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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 13, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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in georgia, a woman fights off two would be car jaerkz.
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the woman heads to her car at gaze station and is immediately confronted by two men. she struggles with them and at one point, one of the suspects points a gun at her. eventually they both run away. several people reportedly saw the attack but no one tried to stop this. the woman has a message for her attackers. i forgive them. police are still searching for those two suspects. >> a big change is coming to pop warner youth football this fall. the kids playing in the organization's three youngest divisions will not participate in kickoffs. instead possessions will start at the 35 yard line. the idea behind the elimination of kickoffs is to reduce the number of full speed impacts during a game. if it's deemed a success, they will consider doing away with kickoffs in older divisions, as well. >> a new lawsuit raising questions about safety on the lacrosse field. >> one florida teenager's family is suing another player. they say their daughter suffered a concussion after just one hit. here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: the parents of a former high school lacrosse star
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claim this hit caused their daughter kendall holly to suffer a traumatic brain jir leading to mental anguish and permanent scarring. now they are suing. the county and the florida state athletic association. also named in the lawsuit, ellie yenor who hit kendall with her stick during a scramble for the ball. >> we need to bring attention to this matter before another child gets something worse. >> reporter: illegal slashes are not unusual in competitive lacrosse but the hollys believe the trainer, coaches and refs should be held accountable for keeping kendall ofle in the game even though she had signs of i've concussion. >> i went behind the bleachers and vomited and collapsed in the parking lot. >> reporter: the florida high school athletic association says they cannot comment because it's a legal matter. ellie yenor has yet to comment. it remains to be seen if what
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happened on this field could end up in the courtroom. ryan smith, new york. >> really see the play there at the end. fairly graphic, as well. >> but the thing is, i've actually played lacrosse in high school. when you're going for the ball sometimes, it's easy to just, you're focusing on the ball not necessarily looking at what's around you. there is a responsibility as a player to be aware of that, but at the same time when you're playing sports, these kind of things can happen. >> did you ever have a concussion as a result. >> not from lacrosse. i did from soccer interestingly enough. the difference people sometimes don't realize. in women's lacrosse you don't wear helmets. but the rules are different. you're not supposed to penetrate a sphere around your whole head. with guys lacrosse, they whack each other all the time. you have helmets. >> it's not just about football injuries we should be concerned about in getting these concussions and having long-term effect but soccer, as well, wrestling. >> lots of -- you know what no one talks about, boxing. that's the one where it happens
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most frequently. the whole point is to give your opponent a concussion. it's a complicated issue and whether or not the helmets help or hurt is another topic. >> coming up, made in america. >> when you buy something that says made in america, how can you actually be sure in we'll talk about that next on "world news now."
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so many americans have been
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making an honest effort to buy american. >> but a new abc news investigation has found that even when the label says "made in america," it's aurve not. abc's david muir on the story. >> reporter: so many of you at home still tweeting us the dish towels, for example, complete with the american flag down below made in china. that label for oven mitts by american mills, made in pakistan. and how about the united states sweaters, made in china? but those companies defending themselves, telling us, they clearly labeled them made overseas. director lev kubiak showed us the deliberate fake of that language learning tool, rosetta stone. it turns out, some are copying it, saying it's made here, when it's not. this looks like the rosetta stone you would order from the american company. >> right. >> and yet this one came from -- >> came from china. >> look closer. the spelling errors. 100% guaranteed, missing an "e." even the state department spelled wrong. and we've now learned it's not just online shoppers being duped. it's american taxpayers.
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government agencies trying to buy made in america supplies with your tax dollars. right down to the silverware they think has long been made in america. take a look at general services administration they sell supplies to those government agencies. many with budgets mandating that they buy american when available. that's why, on the site, they have a clear "made in" category. search silverware, and you'll find made in the united states of america right next to this spoon. but how can you be sure that what taxpayers are buying is really made here? we went to find the spoons, liberty tabletop, made in new york, selling their silverware to the navy, the air force, the army. but it turns out, they're fighting mad, because they started to lose business. >> nobody could tell us why. >> because also on that website, other distributors like thompson and little, listed here as made in the usa, but when we called the manufacturer, they told our team, they make this spoon overseas. these knives? made in china. and this flatware set?
