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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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abuse and the da fears there could be more victims than the three he knows about. this man, christopher giuseppe is in prison tonight accused of sexually abusing three girls, all under 10 years old. a third child was victimized at a home a mile away. >> over the course of two years he would manage to get the little girls alone all three of them under the age of 10. >> giuseppe the d.a. says he always ran the same game seducing the children, he would show them pornography over and over again. >> he was very strange. >> how so? >> just always out here doing different things. hollering different profanities
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outside. >> sometimes he would be out here cursing, i would be like chris you have to stop there are kids out here. the charges against him sort of does surprise me, i can't believe anyone can do that to a kid. >> with a suspect like giuseppe, there are more victims out there. any child exposed to this defendant was at risk of being assaulted. >> reporter: monica tonight the da says get in touch with his detectives right away if you know of anymore cases involving christopher giuseppe. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you vernon. police in camden county want to find the man that attacked a runner in a park in broad daylight. it happened at 9:00 this morning in berlin. the woman running on the kicking it trail, the man jumped out at here and a scuffle followed and the victim made it safely to a
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nearby parking lot. chad pradelli has the latest coming up at 6:00. we are following developing news from overseas tonight after the crash of egypt air flight 804, there are conflicting reports on whether or not the wreckage was found. it was on route from paris to cairo, overnight hour time when it started to swerve wildly mid-flight. it crashes between the island of crete and egypt 170 miles offshore. 66 people were on board and there are no signs of survivors. both egyptian and russian authorities say it's likely a terrorist attack to blame but no group has taken responsibility. reports surfaces of finding life vests floating in the mediterranean and now they say that is not the case. "action news" will follow the investigation all evening long and our coverage continues on
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air and online at a berks county police officer accused of punching a woman during a traffic stop surrendered to authorities today. dejesus faces several charges including oppression and criminal mischief. they say he punched a woman and smashed her cell phone. his lawyer says his client will be vindicated. the trenton police department is going high tech in an attempt to be more transparent with the public. in less than two weeks each member of the force will be wearing a camera, nora muchanic explains how the new gear will work. >> starting june 1st, trenton police will add a new piece of equipment to the gear, body cameras activated each time an officer responds to a call. >> making sure our officers are doing what they are suppose to
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do and we'll use the videos as a training tool. >> they are holding five forums for how the cameras will be used. with this meeting with local pastors, the video will not be edited by the officers and stored by the manufacturer not the police. >> it's out of their hands and goes to another location. it's the truth. >> it's privacy and other matters that come up from our citiz citizens. it's an ongoing process. >> hundreds of departments in new jersey are using them or gearing up to use them. when one california town started using them. >> everyone thinks twice, they think about what they will say and act, and what they will actually do. >> as we have seen. nationally. even though we have seen the
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video yet, they have still not been tested and that is one of my concerns. the officers have some concerns about the technology but in the end recording cops interactions with the public will benefit everyone. in trenton, i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." teachers hit the picket line outside of philadelphia schools today but they were not on strike. they were outside of elmland elementary armed with picket signs in an effort to warn parents about school funding. the school president says that philadelphia schools are grossly underfunded. these were held across the city before and after school today. all right take a look at this now. new video showing at least one bear. fish and wildlife officials are trying to track down in delaware tonight. this was taken on curshaw
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street. they are warning anyone in the area to stay away from any bears they see and not getting close enough to take a picture. in philadelphia dogs were the topics of conversation today. the local postal service spoke with the dangers that postal workers face because of dogs. katherine scott has more. >> as soon as i put them on the screen door, a big pit bull burst out of the door. >> carol was bitten three times last saturday while she was delivering mail as part of her normal route. she shared her story as part of the dog bite prevention week. >> it's on the pet owner, not the animal but the pet owner. we are asking the entire community to work with us. >> injuries to letter carriers
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include lacerations and amputations and disfigment and there were over 100 dog bites for postal employees. >> here it's 62 and we are 58% over what we had last year. >> mark yacker asks that you secure your dog in another room when you open the door. and it's best that children don't take the mail directly from carriers. >> i know it's a big thrill, the dog sees that as a threat to the family, and can become aggressive and even through the plate glass on a door. >> and they have new technology to input hazard warnings including the presence of dogs, that allows them to be aware. >> you put your foot against the screen door when delivering the mail. hello it's the mail person. >> if there is a threat to the letter carrier's person, they
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can curtail the mail service. but they hope it doesn't come to that. >> we want them to come home to their families the way they come in safe and sound. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." all right breaking news tonight, from northeast philadelphia, chopper 6 hd is over the scene of a house fire here. this is the 8300 block of getman street. fire crews are on the scene, there are a couple of firemen on the roof there and the ladder and there doesn't seem to be a lot of flames or smoke. but quite a lot of damage to the house and a hole on the roof there. no word and injuries but again fire officials on the scene in north philadelphia. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available to us. the legacy of a long time fixture for the philadelphia sixers lives on for generations to come. they honor harvey many position ac with his own marker.
