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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  May 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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egypt air and government other books officials say that search crews located parts of that missing plane. technical malfunction or -- the disappearance of egyptian flight 804. >> having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical. >> no americans were on the flight. the airbus airbus a-320 was flying at 27,000 feet and a half hour away from landing when it vanished from radar. early indications show it could be a bomb on board. presumptive nominee, donald trump, tweeted looks like another terroristic attack.
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hillary clinton commented on cnn. >> once again it shine a light on the threat we face from terrorist groups. >> they are making security enhancements for u.s. bound flights. >> flights from de gaulle are going through extra measures, u.s. passengers can take some confidence from that. >> u.s. is offering assistance but not part of the investigation. president obama is getting updates from his national security team. kenneth moton, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. today edwards news comes as the tsa works to address concerns over long security lines. this is the scene at philadelphia international airport the line is pretty deep. and at one point it wraps right around the corridor. both travelers and airports are sounding off on the time it takes to get through xou securi.
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some say they even missed their flights. the tsa says they will not compromise security to speed up the lines. some travelers at phl today said the lines are not longer but slower and what is going on in the world they are okay with that. >> i don't mind the security checkin systems, i prepare myself to wait longer times just to be safe and secure and i'm fine with that, and it's the world we live in. they are more cautious and they need to be. and i wouldn't feel as secure if they weren't. >> tsa 10 point plan for reducing wait times includes hiring 768 new officers and bringing in k-9s. but they are taking their time passenger by passenger as you see here in philadelphia. at you can find updates
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on the investigation as well address pictures from the scene and read about the history of egypt air crashes from abc news. we have breaking news we are following here at 4:00, this happening in the grays ferry section of philadelphia. we are told that a man has been shot in the head. you can see the police presence here as chopper 6 hd gives us the view. it happened in the last hour at 26th and dickinson street. the victim is in his 20s and taken to the hospital said to be in critical condition. this investigation is underway as we speak, we do not know who this person is who has been shot. they have not said who shot him or why. but you can see the police presence in the street that is cordoned off. this is the grays ferry section where a man has been shot in the head and taken to the hospital and we'll keep an eye on it and bring you updates as we get them. >> more breaking news, from delaware county where a middle school student was arrested for
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bringing a gun to school. police in darby took the penwood student into custody after a tip that the gun was in a locker. this is the latest after a series of school this week including yesterday where people were hurt. we are waiting to hear more about this and we'll bring you details here on "action news." police in south jersey are looking for the man that attacked a woman here today while she was running through a camden county park, the man responsibility is still on the loose. chad pradelli is live in berlin where this all happened. you have the details. >> a sergeant here says he has never seen a random attack like this in berlin. it happened just beyond the trees behind me. detectives scout the park looking for clues in the morning attack. the young woman was running on the kicking it trail.
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>> a young male came out and grabbed her and grabbed her shirt and we believe a sexual assault was trying to take place. she lost her cell phone so a passerby called 911. >> we proceeded to set up a perimeter. several k-9s in the area and new jersey state helicopter to search the area for the suspect. >> the suspect got away and the victim could only give police a vague trips. >> she was evaluated at a local hospital but is physically fine, the attack has residents on edge. >> that is terrifying, i always run with my mom and sister and that is why, it's so close to home and something we do every day. >> something have you to think about all the time. >> berlin police are urging women to be on alert if you are out and running, do not get lost in your head phones, make sure you can hear your surroundings.
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chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> all right chad thank you. a chester county man is being held in prison on sexual abuse charges. 33-year-old christopher donald trump is getting ready to rally in new jersey. a live look in lawrence township, chester county outside of the national guard armory, a bunch of protesters have arrive before his appearance. just about 30 or so protesters on hand and that has risen steadily and could increase throughout the evening. trump is hosting a $200 per person fundraiser to help chris christie to pay off his debt from the unsuccessful white
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house bid. christie is said to lead trump's transitional team should he be elected in november. he is just 90 delegates away from clinching the nomination. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders in the delegate count by 274 and that lead bigger when superdelegates are included. she said indirect terms, i will be the party's nominee. it's time for a check of the accuweather forecast. lets do it, cecily tynan is standing by with good news finally today. >> it's about time. we saw sunshine today and with that sunshine it was the warmest day in five days. take a look at this, we started off on sunday the high only 59 degrees, the past three days the temperatures stuck in the 60s. and today 72 degrees, 3 degrees below normal but we are getting there. we are seeing a mixture of clouds and sunshine.
