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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 19, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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a community coming together to remember two classmates killed last weekend after the prom. therit was a painful vigil but t was also filled with friendship and memories of better times. it is wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a night to honor davea salton and mckayla moseley. "action news" reporter christie ileto is live at bridgeton high school. christie, what was it like there tonight? >> reporter: well, jim, there wasn't a dry eye in the stadium. and the last couple of weeks have not been easy for the bridgeton high community. not only did they lose two of their students this past weekend but they lost a third in a car crash just weeks earlier. >> we were going to celebrate her birthday. could have been anything else but this. >> reporter: instead, hundreds of families and faculty are here for three bridgeton high students. one of them is her niece when
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she died when she and her friend ran off the road and hit a tree following a post-prom trip to ocean city. investigators don't believe drugs or alcohol played a role in their crash. >> whauves the last thing you said to her? >> she look nice for her prom. >> i don't think i cried that much in years. >> reporter: this is a bridgeton teacher and soccer coach. >> friday was two weeks ago when luis had the accident and saturday the other two girls had the accident. so it's been unbelievable. monday was so somber and quiet. it was hard to even realize it. it was surreal. >> reporter: tell me about the balloon that you have. what does it say? >> it said it's so hard to forget someone who gave you so many memories to remember. ♪
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>> reporter: now, this was just the first of final goodbyes. funerals will be in the coming weeks. reporting live, christie ileto, "channel 6 action news." jim? >> thank you, christie. a nasty multicar crash this evening is keeping route 70 closed even at this late hour in burlington county. three vehicles collided at 5:30 near main street in medford. police say a minivan heading eastbound on route 70 crossed the median and struck two westbound cars. in total five people were hurt. three of them had to be flown to the hospital. officials say a 41-year-old man is in critical condition tonight. the others are stable. police hope to reopen the highway shortly when they wrap up the investigation and finish cleaning up. philadelphia police are looking for a killer tonight after a man was gunned down on his porch in an apparent drive-by shooting. it happened along the 1600 block of widener place in logan just
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before 5:30. the victim died less than two hours later at einstein medical center. investigators say they have little to go on other than the fact that the gunman may have been in a blue car. booze on the boardwalk of atlantic city. there are those who strongly feel it is an idea whose time has come and that time was almost tonight. let's go live to atlantic city and "action news" reporter dann cuellar. dann, what's the story on this? >> reporter: well, jim, it seems a last-minute hitch caused the matter to be pose ponked for a while longer but it has widespread support and it seems it will pass because official are looking for new ideas to save this cash-strapped city. alcoholic beverages on the boardwalk? why not? >> i didn't know you could have anything on the boardwalk. >> they let me out. >> reporter: they did from resorts? >> anywhere. they'll let you out. >> reporter: she said is the no alcohol container law is loose
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so why not make it official? >> they need to do it to save atlantic city. >> reporter: it would allow open alcohol from the caseenies. that has the backing of the control board whose chairman argues it makes sense. the city already has four beach bars that sell booze. >> i really believe that this is going to pass. i think it opens up atlantic city as a true destination resort similar to disney world. they have an open container law in disney world. they have one in key west. they have one in nrlts. >> reporter: it seems other businesses who are not on the boardwalk but in the tourism zone want in on the deal. >> instead of voting on it tonight and then if it changes at the first reading have to go back to the first reading. the smart thing do is the rile thing do was to pull it for tonight and get everything together. >> reporter: among visitors on the boardwalk, we heard pros and cons. >> i don't want more drunks or anything. the bars are enough. i don't think we need to have open containers. >> the law -- as long as they're responsible. why not? >> people might have a tendency
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to overdrink or overleave their empty containers or glassware and then it makes an expense for the city and people to clean up. >> reporter: now, for his part, the council president says he too supports the measure and hopes that it can all be settled for a final vote in july. live here in atlantic city, i'm dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> dann, thank you. a reading police officer is slated to turn himself in tomorrow on charges of harassing and assaulting two people last month. "action news'" monica malpass is here with that story. >> reporter: jim 27-year-old officer jesus dejesus is being charged with oppression, tampering with evidence and lying to officials about what happened on april 5th. the incident was caught on surveillance video and on the driver's own cell phone as well. take a look. watch as this car uses a turn signal to park along 800 greenwich street at lunchtime that day. but officer santiago dejesus
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pulled over the car anyway saying the driver did not use the turn signal. then he discovered marslinea cintron garcia didn't have a driver's license. >> you were driving. you don't have a valid driver's license. >> reporter: the officer orders the driver and her boyfriend to sit down and calls for backup. the woman then tells him she's recording it on her phone. watch here as he grabs the phone, throws it away, punch the woman, and he and another officer wrestle her on the cement to handcuff her. >> i'm using my phone to record him because this is my proof. >> reporter: she hit her head on a pipe fwheeded staples in her head. she spent three days in the berks county jail on assault, harassment and resisting arrest charges. her boyfriend was not hurt. he was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest but remained free on bail. today the d.a. announced criminal charges against the officer and withdrew all charges from the couple. >> this interaction between police and citizen was escalated by the police behavior.we have