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he started working with the then philadelphia warriors in 1946 and remained in philadelphia when the team left for the west coast and joined the sixers when they formed in 1963. pollack is known for inventing statistics that the nba still uses today. time for a check of the traffic report tuesday night. lets go to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> we have a history of nasty ride as long 95 and this afternoon that is holding true to form. another crash on the southbound side of 95 close to allegheny avenue, you can see it here taking out the left lane, and police and penndot are on the scene. southbound through bridge street and this point on allegheny. you hit a wall of traffic towards center city. this one is in delco coming away from the delaware state line, you hit the brakes and it's bumper to bumper.
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so that is gone as is the dump truck blocking the ramp from the blue route to mcdade. and now the blue route northbound approaching the schuylkill and giving us slow speeds as you come north of villanova. the kelly drive is closed for the stotesbury regatta, that is putting extra traffic on the schuylkill expressway as if we needed that. >> okay matt thank you. more to come on "action news" at 5:00, a mother's plea for justice. new at 5:30, the call to action from this philadelphia woman nearly a month after her son was shot and killed out sired of a campaign event. and a new fight against america's drug epidemic. how one local hospital is using pain management to battle addiction. rain is on the way on saturday, but how much you get depends on your location. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast.
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health check tonight. the drug epidemic has reached new heights, due to the number of deaths due to road accidents. one culprit is an addiction to
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common pain killers. ali gorman is here with more on how one local hospital is trying to curb this epidemic. >> it's drugs like percocet and oxycontin that leads to other problems. they are trying to rein in the use of those drugs. >> after surgery is not the right time. you need the conversation, dr. anita gupta is having daily with colleagues at hahnemann hospital. how to rely less on opioid medications. they launched the comfort -- educating patients about other options to control pain. we use tylenol and ibuprofen and do nerve blocks, there are nerve blocks to minister 30 minutes before the actual surgical procedure your, some could last
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for 24 hours or more before an operation. doctors can put a local anaesthetic into a surgeral site but these methods are underutilized. kathleen has struggled with constant pain for years, she went through the roller coaster of pain killers, she felt she needed them but they didn't work well. now the approach helps her with the pain. >> i meditate and rest when i have to. and before surgery, she talks to all of her doctors about pain control. about what to expect after and how long the surgeon expects you to be on an opioid. and how long you should need it. >> our focus on the growing problem of pain killer
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addiction, tonight at 11:00 we look at the innocent victims. this is video of a baby born addicted to pain killers, it happened once every hour in the u.s. we visit one local hospital to show how the babies are weaned off the drugs and talk to a mother who was hooked on percocet while pregnant. we'll have more on the problem and what is being done to stop t a special report tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> thank you ali. it's philadelphia week on the "wheel of fortune," and our local players are racking up big bucks on the county. a college student from chester county get a chance to spin herself to some cash. rebecca klein is a westchester native and her love of the show started at a young age. she often watches the show with her whole family including her great grandmother.
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you can watch more of philadelphia week tonight at 7:30 on 6 abc. i'm terrible at golf.
