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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  May 13, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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hello again, sara is off and here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" now. it's cloudy and the rain is on the way. meteorologist, melissa magee, has the soggy weekend in the accuweather forecast coming up and plus rain or not, they are rowing on the schuylkill. the annual dad vail regatta is underway. and a local couple will come to your home to serve up a delicious meal for you and your guests and they clean up too. that story is just ahead. now the details, we started off dry but we are tracking rain, accuweather is calling for showers and probably a thunderstorm today. as we look live outside at center city, the skies are telling the story, the rain is imminent. meteorologist, melissa magee, is
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at the big board with the soggy deta details. >> we are tracking the moisture starting to track in through the delaware and lehigh valley, we are dry now in the city. and it has yet to make it into trenton and southbound into wilmingtons moisture and same thing for south jersey, a tighter view on stormtracker 6 live double scan street level, in norristown we are dealing with the rain and same in malvern, there could be pockets of heavy rain. and same for glassboro and medford lakes. we are tapping into the frontal boundary coming through winds sustained to 5 miles per hour in reading. and getting the temperatures into the upper 60s, 66 at this hour in philadelphia. we dropped down to 65 and 66 in wilmington and reading, and 63 in lancaster, at the coast a
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touch cooler coming in at 8:00. we'll talk about our day planner, as we go throughout the day 2:00 mostly cloudy and a light rain moving into the city, a temperature of 68, 71 at 4:00 and lower 70s at 6:00 this evening. and at that time the clouds are starting to break for a few late day peeks of sun before we get clearing late tonight. the call from accuweather as we look ahead. rain is heavy at times, i wouldn't be surprised throughout the day into saturday, a gusty rumble of thunder and it turns windy and cooler as we get into sunday. we'll go over all the details in the accuweather forecast. >> of course, stay with throughout the weekend, stormtracker 6 live double scan will keep you updated on the thunderstorms, and follow the streams on facebook and twitter. hundreds of college athletes are in town for the annual dad gail regatta, perhaps the
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biggest and best known collegiate rowing competition in the country and it makes quite a splash. katherine scott was right there. >> reporter: more than 3,000 rowers are on the water for this regatta and then the families and friends, and the banks of the schuylkill are buzzing. >> the biggest race of the season and everybody is pumped up for it. >> the largest collegiate regatta in north america is going on on the schuylkill river, it draws thousands from the u.s. and canada. many have raced this course before but at dad vail the stakes are higher. >> we have raced this before, we know the course. >> all of our training goes towards this event and peaking at this time. guys know all year long this is the time of year that is most important. >> the finish line is by the columbia avenue bridge and that
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is where you find the grand stand packed with spectators cheering as the boats go by. you can see the power behind each stroke. >> while the sport is what draws the crowd, the city has plenty to offer during the downtown. everybody is so friendly here in philly, we can't say enough about the city. >> we are staying in the hotels and eating in the restaurant and they are easy to supervise and police and it's a great bunch of folks. >> they call the dad vail a jewel in the crown of philadelphia and rain is in the forecast but that will not intimidate the rowers. >> the rowers row through all sorts of weather, rain is nothing, there is more oxygen in the air, and they row faster actually. >> you can set up anywhere on the banks, the grand stand is a great place to watch, packed with fans that are watching, you
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don't need a ticket, come down and cheer these athletes on. >> the eagles rookie camp has begun in south philadelphia, the birds newest players were at the nova care complex and newly drafted quarterback carson wentz is talking to reporters right now. lets listen in. >> hopefully i can lead the guys and show what i can do a little bit out there. i'm hoping mentally to grow and grow and get the reps and grow and get opportunities. >> i love it, it's a great quarterback friendly offense, i love the inter cassies of it. and i just scratched the surface of it and this weekend is basic stuff but i'm exciting to get learning. >> did you dive into the play book, you have a few months -- >> all right listening to carson
