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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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the sky in fishtown, and the latest on this unusual, scene, next on "action news". it is friday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news, that is also tragic news. one person has been killed, and a five vehicle crash, in
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caln township this is a live view from chopper six over the route 30 bypass, in addition to the fatalities, four people have been hurt, and three of the victims have been taken to paoli hospital, one to brandywine hospital, and the accident involved five vehicles, including a tractor trailer. a tanker. all this happened an hour and a half ago. authorities are still trying to sort it all out. as you can see it is a devastating scene on the highway. pennsylvania state police are telling "action news" that driving under the influence is suspected. police have closed all lanes, in both directions, just a terrible accident. actually one lane is now getting by, on one side of the road, having said that, a terrible accident tonight, in chester county. his name, brandon wingo, police think they know who shot and killed him. police took a bullet or wingo took a bullet to the head
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yesterday on clifford brown road, just a few blocks from the same wilmington school that lost another student to a violent dent last month. tonight police are searching for the teen, who pulled the trigger. lets get the latest from "action news" reporter dan cuellar at wilmington police, dann? >> reporter: jim, police necessity who they are looking for, they just haven't found him but whoever did this didn't want to just shoot brandon wingo, he wanted him dead. >> it is bad, man. it is terrible. >> reporter: bradley wingo shopping and dismay speaking about gang land style shooting of his son 15 year-old brandon wingo. he was shot three times in the face walking home from howard high school of technology. it was just after 3:00 yesterday just a a few blocks from the school. freshman was a member of the varsity basketball squad. while social medias was a buzz, he says his son never spoke to him about any threats on his life. >> i always asked him, you know, i told him about, you know, hanging out with the wrong kid, and most of the kid
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were just basketball players that he played with. >> reporter: howard high was scene of the another infamous tragedy last month, amy joyner francis a 16 year-old student died have after a fight in the bathroom. of her classmates face charges in that case. wingo had attended the nativity prep a tuition free private school for low income boys where the principal spoke glowingly about him. >> brandon was just a phenomenal young man. he was a hard worker. a really good athlete. really competitive. he was a very quietly selfless person. >> reporter: in particular paul webster will in the forget wingo self less act during the summer program. >> he noticed a kid did not have enough clothes and started to give him his and washing them, and he didn't tell anyone about it. he was just, if you saw the right thing to do he would do it. >> reporter: some of the brandon's former classmates at nativity were getting grief counseling among them the 14 year-old son of colleen leon.
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>> i just could not sleep all night. it is like my son too. it is like my son. so tragic. so tragic. wonderful kid. >> reporter: the question tonight is why was brandon wingo so ruthlessly killed. a $10,000 reward is being offer in the case. live from wilmington police in delaware i'm dan cuellar for channel six "action news". >> thanks, dan. chopper six was overhead earl are tonight as police converged on 16th and allegheny in north philadelphia a police officer sent out an s.o.s. because of a man with a gun and one officer let go with three shots. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at that scene, chad, what are the details? >> reporter: well, jim, crime scene investigators just wrapped up and left the scene. allegheny avenue was shut down. it has since reopened. we are here at 16th right behind me that is the alleged stolen vehicle. that is where it was stopped. what happened afterward, it is what led to this barricade
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situation. the standoff ended peacefully with the suspect being walked to a police cruiser but there were some tense moments. 6:00 p.m. officers spot this stolen suv at 16th and lipencot. police stop the car, the driver allegedly jumped out, shoved an officer and ran down 16th. >> as he did, you know, the backup officer also a arrived and backup officer can see that the male was pulling a firearm from his waist band. >> reporter: one officer fired three times missing the suspect who darted in an alley halfway down block. police say the suspect barricaded himself in an apartment. the resident there fled and police evacuated the other units in the building. >> at that point the officers secured the property, front and rear, called for supervisor, barricaded situation was declared. >> reporter: investigators made phone communication with the suspect who tried to trick officers into believing he had already escaped the apartment building. after more than two hours,
