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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  May 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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sharrie williams. we are also following breaking news of a shooting in the wissinoming section. that a person shot a possible burglar. police tell us that the person who died was shot in the head and 28 years old and investigators have not publically identified him. and a shooting victim, a separate victim turned up at the hospital. right now they are trying to find out if that person is connected to the incident. neighbors say this is unsettling to have this happen so close to home. >> i said wow never in this neighborhood i thought this would happen. >> this neighborhood is going down the tubes, and i mean down. i lived here for 52 years and they park on the grass and tell
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you to go someplace. >> they have not said the name of the homeowner or what charges they plan to file in this case. >> also, here at 4:00, we are following new developments in the investigation into the deadly amtrak train derailment that happened in port richmond. "action news" reporter, john rawlins was at today's hearing. he joins us from washington, d.c. >> reporter: let me start with a question here. you ever driven down a dark road at night and have you something on your mind that is important and all of a sudden you realized you missed your turned it's a loss situational situation. that is what investigators think happened to the engineer on the night of the crash. >> that was the best conclusion we could come to as to why he was trying to accelerate. >> after excluding drugs and alcohol or trying to use a cell
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phone. they believe that engineer, brandon bostian lost his situation ala wearness. he was involved in radio chatter up the track reporting damage from thrown rocks, the orange line on this map. indicates amtrak route north as bostian talked to dispatchers, investigators believe that time is critical. >> with his attention diverted to the amtrak train, the engineer may have lost situation ala wearness. his train was at the blue arrow on the map but he believed he passed the junction curve and was clear to go fast along the straight away. >> don't know for sure what was happening, he was unable to remember a lot of details, we don't know for sure what happened but we suspect he may have been on a curve similar to what he would be on after frankford junction.
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>> but it was not past and amtrak 188 crashed doing 106 in a 50 miles per hour and eight people died. the nta says that could have been avoided. >> we shouldn't be here today. certainly there are lots of things that amtrak and others could have done in order to have prevented this derailment. >> reporter: well, in the last year amtrak has installed positive train control all along its portion of the northeast corridor. the ceo was here be asked about the status at this time. he is still an employee with the amtrak and the railroad and is now suspended, that saul he would say, he would say no more. as for another unresolved issue, two members of the district attorney's office from philadelphia were here in the
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audience to listen to the ntsb's report. live in washington, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> they weren't the only ones listening. attorneys representing victims of the crash. they are not sold on the findings. particularly that brandon bostian lost situational awareness. they want him held accountable for what they call reckless behavior. they did not mince words that he changed his testimony and his account of what happened multiple times. >> that raises red flags when someone selectively says all of a sudden i remember everything now except the critical minute beforehand how i have to explain how this occurred. i don't buy than i don't think
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the jury will buy that other. >> they are looking for concrete answers now as to exactly why he accelerated when he took the critical and now deadly turn. they expect to dig deeper during cross-examination. to date 120 victims and their families filed separate complaints. you can find all the details at along with the hearing in washington, we have video and photos from the crash and aftermath. be sure to follow the entire "action news" team on facebook and twitter for continuing coverage. >> all right alicia thank you. our sunny start to the work week was rather short lived as the rain is back. >> lets head to adam joseph with a first check of the accuweather forecast. >> it's kind of a common denominator, rain is coming back into the picture here as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan most of it is breaking apart and ending to the north
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and west of philadelphia, still steady rain here through much of new jersey and southern delaware, as we widen out on double scan live radar you see this is very unsettled down the eastern seaboard and west to st. louis, this is another round of energy that pushes in here during the day tomorrow so it will fall apart. we won't see a repeat of the rain but the clouds look to linger. stormtracker 6 live double scan closer here from wrightstown and seaside heights and down to southern new jersey and delaware, it's solid area of light showers. again, breaking apart in philadelphia and wilmington into the northwestern suburbs into the lehigh valley. and another snapshot that doesn't look like may. 50s for binghamton and washington and richmond and pittsburgh is one of the warmer spots, like buffalo around 60. this evening if you head to the phillies game, it's cloudy and
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cool and could be a spotty shower around and the most intense part of the rain has pushed on from philadelphia, 56 for the first pitch. 53 for the ninth inning. as we look at the full accuweather forecast. it stays cloudy through midweek and brighter towards the end of the week and more rain coming in for the start of the weekend, we'll let you know when you can see more significant sunshine around here coming up in just a little bit brian. >> all right looking forward to it. adam, thank you. the eagles were back at practice meaning sam bradford and carson went z shared the field for the first time. jaime apody live at the nova care complex in south philadelphia. jaime what is the story down there? >> reporter: well brian, i guess all things considered bradford handled himself all day and he really didn't take full accountability.
