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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 20, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- lingering questions about that missing jet liner. the mystery of egyptair flight 804. the intensifying search for evidence in the mediterranean sea. plus, a new warning about hard to detect bombs concealed in something so many passengers bring on board. a first-hand look at beefed up security at airports across the country. a high-speed chase ends on a highway. the driver approaches speeds of 100 miles an hour. and the valedictorian left out of his own graduation ceremony. he was top of his class with a perfect grade point average so hear why the school wouldn't let him walk.
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good friday morning. we begin with the search for answers in the crash of egyptair flight 804 as terrorism becomes the leading theory. >> the red eye from paris to cairo vanished after entering i egyptian air space. distraught families at the airport in cairo now desperate for answers. good morning, adrienne. >> overnight, e juptair changing the online logo to black. authorities convinced the most likely cause of this crash is terrorism. so far, no debris has been found from the egyptair flight 804 that went down early thursday morning without warning. within 20 minutes of the pilot's
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last contact with the control tower, the plane vanished from radar. the spokes person emphatic that recent extremism in france could be to blame. >> the possibility of having a different action or having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical issue. >> reporter: while the terror connection has yet to be confirm, few answers for those grieving the 66 people on board. >> i am -- tired. um -- >> sorry. >> reporter: prior to paris, the jetliner made stops in two terror hot spots and there is concern about an inside job. >> individuals radicalized to the point of violence works have joined the terrorist organizations who are working in the airport themselves. >> reporter: we're told u.s. intelligence officials are checking satellite imagery and the backgrounds of all on the
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flight. >> thank you, adrienne. greek radar showed the plane hooking to the left and turning 360 degrees in the other direction, experts are not convinced the plane was in tact at that point. >> that will be critical. abc's consultant steven ganyard tells us why. >> we have the data the airplane was transmitting. showing it straight and level at 37,000 feet one minute, and the next minute, it was gone. the radar could have been seeing the pieces of the airplane when it hit the water. no distress call, the airplane disappears at 37,000 pefeet suggests something catastrophic happened. >> after the wreckage is found, it will be hard to find the recorders in the water as deep as 10,000 feet in the assumed crash zone. >> so far, no credible claim for
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responsibility. investigators will have to determine if and how a bomb was smuggled on board. >> brian ross has more on airport security and the methods terrorists are using to bypass screeners. >> reporter: security officials say few airports in the world have better security than charles de gaulle in paris. a massive failure in screening luggage or screening employees may have allowed a bomb to be hidden on the jet. alex marquardt is there. >> after last year's attacks in paris, security was beefd up at france's airports. concerns grew over the tense of thousands of workers. more than 70 of the so-called red bajs that give access were revoked or not renewed over fears of radicalization. >> reporter: al qaeda and isis have a history of targeting
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aircraft. officials say it was an airport worker who smuggled this soda can on board. now u.s. officials are warping that al qaeda-connected terrorists have come up with a new hard to detect bomb hidden in laptop computers. a laptop bomb blew a hole in this jet, killing the suspected terrorist, after take yaur from somalia in february. surveillance video caught the moment when, again, two airport workers handed the laptop bomb to the terrorist just before he board the plane. just last weekend, officials in somalia discovered seven more laptops being constructed as bombs. brian ross, abc news, new york. well, already this morning, some airports across the country have stepped up security after the egyptair disaster. >> you could see an increased police presence at major hubs, like los angeles national airport.
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the wait times are getting longer after the crash, passengers appear to be more understanding about that. >> i have absolutely no problems flying. they've stepped up security. everything is great. looking forward to my next flight. >> we have certainly not seen any stepping up here. >> we saw a policeman on the grounds. >> we saw a policeman on the push bar. >> you have to know people are doing their jobs. >> i would much rather they're that careful and do the necessary checks than something happens. >> for their part, the tsa says they're not changing their screening process because they had already been operating in high security. stay with abc news for the latest on the search for egyptair 804. we want to get to the severe weather situation unfolding in louisiana. looking at the radar, you can see the powerful line of storms. new orleans and baton rouge
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getting pounded by heavy wind and rain. a number of tornado warnings posted overnight. still ahead, donald trump and hillary clinton are hitting each other with the same accusation. plus, the man who was supposed to be on the egyptair flight. the change of plans that saved his life. and a reunion for a hiker rescued from the wilderness. the house hold item that he used to attract the crew that brought him to safety.
