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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  May 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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unfortunately, the search is over, in the last hour egyptian authorities have found the wreckage of the egyptian air flight. we have a death of a howard high school student a month after another student. a crafty crook is in hot water for trying to steal pipes that could have blown up a south jersey neighborhood. let's get accuweather, david murphy has a beautiful friday on tap for you. karen rogers is looking at the commute, good morning. >> reporter: all right, guys i'm wearing the jacket because we're off to a cool start. mr. sun is coming up over the horizon nice and bright, it will do a number on us today. satellite shows you high clouds out to the west. generally speaking it looks bright. 55 degrees in philadelphia. in the 40s in allentown and reading and millville and 46 in wilmington. the jacket a good idea early.
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this afternoon to say it in the back of the -- toss it in the back of the car or over your shoulder. 1:00 p.m., 74. 3:00 p.m., 77 degrees. the high today, 78 around 4:00 p.m. mostly sunny, light winds very, very nice. pollen count running medium high, it will knock down into the low zone saturday and sunday because we have rain arriving. i'll have the detail in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. for now, karen a nice morning and better afternoon coming. >> reporter: looks pretty out there, all right dave with the sunshine behind you. looking outside live, 202, past 401. there's the southbound traffic heading through the construction zone through malvern. on the boulevard, sun is starting to shine, southbound traffic no problems, nice and clear. no overnight construction on the vine street expressway, everything is open. westbound eastbound no volume buildings just yet. chopper 6 is overhead this
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accident scene i've been telling you about. it left a mess in its wake. we have crews working on the scene. there was a fuel spill. you can see they put the sand down on the road. this is a problem at york road bristol pike. stick to 611 while the crews clean up the accident scene that was causing a problem this morning. there was a fuel spill they were sweeping the sand off out of the way. in the meantime, 611 will get you around that. egypt wreckage 804, passenger items have been found let's go over to annie mccormick. >> reporter: good morning, tam, this is just coming in. search crews found plane debris 1 old miles per hour north of alsand alexandria off the egyptian coast. military have discovered personal belongings of the
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passengers as well. 804 disappeared from the radar with 66 people on board with 6 crew members, passengers and air marshalls. the flight went missing off the egyptian coast after entering egyptian aerospace. it is believed that the plane went down because of a terror attack rather than a technical failure. the greek defense minister said the plane swerved and plunged ten thousand feet. a u.s. military aircraft is helping in the search and tsa remains on high alert for u.s.-bound international flights. this is coming in the past hour they found personal belongings and also parts of the plane 180 miles north of alis an degree i can't off owe ealexandria off the egyptian coast. we're told u.s. intelligence is checking satellite i imagery, ao
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checking the background of the people on board the flight. there were no americans on board the plane. of course we'll have more information coming for you coming up in the next half-hour. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." wilmington police are trying to figure out who murdered a 15-year-old boy who attended the school already reeling from another tragic death. the teen was shot in the head blocks from howard high school of technology. that also the same school where 16-year-old amy joyner-francis was beaten in a school bathroom last month and later died. grief counselors will be back at howard today. students return to penn wood middle school in darby borough today where a 40 caliber handgun was found in a locker yesterday. there was a fight at the school wednesday and tensions have been building. officials sent a letter home to
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parents saying at no time was the handgun visible or used to threaten students. 6:05, a camden county man is behind bars accused of stealing pipes from a home. police say he could have blown up a neighborhood. police arrived to the strong odor of natural gas along reid avenue in runnymede yesterday. the homeowner was 'away for the week, one spark could have set off an explosion destroying several homes. i was scared for my life, you know, in an instant, we could all be gone. 22-year-old william guennette is charged with burglary and risking widespread disaster. police say he has a history of drug problems and stealing the pipe for cash. donald trump and hillary clinton will court voters on the gun debate this weekend.
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trump will speak at the national rifle convention in louisville, kentucky. in 2000 he backed an assault weapons ban and longer waiting periods for gun purchases. clinton will appear with the mother of trayvon mother and other parents who lost children to gun violence. also clinton said during an interview yesterday that trump is not qualified to be president. when "action news" is on the case, "action news" gets results that's the bottom line on changes you'll see in the bank in our area. maribel aer has more. >> reporter: td bank is getting rid of the penny arcade machines.
