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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  May 19, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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david murphy. hello again sara is off and here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. investigators are trying to figure out what caused an egypt air jet liner to crash and the possibility that it was a terror attack is increasing. and the expected lengthy trial of congressman, chaka fattah continues and find out what a government key witness said on the stand today in center city. and the development of a delaware teenager that was attacked in her high school bathroom and later died. and an egypt air flight to cairo from paris crashed into the mediterranean sea. there were 66 passengers and crew on board and no signs of survivors. the crash of flight 804 was more likely caused by a terror attack than technical problems, the plane made abrupt turns and lost
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altitude before disappearing. later in the day an egyptian search plane located two orange items in an area 237 miles east of crete. >> it's a very safe place to be for a cruise altitude. there is no reason that a plane should disappear other than something catastrophic happened. >> at philadelphia international airport travellers we talked to were not concerned getting on a plane following the egypt crash. >> i am not concerned. i think the security is at the utmost when something like this happens unfortunately. >> i'll try to stay positive and hopefully i make it. >> the philadelphia police department and airport officials are in touch with homeland security and the fbi to get updates on the egypt aircraft and any concerns they may have here. stay with channel 6 "action news" for update on the plane
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crash, we continue to cover the story on air and online at other news, we are continuing to follow breaking news out of berlin, camden county, this hour. chopper 6 hd was over berlin park a few moments ago as police fan out after a reported attack of a female jogger. a woman in her 20s was attacked by a man that ran up behind her, she was able to run to her car and call for help and the attacker fled and residents are warned to be on alert in that area. we are continuing to gather information on this unfolding story and will have updates at and on "action news" beginning at 4:00. >> also breaking at this hour, legendry reporter, morally safer has died. he joibed the show in 1970 and
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he continued reporting for 60 minutes for the next 46 years, announcing his retirement just last week. he was 84 years old. back here a berks county police officer accused of punching a woman during a traffic stop has surrendered to authorities. jesus santiago dejesus is facing charges including criminal oppression and mischief saying he punched a woman and smashed her cell phone, the incident was captured on cell phone video. the woman was facing charges and they were all dropped. the officer's lawyer says he will be vindicated. two 16-year-old girls charged with conspiracy for a bathroom assault that left amy joyner francis dead will go to trial. the two girls charged in connection with that attack
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waived their arraignments today their trials are scheduled for june 15th. a third 16-year-old accused of hitting joyner francis in the head and torso is charged with criminal homicide. a key witness took the stand against chaka fattah today. he is charged with taking bribes and misusing funds and federal grants. fattah is maintaining his innocence and vernon odom is live now with more. >> reporter: this is a critical week in the fattah trial. congress fattah and his lawyer entered court to first watch the jury hear more from this man thomas lindenfell, after losing his campaign for mayor. he is a key prosecution witness and made a deal with the government, he plead guilty to wire conspiracy in the
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corruption case against the congressman and four others. he told the jury that it was fattah that arranged an illegal $1 million loan for the failing campaign and that fattah was okay with the scheme to repay the loan partially by stealing in $600,000 of charitable funds. now they start the cross-examination of lindenfell about his plea and concedes he wants a lenient sentence from judge bartle. with his cooperating testimony, he is trying to avoid a prison term of up to 20 years. in the federal courthouse, in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." turning now to the forecast, we have two great days to enjoy.