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we knew he would blame this on his agent, saying it was tom conden that wanted to orchestrate a trade. bradford and wentz taking the field and their interaction was minimal. you can see the difference, you really could. doug peterson maintained that bradford is their guy and wentz is the third string quarterback. this is how it all went down why he decided to leave the team and demand a trade. >> you know it was one of those things, when i first found out about the trade i was frustrated. i felt like i needed some time. i could have stayed here could have continued to work here but i'm not sure my head really would have been here those two weeks. >> i talked to sam since he has been back, i told him my feelings have not changed.
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he is my guy. my number one guy. >> i am not completely naive, you realize if the organization made a move to get up to two, at some point it's probably not going to be my team. >> what did sam say to you. >> not much. we talk football. there is no tension, none of that, just here to compete and help this team get better. >> bradford says he plans to help wentz and help him grow, even though it's helping his eventual replacement. i asked the fans how does he win the guys back being that he dug his own grave here. he fully gets the fan's frustrations and hopes to win some games to win the fans back. we'll is more coming up at 5:00 and at 6:00. jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> all right i think winning that will do it jaime. meantime the eagles are not the
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only ones making news. today could determine the future for the sixers, the nba holds its draft lottery, the sixers have several different possibilities on the table. the one that the fans are hoping for is that the team walk as way with the first overall pick and the fourth pick after a trade with the lakers and they could walk away with the fourth pick and nothing higher. it starts tonight at 8:00 on espn. it's time now for the "action news" traffic report. we know there is a lot going on in that department. lets go to matt pellman. >> some talk of winning and losing and we know the drivers on the eastbound schuylkill are losing this afternoon. it's quite the mess because of the overturned truck accident in the eastbound lanes past girard avenue and past the zoo. things are uprighted now and now they have all three eastbound lanes blocked. head towards spring garden
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street and center city, this is the parking lot we are stuck with as a result. barely moving, from 476 in west conshohocken from montgomery, to that accident scene. all three eastbound lanes are completely blocked off you want no part of that over an hour wait time. people have bailed out and some people using city avenue and some using lincoln drive. you will want to stay farther away, ridge park to maybe henry avenue and route 30 where you sit through the traffic lights but better than the miserable speeds on the schuylkill eastbound this afternoon. and approaching oaks taking out the right lane and mercer county an overturned truck on 35. and the lane is block there had as well. lets grab the ipad and do the
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commuter report. speeds of 2 miles per hour. we'll check it again brian and sharrie again in the next half hour. >> see you then. mass, thanks. voters head to the polls for a pair of states to pick their nominee for president. we'll break it all down and a new report on sunscreen says you may not be what you think. we tested to see which ones keep your skin the safest and which ones are not doing what they claim. and a breakfast fit for a legend. today we honor a member of our "action news" family who hit an incredible milestone. e today th. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni.
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charges are pending against a man that purged to people in the face in south philadelphia. it started on south street at 2:00 in the morning xg a 36-year-old man was knocked unconscious and another man lost a tooth. police arrested the suspect
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after a foot chase but a female officer crashed when she was rushing to help her fellow officers. her cruiser was hit by a bread truck at 11th and south. people were startled awake by the impact. >> i heard a loud boom and sirens going off. i thought oh my god there must be an accident. i heard the siren, i didn't expect the cop car to be in an accident. >> it was a crazy chain of events, the officer is released from the hospital and the other driver was not hurt either and he is cooperating with investigators. voters are weighing in on the presidential race in two states today. the democrats are heading to the polls in kentucky and oregon they are counting votes that were mailed in. hillary clinton is on track to clinch the nomination, but is hoping to avoid more losses to
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bernie sanders. and the republican presumptive nominee is cruise. he is fewer than 100 deg gates shy of the number he needs. tonight at 11:00, nydia han has an extreme case of a construction project gone wrong. >> perhaps you have driven by this church and wondered about it, now it's the sub of a lawsuit and smack in the middle of a local family's unfortunate situation. >> we sold everything we had to get it. >> this family poured their entire life savings into the project and because of a contractor that walked off the job it has turned into a money pit. a $300,000 mistake. on "action news" at 11:00. he is one of the most recognizable faces and voices in the tri-state. we like you at home are proud to
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call him part of the family. vernon odom is celebrating a milestone today. 40 years of reporting at "action news." did you hear that 40 years. a stellar career put him in the biggest of big stories. since he arrived in 1986. vernon a toast to you and what we hope is many more years in our newsroom. >> an absolute star. >> showed me my first week here, i had the pleasure of going out with him the first time and showing me the ropes, a great guy. >> it's a ritual here, you go out with vernon the first time and he shows you the ropes. it's really wonderful. >> congrats. it's time for another check of accuweather. >> lets head to adam joseph with another check of the timing. >> it's coming at the end of the week and i always walk by vernon's desk to get to mine.
