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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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15-year-old brandon wingo. he was shot in the head and at this hour law men are mounting a major search for the person who pulled the trigger. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live in wilmington tonight. vernon, what do police know about the shooting? do they have any leads? >> reporter: they do have a number of leads, jim. there were a lot of witnesses out there yesterday afternoon and it was broad daylight. in fact, police do have the name of a person of interest they're calling that man but they are tight lipped beyond that as a father grieves here. >> it's bad, man. city's terrible. >> reporter: bradley wingo reflects on the gang land style murder his 15-year-old son brandon. young wingo was shot point blank in the head his father tells me as he walk home from the howard high school of technology just after 3:00 yesterday. the freshman was a member of the varsity basketball squad. >> basketball, basketball was his life. >> reporter: wingo tells me his son never spoke to him about any threats on his life.
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he says he's baffled by what has happened. >> and i always ask him, you know -- told him about, you know, hanging out with the wrong kids, boom, boom, boom everything. most of the kids are just basketball players that he played with over the years and became friends withism witnesses told police yesterday that gunman fled north on delivered brown drive a few blocks from the high school. howard high school was the scene of another infamous tragedy last month. amy joyner-francis a 16-year-old student died after a fight in the bathroom. three students face charges in that case. jim, a $10,000 reward has been posted for information leading to the killer so police do want more tips, as many as they can get. on sunday at 1 o'clock a prayer service at nativity prep school will be held. wingo graduated from that middle school last spring. live in wilmington, delaware, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." james. >> thank you, vernon. chester county authorities
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have identified tyrell winchester as the man wanted for the attempted homicide of a police officer yesterday. police spent the afternoon searching ridley state park and neighboring delaware county. search turned up nothing. winchester allegedly stole a vehicle yesterday and rammed into a willistown police cruiser on route three. the officer wasn't hurt. winchester is wanted on multiple charges at this hour. police in solebury township bucks county have an alleged jewel thief in custody tonight. 35-year-old william dalton of bedminster was arrested monday. they also have a huge haul of allegedly stolen jewelry. "action news" reporter trish hartman is live at solebury police and trish, the problem is that the jewelry doesn't come with name tags. >> reporter: that's exactly right, jim and here at solebury township, police do have a lot of jewelry on their hands and in most cases they don't know who owns it. so, they're opening their doors to burglary victims next
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week in hopes of giving some of those items back and maybe even cracking a few more cases. hundreds of pieces of stolen jewelry and other items are waiting at the solebury township building. police hope members of the public will claim at least some of them on wednesday night at 6:30. >> my grandmother i had gotten a lot of her costume jewelry, which really is kind of the only thing that i have from her that i just kept. >> reporter: this burglary victim says jewelry including heirlooms from her grandmother were stolen from her solebury township home. she hopes to claim it back on wednesday. surveillance cameras caught the suspects driving away from her house the day it was burglarized allly in a matter matter -- all in a matter of minutes. >> went up to the front door went up the steps into our master bedroom. >> reporter: all while the alarm was going off right. >> all while the alarm was going offism solebury police say they were able to connect the suspect with other burglaries in newtown township and whitemarsh, township
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montgomery county. police say 35-year-old william dalton pawned items at five different shops using his real name and identification. they also say they found stolen goods in his home and car. dalton was arrested on monday and sent to bucks county prison. in total police say the items are worth between 150 and $250,000. >> it's big. it's especially big for our township and it's like i said it's hundreds -- several hundred pieces of jewelry of varying values. >> reporter: now, police want to stress that you will need a police report proving that your home was burglarized. that you wander to attend on wednesday night. they also say if you have any photos or receipts of the jewelry or items you're hoping to claim, that will also be helpful. if you want to take a look at any pictures of some of the items that police have we have posted some of them on reporting live in solebury township, trish hartman channel6 "action news." jim. >> trish, thank you. also in bucks county, police are investigating an incident of road rage in bristol township.
