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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  May 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> developing now on "action news a gunman ambushes a teen at his front door. >> bill cosby faces another lawsuit and another notable name in the claim. >> sixers land first pick in the nba draft in what could be a rebuilding year for the gleam we're going to deal with some more rain. >> people have just about had it. next couple days looking pretty good but today is kind of overcast but this morning it could be damp in some spots. getting a real light rainfall up in allentown or thereabouts, back in through berks county and there are some breaks in the action as we start to look at this pattern of rain down below harrisburg.
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a heavier cell looks like it will shoot probably past us to the north. we're calling for overall spotty showers through the morning hours and hopefully some drying in the afternoon. the wide view on satellite for now shows lots of cloud cover out there and you can also see that there's a pretty good bank of rain to the west. hopeful that misses us to the north and we wind up with spotty stuff. we'll is to keep our eyes on that today. temperatures are not too bad and pretty even beneath the clouds. we're at 50 degrees on the nose in millville, 52 in philadelphia and really just about everybody in that range from north to south. so, cool enough for a jacket this morning and up north and west maybe an umbrella a good idea. 50 degrees by 6 o'clock. 55 degrees by 8:00 a.m. cloudy skies. can't rule out a spotty shower but keep your eyes on radar before you head out the door right here on 6abc and in a lot of places you might see that you have a dry walk to the bus stop. 59 degrees by 9 o'clock. 63 by 11 o'clock. spotty showers in through here. and then in the afternoon probably fairly cloudy but we do get a high of 67 which is a little better than yesterday
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and who knows, late in the afternoon we can't rule out some breaks of sunshine returning. going to get a lot more sun tomorrow and even more on friday, karen. details coming up. >> yeah, well, the spring has really stunk. i'm looking ford ward to lookin. here at 422 at 23 we're still dry. we have construction crews out there. they continue to block the right lane. i've been watching some of them that look like they have been starting to clean up but you want to stay left coming away from 202 a. lincoln drive a southbound accident near gypsy lane. the crews will come back again tonight at 11 o'clock and shut the vine down so watch for that one. let's head out on the schuylkill expressway. not a bad view here at the blue route. that's eastbound traffic headed towards the curve. coming up from paoli or norristown, king of prussia looking good so far on the schuylkill, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen.
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developing now philadelphia police say a family dispute led to a violent scene. a teen was shot after he came to answer the door to his home and the porch of that home at some point was set on fire. annie mccormick is live on the scene in the 5600 block of lebanon avenue in wynnefield with the very latest. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala. police are still holding this scene. they say that that young victim was shot multiple times. one of the bullets hit him very close to the heart. he is in critical condition at penn presbyterian hospital and we are also told that he has undergone surgery sometime this morning. well, this all started around 12:15 or all unfolded around 12:15 and first came in as a fire call, then a call of a shooting. investigators are dealing with both an arson and shooting. they're still trying to figure out if the fire set on a chair on the front porch was to lure the shooting victim out of the house or if it was meant to set the house on fire to cover up the shooting. they're trying to figure out which crimes happened first.
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witnesses say the shooter and victim do know each other and the shooter came to confront the victim over an incident involving a family member. >> the victim and another residents of the property forced the front door shut on the shooter. the shooter then fired three shots, all three shots went through the front door and after going through the door all three shots struck the victim in the chest and torso. >> reporter: back out here live you can see what's left of that chair that was set on fire there now that it's on the sidewalk. the fire marshal was out here and says an accelerant was used in glass bottle with an accelerant inside of it was found at the scene. there were also several people inside at the home at the time of this but they are reported to be okay. reporting live in wynnefield, annie mccormick channel6 "action news. back to you. >> a former model who claims bill cosby sexual assaulted her at the playboy mansion in
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2008 is now suing the comedian and play about founder hugh hefner. chloe goins claimed cosby spiked her drink at a party and then assaulted her. prosecutors decided not to file a criminal case because they couldn't corroborate her account and the statute of limitations had expired. goins is suing cosby for battery unintentional infliction of emotional distress. she's also suing hefner claiming that he enabled cosby's behavior. hefner and cosby have not responded to the lawsuit. happening today a former wrestling trounce a lehigh valley courtroom for day two of competency hearing. jimmy snuka is charged in the 1983 death of his girlfriend nancy. a tino in a hotel nearly a town. the defense contends snuka is mentally unfit to stand trial partly because of the head trauma he suffered over a long career in the ring. a prosecution expert is scheduled to testify today. >> national transportation
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safety board issued its official report on last year's amtrak crash in philadelphia. it also released new guidelines for handling mass casualty situations in our city. eight people were killed and over 200 were hurt in the derailment of amtrak 188. the ntsb found the lack of coordination by emergency responders led to some hospitals being overutilized while others were under utilized. it also recommends the agencies develop a plan and practice it including a full scale drill every three years. >> you can always work to improve upon your training and your responses and so that's not an indictment of what they did by any stretch of the imagination. we couldn't be more proud of them. >> the ntsb pinned the primary blame for the crash on engineer brandon bostian claiming that he had been distracted by his radio and put secondary blame on the lack of a positive train control system that would have slowed down that train. that tech had been has been now installed on the philadelphia track.
