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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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they said where is the money? and i'm looking at him as i woke up i'm looking at them and i said i don't have no money. >> reporter: the man who lives here on the 14,000 block of far day street says he was sound asleep when he was startled in the middle of the night. >> he says where is the money at man? and i said i don't have the money and in the moon time they had clasped my hands together with the bands. they tied my hands and they also tied my wife's hands. >> reporter: the couple who doesn't want to be identified lives here with their 37-year-old son. all three say their hands were bound with zip ties while the three men wearing ban dan floridas and hats ransacked their house. >> they brought my son in. i really thought they were going to kill us because at that point it was just the two of us and then they brought him in and i thought it was just the end of it. >> reporter: when the men didn't find what they were looking for they left. >> one was telling the other that this is the wrong house. this ain't the house, man. >> reporter: after the men left they called 911. detectives believe the men broke in through a rear sliding glass door.
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the family's cat princess was missing for about 12 hours. she was later found hiding inside the home. this afternoon officers were back this time at a home two doors down from where the break in happened. police have not said how or if it's related to the home invasion. now, the family does have a security system. they tell me it was not turned on last night. they say they will be arming that system tonight. they are also having security cameras installed. if you have any information about this home invasion, philadelphia police would like to hear from you. we're live in somerton, trish hartman channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you, trish. the winners of that massive $430 million powerball jackpot have now stepped forward to claim their prize today. valerie arthur spoke on behalf of the winners today at new jersey lottery headquarters. the winning ticket was bought by her 70-year-old mother pearl smith at the 7-eleven on chambers street in trenton. she spent six dollars to buy two tickets, one of those tickets is now worth
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$284 million. >> it was like an affirmation from god because we each have dreams that we want to fulfill in this life and do for our community and do for each other and our families and it was like, well, we have been funded to do that. >> i'll say. smith the splitting the winnings with her seven adult children and they'll donate 10 percent of the winnings to their church. >> there is a tentative agreement in place to keep atlantic city financially a float. the plan would give leaders in atlantic city roughly five ms. to cut municipal spending in half if they don't, the state will step in and take over. a formal bill has yet to be introduced. right now atlantic city is grappling with more than $550 million of debt. >> one year after the deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia, senator bob casey is talking about safety and transportation funding. senator casey held a press conference this morning at 30th street station. he said the implementation of the positive train control has
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been successful in increasing safety of trains but he adds that more should be done. >> none of us should ever put a transportation system or amtrak or any other entity in the position of having to choose between implementing a new safety feature and repairing crumbling infrastructure. >> senator casey says he hopes lawmakers in washington will pass a $1.9 billion transportation spending bill. >> a septa construction project is under way right now in delaware county. that's about to put a wrinkle in thousands of commuter plans. starting next week the agency will be looking for your feedback. "action news" reporter john rawlins has the story. >> reporter: riders from media, wallingford rose valley and elwyn learning about what's dubbed the summer shutdown. starting next month trains temporarily will stop calling at four stations. instead there will be shuttle buses to swarthmore an five to 20 minute longer commute.
