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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  May 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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denied mr. cosby the right to face his accuser and question her. today's court decision weighed heavily on the 78-year-old comedian he doesn't show it as he exited the courthouse. he smiled and waived. a detective on the stand read into the record her statement from 2005. she alleges that cosby in 2004 at his home in cheltenham he gave her two blue pills and wine. and she was dizzy and like jelly and she was on a couch with bill cosby assaulting her but she was unable to speak. the comedian said the pills were over the counter benadryl. as for physical contect, cosby spoke of betting and kissing and touching private parts and he
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later apologized to both constand and her mother. >> we only have to show that a crime was committed and we did that through the victim's statement and the defendant. admissions to much of the crime. >> there was no evidence of a crime here and the insistsies that plague this investigation from the beginning plague its now. this should end immediately. >> among the spectators is gloria allred, she represents dozens of women who claim they were victimized by cosby. >> in the police reports admitted into evidence, was very damaging to him. >> well, the defense maintains what occurred 12 years ago was not a crime and a concsensual relationship. live in norristown, john
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rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. we are hearing late this afternoon that cosby's defense team is planning to hold a news conference at 5:00. we'll bring that to you live here on "action news." meanwhile, the comprehensive coverage continues on our website at, with more details about the case and pictures from the day's proceedings and video including cosby's arrival that we streamed live as it happened. police say they have the driver that hit a man in northeast philadelphia and left him there to die, has turned himself in. walter perez is live with the details there. you spoke to the victim's family today? >> i did brian. and they are absolutely shattered by what happened. we have a live look at the scene here. the wreckage at the bus stop. this wreckage rests a half block
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away from where it once stood giving you an idea of the impact. all the family is trying to come to grips. he is identified as molina. >> miss him and love him and i wish he could come back to me but i know he can't. >> he is a very nice guy. i love him. he is a good father. >> it was around 12:30 last night when molina was on his way home from work, he was under the canopy presumably seeking shelter from the rain. when the suspect's car hit the bus stop. they are certain of two factors linked to this crash. >> speed was clearly a factor, the weather was pouring down rain and losing control. so definitely speed and weather, two huge factors in this crash.
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molina was 100 feet down the road and pronounced dead minutes later. the driver took off on foot and it wasn't until 6:15 this morning, when the suspect walked into the police station. >> he said i was involved i was the only one in the vehicle and i'm here to let you know. >> the victim's wife says she is glad the suspect surrendered but that does not fill the void left behind by this tragedy. >> we got along well and we have a 20-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son. rest many peace baby, i love you. >> back out live on the scene, police tell us the vehicle involved is not registered to the suspect.
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the suspect's name will be released after he is formerly charged. that is expected to happen as early as sometime tomorrow morning. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you walter. also, in northeast philadelphia, two people went to the hospital today after a crash on roosevelt boulevard. this happened at 11:30 this morning on bustleton avenue, police tell us a second victim, a woman in her 70s went to the hospital and they have not released the names of the victims and have not said how seriously they are injured. we made it to the upper 70s and tomorrow we feel summer like heat. for a lot of you that say welcome change. cecily tynan is in for adam and joins us with the first check of the forecast. >> hi brian and sharrie, an update on temperatures as of 4:00 we hit 80 degrees, the
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first time we have done that in may. take a look at the temperatures, 80 in philadelphia, now it's 82 degrees that just happened as i was talking. it's 82 now and 81 in baltimore. if you look up to the north and east, boston what a difference, 56 degrees, under the influence of some clouds and showers and satellite 6 along with action radar showing that low pressure that upper level low continues to push to the east and it's bringing us cloud cover and an isolated shower and generally that continues to move away from us, as we move through the overnight hours. the evening planner, partly cloudy at 7:00 and temperatures 74 degrees, and 9:00, 71. and a relatively warm evening and i'm tracking even warmer air on the way. suddenly it will feel like summer it's getting more humid and i'm tracking our first 90 degree day coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily.