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wentz his first day on the job after signing the four year $27 million contract yesterday. it's rookie camp for the eagles, we'll have more beginning tonight at 4:00. turning to politics now, the presumptive nominee, donald trump, is defending his refusal to release his tax returns until an irs audit is complete. trump says he does not keep money in switzerland or offshore accounts. he will gladly release returns if the audit is finished by then. >> meanwhile pressure is build on bernie sanders to drop out of the race for president. democratic leaders are june mining efforts to beat trump in the fall. hillary clinton has a huge lead in the count but she has not been able to focus on the general election the way she should. both former president bill
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clinton and chelsea clinton are holding campaign events in new jersey ahead of the state's june 7th primary. coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00, nydia han is helping you save money on your medical bills. here is a preview of her special report. >> asking one question could save you hundreds even thousands of dollars on your health care. bob the barber learned that and so did david schafer. >> it's great to have that weight off your shoulders. >> the troubleshooters got the hospital to reduce this couple's bill by $3600. and a refund from this insurance company. and now helping you before you overpay. tonight on "action news" at 11:00. george zimmerman continues to defend his decision to put the gun used to kill trayvon martin up for auction. since it began the events seems to be hijacked by fake accounts
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posting incredibly high bids. >> online bids on the gun used to kill teenager, trayvon martin, soaring to tens of millions of dollars, and the website apparently hacked and trying to sell the weapon that george zimmerman calls a piece of american history. >> that is the handgun and holster i removed. the handgun exhibit a for zimmerman for fatally shooting the unarmed teenager he claims attacked and beat him. >> we find george zimmerman not guilty. >> zimmerman acquitted on all counts and the gun recently returned to him. and they are defending his decision to put the weapon up for auction to the orlando fox section. >> i am deciding not to cower
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and i'm a free american. >> they pulled the ad and then listed by united gun group with a starting bid of $5,000. zimmerman writing i am humbled to list a firearm icon. zimmerman's family has to comment. >> the auction is still running but it's unclear if it will continue. the united gun group is debating their next move. back here delaware police officers killed in the line of duty were honored this morning. the wilmington police department held their memorial ceremony today. former and current officers attended the ceremony. more than 200 students from
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the lewis katz katz of medicine received their degrees, they took the hippocratic oath and received their diplomas. in all 228 students graduated today. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, the family is of joan rivers settles a lawsuit over her deck. why her lawyer says the clinic had no choice but to pay up. and a roller coaster gets stuck on the tracks. a scary moment.
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canadian prime minister justin trudeau will visiting fire ravaged fort mcmurray is alberta. 2400 structures are destroyed and the main fires are moved but parts of fort mcmurray is still
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smolder, but the residents have to wait to go back because large parts don't have water, gas or power. and people spent hours stuck on a tampa roller coaster yesterday. it got stuck for no aparents reason. fortunately no one on the ride was injured. a medical malpractice lawsuit in the death of joan rivers was settled. rivers' family sued the clinic after she died during a routine procedure. >> nearly two years after joan rivers death, the family reached a settlement with the doctor that took anauthorize biopsy.
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doctors did not notice her vital signs plummeting and accuses one doctor of posing for a photo with rivers when she was unconscious. >> i think that because she was a celebrity it caused her to have less quality care. >> and it happened at this new york city medical clinic and not a hospital. >> melissa says i am able to put the legal aspects of my mother's death away. >> the settlement is substantial but regarding the death of her mother, it shouldn't have happened and didn't have to happen. forming a clot that can break free, and travel upstream to the brain where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke.
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horrible french accent. >> kelly ripa had nothing but kind words for michael strahan this morning. strahan is leaving to work on "good morning america." a few weeks ago kelly's reaction to the news made headlines and has since spoke out and was happy for him. several guest hosts are planned to fill his seat until a permanent person is found. jimmy kimmel will host on monday. now melissa magee here with a look at the accuweather forecast. >> it's not a complete washout. but we have an unwelcome guest today. we are tracking the wet weather once again, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see the rain is pressing into south jersey, it's 95 cour dor and even the northwest suburbs, a tighter view on street level on storm tracker.
