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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  May 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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train stations will be off lifts while they put the finishing touches on a new bridge. the sun is shining this morning, let's get to the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, meteorologist chris sowers, after that great shot, how can you talk about rain, chris? >> reporter: we've been doing it for three weeks. the good news this is not what we're dealing with the last few weeks where it's cloudy all the time, where you have mist and showers and steady rain. this is sunny day and the clouds roll in and thunderstorm rolls through. most of the day is all right, if you have outdoor plans keep an eye to the sky after 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. numbers are warming up quickly. 64 in philadelphia. millville dover, 65. wilmington, 64. allentown, 63, the poconos 57. as we set it in motion, here's the line, cold front it was cold
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enough that snow was flying north of detroit. this is the front that will barrel through this afternoon. we'll seal the yellows and oranges as it gets closer and closer. as a matter of fact here's future tracker 6. we'll time it out for you, 4:00 p.m., all is quiet in the city, points south and east, here comes the line to the western suburbs. probably getting into the city itself by 5:00, or 5:30 p.m. the storms could pack a punch, gusty winds and small hail and cloud to ground lightning strikes. we start out nice, lots of bright blue skies and nine. temperatures in the 70s. 1:00 p.m., increasing clouds. 3:00 p.m., thunderstorms well west of philadelphia, again in the city itself by 5:00 p.m., 69 degrees. 6 and 7:00 p.m. most of it is down the jersey shore. so sunshine to start, increasing clouds, afternoon thunderstorms are possible. here's the good news, after that, we're finally dry, the pattern breaks and there's no shot of rain from that point on, when i come back in just a few
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minutes, i'll have the details in the accuweather seven-day forecast. gray. new this morning, a bar fight led to a shootout outside a philadelphia bar. police say an innocent bystander was hit. the action cam was outside the scene at triple play bar in hunting park this morning. a fight spilled outside and ended with a shootout between four people. the stray bullet hit the innocent bystander. he was rushed to the hospital in critical, but stable condition. a number of cars were hit by the gunfire. police took two people in for questioning. it's not clear if any charges have been filed. philadelphia police are searching for a suspect after a man was stabbed in the neck around 1:00 a.m. west erie avenue an north 19th street. the victim was rushed to the hospital in serious, but stable condition. a man was seen running away from the scene this morning. there's no word on the motive. 9:02.
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new information on the suspect under arrest accused of throwing railroad spikes into passing cars in university city. police just told us the suspect is 18 years old. in one attack a spike went through the front windshield and lodged in the dashboard of the person's car. broken glass flew in the driver's eye, four cars were hit. one victim went after the suspect and stopped him for police. decided to go up on the train tracks, so when i want up on the train tracks i saw a young guy like walking real fast toward me, so i approached him, but he tried to say it was somebody else that was throwing something off the bridge. police say the suspect will facing a evaluated assault and related offenses. police believe someone deliberately set fire to this car in south philadelphia. the damage was done yesterday here on the 800 block of dudley
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street. "action news" obtained this piece of surveillance video which shows a man apparently leaving the scene. if you have any information about this contact philadelphia police. a new jersey pastor and her family have a lot more pep in their praise this morning. the smith family of trenton won the huge 429 million-dollar powerball jackpot. some of the money will go to taxes and some will benefit the community. jeff chirico has their story. it's true, we won the powerball and i have not slept since then. >> reporter: it's been a whirl gwynedd -- whirlwind week for valley arthur, her mom bought the 7-eleven in trenton and chose the numbers that came to her in a dream. it was a big shock when we learned we were powerball winners and the only ticketholder. smith selected the cash option
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which means she and her children will split $284 million. for miss smith to win i'm glad. >> reporter: on the block in trenton where smith lived neighbors are in disbelief. i never thought no one in the hood would ever hit the powerball like that. >> reporter: the family highlander legal counsel to hem them handle their millions, 10% of which they plan to tithe. that could mean big things for this churn in trenton which smith pastors. it's affirmation from god, we each have dreams in this life. nobody showed for the 6:00 p.m. service at the church, but neighbors are convinced that pastor smith will be back.
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the family only bought one ticket for the drawing, now they are planning a huge family getaway, although they are not telling us that where. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." congratulations, lucky numbers new dream. 9:06. the largest collegiate are regaa continues on the schuylkill. ten thousand rowers are taking part in the dad vail regatta. they come from 100 colleges in the u.s. and canada. we've raced this before, so we know the course. we're trying to stay focus -89d. -89d -- focused. guys know all yearlong this is the time of year that is the most important. the event is happening through the afternoon admission is free. commuters in delaware county are being putting on alert, a septa construction project is in progress and about to impact a lot of people. "action news" reporter, john rawlins with the story.