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made in china, too. bang in cheryl, new york, they say this mislabelling is costing american jobs. >> there's a lot of people that are purchasing, unbeknownst to them, products that are not being made where they say they're being made. >> reporter: so we asked why are they being labeled made in america in the first place? it turns out the government doesn't really police this. it's the distributor of the products listing their own information. a&e supply, with these forks, made in china, but labeled made in the united states of america, telling us the product is no longer sold on that site and has been removed, due to the error. telling us, the listings are honest mistakes. and they're now modifying the website. those american workers in upstate new york argue those mistakes can't be fixed soon enough. >> think about this. for every $100,000 we sell, it's probably a job. that's 30, 40 more jobs we could provide in cheryl, new york. the jobs are overseas. >> david muir, abc news, new
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secret, stress tested for women. ♪ all right. it's time now for our favorite feature of the week "insomniac theater" previewing two movies opening this weekend. >> we'll get started with jodie foster's biggest movie to date as a director called money monster". george clooney playing a wall street wiz who hosts a tv show produced by julia roberts. now, a viewer posing as a delivery guy takes clooney hostage forcing him to wear a vest wired with explosives. >> there is a sniper on the catwalk at your 1:00. >> let him go. >> there is a receiver on your vest. if he shoots it out it, disables the trigger. get out of there right now. >> come on. >> got a shot? >> green or red? >> green. >> take the shot.
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>> that's a lot of money. >> many news producers would probably say can you still go live. critics are taking plenty of shots at "money monster" which is getting 62% on rotten tomatoes. maura mcdonald brights "money monster" though perfectly competent promises more than it delivers and colin culvert calls it only kind of good and that foster's instincts as a director outpace the abilities of her screen writing team. >> next let's take a romantic trip back to the 1790s. >> i remember it so well. >> based on jane austen's as "love and friendship" this movie stars kate beckon say as lady susan scandalizing society with her hand some but married lord. she also attracts the attentions of two other men while trying to fix her finances by scheming to marry off her reluctant teenage daughter foo scandalous.
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>> lady susan vernon. >> how dare you address me, sir. >> lady susan. >> be gone, sir. i will have you whipped. >> outrageous. have you not met him? >> no, i know him well. i would never speak to a stranger like that. >> love and friendship is smacking it out of the park with the critics scoring a perfect 100% on rotten tomatoes. time-out's josh rothkopf writes finally a jane austen movie that's fresh and deliciously rotten at the same time. and chris bumbra writes it's maybe the best big screen jane austen adaption ever. >> interesting. >> i would never speak to someone i don't know that well. >> i can't believe you are talking to me like that. >> that's the news for that half hour. >> all of london accents. toilet germs don't just stay in the toilet.
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this morning on "world news now," let's call it a tamer or toned down donald trump. >> that's what republican leaders say they want from their presumptive presidential nominee. meanwhile the secret service is now investigating donald trump's former butler for inciting violence against president obama. >> baggage baung. the troubled tsa facing heat from all directions. thousands of bags getting backlogged at one of the nation's busiest airports because of a computer glitch. >> calvin klein is also under fire over its new ad campaign. some are straight out calling it pornography and calling for the company to pull ads entirely. >> saluting our heros. the closing ceremonies at the invictus games honoring warriors from around the world and how
3:01 am
their pride in representing our nation inspiring us all on this friday, the 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. you know that movie or talking about he's just not that into you? >> yes, where is this going? are you breaking up with me. >> not quite yet. give us a couple weeks. you kind of got that sense with the republican. >> a couple of weeks? >> you kind of an felt that sense. >> just change the subject. try to talk about politics. i see how this is, deflection. >> deflect completely from that when you buried yourself. you kind of felt as a result of the meeting with paul ryan, donald trump. >> a little bit like that, yes. >> because at the end of the day, he hasn't endorsed him. >> still no endorsement. >> trump and you had the house speaker. they're inching closer to common ground. >> trump and ryan issue aid
3:02 am
