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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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eight people were killed and it happened at the frankford junction in port richmond and even one year later we are waiting for answers. many of which may come next week when we get the report from the ntsb. we have two reports, chad pradelli is at 30th street station and john rawlins live at the crash scene. lets begin with you. >> reporter: right now they are setting up for a 7:00 p.m. vigil behind me here. it's a year of investigation, what happened is pretty clear but the why is not. workers this morning clearing weeds from near tonight's vigil site just yards from the crash site. it was clear that 188 sped up to 10 hundred miles per hour when it should have slowed up from 80 to 50. what is not clear is why. it will be determined at aboard
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meeting next week. >> we have to understand what really happened and we expect the ntsb to provide that, and amtrak is faulted for not having speed control technology and it could have stopped the overspeeding train and amtrak has since installed such equipment. and much attention is on the engineer, brandon bostian and he has been a rail buff since childhood and passionate about trains. there was no drugs or alcohol in his system. but as of last november bostian could not recall his actions when the train accelerated when it should have been slowing. in addition to the investigation, seth williams is conducting a criminal investigation. attorneys represent a number of crash victim and is critical of bostian. and says this. >> i assume they are waiting for the final ntsb report and i
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would not fault them for being deliberative and waiting and making the decision when the evident is in. >> they generated some 2,000 documents in this case, but the consensus is they do not contain a smoking gun. what did the engineer do, at this point he says he cannot recall. >> thank you john. a total of eight people were killed when the train hit the junction curve at 106 miles per hour and 160 people were injured in what was a chaotic scene. chad pradelli has been focusing on those surviving victims today and chad is live at 30th street station. >> reporter: we heard from one of the victim before today's memorial at city hall. in his words life is terrible. it's been a long road to recovery for many of the victim, one filled with pain and
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perseverance. >> i have pain 24/7. i have problems breathing because almost my entire rib cage was shattered and it didn't heal properly and not where it's suppose to be. >> robert hewitt says his body will never be like it once was. he was the first victim to enter hahnemann hospital and the last to leave. >> i don't remember my stay there. >> with his wife and daughter by his side hewitt spoke about the impact to his family. >> i have a 3 1/2-year-old granddaughter and i condition even hold her. >> i am angry i hold it in. >> my whole family is angry. >> what hewitt remembers is the speed of the train before the
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crash, it seemed fast for a ride he had taken dozens of time and then a tipping feeling and then he was airborne. >> i flew out of my seat and hit the ceiling and luggage racks and seats and before i lost consciousness i crashed head-on with another gentlemen. hewitt never found the gentlemen or learned what happened to him and that leaves him with a sense of guilt. >> i wonder, did he live or die? did me hitting him kill him? hurt him? was he dead when he hit me? i don't know. but it bothers me. >> reporter: and coming up tonight at 11:00 you'll hear jerry lynn's story, the most badly injured in 188 and hear from her husband who franticcly searched for his wife for nine
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hours after the crash. that is tonight on "action news" at 11:00. live at 30th street station, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. our coverage of the amtrak disaster, anniversary continues at you can get caught up with the latest on the ntsb investigation and see our collection of photographs and videos from the scene, we also have a look back at those that lost their lives. it is there at four wilmington police officers will not be criminally charged with the shooting death of a man in a wheelchair. cell phone video captured the incident. when they trained their guns on journey mcdole. they found no probable cause to charge the officers but the doj found that conduct by senior corporal delos was extraordinary
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bad behavior. mcdole's family is moving forward with a civil case. >> police have charge aid man from newark delaware with multiple charges of child rape and they are worried there could be more alleged victims than the two they know about now. >> reporter: police are asking the public to take a look at carlos villa of delaware, he is charged with rape and sexual abuse of a minor. >> they are minors, the victims were under the age of 12. >> villa works at a karate studio, and because of the sensitive name of the case, they are not releasing the name of the studio. >> we are not sure what his employment is, part-time or volunteer but we know he had access to children. >> the alleged sexual crimes did
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not take place at his place of employment but at the suspect's home. investigating the first case police learned there was a second alleged victim. officers say that one is villa's family member, they are urging anyone that thinks they were a victim to report it. >> we will make sure their identity it not released and they have nothing to worry about. >> the suspect is locked up in jail and bond is set at $220,000. a berks county judge was rushed to the hospital this morning before he was suppose to surrender to authorities on theft charms. wissinoming judge timothy dougherty was charged with stealing more than 15,000 there's from his office that collects fines and court costs and accused of taking nearly