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>> that's going to be horrible. >> it's going to take more time. >> yeah. what are they doing. >> reporter: what they are doing is replacing the aging crum creek via duct located just inside the blue route with a new bridge. the existing 100-foot high steel structure dates to the 1890's so septa's gm. >> this bridge is definitely past its prime. it's 121 years old. just to give you a little reference point, grover cleveland was the president. >> reporter: this time lapse video shows work has been going on for months. soon the new bridge will be ready. that's why the trains have to be halted. >> first they'll demolish the old structure. then they'll push the new structure over into place. >> reporter: you heard right, the new bridge, 8 million pounds of it will slide into place. they're actually building the new bridge parallel to the old bridge. in june when they shut the railroad down they'll tear down the old bridge and then slide the new bridge into place. about 1600 riders a day will lose train service starting this monday septa will hold a series of five open houses at
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the impacted stations from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. so riders can. >> learn about the busing, the summer outage and basically know what's going on. >> reporter: the shutdown due to start june 18th. trains should return the day after labor day. riders learning details today were understanding. >> i'm happy that they're fixing the bridge 'cause it obviously makes you feel safer as a rider. >> it's only three to four months it will be over, yeah. >> reporter: then you'll have a nice new via duct. >> right. this, too, shall pass. >> reporter: john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> and that was john rawlins reporting. turning to accuweather the damp dreary skies again that mother nature gave us today. looking live outside sky6 hd showing atlantic city which is all but fogged in. can you see anything? i really can't. another round of showers and thunderstorms are moving in as well over the weekend. haven't we had enough? meteorologist cecily tynan live at the big board with the details. hey, cecily. >> hi, monica. the good news is most of the weekend will be dry and tonight double scan live showing that we are clearing
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things out. this batch of showers moving off the coast right now, so skies will be clearing this evening. however, there's another system waiting in the wings and this one is a lot stronger. this is a strong cold front that's diving into the midwest and you can see all those yellow boxes. those are severe thunderstorm watches lining up ahead of that. that whole system will be sweeping through late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow evening and that could bring us some gusty thunderstorms. tonight, though, the good news is for your friday night, we are clearing things out. by 7 o'clock, some peeks of sunshine, 67 degrees. by 8 o'clock, 65 and then temperatures really slow to cool off. so, it's going to be a pretty nice friday night, little bit of a damp start but then the skies will be clearing and we dry out. now, future tracker showing behind the cold front tomorrow afternoon, sunday at 2 o'clock, look at this, the high only 57 degrees at 2:00. temperatures in the 40's out to the west. it's going the feel a lot colder than that when you factor in the winds. i'll have more details on that
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and the timing of tomorrow's storms coming up with the full accuweather forecast. rick. >> all right cecily. thank you. rain or shine the banks of the schuylkill river is buzzing with excitement this weekend. more than 3,000 rowers have hit the water for the annual dad vail regatta. "action news" reporter katherine scott was at boathouse row for today's action. >> biggest race of this season like everyone is really pumped up for it. >> reporter: the largest collegiate regatta in north america is going on right now on the schuylkill river. the dad vail draws student athletes from more than 100 colleges from the u.s. and canada. many rowers have raced this course before but in the dad vail the stakes are even higher. >> we've raced this a couple times before so definitely know the course. just trying to keep our heads in the boat and stay focused. >> all our training goes towards this event, peeking at this time so in some way guys know all year long that this is the time of year that's most important. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: the finish line is by the columbia avenue bridge and that's where you
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find the grand stand packed with spectators cheering as the boats glide by. up close you can see the power behind each stroke. while the sport is what draws the crowds, the city has plenty to offer during the down time. >> everybody's so friendly here in philly we just can't say enough about the city. >> we're staying in hotels and they're eating in our restaurants and it's a good group of folks and they're easy to take care of and easy to supervise and police and it's just a great bunch of folks. >> here in the grand stand is great place to watch. it's packed with fans who are clearing and of course add mission is free. you don't need a ticket. so come on down and cheer these athletes on along the banks of the schuylkill katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> it is an incredible event. >> uh-huh. >> time to get a check of the "action news" traffic report on a bit of a dreary friday. >> that's for sure. speaking of water, matt pelman has the late of the on the commute home on a friday. matt. >> wet roads are leaving us with a buffet of traffic troubles which is not the kind of buffet we like. one of the crashes is out here in west norriton rick and
