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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 18, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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death. (slurping) dishes. every dish, every time, only finish has the powerball to take on anything. rescue off the pacific coast. two people and their dog were saved after their boat went up in flames off malibu, california. they were forced to jump into the water about a mile from shore. luckily, another boat rush in to help them. fire boats then put out the flames. no one was hurt. still no word on what started that fire. there's improvement for african-americans but apparently not enough.
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the conclusion of the report from the national urban league. it shows slight improvements in economics, het, social justice and civic engagement and much better than 40 years ago when the first report was issued. blacks still lag in homeownership. a court forcing a controversial move in a mississippi town. >> you have two high schools. one nearly 100% black, the other historically predominantly white being ordered to integrate. not everybody's happy about it. abc's steve osunsami with the story. >> reporter: the court order sounds damning, and forces the cleveland, mississippi, school district to combine schools, creating new ones that aren't so racially separate. east side high, for example, that's 100% african-american, would merge with cleveland high, that's predominantly white. but here's a wrinkle. the black school is the one with better scores. take a look at a map of the town. an old railroad line divides it. schools with the most white students are on this side of the tracks, schools almost entirely
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black are on the other. some families worry that bussing students around will encourage more white families to leave. >> bad idea, because you're trying to force kids to go to schools they don't want to go to and it's going to cause people to move or go to a different school. >> reporter: no one is accusing current school officials of willfully segregating children like it was 1950, but federal officials say they're not doing enough to keep schools from becoming segregated on their own. it's an issue across the country. here's a look at some of the most segregated states for black students. new york, california, illinois and maryland top the list. in a statement, mississippi school officials say they plan to appeal. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> that's an interesting one. >> it is an interesting one. it's been a long process to try to integrate there particular district. it started about 50 years ago about, 12 years after brown v board of education. it's still an ongoing matter. >> and a heated one, right. >> not a lot of people are
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looking forward to it. >> 29% of the students are white, 67% black and the remainder considered asian or hispanic. coming up, keeping your home safe. how prepared are you if this happens in your home? the surveillance video that may surprise you. (sounds of birds whistling)
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♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me ♪ ♪ and i have no privacy oh, oh ♪ i always feel like >> apparently somebody may be watching. >> you is that right? >> yes, when you're home and worried about this, we all have these paranoid dreams about it. your home may it be a lot more vulnerable han you think. >> how prepared are you against home invaders? our expert put one family's home to the test. here's abc's lara spencer.
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>> reporter: watch as this home security camera captures someone outside ringing the doorbell and moments later a crash. two intruders are now inside. in this home break in, they claimed to be police. >> we've got a search sfwheernt at least one appears to be carrying a gun. are you prepared if it happens to you? jeannette brady and her husband raised their husband in this beautiful home. williamsburg, virginia. security not exactly the first thing on their minds. all in all, we feel pretty secure here. >> reporter: secure enough to allow safety and security expert bill stanton permission to conduct a test. >> when i'm looking around the house, i'm looking for vulnerable points. >> reporter: with their permission, stanton is testing the security of their home to see if he can break in just like a common burglar. >> what jumped out at me, when you went around back there were many, many points of entry. front door, side door.
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but then came the moment that the ureka moment. there was a ladder in the garage that i was going to use to get into the house. >> stanton also uses some technology to help his cause. and with the family's explicit permission. >> i took a gps and i put it on her car. so this way, i could track her. >> reporter: the very next day when jeannette was out, stanton put his plan into action. >> i knew my best shot is on the second story. because most people cro overwhelmingly neglect second and third stories in their home because they don't think anybody's going to go to the trouble to get that up high. right now, i'm casing the place. >> reporter: and why is he so calm in remember that gps he put on jeannette's car. >> i see they're on the other side of town. >> reporter: he knows exactly where she is and he has plenty of time. >> this looks expensive.
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>> reporter: when jeannette does come home, a surprise she wasn't expecting. >> excuse me. i'm going to give you a b minus on the home. here was the mistake. the alarm wasn't set. your garage was left open. and what do we have in the garage? a ladder. and i used. >> you got my ladder. >> i used your ladder to get into your house on the second floor where one door, one entry point was open. >> i'm in. >> interesting. you think maybe your area it's in the suburbs there is secure and safe. >> you always think people would see something. they would say something. a lot of times your neighbors assume it's someone doing work on the house. in addition to setting the alarm, try to create the illusion someone's home. >> they say install a motion detection devices inside and outside of your houses. i have one in my home that captured nothing but a ghost. >> a ghost. haunted. and don't count on the dog unless the dog is trained.