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$98,000 from the fire company. he was taken to the hospital from his office. dozens of runners set off from the nation's capital this morning to honor police officers killed in the line of duty. the law enforcement memorial run started at the navy yard. the group is running 100 miles to washington, there they will join with others across the country for the national peace offices memorial service. that is on sunday. philadelphia officer jessie hartnett ambushes in the line of duty earlier this year and shot. was at the start to show his support. there is definitely people that don't like the police and it's hard to deal with and when you get the full support it make it's a lot easier and gives you more incentive to do your job. >> these events are part of national law enforcement month. they may be small but these youngsters have big time brain
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power. the masterson school mastery of the mind team were honored. they are in the fifth through seventh great and they won first place in the state finals, they had to figure out how to catch a moving object at a distance and they had to use a fan powered car and claw to get it done. odyssey of the mind. coming up tonight, ready, willing and able. members of a job training program are honored after jumping into action to rescue a woman who crashed her vehicle. and done deal, ducis rogers is here with the details of a contract that makes carson wentz a philadelphia eagle. live over the commodore barry bridge finally the sunshine is back and the warmest day in two weeks, now i'm tracking two days of showers and thunderstorms followed by a cool down.
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i'll have the details in the accuweather forecast. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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new at 6:00 tonight it happened today in south philadelphia. they gave high praise to six men that thought fast and moved even faster to save the life of a woman in fairmount park. sara bloomquist has the story. >> reporter: this is the scene at fairmount park. matt o'donnell caught this video of a nissan dangling off the road nose down.
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we didn't know what happened to the driver until today. >> you see that scene we just reacted. we rushed out and here we are. >> today ray foreman and the rest of his team at ready willing and able received a commendation from darryl clark for rescuing the woman behind the wheel. ready willing and able give homeless and incarcerated men a chance to rebuild their life with training and housing and education. they were headed to a job site when they saw the crash. >> the big guy shot out he was ready to go. >> he grabbed the female driver's hans while she was hanging upside down. >> i said i got you. >> she fell right into my arms. he passed her to his buddies and they got her to safety.
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>> i didn't even hear it from the guys, i heard it from the witnesses first. >> they downplayed it? >> they absolutely downplayed. >> they got the recognition they deserved with the commendation and from the woman they rescued. >> they did it without a second thought and probably saved the person as life. when they leave they hope to have jobs hopefully this helps to get them hired. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." patients at the childrens hospital of philadelphia and their families learn how to whip up a new dish today courtesy of the hospital's books and cooks series. the youngsters enjoyed a cooking demonstration followed by story time and they could enjoy the chop sea garden on the roof of the hospital. the garden gives children a hands on connection with nature
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one first round draft choice now sign, sealed and delivered. >> they have all of their draft picks signed and the one we are talking about, he is in the n t nest. it's a four year $26.7 million contract including a 17.6 million there's signing bonus. he will be on the field when they open mini camp. the sixers could end up with two top four picks are doing their due diligence, they will learn their picks next week and gm knows the moment could shape the franchise's future. >> it's a big night for us, we have a chance to have two top five picks, depending on the
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laker pick and two later first round picks, a lot of tools to start building this roster up and cap space and resources there and whatever happens on tuesday night could be a big turning point for us. >> st. joe's isiah miles are at the combine and embry is projected late in the first round. villanova guard, josh hart is at the combine as well. speaking of villanova, the celebration continues, the mens basketball champions are planning a trip to the white house, president obama will host the team on may 31st. curtis jones jr. is helping to commemorate the title for the first time in 31 years. the phillies have the number one overall pick and they are
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scouting a local prospect and jaime apody scouts him as well. nolan jones looks like a professional baseball player and he may just be one. he is rated among the top 20 in this year's major league draft. >> it's a dream of mine and i watch professional baseball games thinking i may have an tun to be on the field is indescribable. >> he has a rifle for an arm and batting .620 with natural power. want proof? >> the ball jumps off his bat and i never have or never will have a chance to coach anybody with his tal enever again, it's a once inform a lifetime tun. >> nolan is impressive and draws quite the crowd. >> see these guys? it's all major league scouts. >> we had one game with 40 scouts, i think every major
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league team was here at some point that year. >> and a familiar face, his older brother, payton. this june he may get drafted too. by the nhl. the 20-year-old penn state si signee is a top draft pick. >> this is not something we expected. he committed to penn state, the first step of his journey and this could be indescribable for our family. >> two brothers two different sports and one common goal, pro sports and next month both dreams could come true. >> a lot of tal enin that family. >> getting back to nolan, he signed with virginia but to be a first round pick, he is looking at a $2 million signing bonus, he may be going to the pros. coming up on "action news," the latest from accuweather and
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cecily tynan when we continue in just a moments.