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sunshine and much warmer temperatures have arrived. as we look outside from sky 6 hd, showing us cloud cover in center city it's a great day to be outdoors and even nicer tomorrow. get out and enjoy it. david murphy is outside on the terrace soaking up the sun. enjoy it while it lasts right? >> it was bright sunshine on the terrace rick, we have more cloud cover sweeping through and it feels comfortable. take a look at satellite, we had thicker cloud cover and a couple of showers that went off the coast at dawn for the most part and during the morning rush, another bank of clouds just popped up over philadelphia and you don't have to go too far south or north to find sunshine and overall back and forth between clouds and sun is what we are expecting today. 68 in philadelphia and heading up into the 70s. here and new york city. keeping us 62 down south in
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washington but i expect d.c. to be fairly warm this afternoon. after all the rain, maybe it's time to mow the lawn, partly sunny and warm and 72 degrees by 2:00, we'll see a high of 74 at 4:00 this afternoon. and then back to 72 at 6:00 in case you had plans, i'll caution you though the ground and grass may be a little bit wet especially where it stayed shady, you don't want to slip and be careful. 72 at 2:00 and 74 at 3:00 and back to 72 at 6:00. we cool down a bit but not too bad. 67 and partly cloudy skies and clearing tonight by 10:00 and your overnight low is in the low 50s and upper 40s in center city and suburbs. a nice day to be outside. despite the fact it clouds up over the terrace, it's nicer tomorrow and changes for the weekend. we'll have that coming up in the
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exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you again david. visit for the latest twists and turns. you can see an hour by hour forecast as well as the seven day. and follow our meteorologists for updates throughout the day. turning to politics now, the race for the white house is taking an even worse turn, donald trump has attacked his rival's husband, former president, bill clinton with allegations of rape. how the democrat candidates would stack up against the nominee in november. kenneth moton joins us live from the nation's capital with the very latest. >> reporter: good afternoon rick, i can tell you that the vice president of the united states joe biden weighed in on the developments in the race. there is no democratic party riff and bashed donald trump's latest comments. in an interview with sean
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hannity brought his harshest comments against bill clinton. >> one case it's fondling and groping. >> and rape. >> and rape. a mass of settlement. >> the clinton campaign says he attacked because he felt wounded after a week of not releasing his taxes and likening oakland to iraq. he wants to change the subject. polls have been up and down. in a quinnipiac poll out today both clinton and sanders lead trump by several points. the civil war within the democratic party continues. sanders angry supporters have some democratic party leaders that their summer convention in philadelphia could turn violent. vice president joe biden, chimed in. >> let bernie run the race, i'm confident that bernie will be
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supportive if hillary wins. there is no fundamental slit or anything in the democratic party. >> the vice president also weighed in on his potential replacements saying that ohio senator brown would a great choice. if hillary clinton wins the nomination she will have a plethora of good people to pick from. >> all right kenneth thank you. back here delaware lawmaker are making strengthening of reporting sexual assaults in the diamond state. they are requiring employees of colleges and universities to report allegations of sexual abecause if the victim agrees. it now goes to governor markell for his signature. philadelphia city leaders were called upon to make action
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to make hepatitis b vaccines valuable. they are urging city leaders to increase testing and treatment to prevent disease from liver cancer. he is an advocate for improving hepatitis b screening in the city. coming up the passengers on a sightseeing hot air balloon needed to be rescued find out what went wrong and much more when we come back.
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a florida woman was seriously hurt when a police cruiser plowed into her car. red light cameras recorded the collision and the officer was speeding to respond to a robbery call and ran through the light and t boned the vehicle and the
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victim has two bandages hands and the officer is ticketed and placed on leave. the victim will be filing a lawsuit. we are waiting to hear what george zimmerman's gun sold for in an auction. he was the gun he used to kill trayvon martin in 2012. he started the bid at $100,000 and the critics called the auction as an insensitive move. a baby is born addicted to pain killers, we look at the smallest victims of the opiate crisis. here is ali gorman with a preview. >> inside of these unit some babies just days old are going through drug withdrawals, their mothers were addicted to opiates
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like vicodin and oxycontin. >> the most prevalent thing going through my head was that i can't stop. >> are the babies in pain? >> i have to say yes. >> we take a closer look at pain killer addiction and the innocent victims. tonight on "action news" at 11:00. first responders in northern california jumped into action after more than a dozen tourists found themselves stranded in a hot air balloon, strong winds caused the group to go off course in napa valley, california. they said the passengers were not in danger and in the end they got a nice extended balloon ride and a nice helicopter ride as well. on the people scene, a second trailer for the ghostbuster movie is out now but you may not find it on youtube. >> we see what no one else is
