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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  May 19, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, may 19. breaking on "action news." the disappearance of an egypt air flight. officials believe it crashed in the mediterranean sea while traveling from paris to cairo. gunshots leaves a man fighting for his life. now police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger. a reading police officer is expected to turn himself in in connection with the confrontation over a woman who was recording him on her cell phone. let's go over to david murphy and find out what accuweather is like today, and karen rogers has the commute. >> reporter: overall it's going to be a nice one. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you over south jersey and delaware there are lingering showers from overnight. they are trying to get off the coast. i would give this another 60 minutes or so, and that should be done. cloudy cover early, we are expecting the clearing to roll on in. overall we'll call it a partly
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sunny day with more and more sunshine building as the day goes on. 52 in millville. on the 50s, cool enough for a jacket as you head outside. on the bus stop mainly cloudy skies and sunny breaks, and spotty shower in south jersey and temperatures in the mid 50s across the region. it's going to be a nice afternoon. 67 degrees by 11:00 a.m., 70 by 1:00 p.m. 73 degrees by 3:00 p.m. with the high today of 74 that will check in late in the afternoon around 4:00 p.m. slight chance of a spotty pop up sprinkle or shower this afternoon. most of you will enjoy what we've got served up for you today. another nice one tomorrow and changes for the weekend. i drove through a sprinkle coming in, looking live outside on i-95 all lanes are open on the vine street expressway, things are looking good. no problems, the overnight construction is cleared. the crews canceled their construction that was supposed to close. they finished their work nice
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and early in the perceives nights. looking good. vine open in both directions. we had a down tree after street it's reopened at marshall street. then bristol bridge was open and now the tacony-palmyra, you might want to head to the betsy ross bridge. officials in egypt and in greece say a crash in the mediterranean sea with 66 people on board. officials say the plane vanished ten miles after it entered egyptian aerospace. they have launched a search and rescue. katherine scott is in the satellite center where they are following the breaking story. >> reporter: officials are not ruling out what could have happened to the flight. egyptian officials confirmed that the plane crashed in the
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mediterranean sea and there's a search underway near the greek isle. him the plane took off from paris and heading to cairo. it was flying at 37,000 feet at 2:45 a.m. when it dropped off the radar after interesting the egyptian aerospace. you can see the family members arriving at charles de gaulle airport. air traffic controllers spoke to the pilot who didn't mention any problems. there was no distress call from the pilot. there's conflicting information whether there was an automatic system emergency beacon that was picked up from the plane, the airline said there was, egyptian military said there was not. the plane had 56 passengers and ten cabin crew members including
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two babies and young child on the manifest. egypt air will release the passengers nationalities. 30 egyptian, and one french there's a lot of marine traffic in the area and greek and egyptian forces are involved in the search. the focus is trying to find the debris and see there were any passengers and recover the data recorders to figure out what happened to the flight. live from the satellite center, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." thank you for that, katherine. >> reporter: we've been updating the story all night at and the "action news" facebook remember to like our page so you can get the breaking news updates first. new on "action news," a man is in critical condition after being shot in the germantown section. police were called to the 100 block of furley street at 10:30.
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they found the man with the gunshot wound to his chest. police are working to pinpoint the exact location where the shooting went down. at this time there's no word on an arrest or moish. -- or a motive. a reading police officer is going to turn himself in on charges of harassing two people. the incident happened on greenwood street. 27-year-old pulled over a woman and her boyfriend claiming she didn't use a turn signal. she started recording the officer on her cell phone when the situation escalated. investigators say he ripped the phone out of her hands and slammed it to the ground and punched her. i'm using my phone to record him, because this is my proof. the officer is charged with official oppression and tamplerring with evidence and
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false reports an criminal mischief. two of the three girls charged in the death of a wilmington high school student will be arraigned today. two girls will face a judge today they are charged with co-conspiracy. prosecutors have charged another 16-year-old with criminally homicide. an autopsy found she died from a hidden heart defect that was triggered when she was hit by one of the girls. family and faculty gather to remember three students who were killed in crashes. daisia sulton and mikayla mosley were killed after their car hit a tree. another girl was killed in upper
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deer field when her car hit a pole. someone bought a ticket worth $1 million. it matches all five white because, but not the mega ball. here's the numbers, 17, 24, 27, 48, 25, mega ball 6. the winner is unknown. we'll feel we claimed a prize today if it doesn't rain as much. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you it's down south and south jersey and parts of delaware. we have a little bit of a shower around. you can see as we go in closer. it's mostly scattered and this is moving toward the east fairly quickly. excuse me we are going to push that off the coast in the next hour or so. as we look outside, we have cloudy skies overhead, but we are going to see breaks in the clouds as we go through the morning and afternoon, eventually we'll transition into partly sunny skies.
