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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  May 18, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> hey every he one, it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday, may 18th and developing overnight. >> police say a trigger man unloads a barrage of bullets leaving a teen fighting for his life. it wasn't the only crime committed at that scene. >> firefighters pull a woman from a home in hunting park as flames rip through inside. >> the battle continues for the dueling democrats. details on hillary clinton's razor thin victory in kentucky and bernie sanders big win out west. >> we'll try and squeeze out a couple of good days this week but today it's not going to be dry, right guys.
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>> doesn't look like it. it's not going to be a pouring drenching rain but we have some showers that are starting to build in from the north and west and those could be a factor for at least some of the region as we move through the rush hour. reading getting a little bit closer to this. the bulk of this is centered back over harrisburg. while there are some heavier spots within this we are also seeing a breakup here and there and it's possible that those breaks down to just spotty showers as we move through the morning and perhaps into the early part of the afternoon. looking at radar though right now there is quite a bit of rain back out to the west and a lot of this will have to break apart in order for us to get that spotty shower forecast so we're hoping that this is just spotty stuff mainly in the morning but we'll have to keep an eye on what's going on out to the we have. we have cloudy skies in place even where it isn't raining this morning and it's relatively cool with a temperature of 52 in philadelphia and very similar numbers from north to south. 50 in allentown, 51 in cape may. everybody else pretty much in same kind of ballpark. we're expecting to be at about 50 degrees by 6 o'clock. climbing to 55 by 8 o'clock. cloudy skies and we can't rule out a spotty shower in at
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least some named as we roll through the day a little milder than yesterday but still stuck in the 60's. cloudy skies for the morning, some spotty showers possible. 63 by 11 o'clock. 65 by 1 o'clock and your high today is going to be that 67-degree reading at 3 o'clock. hopefully by then we're seeing maybe a hint of bright fling in the skies and a lack of rain. karen rogers much better weather on the way the next couple of days and then rain on saturday. it's all ahead in the seven day. >> great. all right, let's check on the construction out here i'm watching live. the crews packing up their stuff getting ready to clear out of here. this is the schuylkill expressway at the blue route eastbound as you head towards the conshohocken curve. it's blocking the right lane but should be cleared any minute now and we can see no big traffic problem. you've got light volume out there. one lane getting by coming from paoli or norristown on the schuylkill you're moving okay. the vine street expressway reopened westbound. eastbound looking okay. we're still dry and clear with light volume. crews will come back again tonight at 11 o'clock and shut the vine down in both directions until 5 o'clock in the morning. how about i-95 here at the
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vine street expressway. overnight construction clear. all lanes opened and you're looking pretty good, matt. >> thank you, karen. developing overnight a criminal combination of gunfire and arson in the wynnefield section of the city. police say a 19-year-old opened fire as another 19-year-old answered the door of a home on the 5600 block of lebanon avenue. they also say the gunman set fire to the front porch but they don't know if it was before the shooting to lure the victim out or after to cover up the crime. the victim was shot several times and collapsed in the living room. he is currently in critical condition. witnesses say the gunman and the victim know each other. much more on a live report coming up in the next half hour of "action news" a woman was pulled from a burning home in philadelphia's hunting park section and she remains in critical condition right now. the blaze ripped through the structure on the 3600 block of north mervine street last night. cell phone video shows fire crews trying to resuscitate a woman in her 20's.
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she was rushed to the hospital with smoke inhalation and is expected to survive. newly sworn in fire commissioner adam thiel called the rescue a save that would not have happened without his team. >> this is a very fast aggressive outstanding firefighting effort. it does look like a number of the numbers from these companies will be recognized with heroism awards and rightly so. >> it's unclear if the home had a working smoke detector or how the fire started. >> new this morning, it looks like a split decision in two presidential primaries on the democratic side. bernie sanders has new energy this morning for his vow to keep fighting it out with hillary clinton. let's go to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she's live in our satellite center. she's got more on the dueling democrats. googood morning, katherineism good morning, tam. they certainly are dueling. bernie sanders picked up a win in oregon after hillary clinton she was able to eke out a victory in kentucky. sanders has vowed to stay in this race until the last ballot is cast and he says wins in california and new jersey next month are crucial.