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it is a big day at 6 abc, we want to invite you, to be a part of it. we are teaming up with childrens hospital's daisy days charity to raise money for pediatric cancer. we'll go to sara bloomquist with more on this program and details on how you can get involved. >> reporter: we are taking your calls to support the childrens hospital of philadelphia. this is part of the daisy days campaign, this year the feature beneficiary is the cancer center at chop. it's an internationally recognized center for pediatric research and treatment. the number to call is 1-877-940-6222. patients come from all over the globe to receive the best pediatric care here in philadelphia. we have cancer survivors as well as some of the staff from chop here to answer your calls. rick and monica, rick is waiting
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for a phone call right now. i want to bring in dr. alex sife. >> thank you for hosting us. >> tell us about the oncology department. >> it's a special and unique place. chop is one of the best childrens hospitals in the world so we attract the people that are the most dedicated and most caring and willing to go the extra mile on their research side and the side of the folks caring for the patients and their families. it's a phenomenal place. >> encourage people to donate. $1, $5, where does that money go? >> no donation is too small. campaigns like this one make people aware and those big numbers of small donations or large donations are going to help us do some really important things that we are not able to
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do without funds and support like daisy days. the funds from the daisy days campaign will go to support both helping kids who are going through this experience. -- gh this process. the daisy days funds will help that program and we use them to create state of the artery search to give children therapies and improve and make the treatments more. please donate to childrens
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hospital this afternoon. the number to call 1-877-940-6222. >> rick and monica are just to your left. you got it. >> a great cause and thrilled to hear the phone rings, thanks sara. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go live to matt pellman in the action senter. they are there until 6:30 in the evening. people are here for a while on the schuylkill expressway westbound, because there is a crash underneath 30th street station taking out the right lane and penndot and police are on the scene assisting but it's a long slow crawl coming westbound on the schuylkill away from that point under 30th. southbound approaching the schuylkill that cleared out and sluggish as you join up with 76. and from the schuylkill to broad street, that is the case most afternoons. and this is a big problem, late
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running construction. the split between 95 and 495, taking out the left lane, it could be out here until 5:30, this is problems for 95 southbound drivers, the delay starts at 420 and think about alternates for the southbound lanes this afternoon. in north coventry, blocking 74 with slowing on 422 westbound: lets grab the ipad, in buck county a crash on 202 in the warrington area, slow going as a result. >> thank you. we'll be standing by thank you. still ahead there is fierce fighting in iraq. we have more on the allies and the islamic state. and the egypt airlines crash, they say they are leaning toward one possibility. and the line went out the door and down the street. for a grand reopening of a
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neighborhood staple. we'll take you inside of a local bakery making a sweet come back after a devastating fire. ♪
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there are conflicting new reports about the fate of egypt air flight 804. one forensic investigators says the condition of the human remains indicates an explosion brought down the plane but an egyptian official dismissed the idea as baseless speculation. crews are searching for the black boxes and fuselage in the mediterranean sea. they are looking to drive isis out of falluja, it's a key strong hold since they took it in 2014. iraqis are trying to kick them out with a large scale military operation since sunday. they are putting 50,000 civilians at risk. anyone that escapes is being provided with emergency shelter. here at the big board, the
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sign says it all. it was a sweet celebration indeed this morning at denise's delicacies, a north philadelphia staple. the bakery sustained heavy damage just before easter last year and was forced to close down, a little more than a year later, denise is back. her faithful showed up bright and early to get back in and get the sweets. >> i am waiting for this for a long time. >> haven't had a birthday cake in over a year? >> no denise's delicacies, no cake, that is how faithful this crowd is. >> i am waiting for them to open up since they close. >> this morning they waited patiently in a line down 22nd street just to get back in. >> they have the best cakes in town and the nieces are looking forward to this day. hip hip hooray. >> for denise was a long road to
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get these cupcakes and donuts and pastries back on the shelf. she could not hold back the happy tears. >> it has taken us 14 months since the fire to get to this points. it's been a long journey and a lot of challenges but we are back. >> and so are the orders, thousands of them. >> it's like a wednesday before thanksgiving. >> the trau berry cupcake. >> i came for chocolate pecan cookies. >> red velvet cat. >> i got my favorite the vanilla pound cake with the butter ice-cream. >> she had the golden ticket. number one. >> i keep this number one, i was first in line and i am waiting on her all year, i'm just happy. >> big smiles and big orders all around. remember lisa friedman that went without the birthday cake. >> i'm getting cookies and