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in the winter time is he like do i have to sit out in the snow again. yes again vernon you have to sit in the snow again, 40 years of it. stormtracker 6 live double scan around the region, we have light showers to the north and west. a solid area of green and southern new jersey and delaware where the showers are still falling in a more consistent pattern. as we look malvern and coatesville and chadds ford, a few sprinkles breaking up along i-95, but south of the city we have wet roadways, 59 and 45 and route 1 in the state of delaware. even the atlantic city expressway and the garden state parkway. it's a wet evening but it will begin to break apart. one thing folks are saying to me is did we move to seattle? is seems that way over the last 20 days we have had 12 cloudy days in philadelphia, on the flip side in seattle they have
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half of that six cloudy day, and when you look at the am of rain, 3 inches in philadelphia the last 20 days and seattle has over a .10 inch and they have pretty spectacular weather on the west coast. it's like that, a seesaw in the united states, what happens on the west coast is opposite on the east. in allentown only in the 50s in much of the area, the clouds and showers and cool breeze. and one area is beginning to push away in the ohio valley and down to st. louis, another area of energy is pushing in from the west and as it does it will fall apart and we are not looking at another rainy wednesday. clouds dominate tonight and a spotty shower or two. as we look at future tracker, tomorrow morning, 50s and a lot of clouds and sprinkles and lancaster and berks county, as the energy rides through there could be a spitting shower with temperatures in the 50s at lunch time. the clouds dominate through 4:00
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and temperatures in the lower to mid-60s. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast, where is the sun? we see more of it and it looks like a bright day, i see clouds build on thursday and a shower on friday of 72. and temperatures of 65 for the weekend. the pattern it's hard to break in the seven day. >> come on we have to break this pattern. >> maybe june. >> some day. >> you said that in paep. still ahead a new report on sunscreen shows not all brands are not actually protecting you. which ones perform the best and the worst. >> and up next a huge fire on a busy highway what we now know about the flames that tied up traffic for hours. i'll try to make you smile, if you think that cleaning the house with toddlers or kids
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around, is a chore, wait until you see the baby pandas.
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a tractor trailer caught fire this morning and caused a massive delay on a busy highway. chopper 6 hd was overhead as huge flames ripped apart a cab of this tractor trailer here. it started at 8:30 this morning from the ramp on 230 north to 542 north and blocked the entire path to 95. and accused a detour. nobody was seriously hurt and this area is part of a construction project going on since 2014. all right, spoiler alert. not a good day on wall street. the dow off 181 points to close at 17,530 and the nasdaq falls about 60 points and the s&p about 19.5 points.
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and delta expanding to charge higher airfares. they want to expand capacity to take advantage of lower fuel prices. so delta is keeping its currents capacity so it doesn't have to lower airfares even though yes it is paying less for fuel. the airline told investors they hope to be the first major airline to increase prices this year. american water is teaming up with camden to offer job opportunities to young adults. they announced the new initiative. they say that members from power core helped them gather and assess data from the pipes and valves and community. and they are stepping up to reduce water loss season manage storm water. cyclists honored emergency responders in northeast philadelphia today. the riders are taking part in
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the national ems memorial bike ride. today they stopped for lunch at the local 22 philadelphia firefighters hall. the bike ride hopes to raise awareness about the risks that ems workers take every day and honor those that died in the line of duty. the ride started in boston saturday and they finish in alexandria, virginia, on friday. coming up, we have word on a house collapse in philadelphia. hear from witnesses and concerned neighbors in a live report next. i'm nydia han, before you buy your next bottle of sunscreen you have to watch the consumer reports next. details in chaz the deal? .