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police made entry into the first floor apartment. >> when we entered the property, he immediately surrendered. it turned out that the weapon was replica firearm, called a glock, same firearm that we carry. >> reporter: and fortunately, no one was injured. the name of the suspect was in the released but police say that he is known to investigators. i'm live from north philadelphia, chad pradelli for channel six "action news". >> jim. >> thanks, chad. president barack obama is safely back at the white house tonight after a security scare and lock down. officials say that an armed man approached a checkpoint outside of the white house grounds just after 3:00 this afternoon and ignored repeated order to drop his gun. a secret service officer fired one shot, critically wounding the suspect, and he has been identified tonight as jesse oliveri of schuylkill county, pennsylvania. investigators poured over every inch of a toyota parked
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nearby finding ammunition inside. vice-president joe biden was inside of the white house during the hour long lock down, and secret service was on extra alert, as president obama's motorcade return home later. it wasn't quite the behind evenberg but everybody who saw it is talking about the blimp that crash land add long the delaware river within spinning distance of i-95. "action news" viewer susan weaver was watching as the blimp used for company advertising started to deflate in midair. >> this is the blimp running out of air. >> so it was, philadelphia police received numerous calls >> beep. >> twenty-sixth district priority one air emergency coming at location of delaware avenue and b street, blimp coming out of the sky. >> aircraft came down for an emergency landing on delaware avenue and then got blown into an industrial a area at beach
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and richmond streets and ended up wrapping around a utility pole. two people were on board. fortunately the electrical wires never made contact, neither of those two individuals was hurt. the faa and ntsb are now investigating looking for a cause. to enjoy this night is to wonder how the weather can change so drastically before tomorrow but folks were taking advantage of the nice night while will they could live at the spruce street harbor park along the delaware is a "action news" reporter jeff chirico. jeff, there haven't been many nights like this so far this spring and there won't be like this come tomorrow. >> reporter: that is right, jim. you can count them on one hand, this spring. now if we hit the upper 70's today. temperatures are starting to get cooler. but here across the city and here at the park you can see folks wearing shorts, short sleeves, enjoying the break from the rain and the warm
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tell tours. it has been a while. >> reporter: it wasn't dollar dog night but bring your dog night at citizens bank park, more than 300 pooches, many dressed in costumes paraded around the field with their owners before the game. >> so awesome, i love it, being out here and seeing other dogs, so much fun. >> reporter: what brings you out? >> the phillies, and him. >> reporter: your two loves all in one. >> absolutely. he is having a great time. >> reporter: many phillies fans took advantage of the seemingly rare warm night to hit the ball field even if they weren't terribly interested in the game. this family was glad rain held off for dalton's 12th birthday celebration. >> it business time, i'm surprised he is in the playing in rubber shoes out here. >> perfect night, fact that phillies are winning and almost in first place is even better. >> reporter: spruce street harbor park the hammocks were filled and in south philadelphia locals filled outdoor tables for a while. >> my husband gets off work early for friday. we said perfect, we can get nice dinner before she has to
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go to bed. >> reporter: and mother nature set up a perfect backdrop for garden party fundraiser for historic pal house museum in olde city. >> beautiful. we have been having a record turnout. we're expecting around 200 people. usually we get maybe 150. >> reporter: this perfectionist fleeting, rain is on the way. >> we're not paying attention to that we're just enjoying tonight. >> reporter: and that is the attitude to have. perhaps the only thing that would have made tonight better, would be a phillies win. i guess we cannot have it all. we are live at spruce street harbor park, jeff chirico for channel six a "action news". still to come on "action news" tonight a change is coming in cecily tynan's weekend forecast. >> that is exactly right, jim, i'm tracking rain on the way, i will have new information on the timing and talk about something on the way we have not experienced yet this month, details from the accu weather forecast. we have new details tonight in the egyptair crash that is causing new
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speculation about what brought the plane down. plus rebranding food labels, we will explain why it should be easier to track what you are eating. brian taff joins us tonight with a special report. >> jim, isis has taken a firm foot hold in our national conversation but also taking a foot hold in the community. coming up how a delaware man wound up talking with top isis leaders and philadelphia police say the group's local influence is growing. ducis rodgers with the phillies starting a week even series with the braves, in south philadelphia, when "action news" continues.