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take a look at this video just in. man was driving down a dallas highway when his truck suddenly burst into flames. at one point in the video, you see a small explosion come from the truck as the man tries to
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flag down help and alert oncoming traffic. the investigation into the crash of that egyptair jet is still in its early stages. apparently, donald trump seems pretty sure he knows what happened. >> trump details his theory while criticizing hillary clinton for her apparent refuse toll say radical islamic terrorism. >> she refuses to use that term. i'm saying to myself, it's a terrible thing. and he essentially shouldn't be running for office. he doesn't have the right to run for office. i'm saying to myself, what just happened about 12 hours ago? a plane got blown out of the sky. and if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you're 100% wrong, folks, okay? you're 100% wrong. >> trump is also slamming clinton for questioning his qualifications for the role of president. in an interview with cnf's chris cuomo, clinton came down hard on the republican front-runner. >> i think if you go through the
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many of his irresponsible, reckless, dangerous comments. it's not something saying something off the cuff. it's a pattern. it's gone on for months. he's not qualified to be president of the united states. >> if you're the nominee for your party. >> i will be the nominee for my party. that is already done in effect. there's no way that i won't be. >> that said, clinton won't say whether she would consider bernie sanders as a potential running mate. she does say sanders needs to step up and help unify the party before the november election. and we're remembering a giant in the world of television new this is morning. >> just days after his retirement, legendary cbs news correspondent morley safer has died. filing a total of 919 stories for "60 minutes" since 1972 and earning 1 emmy awards. >> there's no immediate cause of death. he leaves behind his wife of 48
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years along with a daughter, two siblings and three grandchildren. morley safer was 84 years old. when we come back, the end of a high-speed chase. and the surprise that officers got when it was all over. and a perfect gpa apparently wasn't enough to get a high school valedictorian on to the stage. his exclusion from graduation coming up. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. "see what's possible."
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are investigating this bridge collapse over an expressway. invest xwaters say it happened after a tractor trailer hit the bridge. engineers are trying to determine the extent of damage and how long it will take to repair. lucki luckily, no one was hurt. taking a look at morning road conditions. could be treacherous along the gulf coast with the rain extending straight into the carolinas. watch out for heavy wind, rain, and snow to slow your commute in the pacific northwest. if you're flying, you could find delays in new orleans, atlanta, and charlotte. the search continues for egyptair flight 804. several countries are sending ships and planes to scour the mediterranean sea where the airbus a-320 is believed to have gone down. >> officials say terrorism is likely the cause. grieving families are hoping for concrete answers soon. molly hunter has the latest from cairo. good morning, molly.
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>> reporter: good morning, kendis and diane. the search is on for wreckage of egypt heir flight number 804.gye charge. after last night's confusion, egy egyptian officials say they'll be cautious about releasing information today. yesterday, there was an announcement gnat wreckage had been found by the greex. the egyptians confirmed that and late thursday night had to walk that back. today, the search operation is the priority. families have been gathering here at the cairo international airport, coming with questions that right now, the officials can't answer. the pain very raw as families from paris arrived last night landing to the news of the likely crash. we spoke with families thursday. nay seem accountability and above all concrete information
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about the fate of their loved ones on flight 804. kendis? diane? >> our thanks to molly hunter. one man supposed to be on the doomd flight had changed his travel plans at the last minute. he, of course, considers himself really lucky. he said after hearing about the crash, he got a knot in his stomach. and it's been there ever since. back here in the u.s., the san francisco police department has a new chief. a young officer killed a young black woman driving what was believed to be a stolen car. the nfl has agreed to return more than $700,000 in taxpayer money for so called paid patriotism. the pentagon paid more than $6 million to major sports to honor american soldiers at sporting events. the leagues used that for
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rollouts and welcome home tributes. the lawmakers hope the nfl's decision will lead other leagues to follow suit. a new washington post poll found that 90% of native americans are not offended by the washington redskins name. and an overwhelming majority considering it an unimportant issue. the redskins owner, dan snyder, that you saw there has maintained he won't change the name. an emotional reunion in california after a rescued hiker was reunited with his parents. cody michael and his dog were picked up by a blackhawk represent yesterday. they were supposed to be home from a camping trip on monday. they apparently got lost. he used duct tape to spell out help on nearby rocks. a florida man is under arrest after a high-speed chase on the interstate in ohio. when a trooper finally approached, a woman inside the
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vehicle claimed she had been kidnapped. the trooper was dragged a short distance. they finally got the truck to stop. and the driver was arrested after a short struggle. he's been charged with assault and kidnapping. and one of the world's top golfers is now caught up in an insider trading investigation. the s.e.c. says phil mickelson made $931,000 after getting a stock tip. mickelson used some of the money to pay the man back, money he allegedly owed. so far, not charged with a crime. the second jewel in horse racing's triple crown, the preakness stakes, is tomorrow. nyquist is wearing number 3 tomorrow. >> you might remember the name xaj rart, he was second at the derby. the 11-horse field can expect a sloppy track. rain is in the forecast. both horses have to contend with
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with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ time to check "the pulse." we're starting with the secret, apparent lirks to happy marriage. one blogger says, you know what? i've figured it out. >> amanda lauren is generating buzz. according to lauren, it's essential that the wife in the marriage stay hot. >> hmm. >> this needs to be explained. lauren has only been married for a few weeks. >> oh, so she's a pro. >> she's vowed to stay hot for her husband.