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willing to see and we do things that others condition do. sony pictures dropped a second trailer for the ghostbuster's movie on social media. this follows the previous trailer. the most criticized in history. ghostbuster's begins haunting theaters on july 157b8g. every friday,
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meteorologist, david murphy back inside now with a look at a nice afternoon. >> no kidding, dry and sun mixing with clouds a bit rick. as we look at double scan live radar no rain and a couple of showers on radar to show you on the coast but they got out of here quick. cloud cover with breaks here and there and patches of blue when you look at this from the side from our sky 6 hd camera in
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chester over the commodore barry bridge and some of you are seeing sun break out and this little batch of clouds will move on and break up later this afternoon. mild out there 68 degrees, when the clouds are above you blocking the clouds when the sun comes outs it's a little bit warm. not all that breezy today. the clouds are gone and now the line of clouds that have popped up over the i-95 corridor. if you go farther to the north or south you see more sun and that is the way the afternoon will roll, under the clouds and sun and back and forth and future tracker 6 showing you later tonight we'll say good-bye to all the clouds and really clear out overnight. that helps the temperatures dip but not too bad. high temperatures are not too bad either, 70 in trenton and 71 in reading and 74 in philadelphia and 72 in
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wilmington and then closer to the coast we get down into the 60s and cape may maybe only 64 or so this afternoon. as we continue through the rest of afternoon and evening, you can see how we are warm straight through 5:00 and 6:00 probably in the low 70s. by 8:00 down to 67 and we zip down to 59 as the skies clear by 10:00 tonight and on the cool side and getting down to low 50s in center city and some of the suburbs into the upper 40s. and then comes tomorrow afternoon and that is looking very good. high pressure is in control and the pick of the week with bright fine in control and a high of 76 degrees, tomorrow afternoon a little warmer than this afternoon. however, this is a change coming for saturday, the area of low pressure we talked about the last couple of days. swinging past us to the south and close enough to us to bring periods of rain and perhaps into
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saturday night. at time a soaking downpour for that system. saturday not great and as you think about all the instability and cloud cover over the past two or three weeks, it's nice to look ahead and know that memorial day is only 11 days away and 4th of july only 46 days and the middle of next week the memorial day weekend the temperatures do come up. 74 degrees and partly sunny and warm this afternoon and mostly sunny and nice on friday and great weather in the evening for the union and the phillies. and saturday cloudy and rainy as i mentioned high of 62, and mostly cloudy on sunday and 70. we have to be on the lookout for spotty showers and thunderstorms. low to mid-70s and a spotty shower there as well. rick on wednesday, a return of nice and high of 76 and on
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thursday a good shot of 80. >> wow. summer almost here. thank you david. coming up tonight a college student from chester county tries to spin her way to a big win on "wheel of fortune" philadelphia week. rebecca klein is from philadelphia and hoping to make enough money to pursue her masters degree. you can watch her here at 7:30 here on 6 abc. fans old and new are staying tgit. the medical dram is soaring in popularity and lara spencer has a sneak peek at tonight's big show. >> derek -- >> 12 blockbuster seasons -- "grey's anatomy" still one of the hottest shows in prime time. >> i want to be married to you. >> -- it has a huge ensemble of
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characters. they love the characters they want to see if they live or die or who they hook up with. >> an unusual resurgence for such a long running series, all from a younger generation of fans who are binging on episodes on netflix and hulu. watching just the pilot of grays. so many of those new fans can't wait to see what happens on tonight's season finale. big questions on who the guy meredith is with and who is behind that door? sfwr if they don't want to be here they shouldn't be. >> the stars weighing in already with us. >> i just want to take the opportunity to say thank you to all the fans, it's my first season on grays and it's a tough season for ben. >> you are in for major
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surprises tonight. >> you with watch the season finale tonight at 8:00 followed by two episodes of the catch and followed by "action news" with jim gardner.
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lets get one last check of the very nice forecast out there. meteorologist, david murphy. >> lets do that. temperatures are climbing fast through the 60s and getting into the 70s quickly in some spots. and in the northern and in the northern and western suburbs we'll wind up on 70 on the nose. and partly sunny overall: we have seen the changes through the morning hours. winds light 6 to 12 miles per hour. 66 in millville and low 60s as you get into atlantic city and
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sea isle city and cape may. >> thank you. finally at noon researchers discovered a new species of dine or and it may look like a triceratops but it's named judith, a dinosaur enthusiast stumbled upon the fossil while walking along his property. it will be on display in the museum of nature in ottawa. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy, sara bloomquist i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon. get out and enjoy it. we'll see you a little bit later today.
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