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the ghost on the other hand will scare the bejesus out of you and any burglars that try to breaking inning. >> true story. maria really loves the newest scent from gain.
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k-y touch. ♪ i downloaded trump's wall to try to figure out what it is. you basically try to build a wall while he quotes and says i'm rich. deal with it. let me tell you, i'm really a smart guy. >> someone made this app. >> this is an app in a game. you try to build -- it's one of
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the top free apps out there. >> technology. >> switching gears, in boston this week, a 13-year-old boy has been given a hero's salute for waging and winning a nearly impossible bat. >> it was a surprise planned by his aunt and her fellow soldiers.our boston station has the story. >> reporter: good news marched into dorchester. it paraded up washington street turned left on to lynnville terrace. and stopped at the front door of a clearly surprised krista lopez. army soldiers saluting the 13-year-old boy who has battled and defeated stage 47b cancer. >> we just wanted to thank chris for fighting one of the biggest battles ever in life. >> reporter: christian's aunt a retired army master sergeant put the march together had a hard time keeping it together. >> chris i salute you.
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you're a true, true soldier. >> reporter: the young soldier was then given his gear. >> you have the united states army, we present you with a pair of acus, an army uniform. >> reporter: he was presented patches earned by these very soldier who's fought for us all. >> these are all the different patches that all these guys have served in combat. >> reporter: like a patch, the 13-year-old's emotions on full display. each soldier thanking christian. he reciprocated. >> i appreciate you guys coming out here to do this for me. >> reporter: not all soldiers wear uniforms, not all battles fought on foreign land. christian soldiering through his own war and coming out victorious. >> thank you, i appreciate it and god bless. >> you our thanks to read lamberti of our boston station for that report. apparently the mayor declared christian lopez day. >> congrats. >> important message
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this morning on "world news now," the race for the democratic nomination continues. >> overnight, bernie sanders energized by his big win in the west refusing to give up. as hillary clinton hopes she can collect more delegates from the kentucky primary but sanders promising to fight on till the convention. and many communities across the south are feeling rained out this morning after more downpours caused flash floods closing roads and threatening drivers. plus, heavy winds and funnel clouds destroying property. this frightening scene in new york city as a truck fire ignites underneath railroad tracks. some trains continued passing through the fire and smoke and even as the rails started to melt. thousands of commuters trapped for hours. imagine spend agentire day doing pullups. it's become a reality for this
3:01 am
teen. he's taking it like a champ literally. find out how many it took for him to become the new world record holder on this wednesday, may 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning to everybody. i'm kendis gibson. >> i am diane macedo. >> we begin with another victory for bernie sanders but still not enough to break hillary clinton's stride. >> sanders won the primary in oregon where more than 60 delegates were up for grabs. the race in kentucky is too close to call this morning. but clinton is declaring victory with a razor thin lead of less than 1%. they'll each end up with about half of kentucky's 55 delegates. overnight sanders telling supporters in california he's staying in the race until the last ballot. it's your voice, your vote. abc's kenneth moton following developments this morning. >> reporter: the race for kentucky too close to call between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> do you know it's time people
3:02 am
stopped listening to republican propaganda. >> reporter: hillary clinton is trying to get within striking distance of clinching the democratic nomination. bernie sanders is hoping to slow her down. >> let me be clear as i can be. i agree with you. we are till the last -- >> reporter: donald trump is cruising unopposed toward his party's nomination. the road is still bumpy for the republican who is fighting off allegations of sexism. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whatever. >> reporter: a pro clinton super pac using trump's own ads. and then there's that "new york times" article accusing trump of degrading women like rowanne brewer lane who was quoted in the piece "she said she was maligned by the times. >> he's very much a gentleman and he's polite, thoughtful. >> reporter: the paper defended the story and so did trump
3:03 am
executive now trump supporter barbara res on cnn. >> we always had comments on people's appearances primarily weight, male and female. >> reporter: the claire of the convention this summer house speaker paul ryan dodged questions on trump's history with women. >> i'm not going to get into the day to day up and down of this campaign just so you know. >> reporter: the attention turns to june 7th. six states including california will vote and the front-runners trump and clinton are expected to reach the magic delegate numbers to clij their party's nominations. diane and kendis. >> our thanks to kenneth there. hillary clinton made another pitch to win over sanders voters once the primary season is over, she tweeted we're always stronger united. >> taking a closer look at the delegate count, clinton is less than 100 delegates sheaf clinching the nomination. abc's political director rick klein joins us via skype with more. >> reporter: diane and kendis, hillary clinton simply cannot put bernie sanders away. it is confounding to so many democrats how it is that bernie