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donuts and cakes, i'm on sweet overload. >> she left with a few bags. >> denise's is a family affair and many families said this is where their cakes were coming from for decades. and now she is hope. >> good stuff, brian and i both said, what is the address? >> animated fans we love them. it's time now for the accuweather forecast. lets send things over to cecily tynan in for adam today. we are talking about temperatures on the rise. >> 82 degrees in philadelphia right now, and most of our region is rain free, stormtracker 6 live double scan not nearly as active as this time yesterday. but there is one isolated downpour right on the border of gloucester and camden county. crossing cross keys road down to the atlantic city expressway. blue anchor you are getting this, no lightning with this, this is just one heavy downpour
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and air mass that has developed with the low pressure that is move ago way from us. a little bit of instability there but temperatures it's starting to feel like summer. 82 in philadelphia, when i left the studio to go outside for the last broadcast, it was 80 and when i walked out of the studio it went to 82 in 30 seconds, wilmington 82 and allentown 83 and trenton 83 and cooler along the beaches, but still temperatures in the 70s. if you look at in month, we are running well below normal. 4 degrees below normal and this is only the fourth day this month with temperature as above normal. but we'll add to that as we head towards the end of the month. but i think this will be the first month in more than a year with below normal temperatures. we had a string of 13 months in a row of below normal temperatures. the upper level low is sit ofg the coast of new england and that is pull ago way from us and
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that means clouds and isolated showers this evening are heading out as well. it's a pretty warm night. overnight low is 60 in philadelphia and 52 in wilmington and allentown 59 degrees. the heat son and suddenly summer tomorrow. temperatures 86 degrees by 4:00 and on thursday, a little bit warmer, a little bit humid as well. with a temperature of 87 degrees. it feels like we are headed towards summer and one summertime threat, tropical storms, i am watching this area over the southern bahamas, this has the potential to be tropical storm bonnie, even if it's not a named system it will eventually start to drift to the coast and that could bring rains and high winds and high surf from florida to the carolinas, the four day at 4:00, the heat is on, 86 degrees and plenty of sunshine.
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thursday up to 88 degrees, more humid and the possibility of a late day thunderstorm, i think we have a better chance of thunderstorms on friday. when it's hot and humid hitting 90 degrees the first time this year and saturday warm and muggy with thunderstorms, 88 degrees, this is coming on so suddenly, you do want to take it easy. i went running, a long run this morning, and i was wiped out. you are not used to it. >> and make sure if you have an elderly friend that they have air conditioning, it's very personality. >> it came on quick, thank you cecily. another look at our phone bank as we continue to take your calls and raise money to fight pediatric cancers. and we are joined by that guy, the philly phanatic and monica malpass. >> and teaming up with daisy days charity and we would love your help. call the number on your screen right now. to make a donation, 1-877-940-6222.
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the phone lines are open until 6:30 tonight and sara bloomquist standing by with another update in 15 minutes.
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i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. police in montgomery county are looking for the man that robbed a local convenience store at gun point. they gave us pictures from last night inside of the 7-eleven on limokiln pike and they pulled a gun and forced the man to open the register. he took the money and ran off. nobody was hurt and other people in the store said it was so quiet, they didn't realize it was happening. they found his wig and shirt. a harvard study shows 43% of highly skilled women with children voluntarily leave their jobs, that leaves companies with a gap in talent and what happens when the women want to get back to their careers. a new project could be a win win situation for businesses and women who are raising a family
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and putting in time at the office. here is nydia han. >> reporter: this is a story that speaks to me and if if are you a mom it will speak to you too. a simple but brilliant max making tool could revolutionize the way we work. >> i love to have this opportunity to help moms across the country to find meaningful rewarding work. >> this mom has launched a startup to help moms get back into the workforce and helping companies that lose moms. tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> should be interested. meantime 1 million middle school students took time to consider a career. the school district held his stem expo on temple's campus, stem stands for science, engineering, and mathematics.