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54 degrees if philadelphia currently. low 50s in allentown and trenton and mill as well. and 54 degrees in cape may. future tracker 6 showing you while there could be a break in the clouds early, i think if we give it into the morning, half way through the rush hour you'll see more of the sunshine. through the day up until 5:30 in the afternoon we're looking at basically sunny skies, slight chance of a pop-up shower i'm not putting that in any of my boxes today because it's so few awe far between. lehigh valley, high of 70. down the shore, 63 degrees, a nice day with overall partly sunny skies building in. we'll go partly sunny overall in philadelphia, as well. with periods of the day where it might be cloudier and other periods sunny. 73 degrees is the high, we're looking at a nice warm afternoon and winds on the light side. overnight tonight, clearing and
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cool, winds out of the west 6 to 1 miles per hour. tomorrow it is the pick of the week. we'll have mostly to partly sunny skies with high pressure in control. 76 degrees, bright and beautiful tomorrow, unfortunately on saturday there's an area of low pressure that's going to be passing us by to the south. it will be close enough to give us periods of rain some of which could be a soaking downpour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. 74 degrees partly sunny and warm. tomorrow, partly sunny, to mostly sunny, nice, 76 degrees the high there. saturday, cloudy
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chance of a pop-up thunderstorm, monday and tuesday, highs in the low 70s and spotty shower possible. wednesday, things get nice, 76 degrees with a lot of the sunshine and looks like thursday we may get up to 80 guys, better stretch of weather on the way as we head toward the memorial day. prepare for people saying it's too hot when it is 80. thanks, david. 5:10, more stories you didn't see last night. a game of bubble soccer nearly left a high school student dead. construction crews are using something to wash dishes to fix an old bridge karen. >> reporter: looking live in northeast philadelphia. not too bad. window haven road moving nicely at millbrook road. we'll take you to 422 check that out. an actor on house of cards
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tells us about playing high card with producers and won scoring big for women' rights in the workplace.
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5:13, good morning, everyone, it is thursday morning, this is the center city shot we have for you. it is 54 degrees, not raining at this location, there are a few showers out there. let's see what things are looking like on the roadwayses and head over to karen, good morning. >> reporter: we can't get rid of a few showers, not this season. 422 looking live heading toward 23. no accidents on 422. in bucks county some construction going on on the northeast extension blocking the left lane northbound between quakertown and lehigh valley. in new castle county, crews out there blocking the two right lanes until 7:00 a.m. i-95
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southbound near the delaware service area. storm tracker 6 live double scan we can see showers moving through south jersey and delaware right now. not a lot of precipitation, i know i was driving through that this morning. 54 degrees right now. it doesn't feel too bad. by the afternoon it will feel brighter. 74 not bad. matt and tam. naacp is suing the state of michigan over the lead tainted water crisis in the city of flint. it seeks damages to property and pain and suffering and medical monitoring for flint residences and businesses. the lawsuit names rick snyder and the government. flint water became contaminated with lead when they switched the water source. evacuees who fled the wildfire two weeks ago may be
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able to return home june 1. those who lived in the least damaged areas will be allowed in first. schools will not reopen until the fall. the wildfires destroyed 2400 structures in for the mcmurray. 90% of the city is in text. a high school student is in in in the hospital after a brain injury after playing bubble soccer. he collided with another player hard enough to have bleed on his brain. the doctors say they are waiting for the swelling in his brain to go down before they can perform reconstructive surgery. first responders jumped into action after a dozen tourists found themselves stranded in a hot air balloon in northern california. strange wind caused them to go
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off course in napa county. the highway patrol helicopter was called into rescue. the balloon said they -- balloon company said the passengers were never in danger. new on "action news," construction crews in mississippi are using bottle of dawn dish washing soap to get a bridge in place. the garth avenue bridge is the second bridge in missouri to be slid into place using dish washing liquid. the entire principling project will be completely -- bridge project will be completed in november. phillies beat the marlins, 4-2 yesterday of they have won seven of their last 8 series. lincoln is admitting that the data breach from years ago
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is worse than thought. burger king is allowing customers to order who whoppersn facebook.