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he is. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. he's just happier when he's playing. but he's terrible. for the strength and energy to keep doing what you love, try new ensure enlive. only patented ensure enlive has hmb, plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. and its clinically proven formula helps you stay you. oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. surprise! >> two mcdonald's managers received a big surprise today. the restaurant on west lehigh
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avenue celebrated two that graduated college, they did so through the arch ways into the workforce programs. it take a village to raise a child, that is the idea behind one german town school. the 20th annual boys to monday at the prince school. fourth and fifth grade male students met with mentors to talk about sports and even how to properly tie a tie. this is to help them develop into productive young men. and we were just one stop for ryan and robby, a pair of 3-month-old puppies. aren't they cute? they were carted around by uber to bring some much needed stress relief to offices around
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philadelphia. the spca is hoping these puppies will fine forever homes. >> you never know who you will meet and someone will pass along the great word of this puppy they met and they will find homes today or in the coming days. this is the second year that uber and the spca have teamed up for puppy play dates on the go. and they hope to go to more locations in the future. >> that is great. >> more to come on "action news" at 5:00. another check of the forecast for you. taking it live outside in cape may new jersey, looking gorgeous finally. cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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time for a check of accuweather forecast. cecily tynan has the forecast. it was a nice day and tomorrow even better. >> that is exactly right. going downhill on saturday but today was nice as well. looking live at penn's landing, a lot of folks on top of the independent sea port museum. and you'll notice there goes that "action news" van again. dan power our engineer, wave if you can. >> we are spying on you dan. certainly a nice day to be out and about. finally sunshine and that had a
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big impact on temperatures, back to the 70s our high today 72 degrees, still that is 3 degrees below normal and a lot more comfortable than sunday when temperatures were stuck in the 50s. we have a sea breeze though kicking up, we showed the live shot from cape may on the 35k newscast with all the blue sunshine, with that sea breeze off the ocean. the ocean temperature is 53 degrees, and temperatures at the coast low to mid-60s but wilmington and philadelphia 72 and allentown with a good amount of sunshine 73 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that this is what will be building in tonight and tomorrow. the high pressure is over us tomorrow and that is what will bring us a fantastic finish to the work week with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures and tonight is going to be a nice night. any clouds we have now are clearing out and moonlit skies. 53 in philadelphia and 45 in
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allentown un50 in wilmington and 50 in cape may. tomorrow morning by 8:00 we are in the low 50s, with mostly sunny skies, look at this, 4:00, 76 in philadelphia. again it will be cooler at the coast with temperatures only in the mid-60s. the problem is you will get all the sunshine and it's wet this month, the allergy report showing that the tree pollen and mold. will be high tomorrow. so a lot of cheesing and sneezing if you have allergies. a gorgeous day and lots of sunshine and great weather for the union game and the phillies. on saturday the rain arriving by day break and the latest track shows the heaviest rain will be south of philadelphia, lighter rain to the north and windy and cool and 61 degrees, and sunday and monday still unsettled and a few scattered showers and 70 and breaks of sunshine with a high
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of 75 degrees and fantastic afternoon to be with melissa magee on penn's landing. where are you? >> reporter: cecily welcome aboard the cruiser olympia here at penn's landing. this ship has launched in 1892 and part of the sea port museum and a national historic landmark. we'll have more and give you trivia as well on the cruiser olympia and the sub marine. there is so much to see here at penn's landing. we have the guys in the kayak and the swan boats all things to do on memorial weekend.
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"action news" continues. >> hello here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. a philadelphia mother is pleading for clues leading to her son's killer. what police are saying about the case. a thief posing as a
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deliveryman is targeting homes in one local community and part of an overpass collapses on to a highway. what caused it to crumble. but first we are following a developing story in delaware, police are at the scene of this shooting involving a teenage boy. at the 900 block of clifford brown walk. they found the teenager with a gunshot wound to the head. he is in critical condition and investigators are combing the scene for clues trying to identify the shooter. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you updates. alex cherry was an ambitious young man interested in politics but his life was cut short by a gunman's bullet a month ago. he was shot after speaking with local political candidate chris rob in philadelphia's cedar brook neighborhood.