joint statement after this high stakes meeting and pledging to work together to beat hillary clinton. trump said it was a great meeting and ryan described it as encouraging but he is still not offering an endorsement at least for now. it's your voice, your vote. the latest from the abc's karen travers. karen? >> good morning. everybody was all smiles after the meetings here on capitol hill. there were plent live statements about cooperation and unity. but donald trump did not leave capitol hill with any new big endorsement and republican leaders went to great lengths to say this whole unity thing is going to take some time. donald trump took capitol hill by storm, his first real effort at winning over republican leaders. >> it was very good, very productive. >> reporter: a lot of talking behind closed doors but not in public for trump. he sat down with fox news. >> i think for the most part, we agree on a lot of different items and we're getting there. >> reporter: but there was no endorsement from the most powerful republican here in washington, house speaker paul
3:03 am
ryan. >> i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified. >> reporter: but ryan says it will take time for that unity to grow. >> you don't put it together in 45 minutes. >> reporter: and in perhaps a bit of a dig at trump, ryan ran fweeting a photo of him chatting with children in the capital and calling it his most important meeting of the day. republicans acknowledged there are deep divides after the long primary season. disagreements with trump over policy and questions about his campaign style. but is he already shifting to a donald trump 2.0? in the weeks since rivals dropped out, trump has hedged his positions on tax policy, the minimum wage, even his controversial muslim ban. >> i'd like to back off as soon as possible. >> reporter: one republican is skeptical. >> that's one thing i worry that next week we'll be back to the old complete and total ban. >> reporter: hillary clinton tweeting a sarcastic good lucking to republicans on
3:04 am
uniting behind trump. she says he's backpedaling on his muslim ban and voters shouldn't allow it. diane, kendis. >> thanks to karen travers on capitol hill. the secret service is investigating donald trump's former butler over online death threats against president obama. anthony sen cal posted a string of incendiary comments on facebook including one call are for the president to be killed. he worked as the trump's butler for nearly two decades and took a job at his mar-a-lago club and retired about five years ago. the trump campaign says they disavow his statements. >> the obama administration is issuing a sweeping directive on the issue of tranned jernds bathroom use. the justice department and department of education are sending a joint letter to all public schools in the country today directing that transgender students be allowed to use bathrooms or locker rooms which match their gender identity. the directive does not have the force of law but does carry the implicit they're the that
3:05 am
schools that don't comply could lose federal funding. the government will be conducting raids to get undocumented immigrants out of the country. homeland security and customs agent will track down, arrest and deport anyone who has exhausted their appeals. the raids will target people hole have entered the u.s. within the past two years and under a judge's order to leave the country. >> the navy fired the commander of the ten sailors is held by iran earlier this year. that incident raised tensions between the u.s. and iran after iranian state tv showed images of the sailors neiling with their hands on their heads. a navy official said commander eric rush fail fod provide effective leadership. several sailors received reprimands after that incident. a woman claiming to have a bomb strapped to her chest forced a lock yawn at andrews air force base in maryland. personnel and residents warned to avoid the area. authorities said she was taken
3:06 am
into custody. no explosives were discovered. the base is home to air force one. no flights or missions were impacted by the scare. no bomb scares at the phoenix airport but thousands of bags stranded because of a commuter malfunction. the tsa called the situation significant unprecedented and the timing couldn't have been worse. while this is all happening, tsa officials were actually on capitol hill at a hearing focused on the agency's failures. abc's david kerley has more on that. >> reporter: long lines at tsa. today, at newark. >> this is a nightmare. >> reporter: denver telling passengers to arrive up to three hours early. >> i've never really been in a line that is this long. >> reporter: these long waits meaning thousands are missing flights. now airlines are asking passengers to tweet pictures under #ihatethewait. a message delivered to the head of tsa by congress. >> that's not acceptable. >> i am so livid. >> reporter: for the first time, the white house is blaming congress for the long lines. the reason? tighter security measures after failed tests.
3:07 am
more flyers. but no additional funding for new officers. >> we do not have enough people currently to staff our lanes. >> reporter: but tsa was blasted for a $90,000 bonus to one of its top officials, even though the screeners he supervises failed those tests to detect banned weapons. the bonus? delivered in $10,000 increments, all before the current administrator arrived. >> looks like something's being hidden. >> i don't think it's right, and i stopped that practice. >> reporter: and here's the bad news. the busy summer travel season hasn't even started yet when a record number of passengers are expected to get in line. david kerley, abc news, reagan washington airport. >> sky divers are big on adventure. but one group in northern california got more than they bargained for. the plane ended up landing like this upside down in a vine yard. the plane experienced trouble north of lodi. the pilot tried to return to the airport but crashed instead.