3:04 am
sanders continues to hang with hillary clinton despite the fact she's essentially locked up the nomination. he continues to draw big crowds and sometimes raucous crowds as happened over over the weekend in nevada. it is clear all of the angst and anxiety inside of the party is not going away. it could be the democratic convention philadelphia is more of a scene than the republican convention cleveland. bernie sanders now in a position to close as strong as he started and it is a mystery to the clinton folks about what they can do. simply put, they are not able to channel the energy that is headed bernie sanders way and not able to end this race des the pite that the hillary clinton is all but certain to be the nominee. diane and kendis. >> he said he would stay till the finish. the obama administration is about to make more than 4 million workers a million more workers eligible for overtime. the labor department today will issue new rules that more than
3:05 am
double the cutoff for the pay to more than $47,000 a year. bob that threshold they can be designated as managers and not be paid extra. some companies may reduce workers' hours in order to avoid paying overtime. the new rules take effect december 1st. >> the 9/11 victims can sue the government of saudi arabia for the role they may have played in the terror attacks. the bill sends a message that the u.s. will fight terrorism with every tool available. president obama is opposed to the bill saying he has derns could expose americans overseas to legal ricks. >> a major milestone for the nation's military. eric fanning the highest ranking openly gay official at the pentagon. the vote had been delayed for eight months because after unrelated disagreement between kansas senator pat roberts and the white house over the clothes of guantanamo bay.
3:06 am
gay rights advocates are praising a proposal by mexico's president to legalize same-sex marriage. the proposal would require an amendment to the mexican constitution. top catholic leaders criticized the president's call and urged lawmakers to listen to their conscience and vote against. the head of the tsa says 58 new security officers and for more bomb-sniffing dog teams are being sent 0 chicago's o'hare airport to address long delays at security checkpoints. he's also apologizing for the mess at the airport earlier this week. alex perez got a firsthand look at the long lines. >> reporter: the flyers are furious and fed up. >> are you [ bleep ] kidding me, tsa? what the [ bleep ]? >> reporter: with epic lines and thousands of missed flights, there are calls tonight for the tsa head to resign, if he doesn't shorten lines by memorial day, in about two weeks. >> there's got to be a better way. >> reporter: it's so bad, passengers in chicago have had to sleep on those cots at times. >> not the greatest. >> reporter: and news that 100 part-time screeners here will be rushed into full
3:07 am
time work by this weekend, with 250 more screeners being sent in the coming months. so, check it out. just arriving here at o'hare and the lines are already growing. experts say, to beat the lines, avoid flying early morning and in the evening. the crunch is being felt around the country, all due to tighter security since the brussels attacks, with fewer security officers screening a surge in passengers. since 2013, the number of tsa officers has fallen by 5,000 agents. but passenger volume has spiked over 8%, 68 million more u.s. flyers in the air. and more and more airports now considering joining chicago and denver, asking passengers to show up to the airport three hours ahead of time for domestic flights. alex perez, abc news, chicago. now to the looming showdown on capitol hill over the funding to battle zika. the senate has voted decisively in favor of a bipartisan $1.1 billion measure to fight the virus. but the house is expected to approve today a much smaller
3:08 am
$622 million bill. the white house issued veto threat on the house measure saying it is woefully inadequate. >> now it's florida's turn for flooding and drenching rains. many streets and highways on the central atlantic coast are underwater and closed this morning. the town of vero beach received nearly 10 inches of rain yesterday making it the wettest day on record. a tornado also touched down on interstate 95. and there is daniel from strong winds, many schools in the are closed today. let's look at the radar. you can see the storm system right now moving out of texas and into the southeast. texas will still see thunderstorms but the heaviest rainfall will be further east especially in florida. >> tens it of thousands of new york city comirts were strand last night after a fire broke out below the metro-north railroad tracks. the fire stopped all trains in and out of grand central terminal and the heat from it was so intense it bent some of the supports for the tracks. crews are now trying to make repairs overnight but it's not
3:09 am
known if there will be service for this morning's rush hour. major league baseball's appeals is under way now that suspensions have been handed out following sunday's base brawl. second baseman rougned odor faces eight games on the sidelines and a $5,000 fine for his punch to jose bautista. odor says he doesn't regret it. bautista was suspended one game they are both appealing. 14 players and managers and coaches were discipline by that game. and we're waiting to hear about possible fines and suspensions following maybe a similar scene in south africa's parliament. the lawmakers wearing red were arguing the south african president had violated the constitution by improperly using public money. >> when they delayed the session for several minutes, security guards were called in to clear them out. oh, and then it got ugly. that didn't go over too well for the lawmakers who fought to stay in their seats. >> the guy doing the sign