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>> reporter: riders from media, rosemont and elwin. next months trains will stop calling at four station there will be shuttle buses and five to 20 minute longer commute. these going to be horrible. >> reporter: they are replacing the aging crumb creek viaduct with a new bridge. the existing 100-foot high steel structure dates to the 1890s. this bridge is past its prime. it is 121 years old. just to give you a reference point, grover cleveland was the president. >> reporter: this time lapse video shows work has been going on for months. soon the new bridge will be ready. that's why the trains have to be halted. they will demolish the old structure and push the new bridge into place. >> reporter: they are building the new bridge parallel to the
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old bridge. in june when they shut the railroad down they will tear down the old bridge and slide the new bridge into place. starting this monday, septa will hold a series of five open houses at the impacted stations from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. learn about the busing and summer outage and know what's going on. >> reporter: the shutdown starting june 18. trains return day after labor day. i'm happy they are fixing the bridget makes you feel safer as a rider. it's only 3 or 4 months. >> reporter: and then you will have a nice new viaduct. this, too, shall pass. >> much more to come on "action news," saturday morning. are you looking at a dream wedding dress at a fraction of the cost. we have tips for all you brides out there. it took me 65 yours to
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complete my studies, but i did. you'll meet the man who is making history at one california university. >> reporter: we have heavy hitters by afternoon, future tracker 6 showing by 6:00 p.m. they are in the city. i'll have more on what to expect when we come right back.
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new this morning, a
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96-year-old man can scratch getting his college degree off the bucket list. he received his degree from usc almost 70 years after he started classes there. gonzalez enrolled at usc in 1947 but later came military service and time running a business. he completed the final class. he fascinated younger students and they fascinated him. he was in my new technologies class, incredible. incredible indeed, at 96. a uniformity sc dean called gonzalez a model of life long learning. >> reporter: i was going to say he is the history class. that's right. meteorologist chris sowers is here with the accuweather forecast. you teased us with the sunshine, and then comes the rain later. >> reporter: the weather is different than what we
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experienced over the last couple of weeks. today's high, might top out at 76 or 77. it will feel good, but later this afternoon with the approaching cold front things could get active in the form of thunderstorms. keep an eye to the sky later on. double scan live is clear, but again, thing will be changing over the next 8 hours sore. this week it was not too bad. we saw a lot in the way of cloud cover and we had our fair share of rain. 71 monday, tuesday was chilly, wednesday, 66. thursday, ten better and yesterday's high, 70 degrees. getting closer to average. the seasonal average is 74. getting better. we're showing 64. not too shabby. dewpoint, 50. pressure 29.80 inches. the winds are calm. they will pick up out of the southwest later this afternoon. mid 60s for everybody. 65 in millville. dover, 65. wilmington, 64. there's our 64. allentown, 63. the poconos 57. there's not much empty way of
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humidity out there -- much in the way of humidity out there. what will fuel the storm is a powerful jet stream at 5 to 10,000 feet. it will help ignite the storms as the line cops -- comes east. you get into pittsburgh they are picking up rain, the line is stretching through the ohio and tennessee valley. that's the cold front. this front approaching, thunderstorms develop after 4:00 p.m. from west to east across the viewing area they pushed through. by 7:00 they should be hitting the jersey shore. sunday there's a chilly shot of air that will be marching through especially for may standards. high's tomorrow will struggle to reach 60 degrees. most of the time we're stuck in the 50s, you add the wind on top of that, it's going to feel like the upper 40s, low 50s. chilly stuff tomorrow. 4:30, here comes the line
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erupting to the west. reading lancaster, 4:30 it's knocking on the door pushing through. should get in the city an hour later, look at 5:30, the reds the yellows, that line false east and -- falls east and hits the jersey shore by 7:00 p.m. once the two lines pull through the rest of the evening is fairly quite, let us say after 9:00 p.m. or so. breezy and cooler sunday. what you need to know starting out with a ton of sunshine. warm early. after 2:00 p.m. we increase the clouds. thunderstorms develop. 4:00 p.m. arrival time for places like pottstown, reading, lancaster and allentown. 7:00 p.m., the jersey shore, all areas in between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. small hail, downpours and gusty winds are possible. we're shooting for a high of 76 today. winds out of the southwest at 15 to 25 miles per hour gusting to