3:08 am
there were some scrapes and bruises but considering the accident, it's amazing the injuries weren't worse. >> miraculous there. a second auction site seems to have backed out of selling the gun george zimmerman used to kill trayvon martin. the gun was first yanked from gun yesterday morning. and just as auction was set to begin, it was then listed on another website, but that sale was called off last night. zimmerman had said he wanted to use some of the money to fight violence against police by black lives matter. and some roller coaster ridesers got quite the scare at a busch gardens in tampa. 60 people were strand ford more than two hours. all the riders were safely evacuated. park officials say the ride won't open till they figure out what went wrong. you remember that solar-powered plane that's been crisscrossing the country? it has landed in oklahoma overnight. the latest stop on what the
3:09 am
pilots hope will be an around the world journey. >> the aircraft touched down in tulsa after an 1-hour flight from phoenix after oklahoma, the plane is expected to make at least one more stop in the u.s. before crossing the atlantic lug. >> should make it to jfk in the next couple of weeks. >> the ideal flight speed is about 28 miles per hour. they can double that during the day if the sun's rays are strong enough. the speed depends on that. >> no concord there. >> this is not high speed. >>.cog up, be later in the mix," the place where a piece of dust can actually crack a windshield. >> first calls to cancel the olympics as scientists learn more and more about the devastating effects of the zrvegs many theaters are now refusing to compete. the details ahead. >> have you heard about this? calvin klein's racy new ad campaign sparking outrage and being called perverted for its photos. is it working. > remember to find us on facebook and
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twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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anyone out there afraid of clowns is not going to be helped by this story. you're looking at a dad in wales who was flipped by a clown only the stunt didn't go as planned. dad ended up landing on his head and suffered a concussion and some bruises. you can see he goes unconscious during the whole thing. the circus described the incident as a technical hitch.
3:14 am
>> really? >> but we're told dad is okay. and by the way, they also refunded his ticket. >> and the poor kid who's going to be scared of clowns the rest of his life. >> a lot of people already have that fear. >> he's adding to it. >> not going to help. >> a russian doctor is madding more fuel to olympic doping claims against his country. he tells "the new york times" he created a three-drug cocktail to help russian athletes in sochi in 2014. last year a world anti-doping it agency report accused russia of running a state sponsored program to provide its athletes with banned sxwanss. russia and kenya could be booted from thisser? 's games in rio amid the allegations. there's a growing concern for american athletes as well as family members heading to rio this summer. the frightening spread of the zika virus in brazil. >> there's disagreement among health officials here how much of a threat the virus really is.
3:15 am
abc's linsey davis has this is story. >> nail that exit point. >> reporter: as these athletes prepare to represent the u.s. in rowing, a call for the summer olympics in brazil to be canceled or postponed because of zika. an article in "the harvard public health review" this week calls it "a no-brainer for the olympic organizers," that the "rio 2016 games must not proceed" to avoid "a full-blown global health disaster." but the nation's top infectious disease official disagrees. >> there is not a universal systemic threat to anyone there because zika is generally a mild disease. >> reporter: while meghan o'leary and ellen tomek say they may want to have children in the future, right now, they're focused on bringing home the gold. so, was there never a question in your mind whether you would go to rio or not? >> never a question. this is going to be just another hurdle or another obstacle to have to face, but you know, we're going. >> reporter: they plan to take the necessary precautions to avoid this. these are pictures of the infection on a new york man who returned from puerto rico, with bloodshot eyes and a painful
3:16 am
rash that spread all over his body. on thursday, health officials told congress dits short sightedness is making the problem even worse by failing to provide the necessary funding to fight it. linsey davis, abc news, princeton, new jersey. >> speaking of sports and playoff action to tell you about starting with the nba. we may have seen the end of an era in the sport. oklahoma city closed out san antonio's season last night with a blowout win. the thunder had a 24-point lead at halftime. they went on to win 113-99. okc faces the defending champion warriors next. but this morning, many are wondering whether this was the last game for that guy. 15-time all-star and future hall of famer tim duncan. he said he'll make that decision at a later point. touching moment at the end of the game with can kevin durant. in the stanley cup playoffs last night it was game seven between the nashville predators and san jose sharks.
3:17 am
this one turned into blowout city. san jose scored twice in the first period and tacked on three more the rest of the way. the sharks advance to play st. louis in the nhl's western conference finals starting sunday night. tampa bay and pittsburgh begin the eastern conference finals tonight. it was a beautiful closing ceremony in florida last night as the 2016 invictus games came to an end. the four-day end ended with a star-studded concert and medals awarded by the one and only prince harry. >> more than 450r7 wounded warrior participants from 14 countries. prince harry toiled them that he was most inspired by their courage to simply make it to the starting line. >> next year's games will be held in toronto, canada. >> great event and a great way to end it. >> a fantastic event. >> coming up in our next half hour, the new development in the joan rivers medical malpractice
3:18 am
lawsuit. the 1-year-old died during a routine throat procedure at a clinic. what her daughter melissa is now saying about a settlement. >> first, fashion under fire. calvin klein known for pushing the envelope a little bit may have pushed it too far with these ads. is it cutting edge advertising or just plane old porn? you're watching "world news p?p?o?gv
3:19 am
♪ she's got the look, she's got the look ♪ so sex in advertising is hardly a new concept. some say calvin klein's new ad campaign has gone way too far. >> some of the pictures are too racy. we can't show you the full image. critics say it's not advertising
3:20 am
but pornography. here's abc's linzie janis. it's a brand known for pushing the nfl with its sexy and salacious ads. >> i daydream in my calvins. >> i love to hang out in my calvins. >> reporter: but calvin klein coming under fire for its latest underwear campaign. array of social media ads asking users to fill in the blank. what do you do in your calvins. this photo in firk raising eyebrows. 23-year-old model klara kristin flashing the camera with a provocative shot looking up her skirt. its caps, i flash in my calvins along with the #takeapeek. the ads immediately coming under fire. thousands of commence on social media specifically blasting that up the skirt shot. saying it looks more like porn than fashion calling it disgust and unnecessary.