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[cheers and applause] >> reporter: from a roaring rally in carson, california, bernie sanders celebrated his win in oregon. he has pledged to remain in the race at least until the final primaries next month. vermont senator now has his sights set on california. >> i am getting to like the west coast. >> reporter: in kentucky it was a tight race for the democrats but officials there are calling hillary clinton the unofficial winner. now closing in on the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. but the sanders campaign reportedly has no plans to request a recount. clinton did not hold a public event last night but took to twitter to claim victory in kentucky. she wrote thanks to everyone who turned out. we're always stronger united. for the republicans as expected donald trump won oregon bringing him within fewer than 70 delegates he needs to formally claim the nomination. meanwhile the republican national committee and trump's campaign are teaming up
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announcing a joint fundraising deal allowing the trump campaign to raise funds the national party can can spend on his campaign and other republican efforts. joint fundraising committees are a standard part of the presidential election process. this marks an official departure from trump saying he's self funding his campaign and if he chooses, this allows him to repay himself for the money he's already spent. and so back to those democrats, sanders won more delegates last night but hillary clinton maintains the overall lead. we're live in the satellite center, katherine scott channel6 "action news. matt. >> thank you, katherine. a substitute teacher in the lehigh valley is accused of having sex with a student in a cemetery. easton police say they discovered 49 kelly aldinger engaged in the act with a 17-year-old boy earlier this month and when questioned, police say aldinger admitted that the relationship had been going on since the fall. the easton area school district has suspended aldinger indefinitely.
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>> it is almost 5:07 and happening today, there will be a chance for the public to chime in on the school district of philadelphia's proposed budget. superintendent of schools dr. william hite testified before city council yesterday. the district is not requesting additional funds from the city and state above the already proposed budget. dr. hite's plans include having a guidance counselor and a nurse in every school next year. >> the losing may continue for the sixers or it may not but they are celebrating a big victory off the court this morning. they snagged the number one overall pick in next month's nba draft. brett brown was the team's representative at the draft lottery he in new york. last time the sixers had the topic was in 1996 and they took allen iverson that year. along with their two other picks 24 and 26 the sixers will have three first round selections. the draft is june 23rd and most agree lsu's ben simmons and duke's brandon ingram are sure fire stars. we'll see which one they pick. >> i hope they get another
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answer because god knows we need the question of what is it. >> they have youth and they have pieces. >> we're still waiting to see if embiid will be healthy but he supposedly is an impact player. i think the interesting thing will be who the sixers approach for trades because now they've got a lot of young talent. >> blake griffith. i would love to get him. >> maybe. storm tracker6 shows that we're mainly dry but off to the north and west of philadelphia there are some showers building in and some of these are now pushing through harrisburg, hamburg and northern berks county. looks like redding is about ready to pick up some of this stuff perhaps within the next 10 or 15 minutes. there are some holes to the west of harrisburg and there's a possibility that those start to break apart as it pushes to the east but i think the northern suburbs have to prepare to get a little wet during the morning. allentown just about ready to pick up some of those early sprinkles can. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies across the region and right now we are looking at center city from north philadelphia and the temple university campus and little bit cool as you step
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outside but still dry in the city. 50 degrees in allentown, 50 in reading and honestly under the clouds you don't see much difference in temperatures this morning. 52 in philadelphia and 51 down in cape may so everyone evenly cool and some of you well out to the north and west getting a little bit wet. so, a lot of cloud cover in place. bulk of the rain down here is going to miss us but we're keeping our eyes on this batch of precipitation which does look like it might want to fall apart a little bit as it continues to head through the morning and toward the east but we'll allow for at least some spotty showers or some wet conditions in parts of the region this morning and then we'll see if we can't dry things out a bit for the afternoon. overall though we're looking at a mostly cloudy day. we'll call for spotty showers again. the bulk of it probably in the morning and a high of 66 up in the lehigh valley. down the shore also a cloudy day for the most part. there could be some late day brightening. 60 degrees is the high there with some more spotty showers possible at the shore and in philadelphia 67 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. we'll go for the idea of a spotty shower especially in the morning and then hope for
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some afternoon drying. maybe even a poke of sunshine or two later in the day. and again that high of 67. if you're headed to the phillies it's a day baseball game today at 1:05 with the marlins. it's the rubber match too as the phils won last night. 56 degrees for the first pitch, 53 in the ninth inning. cloudy cool can't rule out a spotty shower but i think there's a real good chance that the game is dry today. then 52 partly cloudy and cool overnight and dry overnight and then that sets us up for a couple of pretty nice days around here starting on thursday when we expect sun giving way to some clouds. much nicer, 74 degrees. there is a little linted on some models that there could be just a brief spotty shower popping up at some point tomorrow but overall i think you're going to like the change. 67 is today's high in your exclusive seven day mostly cloudy skies couple showers around particularly early in the day. then partly sunny and milder tomorrow with a high of 74 and lots of sun on friday with a patriotic high of 76 degrees right in the afternoon. great in the evening, too, for the union and phillies and anything else you're doing around town or if you're in
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the suburbs. then saturday that's the change. cloudy skies. there is a system passing by to the south that will probably bring us periods of rain. in some models it's even steady at times so we'll keep our eyes on that. sunday clouds and sun, a high of 68 ann little unsettled with a pop-up shower here and maybe a late day thunderstorm. >> i know, rain, rain, rain. that's all you talk about. >> the grass loves it. >> that's right. >> 5:11 now. we have more new stories that you didn't see last night. an innocent day of relaxing on a hammock leads to a young girl's death in iowa. police say they know why it happened. >> a plan is facing serious drug charges after attempting to pass off cocaine as red beans at an airport. karen. >> we're live in south philadelphia looking pretty good here on columbus boulevard at oregon avenue but we've got construction causing an issue on 422. we'll take that you live coming up. >> she's a grandmother she works at a mcdonald's in upstate new york and boy can she rap its a little later in the morning buzz.
