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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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amtrak 188. a deadly local police shooting, the target of a report next. >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. they came together tonight to remember eight lives lost one year ago tonight. this was the vigil tonight near the spot where amtrak 188 derailed and cause add horrific
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crash. this was the chance to honor the dead, recognize the survivors, and pay tribute to the entire community. it is thursday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the one-year anniversary of the amtrak disaster in port richmond. in addition to the dead, more than 200 people were hurt in one of the worst train accidents in philadelphia history. we will know much more about how and why it happened next tuesday when the ntsb releases its report. but tonight, dann cuellar, service all about the human toll. about the people lost to this horrific crash. >> that's right, jim. it was an emotional gathering tonight near the site of one of the worst rail accidents in american memory. among those here tonight were the families of some of the victims. [bagpipes playing] >> one year after the catastrophic derailment of
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amtrak 188, family and victims joined by first responders remembering those killed and injured. >> it is in our grief and supporting each other we are able to start on the road to healing. >> the amtrak train was behind them a few feet away, playing wreaths for those killed. among those, parents of laura from new york. >> it is wonderful they have done this. and the mayor had a service earlier that was wonderful. >> the ntsb to release findings next week on what caused the tragedy, the fate of amtrak 188 appears to be a mystery. why was the train engineer going over twice the speed limit? a question national investigators may never be able to answer. he tells the ntsb he does not remember when the train reached 106 miles per hour when he should have slowed to 50 approaching the sharp suffer at frankford junction. >> we still yet need to
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understand what did really happen and we expect the ntsb to provide that very shortly. [bagpipes playing] >> as families await answers from the ntsb, at least the finamores hope that they stop focusing so much on the engineer. >> there was one report that was out that they didn't know what he did, but they were indicting him, and i think that's terrible. i think the entire issue should be examined. >> like, for instance, why amtrak had not installed automatic speed control technology on the northbound line that might have stopped the over-speeding train. amtrak has since installed such equipment. live in port richmond, for channel 6 "action news." congressman murphy was on the train on his way from washington. he remembers being on his ipad
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doing work when the train car flipped. >> i was knocked unconscious and came to. and i checked my arms and legs and they were still there. and i heard a lot of screaming and crying. and saw the blood and debris. i am grateful to still be alive. it was a dangerous moment. i thought that i was a goner and it reminded me a lot of my deployments in the army, and i was just blessed to live another day. >> murphy knocked out a window of the train and helped survivors escape, and then tended to the wounded. coming up later in this newscast, exclusive interview with another victim onboard. a woman who says every breath she takes reminds her of the crash as her ribs and bones were broken. and her husband's search, and he located her on an app in a few moments. and not bringing charges against four wilmington police officers involved in the deadly
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shooting of jeremy mcdole last september. mcdole was confined to a wheelchair, but one of the officers has been severely criticized by the wilmington police. and christie ileto, what are the details on this? >> reporter: jim, they handed down this scathing 31-page report highlighting what they call as department deficiency and singled out a senior officer but it is little comfort to the family. >> fuming about the newly released report saying the four officers who shot her brother, jeremy was justified. >> why are they any different from us? any different because they are police officers? >> starting as a 911 call with a man with a gun. and joseph dellose fired the first shot at mcdole. >> drop the gun! >> a bystander's cell phone show
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more officers swarming him telling him to drop his weapon and raise his hands. and mcdole reaches for his waist before the barrage of bullets. [gunfire] >> they say that dellose showed poor police work endangering the public, and he should not be employed or be allowed to carry a gun. and the report showing deficiencies in how the department prepares officers for the situation. >> even before the doj report we said they weren't and that's why we sued them and said they weren't. >> and jacobs is one of the attorneys representing the family. >> they do not have the proper rules and regulations on the use of excessive force or how to deal with individuals who might seem to be uncommunicative. >> will you ever have faith in the justice system? >> right now i am going to say my answer is no, i wouldn't. >> why is that? >> what they are doing in my
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brother's case. you are saying the officers are wrong but not pressing any charges on them. >> and the city officials declined to comment about the report, but release add statement saying they strongly disagree with the doj's criticism. and reporting live for channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the philadelphia police on the scene of a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. this is somerset street near park avenue. the victim shot in the head an hour ago. so far there are no arrest. chopper 6 over clifton heights, delaware county tonight as a multi-garage structure caught fire. smoke could be seen from miles around. the fire at the building in the 400 block of south springfield road was extinguished at 8:00. fortunately, nobody was hurt. ♪ mr. trump goes to washington for the most attention-grabbing closed-door meeting anyone can remember.