3:21 am
the other ads in the series equally suggestive. others too revealing for tv. of course, the brand is no stranger to controversy. making waves in the '80s with this infamous brooke shields ad. >> you want to know what comes between me and my calvins? nothing. >> reporter: and who could forget these markey mark ads from the '90s. but now, a newer and more social media friendly generation of celebrities want in on the game. kendall jenner, justin bieber and nick jonas, some of the brand's newer faces. >> these ads are meant for people in control of their own sexuality. you can see yourself within the ad because those photos look like photos that you've taken of yourself. >> reporter: we reached out to calvin klein for comment about the campaign. but they haven't responded. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> coming up, the international space station gets a ding but wait till you hear what caused
3:22 am
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time now for "the mix." you know when you're driving and suddenly a pebble comes and hits the windshield that leaves a spider webb style crack? take a look at this photo. a little chip. however, this was taken by british astronaut tim peake when looking out the window of the international space station. >> that's not where you want to see that. >> you generally don't want the windows cracked at the iss. guess what caused that. a spec of dust. >> that's amazing. because they're going so fast in outer space. >> the dust flies so fast just a spec of dust can have that much of an impact. but they say the glass is so incredibly thick not to worry. everything is fine. i wonder how clean is space?
3:26 am
>> apparently not. >> not at all on a par with my house. >> from something that fast to something really, really slow. look at this. this is in hungary at a zoo. the poor sloth is eating and then that little monkey just steals its food. >> look at the slow look of outrage on the sloth's face. >> this happened several days ago. just this morning the sloth responded saying what the heck was that about. >> come back. >> polka. ♪ ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ tapes that roll in way too slow stuff you saw on koppel's show ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun be a pal every anchor guy and gal do the world
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this morning on "world news now," there's growing controversy over an online gun auction because it's the weapon used to fatally shoot trayvon martin. now a second online company is backtracking. >> and political power play. donald trump or the republicans in washington, who holds the key to the gop? after remaining tight-lipped all day, trump speaking out overnight about their summit on the hill. and new this half hour, train conductor jumps into action just in the nick of time. >> why he ran back through the cabin moments before the train slammed into a vehicle on the tracks. >> and since neither presidential front-runner has yet announced a running mate, jimmy kimmel is tossing his hat into the race declaring his candidacy for vice president saying he doesn't need a number one to make a number two. that story ahead in "the skinny"
3:31 am
on this friday, may 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it's friday the 13th. >> it is friday the 13th. a little spooky. kimmel tweeting about two hours ago said i'm jimmy kimmel and i would like to be your vice president, officially putting himself there in the race. >> all right. we'll see how that one goes over. >> we'll get to that a little bit later. we want to start on a serious note. want to start with the new development overnight in george zimmerman's controversial gun sale. the auction of the pistol he used to kill trayvon martin now vanishing from a second website. >> zimmerman sparked outrage when he announced the sale of this gun. he vehemently defended his right to put it on the auction block but so far, it's not quite going as planned. abc's brandi hitt has the latest. >> reporter: it's known as a formally as a keltec 9
3:32 am
millimeter pistol. it became a symbol of the grim side of american life in the hands of this man in the murder case against george zimmerman for shooting trayvon martin in 2012. >> what do you recognize that to be? >> that would be the handgun, magazine and holster i remove. >> reporter: this web page called it an american firearm icon. the ad rejected by the host site minutes before it went live. more than 200,000 people browsed the page and later thursday, another website offered the gun for sale. zimmerman spoke to the orlando fox station. >> reporter: what is your reaction to the people who may not approve of this going on auction? >> they're not going to be bidding on it. so i couldn't care less about them. zimmerman was a neighborhood watch captain who followed martin one night in sanford, florida. they faced off and witnesses testified that martin attacked and beat zimmerman who then shot and killed the unarmed martin. zimmerman claimed self-defense. the jury believed him. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty.
