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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  May 22, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am EDT

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♪ and they finish this homestand with five wins in nine games. >> it's great to end the homestand with a win with some confidence going into the road trip. [whistle] if the organization made a move to get up to two at some point it is probably not going to be -- >> the number one pick in the 2016 about nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers. >> this news of the business pick i think just wraps everything up in a nice ball. i think we got a jolt that we needed. ♪ >> this is "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. >> who should the sixers take
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number one overall? plus, is sam bradford acting like a number one quarterback? talking about that and much more with the number one sports talk radio host in philadelphia from 97.5 the fanatic. and the offensive category, averages, homers, batting average and the phillies arguably one of the worst teams in all of baseball. the way they are hitting, can they sustain this winning? >> all they do is win. i am befuddled and i don't think they can sustain it. if they get to june and are six over .500 i will take them seriously. >> an ugly weekend. and the phills against the braves. the cook we monster there. c for cookie and c for cameron rupp. how sweet, the solo shot.
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and also for maikel franco who has been struggling and clutch fit. and put up a 5-spot for jerad eickhoff who does the rest. seven innings, doesn't allow a single run. the phills win 5-0, avoid being swept by the worst team in the league. and seven shut-outs, the most in baseball. >> we needed to win that game today the way i look at it. because we're going to be facing some tough teams. teams we -- well detroit we haven't seen, nor the cubs. we know they are both pretty good offensive-minded teams. and it's great to end the homestand with the win with some confidence going into the road trip. the phills may be confident going into detroit tomorrow with ryan howard expected to be the designated hitter for that entire series. but do you have confidence any longer in ryan howard and the way he is playing?
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among first basemen in baseball, the worst batting average, worst on-base percentage. >> no, i don't have any confidence, but the thing about him. he has bombs, hit a couple of bombs and his average is not going to be good. he is late on everything. his bat speed declined. but what is the solution? are you going to release him? here is the thing about ryan howard, because they are playing so well doesn't stand out as a guy who is playing poorly. he is cushioned by the rest of his young teammates. the fans haven't had a chance to get on him. as long as they play this way he is not going to be this guy who stand out as the bad of this team. >> here's the solution: to take all of the edge off howard from the fans, just say this is it for ryan howard for a philadelphia phillies career at the end of the season. send him out in style. >> you still have to put him in the line-up.
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>> do you think they are agitated? >> with ryan howard? absolutely. >> it has waned a little bit. and i think because the cushion of the team playing well, people have not focused on his inadequacies. >> i like ryan howard. and i wouldn't release him, but still owed $18 million this year and a $10 million buy-out. if the phills are still a playoff game come july would you add pieces? >> absolutely. in july if they are in the race, they can make the playoffs, absolutely i would be a buyer. and i don't know where they would look, but they need a corner outfielder with a little pop. maybe they get a guy who has a high price tag and they start that process. going to have a lot of money for free agents next year anyway, you might as well start the process now if you are in the race and you can steal the wild car card. and they have to be 10
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above .500 to do that. and agreeing with you, may be chasing a bat. >> and july, that's the smartest thing we can do we will look at doing that i am not opposed to that, but making sure we are objective and thorough in how we make that decision. if that's the players on the field, they put us in that position to make the light decisions, we will make the decisions. >> people say we look like. >> maybe you can switch jobs -- >> he has little bit better of a job. >> maybe you can add a piece. >> maybe mike trout. the sixers add a very big piece next month. if you are brian colangelo or sixers coach brown, is it ben simmons all the way? >> to me it is a no-brainer. i think ben simmons is best in the draft playing positions 1-5. his versatility gives you an
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efrj. -- edge. and i think brandon ingram is a good player, but i think you have to maximize and take him. and i know he has this l.a. thing going and his heart may not be in place in philadelphia. once he gets the paycheck and starts playing with the young guys and sees the potential of the team and where they are going, i think he will be sold on phillie. -- philly. >> the sixers have big guys. unless you tell me that simmonds is the next lebron james, how do you not go ingram? >> you can't draft -- >> you are saying they are not equal? >> i think -- no, i don't think they are close. i think simmonds is clearly the better player and the sense among the nba scouts that he is also the bigger player. why would you take a position of need and bypass the better player? line up all the good players you can and then decide what to do
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with them down the road. >> the sixers coach, brown, claims they are still undecided who they are going to take number one overall. >> the information is not even close to being whole now on what we have with all of those first say 1-5, 1-6 picks. over time we will judge that with a far more scrutinized lens. we will take into wholly the player, the skill level, etc. >> assuming the sixers take simmonds, it appears they will, the sixers have another big man. they have embiid, and they can play center but have no guards. would you even think of trading alike like jahlil okafor? >> only in the context of the lakers. if the lakers are interested in
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jahlil, then i would not trade him for -- i would not trade him to boston for the third pick. >> god forbid tough play him in the playoffs. >> and secondly the third pick i think there is a drop off after the first two picks, and i would not trade him to boston. the only possibility. and i am about 60% on it. if the lakers wanted jahlil okafor i would make that move. >> the only thing is, okafor is the best player. >> you have so many bigs you can fill in with. and noel is the center and simmonds down there and enough to compensate for the back of jahlil okafor. >> they may wait to find out if embiid can play. and sam bradford, after he finally addresses the two-week holdout. and first the weather. thanks, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. monday, still unsettled.
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some sunshine and spotty shower in the forecast. high temperature of 72. pop-up thunder shower possible tuesday, 74. by wednesday, in the 80s. the first 80-degree in the month of may. thursday is warm and humid side. high of 87. 86 getting into friday. and actions sports sunday continues after the break.
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♪ >> "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. >> i am not completely naive. i think you realize that, you know, if the organization made a move to get up to two at some point, it's probably not going to be my team. but, you know, until it's not, i'm going to continue to lead these guys the way i did last year. >> there you have it, sam bradford days are numbered. he knows it, we know it. do you have a problem with the way he spoke this week? >> yeah, a little bit. think he's given up. you know -- >> he doesn't sound like a
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leader. >> his heart is not into playing with the philadelphia eagles. he said, you know, i am not naive, it is not my team. is he going to -- sure he needs another contract, but he has to play well. did he strive will getting the first down? worry about getting injured? did preserving himself for a contract with another team? and his hard is not it it for the eagles and i think they need to trade him. do you like marshmallows? >> me, too. how about a new way to eat them. gordan spieth hitting the ball with the marshmallow on top and then eating it. >> and he would have showed me something if it was a hot pepper and then swallow it. >> that is mike, i'm jeff, this is "action news" sports sunday, good night. ♪
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