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talking to paul ryan, who so far has refused to endorse trump. but based on what they are saying they are moving closer. >> at least in rhetoric. months of angry words, the g.o.p. says they are making their peace with donald trump. and trump reportedly did most of the listening on capitol hill today. still they all say they found some common ground. >> paul ryan, the speaker of the house and donald trump, presu sufsump -- presumptive candidate got down to work. >> and encouraging meeting. in 45 minutes you don't litigate all the processes and principles we are talking about. >> the men released a joint statement saying while we were honest about our few differences we recognize there are also many important areas of common ground. later ryan tweeted a retort calling the chat with school children his most important meeting of the day. still, trump has been softening
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his tone on key issues like the muslim ban. >> i should back off on it, i would like to back off as soon as possible. >> and medicare and social security, key concepts that trump won't touch. and even if he meets ryan half way, experts say he can't go much further or will lose voters. >> he has to do donald trump, that's what got him here. >> and in palm beach, saying in a facebook post that donald trump should be shot. and he is now being investigated by the secret service and trump disavowed him. >> the butler 85 years old says he does not apologize working for donald trump for 17 years. >> thank you. the democratic side, bernie sanders pushing hard looking ahead to june 7. he had three rallies today and tonight including this one in rapid city, south dakota. and he insisted that if he can
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win california and some other final day primaries on the 7th he can win the nomination. sanders also visited mount rushmore today. in response to a tongue-in-cheek question saying there was room right next to lincoln for his own head. and hillary clinton hosted h.i.v. and aids activists at her headquarters in brooklyn. police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty honored tonight in westchester. members of local police departments joined county residents to pay tribute to officers and other law enforcement personnel who lost their lives protecting others. pennsylvania governor tom wolf and senator bob casey were among those who gathered tonight at the historic congregation celebrating israel's
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independence day. honoring the soldiers fighting for the establishment in 1948. and tonight's event was organized by the friends of the israel defense forces. members of the mummers spring bands followed through on a promise they made after several controversial skits during new year's day parade. meeting with nellie fitzpatrick, a liaison for the lgbt community. and still to come on "action news" tonight, returning to our big story for an exclusive sit-down interview with an amtrak victim. backfiring. developments in the past hour on george zimmerman's attempt to sell the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. and changing the rules of the game to protect young football players. we have that story. after today's warm sunshine, tracking hours and thunderstorms
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on the way not just tomorrow afternoon, but also over the weekend. i will have it for you in the accuweather seven-day forecast. and the phillies try to bounce back in atlanta when "action news" continues tonight. ♪
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state troopers from both massachusetts and new hampshire have been suspended after authorities viewed this video. it shows troopers pummelling a suspect yesterday after a 50-mile chase. the pursuit started in holden, massachusetts and ended in nashua, new hampshire. the suspect exited the truck, put his hands on the ground and that's when the troopers started wailing away. a late development on a controversy simmering all day, a gun sales website decided to terminate the auction of george zimmerman's gun. that was the gun that zimmerman used to kill trayvon martin. the united gun group now says it is not in the organization's best interest to host the sale.
