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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. saturday night i'm walter perez. a car crash after a prom went two teenagers killed and two others in the hospital, we're live with the details. plus some of the world's top cyclist hit the streets of the wilmington. but the big story on "action news" is heavy rain and possible thunderstorms moving through our area. it was a nice sunny day but
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this evening is a big turnaround and cool down is expected to follow. meteorologist melissa magee is at the accounts news big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> walter, rain started in the northwestern suburbs along that i-95 metro area and continues to work its way eastwar. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. we are tracking cluster of activity thanks to the cold front, strong showers and rumble of thunder to the south of philadelphia down in south jersey and delaware and secondary push of moisture out across central sections of pennsylvania. a tighter view on storm tracker six street level you can see rain there in philadelphia, same thing for media, chad forward. in wilmington a pocket of moderate if not the heavy rain moving through south jersey through salem, elmer, also pressing very closely to millville and would i expect this to continue, through the early evening hours. with the passage of the cold front the wind are starting to pick up. you have notice that had if you stepped outside. same wind speed in millville, 28 miles an hour with higher gusts and it is starting to diminish across our northwestern suburbs because
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the line has pushed eastward and they have sustain wind as high as 16 miles an hour in dover. big question phils are at home taking on the cincinnati reds. there could be a thunder shower around early otherwise we have a westerly wind at ten to 15 miles an hour. first pitch temperature 64 degrees. once we get in the ninth inning we will drop down to 60 . we have had some sun early but now we're tracking showers even a rumble of thunder. we will talk about what to expect for rest of tonight, a gusty thunderstorm, wind anywhere from 40 to 50 miles an hour. dangerous lightening is a big concern with any rumble of thunder. pea sized hail you cannot rule that out as well and there could be an isolated risk of severe weather popping up, with the passage of this frontal boundary. coming up we will take a close look at the forecast and let you know what follows in its wake on sunday, walter, details with the full an exclusive accu weather forecast. >> bumpy night. thanks. we don't know if this has something to to with the rain but causing big trouble on the schuylkill expressway at route one.
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a tree as you can see has fallen across the westbound rains and traffic is only getting by on the shoulder. no word yet when the whole thing might be cleaned up but as things progress we will update you on six for sure. a car crash after a high school prom ended with a death of two teenagers from cumberland county. whole thing unfolded earlier this morning after the driver lost control, and slammed into a tree. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at the township with much more, jeff. >> reporter: hi, walter. police say around 3:45 a car was traveling westbound here on route 49, when for some reason it crossed into the eastbound lanes and into the shoulder and then hit the that evergreen tree. you see a small memorial is growing at its base. we are told that the young lady, four of them in that car were attending bridgeton high school's prom, earlier in the evening. so police say 17 year-old d.a. sa saltan and mikayla a mostly died at the scene. two other girls were,
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seriously injured, one in critical condition right now. we spoke with a neighbor who lives right next to the crash scene and she describe coming out, and speaking with the young men who also attended the prom, with these young ladies. >> just supposed to be a happy night. >> a happy night. >> it is sad at this moment. it is tough to enjoy this moment when you are not able to talk bit. >> a car hit a tree and woke me up and we both came out, and i saw the three boys, and they all were headed back from ocean city. i guess it was prom night. they went to ocean city. they were on their way back. and the girls were following the boys, and they said their lights, just went off the road. >> reporter: now we are about 18 or 20 miles away from bridgeton. i spoke with the superintendent of bridgeton school district and she says
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that counselors, grief counselors and crisis intervention team will be on hand, monday morning, to help any students or faculty members, who need to talk about this awful tragedy. we are live at maurice river township jeff chirico for channel six "action news" good so tragic. thanks, jeff. a 16 year-old has been charged in the fatal hit and run from last month in camden. the investigators say the teenager was driving a stolen cadillac when he struck and killed five three-year old tia walker on april 25th. it happened near south and pine streets. they said he pulled over on nearby median but then fled the scene. the suspect is being held it in at the camden county detention center. six people were injured when a u-haul truck smashed in the bridge in new castle county, delaware. it happened at noon on casea mill road near monroe road in newark. four of the victims were in the back of the truck, one a 24 year-old woman was eject from the vehicle and listed in serious condition. the rest of the injured including a 14 year-old boy are in stable condition.