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello it is 4:30 now and "action news" continues with a set of local twins accused of using a break from school to build and detonate bombs. and a serial rob ser on the run wanted for hitting up several center citibanks. when you are a parent and lose a child, it's a part of you that is part of your body that is now gone. >> gone but never forgotten, a priceless but mysterious find is sending the family of a fallen
4:30 pm
soldier on a mission of their own. they hope that social media can help. and work is underway right now to secure a home in west philadelphia after a dangerous collapse inside of it. we learned that three people were hurt and all are okay. but the situation could have been a lot worse. sara bloomquist is live with more. >> reporter: well brian, they are working throughout the afternoon. lni told us this afternoon the home had numerous code violations going back to 2008. the owners were order by lni to secure the property. the contractors had to be rescued and a third man that was in the basement working in the home illegally. rescuers responded to 100 and southford after word that the
4:31 pm
home collapsed and there were people inside. the crew was inside to make repairs. >> they were preparing to actually do that work at which time the floors which were severely water damaged gave way. >> witnesses say the contractors alerted rescuers that a third man was trapped beneath the debris in the basement. >> our understanding is that he was not part of the contractors crew and may have been in the building looking for scraps and that kind of thing. >> especially trained firefighters used airbags to lift away the debris away from the trapped man and he was freed from the rubble. residents on either side of the collapsed house were told to evacuate. >> we were told to evacuate, we couldn't be in our house in case the house next door collapsed. >> she called me an hour ago,
4:32 pm
when i got on the scene they were pulling the guy from the rubble. >> the man was rushed to penn presbyterian church. after the rescuerers were gone we could see inside of the basement where the man was trapped beneath the debris, in a couple of hours a crew was back tearing down the roof with a chainsaw and two by four. >> the neighbors were allowed to return to their homes and no firefighters were injured and no construction workers either. the man was down in the basement for close to an hour and was taken to the hospital for observation. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. twin brothers from chester county are facing charges today after police say they blew up several small buildings. federal investigators arrested daniel and caleb tate. they say that the pair set off bombs in five different
4:33 pm
locations in lancaster and chester county. they say that they damaged an amish shed and a pump and another shed and that they stole the items they used to make the improvised explosive devices. police say that a serial bank robber has struck again and need your help to catch him. this is surveillance video from inside of market street. the man walked in on may 2nd and demanded money from the teller who complied and the robber then took off. the other camera got a glimpse of his face, he is wanted for other robberies in center city philadelphia. there is a cash reward for information leading to his arrest. and investigators are asking for help identifying this man. wanted for a north philadelphia shooting, one of two that allegedly tried to rob a man at
4:34 pm
24th street and clifford on april 30th. the victim fought back against the duo, that is when he was shot and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. the other suspect involved has already been identified. a crash involving a dump truck sent two people to the hospital. chopper 6 hd was over the scene in hamilton township at noon. a northbound drum truck filled with manure crossed the southbound lanes and it flipped on its side and landed on the roadway. a toyota was also involved and crews are just finishing the cleanup. you are looking at the torch remains of a forklift, wilmington crews says the vehicles were engulfed in flames when they arrived at a one auto sales today. a state and environmental team is responding to the scene to clean up an antifreeze spill.
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okay adam joseph is joining us talk about the forecast. >> it's may 2016, it will be remembered for being damp and chilly and cloudy. >> it will we remembered for being forgettable. >> and annoying. the cloud cover is still above here at the commodore barry bridge after one day of sun. 54 is the temperature, it's really chilly out there. winds from the north at 3, and the dew point 51 and the temperature and dew point are close together and near saturation, we have showers in the area and most of the it is in southern new jersey and scattered showers north and west of philadelphia kind of a dreary end to our tuesday evening and afternoon. as we head back to the classroom today, here is your question. typically we have severe weather in may, not this year but this is when it ramps up. so when it does, what criteria
4:36 pm
makes a storm severe. i gave you four instead of three. gusts of 58 miles per hour. hail of 1 inch or higher, or lightning or heavy rain. tweet me and if you get it right first you'll get a shout-out. >> we'll soon find out the answer. an "action news" viewer captures this video of a babe lurking in chadds ford in a parking lot there. pennsylvania authorities are investigating the sighting from late last night. the bear was roaming near the texas road house restaurant at the intersection of route 1 and 202. state police have notified the pennsylvania fish and wildlife commission. a former substitute teacher in the lehigh valley is now charged with sexual assault after police say they caught her having sex with a 17-year-old.