3:10 am
language, he wasn't exactly sure what to do at that point. just kind of arms at his side for a little while. eventually, they were escorted out the door and then they resumed. things move along. business as usual. >> but the most hilarious scene is the guy with the sign language like hmm. >> he makes this one sign. i don't know if it means featuring. he just sort of makes this one sign and kind of puts his hands down like i don't know what you want me to say about this. the sign language man was speechless. >> like it's a hot mess. that's all i can say in sign language at this point. coming up, arguably the greatest nothing but net ever that you should decide and see. >> first, the reason behind this strange scene. police bull dozers crushing rows and rows of motorcycles. >> fighting gang violence. abc news taking you inside the overcrowd prisons housing some of the most dangerous criminals
3:11 am
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(colonial penn jingle) illegal dirtbikes and atvs seized here in new york are now nothing more than scrap metal. that's because they were completely crushed yesterday by two police bulldozers. the goal was to prevent the illegal vehicles from making their way back on to city streets. the police called the people
3:15 am
they seized them idiots screw balls and morons. >> they're quite subtle here in new york city. so turning now to the crime wave south of border to what's being called the murder capital of the world. >> the government of el salvador is waging an all-out war on brutally deadly gangs exporting their violence to the u.s. dan harris brings us this abc news exclusive report. >> reporter: it's the middle of the night in the murder capital of the world. we're in el salvador, on patrol with armed to the teeth cops who take us to this rundown police station, where they're holding allegedly vicious combatants in this country's all-out gang war. as we approach the cells, the low roar abruptly extinguished. how many people are they holding in here? 169 people in here? i'm not sure you can get a sense of how small this is, but this is tiny. they're just piled on top of each other. they're only supposed to be in
3:16 am
here for 72 hours. how long have you been in? >> one year. >> reporter: one year? and now these el salvadoran gangs are exporting death directly into america. active in 46 states, because of a revolving door of illegal immigration and deportation. here, the violence doesn't rest even for those in mourning. this grieving mother is holding a wake for her 17-year-old son, alexis, murdered by gangs just -- and right in the middle of the service, [ gunshots ] gunfire. a horrifying scene. in fact, the madness in el salvador has provoked a massive influx of illegal immigrants coming over the u.s. border many of them unaccompanied minors and targeted by the very same gangs once they arrive here in the
3:17 am
u.s. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> and the extent of the violence once here in the u.s. is absolutely horrible. buff largely it involves a lot of prostitution as well as drugs and human trafficking. > these gangs have active members in 46 states in the u.s. already. >> amazing. > good stuff, dan. thank you. coming up in our next half hour, a family in denver terrorized. two middle school teachers, their children asleep attack bid three money burst through the door. as it turns out, it was all just a caves mistaken identify? first a warning for summer. your sunscreen may not be working as well as you think. the new report and some backlash from sunscreenmakers. you're watching "world news now." >>
3:18 am
3:19 am
♪ i'm walking on sunshine whoa oh, i'm walking on sunshine whoa oh ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, whoa oh, and don't it feel good ♪ >> i could use some sunshine right about now. i'm tired of this cloudy weather. >> it's been insane. >> summer's on the way. sun soon. but you might want to think twice before breaking out that bottle of sunscreen or know a little more about it. >> there is this new report on the effectiveness and it has
3:20 am
some sunscreen makers firing back at a trusted consumer magazine. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: a new warning that your sunscreen may not be providing as much protection as you think. "consumer reports" tested 65 lotions, sprays and sticks marked with spf 30 or higher and claims 43% tested below the advertised spf level. >> we found that two sunscreens with kids in their name claimed an spf of 50 plus and in our tests, tested at an aspf of 8. those were cvs kids sun lotion spv 50 plus and banana boat tear free sting free kids sunscreen lotion. >> reporter: both reject consumer reports'" testing it methods. cvs says its own fda approved testing say no indication our product has a rating less than
3:21 am
50. "consumer reports" about did releasity list of top brands meeting sf claims and says chemical based sun screens prx performed better than mineral based products. look for an spf label higher than 30b which is recommended by the american academy of dermatolo dermatology. >> if you look for a higher number, you will have a better chance of getting at least the spf of 30. >> the most important thing is applying it at least 15 minutes before you go outside. use at least one ounce each time and reapply every two hours or sooner if you've been in the water or sweating a lot. if you do that, high highway the spf is really doesn't matter. >> reporter: "consumer reports" says it stands behind its own testing and recommends wearing hats and staying in the shade as much as possible. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. coming up, the secret behind pulling off a 7,000 pullups.