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70 in allentown untrenton and wilmington 71 and we have the sea breeze kicking up at the jersey shore and that has a big impact on temperatures. the boardwalk in atlantic city currently only 59 degrees, so definitely sweatshirt weather there. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a bit of a battle all day. we saw a good amount of sunshine earlier and with the heating of the day and an upper level disturbance moving through we get the cumulous clouds coming through but you'll notice there is no rain in the clouds. just a few clouds here and there and beautiful night with temperatures in the 60s and a moon lit sky tonight and looking ahead it's a beautiful friday, enjoy it, i'll talk about rain on the way for the weekend coming up in the full exclusive accuweather forecast. >> we'll focus on friday first. thank you cecily. it's time for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman as always standing by in the traffic center with an update. the sun may be back from its
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spring break and a big cloud is with us on the traffic front with several issues that are going to give us headaches for the thursday ride home including a crash and debris spill just ahead on 295 northbound, taking out the two right lanes that is why at creek road you see the huge northbound delay barely moving north of coles road. the two right lanes are blocked. stay local 168 the black horse pike. and in delco, an accident one vehicle on the guardrail there, the two level lane are locked at 420, a parking lot from the commodore barry bridge to this point. i would stay local on 13 on 291. elsewhere in delco, trouble with an overturned dump truck and i think i would use the off ramp at baltimore pike.
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and already very busy on the vine street expressway this afternoon. we started with a crash eastbound by 23rd street that, has cleared out and now just a bunch of volume and the schuylkill is also jammed with speeds in the teens, due in part to the fact that the kelly drive is closed this time for the stotesbury regatta, and won't reopen until saturday night. >> all right a busy one thanks matt. still ahead on this thursday afternoon, investigators reveal a huge case of insider trading and this one is connected to a world famous athlete. >> plus, a new effort in our area to respond to the zika crisis but researchers say they can't do it without you. all it takes to help out is a smart phone. >> the data breach is only the beginning, now someone is selling the account information for 100 million accounts on one of the most popular social
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networks in the world. and melissa magee is visiting the independence sea port museum. >> hi there sharrie. the sun is finally shining and we decided to take the fun outdoors, we are outside at the independence sea port museum and we found something to do for memorial day weekend. we are floating in the marina, inside of the basin, we'll have more on the float boats here and a history lesson here, the crews from olympia and the submarine. we'll have more on that our latest outdoor adventure. brian and sharrie back to you. >> we are hosting a special web chat right now. doctors from cooper newer loathecal institute are taking questions about strokes, head to and join the conversation.
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professional golfer, phil mickelson agrees to foreget money he got from insider trading. he got a tip from the director of dean foods, urging him to trade the stock and made 1 million the next day. authorities have arrested two men that gave mickelson that information. interesting stuff going on here, scientists at rutgers medical school are starting an initiative to fight the zika virus. two researchers are part of a super computing process to screen currents drugs and millions of other compounds against models of zika to see what might be affective. they will share the results with the research community and the
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drugs will get tested in a lab. zika is spread by mosquitos and sexual contact and is linked to severe birth defects. ibm is sponsoring the program with rutgers, you can help out by using your smart phone or computer, you download an app allowing to you access the world community grid. your computer and phone link into it. from you worried about memory and space, it only runs when your computer or phone is idol. interesting stuff and they have a lot of people on board with this. here is a look at the page where you can download the link if are you interested and this gives them access to computer space that would otherwise go to waste. while you are listening to music, you could be helping to fight zika. the same process has shown
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process fighting other diseases like hiv and malaria. so far 730,000 people have signed up to help out. we'll show you how to do so at >> all right alicia thank you. the pain killer addiction crisis reached into nearly every corner of america. we look at the smallest victims tonight, babies. here is ali gorman with a preview. >> reporter: inside of this neo natal intensive care unit. some babies are going through drug withdrawal and their mothers were addicted to opiates like vicodin and oxycontin. >> the most prevalent thing going through my head was i can't stop. >> are the babies in pain? >> i have to say yes. >> we take a closer look at pain killer addiction and the epidemic's innocent victims. tonight on "action news" at 11:00. linked in says that someone