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people from the holmesberg section of philadelphia found out vandals were in their neighborhood some time overnight someone scratched side doors and windshields of several cars the on the 8,000 block of the street. investigators are checking out surveillance from cameras across that area. it was a heart breaking sight today at st. patrick's church in norristown as two children kill in the fire last week even, were laid to rest. balloons were tied to the railings as mourners streamed into the church, to remember the youngsters who were just six and 11 years old. a fire broke out early last saturday morning. investigators say so far they believe the fire started accidentally. two adults were also killed, in that blaze. and a man who was a member of the historic group of marines was honored in southwest philadelphia congressman brendon boyle presented widow of melvin jones the congressional gold medal. the congressional gold medal. jones was a member of the marines, the first group of african americans to serve in
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the marines back in 1942. they were named after their training facility, located in mon ford point, north carolina. it is a tradition like no other along the schuylkill river. more than 100 schools gathered to compete in the dad vail regatta "action news" reporter trish hartman has more. >> reporter: where race, came cheers, from family members, and teammates. as an entire season of preparation, came down to a few crucial minutes, on the water. >> our entire season is dad vail, dad vail, how can we beat these teams and how can we beat the teams that practice on this course or practice twice a day. >> reporter: it was a gorgeous morning for 125 collegiate teams to race on the schuylkill but with storms in the the forecast organizers had to rearrange the schedule. >> the cream of our racing is the varsity eight's, men and women. so we are running them now, earlier in the day, so that we make sure that they do get to race. >> reporter: while dress add long the overall competition, it was florida tech that won the richard o'brien trophy in
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the varsity heavyweight eight race. and the team from massachusetts, that took home woman's heavyweight eight title. the in the stand watching the team that won that same race, 25 years ago. >> to be a part of this team, you know, it was incredible and to look at them on the done it totally comes back. fantastic. >> reporter: women's team from uva reunited to mark 25 years since they won at dad vail. seven of the eight rowers showed up and their coach. >> two teams from the seattle, one from the bay a area, in california, and dallas, and denver. >> reporter: so this is a big deal 25 years later. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: for some senior rowers this isn't their last dad vail but end of their rowing career, a better sweet good-bye to the team and sport that they love. >> when you row in the boat you are not pulling for yourself or coach but for the other guys in the boat. it is just so team focused it is nothing that one person can do, it is a team unit. >> reporter: reporting along the schuylkill river trish hartman channel six "action
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news". all right. much more to come on "action news" a philadelphia police officer ambush and shot attend an important event in delaware county today. serious power on display at airport today, good reason these folks decided to pull a perfectly good airplane. plus, the phillies add another game to the winning column last night, can they do it again tonight? jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back. hundreds of people, in
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delaware county took a little time to honor those who served in the military, and local law enforcement. this morning at rose tree park in media, people took part in the walk for the wounded 5k. this years walk honored philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett, the office shore was shot several times sitting inside a patrol car in west philadelphia this past january. hartnett was there, along with members of his family. several groups, gathered at the a airport today for a real test of power. it is a part of the eighth
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annual plane pull outside of atlantic aviation. teams of 25 compete todd see who could race to the finish line the fastest while pulling a private jet. money raised benefits the ronald mcdonald house in philadelphia. the sun was shining earlier today as children and their parents came together to help give back to a school in montgomery county. today was tqs day at quaker school in horsham. volunteers took time to work on the school's property while student council held a air wash. hundreds of women, attended the fourth annual philadelphia natural hair show today, a at university city. hair care experts were on hand to teach women about natural styling techniques and how to grow and retain healthy, natural hair. it was also natural hair fashion show to highlight natural hairal salons all across the city. weather was once again perfect today for an outdoor art show at schuylkill river pack. more than 30 artist where is there creating original works of art as people looked on there were tables set up for
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kid to create their own masterpiecees, with paints, color pencils and yarn.