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atlantic city city council is expected to vote on whether or not to allow booze on its boardwalk. anyone over 21 would be able to walk around with an open container purchased from a business on the boardwalk. if the law passes the city would hold a trial period over the summer. the ordinance is meant to encourage foot traffic and shopping in the cash strapped city. >> time is now 5:37. the sixers have the first overall pick in the nba draft and so they have a big decision to make. who will they take at number one on june 23rd. the top two prospects are ls's ben simmons and brandon ingram from duke. after last night's draft lottery sixers coach brett brown thanked the fans for sticking with the team. >> the city has been amazing allowing us to go through the process that we have. we've taken hits for three seasons. we're excited with the position that we are now in. >> social media had a field day with dikembe mutombo's
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congratulatory tweet to the team he posted it hours before the lottery took place. he sent it out by mistake. he quickly took down the tweet and apologized although. >> he was right. >> conspiracy theorists believe that dikembe mutombo can predict the future. >> he can buy lottery tickets with me. >> i hope they pick the right guy. we'll see. these are young guys. i'm hearing some people liking ingram better. storm tracker6 live double scan we have a bit of rain out to the north and west of philadelphia. as we go in tighter on this it's light as it extends over toward allentown and in through hamburg. slightly steadier stuff north of lebanon pennsylvania. most of that looks like it will probably miss to the north or fall apart as it tries to push towards the east. overall we're going with spotty showers this morning hopefully drying this afternoon and who knows, ooh end a chance of a peek of sunshine late in the day but this is what you've got in the
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northern and western suburbs for now. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies. elsewhere across the region and dry conditions in through philadelphia including down by the platt bridge. 52 degrees currently in the city and more or less the same temperature just about everywhere across the region this morning. winds are light out of the northwest at seven but it's jacket weather again this morning. you see lots of cloud cover out there. there's that rain. the bulk of it either falling apart or missing us to the north but we'll have to allow for at least spotty showers in through the morning and perhaps the early afternoon. hoping for some drying later today though. cloudy skies for the most part today and on the cool side. 62 degrees by 10 o'clock. 64 by noon. if you have optional errands or something like that that you can hold off until later in the day to run you might be better off as it is going to be milder. your high 67 degrees by 3 o'clock and late in the afternoon there's the possibility of some brightening of the skies, 66 degrees. i can't promise sunshine but it's not out of the question. high temperatures across the region around midafternoon maybe late afternoon for some of you, 66 in allentown, 67 in
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philadelphia, 64 in millville and again you're being influenced by that cool ocean water down the shore, so low 60's in places like cape may. phillies playing day baseball this afternoon at 1:05. mostly cloudy 65 for the first pitch, 67 in the ninth inning. hopefully dry. just a slight chance of a spotty shower during the game. then tomorrow things do get better. this area of high pressure starts to nudge its way towards the east coast, we get warmer around the high with a high of 74 degrees tomorrow. that will be nice. sun giving way to some clouds and some models are suggesting a pop-up shower here or there but i think most of are you just going have a really nice afternoon tomorrow and even better on friday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, mostly cloudy, 67 today, some spotty showers at times. partly sunny tomorrow overall, 74 is the high and then friday mostly sunny and nice p-the day we've been waiting for for a little while, 76 degrees is your high and it will be a nice evening around town, too, for the union, the phillies or anything else you want to do friday night. saturday is when things change again. cloudy skies, 65 is the high and we will have periods of
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rain through the day. models are differing on whether or not it's going to be a lot or a little but either way it looks like kind of a cooler cloudy damp and somewhat dreary day. then more of a clouds and sun mix on sunday, 68 degrees. we get a little bit milder. still a spotty shower around, maybe a thunderstorm popping up in the afternoon. monday and tuesday clouds and sun and some more spotty showers because the low that's bringing us that rain on saturday still going to be kind of meandering its way away. >> it's 5:41. still ahead police say a man in nevada boarded a bus but didn't have money for a fare so he started shooting. >> a hardware store shopper gets a slithery surprise and a painful feeling while shopping for flowers. karen. >> we're live right here on baltimore pike looking pretty good at creek road. clear and dry here so far. we're going to check the suburbs coming up. >> and also the philadelphia zoo going 3-d. we'll explain a little bit later on "action news." okay, ready?
