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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  May 16, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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returns to a tax tax port without one of its passengers. a woman went overboard and has not been seen since. it's the biggest drug bust in the country of columbia, united states offers help to catch the leader of the suspected drug ring. it is sunny and cool, temperatures in the 50s, hard to remember it's in the middle of may. sky6 live hd the sun shining brightly in penns landing. the wind is making it feel cooler today, so jacket is probably a good idea. here's our example of how to dress, meteorologist david murphy outside on the terrace in the jacket with the details from accuweather. >> reporter: hard to believe it is so warm in early april. since then it's been cooler. we're in mid may, it's another day for jackets. we got plenty of sunshine on the terrace. as you look at satellite there's not a lot of cloud cover popping up right now. just scattered fair weather cumulus that's it. despite the bright sunshine
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we're dealing with the cool air mass. it was chilly at dawn this morning. in fact the three areas where i got the cold thermometers positioned, those are record lows, millville, takes the cake. 33 degrees, a new record low by 3 degrees. 37 is a record tier in trenton. 40 is a new record. 42 in philadelphia. we're still in the mid 50s and climbing at this point. we talked this morning on the broadcast how it would be a slow climb to our high of 65. things are right on track for that. we go through the afternoon, there's the 635 it will take until 5:00 p.m. before we hit that. 10:00 p.m., 57. midnight, 54 degrees, if you're heading to the phillies tonight you'll want to bring a jacket and maybe a sweatshirt, too. when i step inside we'll talk about changes for tomorrow and the initial changes we're looking at going into the middle of the week are not great. more clouds and rain, but rick,
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things get better toward the end of the workweek and we'll have details on that, too in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll see you back inside, thank you. with more rain showers in the forecast. check in with for constant updates. there you will find storm tracker 6 live radar to see whatever is heading our way. in other news, the federal corruption trial against pennsylvania congressman chocker chock is underway accused of taking bribes and misusing funds and federal grants. prosecutor said he took a 1 million-dollar campaign loan for his failed mayoral campaign and used federal funds to pay it back. his defense argues that's innocent and unfairly targeted by the fbi. a man accused of killing his girlfriend by setting her on fie is -- fire is expected to be in court next week.
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authorities say kevin smalls bought a cup of gasoline from the wawa across the street and came back to the hotel and threw it on melissa bacon smith while she was smoking and left her to die. he is charged with criminal homicide and arson. philadelphia police are investigating a drive-by shooting that injured a teenager. police say the 17-year-old was shot several times after midnight. it happened on moore street in here south hollywood in south philadelphia. at last check, the teen was in critical condition. it's been a busy weekend at the university of pennsylvania. pregraduation ceremonies saw prominent politics in the audience and today's main graduation which got underway this morning was expected to be no less star-studded. "action news" reporter, annie mccormick has the story. >> reporter: numerous speaker gave inspiration to the class of 2016 including one man who has a hit on broadway.
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♪ at least five thousand university of pennsylvania graduates filed into franklin field wearing their caps and gowns for the ivy league institution's 260 commencement. smiling and waving medical graduates carried giant stethoscope. graduates gave a standing ovation for this year's speaker, the pulitzer prize tony and grammy winner composer gave a lively at times funny commencement address complete with philadelphia references and personal antidotes. i need to apologize for the historic alexander hamilton if he had not sat down with jefferson philadelphia might be the u.s. capitol.
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they play the cars -- characters every night they say, my bad, philadelphia. >> reporter: another star was in the crowd, vice president joe biden. the biden family came to see granddaughter naomi graduate. yesterday they went to the school of arts an science ceremony. donald trump was there, too to see his daughter tiffany graduate. the show has one tiny reference to philadelphia, that is about the liberty bell. reporting from the university of pennsylvania campus, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00. a big boom in construction can sometimes leave a big mess. investigative reporter wendy
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saltzman is finding not every contractor is playing by the rules. here's a preview of the report. junk, garbage and debris. "action news" investigates the hot spots where vacant spots are becoming illegal dumping grounds and you're paying to clean it up. from bricks to concrete and bags filled with everyday trash. you're saying this is not common practice. not at all for us, no. >> reporter: we are tracking down the dumpers caught on camera. the neighbors complain about this, did you drop this brick off at this lot? yeah. yeah in wheel barrow brick. >> reporter: don't miss my exclusive investigation illegal dumping grounds on "action news" tonight at 11:00 p.m. a fender bender on i-95 caused a traffic nightmare during the morning rush. two tankers collided in the southbound lanes at washington
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avenue in south philadelphia. the tankers were along the side of the road but traffic slowed for miles, a 15 minute trip turned into an hour and a half drive for many. it was cleared at 11:00 a.m. philadelphia firefighters put out a deck fire in center city. the blaze happened on 200 block of south pence street. u.s. coast guard suspended search for a us passenger who went missing at sea. elizabeth hur has the latest. >> reporter: amid growing concerns and questions of the missing mother of four who fell off a cruise ship carnival returned to port. everybody was sad about, people were crying. we were crying in our room nch the search for the 33-year-old
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suspended after crews scoured 4300 square miles of ocean to no avail. look at the search like this as if it was a member of our own family. >> reporter: according to the crews line there is ship surveillance showing her crawling on a rail line to sit and falling back arrested ten decks to the water. you spoke with her on the ship. i didn't see her being depressed. >> reporter: it wasn't until noon friends reported her missing and the crew put passengers on lockdown and searched the ship before notifying the coast guard at 5:00 p.m., 15 hours after the 33-year-old had fallen overboard. they made it seem like they fell overboard or jumped. i don't see that happening. >> reporter: the family said they are shocked and sadden, but remain hopeful.