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this follows the investigation by wendy saltzman. there were lawsuits filed by customers sailing they were short -- saying they were shortchanged. stock ended lower on interest rate hikes. right now futures report to higher opens. report on existing homes sales due out today. it's shaping up to be the summer of the road trip. memorial day will be busy on the roads as summertime gas prices will be the lowest in 13 years. recess -- reservations at rent car are up 48%. all travelers will be going by car. matt and tam, hard to believe we're gearing up for the summer. looks like the weather is cooperating a little bit. indeed it is, and look who we have here to talk about it. >> reporter: it's going to be great today, not so great tomorrow. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're looking at dry conditions across the region.
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taking a look outside, lots of sunshine up over the horizon already. center city is looking great on sky6 live hd. even though it's cool to start out, you can get the shorts and ts ready if you're doing something outside later this morning and this afternoon. 55 degrees is the current temperature. 46 in wilmington. cool enough for a jacket to start out. 44 in reading. some of the reason that the temperatures are cooler than the last couple of mornings we have the clear sky cover and light winds out there. that allows for the heat loss overnight. we'll turn it around quickly. we're looking at high pressure overhead. there's a cloud cover out to the west that might filter in as the day goes on. overall we're looking at it to be a mostly sunny day. up in the lehigh valley, 78 is the high. down the shore you're stuck to the cool ocean water. we'll cool it down a little bit there. getting up to 66 degrees along the shore. mostly sunny and nice. in philadelphia we're back up in the warm zone. 78 degrees is the high in the city today.
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mostly sunny, warm, winds on the light side 4 to 8 miles per hour. cool drink might be important if you're toiling at all or doing exercise this afternoon. if you're going to the union talen energy stadium. 75 degrees at the start, at the finishing, 66 degrees, it will be cooler as the day goes on. the same story at i-95 citizens bank park for the phillies. 56 degrees is the overnight low. winds out of the of the east at 4 to 8 miles per hour. that build up in cloud cover pour tends not --portends not great for saturday. we'll have rain and winds coming up the coast up to 40 miles per hour. we'll get lighter rain up north,
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heavier rain down south, some areas with an inch or more. the latest model run suggests dry conditions after 9:00. after that, the rain shoots through. 6:00 p.m., the steadier stuff is pushing to the north. it doesn't look like we see an end to this until late saturday night. today, beautiful, 78 degrees, tomorrow, cloudy and rainy, starting in the morning and through the evening 60 is the cool high. sunday, 68 we'll have to allow for a shower or evening thunderstorm. not as much rain around sunday as saturday. monday, we'll have to allow for showers, 70 for the high. tuesday, clouds and sun, 76. maybe a shower, but not a washout. wednesday, thursday, friday, that's the good stuff.
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80 degrees. you can lay those 80s on all anytime. 6:11, a fugitive taunts police about being a fairy tale character and ends up in handcuffs. uber's self driving cars are getting a road test in pennsylvania. >> reporter: this is a pretty shot we have the sunshine coming down, the roads are clear, i'm going to update you on the accident coming up. donald trump seems to poke fun at governor christie. here the exchange later on "action news." welcome back, we have
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breaking news to tell you about, chopper 6 hd live high in the sky over the somerton section 100 block of byberry road. you're looking down you see the fire trucks outside an apartment building. fire broke out inside the apartment unit. they ended up with smoke throughout the building. they knocked the fire down a half-hour ago, but a rough start for the morning for the families here. the red cross on its way there to assist displaced residents. turning to traffic with karen rogers. >> reporter: we have a problem eastbound at gulph mills. we have two trucks off to the
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side. maybe an accident off to the side. around the curve a tricky spot on the schuylkill expressway eastbound at gulph mills. fedex truck and another truck off to the side. traffic slowing on the schuylkill expressway eastbound with the problem just in. we had an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound at the valley forge tolls, the accident has cleared, still a little slow in that area at 38 miles per hour. near the toll plaza watch for that. turnpike westbound at valley forge toll plaza. still an issue in warwick township, bucks county. york road at bristol pike. they had it blocked off with an accident tractor-trailer. they had a fuel spill and sand on the roadway. you may see restrictions right there. we found someone on the commuter traffic report and the waze app an accident at edge wood and pulaski highway. 555 degrees in philadelphia. what a friday after a damp and miserable forever we have a beautiful day ahead and good