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today, smoke reportedly detected on board the doomed egyptair flight, shortly before disappeared from radar on route from paris to cairo, wednesday night. if true, that may indicate that mechanical failure or a fire, rather than a bomb. the new data was obtained by aviation hurled, human remains, a plane seat and luggage have now been found 5 miles from where the flight
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lost contact, over the mediterranean. no terror group, including isis, has claimed responsibility for the crash, and some experts say that is a surprise, and notable prompting more uncertainty over the cause. one thing is for sure isis remains very much a global threat. you know that. you may be surprised to learn that philadelphia police say that they too are dealing with a ten -- tentacles of that organization. brian taffys here with a special report. what about isis's influence here at home. >> reporter: so many think of ice is as something that is both foreign a and far away but, the truth is, it is newter of those thing. counter terrorism officials say they are increasingly seeing isis influence because getting to that group is not as hard as one might imagine. >> i'm challenging them in a totally different way other people haven't challenge them to that point. >> reporter: in 2014 toby lopez set out on what he admits was a dangerous quest
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to satisfy his curiosity. >> i wanted to educate myself on what they were doing. >> reporter: instead of searching for answers about isis on google, he went straight to the source and few clicks later, he said he got them. >> i had no doubt that these people were actively engaged in isis in syria. >> reporter: lopez, a car salesman from delaware, says he was communicating with top isis commanders. he then contacted the fbi, a back and forth ensued, and while charges were eventually dropped, lopez spent 14 months in federal prison accused of threatening an agent. but in everything that happened to him he said among his biggest surprise was how easy it was to contact and engage isis. >> to put it simply, doors opened and i walk through them. i was ant frayed to walk through them. >> reporter: a phenomenon well men to philadelphia counter terrorism forces. what was once a dark road to radicalization now a well paved, high tech path.
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>> isis, they are also putting together the most sophisticated form of recruitment, and they are truly masters of social media. >> message to all of the americans. >> reporter: police say message is seeping into philadelphia. gunman behind shooting of officer jesse hartnett allegedly told police he did it in the name of ice is this man whom we interviewed for an unrelated story was seen wearing what appears to be an isis sweat shirt. he later told us, it was not a sign of support. >> to say that anything is not in your backyard is to be ignoring the modern world that we live in. >> we will destroy you. >> reporter: local investigators say this is new reality, anyone with interest and the internet can reach out to terror groups or be reached by then. isis is putting a lot of effort into their outreach. >> 60,000 tweets a day, isil puts out, and the facebook pages, and all of these social media outlets. >> reporter: propaganda
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campaign where targets can be found in places like this. >> last friday, hundreds attended midday pray era at germantown mosque. it has less that day imam spoke about seeking knowledge about islam to fight isis. people without understanding he says can be more easily influenced. >> unaudible. >> he also distributes these pamphlets, anti isis literature that he hopes carries his message beyond the walls of the mosque a and police say they need all of the help that they can get. >> we're behind the eight ball. we're playing catch up. >> reporter: police say a clear pattern has emerged that isis tend to target young men, 15 to 25, with their propaganda a, people who might be socially isolated or not effective. police are mining social media to find and disrupt these conversations and doing their own outreach to count are act message and under taking that will take a lot of resources
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and manpower, two things that most police department don't have. >> wartime propaganda came into its own in world war two. these terror organizations have taken it to a whole new level. >> new kind of pamphlettiering. >> thanks, brian. several good smart tans rush to the aid of the western pennsylvania mother during an attempted carjacking. cristina had her young son with her when a man jumped in to her minivan in a wal-mart parking lot yesterday and held a knife to her throat. >> my four year-old, which is all i kept thinking will this man take me, take my son, and this world is so sick. >> reporter: guth hit the horn, screamed and partially pushed the attacker off before a bystander opened the door and threw the guy to the ground. police say 42 year-old ronald ran in the wal-mart to change into a teen ant turtle shirt
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but witnesses chased and subdued him. >> i went to the sporting goods section, grabbed a bat and flushed him out. the real hero, gentlemen who was able to get a cart and mow him down with the cart by the market section. so, stood over him and waited until police got there. >> one good samaritan says the real hero here, is the mom. she was like a mother bear, defending her cub. and health check at 11:00 tonight nutrition labels are getting a make over to make them easier to understand. you won't have to do as much math, for example, a bag of chips or soda bottle will be broken up in multiple servings. numbers will reflect realistic portions based on the package size. california will -- calories wile the boldes thing than anything else on the label. more attention will be added sugars. first lady michelle obama announced the f.d.a. changes today, most food manufacturers have two or three years, to
