to use 422 westbound if you are headed out toward reading, single digit speeds because of a crash near 222 on the westbound side of 422 blocking at least one or possibly more lanes. delays this afternoon out of wilmington along 52 pennsylvania avenue because the wilmington grand prix is going on and it should wrap up shortly. and we are watching the volume heading down to dover, for the nascar race down there this weekend and a truck flipped over past 48 and still in the 20s there. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. meteorologist, adam joseph, back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast in an outdoor adventure next.
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well, the sunshine is all the rage as we check on the accuweather forecast. >> everyone is smiling, big big smiles out there. adam joseph is live in medford, new jersey where they are having a lot of fun. >> well, i just got stood up by this guy here, he shows up with popsicles for all the kids. needless to say -- just kidding, we are having a good time. back and forth, it's handicap accessible and you can come in and have some fun. i want to see someone climb the rock wall there. the sun is back to help us enjoy what should be temperatures in the 70s this time of year -- are you giving it to me? wow did you see that? thank you very much. lets look at the numbers right now, temperature-wise we are in the 70s across much of the area and in fact it is 78 in trenton
4:48 pm
and 72 in wilmington and at the coast temperatures in the 60s. satellite and radar, most of the area is seeing the sunshine return and just a few clouds have pushed into southwestern areas parts of delaware as well as lancaster county. that is why numbers are lower there. but most of the action is in the tennessee valley along a cold front that is swinging across chicago. and that arrives here as we close out the week on friday. but for tonight, the clouds thicken up from west to east and there could be a shower late in much of the area, there are periods of rain into friday and it's not raining the entire day but as the system passes through there are some downpours and a rumble of thunder and .25 to .75 inch of rain. morning sunshine gives way to gusty afternoon thunderstorms,
4:49 pm
and some have winds that go up to 40 to 45 miles per hour. and a little bit of small hail as well. a high of 76, and for the weekend on sunday as we fly towards the plain states, high pressure is coming in through canada, a tight pressure gradient meaning strong winds and that is sunday's wind as well as chilly temperatures to come in the second half of the weekend. but for this weekend, a big race, nascar is back in dover on friday and showers and thunderstorms kind of disrupt the truck races with a temperature of 74 degrees, on saturday, 76 sunny and afternoon thunderstorms, again there could be interruption with the race on saturday but sunday for the sprint cup series, looking good and breezy and cooler and dry with temperatures at 63. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, some rain here tomorrow and maybe the rumble of thunder and temperatures around 72 degrees, saturday afternoon gusty thunderstorms and 76 and then on
4:50 pm
sunday it's windy and much cooler and high temperatures around 12 to 13 degrees below normal of 60 and monday it's breezy and cool and dry of 63, clouds build on tuesday, 66 and could be a passing shower on wednesday into thursday and then temperatures respond to around 70 degrees. it's pretty warm out here isn't it? >> yes. >> we are not going to complain though, because after all of that rain we want sunshine and warmth and i feel a couple of sweat beads but someone brought popsicles for the kids? >> no. >> you did? >> i did. it's good do you want to play in the sand box, we are close enough at the shore here in burlington county, they have a mass of sand box they can go in and play and dig, it's not just a whole park, look at this little guy, he is like look at all of these people bombarding
4:51 pm
my space. how old is he? >> 16 months. >> you come here a lot? >> yes, we live right around the corner. >> are you off duty but the next half hour we'll see what we can fine here to do at the bob myers memorial park. he is an absolute doll. hi. this is pretty sweet. >> tell the kids we said hi s nice place to be outside today. what is the deal is coming up next with some of those popular mail order razors next. each candidate is getting ready to announce their vp pick. see how the drama unfolds here on 6 abc and here is a look at of the rest of tonight's prime time lineup. ♪
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are you sick of paying too much for a good shave? online shaving clubs promise to save you money and nydia han checks them out >> reporter: when you needed a razor you went to a store and now discount razor stores deliver to your door. from broad strokes on the face to shaving the entire head to side burns to the sensitive spot under the nose, a team of consumer reports staffers checked out four razors sold through shave clubs. >> our testers used eight different shavers at home and then came in for a post shave evaluation comparing the skin to different kinds of sand paper.
4:55 pm
dollar shave club was the least favorite for comfort and ease of handling but did well at closeness of shave and is also the least expensive. but for most of the testers that is not enough of an enticement. >> the shave is the most important. >> two others harry's true man $188 was better for handling but the gillette pro shield was voted the favorite. they said it gave a slightly closer shave than the others. >> but well over $5 per cartridge, the gillette is by far the most expensive. >> pricey pro shield is the only one you can find in stores, but you get a slightly better deal if you buy it online through the club. >> you join the club and they
4:56 pm
commamatically, you can cancel any time but it may take searches on the website to figure out how to do it. >> finally at 4:00 today. wilmington's police chief was pushed over the edge today for a good cause. chief bobby cummings repelled 17 stories down the side of the 300 delaware avenue building. fundraisersponsored by td bank and other people overcame their fear of heights to tackle the 222 drop. >> the ideas they came up with. >> it's great. >> yes, good deal. now for brian taff, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams, join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass for a look at 5:00. >> coming up next on "action
4:57 pm
news" at 5:00, a former karate instructor in delaware facing charges accused of touching two preteens inappropriately. plus a deady amtrak crash a year later. the tough road for survivors after the derailment in philadelphia. and just months in brazil before the olympic games.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a 28-year-old delaware man is behind bars accused of inappropriately touching two young children and police are worried there may be even more victims. thursday night and the big story is the child rape investigation into newcastle county. gray hall is live now with the story. >> reporter: well monica and rick, the suspect is facing serious charges tonight. police say that the alleged victim in the case was brave enough to contact an adult about the allegations and the adult called the police.
5:00 pm
carlos villa is in jail charged with multiple counts of rape. >> the victims were under the age of 12. >> they learned about the allegations against villa in march of this year, they were contacted after one victim told an adult that villa touched her inappropriately multiple times. investigating the first case police learned there was a second alleged victim and one is villa's family member. >> the victim reached out to a trusted adult and helped us to start the investigation. >> villa lives in the 1700 block of coventry lane in delaware. due to the sensitively of the this case would not confirm where he works but confirmed it was a karate studio on kirkwood highway. >> we are not sure what his employment is, was he part-time or volunteer, but we know he had


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