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he earn couraged them to try a profession in his field and said it's good to love science. and the goal was to introduce kids to jobs that focus on the stem model. as long security lines plague airports across the country, the tsa is relying on passengers to help out. we'll tell you what you can do to keep things moving. plus -- >> i'm nydia han in time for summer consumer reports has tested insect repellants and found the best ones to protect you and your family.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. hello again, 4:30 now and "action news" continues with the latest on a fire that forced a montgomery county school to close early today. and a $5 million project with a major mistake. find out why delaware has to spend big bucks to fix this bridge. and in big talkers a heart warming is video you don't want to miss. how a marine dad took time to celebrate with his son before heading out on his latest deployment. first summer travel season is about to get underway and long lines at airports across the country proves that the tsa is already struggling to keep up. these lines partst reason that
4:30 pm
the head of the agency was fired. vernon odom is live with more. >> reporter: good evening sharrie, in this time of heightened airport security tsa is blasted for all of those long lines but tsa says that too much time is wasted by passengers bringing on items they should know are taboo. each weekday some 35,000 passengers fly out of philadelphia international airport, to most of them this is a familiar refrain from tsa as they go through security check points. >> make sure everything is out of your pocket, no drinks, no beverages. >> in recent weeks there are reports across the country of thousands missing flights because of lengthy wait times, three hour waits at chicago o'hare. no such traffic jams at philadelphia so far. >> if it's more than an hour, i
4:31 pm
have waited here an hour before so -- >> does it get on your nerves? >> i'm running out of time i'm running to catch my flight. >> the tsa takes the heat for long lines, they say that passenger level is up from last year and understaffed thanks to congress. and they say there is a passenger generated cause and effect. >> make sure you don't have the prohibited items in your bag. >> they ran 10 people through a typical screening and no prohibited items in tow the second time around with four ringers carrying everything from oversized liquids and pocket knives and even a gun, passed through time nearly eight min e minutes. >> tsa says this is full of items taken over the last month. >> it's all for a good cause.
4:32 pm
>> we all want to be safe and so i think it's a positive. >> reporter: brian tonight tsa says it will be bringing aboard 800 new screeners to be deployed at 20 airports across the country. the largest one which obviously includes this one. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right no frustration there today vernon thank you. north penn high school dismissed students early because of a fire on campus, the fire broke out near the school in the band room. officials tell "action news" they are assessing the damage and no one is allowed back inside of the building until it is inspected. police in allentown says a man was found dead in his burning home. 47-year-old andrew dalrimple. the second floor of the house is
4:33 pm
badly damaged. they just ruled that the man took his own life. >> there is a new resource for crime victims in philadelphia. officials announced the details in kensington. the east division crime victim advocacy project will provide crisis counseling and legal services to spanish speaking residents, it's a partnership with the agency and the council of spanish speaking organizations. >> all right, i am keeping my eye on the little thing on the bottom of the screen. >> on the bug -- >> notching up 82 right now. >> it's funny i went out and you said upper 70s actually brian we hit 80 and then i look at the graphic and oh we hit 82. it's pretty warm out there. sky 6 hd taking a look at the center city skyline, holding at 82 degrees, first time in month temperatures in the 80s and on the breezy side and winds out of the northeast at 16 miles per hour.