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zimmerman shot and killed martin an unarmed teenager in 2012. and he was acquitted based on florida's stand your ground law. and trayvon martin the topic of an emotional play that opened in philadelphia. called "the ballod of trayvon martin" and the last seven hours of his life. and it explores the role that martin's death played in the black lives matter movement. ♪ on this the one-year anniversary of the deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia, we have the story of one ever the survivors and her husband's extraordinary odyssey to find her and to be at her side. it has been a long road ever since. "action news" reporter chad pradelli has the story. >> i remember screaming. and the next thing i knew i woke
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up in the hospital several days later. >> jeralyn ritter does not remember the mangle of amtrak 188, the blood, the debris or horror on the faces of the passengers. but each breath she now takes is a reminder of the derailment. >> my life is so radically different now. i hurt all the time. >> the crash threw her internal organs into her chest. her diaphragm was ruptured, ribs crushed and pelvis broken in half. her body has been put back together with pins, rods and screws. >> you know very gradually you start realizing that this -- it's not just a matter of some bones knitting back together. >> watching your wife go through something like this it harder than anything i've done. >> husband, john ritter, was watching tv when the train
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derailed. >> so i quickly realized that jeralyn could likely be on that train. >> the repeated calls to her iphone went unanswered and john checked his find my iphone app, finding his wife's phone about 25 feet off the track where the television reports said that the accident was located. >> i knew it was just an unreal experience. >> he immediately got friend to watch his son and made the one-hour drive to philadelphia. he checked the crash site, hospitals and then a family assist center. nothing. >> i sad down for five minutes and just started crying. and there is this guy, a volunteer, a red cross volunteer. >> and finally, nine hours after the derailment, with the help of a nurse at thomas jefferson, he learned of a jane doe at penn presbyterian hospital, confirmed it was his wife and texted his
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oldest son, worried sick all night. >> and he told me that he fell down on his knees and said "thank god." >> and i think of the other families that didn't get what passed for good news at that point, you know. my husband texting my son "found mom, she's alive." >> jeralyn has endured nearly a dozen surgeries and hundreds of thousands of rehabilitation. a lawyer for merck, she still has not returned to work. the engineer of amtrak 188 has not been charged and may never be charged. >> there has to be accountability, and there has to be responsibility. and we've seen neither so far. >> a civil lawsuit is pending. jeralyn and her husband say that will play out. they haven't thought about bostian, too focused on jeralyn's recovery. >> nobody can tell me, you know, that i am going to be ok and that i am going to be anywhere
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close to feeling how i used to. and that's hard to deal with. >> the ritters attended the memorial service at city hall hoping to meet some of the emergency responders that helped her that night. they didn't meet any, but the paramedics said this they would work to make it happen. in the satellite center, chad pradelli for channel 6 "action news." "healthcheck." pop warner people eliminating kickoffs in the name of children's safety. the ban affecting the three youngest divisions from ages 5 to 10. it begins this coming fall. the move is meant to reduce injuries keeping youngsters from running full-speed into each other. instead, the ball will be spotted on the 35-yard line. the 15 young men and women of this reception joining a unique club headed to the academy at west point. the future cadets gathered
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tonight. every year more than 50,000 students apply to west point. only 9% get in. including those 15 young people tonight in old city. congratulations to them. cecily tynan with that accuweather forecast. >> and find that umbrella yet again of the didn't need it today finally, and stormtracker 6 live double scan getting a break from all of the wet weather. we were dry today and warm. and even now temperatures mild, 64 degrees in philadelphia down from the high of 76, which is 3 degrees above normal. the warmest day in two weeks. first time this month we had temperatures above normal. allentown 68 down from the high of 80. reading 63, millville 60, trenton 64, and wilmington currently 63 degrees. satellite 6, along with action radar, showing showers and thunderstorms really marching through the ohio valley. they are all ahead of a cold front, the first of two that will sweep through tomorrow afternoon. futuretracker showing 8:00