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comply, with the new regulations. proud of her accomplishments there. >> it is ironic when it shows ice cream, like a quarter cup is a serving. >> who eats a quarter cup of ice cream good that is like two spoon fulls. >> really. >> that is not happening. >> no. >> accu weather forecast for the weekend is disappointing after a day like this. >> today was gorgeous. can't extend tonight to the weekend. storm tracker six live double scan showing that it is still fine now and it will remain dry in the overnight hours, and it is really comfortable. we did have some high, thin, clouds, working in, before the sunset, and it created a beautiful image like this. tara posted this on my facebook page from downingtown. you can see the halo. cloud are made of ice crystals 20,000 feet in the atmosphere. those ice crystals actually act like, prisms, creating this rainbow around, the sun as it was setting. so pretty nice photo, after a beautiful day, and pretty mild
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night. 61 degrees in philadelphia down from a high of 76. that is 1 degree above normal. allentown 65. trenton 60. boardwalk down to 68 degrees. that matches ocean temperature and sea breeze. wilmington currently 60 degrees. satellite six with action radar showing cloud are continuing to thicken up. and there is two low pressures in play. is there one over kentucky, this is beginning to weaken, and this coastal low is beginning to form, and take over, and that is that will bring up the cloudy, dreary, conditions, really throughout the day tomorrow. but this impact scale shows you that if you want to get out and about, if you need to do some activity, do it in the morning. the impact will be lower around 9:00 o'clock. you can see how it increases in the afternoon. this is when we will be seeing heavy rain. future tracker showing around 11:00 o'clock showers mainly south of philadelphia and fills in more by 2:00. as we head into about 5:00 o'clock heavy rain that
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will last into saturday night, before tapering off to some lingering showers by late saturday night and that primary low moves out quickly. problem is a secondary cut off, upper level low and this system will meander here. sunday, monday, and even tuesday. that will keep us, unsettled, but then when that le pressure moves out, we've got a major warm up by, wednesday. so the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, lots of cloud. it will be breezy and it will be dam one period of rain especially in the afternoon. the high 61 degrees. sunday, lots of cloud, occasional showers, 68. monday and tuesday, still a chance of a pop up shower or thunderstorm. they look less numerous by tuesday with a high of 76. look at this, by wednesday, first time in the 80's this month. 83 degrees, on thursday, and 84, and, friday, and, 85 degrees with the possibility of the late day thunderstorm. an early look at the holiday
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weekend shows temperatures in the 80's. a little bit unsettled but on the warm side and definitely better than this weekend. >> thanks, cecily. >> feast for the eyes and music for the soul at kimmel center tonight. >> ♪ >> acrobats from a symphony performed with the philly pops to the songs of hit movies. this is the final philly pops show for the season. ♪
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phillies trying to get, climb that mountain and get to
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the very top, they had a weak team they played tonight. >> right. >> things don't go according to plan, jim. phillies so close to first place. braves are the worst team in baseball. before you think it is a give me, think again. in the night, 350 dogs on hand. a lot of wawa bags. third inning aaron nola faces freddie freeman, two run home run. first of two for freeman tonight. he hits a two run home run. >> phillies down two-one, number eight hitter up because coach mackanin likes to bat the pitcher eighth. it doesn't get it done. he retired seven batters. 's loud just one run. same cannot be said for nola, nick in the seventh, nola gives up five runs, two are earn. phillies lose seven-one. >> they have got a good line up there. they are not a push over by any means. on any given day, they can beat anybody. we have to take them, you know, we cannot take them for
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granted. we have to go out there and battle to win. and that is what we have to do the next two games, the rest of the year actually. phillies top prospect jp crawford has been pro meted to triple a lehigh valley. tonight was his first game for iron pigs, crawford goes zero for three with the walk and strike out. we are less than five weeks a way from the nba draft, all focus has been on the sixers number one overall pick but they have two other picks as well, 24 and 26 overall. so to help them decide on those selections, the sixers invited more prospects to their practice facility for a work out today and that included isaiah miles. he explains how he would fit in with the sixers. >> i think i can be a really good, you know, contributor, you know, like they definitely need an actual shooter a big shoot shore can stretch the floor who can be a big problem, and i think they need one and i can fit right there. >> still ahead, we will hit the pitch, union and d.c. united, latest battle turns
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out to be a nail battle.
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union home to d.c. united tonight. what a finish. scoreless match into the the 91st minute. >> goal. >> put a shirt on that man. richie marquez with the game winner. union win one to nothing. they are now in first place, and pens/lightening, that is odd. game four pittsburgh keeps series two-one.
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tyler johnson gives lightening a a huge lead this makes it a four to nothing game. the pittsburgh scores three in the third to make it four- 36789 a late flurry, comes up short, tampa bay wins four -three to tie the series at two-two. that is sports. >> do you think sidney crosby is upset by that. >> a little bit. jimmy kimmel is next followed by night line. jimmy's guest brian cranston, anika rose and music from joanna new some. "action news" continues at 5:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a great night, and a terrific weekend. >> ♪
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, bryan cranston. from "roots," anika noni rose. and music from joanna newsom. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. it's very nice. i want


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