3:22 am
7,000. >> and dude perfect smashing 11 new world records. the mix is next. "the mix" is ne. hey ladies, heard the good news?
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if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. okay. so kicking off the mix" what, did you do in high school? check out this kid. he's 17 years old, and he's just recently broken what they believe is a world record for the number of pullups all in 24 hours. guess how many pullups did he do in a 24-hour period? >> 200. >> no, that's how many we can do in 24 years. he did 7,000 pullups in a 24-hour period. this is and dishapiro. he's a high schoolner northern virginia. and in six hours, did he 3500. it is unofficially officially the record. his family recorded the whole thing. he was inspired by his dad who has been battling cancer for a little way. he also raised money for him but also wants to get on american
3:26 am
ninja warrior. >> he should hang out with that little girl that did the 2,000 situps. a lot of i78 pressive people coming out this week making me feel like a total slacker >> you can do 7 in 24 hours. >> take off the two zeros. not going to happen. i have more impressive things to show you. remember the old nothing but net commercials with larry bird and michael jordan? the last one ended with them stand ong top of a sky scraper to see who would miss a basket. these guys from dude perfect just sort of made that you a reality. they set out to break all these different world records and this one is the tallest basket ever made. >> no. >> oh. wow. >> and watch it. 533 feet as you can see, he goes absolutely bananas. that was just the last of i don't know, at least ten world records that they broke.
3:27 am
>> there's a reason for they're called dude perfect you would say. speaking of competition, there's a little bit of a competition that is taking place here in new york city with advertising firms in lower manhattan. they started this post-it war on their windows. it started out with one advertising company posting hi. and then shortly after, it was on like donkey kong. look at that. all post-its there. then the others tried to up the ante and they've tried to outpost each other. >> are they now hiring special post-it artists to do this? don't they have jobs? >> you would think at this point. we tried to get marcus to match -- i can't figure out what he's trying to. >> i see i heart -- marcus, how we doing? >> marcus, what is that? >> i love lucy. >> i love me. >> okay. >> we're not very good -- we're not going to win that competition. >> i love wnn.
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this morning on "world news now," berni this morning on "world news now," bernie sanders is picking up momentum. hillary clinton is still leading with delegates, but as sanders celebrates winning another state overnight, he says he's even more determined to keep going. and playing nice? donald trump and megyn kelly sitting down to hash out their differences. how he responded to his previous attacks on the reporter as hillary clinton rolls out a new ad hoping to highlight a weakness among female voters. >> new this half hour, an incredible rescue caught on police dashcam. >> the officer responding to the scene of a man trapped under a burning vehicle, enlisting the help of some good samaritans just in time to save his life. >> the abc news exclusive. five-time grammy award winner celine dion opens up in her
3:31 am
first television interview since the death of her husband. what she said to our own deborah roberts ahead in "the skinny," on this wednesday, may 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the latest contest in the race for the white house. bernie sanders is vowing to soldier on as he racks up another win. >> sanders defeated clinton in oregon by several percentage points. but he failed to slow her march to the democratic nomination. in kentucky, the race is too close to call. they're running neck and neck with clinton leading by about 2,000 votes, a margin of less than 1%. >> but clinton has claimed victory in kentucky with a tweet thanking supporters and calling for unity. >> meanwhile sanders showcased his popularity attracting 11,000 supporters at a rally in your california. liz kreutz has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. now, hillary clinton is still way ahead in the delegate count but last night, again showed us where she continues to fall
3:32 am
behind and that is momentum. bernie sanders drew massive crowds at his rally in california. that's a state where he's making a big last effort push as he remains determined to keep his campaign alive. >> we have received a significant majority of the votes of young people. >> hillary clinton though is turning her sights to the general election. overnight her campaign released her financial records which she's using as another way to hit donald trump for not disclosing more about his finances. clinton's document does not tell us how much she gave in taxes last year, but it does reveal more about those controversial paid speeches. according to the form in 2015, she and bill clinton gave a total of 28 paid speeches earning nearly $7 million combined. diane and kendis. >> our thanks to liz there. >> donald trump, by the way, took a swipe at the democrats overnight on twitter last night calling bernie sanders a joke and hillary clinton a nightmare.