4:34 pm
this is really a great shot, taking a look at ocean city new jersey at the boardwalk and it's quite a bit cooler with winds off the ocean, the ocean temperature 57 degrees and chilly and the air temperature currently 69 degrees, good amount of sunshine mixing with clouds and this is that cell, i amtraking along the atlantic city expressway heading towards hammonton. it's just petering out and it was a heavy downpour earlier and it's lightening up and the low pressure that brought the unsettled weather is move ouing. but the bermuda high is bringing us warm air and i'll talk about how high it will get and tropical trouble over the weekend. we are getting that time of the year. tropical storm season. >> i like when you say bermuda in our forecast. cecily thank you. a $5 million project in newcastle county, has to be fixed. the bridge overpass on newport
4:35 pm
road was redone in 2011 to accommodate taller freight trains but get this it was built 6 inches too short. construction to raise the bridge will start this summer and cost another $500,000. it's a big day here. 6 abc is teaming up with childrens hospital to help fight childhood cancer and you can help too, by donating to the daisy days charity. lets go live to our own sara bloomquist who is with the volunteers. you are taking calls now. >> reporter: we need to get the phones ringing, the number to call is 1-877-940-6222. call now to donate to the childrens hospital of philadelphia. we are teaming up with them to help support their annual daisy days campaign, this year benefiting the cancer center at childrens hospital. the cancer center sees more than 500 patients each year and follows more than 4,000 others,
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patients coming from all across the globe for their expertise. i want to bring in julia a former miss philadelphia and a current patient. >> i grew up at the childrens hospital, because of cystic fibrosis. >> what do you say to people to get these phones ringing? >> research is the key and that is what daisy days support is research for the cancer center and that gives children a chance to dream big and be miss philadelphia one day themselves. >> i'm bringing in the robinson girls, young ladies i should say. you see jim gardner is taking a phone call now and some other volunteers here. and the phanatic is here. he has the number psyching us up for the donation drive. 1-877-940-6222. and i have here with me tory and chase robinson from villanova,
4:37 pm
with a very generous donation from your family this afternoon. $15,000 to give to the childrens hospital of philadelphia. tory tell me why this is important to your family. >> this is very important because childrens hospital of philadelphia not only a great hospital but a great resource and we hope to help bring it to its fullest potential for patient care and research. >> chase who would you say to encourage people to call? >> probably that cancer affected us all and we hope to contribute a lot to cancer research and pediatric oncology. >> this is a very generous donation. if you can give $15,000 we'll take that. $5, $1, the phanatic -- what are you going to give? oh. the number is 1-877-940-6222.
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we'll be here until 6:30 this evening taking your phone calls. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> oh my goodness getting love from the phanatic. >> he is hot in there thank you sara. >> legalizing marijuana is a hot button issue in the state of new jersey, now a new study claims that that new move could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. rick williams is live in the newsroom with the details on this one. >> thank you, that is right. $300 million to be exact. coming up on "action news" at 5:00, we'll talk about the push for marijuana legalization advocates after a new bill was introduced by state lawmakers. and in health check, raising awareness about the zika virus, and the kits being handed out in delaware to stop any potential spread. just a couple of stories we are working on for you tonight at 5:00. we'll see you later. >> thank you rick. there was a unique birthday
4:39 pm
party today for a camden county woman. ann scott turn 101 years old surrounded by her friends and a few exotic birds. they brought the parrots in to perform because scott is ridgely from jamaica and the reminder of her home. and they ride a tiny bike. and there was the more traditional birthday cake. happy birthday to you miss ann scott coming up it was the reunion a year overdue, a passenger severely injured in the amtrak crash finally gets to thank those that saved his life. and find out why this bridesmaid with her hair done wearing wedding attire ended up jumping into a lake. >> and cecily tynan will be back
4:40 pm
with the full forecast from accuweather.
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it's this picture that finally led to a reunion more than a year after philadelphia's deadly amtrak crash. it shows first responders carrying and ultimately saving a severely injured passenger named robert hewitt, fast forward to last week. and hewitt in the middle there finally got a chance to meet some of the men that he calls his guardian angels, they got together after one of their wives heard his story and reached out to him. he will be forever grateful for their bravery. big talkers now and we start with the sweetest video we have seen today. a marine dad being deployed for the first time since his now 3-year-old son was born. he wanted to make sure he did not miss a moment. not a holiday or birthday so
4:43 pm
they celebrated them all before he left for duty. he pulled this off in 10 days, he started with halloween, dropping off candy at the neighbors so they could go trick or treating. and then it was christmas and for his 4th birthday cake and candles and more gifts. his wife complied the special moments on this video and gave it to dad as an early father's day gift. she says that the sergeant has watched it more than 1,000 times and of course social media loving it just as much. so sweet. lets file this one. a bridesmaid in the uk in her dress jumps into a lake to save a gosling and the photographer was snapping away grabbing these now viral pictures, it started
4:44 pm
with a black swan lunging at the gosling trying to drown it and the bridesmaid jumps in and rescue its and return its to its parents and then returns to the portraits, just a little bit wet. so yes. one of those stories to tell. and certainly the moments from your wedding that may up stage the bride. >> she is not in any of these shots. for a good cause though. alicia thank you. lets get another check on your evening commute. lets see how things are moving, matt is standing by. >> traffic is not flying by, like the schuylkill expressway westbound side, this is our second accident of the afternoon. under 30th street station, this one is off to the side and the people are exchanging information good luck with everything, that could be a pain. bumper to bumper, at 30th street and improvement at 95 in delco,
4:45 pm
the emergency guardrail work going on in the southbound lanes, by the delaware state line is now cleared out of the way. so all the southbound lanes are reopened and a jam coming south of the blue route towards the state line, the delay starts at 420 south of the airport and there is debris on the roadway partially blocking lanes, a couple of complications in delaware county. a tree down in north coventry along 724, i would stay on ben franklin highway and in limerick township, watch for a crash along swamp pike and one in montgomery township along horsham road and pheasant road. over in south jersey, not a terrible afternoon, there is a bus that broke down in the southbound lanes of 42 near college drive, that is cleared out of the way and the southbound delay is longer than normal, speeds there in the 20s and 30s, could be worse but it's slow.