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we have moisture and pockets of heavy rain moving through and the northwest suburbs for quakertown and allentown and hamburg and reading into berks county and to the south of that and south of the pa turnpike. coatesville same thing in lancaster county, we'll track it for the rest of afternoon, have the umbrella close to you if you step out today. the picture outside. sky 6 hd in wilmington delaware, we have the moisture at this hour. and the rain drops are on the lens. and a mostly cloudy skies and something else to keep in mind visibility is low. we are down to 2.5 mile in philadelphia. go ahead and check with your carrier for travel delays. 3 in reading and up to 6 in allentown. not bad along the coast but something to keep an eye out if you step out later today. the numbers north and west of
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town lower 60s and 63 in lating ton and 64 in warrington and 66 in chester and 63 out to the west in new holland. down in new jersey, the boardwalk 58 and 66 for ewing be browns mills and hammonton and glassboro out to the west and smyrna and dover the numbers are in the upper 60s. satellite 6 along with action radar showing you the frontal boundary we are tracking, a lot of heavy rain now is shifting off into areas of new england and we are tracking the moisture as we get a southerly surge of air coming in and tapping into the moisture coming in off the atlantic as well. we'll time it out for you. future tracker 6 showing you at 2:00 we have the rain from the poconos to allentown and reading and lancaster and philadelphia at 4:00. those showers will be hit or miss depending on your location. but we have rumbles of thunder some of which could be heavy at times. and 8:00 we start to clear out
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from a west-east direction, .25 to .75 inch and high of 72 in the city and we'll get rid of this front on saturday, high up to 76 tomorrow and morning sunshine not a bad start but gusty afternoon thunderstorm is likely as another frontal boundary sweeps on through, in the wake of that saturday night into sound, we have the winds setting up and a bit of a chill to deal with as we get into our sunday. the race weekend in dover, friday today 74 and 76 on saturday and 63 on sunday, it will be cooler by then way gusty breeze. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showing you cloudy and rain today and high to 72. and early sun tomorrow and then the evening storms some of which could be gusty. high up to 76 and windy and cooler on sunday with a high of 60 and 63 a nice breeze on sunday and nice breeze and 60s
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into next wednesday and thursday rick. >> thank you. delicious food and good service you expect at a restaurant but now you can get the same quality in the comfort of your own home. that sounds great. alicia vitarelli joins us with an f i on personal chefs making it all possible. >> this is the best part they do the shopping, the cooking and serving and cleaning up. making it possible for you to enjoy your guests and own dinner party. jim hail and monica are bringing the restaurant experience to your front door. it's called savory place, the catering company can handle any event from a party to birthday to something simple like a girls night in. >> i have a special guest, melissa magee. >> tim makes sure it fits the customers taste.
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>> you give them an experience. and in a sense are you transported to somewhere else even though it's not your home. >> monica runs the front of the house. >> after talking to the klein i'll help with the decor from start to finish clean up, linens and flowers. >> they serve breakfast lunch or dinner. whatever you need we with do. no kitchen is too big or too small. >> you do the shopping and you do the cooking and you do the serving and you do the dishes? >> we do everything. >> you can sit back and enjoy your company. you have time to spend with your friends and family. i have my favorite day melissa magee. >> my favorite lady from 6 abc. >> wait until you see what we are eating. we start wade shrimp with salsa
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and blood orange margaritas. >> we do cocktails and wine pairings. >> cheers to that. >> our second course seared scallops over a bed of wilted spinach and quinoa. >> you can bring your friendses into the house and enjoy your own party. and for desert strawberries with a hidden surprise. the plate was packed with super fudge brownies and a fruit salsa with cinnamon chips and an old fashioned bottle of milk. >> did i have the best date or what? can you watch fyi philly tomorrow at 7:00 on 6 abc. rick, your invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. >> i like milk. >> we loved it. quick break and more "action news" when we come right back.
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moving up at 1:00 melissa magee has a final check of the forecast. >> it's raining. again. >> okay thank you. >> we have the clouds moving out as we speak. we'll max out in the lower 70s and upper 60s. 69 in allentown un6 in trenton and 68 in toms river and 65 in atlantic city. we are tracking the showers and clearing out at 7:00 or 8:00 this evening and then tracking more changes into the weekend. >> have a nice weekend. >> thank you. finally at noon a couple in tucson, arizona are marking their 80th wedding anniversary. they still love to dance and met on a blind date at a ballroom in
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los angeles back in 1936, they have been together ever since. >> don't get sick of you. oh sometimes. that is when we start the cocktail hour -- >> well, they say martinis definitely help, the real secret to staying together is listening to one another they say. the stories coming up on "action news" at beginning at 4:00. we are expecting the new jersey power ball winners to come forward and we'll show you their celebration on "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. don't forget to join us later today. have a nice afternoon we'll see you a little bit later.
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