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overwhelming video evidence that, in fact, they used a turn signal. >> reporter: adams went on to say the system depends on the truthfulness of police and its in jeopardy when an officer fabricates information. the same officer had another problematic traffic stop that led him to shooting two teenagers in 2012. one of the teenagers has file a federal lawsuit against the department and the officer saying the policeman use the excessive force shooting him four times after what was a low-speed chase. >> tough video to watch. >> uh-hmm. >> thank you, monica. a contingent of activists in wilmington are calling tonight for a federal investigation into a deadly police shooting. jeremy mcdole was in a wheelchair when he was shot and killed by officers last september. police say mcdole was reaching for a gun in his pants. naacp leaders and clergy members gathered today to ask the u.s. justice department to review this case.
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last week, the delaware attorney general's office opted not to charge any of the four officers involved. but did recommend sanctions against senior corporal joseph delsu. the report says he made poor decisions and was the first to fire on mcdual. >> cover your head. cover your head! [ gunshots ] >> whoa! >> cover your head. >> the activists demand that delouis be fired. >> a boiler explosion at edmonds elementary school critically injured a school district mechanic. tonight comes word that christopher died today after four months in the hospital. he suffered extensive burns in the blast, which prompted calls for mandatory inspections of all boilers in the school district. seven philadelphia police officers received a big honor tonight. they were given the officer of the year award for the 24t 24th district.
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officers william thrasher, daniel be, edward troy, michael mccune, michael haniscon, sean foley and michael wilson were all honored for their service and for their bravery. more than 100 cyclists gathered at the steps of philadelphia museum of art tonight to promote a vital goal. they want to end deaths and injuries from accidents with cars while biking in the city. when they took to the streets for the 13th silent ride in memory of bicyclists who have lost their lives and to raise awareness about the safety, sharing the road. new jersey has been hit with a surprise budget shortfall of more than $600 million this year and will have to make some cuts. the christie administration plans to dip into the state's surplus and redut medical assistance and programs to help low-income families. no reduction in pension payments is expected. salem community college hosted its 44th annual
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commencement tonight. but it was an extraordinary milestone for these three whiz kids. they are still in high school. edgar tray hoe, kelsey stockton and donovan velez have now earned associate's degrees before they even get their high school diplomas. we also want to extend our congratulations to the 200 college students who graduated tonight in front of friends and family at du pont fieldhouse in carneys point. lot of pride mr. tonight. still to come on "action news" tonight, party crashers, this time if is the democrats, not the republicans who are at odds. plus, the controversial comments causing ed rendell to issue an apology tonight. google unveils the next advice it wants you to buy and a time-saving feature for android phones. cecily? >> it's been an unsettled and cool week with afternoon highs below the normal. finally i'm tracking a warm,
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sunny day. i'll let you know when and have detalts on kind of a 50/50 weekend in the accuweather seven-day forecast. ducis rodgers with the phillies
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we have breaking news tonight and this is just in now. there is word that flight 804 of egypt airlines has disappeared from radar on a flight from paris to egypt to cairo. this flight has 59 passengers on board and a crew of 10. there is absolutely no word on what may have happened or exactly where the jetliner went missing on that route from paris to cairo, but it has disappeared from radar. obviously, when we get more
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information, we will put it on and of course, we'll have the latest developments on "action news at 4:30". there is glowing concern now on the political scene among leading democrats. the division within their party is getting worse donald trump in the fall. bernie sanders held a rally in california and gave absolutely no hint of preparing his supporters around hillary clinton. sand ert supporters erupted with rage last weekend at the nevada state convention when they felt that the rules favored clinton. meanwhile, donald trump emerged a the home of henry kissinger today. he revealed a list of picks to replace anton 9 scalia on the supreme court. one, don willet has openly mocked trump on his twitter
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account. the federal election commission released trunge's financial disclosure forms today that showed that he made $557 million in earned income over the last 17 months. these are not his tax returns, which he continues to refuse to make plik. former governor ed rendell has apologized for what he himself called "incredibly dumb and selfish comments." he told "the washington post" that donald trump will lose the philadelphia suburbs because "there are probably more ugly women in america than attractive women." he said trump's past comments about women will cost him republican women because rendell said, "people take that stuff seriously." rendell apologizing today. american airlines plans to hire additional workers to get passengers through security more quickly. the announcement came today after members met with officials behind close doors. lawmakers demanded to know why security lines are so long.
