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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  May 20, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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ones. searchers fine the wreckage. and the automaker tries to come back from an emission cheating scandal. now the details, a buck county man is arrested for breaking into several homes. detectives say they were able to catch the suspected thief because he committed the crime the same way each time apparently using the same vehicle. the burglaries started back in march and happened in salisbury township and newtown township. trish hartman has the latest. >> reporter: police say that all of that jewelry and other items is worth between $150,000 and $250,000. and now the suspect is charged. police are trying to get that jewelry back where it belongs. >> we are trying to reunite it, there are items here i believe are very personal to some of these people and i'm sure they
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would like to have that back. >> that is the goal of the police after they say this jewelry was stole in salisbury, newtown and white marsh township. the man behind is dalton. they captured his vehicle on surveillance pulling up to this home on may 13th. in working with other departments, they quickly realized that the same man was behind at least three other residential burglaries, having pounded hundreds of items at several pawnshops using his real i.d. and real name. and now inviting the victims to come to the township to see if any of the stolen items belong to them. >> they need the police report for what they reported stolen and be able to identify the piece of jewelry and then we'll look into it and get it back to
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them. >> reporter: well dalton is locked up on $350,000 bail and police say he could be charged with more crimes as more victims come forward. we posted more pictures of the stolen items on our website at reporting live trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. school counselors are at howard high school of technology in delaware after another student has died. brandon wingo was shot and killed yesterday afternoon. the 15-year-old was found shot in the head of clifford brown walk, the death comes just weeks after sophomore amy joyner francis died after being beat up in the girl's bathroom. three girls have been charged . there was a fight and police believe it was over a girl. it happened at vineland high school. two students got into a fight as
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they got off the bus, victim was hit several times and was flown to cooper hospital. the other student is suspended facing a disciplinary hearing. egyptian armed forces and officials with egypt air confirm that wreckage from egypt air flight 804 was found. special prayers were said in key yo for members on board and 66 people in all were on the plane that crash nood the mediterranean sea. there are no signs of survivors. the jet liner made two stops in terror hot spots and there is concern of an inside job. >> they are increasingly concerned about individuals that are radicalized to the point of violence that are working in the airports themselves. >> among the items found was
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luggage and several passenger seats. look for constant updates online at and the latest on "action news" beginning at 4:00. coming up tonight on "action news," the influence of isis is creeping into the delaware valley. here is a preview. >> reporter: i'm brian taff, a local man's concerns over isis sent him on a path that ended him behind bars. >> they were sending me stuff i had no doubt they were engaged in isis in syria. >> their ability to affect the minds of young people throughout the world is unprecedented. >> how did the car salesman from delaware get connected with isis and how are they battling with a growing threat. we discussion it tonight on "action news" at 11:00.
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all right on the weather front now, it's a wonderful way to end the work week but it won't last long, get out and enjoy it because the weekend won't be as nice. to get the latest from melissa magee outside on the terrace with the accuweather forecast. the changing accuweather forecast. >> of course it will change once again as we head into the weekend, get out and bask in the sunshine today and right now we are on the right track and headed in the right direction, yesterday it was in the 70s but if you go back to sunday, very cool with a high of just 59, monday and tuesday and wednesday, yesterday a high of 73 and right now in philadelphia, numbers are still in the 70s, 71 along the 95 corridor and same for trenton and the lehigh valley 72 and at the coast in will be cooler today with the sea breeze kicking on in. cape may 67 and 64 in beach haven. here is the high pressure, satellite 6 along with action radar showing you we have clear skies thanks to the dominating
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ridge of high pressure and this ridge will help to suppress the cloud cover out to the west in cincinnati and chicago, for now. however, here is our change, stormtracker 6 live double scan 3-d showing you the moisture out across the ohio valley and the southeast, that works its way into our region just in time for the start of our weekend. the call from accuweather looking at the weekend, tomorrow 61 degrees and the rain moves in the heaviest looks to be to the south and sunday mostly cloudy and better, with limited sunshine and high of 70, can't rule out a scattered showers but there is improvement on the way. coming up we'll take a closer look at the forecast, and future tracker 6 on stand by to time out the rain and let you know rick that the 80s are returning with summer warmth next week. those details coming up with the accuweather forecast. >> thank you melissa. breaking news now we are getting new details about the suspected car thief who rammed a cop car
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in central county. they are looking for him around ridley creek state park. police say that on thursday afternoon winchester rammed a cop car and took off running, it's officer was not injured. but winchester is wanted for an attempted homicide of a police officer. turning to politics we are two week as way from a republican and democratic conventions and they are intensify their attacks on each other. kenneth moton has the latest on the war of words for the president. >> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton fighting -- >> for her to be able to continue to run is an absolute disgrace to this company. >> clinton's comments set trump off. >> he is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> he continued with a round of
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attacks on the morning shows, calling the criticism of the muslim ban dumb. >> it's one of the dumbest statements i have ever heard. >> a "new york times" poll shows that clinton leads trump by 6 points, 47 to 41, if they go head to head, they are three months away from the first debate, right now terrorism is at the top of the list in the wake of the missing flight. >> a plane got blown out of the sky and if anyone think its was not blown out of the sky, you are 100% wrong folks. >> intelligence experts have not said that it was terrorism. >> donald trump will address the conference in kentucky, but the republican is consistent during his presidential campaign.