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monica along trooper road. these are the northbound lanes at norris hall lane here by saint sophia greek orthodox church. you can see emergency crews, police on the scene and traffic is just barely squeezing by so there's quite the backlog behind this accident. not so far off in upper providence still have the crash just off 422 at cider mill and egypt and of course as we just said the kelly drive remains closed for the dad vail so you can detour around the ball fields or stay on the other side on the mlk. i think that would be the better bet. it's also putting extra people on the schuylkill so speeds there are just in the teens. have a crash in middletown township bucks county along frosty hollow road at 413 but our crash over in mercer county on 195 eastbound has cleared but still you're looking at speeds like 15 miles per hour. luckily that rain at least is starting to move away for now, rick and monica. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> stay tuned. >> thanks matt. >> much more still ahead on "action news at 5:00 tonight. transparency in the race for the white house. coming up at 5:30, the new
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questions both donald trump and hillary clinton are facing about their finances. >> first it is fitness friday. coming up in health check the app that's putting a motivation of a personal trainer right in the palm of your hands when "action news" returns. >> ♪
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>> sheriff's deputies in california are being called here rows after rescuing a driver. three deputies will to save the driver after his car crashed into a cinder wall thursday morning near los angeles. the car was on fire as deputies pulled the driver out. they had to break the windows because the doors wouldn't open. the cause of this crash meantime is under investigation. george sim plan is still trying to sell the gun he reportedly used to kill trayvon martin. but this morning the online auction was taken over by fake accounts and bids surpassed $65 million. the web site for united gun group began hosting the auction yesterday after another web site took down the auction. critics called the auction an insensitive move to profit from the killing. zimmerman said he used the gun to kill martin back in 2012. he claims self-defense and was found not guilty. >> a new exhibit in atlantic city pays tribute to prince. the african-american heritage museum's life and times of a prince exhibit will be up all
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month. it has a vast collection of historic memorabilia and magazines featuring the late rock star. the philadelphia museum of art has a new african inspired exhibit called creative africa. it celebrates a broad spectrum of arts across the african continent. exhibition features works of art as well as contemporary fashion photography and arc the he can cherry. >> crunching the numbers part of the challenge for students in chester county. the chester county intermediate unit held a 24 hour challenge for the tube. they have to use several math techniques to always get the answer 24. >> it was graduation day today for more than 100 students at the pennsylvania academy of fine arts. there were 91 seniors who earned bachelors degrees in fine arts, 41 students who received their masters. several speakers addressed the grads at the 211th complement. >> professionals reunited with their patients who defied the
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odds. penn medicine held its annual trauma reflection ceremony in powelton. the program celebrated several former penn trauma patients and their families as well as the doctors and nurses who treated them when they were critically injured. the event marks national trauma awareness month. coming tonight nydia han is helping you save money on your medical bills. here's a preview of her special report. >> reporter: asking one question could save you hundreds even thousands of dollars on your healthcare. bob the barber learned that. so did david shafer. >> it was fantastic to have that weight lifted off your shoulders. >> reporter: the "action news" troubleshooters got a lop to reduce this couple's bill by $3,600. we also got a big refund from this local barber's insurance company. now we're helping you before you overpay. preventing pricey procedures tonight on channel6 "action news at 11:00. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> time for health check tonight. it is fitness friday and a new smartphone app is making it easier and cheaper to work out with a real personal trainer. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman is at the big board to explain how it works. >> it's kind of like uber for
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fitness. using the app you can order a professional trainer to meet you at any location for a 30 or 60 minutes workout. it's convenient and it's more affordable than what you might find at many gyms. i tried it out earlier this week. >> hi. how are you. >> flies the might. >> reporter: i met fitness train are juliano. open the we train app pick a time and a workout, then pin the location. >> three, two, 1 two, 1i close 0 minutes full body workout. the app was created by jonathan sokel and zach kurtzel a fitness professional and army veteran. they saw problems with the current system of personal training. for many, it's not convenient or affordable. >> we teamed up and said hey, let's bridge the gap, you know, let's bring highly personalized service at group
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fitness prices. >> reporter: with a membership fee a 30 minute session will cost you $15. a 60 minute session $25. he says trainers can come to any location even a small office. they bring all the equipment and every trainer has been thoroughly vetted. >> a they're certified. b proof of insurance, c background checked and then they sign a code of conduct come and interview with a member of our training team. >> reporter: plus he says there's awaiting system to maintain quality. juliano tells me his clients are all levels, all ages. >> we have a 20-year-old all the way up to 86. >> reporter: you can stick with the same trainer or mix it up. >> find a trainers kind of tend to shift towards what they're really passionate about and that goes from strength training to martial arts to yoga pilates that kind of thing. >> did it. good job. >> reporter: there was a tough workout. trainers earn double the national average which the founders say attracts quality