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whoa! [ explosion ]
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nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. >> ♪ >> can welcome back. taking a live look there the commodore barry. yeah, we got a little rain to deal with this morning but you see a picture like that and you're just reminded rain or insurance this is a beautiful place that we live in. >> is it okay if i'm still sick of the rain? >> we're trying to be positive about it. >> it's getting tough. >> i mean, yeah, it's totally
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stinks. the spring was awful but we're looking ahead to summer and just your morning commute if you're trying to head out right now let's look outside live. this is lincoln drive southbound buy near gypsy lane. we had this disabled vehicle. it's cleared. things moving a little bit better on lincoln drive. both lanes reopened. montgomery avenue at bala avenue a downed tree branch that's out here blocking a lane so watch for some problems there on montgomery avenue. here in chester county we've got construction that is causing a problem from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. today and it's going to last through june 1st so bondsville road will close near kings highway. look for that to be a bit of a problem lasting until june. let's look outside right now route one approaching pennsylvania avenue we're still dry right here in bucks county and no big problems right there. we have someone on the commuter traffic report talking about i-95 southbound an object on the road near elkton. let's look outside right now on storm tracker6 live double scan. we can see some showers out to our northwest. as we go in a little closer
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with this if you're on 422 in reading it's wet but not in pottstown. honey brook still dry, route 30 but you can see the rain kind of leaded in that way. quakertown still dry but allentown get something showers so watch for some showers as you're headed out right now through the north and west matt. >> thanks karen. a bus passenger in las vegas took video of a man who couldn't pay his fare and fired off a gun instead. the teenager started recording the gunman after the shots rang out on monday night. police say that is derek vin center standing at the back door of the bus with the gun still in his right hand. when the doors opened people frantically ran off the bus. no one was hurt. vincent put his gun down as police arrived on the scene. >> the family of a dog mauling victim is trying to get the word out about properly securing your pets. video has just been released of the attack that happened in california last week. an eight-year-old girl was on her way to school when the pitbull charges at her and drags her by the hand. fortunately two neighbors see what goes on and steps in to save her. one man kicks the pitbull away and another one calls 911.
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now if that dog had been in a gate or on a leash the girl's family says this wouldn't have happened. a man set out to buy flowers for his wife and ended up instead in the fans of a poisonous snake a north carolina man was buying flowers for his wife at a lowes when a copper head came out of somewhere and bit him. the man had been bitten and had all that poison in his system. he was rushed to the hospital and injected with antivenom. the bite caused massive swelling and pain. doctors say though he'll be okay and a spokesperson for the store says they're still trying to figure out how that snake made it onto their property. >> 6abc is taking you inside the philadelphia zoo this weekend. we'll value special look at everything there is new to do plus a selfie spot where you can give back to children in need. here's anchor rick williams. >> ♪ism visitors can share their unreal zoo adventures on social media with the you 360 shot spot. >> i was approached by philadelphia zoo 360 to paint
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a picture that captured the spirit of what they're doing. >> reporter: 3-d artist joe hill is the mastermind behind the illusion. >> a mural created just for philadelphia zoo. >> reporter: it creates the illusion that guests are teetering on the etch of the zoo while animals roam below. >> when you stands in the right spot take a picture you capture all the different elements of the zoo. we've got different animals, the trailways, we've got the interaction point which is a slide where people can slide into the picture. i've been doing this kind of artwork for about 13, 14 years. >> reporter: every photo taken with the mural and uploaded to social media with the #send a kid goes towards a worthy cause. >> which means that under served children can come to the zoo if a certain number of pictures are shared. >> watch the philadelphia zoo changes you hosted by rick williams and cecily tynan saturday at 7:00 p.m. on 6abc. >> it's 5:48 and a newly
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engaged couple decides to take photos in costco and now those pictures have gone viral. >> a post it note battle is raging on between two companies in new york. >> ♪