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now his mother is demanding more be done to catch the killer. >> reporter: christina cherry visits the site of her son's murder every day and wants to confront the person responsibility. >> what would make you so angry with him to take his life in such a way. >> it was 4:00 when a brazen shooter killed alex cherry in broad daylight and to turn back and shoot him two more times. >> he was a nice kid. happy and laughing. >> he was just talking to a candidate running for a house seat. the 21-year-old wanted to volunteer in the campaign and planned to work the polls on primary day with his mom. >> there are witnesses out there and we need someone to come forward and tell us who did the shooting. police saw a rise in gang
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activity and hours later a 17-year-old that new alex was shot to death on temple road where alex lives. we believe it's the opposing groups fighting back and forth. >> cherry says her son got into trouble in his teens but was on a different path that involved church and a bright future, he was set to start technical school the next day. >> i am nevering go to be at peace with the death of my youngest child. i am going through a lifetime of torture if someone could help me get through a little bit. you know -- >> yeah. >> ease a human being. >> there is surveillance video that police are reviewing and they may release that in the near future and a reward for up to $20,000 leading to an arrest. and christina says her workplace may help her hold a fundraiser
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to add cash incentive for anyone coming forward. we have an update to a story, a philadelphia homeowner that shot a suspected burglar is now charged with murder. authorities say 29-year-old roberto martinez, spotted a man and another man in the back of his home. martinez grabbed a gun and shot gordon several times and gordon tried to run away and the other alleged burglar did get away and they found multiple bags of marijuana and a large amount of cash inside of martinez' home. this is mcallister charged with assaulting a delaware student late tuesday night. it happened in the parking lot of the george reed residence hall on the newark campus. macalester a driver for a ride booking service allegedly got into an argument and then choked
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and punched the student several times. detectives in delaware county are warning residents about a burglar posing as a deliveryman, it was taken on the front doorstep of a home in marple township on monday. the suspect walked upholding a small box and rang the door bell and that activate the the camera, moments later he broke into the home and ransacked the home and stole a safe. they believe he and another man did a similar burglary the same day. a single car collided with another car this was the scene at second and girard. it's not year how the accident happened but nobody was seriously hurt. a "action news" investigate prompted a big change at td bank, they will permanently
5:35 pm
retire their coin counting kiosk known as the penny arcade. wendy saltzman found inaccuracies at the machine. they previously pulled the devices last month to test them and this comes in the heels of a number of lawsuits the bank has faced from consumers who claim they were short changed. they say it would be difficult to ensure consistency at these counting kiosks. >> the weekend is almost here so why not make plans for adventure and family fun. melissa magee is live at the sea port museum at penn's landing. >> reporter: hi there rick williams and monica. we are outside the independent sea port museum but we are a part of it, we are standing on what is the cruiser olympia. this ship launched in 1892 and
5:36 pm
it's a national historic landmark, there is so much history in our backyard at penn's landing, we'll have more on what to expect here at penn's landing, practice you make a jaunt over to the sea port museum and also on a beautiful thursday afternoon. we have got really gorgeous conditions, folks are enjoying what is to be a nice afternoon at the harbor park. coming up we'll take you inside of the cruiser olympia and check out this way below here, this is the submarine, and this is huge. this is a battleship that is a part of history in our own backyard. there is so much to see here as well. this is all part of the maritime museum that opened and we'll have history plus the accuweather forecast coming up in just a little bit. rick and monica i'll send it back inside to you. no googling and no facebooking
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or texting, it's all in the brain got it. >> got it. >> i'm going google. >> visit for the latest twists and turns in our weather, can you see an hour by hour forecast as well as the seven day and follow our team of meteorologists including melissa on facebook and twitter for updates throughout the day. >> there was special honors for a special group of philadelphians, this is the 16th annual mayor centenarian luncheon. the oldest man and woman were honored today. 103-year-old they're zibicker is the oldest man and they enjoyed a cake with mayor kenney. amy is a spunky 99 years old and goes to work every day at the time life library where they worked for the past 30 years.