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elizabeth hur abc news new york. much more ahead at 12:30. prince is remembered at a private memorial held at his former church. who was there and how the guests honored the late singer. it's philadelphia week on the wheel of fortune, karen rogers goes behind the scenes of the game and including into van in a's dressing room. that's one great job. overseas police in columbia
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seized more than 17,000 pounds of cocaine. they were wrapped in bricks and stored on a banana plantation. four members of the drug gang were arrested in the raid. a flash flood warning is in effect for parts of texas after 6 inches of rain fell in a short amount of time. this is what it looked like around corpus christy.
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roads were flooded and several people were stuck trying to drive through the floodwaters. several had to be rescued. forecasters warn the area could get more strong storms later today. hundreds gathered to remember the late singer aspirins at a emotional service at the gentleman -- have a --ja. >> reporter: many came to mourn the superstar, he feels simply brother nelson. it's a different side than what the world sees of him. >> reporter: abc news getting an inside look at the details of the service. prince's own words on the
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program lyrics, beautiful loved and blessed. shared stories how prince found his faith and how impactful it was to his life. >> reporter: the service beginning with a religious song and followed by an opening prayer his close friend larry gram the former bassist for sly and the family stone saying while it was important for him to give joy through his music it was more important sharing scripture, his biggest joy was sharing the hope of ever lasting life. his siblings are were not in attendance, they are planning a public memorial in august. eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." new jersey lawmakers will consider raising the minimum wage rate to $15. it is currently 8:38 an hour which works out to $17,400 a year for full thyme -- full time
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pay. they voted to tie the minimum wage to the inflation rate. since it's low, wages have not risen much. governor chris christie called it a job-killing measure that could destroy the state's economy. looking live over out over the commodor barry bridge, david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back. every friday,
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mr. lewis connects with his friends at the senior center to enjoy a nutritious, hot meal. which gives him the energy he needs to connect with his grandson, so he can teach him how to land the big one. when older pennsylvanians make the most of programs supported by the pennsylvania lottery, like hot meal programs, we all benefit. learn more at the pennsylvania lottery benefits older pennsylvanians every day. kelly ripa welcomed her first guest host on live today. as is tradition whenever we relaunch the show my first co-host is jimmy kimmel. where's michael? [laughter]. >> reporter: kimmel delivered laughs this morning, friday was michael strahan's last day next to kelly. live"live with kelly" showed ofe
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brand new logo, the change was made on social media and the live website as well. "dancing with the stars" the semifinals begin, there's another double elimination. abc meteorologist ginger zee is at the top of the leaderboard. the ballroom floor heats up tonight on 6abc. at 8:00 p.m. ginger is doing a good job for a meteorologist. >> reporter: top it, better than i can that's for sure. double scan live, we are high and dry, as we look outside we have sunshine in north philadelphia. looking south toward city hall from temple university, but that camera is really shaking because the winds are a part of the story today. they are going to stay a part of the story straight into this evening. forecast highlights it's sunny today, although breezy and cool. tomorrow we're cloudy and damp, wednesday looks the same. as we get later into the week it gets milder and nicer we have to hang out for a few more days and
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things start to feel better and it looks good with the sun out there. 56 degrees as you step out the door. winds west northwest at 23 miles per hour and gusting as high as 30 or so, at times. we had a record morning in spots, millville, new jersey, we got down to 33 degrees, that beats the old record by three full degrees. tied a record in allentown and new one in trenton and missed one in philadelphia and wilmington. it was a chilly start, we had the frost advisories, those are off the map. we have cloud cover trying to poke its head into the picture north and west of philadelphia. all we've got locally is scattered fair weather cumulus. we'll maintain bright conditions the rest of the way. we'll call it sunny and breezy and cool. 65 is the high in allentown. 64 in trenton. 64 in wilmington. mid to low 60s in philadelphia and millville. 59 in cape may, new jersey. cool and breezy just across the