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30, but again, underneath the storms some of the gusts could be as high as 40, 50 miles per hour. if you have outdoor plans, increasing clouds by lunchtime. there's the thunderstorms, 3:00 p.m., 74. 5:00 p.m., cooler down, thunderstorms are likely. overnight tonight, evening thunderstorm is possible, otherwise clearing it's breezy, 44 degrees outlying suburbs. 48 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows a dry stretch of weather for a change. look at all the sun, 76 degrees today. afternoon heavy thunderstorms possible. wind and cooler tomorrow, 60 degrees. there could be a spritz or sprinkle in parts of the area. otherwise it's a dry day. monday through friday look dry at this point with temperatures in time 60s and 70s and a decent amount of sunshine. there we go we finally broke the pattern. about time. new at 9:00 a.m., a pilot and two grandchildren escaped serious injury. their small plane caught fire
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after taking off from a tennessee airport. he was 100 feet off the ground when he saw the smoke. he turned the plane around and landed safely. he and his grandkids made it out okay before the plane turned into a giant fireball. it is not clear what caused the fire. also new this morning, a young man supposed to graduate college is under arrest accused of crashing a stolen ambulance. the rochester student was drunk allegedly stole the ambulance while medics were treating an intoxicated person. he said you got me when police arrived.
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so glad you stayed with us, 9:19 the time. the world's largest plane is on the move this weekend. it is expected to land in australia tomorrow to delivery a
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117-ton power generator. it is the only one of its kind in the world. it was built in the ukraine in 1980s and used to transport the soviet space shuttle on its roof. it has the equivalent to hold ten british battle tanks. walmart is taking visa to court this time over the debit cards implanted with the security chips. the way they handle the chip debit card are not secure. it allows customers to use a signature to verify transaction. visa has not commented about the matter. this is not the first time walmart has sued the credit card company back in 2014 it accused sees i -- visa of conspiring wih banks to fix the processing fee
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that retailers are charged. consumer reports said you can get what you want for your wedding day for less than you think e -- here's nydia han. >> reporter: many dream of their wedding dress long before they realize the price tag attached to it. choosing a wedding dress can be exiting, but like jackie found it can be disappointing if the dress you want and the price don't match up. i found the dress of my dreams, it was $4,000. i'm not going to spend $4,000 on a dress i'm wearing once. >> reporter: can you your guest tell you spent a little or a lot. consumer reports asked if they can tell the difference between dresses that range from 500 to ten thousand dollars. consumers reports tallied the results. most people picked out the least expensive gowns, but harder to price the others.
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>> reporter: 85% thought the 1,100-dollar gown cost 3200 or more. >> reporter: many features may not be obvious on the outside like hand finishing and french seams. >> reporter: consumers report said even the cheapest dress would last a day and night for wedding fun. consumer reports says buying or renting a used gown is a great option. that's what jackie wind up using. i went a website and bought it used, we did a financial exchange and i had brand new weghtd dress -- wedding dress for a fraction of the cost. brides can rent out their dresses on sites like borrowing magnolia. if you're looking to buy, go to a local goodwill or secondhand shop.
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or ebay. we have links at i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news." great information, this is a milestone day at joseph's university. at this hour, undergrads are receiving their degrees. jim gardner will deliver the keynote address at the doctorial graduation, congratulations to them. the phils get a win at home, carson wentz is speaking out about his relationship with sam bradford, hear what the new quarterback has to say. it's all coming up next.
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so glad you stayed with us in sports, the phillies are keeping the winning streak going this time with a new face in the lineup. >> reporter: good morning, baseball is a simple game as long as you score more runs than the other guys you win. the phillies continue to do that anyway they can. tommy joseph called up from aaa he goes 0 for two with a walk. in the 4th inning, game tied at 26789. next batter the pitcher. phillies lead 3-2. it remains that way into the 9th inning. gomez with a tieing run on base. phillies win 3-2. they are 13-3 in one run game. our guys have been tested with one-run games.