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trainers. a monthly membership is about $50 that gets you low training prices or pay a bit more as a nonmember. we have details on plus a promotion code for our viewers. it will get you a free training session. rick and monica, back over to you. >> that did look like a tough workout. >> reporter: it was really tough. i wasn't expecting that. >> thank you ali. >> outside we go looking live from sky6 hd right now at a very dreary ben franklin bridge on a friday night but it is friday. and meteorologist cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather five day forecast. >> when we come right back. stick around. >> ♪
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>> this is a moment that i didn't anticipate being here at least at this point. but it's here and we're going to enjoy it. >> how about that. michael strayhan said a final farewell to can kelly ripa and live viewers this morning. he's leaving for a new role on "good morning america" which he'll start in the fall. rip pennsylvania walked off the show nearly for a week last month when she first heard because she was informed the of the change minutes before it was made public but today she wished her co-host all the best went do as well. >> time for accuweather at the
5:25 pm
"action news" big board friday night. >> meteorologist cecily tynan with the forecast. i think we can live with it. but it's not perfect. >> it's not going to be an ideal weekend but it's any other going to be a washout. storm tracker6 live double scan showing the rain that moved through earlier today has really moved off the coast. we still have a scattered shower left over in cumberland county but generally we're drying out this evening from the first system that rolled through. there's another one waiting in the wings but right now the temperature 67 degrees in philadelphia. the same in wilmington. 66 in trenton. cape may only 62. but notice areas there we are seeing some sunshine like reading and lancaster temperatures have made a quick rebound up into the low 70's and we are live right now. this is our sky6 camera taking a look over reading from the pagoda and you can see some brightening of the skies so drier air is moving in tonight and that will begin to erode the clouds. so satellite6 along with action radar i like this view because it slows what's happening not just tonight but also over the weekend.
5:26 pm
this is the first front that's pushing off the coast and you can see the drier air moving in in western pennsylvania with those clouds clearing. however, there's a secondary front and this one is a lot stronger and that's what will be moving through late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night and with it we could get some gusty thunderstorms. so, future tracker showing as we head through the evening hours we clear out very nicely. not a cloud in the sky. by 11 o'clock. tomorrow morning you wake up, you step outside, it's beautiful. bright sunshine. by 10 o'clock. but then as we head through the day the clouds will be thickening and it looks like this front will come in pieces. ahead of it around 3:30 we could get a broken line of some storms, this showing mainly across the northwest suburbs. the main event will roll through later in the day around 7 o'clock and this is when we could get not only some gusty winds but also some small hail right ahead of that cold front and then it sweeps out to sea by the evening hours and then get ready for a big temperature change. tomorrow ahead of that front it's going to be pretty warm.
5:27 pm
76 degrees, could be our second day this month of above normal temperatures. on sunday, though, the high drops down to 59 degrees. the normal high for sunday is 74. so that's 15 degrees below normal and with wind gusts up to about 35 miles per hour it's going the feel even cooler than 59. you definitely need to bundle up. big weekend in dover for the races and it's looking pretty good for most of the time. tomorrow some late thunderstorms could roll in by the end of the races, 77 on sunday. it will be bright but windy and cool and with a high of 62. so the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow most of the day rain free. some late afternoon and evening thunderstorms, 76 degrees. sunday feeling like early april, 59 degrees. we bump it up to 63 on tuesday -- or monday, 66 on tuesday. wednesday some early showers, 68 degrees. but the end of the week next week is looking beautiful. adam joseph will talk about that in the full accuweather 7-day forecast, guys. >> all right. >> we'll be ready. >> thank you cecily. >> much more "action news"
5:28 pm
coming your way. stick around we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again.
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here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. what tax rate is paid by donald trump to the u.s. government? he says it's none of your business. we'll have more on the republican presidential candidate's response to criticisms over withholding on his tax returns. the search is on for a female arsonist who struck in one north philadelphia neighborhood and a rider university student is not just going home with her college degree today, she got a brand new car, too. we'll explain how it all happened. >> ♪ >> the late of on the 2016 presidential election. once again, presumptive republican nominee donald trump is under fire for skirting questions about his finances particularly in regards to releasing his tax returns. mr. trump had a rather heat the exchange with abc's george stephanopoulos this morning on "good morning america." the two went back and forth over trump's withholding of his tax returns a move trump says is warranted becausees currently under audit. trump said voters don't care about those documents and he's in no rush to release them.