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region north to south. 60 degrees by 2:00 p.m. up to 63 by 4:00 p.m. we'll have to wait until 5:00 p.m. to get the high of 65. that's right in there. 64 by 6:00 p.m. down in the low 60s and eventually the mid 50s as we head toward 10:00. if you're heading to the marylins and phillies tonight. you want -- marlins and phillies. you'll want a sweatshirt and jacket that you had for later in the game. 64 degrees for the first pitch, 56 in the 9th inning. you have to count on it being chilly and breezy. tomorrow, we'll see clouds work their way in quickly and could have a little morning sprinkle all the way up to noon and a little more of that possible south of philadelphia all the way up to 4:00 p.m. let's go into wednesday morning are that's when it will get wetter and during the morning commute and beyond we'll have on and off showers. this will hang in there until the early afternoon and
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hopefullly we see later day drying on wednesday. 65 and mostly sunny and breezy today. today cloudy sprinkles and showers around, 62. you saw the morning rain on wednesday giving way to afternoon drying, 66. one two cool average days. it's better on thursday, sunshine returns, 70 in the afternoon. 72 on friday, sunny and nice great if you have tickets to the phillies or union. saturday, cloudy skies and there's the possibility of rain. i'm not going to promise that just yet, but some of the long-range models are beginning to latch on to the idea an area of low pressure hangs around for a couple of days. makes saturday wet and clouds and sun on sunday. high temperatures 70s. america's game is celebrating the city of brotherly love, wheel of fortune week long salute of philadelphia begins tonight on 6abc at
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7:30 p.m. we sent karen rogers to los angeles to check out the sights and sounds and back stage secrets with pat and vanna that with you won't see anywheres. >> reporter: this is philadelphia week on wheel of fortune and pat and vanna recently visited all the sites. when you go to the city a lot you forget what people like about the tourist things. it was fun to see the liberty bell. >> reporter: you were at the zoo all over the place in philadelphia. yeah the zoo. >> reporter: and right by his side the beautiful vanna white. she said pat keeps her laughing. he has funny jokes. >> reporter: he keeps you laughing. and behind the puzzle board i.
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behind the puzzle board. >> reporter: are you my vanna teacher? the block will not turn until you touch it with your finger nail on the outer edge. being vanna is harder than it looks. i'm telling you. "action news." of course, the real vanna makes it look easy. in person she is so down to earth. she caught me off guard, i want to get a sandwich. >> reporter: she was nice enough to help me with my vanna pose. hand placement okay? yeah. >> reporter: she has an never ending wardrobe she never gets to keep. i'm not that kind of of girl, if you pan down from the waist down, you'll see this is the real me. wheel of fortune! >> reporter: all week they are celebrating philadelphia. why are we so special to wheel.
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when we went on the air 1983. we were on in philadelphia the biggest of which was philadelphia. the audience went crazy we had huge rating and within a few months, we were signed up by everybody. philadelphia was an important market to us. >> reporter: it seems they love philly as much as we love wheel. we have so many remarkable moments from karen's visit to the set. head to facebook and twitter and instagram pages for more from pat an vanna. share your favorite wheel moments using the #6abc wheel. remember philadelphia week on wheel of fortune starts at 7:30 on 6abc. we'll be right back. >> before we go one final check
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from accuweather. >> reporter: it's chilly, bright, good looking day. thank you. >> reporter: good looking day. mostly sunny and breezy out there. you're in a mood today. mid 60s in reading he and allentown and pottstown. more of the same in philadelphia. yeah you've got the sunshine, and the wind going 25 miles per hour. that's an issue for you. down the shore, cooler, low 60s upper 50s. mostly sunny. bundle up if you're heading out. we have breaking news we want to pass along, chopper 6 hd is over the scene as you can see some type of vehicle looks like a truck in the water there, this is part of darby creek we are told in tinicum township. we got the call in around the 500 block stevens drive. authorities are making an effort to get to the truck, we're not
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sure if anyone was inside it. but again we're keeping an eye on the breaking news story from kin come township delaware county, a truck in the water an extension of darby creek off the 500 block of stevens drive. we're not sure if anyone is in the vehicle or how it ended up there. a rescue effort is underway and we'll have more on air and online at "action news" at 4:00 p.m. that's it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us at 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. for rick williams and david murphy and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. have a nice afternoon if you have medicare
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