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one senator called for the tsa chief to step down if the problem isn't fixed. experts say 231 million people are expected to fly this summer. that surpasses last year's record. but there is also some exciting news coming out of philadelphia international airport. work will soon begin on a massive upgrade of terminal "b," which hasn't seen much modernization since it opened in the 1960s. a joint project by the airport, american airlines, which has exclusive activity in terminal "b," marketplace philadelphia, and the hospitality group otg will bring exciting food choices and huge ipad stations to 15 gate areas. the entire terminal will be redesigned. work will begin in the fall. google is launching several new products to compete with rivals like facebook, amazon and apple. at a convention today, the internet giant unveiled google home. it is a voice-controlled device
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that works like a smart home assistant from playing music to remotely operating lights and thermostats. it is a direct competitor to amazon's echo. google will also debut a massaging -- a messaging app -- [ laughter ] you know what? it will give you a massage too. absolutely. [ laughter ] we're going to see if that would. it's a messaging app with a voice assistant named aloe predicting how you might respond to messages. [ laughter ] and for those apps, you only plan to use once or twice, android will soon allow you to run them from the google store without even downloading them. it was a very proud night, indeed, for these nursing students. they graduated from bucks county community college and tonight they took part in the symbolic pinning ceremony which welcomes them into the nursing profession. tomorrow, the nearly 100r.j.s will receive their associate degrees at commencement. and we are delighted to say the very least to announce the rival
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of hannah marie. she is the beautiful daughter of adam joseph and his partner karm craft. she came into the world a couple of minutes after midnight last night tipping the scales at 8 pounds, 9 ounces, and we promise we will never say in public what this young lady weighs again. [ laughter ] older brother jacob is gently trying to tell anna marie who is boss, but adam says he too is taken with his little sister. so, adam, we have a house filled with unconditional love and a dream that came true. and that sure sounds good tc us. >> it's getting used to two. adam and -- jacob can say sister. >> he's going to say it a lot. >> exactly. >> hopefully it will be a nice word before he says sister. >> yeah. they're 21 months apart so they'll be best friends in no time. weather hasn't been beautiful lately but it's getting better.
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brighter days ahead. i promise. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we do have some scattered showers right now. right now the most concentrated in a line really stretching from the garden state parkway to the atlantic city expressway crossing 322, and you can see how this is all pushing to the east. there's a little piece of upper level energy that's moving through a shortwave, and that's what's bringing scattered showers. temperatures across board in the 50s. 53 in philadelphia down from a high of 69 which is five degrees below normal. yet another cool day in may. allentown 58. cape may point, 55. and wilmington, 59 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the shortwave that's moving through right now. western pennsylvania, though, the skies are clearing, and we have high pressure that's across the great lakes and this will gradually be building in over the next two days and that will bring us a good amount of sunshine. so your day planner showing tomorrow we will start the day at 8:00 with mostly cloudy
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skies. an isolated shower possible. as we head through the afternoon, increasing sunshine. by 5:00, 72 degrees, stim slightly below normal. but then on friday, this high pressure really expands to double barrel high. it will be right over us. and this is no doubt the pick of the week. mostly sunny skies. little bit on the warm side, 76 degrees. and the next two days we have a very low chance of rain. but look what happens on saturday. saturday is the soaking rain. and then sunday and monday, still a little bit unsettled with a 40% chance of some showers but saturday is the day you're really going to need the umbrellas. and probably the raincoat and the rain boots as well looking at about an inch of rain. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow pretty nice day, mixture of clouds and sun with a high of 72 degrees. on friday, bright sunshine, very pleasant. get outside and enjoy it if you can. 76 degrees. and saturday, ah, it's going downhill fast. plenty of clouds. periods of rain, 61 degrees.