5:31 pm
donald trump isn't the only presidential candidate facing tough questions tonight. and with more on that let's head to abc's lana zak live in the nation's capitol. >> reporter: lana. >> reporter: hi there, rick. yes, donald trump is trying to reassure republicans that he can be trusted by them but both hillary clinton and donald trump are having issues convincing voters today there they are worthy of their trust. the question of transparency is at the forefront of politics today. bill clinton on the trail for his wife in new jersey denies any reports by the wall street journal that alleges the clinton's global initiative funneled donations to at least one for profit company with personal ties to the clintons. >> it's not an accurate. you need to get the fact. >> reporter: on the republican side. >> it's none of your businessism donald trump saying he does not believe the voters have a right to see his tax returns before the november election. >> there have been many presidents that have not shown their tax returns. >> actually every single nominee since 1976 has
5:32 pm
released their tax returns. >> before 1376 people didn't do it. >> reporter: trump maintains an audit is preventing him from releasing them now. the i.r.s. says the audit doesn't stop him from sharing his returns with the voters. and on the question of transparency does this voice sound familiar? >> because you get so much. >> reporter: according to the washington post this is donald trump posing as his own spokesperson. trump said he didn't think this audio sounded like him. all of this come as republicans are struggling to unite behind their soon to be nominee. today senator john cornin said enough is enough. >> no protest votes, no staying home, no nursing your disappointment. i think now is the time for people to become unified. >> reporter: and law also part of that much heralded meeting between speaker of the house paul ryan and donald trump yesterday. we're learning a little bit more about what happened behind those closed doors. we're told that trump's tone
5:33 pm
has been discussed extensively. reporting live from washington lana zak channel6 "action news." >> democrat bernie sanders continues to hit the campaign trail full force. he's holding several rallies in north dakota today. voters led to the poll june 7th. pressure continues to mount against the vermont senator and his campaign. democratic party leaders say his continued presence in the race is undermining their efforts to beat presumptive republican nominee trump. and despite several recent wins sanders has not made a big in the delegate lead. >> the president administration's sent a letter to public schools directing them to allow transgender students to use the restroom that they identify with. but some school districts say they are being blackmailed because if they don't follow the new guidelines they could lose federal funding. including texas lieutenant governor who said the state is prepared to forfeit billions of dollars in public school funding.
5:34 pm
>> he has set a policy in place that will divide the country not along political lines. but along family values and school districts. >> earlier this week the department of justice filed a lawsuit against north carolina over its new law requiring people to use the bathroom of their gender at birth. north carolina's also suing the department of justice. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the transgender bathroom guidelines including reaction from both sides of the aisle. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. you can watch it tonight at 6:30 following "action news at 6:00. >> in other news philadelphia detectives are looking for the man who burglarized an apartment complex twice. the person they're looking for was caught on surveillance video trying the break into this building on veree road. investigators say he was at the scene in early march and then again at the end of april and you're asked to call police if you recognize him. from our delaware news
5:35 pm
room this is 30-year-old latina baker. she posed as a utility worker to steal from two residents in new castle. the victims told police she convinced them they needed an upgrade to their service inform one instance baker collected money from a 66-year-old woman then walked out. in the second incident baker allegedly took an 84-year-old woman's checkbook while the woman was distracted. investigators believe baker may have targeted other residents as well. and detectives are looking for a woman captured on surveillance video setting fire to two cars in north philadelphia. this happened about 5:00 a.m. yesterday along the 3200 block of north 11th street. the woman walked up to two vehicles put something on the hood which then exploded and start add fire. she then ran off. it's not clear why she started those fires but authorities want to catch her of course before she strikes again. >> today was graduation day for hundreds of future doctors at temple university. more than 200 students from the lewis katz school of
5:36 pm
medicine received their doctorate degrees this morning. friends and family packed into the kimmel center in center city to see the ceremony. congratulations. today was also a very big day for rider university's class of 2016. 10 of the grads not only earned a degree they also earned the chance to win a free car. with one turn of the key a musical theater major stepped into a brand new ride. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has her story tonight. >> reporter: 800 students walked across the stage at rider university to pick up their diplomas but only one drove away in a brand new car. the college radio station 107.7 the bronc held a contest asking graduates to make a short video about their positive experiences at rider. 10 finalists were each given a car key. one by one they tried to start this 2016 zion im and were disappointed. >> aww. >> reporter: that is until 22-year-old rosie wenter got in and the engine turned over. [cheers and applause] >> reporter:. >> it's been an amazing day.
