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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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the one question, patients need to ask their doctor, next. breaking news, this could have killed someone. somebody has been hurling railroad spikes from an overpass, on to university avenue in philadelphia. at least four cars were struck tonight, and needless to say
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police want to find who is doing this, and fast. it is friday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is somebody's sick idea of fun, fun that could have led to the loss of life. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is at the scene and has the full story, chad? >> reporter: yeah, jim, this could have been a much worse, it appears police may have their guy, they are questioning a man, there is the overpass right there, university avenue overpass this happened a couple hours ago. that guy was actually throwing railroad spikes and rocks over the overpass, hitting, as you said, four vehicles. one of those spikes went right through the windshield and stuck in the dashboard narrowly missing the driver's head. that driver suffered some minor scrapes to and cuts to his eyes and face, but that was the accident of the injuries. difficult talk to a couple of the victims including one man who went after the suspect. >> i was just driving under the bridge, and i heard a loud noise and looked up and my
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windshield was crack. >> i decided to go up on the train tracks, so when i went up on the train tracks i saw a young guy like walking real fast towards me. so i approached him. but he tried to say it was somebody else that was throwing somebody -- something off the bridge. >> reporter: again, police are questioning that man, to see if he is the suspect responsible for throwing the railroad ties, spikes, and rocks over the overpass. now, if it is, he is facing aggravated assault, assault and other related charges. i'm live from university city, chad pradelli for channel six "action news", jim. >> thanks, chad. better news here, they have stepped forward to claim their very large prize. they are the smith family of trenton. a may tree arc and seven adult children. they are winners of the last week even's enormous lump sum power ball pay out of the 284 million-dollar.
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"action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at new jersey headquarters live, tonight, jeff? >> reporter: hi, jim. it only takes one ticket to win and that is exactly what this smith family bought for last saturday's drawing. or fortunately for them it was the right ticket. now they say they are planning to spend that money to help their community. >> she said it is true we won the power ball. i have not slept since then. >> reporter: been a whirlwind week for valerie arthur and the rest of the smith family who on saturday night won the sixth largest jackpot in power ball history. pearlie may smith the mom bought the winning ticket at 7-eleven on chamber street in trenton and chose numbers that came to her in a dream. >> it was a big shock when we first learned that we were power ball winners. it was a bigger shock when we learn we were the only ticket holder. >> reporter: smith select the cash option which means she and her seven adult children from trenton and newark will split 284 million-dollar. >> for miss smith to win, dag, i'm glad, god is good.
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>> reporter: on the block in trenton where smith lives, neighbors are in disbelief. >> it is a blessing. honestly me myself i never thought no one in the hood would ever hit, hit the power ball, like that. >> reporter: family hired legal counsel to help them handle their millions, 10 percent of which they plan to tide, that could mean big things for this modest church in trenton which smith pastors and houses kathy nutterly mentoring program for teen girls. >> it was an affirm nation from god because we each of dreams that we want to fulfill in this life and do for our community. >> reporter: no one showed for the scheduled 6:00 p.m. friday night service for the church but neighbors are convinced millionaire or not, pastor smith will be back. >> you do not give up serving now because you got money. you still got to work with god. >> reporter: family says they will spend some money for themselves. they are planning a family trip, but they are not telling us where they are going. we're live at lottery
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headquarters in lawrence township, new jersey, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> thanks, jeff. philadelphia detectives are on the hunt, for three home invaders who tied up and terrified a northeast philadelphia family overnight. apparently they broke in the wrong house. the crooks demanded money from the couple at gunpoint. >> they i thought were going to kill us. at that point it was just the two of us. when they brought him in i just thought it was the end of it. >> reporter: fortunately the criminals realized their mistakes before more serious harm came to the family. >> i was talking to the other, that this was the wrong house. this ain't the house, man. >> reporter: neighbors on the 14,000 block of faraday street say it is normally a safe block, even numbers of police officers lived there. slain philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson, the third, will be honored by president barack obama on monday for sacrificing his life, to protect innocent civilians. wilson will be posthumously
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awarded the national medal of valor. sergeant wilson confronted two armed robbers at a game stop last march and was killed during a gun battle with them. it may be a rare sight inside philadelphia city limits but it is a walk in the park for a black bear, and fisherman says he came face-to-face with the boone this morning in wissohickon valley park. neither the fisherman nor other witnesses had been hurt. still wild life officials are urging park goers to use caution, when hiking, and keep their dogs on a leash. more drama a today. donald trump is denying it was he, posing as his own publicist in a phone call in 1991. the reporter from people magazine. the call reportedly came from a john miller, telling the reporter about trump's life with marla maples and his other girlfriend. the washington post has uncovered a tape of the call,