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>> back here there was pomp and circumstance as hundreds picked up their post graduate degrees in delaware. 457 students picked up their diplomas in chester. and undergraduates will pick up their diplomas from widener tomorrow. and coming up many people cannot wait to visit the eiffel tower in paris -- but how about staying overnight in the famous monument? we'll tell you how. those stories and more when we come back.
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a business owner in iowa was surprised to discover a naked man had gotten stuck in the chimney of his recycling company. they charged him with trespassing after firefighters cut him out. he blamed his predicament on a
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failed game of hide and seek but the business owner believes he was sneaking in to rob the plate. >> pro golfer fill mickelson is being forced to pay back $1 million because of insider trading. >> so this might be the tournament -- whoa! unbelievableable shot by mickelson. known for his uncanny ability to get out of any situation on the course. >> incredible -- >> off the course phil mickelson finds himself in unchartered territory. the fcc looking into how the successful pitch man made an almost $1 million profit off a
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stock in one day. >> simply put mickelson made money that was not his to make. you shouldn't get to keep it. we have not charged him with insider trading. >> the fcc says it stemmed from a stock tip from friend and gambler billy walters. telling him to invest in a company called dean foods, but walters tip was allegedly from insider information from thomas davis, the former chairman of dean foods. >> mickelson agreed to pay back the full amount with interest. he feels vindicated but takes full responsibility to the decisions and associations that led him to be a part of this investigation. scandal plagued volkswagon agreed to a pay raise for its workers, the industrial union
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agree the to the wage increase and could help the 19 country euro zone lift inflation from dangerously low levels. they receive a 3.2% on april 1st next year and then another 2% in august. this is the latest concept car from aston martin. the design was inspired by racing cars and has a 6 liter v 12 engine and has a sleek curvy exterior and distinctive round taillights it will be on display at an auto show this weekend in italy. a group of lucky travelers will be the first visitors to use the eiffel tower as a vacation home and you could be one of them. the rental company home away, has outfitted a 2,000 square foot apartment in the landmark
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and holding the contest to stay there. the architect had his own secret hide wa way on the third level. coming up another check of the forecast as we look live outside on sky 6 hd showing you cape may and a nice shot of the beach there, meteorologist, melissa magee, has your weekend forecast from accuweather. it goes a little bit downhill from there but we'll enjoy today.
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6 abc is taking you ib side of the philadelphia zoo. there is a selfie spot to give back to children in need. visitors can share their unreal zoo adventures on social media with the new zoo hot spot. >> i was approached to paint the picture that captured the spirit of what they are doing here.
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joe hill is the mastermind behind the illusion. it's a 3-d optical illusion created for the zoo. it creates the illusion that guests are teetering on the edge of the zoo while animals roam below. >> when you stand in the right spot you take a picture and capture the different elements of the zoo like the animals and the railways and there is a slide where people can slide into the picture, i'm doing this kind of artwork for 13 or 14 years. >> every photo that is uploads goes to a worthy cause. >> that means that underprivileged children can come to the zoo if enough pictures are shared. very cool. did you take a picture? >> i did.