4:37 pm
rick williams is live in the newsroom with more on this story. >> thank you. police are not just concerned about who they caught but where the person was found. coming up on "action news" at 5:00, the cemetery that police say they linked to a series of sexual escapades including the one that landed the teacher in hot water. and coming up in health check at 5:00, ali gorman has the story of the former nhl all-star that suffered from a stroke and is now relying on what he knows back to get back to full strength. more when we come back to you on "action news" at 5:00. until then back to the studio. we'll see you in a few. >> a store known for its deep discounted opened a new location in philadelphia and marked the occasion by giving back to the community. the action cam was in frankford as shoppers packed the aisles at liquid wholesalers.
4:38 pm
and people surprised the basketball team at saint martin with a new hoop and basketballs and a shopping spree. it moved into a vacant building at caster and wyoming avenue. >> quite the grand opening. still ahead, new tests show popular sunscreen brands are not protecting you like they should. plus, improving safety in the sky, new technology keeping drone as way from airports. and coming newspaper big talkers, a meaningful moments oh surprised a soldier's family. how this brace et september them out on a journey they never imagined. ♪
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a controversial bill allowing victims to sue the saudi arabia government. it gives people the right to sue saudi arabia over the role it may have applied in the attacks. saudi arabia says they will pull millions from the u.s. economy if that becomes law. the house still much act on the legislation but president obama has threatened to veto it. the federal aviation administration is putting out a new way to keep drivers safe. they have a new drone detection system. it will find drones operating too close to the property. they tested another system at atlantic city international earlier this year. this after more and more pilots complain about drones near their plains. in texas a story of someone
4:42 pm
lost and something found. and it reads like a hollywood script. 13 years ago jonathan rosier made the ultimate sacrifice serving overseas, but just this week his parents received this, a bracelet memorializing their here o it came from a hero named annette. who found the brace et in a strawberry patch. she looked up his story and knew he had to get this bracelet back to his family. but the bigami mystery is, whos bracelet is it? >> it has his rank, name, katie, texas and army and the date he was killed. i don't know if it was a battle buddy. >> we would love to be in tough with them to connect in some
4:43 pm
way. >> they want to know the connection he or she had with their fallen hero. we are sharing this story like crazy on facebook trying to track that person down. and lets end on some sunshine, on this gloomy may day. if you have a toddler you know that cleaning up can be a challenge. you pick up and they make a mess. repeat. such is the scene in china as this zookeeper fights the good fight to clean up leaves. these two silly and naughty panda cubs are set from keeping her from getting it done. and they are quite the team here, one attacks and that basket doesn't stand a chance. they climb in and roll around and think it's hilarious. this was not her best day on the job but she prevailed. she walked away victorious with the basket. it beats putting the laundry
4:44 pm
away. >> i feel your pain. >> thanks alicia. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt it standing by. >> to say the traffic is a bear, is being jebrous. this is the schuylkill expressway, a little bit of progress. here on the eastbound side past girard the right lane is getting by this earlier overturned truck. a part of the trailer is on its side at the overpass and they have uprighted the cab and towed it away. but the eastbound backlogs are terrible. an hour to get east from the blue route to the vine, this is the scene by belmont where people are bail ougt trying to get away and all routes around the schuylkill are also clogged. and a gaper delay from passyunk to the scene on the eastbound side near girard and the westbound gaper spilling back to
4:45 pm
the vine westbound, a parking lot from past 95 to 76. so as much as you can stay far far away. roads like ridge pike to henry avenue, stay on route 30 and deal with the traffic lights, you want no parts of the schuylkill. earlier crash on 422 approaching oaks is gone and speeds are picking up there. and the overturned dump truck carrying manure, made a mess on 295 in mercer county and that is gone and we are trying to recover there as well. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> all right thank you my friend. adam joseph is back with the equally stinky accuweather forecast next. here is something that doesn't stink, "action news" is about interaction with you, follow us on social media for the latest headlines and accuweather and breaking news and facebook,, and
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twitter at 6 abc. join us and be a part of "action news." ♪
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now adam joseph with the accuweather forecast. we try to find the silver lining in these dark clouds. >> keep looking. there is one full day of sun in the seven day. we don't have severe weather which we typically do in the month of may. what criteria makes a thunderstorm severe? you hear thunderstorm warning? something triggers it? is it a, b, c or d. every storm has heavy lightning and rain. >> i'm going with a. >> and i will do the same a.