5:38 pm
they all look great. >> happy birthday. all right matt pellman in the traffic center with an update for us. >> they stayed off 95 for most of their lives, these rides will take years off your lives, we have new accidents, one of them in the southbound work zone approaching cotman avenue, they got it pushed off to the side and coming off woodhaven to this point at cotman it's extra slow and farther south at allegheny, there was a crash and that is gone and farther south at delco another crash at 320, but coming off of philadelphia international airport it's a slow drive at 320, and the kelly drive is shut down for the stotesbury regatta this weekend. would i use the mlk drive or the schuylkill if you want to deal with speeds of 18 miles per hour. and the vine is backed up from the schuylkill and the good news
5:39 pm
on the vine is it's not closing tonight. they accomplished all the work this week. an accident involving a pedestrian at olds boulevard and 413 is kind of clogs things up there. >> thank you. still ahead on "action news." phil mickelson is making headlines not because of his golf game but he is being targeted by the federal government. and an overpass crumbles to the ground below in a major mid-western city. we'll tell you what led up to the mess. and jaime apody has sports, including eagles, sixers and phillies and even union news.
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it was a frightening scene along an oklahoma city highway this afternoon. authorities say a tractor trailer hauling concretecil inners crashed into an overpass and down to the highway below. we are told that the tractor trailer driver was not injured and it's not clear when the road
5:43 pm
will reopen. pro golfer, phil micking ton is agreeing to forfeit $4 million that the government says was obtained in a scheme. the former director of dean food companies, they say that walters got tips and information from davis and one of tips was passed along to mickelson who made a big stock trade. >> he will pay the money he made in dean's foot because he should not be allowed to profit from their conduct. >> the golfer has no desire to benefit from any transaction that the fcc says is questionable. we have more on that involving mickelson, on world news after "action news" at 6:00. jaime is here and the phils
5:44 pm
have a well deserved day off and bowling last night. >> you guys went bowling last night? >> yes, i wish i could say i did okay. >> amazing. >> can't be good at everything. >> the phillies are off today that gives us a chance to reflect on how fascinating they are. a half game out of first thank he have done that by scoring 30 fewer runs than they have allowed. the phillies who have the lowly braves coming to town are tied for the third most wins in baseball, only the cubs and red sox have more. they won seven of think of last eight series, despite scoring five runs or fewer. they have done it with pitching and defense and believing they are in it to win it. >> we show up believing we'll be in the ball game and we have done a great job of finishing
5:45 pm
games lately and we can continue to do it throughout the season. >> impressive way to grind through the games and find a way to overtake the lead. and buy a couple of rounds here and there. it's been pretty steady and just a matter of you know, staying the course and trusting what each other can do. >> the eagles wrapped up their ota's and they will have a few days off before tuesday. doug peterson brings a new offense, new defense, new attitude. they have new quarterbacks and coordinators, all signs of chip kelly gone even down to the smoothies. it's a smooth transition. >> from a schematic standpoint it's a new offense and defense, it's quicker you can catch up to speed the better you'll be come september. it's a race to kind of get yourself, get that experience in the offense and defense.
5:46 pm
>> i am learning at a good pace, we are not overloading too much right now. taking a good chunk and learning and digesting and going out and practicing, so far it's good. >> their place in the union conference they welcome d.c. united to town and they hope they capitalize on their home turf. >> we don't want to go back to being a .500 team and this is a game we need to take advantage and jump on d.c. early and protect our home field to get that little bit of separation from the danger of mediocrity. >> congrats to sixers, okafor for being named to the all rookie team. he had 11 double-doubles honor nerlins noel was named last year. all of this young talent in town
5:47 pm
i love it. and the anticipated finale of "grey's anatomy." >> you have no idea how many people locked themselves in the bathroom. they are always fine. >> meredith and maggie support amelia on her wedding day but first they have to get her to come out of bathroom. >> and ben leaps into action to help a pregnant friend and "grey's anatomy" starts at 8:00 this evening following by two episodes of the catch. and then "action news" with jim gardner.