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listen and judge for yourself >> trump told to the day show this morning that this was not his voice, he never made calls like that, trump continues to resist, by the way, increasing pressure to release his tax returns. on good morning america george step nap lust asked him to reveal his tax rate. trump said it is none of your business. on the democratic side, bernie sanders had a rally today in fargo north dakota he still insist he has a narrow path to the nomination but word is the democratic party leaders are putting more pressure on sand tours quit the campaign. they are concerned that his presence is under mining hillary clinton's effort to focus on donald trump and keep a democrat in the white house. they are mourning at temple university tonight. word came today that former president peter liacouras died yesterday after a long
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illness. liacouras has been credited with transforming temple from a regional commuter college into a largely residential university with increasing stature and influence. his name graces temple's basketball arena because he loved the team and he hired john cheyney. peter liacouras was 85. it was a pack house at the pavilion at villanova university tonight. it was the schools 173rd commencement. the graduates listened with attention to commencement speaker george rambling and in this championship year, star player daniel ochefu was among graduates and coach jay wright was on the stage tonight. your senior prom should always be a special event, and so it was for a young man tonight at central bucks south in warrington, special for him and his date. maybe even a little more special, then for most students. "action news" reporter dann
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cuellar has his story. >> nice. >> reporter: karen and nick magee were looking good for prom and posing for tons of pictures for family and friends. yes, nicky's real gentlemen and you could say a bit of the ham. >> i believe that we will win. >> i believe we will win. >> reporter: known for his enthusiasm and spirit 18 year-old nick with his girlfriend were crowned home coming king and queen in the fall. they won by land slide vote and became internet sensations. he invited his life long friend 16 year-old on cara to the prom and she accepted. what song are you looking forward to dancing to tonight. >> taylor swift. >> reporter: what about you. >> gangdom style. >> reporter: look out, look out. couple's families are gratified that their friend at cb south embraced nick and cara a knot as classmates with down syndrome but simply as classmates. >> he looks so happy. >> yes, he is happy.
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he is happy. he loves cb south and all of his friend. he is excited for the night. >> you get to the point where this isn't considered like a special event, you know it is normal. >> reporter: finally the moment everyone has been waiting for, their dream come true. their first dance at the prom. >> you got your first dance. >> awesome. >> reporter: how about you, nick. >> it was great. >> reporter: oh, man, a special moment, right. >> yes. >> ♪ >> reporter: a special moment, and a special night indeed. in warminster, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". still to come on "action news" tonight a recall where the company is warning owners not to drive their cars. but imagine a train operator screaming for everybody to hit the decks we're about to crash. it was all caught on video. ducis rodgers has carson wentz taking to the eagles practice field for the first time, cecily. well, we've got warm sunshine tomorrow before this
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system brings us some strong storms, and a dramatic change as far as our temperatures on sunday. we will have details from the accu weather seven day forecast. we are joined by trouble shooter nydia han tonight. we have the question you need to ask to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your medical bills. it is pretty simple but it could save you a lot of money. >> that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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for his heroic actions tonight warning passengers of a coming collision with a truck, on the track. the train could not stop in time so he ran through the cabin screaming for people to get on the ground and brace for impact. thirty-second later the train hit, a wooden beam, pierced through, and this happened in western poland in april but this video was just released and will be used in training sessions to teach exemplary behavior. long lines like this one in chicago are all too common at airports these days and federal officials know it. now they are asking travelers to be patient, as they take steps to ease these wait
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times. home land security secretary jay johnson, held a news conference today, where he announced that the tsa will hire more agents, increase overtime and add k-9 teams but he said he will not compromise security. >> there will be wait times, but we want the public to know that we are working hard to alleviate wait times in partnership with airports, and with airlines, and to ensure that air travel remains safe and secure in this country. >> the tsa is also working to enforce limits on the number and size of carry on bags. well, subaru is warning owners of some brand new cars not to drive them because the steering might fail. auto maker is recalling 52,000 legacies and out backs model years 2016 and 2017. subaru which has headquarters in cherry hill, says about 22,000 of those vehicles had been sold. the majority are still on
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dealer lots. a manufacturing defect could cause steering wheel to rotate freely with no effect on where the car goes. so, the "action news" trouble shooters received many, many complaints about medical bills. and many of you tell us that those bills are simply too high. welshing nydia han, has some help tonight and she joins us with what you need to know. >> reporter: jim, after as a reporter i ask a lot of questions all the time but a lot have of people don't even when it comes to their health care. i hope that changes because we have discovered asking the right questions could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars. bob gillespy works, on his feet so he cannot afford to be in pain. >> pain is very painful, you cannot stan, you cannot put pressure on your legs. >> reporter: er went to fitzgerald mercy hospital for seven injection toss relief pain. each time he was charge a $400 insurance company pay.