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>> what was hot mean? you cook for your husband, stay in shape. she turns the old adage happy wife happy life on its head by saying she's happiest when her husband is happy. no word on what a husband needs to do to make his wife happy. ? if she's happy while he's happy, maybe that's the secret. >> that's so ghloria steinem-effect. >> i might have to right a response blog to this. in louisiana, a high school valedictorian was not allowed to participate in his own graduation ceremony. >> look at that little peach fuzz there at the bottom. so, school officials say that his facial hair violated school policy. andruw jones has a 4.0 grade point average. has worn the beard during his four years in high school. on wednesday night, he was told
4:24 am
he had to shave. jones refused, claiming the rule had never been enforced. so his cap and gown were taken away. he twachd ceremony on the sidelines. >> i had the same problem at my graduation. >> that peach fuzz. >> yeah, they wouldn't let me walk. >> luckily, you shaifd it. finally, how does an overnight stay in the eiffel tower sound to you. >> pretty good. nice view. >> that's what four lucky winners will receive in a contest being run by home away. >> the winners and their guests will stay in a temporary apartment being created in the tower's first floor. the whole contest is a promotion with the upcoming european soccer championship. >> you need to go to home away's website to enter. entries will be accepted until the end of the month. the winners will be announced june 10th, the day the soccer tournament actually starts. >> i like that. do you get to go to the top at some point? >> for the first floor, is it the little first tier? >> is that not acceptable?
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good morning i'm tamala edwards, it is friday, may 20. here's what's next up on "action news," a delaware teenager is shot and killed. he attended the same school where the a student died in the school bathroom. it sounds like a story in a country music song, but it did land a woman in jail. how she got back at the boyfriend she accuses of cheating. those stories and a beautiful day on tap, you better enjoy it, before the weekend gets here. david murphy has accuweather and karen rogers has traffic. that's all next on "action news." finally this morning, a close encounter that one scuba diver will never forget. >> imagine you go scuba diving.
4:28 am
you resurface you find the boat has vanished. you're stranded miles from the shore. sounds like the movie "open water," right? >> yeah, you panic. >> just like the movie, a shark comes along. here's kayna whitworth with the real story. >> reporter: randy fail says he surface from a scuba dive on sunday in florida and found himself all alone. his daughters on board the boat not realizing they drifted more than three miles away while he was under. blowing a whistle to signal for help and holing up his dive bag as a flag. then he dips back down and cease eight feet of pure terror. >> he was as close as tend of my flippers. >> reporter: fails, now in a french someday, keeping the shark at bay with his unloaded spear gun. his story nearly ripped from the screenplay of the 2003 movie "open water." >> i thought they said they never come that close.
4:29 am
>> they also said the boat would be here. >> reporter: two hours later, muscles cramping, he he's rescued. >> i asked them if they wanted to go out and do more trolling. they said no. >> reporter: he says he can't wait to go back. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> he can't wait to go back in the water on can't wait to go back home where he'll never have to look at a shark again? >> the most or fig part about all this. if you see one shark, there are many, many others just kind of like hanging out there waiting to feast. >> you're not making this easier to watch, i have to tell you. >> it's a very cringe-worthy movie. >> i'm glad it didn't tend way the movie did. >> spoiler. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> do stick around for "good morning america." i didn't see the end.
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good morning, it is 4:30 a.m. friday, may 20th. here's what we're following on "action news." detectives are trying to figure out who gunned down a 15-year-old boy who attend add wilmington school that is dealing with a tragic death. crews are looking for the recipes of the missing egypt air flight. delaware is on the look out for the delebear. it has a #and


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