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some youngsters in montgomery county are learning about opera. ♪ ♪ >> opera north stopped by coal manor elementary school and they performed their signature program, opera in the schools. they are celebrating their 40th anniversary. the oldest african-american opera company in the region. lets head out live to melissa magee, at the penn's landing sea port museum. hello. >> reporter: hi there. we are outside at the sea port museum giving you history, we are on the oldest steel warship still afloat in the world. we are talking about the cruiser
5:51 pm
olympia. on it's jersey side we have the battleship new jersey and a whole lot of fun to see a whole lot of history too in our own backyard at penn's landing. more on the museum coming up in a bit. it's about the fantastic weather here on our thursday. the high in philadelphia not bad in the lower 70s. we max out at 73 degrees, currently at this hour, we are coming in at 72 in the city, trenton 73 and allentown 70 and along the boardwalk it's cooler at the coast, temperatures there in the 60s and inland and millville 66 and wilmington coming in at 72 degrees, here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have the trough of low pressure that stayed north of our region and the showers right now and the instability is in areas to the south and in virginia. we'll widen out the picture and fly out over the southern portions of the united states in texas and louisiana, we have the
5:52 pm
moisture and this is what we have to watch closely as we get into the start of our weekend on saturday. in the near term, the call from accuweather a nice moonlit sky and dropping down to what in the suburbs and 53 in philadelphia for the overnight low and the wins are variable. highs tomorrow are not bad. sunny and gorgeous as we close out our work week on friday. it will be cooler on the coast and inland and to our north and west in reading maxing out at 77, above average for a change in philadelphia. a high of 76 and trenton and toms river in the 70s and cape may 66 and 67 tomorrow in atlantic city. we have the animation up for you and that is showing the change on the way, and the weekend rain and area of low pressure lifts to the northern and out of georgia and off the coast of virginia, it looks like the heavier rain is to the south of our region.
5:53 pm
we could find big gusts especially at the coast. coastal gusts of 40 miles per hour especially cape may. also in the northern sections of our you are viewing area in the northern lehigh valley, you are on the northern fringe of that storm. but south of the city, south jersey and delaware you could get an inch of rain but we'll have to watch the area of low pressure as it gets closer to us for the start of our weekend here. the exclusive accuweather forecast showing you on friday not bad, sunny and beautiful and a high temperature of 76, on is it a we have the rain, the heaviest looks to be the south of our region, a high of 61. sunshine for sunday, it's limited and clouds around too, a pop-up shower and still unsettled and a high of 70 and we stay unsettled on monday and high of 70 and breaks of sun and high of 75 on tuesday. and wednesday and thursday we start to see a pattern change
5:54 pm
with a high temperature of 80 on wednesday and then thursday, for the unofficial kickoff to our summer season, we have a high temperature of 82 and i will be down the shore. and i'll let you know where that location will be in just a little bit. back out here live there is so much history here in our own backyard. it's part of the sea port museum, we are on the cruiser olympia, walk with me this way, the submarine, so much to see here and so much history if perhaps you don't want to make the trek down the shore for the memorial day holiday weekend. i talked about the trivia, rick and monica really quick, how much do you think this boat weighs, how much water does it displace in tons. what is your guess? >> gee whiz 101 tons. >> 5,870. >> that was my second guess.
5:55 pm
>> that ship is big. fun question. that is good party information too. thank you melissa. nice job. today the shake shack in university city introduced the frozen concoction introduced by a drexel student, the winning concrete was the city of butterly love. created by emily lloyd, made of vanilla custard and chocolate sauce and philadelphia butter cake and brown butter crumbles. look for it at menus at shack this coming summer.
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5:57 pm
right in our jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories next at 6:00. more developments in the mystery crash of egypt 804. and runners are warned to be alert after a woman was attacked in berlin. a fundraiser in new jersey
5:58 pm
for donald trump but the proceeds go to chris christie. now for melissa magee, monica malpass and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a nice evening.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the very latest on the disappearance of egypt air flight 804. greek officials were disputing egypt air's claims that debris found in the mediterranean was
6:00 pm
wreckage from the plane, egypt air concedes it was not. the plane went down about halfway between crete and egypt's northern coastline on its flight from paris to cairo, it disappeared from radar screens at 2:45 local time, there were 66 people on board, the big question was was this terrorism. and egyptian officials say the early theory is that it was. u.s. authorities are withholding judgment saying there is no evidence at this stage. they say their radar picked up the plane making dramatic turns before it disappeared. the family of victims are arriving in cairo and amid their shock and despair they want to know what happened. world news tonight with david muir will have continuing coverage into the egypt air crash that is next at 6:30


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