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they have come through, it's a good learning experience for all the guys, it's a fun way to win the games, because it teaches them how to win the close games that's a bonus for us. how does it feel the first day on the new job. carson wentz has only had the play book for a few days, but he said the offense ask quarterback friendly. i think it will be great it will be a competitive atmosphere. hopefully we'll learn together and grow together and push each other, ultimately lead to benefiting the team and winning a lot of ballgames. personally i don't think there will be a lot of attention, people might make it out to be, but i think the coaches and everybody will be on the same page. i think it will be a good working relationship for sure. >> reporter: rain hampered plays for players championship at
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sawgrass. thankfully for wilcox, the rain held for him to tee off on 17 the saimed island hole. -- famed island hole. he is about to know what happened, a hole in one, hugs and free drinks tore -- for everyone. that's a look at sports, i'm ducis rogers. you have yourself a terrific weekend. there's much more to come on "action news" including "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: i'm matt o'donnell this is babe one of the cats rescued by our animal shelter of the week. we'll introduce you to babe and some of other fee line friends -- feline friends coming up on "action news." i'm -- meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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news," saturday at 9:00, a showdown over school bathrooms, some states are refusing to comply with a new federal order over transgender bathroom access. police in south jersey are working to track down a suspect accused of assaulting a man and a dog. a new warning from wildlife officials after a black bear was spotted wandering through a philadelphia park. first, we go outside to chris sowers with the accuweather forecast. must be good news you have the
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suit coat off. it's really, really nice out here. it feels fantastic. we have a nice little breeze and temperatures are in the mid 60s. 64 in pottstown. saint davids 66. chester, 64. center city, 64. not an ounce ever humidity out here, it is very, very refreshing. smyrna, 67. woodbine and atlantic city 66 degrees. the line of storms that we're watching is just now puching -- pushing through pittsburgh, moving at 30 miles per hour. it will be hitting the western suburbs by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. most of the forecast modeling that i have been looked at this morning puts the line in the city by 5 or 5:30. we'll start out with sunshine early on and increase clouds after lunch and see the thunderstorms between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. this evening. some of them could be strong, possibly severe, storm
9:32 am
prediction center says all locations in this shade this green color run the risk of seeing severe weather this afternoon from gettysburg and harrisburg points east including the leeferl and -- lehigh valled the delaware valley. high temperatures, 76 degrees, nice and clear this morning. clear through lunchtime, 74 by 1:00 p.m. later this afternoon a couple of thunderstorms start developing. 5:00 p.m., 69 degrees. what a change in temperatures over the next few days, we're up to 76 today. then behind the front which will trigger the thunderstorms later on, monday morning, some areas that hit 76 today could have frost on the ground. we'll talk about those changes in the seven-day forecast when i see you in just a bit. gray? your time, 9:32. now we turn to the battle brewing over transgender bathroom access, the government is issuing guidelines to school districts, but some say complying will not be easy. eva pilgrim now with the latest.
9:33 am
>> reporter: across the country meetings of public officials taxed with protesters on both sides refuse to go back down in the bathroom debate. obama administration telling schools let students use the bathroom and locker rooms that match their gender idea. this does not add any requirement to the school district or state. i started skipping school because i didn't feel safe in school. it's important that the school districts set the example and show that inclusion is the way to go at it is the law. >> reporter: but concerns of safety from others. i will stay at home everyday and home school. i understand that things are changing, but i don't think this is the right solution. this morning politics in many of the country's more conservative states defiant. i am working with the governor of north carolina and
9:34 am
we are going to fight back. she should not be having to have this debate in america. >> i'm a little bit old fashioned in this way, i think men ought to go to the men's room and women to the women's room. >> reporter: caught in the middle, schools those that refuse to comply with federal guidelines could be hit with civil rights suits from the government and loss of federal aid. this is a law, we'll follow the law and do it with sensitivity to the entire population. , of course, that was abc's eva pilgrim with that report. likely presidential candidate donald trump is meeting with high-ranking gop leaders in the coming week. meantime, trump posed as his own spokesman 20 years ago while speaking to the washington post. trump denies the report.
9:35 am
bernie sanders is trying to cut into hillary clinton's lead happens tuesday, 139 delegates are on the stake in kentucky and oregon. clinton is spending her time preparing for a possible show down against donald trump. police in south jersey are asking for the public's help finding a suspect accused of beating a man and his dog. pemberton township, police are looking for 30-year-old darren dicarlo he beat a man and his dog with a baseball bat. the victim has minor injuries, the dog was severely hurt. president obama will honor fallen philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson iii posthumously awarded the national medal of valour.