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is trying to sell the personal information of 117 million of its users, they were the victim of a major hack attack in 2012 and now it appears the breach was bigger than originally thought. the hacker is asking for the equivalent for $2200 for the data, links in says it's working to invalidate the passwords for the accounts that were impacted. now to accuweather and another outdoor adventure. adam as we know is spending time with his beautiful new baby girl and melissa magee is stepping in live at the sea port museum. and out to sea there. >> reporter: yes, there is a whole lot to see sharrie and brian and we decided to take the fun and party outside. very captain pete and i'm in the boat called finding nemo, we'll have more on what to do as the independence sea port museum in just a little bit but finally a fantastic thursday and the sun
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is beaming brightly on us. the numbers in the region, philadelphia 72 degrees, and dew point 39 and winds from the northwest at 9 miles per hour. that pressure 30.08 holding steady. we have an ocean temperature still chilly for this time of season, 57. currently regional numbers, we are in the lower 70s finally. 72 so far in philadelphia and millville 63 at this hour we bumped up to 66 but an afternoon sea breeze for beach haven with a temperature of 62 and trenton coming in at 70. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have got a few fair weather cumulous clouds across the region and the trough of low pressure to the north and out to the west we are tracking this big ridge of high pressure over the great lakes and that continues to slide into our region as we get into the rest of tonight and forrer that matter into the day on friday. the call from accuweather mostly
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clear and not bad, we have a moonlit sky and 55 in allentown and 50 in cape may and 48 in toms river. and the winds are variable at this hour. future tracker 6 showing you we have a nice change on friday, 8:00 in the morning, numbers along the i-95 corridor upper 50s and lower 60s. 54 in the poconos and 60 at the coast in wildwood as we go throughout the day with high pressure in control. you can see by 5:00 in the evening, not bad in philadelphia, 76 degrees. it's nice to be normal and in fact above normal for once. 73 in allentown and 67 in the poconos. people are sneezing and wheezing this time of year and we have the pollen report. trees are high for the delaware valley.
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low for weeds and moderate concern for grasses and high as far as the mold is concerned. your four day at 4:00 looks like this, a winner of a day on friday, with the exclusive accuweather forecast four day. we have the soaking rain on the way on saturday, the heaviest is south of the city and clouds on sunday with limited sunshine and a high of 70 season staying unsettled on monday with a pop up shower and a high temperature of 70 degrees. so guys it's hard to believe that memorial day weekend is just 11 days away, but if you you are looking for something to do and don't feel like making the pilgrimage down the shore, you can stay in the city and ride a paddle boat. we are paddling along penn's landing. they have their regular requested that gets going for thursday. you can rent a kayak, this is
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finding nemo by the way and the swan boats or also a row boat. we'll have all the things you can go at independence sea port museum and a history lesson and a taste of show and tell in the classroom. we'll have more on that coming up in just a little bit. i got my rubber ducky, quack quack. it's so much fun. >> it looks like it melissa. thank you. still ahead a local police officer turned himself in on charges he attacked a woman after a traffic stop. and up next a celebration of lives well lived. more than 100 people over 100 years old come together to share a special meal. >> i love those stories and you'll love this one. they are the dancing dads stealing hearts across social media. getting down with the best accessories in tow. ♪
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we have breaking news now out of willis town chester county. police are on the hundred for the driver of a car who apparently struck a police cruiser and fled the scene on foot. you are looking at that car in the trees right now and it's unclear if that is the police cruiser or suspect vehicle, there are several officers on scene and they are looking for the driver of the car that struck that cruiser. no word if anyone was injured in the ordeal. but we are keeping our eye on this one. kids at one montgomery county school got a unique lesson in music today. ♪ ♪ the students at cole manor elementary school got a lesson in oprah. members performed several
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selections as part of their opera in schools program. there was a special celebration in penn's landing this afternoon. this is the 16th annual mayor's centenarian celebration. russell still drives a car and has his license renewed until 2019. and harriet there holds the distifrns of the oldest woman in philadelphia. the army vet is featured on the book, if i live to be 100 and all of them have. what a great group of people. >> what a room to be in. coming up next on "action news" a a local police officer caught up in a violent confrontation turns himself in to face charges. why the video does not tell the whole story.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with word that you could be going to see a movie or show at nutter theater. we'll explain. plus new video show what's police say is a burglar caught on camera and wanted for several crimes in burlington county. >> and these dads are dancing into internet fame. we have the story behind the