3:33 am
>> he also tweeted a compliment to megyn kelly telling her well done after their interview aired. ines day la cue tara has more on the interview that followed a bitter feud that dragged on for months. good morning, ines. >> diane and kendis, last night donald trump finally confronted kelly and it was the first time the two publicly came face to face since their feud began after the first gop debate. >> let's talk about us. >> okay. >> overnight donald trump reconciling with fox news anchor megyn kelly. >> i have great respect for you that you were able to call me and say, let's get together and let's talk. >> trump made offensive comments about kelly over the summer. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> reporter: but tonight an apology. >> bimbo? >> well, there was a retweet, yeah. did i say that you? >> many times. >> oh, okay. excuse me. over your life, megyn, you've been called a lot worse. is that right? won't you say?
3:34 am
>> reporter: trump also filing campaign documents about personal finances with the sec. trump says the documents show "tremendous cash flow" and prove that they demonstrated he has "the kind of thinking the country needs," but maintains he won't release tax returns till november. on tuesday trump also said he's open to speaking directly with north korean leader kim jong-un to try to put an end to the nation's nuclear weapons program. >> the meeting would mark a big departure from the administration's current policy. he will be meeting with henry kissinger. diane and kendis? >> our thanks to ines. >> some areas in the south received as much as a foot of rain in just 24 hours breaking records all the way from southwest texas to florida's atlantic coast. the result was flooded roads as you can see there. there's also reports of several stalled vehicles as well as damaged homes. rivers and streams are at capacity and the ground can't absorb any more water. the storms also brought
3:35 am
strong winds and hail to the region including more than half a dozen tornadoes. speaking of, one of those funnel clouds spotted in ft. pierce, florida. another seen in nearby vero beach. they caused some damage to homes and knocked down trees and power lines. there are no reports of serious injuries. and there will be more unsettled weather in the south today with thunderstorms in texas again. rain will be heavy at times in the south, especially in florida. >> and it will be dry and mild in the northeast. we'll see a chilly start to the day in the midwest before it warms up. you'll see showers and even some snow in the rockies and a new storm system is moving into the pacific northwest. >> a bizarre incident on the national mall. a man claiming he had been contaminated by anthrax drove his pickup onto the grass there. he said he had some of the substance in his truck. he didn't. all of the officers in contact with him did go through decontamination to be safe. >> a chicago police officer is facing brutality charges. he allegedly beat a patient
3:36 am
while in handcuffs. the incident was caught by surveillance camera at that hospital where the man was undergoing mental evaluation. what the video doesn't show the is the patient had just punched the officer in the face. this happened two years ago. the charges were delayed because at alleged victim couldn't be found. the fbi and federal prosecutors are getting involved in the international sports doping scandal opening an investigation into alleged state sponsored doping. prosecutors are looking into russian government officials, athletes, coaches and anyone else who may have unfairly benefitted from the doping. it's believed conspiracy and fraud charges are being pursued. u.s. prosecutors are allowed to bring cases against foreigners living abroad if they have a connection to the u.s. one of russia's most recognizable athletes maria sharapova learns today how long she'll be banned from tennis. she failed a drug test at this year's australian open. and admitted to taking a heart.
3:37 am
disease medication banned at the start of the year. experts believe she will be banned between six and 12 months. >> in the nba playoffs now, the cleveland cavaliers had nine days off before last night's game one of the finals against the raptors. lebron james and his team were well rested and it showed. they let the raptors know it. james scored 24 points including a powerful dunk. nice shot. this was a blowout. 31-point victory. the cavaliers haven't lost yet by the way, in the postseason. they've won nine straight games so far. one off the record. game two against toronto is tomorrow night. >> looks like a good one. >> not really. if you're a cleveland cavaliers fan. also big winners last night, the philadelphia 76ers. we haven't been able to say that all season. they won the nba draft lottery, which means they will select first in next month's draft. the sixers can use some high profile help. they finished last season with a horrendous 10-72 record . we have to give a shoutout
3:38 am
and hearty congratulations to a 100-year-old record holder. she's ella may cullbert of south carolina. >> ella mae tripped and fell yesterday in her first attempt to set a 100 meter dash record for her age group. but she right back up and tried again. >> just under 47 seconds later, she crossed the finish line. the official time was kept. they will be passing the evidence along to guinness. so lael may will be credited with a new world record. the old record for the distance was 1:15. we're told ella beat that. >> she set that new world record by just under 31 seconds. impressive. very hussein boltesque, not quite. but that's really, really impressive. to be moving that fast at 100. >> i feel it wasn't that long ago that we reported on this record. i feel a little bit bad for the previous record holder.