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>> philadelphia week continues on wheel of fortune and local contestants are racking up the dough. tonight another philadelphia native will try to earn some big money. last night was all about philadelphia firefighter tommy hood. he took home $15,000 and a trip to hawaii. friends and members of the firehouse came out to help him celebrate at a watch party in mayfair last night and you can see who's the next big philadelphia area winner. watch tonight's episode of wheel of fortune at 7:30 right here on 6abc. >> good for him. >> i went there and talked to tony. he has four really little kids
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including twins under the age of six and his wife is just like win me a trip. >> and he did. >> they're going to hawaii. >> let's take a lookout side right now and check out the roads. this is southwest philadelphia mid span of the platt bridge. no problems between 26th street and i-95. you're looking good this morning. how's the ben doing? kind of quiet. sitting there kind of bored david but at least it's currently dry on the ben franklin bridge. >> well, that's good. it's not currently dry up in areas just to the north of reading as we have some light sprinkles and showers coming in. some of this has managed to come into areas around allentown butter you can see that it's really not much. and most of this heavier stuff appears to be kind of falling apart a bit as it pushes towards the east so we'll go for some spotty showers especially in the northern and western areas this morning and then hoping for some drying this afternoon. not everybody's going to need an umbrella this morning obviously. it's those northern and western areas that look like they have the biggest early problem. jacket probably not a bad idea with temperatures in the low 50's and this afternoon may or may not want that jacket because we're only going up into the mid to upper 60's in most neighborhoods. if you're running errands the
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afternoon looks drier than the morning. we are going to get up to a high of 67 around 3 o'clock and probably still stay on that at about 4 o'clock with a little luck we might even see some breaks of sunshine late today, matt. >> okay, david. and you can watch that rain roll in for the 8 millionth time in a row by going to six a tech company in new york city getting creative with an ordinary office supply. the office on canal street started decorating the windows with post it notes. businesses across the street did the same thing. people walking by now see everything from superhero logos to the simpsons. the president of one company is encouraging the post it war and is taking suggestions from the public as to what to post on the windows next. a newly engaged couple is getting practice walking down the aisle at a costco. the fans of the store close to take their engagement photos there. the couple from minnesota
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shared the pictures on reddit and they have been a big hit.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look there out towards ben franklin bridge. we are dealing today with some more rain coming our way. it is 5:56. from our new jersey news room, two men charged with gunning down a college student at his fraternity house in north jersey have pleaded not guilty. joe mikalizi was killed during
5:57 am
a burglary earlier this movement the 23-year-old freehold resident had majored in mechanical engineering. institute officials awarded a posthumous degree to him during their commencement ceremony yesterday. >> legislation requiring schools to write and enforce anti-hazing policies is on its way to the desk of pennsylvania governor tom wolf. the bill passed the house yesterday a week after it passed the state senate unanimously. it would apply to any public or private school that includes any grade seven through 12. penalties could include fines or expulsion. wolf's office says he will sign it. >> it's 5:57. next and new this morning, intense flames near new york metro line are causing some problems for the commute. >> and the obama administration passes a measure or signs a measure that it promises will bring more money to the middle class. >> ♪ (man) hmm. what do you think?
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday, may 18th and developing overnight. >> a trigger man unloads a barrage of bullets leaving a teen fighting for his life. that wasn't the only crime committed at this hours. >> firefighters pull a woman from a home in hunting park as flames rip through the inside. >> the battle continues for the dueling democrats. details on hillary clinton's razor thin victory in kentucky and more on the big bernie sanders win outer west. >> and we're looking to see if maybe we can get bill murray and andy mcdowell here to do ground hog's version of rain in the delaware valley. >> once again, yes, cloudy to start out this morning. it is cool once again. i've got the jacket in play and we also have some rain in the northern and western suburbs. i've got this zoomed in a little bit. you can see philadelphia down to the bottom. no rain in south jersey or delaware


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