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smooth moves. a reading police officer turned himself in to face jim nal charges, it stems from an altercation caught on video. he is accused of turning violent after a traffic stop last month. but his lawyers have a different story today. gray hall is live in reading with the details on this. >> reporter: hi brian, well the officer's attorney is asking the public to be patient and let this case play out in court. despite the video the lawyer is confident that his client will be vindicated. police officer, jesus santiago dejesus had no comment leaving court. he is charged with fabricatinin evidence. his attorney plans to fight the char charges. >> once the dust settles and the
4:31 pm
facts are presented in their totality as we know them to be, the truth will come out. >> he pulled over garcia and her boyfriend, joel rodriguez claiming she did not use a turn signal and he discovers she did not have a drivers license. when garcia says she was reporting the incident. the officer grabs the phone and threw it to the ground and started to purge garcia. >> i want to see him pay for what he did. i think it wasn't right. >> clinton garcia says she is now afraid to leave her home. >> every time i am inside of the house. watching through the window. >> the lawyer says his client is the victim and acted in the boundaries. he says that clinton garcia
4:32 pm
assaulted the officer and hopes they will clear him of the charges. >> on the streets we have to have supervision, if it's done incorrectly we have a courthouse. >> and back out live, a preliminary court date is set for june 29th. the district attorney says that there are several other pieces of video released during the trial and the officer involved in the incident. and the officer is on administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> all right gray thank you. police say that this is home surveillance video of a man burglarizing a delaware county home. they are releasing it in the hopes of identifying and finding whom ever is responsible. marple township officers say they took a box from the door attempting to deliver it. when he rang the door bell it
4:33 pm
activated the security camera. a man and another man went into the home and ransacked the place. they believe they are responsible for other burglaries. police say that yolanda macalester is the booker for a ride sharing company. macalester got into an argument with a 19-year-old student allegedly punching him and choking him at a residence hall monnight. the victim was treated and released. in ocean county beachwood police are hoping someone recognizes this white work van, it was seen drive ago way from a fire on atlantic city boulevard that has since been ruled arson. they say he used gasoline to set a shed on fire. it's national hepatitis testing day. they are calling for screening to become a higher priority in philadelphia.
4:34 pm
members of hepb gathered for their cause today. they want more resources to be provided. philadelphia is just one of 11 cities in the country to get a grant to help our youth get jobs and keep them. today word came that the department of labors grant will get a resource hub grant. and there is still work to do. work ready wants to fill 10,000 local jobs and asking the private sector to step up and provide the opportunities. time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. melissa magee is in for adam and out on an outdoor adventure. >> she is live at the independent sea port museum in penn's landing. a special place to be today. >> reporter: it's really cool and before i was outside and now i'm inside.
4:35 pm
a different vantage point of the independent sea port museum. the temperatures are something to celebrate today. highs up and down the mid-atlantic region, lower 70s and upper 60s. philadelphia 72 and new york city 73 and washington, d.c., so far today 69 and same thing in richmond, virginia. stormtracker 6 live double scan 3-d is showing changes on the way. we are tracking the area of low pressure over texas and louisiana, this moisture will lift northward and this is the area of low pressure we are tracking in the start of our weekend, that will bring us a good soaking on wait. we are back here live at the sea port museum. these are middle school kids from st. mary's and working on a boat they are building it's all part of the stem program. this is the sailor program. from october until june they work on the boats and make them
4:36 pm
and they will have a celebrate out in the water and the basin, it's cool and really cool to see them as work as well. coming up the latest on the accuweather forecast. talking more about the soaking and a bit of a pattern change on the way when we take the party outside on a beautiful thursday afternoon. lets send it back inside to you. you don't want me making your boat. >> melissa thank you. the pennsylvania convention center is honoring former philadelphia mayor, michael nutter, the center is naming their new state of the art theater at art street after mr. nutter. the dedication ceremony will be held next wednesday. he was the chairman of the board of directors, it will be used for film festivals and movie premiers. >> tonight is a special night for the children at the childrens hospital of
4:37 pm
pennsylvania. they are going to the annual chop prom. the action cam was there as they picked out dresses and tuxedos and they got their hair done and nails painted. you can't forget about the accessories, corsages and boutonnieres and the princess crown. >> tonight is a night you forget where you are. you'll smile. >> there will be plenty to smile about and plenty of smiles tonight especially when the patients make their big entrance down the red carpet in just about one hour to dance the night away. all this have made possible by the joshua con fund. >> should be a great night. still ahead, unexpected construction as the homeowner tries to rebuild after hurricane sandy.