3:39 am
>> i think he's fine. she's sleeping it off. she's sleeping it off. no, they're good. they're good. seconds from disaster, the dramatic police dashcam video showing a man trapped inside an overturned vehicle. the daring rescue and the good samaritans who happened to be in the right place at the right time. >> tom hanks, what the actor is blaming as the culprit for his type 2 diabetes. that story ahead in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. r. it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate. it's true. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance
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3:43 am
panic in their voices. the incredible effort here as an officer and four other people push aside a burning suv. this is in east anchorage, alaska. they rescued a man whose arm was had underneath. they rocked the car just enough for the driver to free his arm. and the crying man scrambled away from the suv. just moments later, it burst into flames. >> anyone outdoors yesterday at this time was rewarded with a rare sight. a fireball cut across the skies over new england and the northeast. it's believed it was a meteor about five feet in diameter. it broke part in maine. it was seen as far north as new brunswick, canada, and as as far south as new jersey and then accompanied by a large boom. >> switching gears now to a frightening case for a colorado family. terrorized by a home invasion. >> it happened to two middle school teachers while their children were sleeping in what police now say was a case of mistaken identity. abc's clayton sandell has the
3:44 am
latest. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> reporter: the call for help is frantic. >> 911? >> there's three men that just came in my house and attacked my husband and i. >> reporter: a knock on the door in this golden, colorado, neighborhood. >> they knocked on my door and then they came in my house. >> reporter: a husband and wife, both middle school teachers, at home with their two kids when three suspects break in. the husband is stabbed, but fights back, grabbing a knife, taking one suspect down. >> he has a cut on his arm and he's gushing blood out of his arm. >> reporter: police say the home invaders were looking for drugs and $10,000 in cash, but it was a case of mistaken identity. the bad guys had the wrong house. >> there were three guys. we have one of them down inside of our house. he's been down. baby, are you okay? oh, my god. we have two kids downstairs in the basement. >> people could have certainly been killed in this situation, but obviously, this father was protecting his wife and children. >> reporter: the neighborhood here is now quiet. the husband is in the hospital.
3:45 am
he's expected to survive. the two children are okay. police say two suspects are still on the loose. clayton sandell, abc news, golden, colorado. >> frightening indeed. in fact, we should point out the wife was not injured besides the children. >> that's right. the husband had stab wounds. he's expected to be okay, but the family now says they're so terrorized they can't go back home. >> they're looking to move. >> when we come back, we're going to switch gears once again. celine dion opens up about her final moments with her husband. the abc news exclusive is next. >> and the stung health >> and the stunning health revelation from tom hanks. "the skinny" is next. p?p?o?gv
3:46 am
3:47 am
♪ skinny, so skinny time now for "the skinny" and topping our headlines this morning, an abc news exclusive. >> celine dion has opened up to our own deborah roberts in her first tv interview since the death of her husband in january about the final moments that she shared with him. >> i started to talk to him and
3:48 am
i said you know what? i want you to just go in peace. i want you to not worry. you are worrying for my career. you were worrying for the children. you were worrying for everything. it's enough. i promise you, we're going to be okay. >> so rene angelil was her husband, father of their three sons and her manager for so many years. you can see more of that interview later this morning on "good morning america." really was a tough moment for her. and he had been battling cancer for so many years. so it was almost as if she was prepared for that moment. >> and such a big part of her life both obviously personally but also professionally, that relationship. a lot to part with there. it was a very moving interview. >> yep. >> next let's move to tom hanks
3:49 am
who is now opening up about his diabetes and actually blaming himself. >> the actor revealed two years ago that he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and now, he's admitting that it was his diet that did him in, calling himself part of the lazy american generation and telling "the radio times" i was heavy. you've seen me in the movies. i was a total idiot. >> hanks went on to say that he is hopeful, however, if he hits a certain target weight, he'll be able to reverse the disease all together. he says that's what his doctors told him. >> so an interesting side note here. hanks says it could have been worse. he says what helped keep him away from booze and drugs was becoming a father at the age of 21 and being forced to grow up fast. >> that's right. he said he did his fair share of certain things but he didn't make it a habit. and he's greatful for that. he says i may have at the time thought i was missing out but i was actually able to be aware of what was going on in the world and see my kids grow up. and now he has yet another reason to thank them. >> i never heard if you lose weight, then you can kind of reverse the effect.