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a caller told police that another driver brandished a gun at the intersection of new falls road and veterans highway. police were called to the scene at 11 o'clock this morning. no shots were fired. police say the weapon may have been a bb gun. two meetings took place today to address the growing problem of opioid and heroin dependence. first to philadelphia city council where members held a hearing on a resolution to create a strategy to tackle heroin abuse. the measure was introduced by councilman david oh. he has been meeting were recovering addicts and family members in hard hit communities. and pennsylvania governor tom wolf took part in a round table discussion with elected officials with law enforcement and with health professionals. the event was held in the givens fen days which is a drug and alcohol rehab in bensalem. participants shared their experiences with opioid abuse and their ideas on how to help
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addicts get help. >> workouts along the schuylkill river just got a bit easier thanks to several new water stations. city officials cut the ribbon on the new station today at the grandstands along kelly drive. rowers runners, even spectators are being encouraged to bring their own bottles and take advantage of the free fillups. and by the way there is a section at the bottom to make sure that your dog doesn't go thirsty. we are one week away from the memorial day weekend and for so many thousands of people in this area that means they are getting ready for the shore. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has that story. >> reporter:. >> it's heaven away from heaven when you get down to it. >> reporter: sisters barbara goodwin and jodi ball sat on their porch in ocean city thrilled that memorial day weekend is just around the corner. >> i look forward to summer starting on november 1st when i have to go home. >> we grew up down here. my grandparents owned it, then my dad owned it and now she
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owns it. >> reporter: they aren't the only ones happy about the approach of the summer seasons. the boardwalk in ocean city was busy today and there were plenty of people on the beach, too. >> after all these days and weeks of rain, it's awful. >> reporter: and now. >> and now it's beautiful. little windy but can't beat the sun. >> it's been a very cold year and so exciting to be back on the beach. we need warm weather because we all need a day just to relax. >> reporter: there's no relaxing for shop keepers on the boardwalk who are stocking up for the memorial day crowds. >> a lot of inventory coming in and just getting the da day o day operational stand ready for the customers. >> reporter: ocean city lifeguards are getting ready. at beach patrol headquarters they have been busy sprucing up lifeguard stands and rescue boats making sure their gear is all in order. >> memorial day rolls around we get excited. flies to get back in the boat shop get everything ready for the season. >> the energy is so great. everyone is down here having a great time. super day, super day. the forecast this weekend is less than stellar but today it was a wonderful tease as
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everyone here at the shore gets ready for memorial day weekend. in ocean city, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." >> coming up on "action news" tonight, water worries for some residents in montgomery and bucks county. they have officials handing out bottled water. and it was a walk down memory lane today for the collingswood high school class of 1946. >> after a sunny warm spectacular friday i am tracking rain on the way for your weekend. i'll have details and the timing when it moves in, when it moves out and how much to expect where you live in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> and ducis rodgers with the phillies looking forward to a weekend series with atlanta. that and more when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪
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>> it several doesn't rise to the level of the flint, michigan water crisis but there is water worries tonight among residents who live near current and former military installations in montgomery and bucks counties. "action news" reporter john rawlins has the full story. >> well i want them to test my well and to tell me definitively whether my well is contaminated or not. >> reporter: the issue that has reena oliver's attention and prompted this give away of 200 plus cases of bottled water today by the state's viral at a agency is contamination. the contamination of the ground water in and around the former willow grove air station and naval warfare center believed compounds used in aviation firefighting foam is the likely cause of the contamination. because of a new epa advisory 16 municipal wells in this
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area, five in horsham, five in warrington, six in warminster are now off line shut down along with an estimated 80 private wells until a permanent fix can be found. ed lutz among those opting for bottled water today. >> i don't have the whole story yet and if they're starting to give water away, that means they don't -- that we shouldn't drink the water. and, you know, where are we going? are we going to have another flint situation. >> reporter: with that new epa advisory experts say the tap water from municipal authorities is safe to drink. bottled water though will still be available to those on private wells. pfc's as the chemicals have been called have been linked to serious health issues. stuart green lever says constituents have been calling his office. >> of course they're concern and they should be concerned asking questions such as what impact will this have for our children. >> reporter: so many questions, not so many answers but that may change. next week the navy, the epa and multiple health agencies are going to staff a pair of
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open houses to talk one-on-one about the problems, possible solutions and who's going pay for it all. in horsham, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> temple university held a celebration of life today to pay tribute to its former president peter liacouras. among the speakers former men's basketball coach john chaney. cheney recalled liacouras' love for temple sports. liacouras' son and daughter shared their memories today. liacouras of course the university's seventh president serving from 1982 to 2000. he died on may 12th at the age of 85. 434 students received degrees from drexel university's college of medicine this morning. the commencement ceremony took place at the kimmel center in center city. plenty of proud family members and friends were in the audience for this milestone day. in 1946, harry truman was president, perry como topped
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the charts and these teenagers were about to graduate from collingswood high school. well, today they reunited for their 70th class reunion at tavern stock country club in haddonfield. 90 members of the original 309 attended the event today. of course somebody brought along a copy of the yearbook so everyone could take a walk down memory lane. >> ♪ ...on the spot. keep on scratchin' pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo.