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philadelphia police used basketball as a means of connecting with the community that they serve and protect. they competed in a friendly game of the youth team at cobbs creek recreational center, before the game, officers met with the kid to let them know that their job toys protect them, their families and their neighborhood. time for a check on sports and the prodigal son returns, jeff skversky for those living under a rock jeff's wife mandy gave beautiful to a beautiful baby girl. she's adorable. congratulations. were you thanking me for everything we were saying on air and on line. it is all true. she's adorable, congratulation is she's two weeks old,
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growing up fast, going for her driver's license on monday. >> yes. >> she has its all down. >> let's talk about the sports and the phillies, before the season started many believed the phillies would be the worst team in baseball. but, so much for that. since april 9th only one team in the league has been better and coming into play tonight against the reds, the phillies are currently a playoff team. yes, there is still a ton of baseball to be played like tonight against cincinnati reds. aaron nola gets the start. hopefully he can start winning at home. so far citizens bank park this season he has allowed 11 runs in 12 innings. he has lost both outings. nola is trying to find himself out there on the mound. >> it is who we are, i want to have, good quality starts every single outing. it will not happen every outing. but that is what we're trying to do. >> we cannot expect a guy that young to be that consistent. i mean you will have hiccups
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along the way. >> not many hiccups for phillies so far this season. how about three runs in the fourth inning last night, big blow, tyler goodell the, two run triple. phillies won by one. they won a major league leading 13, one run game, jeanmar gomez, 14th save, phillies six games over 500 for the the first time in five years. unreal. well, all of the attention has been on quarterback carson wentz the at eagles rookie mini camp others are trying to get the attention of eagles coach doug pederson too especially guys who were on the bubble, guys that are there that are on a try out basis like radnor grad david bowens. 6-foot seven offensive lineman is getting a try out this weekend after going undrafted out of boston college. bowens is battling in the trenches for a job. >> it is really cool. you know, it is what you dream of as a kid. you know, now you just want to keep the dream going.
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i don't want to be done after this weekend. >> you did what you have to do, for dinner. >> yeah, probably. >> i'm sure i'll have some guys over at some point, you know, we will have dinner at my house. >> i don't think i got an invite did you. >> in. >> no invites. >> two key flyers players will go than the knife. flyers captain claude giroux and shane gostisbehere will have surgery on tuesday to repair their right hipps and lower abdominal tears. this could explain why giroux was held without a goal and only one assist in six playoff games with the capitals. he had been bothered since midway through the season according to general manager ron hextall. both guys are expect to be ready for training camp. potentially four, first round picks, the picks in the first round of the nba draft sixers need to be on the ball as they scout an interview potential players at the nba draft combine in chicago. at least one player, the sixers plan to work out in the coming days, will be villanova guard josh hart who has a shot
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of withdrawing his name from the draft process. hartist only a junior and says it is 50/50 whether he goes back to villanova. he has until may 25th to decide. >> so far, i have had three great years there. i'm not sure what i'm going to go do. if i come back i will love it. if i levy will still love it. i will always come back and support. >> the union are facing the very team they are chasing, only one team in the conference has more points then the union, montreal, they are just one point behind the impact in the standings and they can take over first place with the win tonight. union and montreal, down one early but how about this, 24th minute, sebastian le toux sets up cj sapong, through go, ties it up at one. that is where we stan early in the second half. union need one win over the last five weeks, trying to get a big w on the road, if so, they will take over in the eastern conference. >> very cool.