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mine did not come out for some reason. >> nice day to go to the zoo today but maybe not this weekend. >> not tomorrow, we'll enjoy today rick. lets see what going on here here is stormtracker 6 live double scan. it's dry and no issues with precipitation, a good looking afternoon, we'll show you the picture outside. if you are trying to get away on this get away friday. you get the green light as far as the weather is concerned. you shouldn't have travel delays in our neck of the woods. 71 degrees dew point at 36, the pressure 30.26, it's holding steady and the winds are calm. chilly ocean temperature at 57. numbers north and west of town and same for slatington and fleet wood, lower 70s and 75 in saint davids and out to the west in new holland 71. down in new jersey along the immediate coastline, 60s from
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surf city to sea isle city. and 75 inland and 78 in smyrna. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have dry conditions right now from new england all the way down to the mid-atlantic region, the clouds are starting to build across the great lakes and portions of the ohio valley all because of an area of low pressure out across the southeast that is working its way into our region for the start of our weekend. today enjoy it, mostly sunny and warm and a high temperature in philadelphia coming in at 78 degrees, average for us is 75. nice be above average today. and tonight the phils are at home take on the braves. first pitch 75 degrees and a few clouds and a comfortable night to play ball. once we get into the ninth inning we drop down to 64. we are tracking this area of low pressure that tracks its way northward, and depending on how low it gets to our region, there could be strong coastal gusts up
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to 40 miles per hour. and lighter rain to the north of our region, across the lehigh valley and the heaviest rain is setting up south of philadelphia. some areas in southern new jersey and delaware could find an inch if not an inch plus of rain. mostly cloudy but as you go throughout the day, 1:00 tomorrow afternoon it looks to be heavy there in dover and areas in south jersey and millville and wildwood. as we go through the afternoon into tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. we have the moisture sticking with us and doesn't look to be clearing until we get late into the day if not after midnight. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, bright and warm today high of 78 degrees, cloudy and wet and unsettled and soaking underway tomorrow. a high of 60. sunday mostly cloudy and a pop-up shower is likely with a high temperature of 68. leave the threat of a shower in there otherwise a high of 78
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degrees, tuesday clouds and breaks of late day sun at 76, and finally the pattern starts to switch around and wednesday we have the southern warmth, a high of 80 degrees and very warm next thursday with a high of 80. 78 today rick and it goes downhill tomorrow but gets better into next week. >> speaking the warm. india recorded its highest ever tip when it hit 50 celsius that is 123 degrees farenheit. temperatures soared because of incoming western winds. wow. >> on our people scene, iconic singer and actress cher turns 70 today. the only artist to score a number one single in each of the past six decades. and a little walk down memory
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lane, sonny and cher's "i got you babe" was released in 1965. "wheel of fortune" philadelphia week wraps up tonight. and a life watcher tries to win big. she is the professor of arts and design of moore college. you don't want to miss "wheel of fortune" philadelphia week. it's tonight at 7:30.
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more breaking news now from delaware county. chopper 6 hd over the scene where police are feverishly searching for a suspect at ridley creek state park. you can see a number of cruisers
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and authorities looking for the suspect who we identified in our last half hour as terrell winchester. we'll zoom in and show you a little bit of the search. this is the picture that authorities released of winchester. he is considered a suspected car thief that rammed a cop car yesterday. police say he rammed the police cruiser and took off running, the officer was not injured but winchester is wanted for an attempted homicide of a willis town township police officer. officers are looking for him in ridley state park in wilmington county. we are fanning out and looking for tyrell winchester and we'll have the latest on "action news" at 4:00 this afternoon. all right in the meantime let get a last check of the forecast with melissa magee. >> it's a nice one, the forecast in philadelphia 78 degrees and plenty of sunshine and mice and warm, 78 in allentown.
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and 79 in reading and 69 cooler at the coast. in toms river 75 and dover today coming in at 73. enjoy it. get out and enjoy. take the lunch outside because you'll be inside tomorrow. >> thank you melissa. that does it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm rick williams get outside and enjoy the afternoon. because tomorrow is a lot different.
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