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timing with it. 78 degrees, sunny and warm. enjoy it. tomorrow cold and rainy. police catch up with a burglary suspect in western pennsylvania after he taunted authorities on facebook. 25-year-old heath miller is accused of stealing jewelry from several homes in the pittsburgh area. he was captured on security cameras always he made his way through one of the homes, his facebook page was saying catch me if you can i'm the gingerbread man that's when the cookie crumbled. i'm man enough to take responsibility for what i did, and i apologize for my victims. his girlfriend said he was stealing to support a drug habit. a father and son are being held on of a million dollar bond after 13-year-old girl claimed they held her captive in a toledo home for more than a year. someone found her outside an
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office building wednesday night. she was forced to eat rotten food and forced to use a bucket as a toilet. she used a spare key to escape after the men went out jogging. a man went scuba diving and when he sure -- surfaced, the boat was gone and he realized he was not alone. >> reporter: we'll have a beautiful day and i'll have the day planner for you coming up next. >> reporter: google has smart reply so user can respond without typing a word. and duo is a video calling app for cellular and wi-fi networks. facebook has a live app feature it gives you access to
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public streaming videos around the world. uber's first self driving car is hitting the road in pittsburgh. it's equipped with a series of laser and sensors will be out gathering mapping data. we're talking about self driving trucks and now they are taking over the world. those are tech bytes. have a great day.
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>> that was the sound of a man trying to signal for help after realizing he was not only stranded but two 16-foot sharks were circling saying you look
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like chicken. his daughters were in the original boat. it turns out it was lost and floated off. can you imagine an hour and half, you don't know if anybody will hear you. >> reporter: i would be blowing that whistle, too. looking live broad street at spring garden, stopped at the light and it's green and ready to go and moving just fine. roads are clear and dry, mass transit looking good, too, davey. >> reporter: it's a beautiful day, 7:00 a.m., 56 degrees, we're in the 40s in the suburbs right now. plenty of sunshine today. climbing to 64 by 9:00 a.m. 73 by noon. we're off to the races this afternoon, going tore a high of 78 degrees at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. we'll be in the upper 70s between 2:00 p.m. to dinnertime. we are looking at a really good one out there. heading to the airport today, why would you want to leave, well, if you have to, no major
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delays at the airport, but we're looking at rain in atlanta. if you're connecting through atlanta, or that's your final destination there could problems popping up later on. researchers say super bugs could kill someone every three seconds across the world. super bugs have become a growing problem coordinating to the world health organization. ten million people are projected to die all because of resistant infections by 2050. some infections will become incurable unless new antibiotics are created. the super bugs could cost governments $138 trillion a year. the phillies start a degree game series with the braves at as it is bank -- citizens bank park tonight. preakness takes place in ballot
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more tomorrow. nyquist is the overwhelming favorite to capture the second leg of the triple crown. a delaware school is experiencing another tragedy for the second time in a month. >> reporter: that's right a 15-year-old boy was shot and killed less than a month after another hour high school student died we're live with the report at 6:30.
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an 8-year-old in las vegas
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got a surprise when he ordered a root beer at tyi friday. he asked his mom to taste it, because it was bitter. that's when they realized he had an alcohol root beer. tgi friday said it was all a mistake. donald trump was helping chris christie's pockets he joined him in lawrenceville to help him pay off his debt. trump said this. i can tell you this carrier, ford, and nabisco in chicago are moving to mexico, i'm not eating oreos any more, neither is chris, no more oreos for either of us.
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chris christie is running his transition team. a hunk of burning love, an angry woman gets revenge on her ex. .