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>> ♪ >> 5:14. breaking news a strong earthquake has hit the coastline of ecuador in south america and is near where a devastating quake hit the country back on april 16th. you're taking a look at a map where the epicenter of this latest quake is located, about 21 miles from rosa serata near the pacific coastline. a much larger 7.8 magnitude earthquake last month killed 660 people and left tens of thousands homeless. so, this is certainly not what that region needs. still trying to recover from that major earthquake last month. >> all right.
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let's go to karen rogers. she's got a look here local at what's going on with your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. let's check the roads. we've got lots of construction crews working out there right now. we can see them live. this is 422 at 23. they're out here blocking the right lane. don't forget to stay left as you're coming off away from 202. it should be cleared pretty soon, though, so watching the crews out there right now but should be heading on out there on 422. got a couple of other problems out there. in newark bristol road closed between acorn road and mcgee avenue with overnight construction so we have been watching. that it will close again so staying closed right now. will close again so looking for that one to cause a bit of a problem in lower southampton township bristol road will close from 9:00 until 3:00 both today and tomorrow. here's the construction in newark on college avenue northbound between 40 and i-95. we still have that crews out there. all lanes are in the process of reopening right now, though. let's go to storm tracker6 live double scan and we see some showers out to the west that are starting to move in. they're already hitting us
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right now in reading on 422. on 322 they'll be moving in towards honey brook and in lancaster not far away from you right there so looking for that. malvern and norristown basically dry right now and not looking too bad as you head out the door. on the commuter traffic report we he did find somebody talking, johnny bravo talking about construction zone on 202 southbound in east white land township. matt and tam. >> okay,. >> thank you karen. new on "action news" a fire broke out beneath elevated tracks in new york city and that could lead to delays during the morning commute up there. more than 150 firefighters responded to the blaze in east harlem. the fire forced evacuations to buildings on both sides of the tracks and the governor says this fire was so hot they could actually hear rivets and bolts popping from the el. >> this morning students at a catholic school in iowa will be lean on their faith as that community deals with the death of a classmate who was killed in a bizarre accident. perry sagan was upon a hammock at her home on saturday a
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brick pillar she and her sister had attached that hammock to collapsed on top of the 13-year-old geller. des moines police do not suspect foul play and they believe that the collapsed column was not securely in the ground. >> also new a guatemalan man in the custody of u.s. customs. officials say they caught him with $600,000 worth of cocaine. agents atlanta's heart field jackson international airport were inspecting the man's bags when they noticed several packages of uncooked red beans. police found a white powdery substance inside those bags which they later determined to be cocaine. they he seized more than 26 pounds of the drug. please wrap up their series with the marlins tonight. pitcher jeremy hellickson will get the start. it was a short but dominant performance by pitcher vincent velasquez last night. he gave up three hits in five shutout innings plus tommy joseph hit his first major league home run. the phillies win three to one. eagles quarterback sam
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bradford addressed the media for the first time since his two-week walkout. plus bradford joined newly drafted quarterback carson wentz on the field for the first day of organized team activities yesterday. bradford and his agent requested a trade last month because they were unhappy with the eagles moving up to draft wentz. they eventually rescindd that request and bradford resumed voluntary workouts. bradford says he has no regrets. >> when i first found out about the trade i was frustrated. you know, i just felt like i needed some time. >> the eagles still say bradford is their starting qb. bradford says he is focused on keeping that job. >> it's 5:18 and on wall street stocks are sliding once again on fears of another rate hike. >> when you think of fine dining a fast food franchise hopes you will want to run for the border. >> ♪
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>> since the weather has been so poor i think we should give you good traffic today.