3:50 am
>> it works in the opposite way. >> so next in our celebrity health watch, sophia vergara with a reminder for all women. >> she's reminding fans it's that time of year. the "modern family" star instagrammed this photo of herself getting an annual mammogram. >> you may recall that vergara is a cancer survivor. she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 16 years ago. >> she has said in past interviews the diagnosis changed her life bringing her down to earth and forcing her to take better care of herself. she now takes a pill every day to manage her thyroid hormones. and finally it's the end of an era for tom cruise. >> yes, it is or at least the end of a real estate era. in what seemed like a "mission: impossible," the actor managed to offload his 10,000 square foot beverly hills mansion that he shared with his wife katie holmes at the time for $45 million. >> that looks like more than a mansion. that looks like five mansions. >> that looks like vatican city.
3:51 am
so after knocking $5 million off the price. >> bargain. >> yeah, he's now been able to sell it. >> the estate has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a tennis court, a pool, a playground and several guesthouses. >> well, i mean, in case you have many other guests. the house. so you need to have a guesthouse for them. >> by the way, tom and katie bought the home for just over $30 million. that was back in 2007 when he was still jumping on oprah's couch. so he's still walking away with a cool $15 million. >> the 53-year-old has been quietly selling off his properties lately. he recently sold his hollywood hills home for $11.4 million, his two-bedroom manhattan apartment for 3 maryland, and he's listed his 33-acre colorado retreat for $59 million. you're holding out for the colorado retreat. >> what does he have left after all that? >> i'm guessing he has more property than that. he's tom cruise. lots of real estate to go around in the cruz family.
3:52 am
>> clearly. those "mission: impossible" movies were successful. speaking on means, betting on bond, james bond. betting on bond, james bond. ♪ music ♪ introducing new k-y touch gel crème. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch.
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introducing tide rescue. eliminates tough odors at the source. find it in the stain remover aisle. card. >> card. >> i need another thousand. >> i admire your courage, miss. >> trench. sylvia trench. i admire your luck mr. -- >> bond. james bond. >> mr. bond. >> and with that, ladies and gentlemen, generations of debonair martini sipping super spies were launched. >> yes, but now the latest 007 daniel craig, says he's ready to hang it up including his heineken. remember, he gave up the martinis for heineken. >> big fan of daniel craig. yes. so he's leaving fans wonder who could possibly fill his size 10 shoes. here's abc's nick watt. >> my name's bond. >> bond, bond, bond. >> james bond. >> reporter: the ideal bond
3:56 am
needs craig's craggy charm. >> what about a drink at my place. >> reporter: connery's charisma. ♪ underneath the mango tree >> reporter: moore's virile voice. >> can you swim? >> reporter: the silver screen spy for over 50 years and now that daniel craig nearing 50 himself is hinting he'll hang up his holster. >> i understand 00s have a short life expectancy. >> reporter: the replacement races on. >> idris elba. >> who are you. >> the police. >> reporter: a street wise sleuth in the bbc's "luther" calls the hype just rumorville. tom hiddleston. >> he's my birth right. >> he played loki and thor and just proved his espionage chops in "the night manager," has a requisite way with the ladies. >> forgive me father for i have sinned. >> that's putting it mildly, 007. >> reporter: damian lewis see
3:57 am
showtime's "billions" and "homeland" can play the maverick and has the right level of brit posh. >> rather a sweeping statement considering we've never met. >> reporter: the first ginger 007? nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> do you have a vote? >> you know what, after seeing "night manager" on a&e with tom hiddalston, i would say he would be an excellent, excellent bond. >> i'm an elba fan. "luther." >> so is reena. >> he's charming, he's cunning. yes. or better yet, how about a mr. kendis gibson in there. >> there has not been a bald bond before. >> see that. >> oh, hey. >> or a female bond. >> female bond. take that. i like that. >> i like it. >> you could be my bond girl. >> that would be a different kind of bond flick. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two informing insomniacs for two decades.e 50 to 85:
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making news in america this morning, a primary showdown in two states. one race too close to call but in the other bernie sanders comes away with another big win. this as donald trump sits down with megyn kelly with a question on how he treats women. a serious weather situation unfolding once again in texas. people trapped in cars as the rises in heavy rain. a driver gets trapped underneath an suv after it flips and bursts into flames. see the video as a police officer and bystander jumps into action. garden center scare. a man shopping at lowe's coming way too close up with a dangerous snake.


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