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breaking right now the wreckage of the missing egypt air flight 804 has been found. a student in delaware has been murdered. delebear. rejoys, today is the day. >> reporter: i'm in the suit jacket it's comfortable on the terrace with the sun on my shoulder. you can see the lack of cloud
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cover. everyone is in for early sunshine. the clouds in pittsburgh may streak in later in the day, they will be high and thin, overall. 55 degrees in philadelphia. still in the 40s in the suburbs. so a little chilly and more jacket appropriate in places like allentown, reading, wilmington and millville. temperatures will turn around in a hurry. heading out forecast, that's wrong, it's going to be sunny and we're going to look at temperatures on the bus stop ranging up to 60 by 8:00 a.m. this morning. by 69:00 a.m. 64 degrees -- 9:00 a.m., 64 degrees. 11, 71. 3:00 p.m., 77 we're going for a high of 78 around 4:00 p.m. pollen count in the pleed -- medium high range. it drops off on saturday and sunday, because we have rain arriving. for now, fantastic out here. >> reporter: i want to show you this live picture of i-95 a spot that would get busy anyway,
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southbound at cottman. we have a vehicle off to the side. we have penndot and police on the scene. they hook i it up to the tow truck, i-95 southbound at cottman busier as you head past the scene. we have an accident at adams road in tall township. boulevard, southbound traffic moving okay, it's slow as you admit toward the schuylkill expressway. on the schuylkill expressway itself we've got a problem here, this is the schuylkill expressway eastbound at gulph mills. we have the fedex truck off to the side. looks like an accident scene, as well. schuylkill expressway eastbound slowing past the scene. it's kind of tricky, it's around the curve even though it's off to the side. breaking news, the egyptian army said it found wreckage from
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the egypt air flight and items that belong to the passengers. annie mccormick is live in the satellite center with the details. >> reporter: matt, that's right, search crews did find parts of the plane debris 180 miles per hour north of alis an -- alis an an off the egyptian coast. the military reports they have discovered personal belongings of the passengers. greece's ministry of national defense announced that search teams are scouring south of the greek island of crete. egypt air flight 804 left paris en route to cairo. there were 66 people on board. the airline said overnight the flight went missing 174 miles off the egyptian coast shortly after entering egyptian
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aerospace. officials believe it is more likely the plane went down because of a terror attack rather than a technical failure. the greek defense minister said the plane swerved and plunged to ten thousand feet. a u.s. military aircraft is helping in the search. now the tsa here remains on high alert for all u.s.-bound international flights. the white house is monitoring the situation. intelligence officials are checking satellite imagery, they are checking the backgrounds of all people aboard the flight. there were no americans aboard the flight. live from the satellite center, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." grief counselors will be there for students at a delaware high school weeks after one classmate was killed in a school bathroom flight. another one gunned down in broad daylight. katherine scott is live outside high school of technology in wilmington.
6:34 am
such sad times for the school, katherine. >> reporter: it's been an unbelievable tough month for the students s grief counselors will be coming to the school today, howard high school school of technology after a 9th grader died. a 15-year-old boy was shot on the 900 block of cliff brown block. the detectives are out searching for evidence. it comes a month after the death of amy joyner-francis. the 16-year-old died after being beat up in a bathroom. three girls were charge in connection with her death. there's a ten thousand dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. neighbors say it seemed like a typical afternoon when suddenly they heard gunfire. i heard pow pow pow pow and
6:35 am
i was look oh, shoot that sounds awful close to home, close to the block, i want to look outside and i seen the individual lying on the ground and everybody was screaming. >> reporter: the principal said all of the howard community is pained by the loss of the young man, please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers. as to what happened to the 15-year-old boy, police do not know who pulled the trigger. police wants to hear if you if you have any tips. two gay men are suing their attackers after being beaten back in 2014. they are being sued for one specified damages. two pleaded guilty last year and received probation, knott is serving five to 10 months in jail. a man along the trail in
6:36 am
about berlin park jumped out from the trees and grabbed a woman by her shirt yesterday morning. the victim kicked punch and screamed helping her to break free. she ran to a parking lot where someone found her and called 911. run with my mom and sister that's why. it's something we do everyday. >> reporter: the victim could only provide a vague description of her attacker. police are reminding people to jog in the middle of trails and be aware of their surroundings. happening today, a public memorial service will be held to celebrate the life of peter liacouras. he died last week after a long illness. he was 85. he was credited with transforming temple from a commuter college into a residential university with increasing stature and influence. his name graces the basketball arena. the memorial tames at the temple -- takes place at the temple performing arts center at
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11:00 a.m. stotesbury regatta is the largest high school rowing event. 5600 students and 91 schools participate in this 90th year. let's talk about the weekend. very different kinds of weather. >> reporter: people on facebook and twitter are we going to have little league tomorrow morning, anything early in the morning, maybe. the rain will arrive tomorrow. future tracker 6 -- or rather storm tracker 6 live showing you we are dry. heading outside we have plenty of sunshine on sky6 live hd. there you see planes at the gate at the airport. no weather-related problems flying out of philadelphia this morning certainly. temperature, 55 degrees, some of the suburbs given the clear skies overnight and cooling we are in the 40s.