3:33 am
>> reporter: zimmerman says he has no qualms about selling the gun. >> what i've decided to do is not cower. i'm a free american and i can do what i'd like with my possessions. >> reporter: he writes he was honored and humbled to sell the gun calling it a piece of american history. opening bid, $5,000. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. the second website that offered the gun has been disconnected temporarily. later this morning, the website says it will announce whether or not it will continue with the auction. separate investigations into police use of excessive force are under way in massachusetts and new hampshire toing the violent arrest of a suspect. here is the incident. police seen beating a 50-year-old man who had led them on an hour-long chase. one straight trooper from both massachusetts and new hampshire has been suspended while the incident is looked into. now, there are reports the suspect nearly rammed the police
3:34 am
cruiser during a separate incident just days before the chase that ended with his arrest. turning now to the race for the white house, donald trump and the republican establishment have taken their first step in the quest for party unity. trump sat down with house speaker paul ryan and other gop leaders to discuss what they call common core principles. ryan is still refraining from endorsing trump but called the meeting encouraging. they both pledged to work together to win in the fall. >> i thought it was a great meeting. we discussed a lot of things, a lot of very important things. i thought it was really a very, very good meeting. i think paul felt the same way and everybody else did also. >> and in a sign that opposition to trump is at least fading, even senator lindsey graham softened his stance. after months of slamming trump, the two men spoke on the phone. graham still won't endorse trump but promised the insults will stop. hillary clinton isn't saying much about the republicans' challenge to mend fences with trump. when asked for her reaction to their meeting, she just shook her head and did not respond.
3:35 am
but her campaign released a video highlighting republicans speaking out against trump. on the question of unity it ends with the words "good luck with that." and bernie sanders still forging ahead campaigning in south dakota. he addressed a cheering crowd in sioux falls last night repeating his call for college tuition and blasting income inequality. he criticized walmart saying it's not paying workers a living wage. >> overseas where a top hezbollah leader has been killed in an apparent israeli air strike. the group's military commander died in syria tuesday night. he was an used of helping assassinate the prime minister of lebanon in 2005. and brazil's new acting president michel temer called for unity addressing the nation after the senate voted to start impeachment proceedings against dilma rousseff, now suspended from office. she is vowing to fight what she calls a coup. brazil hosts the olympics in about three months. >> new this morning, the obama administration is taking action
3:36 am
in the highly charged issue of trabs gender bathroom use. a letter being sent to all public schools in the country today directing that transgender students be allowed to use the bathroom which matches their gender identity. the directive does not have the force of law but the move is expected to be criticized by conservatives. >> carly trent, the 9-year-old tennessee girl who disappeared last week is back with her family. her uncle faces kidnapping charges. authorities say two men found trent and gary simpson thursday about five miles from the virginia border in northern tennessee. one held simpson at gunpoint while the other called 911. >> a lot of hitting the bushes and digging and praying and a lot of heartache. a lot of disappointment in this but thank god it turned out good. >> trent is being evaluated overnight in the hospital. she vanished last wednesday after police say simpson picked her up from elementary school. >> facebook is fighting charges it has a big dislike button when it comes to conservative views.
3:37 am
thursday, the social media site published a 28-page guide for its trending news features. the move came amid allegations that facebook's trending topics feature leans to the left. the company's vice president of global operations said in a post that its trending topics team follows principles that are consistent with facebook's commitment to being a platform for people of all viewpoints. >> subaru recalling more than 48,000 new vehicles in the u.s. and warning owners not to drive them. the recall covers new legacy and outback mod did hes. those vehicles may have a serious steering issue. dealers will inspect and if necessary replace the steering column. mcdonald's testing fresh beef at 14 restaurants in dallas but says it's too early to say weather fresh beef could replace its frozen patties nationally. the test is limited to the quart pounder. mcdonald's has been trying various tweaks to his menu in an attempt to boost sales.