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tomorrow morning, lots of clouds. i don't think we'll see much shower activity, maybe a few light showers west of philadelphia. but the main action really rolls in late morning into early afternoon. the latest models holds us back 'til about 3:00. i would say any time around lunchtime until about 3:00 along the i-95 corridor. we will see a line of showers, perhaps embedded thunderstorms. and it quick moving rolling off the coast by about 6:30. the phillies game tomorrow at 7:00 should be ok. and clearing out overnight. and saturday morning you step outside and look at this. bright sunshine yet again. saturday afternoon a stronger cold front rolls through, showing a good squall line of thunderstorms moving through about 5:00. i wouldn't be surprised if some have intense gusty winds and even small hail. and behind the system a big cooldown on sunday. and sunday will be dry. it's a big weekend in dover, delaware for the races. friday for the trucks races,
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some showers and storms in the afternoon. 74 degrees. saturday for the qualifiers, there will be some thunderstorms late in the day, 76. but for the main event, the sprint cup series sunday it will be dry. good amount of sunshine, but cool, 63 degrees with gusty winds. at least the track will be dry on sunday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. midday until early afternoon. the high, 72 degrees. on saturday, morning looks fine. late in the afternoon gusty thunderstorms, 76. and sunday, it will be windy, bright sunshine, but much cooler. the high only 60. we have wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour. feeling close to 50 degrees, and monday breezy and cold, 63. and on tuesday, clouds up, and few passing showers possible wednesday. 78. and thursday mixture of clouds and sun and temperatures finally climb back up to 70 degrees. and david murphy has the update
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on the timing of the storms tomorrow morning on "action news." >> thank you. an organization that helps thousands of young people in the city of philadelphia held its biggest fundraiser of the year tonight. the annual police athletic league dinner took place at the sheraton in center city. and "action news" anchor brian taff emceed the event tonight. the 6abc president and general manager was there to lend his support tonight. some residents of the ronald mcdonald house in camden have a very special room that can help them recuperate. nascar driver martin truex, jr. helped them build this new building. and the ronald mcdonald house helps children getting treatment stay close to the hospital and their families. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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>> extra-inning drama in atlanta tonight. >> we're in the middle of may, and this team is still doing well. >> yes, it is. >> another month or so you and are surprised? >> yeah. you're not apparently. night games is all the phillies play tonight. making the hearts pound again in atlanta. and the 10-game road trip and a 1-0 lead. and then galvis, and 3-0 phills. and bases loaded, and bases unloaded. and gordan beckham clears with a double, tied at 4-4. giving up 4 runs in 6-plus innings. and tied, bases loaded for rupp and he does his job.
11:29 pm
the phillies win 7-4, finishing the trip at 5-5. >> we're glad to go home. we don't ever quit. a 4-run lead and a scuffle in the seventh inning and we came back and got 'em. you know, it was a tough one but i am glad we stuck it out. and carson wentz got the easy part out of the way today, signing his rookie contract with the eagles. when you see the terms, four years, $26.67 million, it's easy to put pen to paper. the deal includes a signing bonus of more than $17 million. the hard part starts tomorrow. wentz on the field when the eagles open a three-day rookie camp. and analyst ron jaworski would like to see the birds take it slow with wendt. >> i think a year for a young quarterback to get assimilated to the speed and intelligence of the game, the work ethic mandatory to be successful in the nfl, that takes time. so i hate to see young quarterbacks go out and get beat
11:30 pm
up, it affects them mentally. villanova celebration continues. the cats basketball team visiting the white house may 31. and still ahead, the sixers and what their draft strategy might be.
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>> the nba draft combine well underway in chicago. the sixers are there scouting. a few local players there as well like villanova guard josh hart and st. joe's star miles and bembre. the sixers could have you to four first-round picks this year. and brian colangelo says he will
11:34 pm
have options, including trading those picks for an established star. >> we already have a good, young group of developing players, and you can only have so many developing players. so we may be in play with a couple of those picks. it might do, you know, perhaps a situation with a european prospect or may look to a future year. we have to assess all of those things. >> tuesday is the day the sixers learn where they will be picking. >> yeah. colangelo sounds like he is in command. >> he is, yeah. take charge, like some people i know. "jimmy kimmel live" and his guests are kerry washington, shonda rhimes, rob gronkowski and music from goo goo dolls. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good night.
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