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>> yes. >> outside right now and start this wednesday off with a live look in plymouth meeting. this is the blue route approaching the mid-county tolls. fine right here on the northeast extension all the overnight construction has cleared right there. mass transit is looking pretty good. septa's route 101 trolley will continue to slut tell bus between providence road and orange street because of construction in media. began monday dave and it's going to stay this way until june 17th. >> all right karen on the big board we have storm tracker6 live double scan showing some showers poking their way over toward allentown through hamburg in northern berks county. reading just about ready to pick up some of this, some of the outskirts get something light precip. heavier stuff farther out to the west is liable to deintensify a little bit as it pushes towards the east but off and on showers are possible this morning. looks like the northern suburbs are going to get them first. 53 degrees by 7 o'clock. by 9 o'clock 59. some spotty showers possible especially through the morning. later in the day we're expecting some brightening of the skies maybe even a peak or two of sunshine late this afternoon and your high is going to be 67 degrees. so, little milder than
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yesterday. as we take a look at the airport any major delays? usually not this time of morning and we have all green aircraft and unlike yesterday everybody's dry in all of our big travel destinations this morning, tam. >> thank you, david. going on to health check a new report says almost half of heart attacks have no obvious symptoms yet those attacks can still be deadly. researchers at wake forest university studied more than 9,000 middle aged men and women both african-american and caucasian over the course of 13 years. they found about 45 percent of the participants who experienced heart attacks suffered from what they called the silent kind. the scientists say because of the vague symptoms they often went unrecognized especially in african-american women. doctors say working to prevent heart disease in the first place is your best defense. >> ♪ >> good morning. topping america's money a big shift on interest rates. >> insiders at the federal reserve say up to three rate increases will likely this year and that means things like your credit card rates will go up. >> a concern about the rate
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hike has stocks down around the world this morning. >> ford reportedly bringing back the ranger. car and driver magazine reports a redesigned version of the pickup truck will return in 2019. >> ford sold the ranger from 1983 up until four years ago. the idea is for the new ranger to compete with mid-size trucks from other car makers. >> taco bell will soon be testing out a more inviting decor hoping to attract auberge dinner crowd. >> features sleek seating exposed beams and trendy light fixtures aimed at boosting evening sales and competing with more upscale fast food chains like chipotle. >> can't even recognize it. >> that's america's money. >> ♪ i'm terrible at golf.
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>> morning buzz time here at the big board. now looks innocent enough children jumping rope in class but it was what they were using as the jump rope that that made some people upset. the students in the northeast independent school district in austin texas were using the intestines from a dissected cat and had been doing the lesson for years. peta obtained that video. the school doesn't think anything was wrong with this saying it was just a lesson about how long intestines can be. however, the school has decided to eliminate the activity. >> listen up. put your hands together and
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clap. >> not bad. this grand any other wayne county new york is seeing her popularity on facebook skyrocket. 72-year-old elaine o'connor is a worker at a mcdonald's in williams son. o'connor has been a staple at the restaurant for almost a decade. she works about six days a week. a virginia woman's obituary getting passed around on social media because it mentions an ultimate indecision about choosing between presidential hopefuls donald trump and hillary clinton. the obituary says mary anne nolan opted to pass into the eternal love of god instead of voting for the next president. the 68-year-old died last week after a long battle with lung cancer. her husband the obit wasn't a partying shot at either candidate just a way for mary ann's children to carry on her sense of humor. tam.
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>> thank you, matt. two creative companies in new york city battle it out with post it note window art. and a model who claims bill cosby sexually abused her at the playboy mansion is now also suing the founder of playboy magazine. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> developing now on "action news a gunman ambushes a teen at his front door. >> bill cosby faces another lawsuit and another notable name in the claim. >> sixers land first pick in the nba draft in what could be a rebuilding year for the gleam we're going to deal with some more rain. >> people have just about had it. next couple days looking pretty good but today is kind of overcast but this morning it could be damp in some spots. getting a real light rainfall up in allentown or thereabouts, back in through berks county and there are some breaks in the action as we start to look at this pattern of rain down below


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