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>> i had no choice, because i was in so much pain. >> reporter: but he did have a choice. he could have gone to a surgery center where the same doctor provides the same treatment. >> instead of paying $400 i can pay 150. >> reporter: he did for his last injection and saved nearly 63 percent. >> i wanted my money back. >> reporter: david schaefer wanted an adjustment for the hospital he got for an mra, imaging scan. he has a high health plan so he knew cost would come out of his pocket to get a ballpark price he used his insurance company's payment estimator in advance of the procedure. it showed his costs would be up to $2,367. >> we were hit for over $4,000 i thought that was completely crazy. >> reporter: schaefer says abington hospital charged his insurance company almost $8,000. and, his portion of the bill was more than $4,300. schaefer says abington refused to reduce the bill. >> my wife actually recommended, and she said why
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don't you contact nydia han. >> reporter: after trouble shooters stepped in, mr. schaefer got a call. >> mr. schaefer we have adjusted your bill, it will be $700. how is that. >> reporter: that is a $3,600 savings. >> it was fantastic to have that weight off your shoulders. >> reporter: here's what you need to know, procedure's price is based on the provider fee and facility fee. provider fee goes to your doctors. the facility fee goes to the venue for the room, equipment, the lights. >> we have been told it is facility fees that kill you. >> reporter: facility fees are typically much higher at a hospital outpatient facility, verse a freestanding surgery center. >> it can be dramatic. it could be multiples of two or three times more. >> reporter: for a colonoscopy in the philadelphia air yacht average charge for a surgery center is $1,492. at a hospital, it is $4,626. for cataract removal and insertion of the lens, the average charge by a surgery center is $3,274.
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compared that to $10,488 at a hospital. and, remember, for his first seven pain injections, he could have paid just $1,050 at his nearby surgery center but instead paid $2,800 to the hospital. >> that is way too high. way too much money. >> reporter: i contacted his insurance company, and independence blue cross is now sending him a full refund. but to avoid over paying in the first place, the question, you must ask yourself, is where else can i get this done? as you can see, and, and,. >> and, it will be a shock, to the consumers, as i was. >> the first question is, where else can i get this procedure done? but to maximize medical savings you need to get a few more things, that information is on six now, hospital attribute their higher facility, fees to the cost of more sophisticated and expensive technology, and, having to operate 24/7 and the
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emergency care and other services. and on six we have put full statements from the hospital on our story mid, yeah thanks very much. health check at 11:00 a down side for the gluten free trend, and while it is important for those with celiac disease many are choosing gluten free as a diet lifestyle. commentary from the journal of the pediatrics today, asserted that there is no evidence gluten free foods are healther were for people. they are generally more expensive then eating them exclusively may make it more difficult to get vital nutrients which could be harmful for children, and that a commentary today in the journal of pediatrics, that is not necessarily our opinion, just reporting what it says in pediatrics magazine. >> good information there. >> there we go. what about that accu weather weekend forecast. >> quick changes this weekend. >> oh, no. >> very dramatic. >> storm tracker six live double scan showing most of the region is rain free but do
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i want to focus on one little cell that is on the border of bucks and hunterdon county. you can see it diving to the south east. we have had lightening strikes the past half an hour, it is beginning to diminish. no lightening now, but a heavy downpour, this is just really cropped up out of no where. is there more stormy weather that is moving in late tomorrow and tomorrow evening. right now temperatures in the 60's. 62 degrees in philadelphia it hit 70 after the clouds, cleared up this evening. allentown 61. millville 62. trenton 61. wilmington 62 degrees. relatively mild. with that mild air in place and very wet ground, visibility shows that we do have some fog developing especially here near the shore so there will be patches of fog and temperatures drop down in the mid 50's in philadelphia mid 40's in the suburbs, and then, the next system is waiting in the wings already. this is a a strong cold front that is moving through midwest, you can see we have a little lag time. so much of the day tomorrow will be sunny, and dry.