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>> welcome back. >> thank you. >> thanks, jeff. some of the world's top riders were among cyclist taking part in the wilmington grand prix today this race is eighth stop on the u.s.a. cycling pro road tour. today's event featured four a amateur races this morning followed by women's and mens pro races this afternoon. tomorrow, governor jack markell will lead sixth annual governor's race through the brandywine valley. up next on "action news" meteorologist melissa magee has an exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, but first a look what is coming up on world news saturday. >> hi walter. coming up on world news tonight the reporter who interviewed that mystery voice is speaking out why she's so sure it was donald trump that she talk to, plus travel nightmares at airports around the country, passengers reach a break point as desperate search for a monk lost at sea. it is all coming up after "action news". all about the animals up
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in bucks county, folks were encouraged to bring their dogs to the langhorne pet fair and family day right there at the playground. event featured a petting zoo and dog a guilt course. there was a number of vendors on hand, selling pet related items and passing out information about pets. time for a final check of the accu weather forecast. >> and, walter, we were track showers currently moving out of philadelphia still some light rain in the city but now moving in south jersey and delaware. we will show you that on storm tracker six live double scan radar. you see showers along i-95 cover do you but we have a batch of moisture across south jersey. we will go in tighter on street level with storm
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tracker six and you can see there, in a woodbury and medford lakes along route 55, southbound into glassboro we have the showers, even some heavier pockets of rain down in elmer along i295, as well we're tracking those showers from woodbury, west ward into areas south of wilmington. route 49 i should say from salem and millville we are tracking wet weather. it will continue for early half of the evening hours and we will have a secondary batch that will move in later on, this evening. we will show you picture outside the action cam was outside earlier today, there in norristown at the norristown courthouse. we have a mostly cloudy sky this was obviously before wet weather moved in. things are starting to pass away from that region but we are still tracking showers early today. right now, in philadelphia we are coming in at 60 degrees with the rain cooled air overhead. fifty-nine in will allentown. same thing in reading. fifty-two in the poconos. the at the coast in cape may 62. dover coming in at 58. and here's satellite six with
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action radar. here's the cold front that we're tracking as we have that rain, and, rumble of thunder as well. focus out across area of pennsylvania, and we are tracking a secondary push of energy that will likely move through, late this evening, so we do have have have to allow for a couple showers as well, around. so here's future tracker six showing at 7:00 o'clock tonight we have got showers, that is a batch across central pennsylvania working its way in the poconos, allentown, reading and lancaster at that time. we have showers there around the atlantic city and wildwood. it is not an organized line of active but we have to be on the look out for some showers until 9:30 or 10:00 o'clock tonight there in philadelphia. after that with the westerly wind we will scour out with cloud cover and it will turn clear and breezy later on tonight in fact, it is call over the next 12 hours, checking out for that thunderstorm early, otherwise dropping down to 44, in the suburbs, and 48 degrees in philadelphia for overnight low. here's set up on our sunday. we have got an area of low
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pressure departing, high pressure to our west, we tap in the tight pressure gradient. the wind coming from the northwesterly direction. high temperature tomorrow only 59 degrees, but 15 degrees below average and wind tomorrow will be gusting up to 35 miles an hour, so you'll notice difference as far as air temperature is concern. weekend changes today that high of 76. normal is 73. tomorrow below average with a high of just 59. normal for us is 74. way below mark by then. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you windy and will cooler for sun day high up to 59. sunny and mild are on monday at 65. some sun on tuesday, high up to 69, and a spotty shower likely mainly south of the city by then. the cloud and some sun on wednesday, up to 57, bright sunshine, returns on thursday and at 69. not bad on friday, we have got sun and dry conditions, a high of 70 and near normal next saturday walter with a high of seven 46789 showers for next
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couple of hours and it will clear out. >> i was going to plant my tomato plants outside. >> you can't do that. >> you have to protect them. >> yes. >> you can find the seven day forecast, and live look at storm tracker six double scan radar anytime of the day on the web site at six more than 2,000 students from st. joes university received their degrees today. both under graduate and graduate degrees were handed out during separate outdoor events at wynfield campus. a "action news" anchor jim gardner served as keynote speaker for this afternoon doctoral and graduate degree ceremonies and jim was bestowed an honorary doctorate degree. world news saturday is next here on channel six, don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we are back here again on six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> that was nice.
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welcome to "world news tonight." taking on trump. the reporter who interviewed that mystery voice now speaking out, saying it was a younger donald trump posing as his own spokesman. >> of course he's lying. >> what makes her so sure. breaking news the deadly bus accident near the texas border. the bus rolling on to its side. emergency crews on the scene. new details coming in right now. travel nightmares. long lines at major airports around the country. passengers reaching a breaking point. >> i hate it. i mean, i hope i get on my flight. >> how early do you have to arrive so you don't miss your flight? the mother on vacation, falling overboard during a cruise. the desperate search and why it


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