9:36 am
he confronted two armed robbers at a game stop last march. he died of gunfire. a black bear was spotted in wissahickon valley park. wildlife officials have this warning. if they are cornered or messed with, they could turn on you. wildlife workers believe that the bear is out looking for food, possibly a mate. if you see a black bear raise your hands and make lots of noise in hopes of scaring off the animal. never taunt or throw anything at the bear. new at 9:00 building demolition is causing lane closures in with him maryland avenue between i-95 and van dburren street. maryland avenue will remain open for dart buses during the
9:37 am
closure. it is a right of passage for high school kids everywhere, the senior prom. last night we caught up with a student at central bucks south in warrington who had a night that both he and his date will always remember. dann cuellar has their story. nice. look at that. >> reporter: cara cushing and nick mcdebris -- mcgee were looking spiffy at the prom and posing for pictures for family and friends. nick is a gentleman is a bit of a ham. known for his enthusiasm and spirit, 18-year-old nick april long with lynne bowman was crown home coming king and queen back in the fall, they won by a landslide vote and became an internet sensation, he invited his life long friend cara cushing to the prom.
9:38 am
>> reporter: what song do you want to dance too? taylor swift. he looks so happy. he is happy, he loves cb south and all his friends, he is excited for the night. they want to get to the point this is not considered like a special events it's normal. finally the moment everyone has been waiting for, their dream come true, their first dance at the prom. now you got your first prom dance, how do you feel? and you say -- awesome. >> reporter: how about you nick? it was great. >> reporter: a special moment and special night indeed. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." how can not love that story. there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00. in "healthcheck" a new way to work out, we'll show you the app that let's you get one on one
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training wherever and wherever you choose. plus this is one prom night this kids will never forget. they were driving to the big dance when their limo goes up in flames. of course we'll get another check of the accuweather forecast. we'll see you back here after the break.
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so glad you stayed with us, 9:41, new this morning, prom night took a terrifying turn for a group of teenagers in
9:42 am
massachusetts when their limo burst into flames. take a look at the video. ten teens were on the way to the big dance when smoke and fire started coming through the cabin. started to get big and it looked like it was going to explode. the driver pulled over and everyone got out safely. the teens were picked up by another group heading to the prom. it's not known what caused the fire. the kids have quite the story to tell, they will never forget their day at the prom their day on the way to the prom. scary stuff. >> reporter: you're not supposed to to remember the prom because of that reason. don't tell me we have scary weather to deal with. >> reporter: sort of. most of the day will look like that nice, sunshine, boats on the river. taking advantage of the lovely start to the weekend.
9:43 am
very, very comfortable, we hardly have any humidity and the numbers are in the 60s. 76 degrees is the high temperature we're shooting for today which is only the second sometime i believe in the last two weeks where the numbers are above average, if we manage to reach 76. 54 is where we start thed -- started out this morning. dover 65. reading and allentown, 63. poconos 57. satellite and radar showing a hefty line of downpours out to the west associated with a cold front. right now nothing severe, we're not reporting any thunderstorm activity with this as of yoat. look at the -- yet, look at the clear skies east of appalachians, when we have dramatic change in temperatures ahead of the front, that means we can expect thunderstorms later on. we'll see the thunderstorms later this afternoon. the water vapor shot clearly shows that front slice running
9:44 am
through ohio and getting ready to push into the keystone state of pennsylvania shortly. future tracker 6 all is quiet, we'll keep it quiet through 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. here comes the line. the red explodes in a couple of hours. this is the western suburbs taking it on the chin at this point. it marchs east at 5:00, 3:50, at 7:00 p.m., it races out to sea. sunday, it will be blustery and in the 50s, with the wind it will feel like the upper 40s and low 50s. 76 today and it feels chilly sunday. with today's thunderstorms this is what to expect. most of the storm threats involve lightning downpours and strong gusty winds. with all thunderstorms there's the possibility of hail and tornados. we think this will be on the low side with the event. it will be lightning and downpours and gusty winds.
9:45 am
that's what to expect from the western suburbs to the jersey shore. monday morning, again we're talking about highs in the mid 70s today. we're replacing that with mid 30s, monday morning. reading, 37. south jersey and delaware, in the low to mid 40s. we're starting out with ton of sunshine thunderstorms in the afternoon, millville, 74. cape may, 69. if you're heading to the phillies game there could be a thunderstorm early. it wouldn't surprise me if you have a brief delay. once that pushes through the rest of the game quiet, 64 degrees for the first pitch and 60 degrees by the 9th inning. overnight, dropping into the 40s, evening thunderstorm, clearing breezy and cooler. speaking of cooler. 60 that's it for tomorrow.