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future tracker showing 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning enjoy it, good amount of sunshine, already temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. we should hit about 76 degrees around 2:30, and it cloud up and you can see some showers and thunderstorms beginning to develop in the far western suburbs, and it looks like, these will be moving through in two quick hits around 5:00 o'clock a pretty good squall line moving through philadelphia, and then another one rolling through hitting the coast by 9:30. they will be broken so it means not everyone will see the storms but some of them could be very intense. could have wind gusts 40 to 50 s lightening, so as soon as you hear that thunder get inside, even the possibility of pea sized hail. we could have severe thunderstorm warnings. behind this system on sunday, we do bring back some sunshine, but it is cool. the high only 59 degrees and that wind tunnel effect, wind gusts up to about 35 miles an hour. so definitely bundle up on
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sunday and we could have an afternoon instability sprinkle. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast good amount of sunshine tomorrow before those gusty thunderstorms rolling through between four and 9:00 o'clock. 76 degrees the high. sunday though chilly. 59 degrees with those wind, feeling closer to 50. monday morning we will wake up with near record lows in the 40's, and 30's, and then the afternoon only 63 degrees. and then temperatures will be trending up, we could have some showers, tuesday night into wednesday morning but thursday and friday, two days in a row of plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the 70's. but stay tuned to "action news" throughout the weekend. we will have more word on severe weather and possibility of some fog, monday morning. >> frost, we could if the wind die down enough. >> you know what that is. >> unacceptable. >> absolutely. >> thanks, cecily. camden officials honored a korean war veteran tonight for his services to his country and community. camden resident, gilbert nelson served in the the war
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and then went on to command vfw. he retired from campbell's soup after 43 years and is active in many community organizations, and he has been married for 66 years. he has four daughters, six grandchildren, three great grandchildren and we thank him for his services. wonder woman and the incredible hulk were just a few of the familiar faces at garden state discovery museum tonight. this is the museum's calling all super heroes event, kid could meet their favorite super hero, and even have have some of their own super powers. even batman got to cut loose in the bouncey house every once in a while. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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learning police have found and charged a man, in connection with the hurling of those railroad spikes on to the 600 block of university avenue, in philadelphia from an overpass. he has been charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, other offenses as well. four cars were hit tonight, by those big spikes. obviously someone could have been seriously hurt or worse. it turns out that no one was injured but this man is in custody. we will know more about him come tomorrow. lets get to tonight's phillies game, and can they keep it going now that they are home against the red. >> yes, they can. they are fun team to watch. baseball is a simple game as long as you score more runs then the other guys you win. phillies continue to do that anyway that they can. phillies and red tonight tommy joseph finally called up from triple a. first base man goes zero for two with a walk. phillies with a two to nothing
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lead. tie letter goodell puts it down right field line. carlos ruiz and joseph comes n goodell has a triple. next batter the pitcher, jeremy hellickson with the safety squeeze, all spring training on. that three-two phillies. it remains that way into the ninth inning, jeanmar gomez with the tying run on base. six, 43 double play. the phillies win three-two. they are 13-three in one run games. >> nice way to start the home stand. another one run game. our guys have been tested with one run games and they have come through. it is a good learning experience for young guys, and, it is fun to win those games because it teaches them how to win those close games and that is a bonus for us. >> and to football how do you feel on your first day of a new job. carson wentz it appears it went just fine. wentz was a star attraction for the start of the eagles three day rookie mini camp. he has had play book for a few days but he likes the offense because it is quarterback friendly. wentz has yet to meet sam bradford but he does not see
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any problems with him. >> i think relationship with him and other quarterbacks in the room will be great, competitive atmosphere. i'm hopefully that we will all learn and grow together and push each other and ultimately, you know, lead to benefiting the team, and winning ballgames. i don't think there will be a lot of tension. i think, people will make it out to be but i think coaches and everybody will be on the same page and i think it will be a good working relationship for sure. more sports, straight ahead, see why this golfer, is excited, about having to pick up every one's tab. to golf second round of
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the players championship in saw grass had been suspended due to rain. jason day has a three shot lead. thankfully for will wilcox the rain waited for him to t off, on 17, the famed island hole. 147-yard out. i think wilcox knows what is about to happen? look at him. oh, yeah. hole in one. hugs and of course free drinks for everyone, on the green. >> that is sports. >> thanks, ducis. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continues at 5:30 a.m. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night. have a great weekend. >> ♪
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♪ >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- dr. mehmet oz. from "bones," emily deschanel. and it's mash-up monday with music from monsters and men at work. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm your host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming.


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