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>> how about it? you know the lyrics. in big talkers, customers turn into a choir showing off their philly pride in one of the city's iconic restaurants.
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a long island home already damaged by hurricane sandy is now destroyed once again. the temporary stilts it was standing on gave way and the whole thing crashed to the ground. moments from the crash the home could be seen tilting to the side and it fell. as construction crews tried to push it back into position and horrified neighbors were looking on. >> it was just unbelievable. all i could say was oh my god. oh my god. >> they say slow funding was to blame but the homeowner was already paid the money for this
4:41 pm
part of the repairs. here at the big board with big talkers, and play that funky music papas. this is going wildly viral, with dads toting the ultimate accessories, their babies. ♪ ♪ ha, ha, ha. i told adam he has to get involved with this. it's called groove-a-roo. it's not just for moms but cool dads. watch as they break out the air guitars, it has 3 million views on facebook in two days. they are moving and grooving just to show the mamas just how much they appreciate them. the ladies feel the same way, and maybe you realize my husband can dance after all.
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where is he hiding those moves and a magic philly moment. sending a whole lot of brotherly love across social media. ♪ ♪ sing sharrie it's okay sing out loud. it doesn't get more philly than this, a local soul singer, johnny soul says jim's steaks on south street was packed and the end of the road was playing on the radio and he and a few friends started singing softly and it spread like build fire and so is his video. and the most #~ philly thing happened. that is why i love this city. they sound pretty good, at 3:00
4:43 pm
a.m. on a saturday, it's amazing. >> we have all been to jim's at 3:00 in the morning at some point. fantastic, awesome thank you. lets get a check of the roaded right now. >> steaks are high as we attempt to get to the end of the road. >> ha, ha, ha. >> as you head home on the roads, things are slow due if part to accidents like this one northbound side of 425 and 420, the pickup truck on the back of the tow truck was on the back of the guardrail and better now on the tow truck i think. they are getting ready to toe it out of here, and the two left lanes are blocked. and you hit the brakes around chichester avenue and the slow crawl continues up to the airport. i expect the accident to clear soon, i would still use the alternates like 13 or 191
4:44 pm
instead. and the overturned dump truck blocking the ramp from the blue route to mcdade boulevard. use the ramp at baltimore pike as an easy alternate. the kelly drive is closed for the stokestokesbury regatta. and tyson avenue where the roller thunder skating rink, watch for a crash in the outer drive. and rolling better now on 4-still delayed from coals road to 295. and the debris spill there is now gone. >> thank you. meteorologist, melissa magee, is standing by with the exclusive accuweather forecast coming up next.
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melissa magee is out and about today. let head out live to the sea port museum at penn's landing. >> hey sharrie. hey brian, i have a great assignment today because the finally the sun is shining and a great day to be outdoors. we are outside of the independent sea port museum and well in the distance we have the cruiser olympia and the submarine. all part of the maritime museum. right now it's all about the weather, we'll show you the numbers across the delaware and lehigh valleys, most spots are in the lower 70s and 60s. 72 in philadelphia and 70 in allentown and cooler in the poconos, 58 at the coast in cape may. 63 and 61 degrees in beach haven.