9:46 am
down 16 for tomorrow. feeling like the 40s and low 50s. monday, sunny and breezy, 67. tuesday, 65 degrees, wednesday, thursday, friday, 70, 72, 74. thank you so much. 9:46 this week's "shelter me rescue of the week" features a cat from saves the animal adoption center which is a bit of a phillies fan. matt o'donnell has the story. >> reporter: when kelly and matt were looking for another cat it was cassy's story that that stuk with them. they was left outside a animal hospital in carrier. she is the happiest cat. we told her she could have a
9:47 am
treat every time the phillies won. save the animals adoption center was found in 1993 and housed in the animal hospital in wilmington, delaware. we take cats and we do dogs, as well. this is huey, he would be good in a home that has lots of space to run and play, he would do well with another cat. brothers arrived at the rescue on valentine's day, they don't have together to a home together, but they would love to. they love to play and snuggle. >> reporter: toby is 9 years old and would enjoy a quiet home. he gets 'long well with other cats, an older couple without kids would be best for him. >> reporter: april needs daily medication. she has fiv.
9:48 am
>> reporter: this is babe she was found in wilmington, delaware, babe has been vaccinated and spayed, and uses the litter box. if you're interested in any of the cats visit save the animal adoption center website. if you would like to share your pictures go to the 6abc facebook page and tell us about your pet and how much they mean to you. with babe, i'm matt o'donnell. channel 6 "action news."
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staying with us, it is 9:50. the air force thunderbirds are taking to the skies this weekend at the tower in the pines open house and air show at the joint
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base mcguire addiction lakehurst lakehurst -- dix, lakehurst. gates open at 9:00 a.m., they will do so again tomorrow. parking and admission are free. family friend and free event is open to the public, there will be present of food and entertainment and moon bounces and face painting and a whole lot more tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 at the briar wood day camp in furlong. in "healthcheck" a smart phone app is making it easier and cheaper to work out with a personal trainer, ali gorman has the story. nice to meet you. i met fitness trainer at a local park, setting up the session was simple. open the we train app and pick a time and workout and pin the
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location. i chose a 30 minute full body workout. it was no joke. go up, hand and cross. >> reporter: the app was created by a wharton grad and fitness prorgs -- professional and army veteran who was in afghanistan. we teamed up and said let's bridge the gap. let's bring highly personalized service at group prices. >> reporter: a 30 minute session will cost $15. 60 minutes, $25. trainers can come to any location even a smiewl office -- small office, they bring all the equipment. they are certified and proof of insurance they sign a code of conduct. >> reporter: plus there's a rating system to maintain
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quality. he tells me his clients are all levels all ages. we have 20 years you will to 86. you can stick with the same trainer or mix it up. we find the trainers shift from what they are passionate about from strength training to marital arts. the trainers make double the national average which attracts quality trainers. a monthly membership is 49.95. or pay a bit more as a non-member. we have the details at, plus a promotional code for our viewers it will get you a free training session. ali gorman channel 6 "action news."
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so glad you stayed with us, a final check of the forecast with meteorologist chris sowers, sun to start and rain. >> reporter: it will move in with a couple of thunderstorms. there is the possibility of patchy frost monday morning. big changes in the weather department. sprint cup series continues in dover. sun to start, but thunderstorms developing late this afternoon, high 76 or 77 today. 60 tomorrow. finally at 9:00 a.m., cancer fighter leah stills dad is a married man, leah served as flower girl at the wedding at the new york city library. here's her toast online. [inaudible]. he put his wedding plans on
9:57 am
hold when leah was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma. but with doctors at chop she has beaten back the disease. "action knack knack is --k hanna's "wild countdown" is next, "action news" is back at 6:00 p.m. we'll be back tomorrow, take a journey through africa without ever leaving philadelphia. we'll take a look at the eye-catching exhibit at the museum of art. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." when wild animals are in crisis who comes to the rescue? the generous professionals on today's countdown, that's who. linda: yay for jack. jack: how many monkeys do you have here right now? lorena: like, 40. wes: sometimes you come in here and it's like an emergency room. literally animals everywhere. jack: i've met them all over the world, and each story is more inspiring than the next. ed: i spend almost 24 hours a day with him. jack: get it, sue. hurry. and later on


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