3:38 am
>> your mail carrier is going to be busier than usual tomorrow because he will be selecting food donations as well as delivering mail to you. it's called stamp out hunger food drive. they ask that you leave nonperishable food by your mailbox where it can be collected. organizers say letter carriers in more than 10,000 communities across the country will take part in that. >> that's a good idea. anyone who has played golf knows how difficult it can be. it is so difficult that the pros sometimes look like mere us. >> this morning's example, adam scott playing the 18th hole at this week's pga event in florida. his tee shot goes right into the water. >> that's close. isn't it? >> i guess. that's not what they aim for. >> this is worse. scott's next shot reached a cart path and didn't stop rolling until it was 60 yards past the green. when he tried to get back to the green, that shot ended up in the water, as well. >> and then scott three-putted. for those counting, that's an 8. he finished his round 10 strokes
3:39 am
off the lead. >> at least it was the first round. >> i think they need more obstacles like mini golf. so like, that report would have been like he hit the windmill and then he shot it into the clown's mouth >> truly that's jack's home video. >> it looks like me playing mini golf. >> coming up, why a train conductor thought it was a good idea to leave the controls right before the train slammed into a vehicle on the tracks. >> and more than a year after her death, there's a new development in the joan rivers medical malpractice suit. what her daughter is now saying. but first let's look at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by lysol max cover. at today's forecast. >> announcer: world news weather brought to you by lysol max cover. alright kiddos! everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! finally there's a disinfectant mist designed for sofas,
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mattresses and more. introducing new lysol max cover. its innovative cap has a 2x wider spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria. max cover is another great way to lysol that.
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some quick thinking may have saved lives as this train conductor runs through a car telling passengers to get down. that's because the train was about to collide with a truck that was on the tracks. this whole thing happened in poland. there was, believe it or not, no word of any injuries. the train was going more than 60 miles per hour when it hit that truck which did sustain significant damage. >> incredible video there. back here at home, the former prep school student jailed then freed, then jailed once more for sexual assault could be freed again. owen labrie is serving a 12-month sentence for attacking a female classmate at st. paul's cool in concord, new hampshire. there is a chance he could be released on bail. his trial court is being asked to reconsider its decision to revoke his prior bail for a curfew violation. and a former top coal executive has reported to federal prison in california. former massey energy ceo don blankenship was sentenced to a year behind bars for his role in
3:44 am
the deadliest u.s. mine explosion in four decades. his attorneys are trying to get the conviction overturned. >> there's a new development in the medical malpractice lawsuit involving joan rivers. >> her daughter melissa has released a statement announcing she's reached a settlement. abc's mara schiavocampo with the story. >> reporter: a settlement in the joan rivers medical malpractice lawsuit. her daughter melissa saying i am able to put the legal aspects of my mother's death behind me. the 81-year-old died in september, 2014, following a routine throat procedure at this york new york city medical clinic. rivers went into cardiac arrest. her dot's subsequent lawsuit claiming the comic's personal doctor performed an unauthorized biopsy throat procedure, took selfies with the star while unconscious and claims none of the doctors involved noticed her
3:45 am
vital signs were plummet meting. while her statement does not say how much the settlement is for, it's reportedly substantial. the doctors involved did not dispute the lawsuit's findings and melissa says she's glad they've accepted responsibility and will devote herself to improving outpatient care. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> thank you. and rivers saw the unspecified damages in all this. she said the reason she sued was to make sure nobody has to go through something like this again. >> a spokesperson for yorkville released a statements saying, our nauts and prayers continue to go out to the rivers family. the parties agreed to settle the case to avoid a protracted litigation process." when we come back, jimmy kimmel kicks off his vice presidential campaign. >> animal clooney's near wardrobe malfunction at cannes. "the skinny" is next. clooney's near wardrobe malfunction at cannes.
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny >> time now for "the skinny" starting with breaking, breaking "skinny" news. >> it happened right here last night on abc as our very own jimmy kimmel kicked off his vice presidential campaign saying he doesn't need a number one to make a number two. >> i see what he's doing there. >> some of the major players at cnn are even getting in on the act. >> jimmy kimmel has confirmed he
3:48 am
is running for vice president of the united states. he has no running mate. he claims not to be a washington insider or outsider and believes he'll make a great number two despite the fact that sources are telling us that in high school, he got a "d" in social studies. let's go over to the wall and see how he's polling. right now, jimmy take a look at this. right now, all indications you are polling at 100%. >> wow. >> he's actually on the short list for trump right now. >> very scientific approval numbers for jimmy kimmel. >> kimmel says that he never stopped fighting for his fellow americans unless, of course, "game of thrones" is on and he would stop to figure out what's going on in the show. good luck with that. we're still trying to figure it out. >> who could blame him there. >> turning to overseas where the race for the red carpet at the cannes film festival got pretty interesting. >> take a look at amal clooney.