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next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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>> schedule is kind to the phillies this weekend but you got to play the game. >> you got to. bad team coming in in the atlanta braves but the phillies are a good team themselves. south philadelphia is once again the place to be. will it continue through the summer? phillies are a game out of first place in the nl east. they are the talk of baseball. the surprise of baseball. tonight they begin a series with atlanta. jeff skversky is lie at citizens bank park with more. jeff. >> reporter: ducis how about it, the phillies were supposed to be the worst team in baseball. instead they have been one of the best and you think you're surprised. even the manager pete mackanin
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yes he's surprised they have played this well. the phillies could be in first place by the end of the night. if the phillies beat the atlanta braves tonight the worst team in the league and the nationals also lose, the phils will be tied for first. and this is not by accident. the phillies have won seven of the last eight series. it's their best run in five years. the big question is can they keep this up and contend by the end of the year? the players in the locker room, yes, they believe. >> do you believe that this team is a playoff team right now? you are in the wild card. >> knock on wood, knock on wood. but, you know, yeah, i think we're potential candidates and, you know, i like to think that way. >way. >> reporter: phillies number one prospect jp crawford promoted today lehigh valley after hitting .265 in reading. crawford one of the top
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prospects in all baseball could be up here by the end of the season but there's a sized manager pete mackanin that says he hopes he doesn't need him any time soon. >> i don't envision him being here for that reason. i just hope to -- i hope that freddie is going to end up hitting .270 and .2 at 80 and caesar is going to hit 270 or .280. if we're winning games and i like the two guys i have right now. >> reporter: it's bring your dog to the park tonight and hopefully phillies fans 33 don't have anything to bark about. they haven't with aaron nola on the mound. the phillies have won his last five starts. hopefully another one tonight. live at the ballpark, jeff skversky channel6 "action news." ducis. >> good times there. jeff thank you so much. we're now less than five weeks away from the nba draft. less than five weeks away from the sixers using that number one overall pick. while they won't use that selection on isaiah miles they did have him in for a workout today. sixers have two later first round selections. miles is originally from baltimore but he now has strong ties here so he to get
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a call from the sixers would be sweet. >> i'm here to play with the 76ers i've been here four years and i see so many of my... fill as my new holmby sides baltimore. it would be great to play here. i gave so much time and so many years to philadelphia i love it here. >> the union will host d.c. united tonight. the union are two points out of first place and two points ahead of d.c. this is an important match. >> early in the season still but it's a big game and again this league and our conference especially is a game of -- it's a conference of runs, two and three game getting results, 23 wins here and there can really separate you. >> once again phillies looking for wane hopefully nationals loss and they'll be tied for first place. >> tennis took over streets of wilmington this morning. more than a thousand children were introduced to the sport today a rodney square. the event was hosted by the united states tennis association delaware district. the mission here to promote the sport that can be played
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by people of all ages and all abilities.
