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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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wreckage from the plane, egypt air concedes it was not. the plane went down about halfway between crete and egypt's northern coastline on its flight from paris to cairo, it disappeared from radar screens at 2:45 local time, there were 66 people on board, the big question was was this terrorism. and egyptian officials say the early theory is that it was. u.s. authorities are withholding judgment saying there is no evidence at this stage. they say their radar picked up the plane making dramatic turns before it disappeared. the family of victims are arriving in cairo and amid their shock and despair they want to know what happened. world news tonight with david muir will have continuing coverage into the egypt air crash that is next at 6:30 here
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on channel 6. police in berlin borough new jersey, are trying to track down the man that assault aid female runner on a trail. the assault has unnerved other women in the area. chad pradelli is live in berlin park, what is the latest from there? >> reporter: well jim a sergeant here in berlin borough and he has been on the force 20 years and never seen a random attack like this in berlin park. but it happens today beyond the trees there. as police search for an attacker worry at berlin park. >> there are kids and families around, it's terrifying. >> it's freaky it would happen so close to home. >> the young woman was running along the kicking it trail. >> a young male grabbed her and there was a scuffle and he grabbed her shirt. >> the victim kicked punched and
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screamed and freed herself from the attacker and ran to this parking lot and a passerby called 911 and police responded with k-9 units and set up a perimeter but the suspect got away. and the victim was only able to provide a vague description of her assailant. >> normally this is a great town to live in. >> when people use parks anywhere, be aware of their surroundings, jog in the middle of the trail and don't get caught up with the head phones where they don't know what is going on. >> the victim was evaluated at a local hospital and physically she is doing just fine. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. delaware county middle school student was arrested for bringing a gun to school today. darby police took the penwood student into custody after
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finding the gun in a locker. police beefed up their presence at the school at dismissal today. a chester county man is in prison on child sex abuse charges. christopher giuseppe is accused of molesting three children under the age of 10, all minors who he knows according to police. the alleged abuse happened between january 2014 and april of this year. authorities fear there could be more victims. they are asking anyone with information about giuseppe to come forward. >> donald trump is about to make his first campaign appearance in the state of new jersey. while it is being called a trump rally, it really isn't you have to pay to get into this event and that money ultimately goes to governor chris christie. john rawlins is live at the national guard armory in lawrenceville. >> reporter: it's rather loud at the national guard armory.
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this is something of a hybrid rally, yes it's open to the public but yes you have to pony up money to get in. that money is going to governor chris christie. trump is doing this we are told as a favor. >> the confident successful businessman, self made billionaire, he doesn't need anyone, and he is going turn this country around. >> the line of trump supporters surrounded the building since noon. it's not free, $200 a person and $25 for students. when asked why they are here. it's what he promises. >> he will fix the tion system. >> the money goes to governor chris christie's presidential
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campaign race. with signs on the ground and up in the sky, there were protesters, there is no reservoir for trump or his promises. >> it gives me nightmares a lot. his policies are scary on muslim immigration and muslim immigration anything that doesn't record white men, i don't agree with his policies on anything like that. >> reporter: we are told there are several hundred protests at the time. donald trump and governor christie due here in about an hour. there are two fund rayers, this one to deal with mr. christie's campaign debt and a far more intimate one going on something like $25,000 a person, going on at this hour that could deal with the debt of bridge gate. >> thank you john. hillary clinton is stepping
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up the rhetoric, she said today that trump is not qualified to be president of the united states. during an interview today clinton questioned trump's ability to handle complex foreign policy challenges. the democratic frontrunner says she will be the party's nominee, no question. and bernie sanders has to play a role in bringing democrats together. he continues to campaign and vows to stay in the race until the last ballot is cast or even until the convention in philadelphia. the philadelphia chamber of commerce held a conversation with tom wolf, and matt o'donnell moderated the event at the academy of fine arts. members of wolf's cabinet were on hand for a networking reception. we'll post the conversation on our website at last night we showed you video of a police officer in reading appearing to wail away
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at a female driver when a traffic stop went wrong. today that officer turned himself in. gray hall is live at the berks county courthouse with the full story. >> well jim, that officer did surrender this morning but his attorney says that the public should not rush to judgment. he is asking everyone to wait until this plays out inside of a courtroom where all the evident is presented. >> dejesus is on the other size of the layout of uniform in a black suit. he southernered on criminal charges. >> it's a difficult time for him and his family. >> the buck county district attorney charged him with tampering with and fabricating physical evidence and criminal reports and criminal mischief after an april 8th traffic stop caught on camera, showing the officer punching the woman.