6:38 am
we'll turn afternoon quickly, the winds are not that strong. it's a cool start. sunshine on your shoulder as you walk outside this morning. cloud cover to the west which will have a tendency to fall apart as it heads to the east initially. as it makes its way here it's high, thin cloud cover. it's a mostly sunny day. 68 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 69 degrees by 10. noon, 73. spengt -- spending the major of the afternoon in the 70s today. high temperatures in the lehigh valley not bad, 78 in allentown. 679 down the pike in reading. 76 in wilmington. up in trenton, 76 and 72 in millville if you're heading to the phillies, i am it's going to be a great night for phillies and union soccer.
6:39 am
phillies 75 for the first pitch. 64 in the 9th inning g. low pressure comes in tomorrow. during the day tomorrow that low to the south will be close enough to spread rain across the region and bring good gusts around the area. the strongest down the shore. heavier rain down south where you could go over an inch of rain. the latest model shows at 9:00 a.m. saturday morning there's a possibility we're dry, but we quickly see the rain marching through. during the afternoon up through dinnertime it looks heavy at times across the region and it doesn't get on out of here until later at night. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high is a beautiful 78 degrees, bright and warm enjoy it. and then tomorrow, cloudy and rainy, high of 60. mostly cloudy on sunday,
6:40 am
68 degrees. this is not a washout, but we'll have to allow for a shower passing through at time and in the evening thunderstorms here and there. lots less rain on sunday than on saturday. monday, clouds and sun, perhaps a shower around, probably call it clouds and sunny breaks really, high of 70. clouds and sun, tuesday, chance of a shower. wednesday and thursday, look great, highs of 80 and partly sunny skies. more new stories you didn't see last night, including the fire bug who was waiting to exhale. find out why a fell valedictorian couldn't walk with his class. >> reporter: we'll check on the disabled vehicle that was clogging up i-95. smarter than the average
6:41 am
bear. see what's keeping wildlife officials on the run and turning up the heat on social media.
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6:43, accuweather is treating us with like a cat with yarn, sort of throes the yarn at us and -- throws the yarn at us and we try to grab it, it throws
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us the yarn and today will be great. and tomorrow, not so great. >> reporter: we have a great start to the day no problems on 432. we have an easy 8 minute ride from oaks to 202. that's a one-minute delay. i think you can handle that. this is i-95 southbound traffic approaching cottman. we had a disabled vehicle that has cleared. 22 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. starting to slow down on i-95. no major problems there. we have an accident adams road watch for that. that is causing abdomin issue. this fire -- causing an issue. this fire location byberry road at audubon avenue. on the commuter report we have an accident 295 northbound near west deptford watch for detours
6:45 am
around west deptford high school. 5 degrees -- 55 degrees in philadelphia. we're off to a great start, beautiful sunshine, i've been waiting for this day and now i'm sick, enjoy the 78 high warm and the weather goes down tomorrow matt. a maryland woman took her anger over her boyfriend's cheating to a whole new level. a man was taking out the trash and looked over and saw a ball of fire and realized it was his chevy malibu. he found his ex-girlfriend standing there who admitted she torched the car for being with another woman. i was shaking i was in a state of shock and disbelief at that point. >> reporter: the 18-year-old faces arson and other charges that could put her in prison for 28 years. brand new at 6:30, children who gathered for a fun field day in alabama will be attending a
6:46 am
funeral. a 10-year-old girl collapsed during a tug of war. a nurse and coaches tried cpr but the student died at the hospital. there were cooling stations and water available to the participants. authorities don't know if the girl had prior issues. a valedictorian was banned from his graduation ceremony because of his facial hair. he was not to deliver the speech or walk across the stage. he was warned about the facial hair policy. he saidess disappointed his years of hard work and a perfect gpa were not recognized. another bear sighting in the region in delaware, a member of the city took a picture of
6:47 am
the bear near white clay creek. he is heading north. if you see the bear stand back, make noise if the bear goes at you to scare him off and call police. a live preview of the "g.m.a." is up next. david today is the day to get outside. >> reporter: it is, light jackets on the kids on the way in. in the 40s in some neighborhoods, 50s this, this afternoon, shorts and ts everywhere. i'll have the day planner just ahead.