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our tamala edwards moderated a timely discussion at the philadelphia free library. it was called the best man may be a woman. the panel lists included an author for the state senate in maine. it was part of the library american presidency series. it's a great series they are running all yearlong. go over on wednesday night and check it out. >> reporter: nice you were there past your bedtime. [laughter]. this is the tacony-palmyra bridge scheduled to go occupy for a southbound ship -- up for a southbound ship. ben franklin bridge no problems on the ben franklin bridge. construction blocks two lanes on
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the commodor barry bridge eastbound. >> reporter: we have rain south of us. rest of the area is dry. jackets is a good idea with temperatures in the 50s. it's shorts and ts later on because we're getting into the 70s. 69 by noon, 73 by 3:00 p.m. the high today will be 74 degrees, there it is at 5:00 p.m., we'll hit it at 4:00 p.m. and sitting on it at 5:00 p.m. partly sunny skies overall a spotlight chance of a pop-up sprinkle or shower. at the airport, usually all green aircraft. looks like there's a bit of a delay in philadelphia. not sure what the reason is, but we're going for 45 minute delay on some flights leaving philadelphia. check with the airline this morning, tam. going on to "healthcheck" new research finds new drug can improve survival for people battling melanoma. it's marketed by merk.
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40% of the melanoma patients in the study were alive three years later. jimmy carter took it and successfully treated his brain cancer. pain killer addiction crisis has reached into every corner of the country. we look into the smallest victims, babies. >> reporter: understood this neonatal expensive care unit some of the babies days old are going through drug withdrawal. their mothers were addicted too. we take a look at the pain killer addiction and the epidemic's innocent victims. tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. that's heartbreaking. up next in the morning buzz,
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uber wants to bring puppy play time to your workplace. an officer's mad dash puts a woman in the hospital and leaves him with a ticket. that story 5:30. first up, america's money. >> reporter: a security breach at linked in turns out to be bigger than thought. the social network said the hackers stole 117 million user passwords far more than the original estimate of 6.5 million. sports authority is chosing all stores. they filed for bankruptcy protection in march and couldn't find a buyer. going out of business sales are expected to get underway very soon. burger king is making it easier to have your way through social media. you can order a whopper and much more through facebook. the app tells you when your food will be ready. it makes it more difficult to
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work it off. that's right, that's america's money. have a good day.
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the pennsylvania spca is letting you book 15 minutes with a furry friend. book it through the uber act. one actress, robin writhe plays first lady as on the house of card. wright said she showed her bosses stats they showed her character was more popular than spacey's character frank underwood. based on on facts and circumstances from 014. the match means wright talked herself into a race of $08,000 per episode. i don't think this story is over yet. there's bad blood between stephen a. smith and kurt schilling. smith challenge the the former philly to a political debate.
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he declined the invitation. in fact during a radio show, schilling called smith a racist. he said he had no interest in the debate. schilling has been critical of espn after he was fired after controversial media posts. these are not two guys who like to be quiet matt, i'm sure we'll hear a lot of more. george zimmerman said he auctioned off the gun that killed trayvon martin, although we're waiting to hear how much he has gone. substance known as gorilla snot could be the answer to the dangerous dust storms out west. we'll be right back.
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breaking now on "action news" a midair mystery, officials say a commercial flight from france to egypt has crashed, but no one can find it.
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happening today two teens charged in the classmate's death will be in a delaware court. accuweather warns the sun today will be short-lived. good morning, 5:30, thursday, may 19. let's go over to karen rogers with the commute and david murphy has accuweather. >> reporter: we have showers down around millville and dover and west of salem, new jersey. that may or may not be holding together. that may be ground clutter, same stuff in eastern pennsylvania. most of this in south jersey. this is spotty stuff it will come through for ten or 15 minutes, over the next hour we'll see improvement there. on satellite you see lot of cloud cover with the sprinkles and showers. we think during the morning rush


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