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>> you clearly seeing him hitting her but there is no assault charges, why? because his response was probe. >> officer dejesus claims she was pulled over because she did not use a turn signal. when she told the officer she was recording the encounter things escalated quickly. the officer is seen grabbing her phone and throwing it to the grown and hitting clinton-garcia, she is grateful that the video captured the incident. >> i said i didn't do nothing wrong and nobody believed me. >> she and her boyfriend says it's difficult to trust any officer. >> they were suppose to be here to serve and protect but i don't feel protected. >> officer dejesus's attorney is asking the public not to rush to judgment. >> on the streets we have to have supervision, if it's done
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incorrectly we have a courthouse. back out live, the district attorney says there are several other pieces of video that will be presented during the trial. of course the officer involved in this is placed on min straight he leave pennsylvandin outcome of this. >> thank you gray. erosion caused by recent heave yes rain has forced the delaware department of education to close a rose in hockessin. natalie road to cellar drive is closed until repairs can be made and only local traffic can get by. coming up a token of military service overseas is presented to the camden koibt police department. and forget the medicine and hospital rooms, today is about primping for the prom for these young patients. beautiful weather moves in tomorrow and this storm system will put a damper on part of our
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weekend. it looks like how much rain you get depends on your location. >> phillies are off and eagles at work, ducis rogers with the stories when "action news" continues tonight.
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an american flag that through over guantanamo bay cuba has a new home in camden, new jersey, the stars and stripes were presented to the camden county police chief. seven members rurped home from their duty in the new jersey national guard and they served 11 months securing detainees at
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guantanamo. pomp and circumstance this afternoon in ewing, the college of new jersey held its commencement ceremony, nearly 1500 undergraduates received their degrees today. michael nutter will soon have have a permanent place at the convenience center. the dedication ceremony will be held next thursday, the theater will be used for film festivals and movie screenings and corporate meetings. he recently served as board of directors. and finding ways to ease poverty in philadelphia. political leaders and social leaders were on hand to offer ideas to increase job training and literacy, and organizers say
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that 550,000 people in the city of philadelphia struggle to read. philadelphia officials have announced that the city is one of just 11 cities across the country to receive grants to help young people get jobs. the grant will fund a job resource hub at the career link sentner west philadelphia. the center is filling positions with the work ready summer jobs program and 7,000 slots have been taken but 3,000 remain. if you have ever been accused of being the class clown. here is a class for you. the class from the trenton circus squad were treated to a group from the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey the youngsters had a chance to practice balancing and juggling be riding unicycles.
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phillies have a well deserved day off. >> they are if you to watch and
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a lot of young energy on the team. the phillies are off. a day off. the phils are tied for the third most wins of all of baseball. how in the world are they doing it? the skipper knows. >> it's all about the pitching. this miami team has a real good lineup, so do the mets and washington and we have held our own against all of those teams and there is no reason for me not to believe we can continue to do that. eagles three day ota's wrapped up today and they will be back on the field on tuesday. they are either going this way or that way. they missed the post season for the past five years, the work towards a successful season begins now. not in july with training camp. >> don't come out hero it's voluntary, we have a long season, at the end of the day if you want to go deep in the super
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bowls, have you to win super bowls avenue day out here. you don't have to be perfect but have the attitude especially when you hit the field. jahlil okafor is named to the all rookie nba team. he recorded 11 double-doubles. leukemia stinks but it can be overcome. obviously you need the medical aspects but the right attitude can play a role as well. jeff skversky traveling to buck county to tell one athletes story of battling back. >> with a .300 average stephanie yost swings with ease. she was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, doctors said she had a 45% chance of surviving. >> she cried in the beginning and said that is done we are not crying anymore and we'll battle
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this and we will win. >> it was harder on them than it was on me. >> i had the mindset i would do anything to beat it. >> she went through chemo therapy and a bone marrow trance plan. the driving force was driving in a run again for bensalem and sure enough she was back on the field and now one of the faces of the varsity team. >> did you wonder if you would play again? >> i did for a couple of weeks after my transplant and i knew i wasn't in shape and i wasn't sure if i would get back. >> the first time she got back on the field i balled like a baby. >> it's an emotional day for stephanie and her family, her final game, and she is going to college to become a pediatric nurse, her goal in life is to help other sick kids fight back
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like she did. >> a great day to see her on the floor working and not a patient in the hospital. >> right. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> she has another checkup coming up in august. 10th annual prom is taking place right now at childrens hospital. the children enjoyed a day of pampering getting their hair and nails done and a chance to put final touches on the dresses and the guys had a turn making sure their boutonnieres were a good fit.