3:49 am
looking every bit like a hollywood a" lister herself. for yesterday's premiere of her husband george clooney's new film "money monster." but she appeared to have a near wardrobe malfunction running into a bit of trouble with the length of that flowing gown. >> they all got together for a big group photo. amal had a little bit of an oops moment there during that red carpet picture with the "money monster" cast. the wind kind of blew and the split opened a little bit more than she planned. director jodie foster and co-star julia roberts were there looking beautiful oozing old school hollywood glamour and vintage inspired black ballgowns but wardrobe malfunction or not, i say amal stole the show. >> she stole the show. >> jack has been paying attention to it, and jack thinks the same, right? he's wowed. look at him. >> see in the monitor. >> if i had legs that looked like that, i'd probably
3:50 am
purposely try to open the slit a little bit. >> i'd have a fan. >> she looked beautiful. very stunning. > way to go, amal. >> here at home in the meantime, awkward moments played out in hollywood yesterday between ozzy and sharon osbourne. >> so on the heels of news that they've split after 33 years of marriage, the couple had to reunite for business purposes at the hollywood palladium for a black sabbath event. >> you'll recall sharon still manages ozzy's band, but the reunion look at her face. not exactly warm. sharon literally cringed as ozzy put his arm around her, even apparently trying to pull away. >> the two are no longer living together. a source does tell "people" magazine that no divorce is being discussed, at least not yet. >> some of the conspiracy theorists behind the scenes were saying she was drinking lemonade on her show she does there at cbs and perhaps that's telling. >> trying to send a signal out there.
3:51 am
>> uh-huh, that she's just actually thirsty. >> very subtle. >> maybe. >> finally to boston and the growing enigma that is justin bieber. >> just days after social media rant about no more autographs or fan photographs, then this happened. >> that's him. the life of the party. >> dancing on the bar, downing shots and sucking on lime or as we used to call it freshman year. >> it happened at boston's storyville nightclub, among other locales, after his purpose tour concert. and despite his edict this week banning fans from snapping pictures of him, he seemed right at home with partygoers who posted pics and videos to social media. he snapped a few selfies himself. >> this one with the hotel bar manager. >> maybe he felt bad after saying all that stuff about fans not bothering him and he wanted to show he's still a man of the people. >> maybe he wanted free drinks.
3:52 am
>> dancing on the bar usually works for that. >> there's that. bar usually works for that. >> there's that. s you can finally break up with bleach.
3:53 am
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♪ it's been a busy week for news headlines, from the rocky road on the campaign trail to a bizarre and deadly stabbing spree at a massachusetts mall. >> but there were also stories of inspiration and overcoming nearly insurmountable odds and some down right adorable video. here now is our weekly "friday rewind." >> does it have to be unified? i'm very different from everybody perhaps that's run for office. >> the goal here is to unify the various wings of the party around common principles. >> the republicans themselves are raising questions about their presumptive nominee. >> we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination! >> i feel confident that hillary
3:56 am
will be the nominee and i feel confident she'll be the next president. >> all i thought is dear lord, if i can get my children safe, safe, then i don't care. >> just if we'll have a home to go to jobs, where we're going to live. >> all of a sudden, people hollering there's a killer, there's a killer. he came from the back of the restaurant and he was walking towards the front. as he was coming, he was slashing people and people were throwing chairs at him. >> i believe you're violating the law. >> they created state-sponsored discrimination against transgender individuals who simply seek to engage in the most private of functions in a place of safety and security. >> for something like that to happen to me and the name isis to be used for me knowing what it means as for muslims, it really hurt. >> there it is. what an entrance he makes. this whole scene intensely choreographed.
3:57 am
>> i can win at anything i do. as long as i'm still here, you beat those odds, you're winning already, you're winning life. >> i didn't want to have to ask the queen because i didn't want to back her into a corner. when i showed her the video, she was like let's do this. >> just thankful for this opportunity to play the game that i love and share that with the world really. i think we need to appreciate what we have right now. of course, nba playoffs will continue a couple of big events in the week ahead. eurovision. takes place tomorrow. it brought us abba, celine dion, and the commish's birthday tomorrow. >> happy birthday jack. >> made it. >> 25. >> and holding. > 29. >> this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. s.
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making news in america this morning, political power play. two republican leaders burying the hatchet. donald trump and paul ryan pledging to work together. overnight trump talking about their high stakes meeting for the first time. we're live. a parking lot full of bags, all of which missed their flight. the breakdown that caused this mess. thousands of bags gone as the tsa is grilled on capitol hill. a train heading toward a truck. the train's engineer being called a hero for his quick thinking. a first for doctors. the cell phone in someone's stomach. we'll tell you how it got there. just can't l g


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