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"g.m.a." let's turn to amy robach for a rundown live at the "g.m.a." studios. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning to you, coming up next on "g.m.a." we have breaking new details about egypt air flight 804. the disappearing after taking off from paris to cairo. there's no reports pointing to terrorism. we have team coverage across the globe. take a look at this scene, a scuba diver finding himself stranded in the middle of water and surrounded by sharks. the whole thing captured on video. the incredible last-minute rescue. thank goodness. we're kicking off our summer concert series. our first party in the park of the season. we have beautiful weather as you do in philly all coming up next
6:51 am
on "g.m.a." sounds like a good show. we'll see you in minutes. >> reporter: we have an accident coming in, watch for that, i want to show you what it looks like on i-95 in case you're heading out northbound at the girard point bridge. they are blocking the left lane, you can see the van penndot on the scene. they have the arrow boards up, the cones set out. we're jammed on i-95 northbound. kelly drive is closed for the stotesbury regatta. >> reporter: it's going to be a wet one tomorrow, but nice today. we're cool this morning in the 40s and 50s, you get a light jacket you'll be fine. you won't need the jacket for long. 9:00 a.m., 64. 11:00 a.m., 71. if you're running errands you might want to get them done earlier in the day it will be warm as you open up the car and get the groceries this afternoon. 2:00 p.m., 76 degrees.
6:52 am
4:00 p.m., that's the high, 78 degrees, if you're heading out on the town this evening, it will be nice, low # -- 70s after dinner. if you're doing anything outside tonight bring a jacket. nfl is refunding $700,000 for paid patriotic moments. the pentagon used $53 million for game day recognition of troops and veterans. the league and teams have said the events were free add ons to marketing contracts. the defense department no longer funds or approves contracts in which teams pay to honor the armed forces. a lucky traveler could use the eiffel tower as a vacation spot. home away is holding a contest
6:53 am
who gets to stay there. you have to describe what you would do in the tower. the architect gus staff eiffel had his own hide away on the third level. top stories 6:55, breaking,
6:54 am
6:55 am
the egyptian army said it has found wreckage from the missing
6:56 am
air flight 804 and items belonging to the passengers. the site they are searching is in the mediterranean sea 100 miles off the of the coast of egypt. howard high school is mourning the death of another student. a 15-year-old was gunned down not far from the school. amy joyner-francis died after a fight in the bathroom a month ago. a smoking fire forced people from an apartment building on byberry road in somerton section of the city early this morning. >> reporter: we have a problem at i-95 northbound of the betsy ross bridge. police and penndot there. >> reporter: 64 degrees no problems with the weather. we're in the 40s and 50s right now. grab a jacket off the door. toss it someplace after that. 1:00 p.m., 74. 77 by 3 m the high 78 degrees.
6:57 am
mostly sunny, raining tomorrow. don't think about that, make the most of today and the weekend. for karen rogers, matt o'donnell, david murphy, i'm tamala edwards. have a good one. see you later.
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good morning, america. breaking news on the mystery of flight 804. an american plane spotting wreak aj in the mediterranean. including passengers' belongings. an airplane seat. what we're learning about the pilots. what happened at the paris airport before the flight took off? investigators trying to determine if this was an act of terror. the fbi now involved. >> so far, at least we have no claim of responsibility or evidence that this was an intentional act. >> airports around the country beefing up security. hillary clinton's toughst attack on donald trump. >> i've concluded he's not qualified to be president of the united states.


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