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>> gorgeous weather today and of course this will continue throughout the weekend. >> wouldn't that be nice. if i could control the whether it would but i can't. >> however. >> so i won't. but this evening it's very nice. storm tracker6 live double scan showing no rain out there this evening and the action cam taking a look at fairmount park where it was just spectacular. blue skies, sunshine, everything is blooming. hopefully you got outside and enjoyed the weather today. because, yes, things are going to be changing dramatically tomorrow. rain is on the way and how much you get really depends on
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your location. it's a pretty good soaking across our entire viewing area but looks like the heaviest rain will be south. so the northwest suburbs generally about a half to an inch of rain. the i-95 metro area including philadelphia about three-quarters of an inch to an inch and a quarter and central delaware and south jersey this is where we're looking at the potential for more than an inch or an inch and a half of rainily i wouldn't be surprised if some areas end up with more than 2-inches of rain. today made it up to 76 degrees. it was beautiful. but we have not hit 80 degrees once this may. we hit it twice in march, three times in april. but last year in may, by may 20th we already had 13 days of temperatures in the 80's. if you like 80-degree weather, i am tracking some but it won't be arriving until the middle of next week. but looks like we have an extended time of that. right now, though, it's pretty nice out there. philadelphia 75 degrees. the same in allentown. reading and trenton 74. wilmington 73. you can see, though, that sea
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breeze is really cooling things off down the shore. cape may point, 61 degrees. that sea breeze reaching towards millville dropping the temperature down to 69. so satellite6 along with action radar slowing that we're beginning to see some high thin clouds creeping in ahead of the moisture. there's one low pressure across the ohio valley. what this will do, it will weaken, it will transfer all of its energy to a low that's just starting to form offer the coast of the carolinas and that's going to be our rain maker tomorrow. so tonight clouds will thicken. it stays dry tonight. you don't need the umbrella tonight and with the clouds temperature not all that chilly. 53 degrees in the cooler suburbs. about 56 degrees for center city. future tracker showing that the storm system is trending slower. so, if you want to get some errands done before the rain, you want to go out for a long run, to it early in the morning. looks like we are still dry but cloudy by 8 o'clock but then by about 11 o'clock, that rain has arrived and periods of rain heavy at times right through the afternoon.
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2 o'clock some heavy rain across south jersey. 5 o'clock, the steadiest rain begins to lift off but then even by about 8 o'clock, we still have a few lingering showers saturday evening and then sunday through tuesday, we've got a strong ridge of high pressure. the problem, though, we can't tap into that warmth because there's going to be a cutoff upper level low. that low pressure can't be steered by a jet stream so that will just meander over us so that will keep us unsettled with some scattered showers sunday through tuesday, the highest concentration those three days will be sunday and then we do begin to dry out and finally by wednesday, that low pressure will be out of here and then the temperatures sore. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow rainy, breezy and cool. the high only 61 degrees. sunday better but not that great. 68 degrees, lots of clouds and scattered showers. on monday we bum it up to 70 with a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. the same on tuesday but a little bit more sunshine so we
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bump the high up to 76 degrees and then wednesday that low pressure moves out, 83 degrees, sunshine. 84 on thursday. 85 on friday as we kick offer the holiday weekend with a chance of thunderstorms. looks like temperatures in the 80's through next weekend through the holiday weekend with a chance of some afternoon showers and thunderstorms much no. not bad. >> all right. >> not perfectly i'll work on it. got a week. >> thanks cecily. finally tonight camden adventure aquarium's new additions made their debut today. two african penguin chicks made their first official appearance in front of visitors today. they were born last month. since 1998 the aquarium has successfully bread and raised 22 african penguin chicks. the adventure aquarium is holding a contest allowing the public to name these chicks. abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian
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taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for a special report at 11:00 here on channel6. ly philadelphia police say they are increasingly having to deal with the many tentacles of isis. we talked to the city's top counter terrorism officials who tell us about their fight against isis here. and we hear he from a delaware man who says with just a few clicks of the mouse, he is able to get in touch with the top isis leadership. a dialogue that landed him in hot water. tonight what police tell us about the isis influence here at home and the message within philadelphia's muslim community to counteract the road to radicalization. now for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you will join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, breaking news, shots fired outside the white house. a suspect pulling out a gun. the white sox on lockdown. the vice president inside and was secured. the shooter taken down. we're on the scene tonight. breaking developments in the crash of flight 804. was there a fire on board? our team there tonight as teams fly over the search area. what's now been discovered and the focus on who was nut the cockpit. here at home, the frightening moment in court. the uber driver charged in a killing spree, lashing out with one of his alleged victims in court. they rush in to drag him out. was this man stunned to death? >> tase him! >> the officers with the taser and the moment after the struggle when one of the officers says, "i'm fired." >> i'm fir


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