5:37 pm
i haven't fathomed it yet. it's all just too good to be true. >> ♪ >> reporter: rosie wrote played and sang in an original song called my promise fulfilled a variation of rider's school motto. >> i think what rosie's video did was incorporated the rider experience and what it's like to be a student here. >> reporter: rosie gets a free two year lease on the car provided by team toyota of princeton. the owner his wife and four of his kids attended school here at rider. >> we partnered with rider over the years for many things sports and school related and to seemed like a wonderful project. >> reporter: do you need a car. >> i have a buick like 1994 so this is quite an upgrade. >> reporter: rosie plans to return to her home in alabama and work as a waitress and save money so she can move to new york city. >> i want to be on broadway. i want to be a perform. >> reporter: well if she arrives in this rider red toyota they'll see her coming. in lawrenceville, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action
5:38 pm
news." >> good luck. >> nice story. >> all right, time to get a check of that traffic scene on a friday night. >> matt pelman start it up and see whether or not how successful we are. go ahead. >> for the riders in our cars things are not looking so rosie this evening we can definitely say that rick and monica. it's very busy, it's wet in many cases and it's just a whole lot of friday afternoon volume here along the schuylkill expressway. clogged in both directions by the vine street expressway again you don't want to head for the kelly drive. instead, shut down through tomorrow evening for the dad vail regatta so the mlk might be your best bet but that's going to be busy as well. in north philadelphia a crash involving a vehicle into a pole along north broad at glenwood. avoid that area. couple issues in montgomery county in west norriton still that crash on trooper road northbound near norris hill drive so the northbound lanes are blocked there. and on cider mill just off of 422 we have the wreck as well. crash on one that i in mercer county cleared out but now a truck flipped over on the northbound turnpike north of 7a there's slowing there because the outer drive is shut down. have to stay on those inner
5:39 pm
three lanes instead. have a good weekend rick and monica. >> you do the same. thanks matt. >> still ahead on "action news tonight a driver is only alive today because of the brave actions of two police officers on patrol. we'll explain what led to this fiery scene. >> and the eagles new quarterback carson wentz hits the field with the other rookies today in south philadelphia. jaime apody has the details coming up in sports. adam. >> rick, the first round of rain is moving out. the weekend will start warm and then the cold air you can see that 36 at international falls in the second half of the weekend. we'll talk about the drop in temperatures in accuweather. >> i guess we have to, all right. thanks adam. those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back. frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working?
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>> a fire broke out at this fireworks factory this morning in england that caused an explosion and nearby businesses and homes had to be evacuated. more than 70 firefighters responded to the blaze. the factory was empty at the time and nobody was hurt. two police officers in maryland are being called heros but they say they were just doing their jobs. the officers raced toward this burning car and they were able to pull the driver out.
5:43 pm
police say the 34-year-old driver had fallen asleep and crashed into a concrete barrier on a busy interstate. it happened back in september but the driver was just able to thank the officers today for saving his life. >> hundreds of women gathered this afternoon in philadelphia for lunch and a if cause. the american heart association held its go red for women luncheon today at the crystal tea room in center city. the event is part of a national movement to spread awareness about heart disease and stroke in women. organizers say 80 percent of cardiac events can can be prevented with education and lifestyle changes. the postal service and the food bank of south jersey kicked off a big food drive this afternoon. the annual stamp out hunger food drive takes place tomorrow. it's the nation's largest is this goal day food drive and today postal workers and food bank officials in pennsauken filled a mail truck with bags of food to encourage residents to donate. >> very nice. >> jaime apody here with more on some eagles camp action. >> yeah, here we go. the future is now, guys.