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so most of the day temperatures in the 50s. and future tracker showing that we're looking at a solid inch of rain on saturday. so a very wet day. sunday, leftover clouds, a possibility of a few scattered showers. 72. the same on monday. on tuesday, those clouds will be breaking for some sunshine. 72 degrees. and wednesday is looking very nice as well. mostly sunny skies with an afternoon high up to 78 degrees. so friday get outside and enjoy it. if you're planning any outdoor activities this weekend, if you can schedule them for sunday instead of saturday, good idea. >> start getting things ready for memorial day weekend. >> yeah. hopefully we'll have at least a couple nice days. >> moving in the right direction. >> yes. >> all right. five community organizations in philadelphia received grants tonight to enhance their neighborhoods. the penn treaty special services district presented a check to its offices in northern liberties. the clean air council was among the winners. it received more than $29,000 to install new bike packs along
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frankford avenue and the corridor. a timely discussion tonight at the philadelphia free library. it was called the best man may be a woman. the topic: female candidates for public office. the panelists included an author and a candidate for main state senate. tonight's event part of the library's american presidency series. and this is philadelphia week on the wheel of fortune here on channel 6. and tonight melanie bowen, who appeared on this evening's show, was a champ in collegeville for a watch party. her family and friends. turns out she won nearly $64,000 on the show including a new car and a vacation.
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>> this young man has qualified as three men on the united states triathlon team competing in this summer's limb ticks. he was hon ored by family and friends at smokin' john's in manayunk tonight.
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malloy, who is 30, grew up in wildwood but he credits some of his cycling prowess to his years in manayunk. he used to work as a waiter at la bus and commuted to work on a bike at manayunk mall. and that will get you in shape for almost anything. >> yeah. yes. >> phillies. >> looking rather good. as usual, the phillies have surged to the top of the stands. today they dusted off the marrens. they have now won 7 of their last 8 series. the phanatic is a problem before the game. hernandez assaults him! citizen's arrest. book 'em, dano. "hawaii 5-0" reference for your kids out there. in the third. he drives in two. it's a 3-2 phillies lead. and what a day for timer goeddel. 3 for 4 including his first career homer. the phillies win 4-2. >> we believe in ourselves, but the more we win, it just shows that we're for real. >> our confidence isthrough the
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roof. we believe that we belong here, and a lot of -- we got 25 guys in this clubhouse that believe we can win. and i think it's showing. >> phills half game behind the nats. the sixers have between now and june 23rd to get it right. head coach brett brown stopped by our studios today. will they take lsu's ben simmons? he has the skills of a point guard. or will it be duke's brandon ingram? his wing span would be a plus on both defense and offense. the sixers say they are still doing their homework. >> the information is not even close to being whole now on what we have with all of those first, say, one through five, one through six picks. over time, we will judge that with a far more scrutinized lens. we will dig in holistically and understand the person, the player, the skill level, etc. >> still ahead, we'll talk eagles revamped secondary. plus, baseball turns
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it's day two of the eagles' otas, let's put the quarterback situation to rest for now and focus on the defense. doug pederson added a lot to the defensive backfield both through free agency and through the draft. the only constant will be safety malcolm jenkins. who lines up next to him? that's anyone's guess. >> it's not clear at all. and i think a lot of guys are jockeying for position. guys are making plays. there's a lot of depth and a lot of competition. we just waiting to see who kind of emerges from the pack.
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finally tonight, they just don't make walls the way they used to. minor league baseball game between the st. paul saints and the sioux falls canaries. monger exit stage left. oh, actually goes through the bullpen door. might want to lock that next time. but monger does make the grab. >> not since aaron rowand have we seen a wall crash like that. >> that one was not good. >> no, it wasn't pretty. finally, a friendly competition took place tonight at south pole in south philadelphia all for a great cause. "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltz man scored a strike in tonight's get in the game fundraiser for philadelphia futures. rick williams, chris sowers, ali gorman, also bowling tonight along with the members of philadelphia phillies. see what happened there. game raises funds to help high school students go to college.
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great cause tonight at the bowling lane. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by in the in the. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. good night.


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