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you enjoyed today's weather right? done, finished, over. >> we have a few more hours, get outside and enjoy this. things change tomorrow. stormtracker 6 live double scan finally getting a break with dry weather today and sky 6 hd taking a look over the ben franklin bridge and one of those days we started with bright blue skies and sunshine and some clouds bubbling up in the afternoon. still plenty of sunshine out there, and temperatures the first time this month, above normal. it warmed up to 76 degrees in philadelphia. that is 3 degrees above normal.
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the warmest day in two weeks back on april 26th, we hit 86 the warmest day so far this year. tomorrow get out the umbrellas not all day rain but showers and rumbles of thunder a .25 to .75 inch of rain and more showers and thunderstorms saturday afternoon. right now still pretty comfortable out there. philadelphia 74 degrees, allentown 76 down from the high of 80 in allentown and cape may 65 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing again we are seeing some clouds and they are high and they are thin and getting filtered sunshine and plenty of unsettled weather to the west, is in western kentucky, we get a lot of scattered showers and thunderstorm as head of it. they are moving in mid-day
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tomorrow. future tracker 6 showing 8:00 tomorrow morning, lots of clouds and a spotty shower possible mainly west of philadelphia, i don't think we'll see a lot of widespread rain for the morning commute, the key time around lunch time, future tracker 6 showing 1:00 a good line of heavy downpours and thunderstorms around i-95 and areas north and west. it scoots off the coast at 6:00 and then we actually get clearing, and looking good for the phillies game tomorrow at 7:00 and then on saturday, we start with sunshine but a second cold front moves through in the afternoon with another round of storms and this is a stronger front, i wouldn't be surprised we get widespread gusty thunderstorms and perhaps small storm. the high ahead of it 76 degrees, behind it we get the wind tunnel effect and high pressure from the west and low pressure from new england that pulls down gusty winds and sunday temperatures only the high 60 and winds up to 35 miles per
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hour so it will feel more like 50 degrees, the big race weekend in dover, friday for the truck races and showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, 74 degrees and the qualifiers on saturday, there will be afternoon thunderstorms but for the main event, the sprint cup series on sunday, it's looking good and cooler and plenty of sunshine and a gusty breeze. the exclusive accuweather forecast, showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, a high of 72 degrees, we do that again saturday afternoon, 76 and saturday the sunshine is back and it's at a price. 60 degrees and windy. and then monday 63 and passing shower on wednesday and 68 and thursday back up to 70 degrees. we'll have more coming up on the storms tonight at 11:00. a special birthday celebration at the brookdale
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campus in north wales. mary mccoun was with family and friends to ring up her 102nd year. she started working as a seamstress in 1917. she did not retire until she was 92 and from all of us at channel 6, a happy birthday to mary mccue. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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. tonight, the high stakes meeting. who's the boss? donald trump or paul ryan? new details coming in from inside their face to mace meeting. what both said afterward. plus trump tonight, and what he's now saying about his proposed muslim ban. late today, the two officers now suspended after this moment. a chase, the driver crawling out of the car. and what happened next. was it excessive force? outrage tonight. george zimmerman now selling the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. just a short time ago, putting it back on the auction block. breaking developments about the two boys lost at sea and that iphone found on their boat. and the new statement just in tonight from joan rivers' daughter about her mother's death.


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