4:49 pm
>> guess what you are both kind of wrong it's a and b. >> you are so mean. it's a trick question. my producer paul made me do it. have you to have either one of these two. winds gusting 58 miles per hour or greater or hail an inch or greater. one person did get it right on twitter. daniel was the only one. congratulations to him. you guys got half of it right. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see a lot of green on here, once again showers passing through the region. locally here from philadelphia here north and west. filling in the radar with steadier rain, malvern, downingtown and chester county. and delaware county and southern parts of montgomery and bucks county near landsdale and that continues to the east and south,
4:50 pm
with areas of darker greeb from millville and mays landing heading into southern burlington county. it's a wet drive across much of the area and the showers will continue to fall apart as we go through the evening hour. 60 in allentown and that is the warmest spot because you don't see as much rain falling but where you see the rain falling temperatures have tumbled back into the low 50s. one ill pulse is now moving away and you get a break and the clouds continue to dominate all the way into the western part of the pennsylvania. you see a second system in st. louis and cincinnati. this will fall apart. as it pushes to the east it gives us a hard time of breaking up the clouds and the sun does not have enough energy to bust through the cloud cover on wednesday. so clouds dominate and a spotty shower after the evening hours progress during the overnight.
4:51 pm
shower here and there. that is about it. 49 to 51, low pressure sinks to the south and high pressure is not strong enough. the clouds hang on and there could be a spotty shower of 64 degrees, but it's drier tomorrow and high pressure tries to come in on thursday. and again energy lingering, a mixture of sun and clouds on thursday, it's brighter with more sun and warmer with a temperature of around 72 degrees. but not wall-to-wall sunshine to the beginning to the end on thursday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast cloudy again tomorrow, 64, some brightening spots, especially the first half of the day on thursday, clouds build in the afternoon. 72. friday is the pick, a lot of sun here and warmer, of 76 degrees and more rain comes in on saturday, could be a washout here of 65 and then clouds look to linger. sunday, monday, into tuesday. upper 60s to near 70 and sunday and monday and especially
4:52 pm
tuesday a chance of on and off showers, one day where the sunshine dominates over the next seven guys. >> that is it. >> thanks adam. >> whats the deal with sunscreen?
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
with disability to protect from sun cancer sunscreen is essential but consumer reports finds that many of us have a lot we need to know. nydia han breaks it down. >> reporter: in advance of summer, consumer reports tested dozens of sunscreens and found some surprises. there are a lot of options. a survey from consumer reports found that from people that regularly use sunscreen don't have a good understanding of what they are buying.
4:55 pm
>> people look at the spf but that is only one part of protecting your skin from the sun. >> reporter: the spf is how well the sunscreen protects your skin from uv rays. uva rays contribute deeper into the skin and makes wrinkles and both can contribute to sun cancer. >> you should use a broad spectrum. >> reporter: consumer reports tested sunscreens to see if they delivered what they claim. >> technicians applied sunscreen to panelists backs and have them soak in a tub for 40 to 60 minutes and then the area is exposed to uv light and then the test area is examined for redness, for than 40% did not have the spf they promised. again, some had problems, and
4:56 pm
consumer reports found that some aced the tests. pure sun defense for about $6, aquite ultra protection for $8. >> consumer reports also tested spray country screens, some of the best are trader joe's spf 50 and from wal-mart and dg body sport from dollar general both for $5. before you use them especially on kids, you may wants to talk to your pediatrician or doctor. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff and sharrie williams, join us tonight ever every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what is next at 5:00.
4:57 pm
coming up next at 5:00, new details from the ntsb about last year's derailment in port richmond, the claims they are laying on the engineer. and new at 5:00, the man accused of running an illegal side business outs of his own store front. three dogs are rescued by the burlington animal shelter helping to turn their lives around. i'm nora muchanic i'll have that story coming up.
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a former lehigh valley substitute teacher is facing a sexual assault charge accused of having sex with a 17-year-old boy. according to police they were spotted in the act inside a cemetery. and they were not the first ones to be caught. tuesday night and the big story on "action news" is the first appearance in court for kelly alldanger. walter perez is live with more
5:00 pm
details. >> reporter: the suspect has been arraigned and formerly charged with institutional sexual assault. on the surface this story is sensational enough but we are told that the suspect in this case is married with children. >> this is 49-year-old kelly alldanger, at the hearing where she was charged with having sex with a 17-year-old parked in a car. the discovery was made by an easton police officer on routine patrol. it revealed that she met the victim while working as a substitute teacher at easton high school. >> the relationship started a year, year and a half ago and the juvenile victim was a student at one time. >> despite what you think, police will sometimes patrol this cemetery, because this is not the first time people have come here to be intimate. it's a beautiful place listed on the register of


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