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much better today. >> yes. >> much better. >> and even better tomorrow. a great way to end the work week. i don't want to get blamed for saturday though. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we have dry conditions out there. and the action cam taking a look at independence mall and with all the rain we are getting the grass is a bright green and you can see a mixture of clouds and sunshine today getting blue skies and some cloud cover and tomorrow we'll see more sunshine and that will allow temperatures to warm up even more. future tracker 6 showing tomorrow afternoon 5:00 we are looking at temperatures inland of 76 degrees in philadelphia and allentown 73 and like today though, you will be getting a sea breeze at the jersey shore where temperatures hold into the 60s but beautiful sunshine tomorrow. and then on saturday, remember yesterday i showed you future tracker 6 as far as rainfall amounts and it showed a general inch across the region, but it
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looks like that low pressure that is moving in is shifting to the south that means how much rain you get depends on your location. lehigh valley a quarter inch and philadelphia a half inch, and areas south of philadelphia will get the heaviest rain, cape may and southern delaware could get more than an inch of rain. it depends on track and i'll keep you posted. right now it's comfortable out there. 73 in philadelphia, 2 degrees below normal but the warmest day since last saturday. allentown 72 and the sea breeze and the boardwalk in atlantic city. you are getting sunshine and you will want a sweatshirt and 58 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing a clear area across the ohio valley, that is high pressure that moves over us tomorrow. then the rain that moves out of texas, that is a low pressure that tracks to the south on saturday. so tonight, pretty comfortable
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night, any clouds now are clearing out and a moonlit sky and the full moon say saturday night. 53 in philadelphia allentown 45 and the same in wilmington and cape may 50 degrees, center city enjoy the sunshine we'll see plenty of it. finally feeling like may again, seasonably warm with a high of 76 degrees, a few cirrus clouds rolling in late in the day and the lehigh valley just as warm with a high of 76 degrees and from you along the shore it's cooler with the sea breeze and still plenty of sunshine and atlantic city a nice day and a lot cooler with the high of 76 degrees, overall friday looks nice and saturday though the low pressure tracks to the south and what means the rain should be here by day break. more than an inch south of philadelphia. wind is a factor along cape may and the delaware beaches, we could have wind gusts 40 miles
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per hour. kind of a nasty day. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, beautiful tomorrow and 76 degrees and sunshine and saturday heavy rain and 61 and sunday a possibility of a scattered shower but clouds breaking for sunshine with a high of 70 and the same on monand tuesday more sunshine and 75, and look at this, wednesday and thursday heading towards the holiday weekend, sunshine with temperatures in the low 80s. i will have an update on the track of saturday's rain on "action news" at 11:00. next week looks great. >> sounds good thank you. thank you so much. finally tonight, the talents of some of new jersey's youngest artists were on display in camden today. the davis school held an art show displaying art from the kindergarten class and multicolor tree the imagination ran wild and it was artwork from
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students kx through 8. some of it was really impress he. world news tonight is next with david muir, and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 and then please join us for a special health check report at 11:00. here is health reporter and registered nurse, ali gorman with a preview. >> reporter: inside of this neo natal unit, babies are going through with drawl. we'll look at the epidemic be its innocent victims. tonight on "action news" at 11:00. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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breaking news tonight. what we have just learned about the crash of flight 804. the passenger plane vanishing from radar. the two signals picked up on radar right before it disappeared. and tonight, inside the investigation. was it terror? brian ross on the reported plots to get bombs onto planes, in laptops, even in a soda can. and this evening, heightened security at american airports. what this means for millions of american travelers. donald trump unloading his most personal attack yet against bill clinton. and tonight, hillary clinton responds, and she says trump is not qualified to be president. the officer charged after a brutal confrontation with a female driver. he said he pulled her over for a missed turn signal. what does the surveillance show? the overpass collapse in a major american city.


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