4:48 pm
here is satellite 6 along with action radar, we have the tropical depression and all the moisture is in new england and virginia, but we are nice and dry through the afternoon and into tonight. but we'll show you where all the upsetled weather is in the southern portions of the united states in texas and louisiana. this is our weather maker as we get into the start of our weekend with that rain on the way. the call for accuweather for the rest of tonight, mostly clear. we have a moonlit sky on the way, 53 in philadelphia and 45 in the suburbs, winds circle at 2 to 4 miles per hour. not bad. the highs for tomorrow. it looks like we'll be in the middle and upper 70s. sunny and gorgeous, it's cooler at the coast however. at the boardwalk only 67 and cape may 66 degrees, but as you
4:49 pm
press inland on the i-95 corridor, 76 in philadelphia and trenton 76 and wilmington 74 and allentown, we are coming in at 76. we'll talk about the changing on the way for our weekend with the animation here, weekend rain is on the way for saturday, the area of low pressure we are talking about making its way up the eastern seaboard and up the coast. we have coastal gusts to contend with. gusts up to 45 miles per hour and north and west of the i-95 corridor. are you on the northern fringe of the precipitation and a quarter inch of precipitation for the lehigh valley and south of philadelphia and delaware, you could find an inch or locally higher amounts than that. and highs only in the lower 60s across the region. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast looks like this, we have a beautiful day on the way, for friday it's sunny and gorgeous. a high temperature of 76 degrees xg as we get into saturday we
4:50 pm
are tracking the rain and the heaviest looks to be to the south and we are tracking the progression of the low into our weekend otherwise a high of 61. sunday clouds and limited sunshine and pop upshower likely and high temperature of 70 degrees, on monday we have a pop-up shower and high of 70 staying unsettled and tuesday breaks of sunshine not bad as 75 degrees, and here we go with the pattern change we want to see just in time for the memorial day weekend, sunny and warm on wednesday high of 80 degrees and thursday warmer as i will be down the shore as we kick off that season of summer fun. a high temperature of 82 with a nice mixture of sunshine and clouds. we have plenty of that outside at the independent sea port museum. we are outside where you can rent boats, the swan boats and the duck boats. the regular schedule is starting next thursday. perhaps you don't want to make
4:51 pm
the trek down the shore. and coming up in the next half hour we have got a little bit of show and tell. classroom of history is going outside as we take a look at the cruiser olympia and the submarine. it's so cool, i had a chance to preview what goes on inside and we'll talk about the history of that and the sea port museum coming up in the next half hour. we'll send it back to you, and i have trivia waiting for you. >> oh man. >> thank you melissa. what's the deal is next, we have important advice before anyone in your family considers one of those reverse mortgages. and a double dose of season finales. "grey's anatomy" will have fans on the edge of they are seats starting at 8:00. big questions with meredith's love interest and who is getting married and a two hour season finale of the catch. an unexpected visit from the
4:52 pm
firm, after that stick around for "action news" at 11:00.
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many people realize they have not saved enough for retirement. but before go that route here is advice from nydia han. borrowing for your home -- consumer reports reports says be careful. when carol and her husband took out a reverse mortgage. karen was 60 too young to be on the mortgage. >> i felt sick to my stomach after a while and the feeling
4:55 pm
did not go away for a long time. >> new regulations to protect spouses not on the loans came just in time to let karen keep the house, but consumer reports says that there are still pitfalls with reverse mortgages. >> they can be very risky loans and they come with conditions and if you don't meet them you could lose your home. >> and it could be expensive. ask yourself tough questions, like what is the total cost, like closing fees and expenses. is moving a better, cheaper option? can you truly afford to live in your hom. you are stillponsible for taxes? are are you close to good doctors and hospitals and are there family members that could look out for you if your later
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years. >> one important change that consumer reports advocates is before applying for a reverse mortgage. seniors are required to fill out a detailed work sheet. they helped to design such a work sheet that is mandatory in california. and thinks it should be required everywhere. if you or a loved one is considering a reverse mortgage you can get information at >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, alicia vitarelli, melissa magee and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams, join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here now are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what is next on "action news" at 5:00. >> up next at 5:00, a 33-year-old chester man is under arrest at the center of a sexual abuse investigation surrounding three young children. and new developments in the
4:57 pm
search for egypt airline flight 804. and one bear caught on camera in delaware, the sightings reported to "action news" this afternoon and what wildlife officials are warning people in the area to do. coming up next on "action news" at 5:00.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a chester county man is facing charges accused of heinous crimes. according to police he sexually assaulted three children that he knew and all were under 10 years old. >> we first told you about the arrest today at noon. new at 5:00, "action news" reporter, vernon odom spoke to chester county officials about this case. he is live in chester with the concerns they have about this suspect. >> reporter: good evening rick and monica, a heinous story indeed. coming down about alleged sexual
5:00 pm
abuse and the da fears there could be more victims than the three he knows about. this man, christopher giuseppe is in prison tonight accused of sexually abusing three girls, all under 10 years old. a third child was victimized at a home a mile away. >> over the course of two years he would manage to get the little girls alone all three of them under the age of 10. >> giuseppe the d.a. says he always ran the same game seducing the children, he would show them pornography over and over again. >> he was very strange. >> how so? >> just always out here doing different things. hollering different


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