5:44 pm
the eagles rookies hit the field for the first time but of course all eyes were on one rookie in particular. jeff skversky live at the novacare complex where cameras followed carson wentz's every move. the media today far outnumbered the number of players, hm, jeff? >> reporter: yeah, jamie, carson wentz he's only had the eagles playbook for a week and a half and he says he already loves it because it's quarterback friendly. so when will eagles fans get to see wentz execute that playbook in a game at the linc? well, he's been given no timetable of when he'll start. look, he could sit out all of this upcoming season. the eagles are not ready to throw wentz right out there in week one come september. first they want him to learn and that starts today with eagles rookie mini camp. ball handling, the playbook, his foot work, that much more addressed today. he's still getting used to the grounds around campus here at the eagles novacare complex. he's only met a handful of
5:45 pm
teammates including jordan matthews and zach ertz but he has not talked to fellow quarterback sam bradford nor has he reached out to him and when they do meet hopefully next week he does not expect there could be tension with the disgruntled bradford. >> it is what it is. honestly like i been saying all along it's out of my control and people want to make eight big situation but i think like i said earlier we'll have a really good working relationship and i think it will benefit the team because we're going to compete and really everybody in that quarterback room everybody in the entire organization is going to compete and push each other so i think it will only benefit the team. >> reporter: went i wentz is hog the competition will make this team better. he says he's not trying to worry about when he'll take over as the franchise quarterback. >> all i care about is winning so if the team's winning i'm going to do whatever i can to help the team whether that's from a third string roll back role starter it doesn't matter. i'm going to do what i can to
5:46 pm
prepare and really just help the team. we'll see how that plays out. >> reporter: wentz says the most important thing for him right now this weekend is to earn the respect of his teammates. look, he went through this at north dakota state. he sat the first two years so he's used to this process. we'll see how patient he can be i'm sure he wants to get out there and play eventually. we're live at team headquarters, jeff skversky, channel6 "action news. jamie. >> great to see him out there today. thanks jeff. they've reached 20 wins in 18 fewer games than last season. the surprising phillies back home to face the reds after spending 19 of the last 22 days on the road. they'll have a new name batting sixth and playing first base. phils called up tommy joseph from aaa and sent darin ruf back down. what a start he's had at lehigh valley this year. joseph batting .337 with six homers seven doubles in 24 games. imagine wait feels like to finally be in that big league
5:47 pm
clubhouse. >> pretty awesome, pretty awesome. i think because of the future stuff that we had here earlier in the year made it a little easier to walk in the clubhouse 'cause i kind of flu where things were but to walk in it and for it to really matter this time to really be a part of this team is cool. >> what is it like to be in the lineup. >> pretty awesome. it's pretty special. >> nascar comes to dover this weekend. scary moments before sunday's sprint cup race. today danica patrick's car caught fire during a practice run which led to a big wreck involving tony stewart and jamie mcmurray as well. patrick's car will some gear issues and heat issues, too. now they have a lot of issues and hopefully some reliable backup cars. nobody seriously hurt. >> bucks county teacher got a big surprise this morning. makefield elementary schoolteacher diana callahan was named one of this year's phillies all-star teachers.
5:48 pm
students and philly phanatic there to congratulate her. she looked psyched. miss callahan brought a buddy bench to school to eliminate loneyless to ensure that every child has a friend. callan will be honored at the phillies game tonight. >> comics and super here rows this weekends in atlantic city. the atlantic city boardwalk con kicked off this afternoon at the convention center. it's the event's seconds year and this year it features a wonder woman museum and a garage full of bat mobiles. there are also interactive activities like a light sabre training workshop. organizers say atlantic city police officers firefighters and their families can bring their credentials to get free admission. adam joseph, is that adam joseph. [laughter]
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
>> trying to figure out what's up for the weather on the weekend. a lot of folks outside for activities. >> kind of all over the place. >> oh great. >> it's going start great tomorrow morning early afternoon. >> okay. >> then some storms and then the cold. we kind of have everything going on this weekend. >> so don't run this weekend. >> you don't run any weekend. as we take a look at double scan -- he'll use any excuse. most of the showers that we had passed through and some of the heavier downpours now wiping off the coast. a few lingering showers in ocean county burlington county county cape play county but the sun is starting to return for many locations. you're starting to see on sky6 live right now the brightening to the sky. there's the thickest clouds kind of the edge. this was right about here about 15 minutes ago. it's continuing to push
5:52 pm
towards the east as we look westbound here so a nice recovery late in the day early in the afternoon with some brightening to the sky. in fact where the sun has popped out we're now back to 70 in reading, 71 in lancaster, 67 philadelphia but cooler at the shore where again those showers still kind of are dragging their way off the coast, 62 right now in long beach island. you may have also noticed the increase in humidity not only yesterday but especially today. dewpoints back into the low and some areas mid 60's so it is slightly humid out there but these numbers will drop into the 50's and dewpoints by sunday could drop into the 20's as bone dry air moves back in. first front is again going off the coast. there's that very definitive clearing line working in from the west so we got clear skies to begin the weekend. and then another cold front, this one is a little more potent. you can see all the severe thunderstorm watches ahead of this as it pushes to the east moves in tomorrow afternoon. so, for the dad vail regatta plenty of sun for most of the
5:53 pm
day tomorrow. watch for some late afternoon gusty thunderstorms, 61 degrees. at 8 o'clock still sunny at noon at 71. by 4:00 p.m. we'll start to watch some of those storms arriving from the west but very mild at 76. future tracker showing at 3 o'clock it's working into the lehigh valley, berks county with a couple of the pop-up downpours. and again some of those gusty thunderstorms arriving during the evening hours especially philadelphia, wilmington to the south and then working towards the coast as we get to 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock and then by 9 o'clock they're off the coast and we're already clearing out for the second half of the weekend. so, for those storms tomorrow afternoon, they will be gusty at times, winds maybe near 40, 50 miles an hour, some dangerous lightning. if you have outdoor plans, you hear the rumble get indoors, pea size hail is possible and a couple of them could reach that severe criteria but most won't. as we look at sunday, as that front goes off the coast we got into a wind tunnel effect between this low and approaching high.
5:54 pm
winds gusting to 35 on sunday, temperatures 15 degrees below average with a high temperature of just 59 degrees. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 76 tomorrow. sun giving way to some of those gusty afternoon thunderstorms. only 50's with sun and clouds on sunday so a may chill. monday morning we could be near record lows, 30's in the suburbs, 42 for center city. stays cool, breezy but sunny monday at 63. clouds thicken ahead of the next system that comes in tuesday night early wednesday with some rain. uner 60's. and behind that we could get back to back days here with sunshine and clouds and temperatures near 70 at the end of next week. no matter, have a good weekend. >> all right, you too. >> thank you. >> thank you adam. >> in mount holly new jersey today it was career day at gertrude folwell elementary school. one of the invited guest speakers was yours truly. i had the pleasure of speaking to fourth and fifth graders at the various careers in television including anchoring the news. i even shared some of my own experiences about growing up
5:55 pm
and wandering to be in the news business and the hard work and sacrifice involved. the kids were were fascinated. probably not. it was a flies way to spend a rainy afternoon making new friends. >> ♪
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> pennsylvania state representative joanna mcclinton met with elderly folks in west philadelphia. she hosted this luncheon to celebrate older adults month. she represents the 191st district. she's running for election. >> jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories and much more at 6:00. meet the smith family new jersey's newest multi-million there's. the sight of this guy in wissahickon valley park got some hearts shrinking today. >> a case of mistaken identity.
5:58 pm
for adam joseph, cecily tynan jaime apody rick williams the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a great weekend. "action news at 6:00 is next. >> good night.
5:59 pm
than playing whapennsylvania millions,ing with top prizes of one million dollars? winning, ...on the spot. play pennsylvania millions from the pennsylvania lottery, and you could win... ...on the spot. keep on scratchin' >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night. there's a tentative plan to rescue atlantic city from financial collapse. and the temple university community remembers the legacy of former president peter liacouras. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the new jersey winners of that huge powerball jackpot. let us introduce you to the eight members of the smith family.
6:00 pm
70-year-old pearly smith and her seven adult children. pearly bought the winning ticket last week at a 7-eleven in trenton. they will split the jackpot eight ways but only after donating 10 percent to pearly's church. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live at new jersey lottery headquarters in lawrenceville. nora, quite a scene there today. >> reporter: jim, these are the stories we love to bring you. a big family, a big jackpot and they tell us the numbers came to one of them in a dream. >> and i guess all of you are thinking you wish you was me right now, right? >> reporter: that's valerie arthur the spokeswoman for the smith family the winners of the sixth largest jackpot in powerball history. the prize is being split among eight family members. pearly may smith the mom who bought the winning ticket at a 7-eleven on chambers street in trenton and her seven children who now live in trenton in newark. some didn't believe it when told they'd won. >> and i said well, stop april


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