4:46 pm
we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you matt. coming up we put popular bug sprays to the test. find out which one will protect you the most ahead in what's the deal? >> and "action news" is about interaction with you, follow us on social media for the headlines and weather and breaking news and to communicate with us. on facebook we are facebook and on twitter,@6 abc.
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all right we have to make a pact right now. no complaints when the weather starts to turn hot. because we have dealt with the negative response. >> on friday when it's 90 a lot of people will be complaining. we should move the whole newscast to my pool. the pool is open since april.
4:49 pm
we have to talk to our bosses about that. lets go to where the action cam was today at the camden waterfront taking a look at the delaware towards philadelphia, we had building clouds out there. sun kind of fighting with clouds and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we did have a couple of isolated showers over south jersey, and that is just ground cover there, we are generally looking at dry conditions and the temperatures are definitely beginning to warm, made it up to 82 in philadelphia, the first time this month we hit the 80s and temperatures are climbing through the 80s and possibly hitting 90 on friday. so right now, it's pretty warm out there. allentown and reading 83 degrees and philadelphia and wilmington 82 and trenton 80 and you get closer to the coast with the ocean temperature 57 degrees and the boardwalk in atlantic city currently only 69, satellite 6 along with action radar showing the system off the virginia coast is now off the coast of
4:50 pm
new england, you can see how it is spinning, once it does we are under the influence, the bermuda high and that is what is bringing us the very warm air. tonight a stray shower early and then the skies continue to clear, overnight 57 and 60 for center city and a warm night and through the day tomorrow, we are looking at mostly sunny skies and it's going to be warm, 86 degrees in philadelphia. 87 in allentown and 86 in trenton and cape may quite a bit cooler, 69 degrees, the humidity will be pretty low, the bad news is, it's an ozone action day, that means that the ground level ozone will be high. if have you heart conditions or respiratory conditions, a good idea to limit your outdoor activity because it can have an impact on your health. this shows the dew points, a measure of moisture in the air, when they are below 50 it's
4:51 pm
pretty dry, a little more humid on thursday and then the dew points peaking friday, saturday and sunday, 60 degrees that is not that bad but higher than we experienced. you'll feel slightly on the muggy side and a front pulls through and drops the dew points and brings us cooler air. the exclusive accuweather forecast sunny and warm and 86 tomorrow and we bump it up to 88 on thursday and friday could hit 90 degrees for the first time this year with the possibility of pop-up thunderstorms, on saturday warm and muggy and thunderstorms are possible again and then sunday almost a repeat performance. 85 degrees and still warm with thunderstorms and then it looks like we'll have a front slipping through for memorial day. what that will do is bring us winds off the ocean, an easterly flow that will cool us off if temperatures in the mid to upper 80s are too warm for you you'll
4:52 pm
like memorial day more. a mixture of clouds and sun and high of 76 degrees. >> all right cecily thanks. what's the deal? is coming up next.
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bug spray is the summer staple and with growing concerns over the zika virus, bottles are likely to start flying off the shelves. but nydia han has important advice. >> avoiding mosquito bites is essential and consumer reports has done some testing and has recommendations. consumer reports warns that not all products provide the same level of protection. testers looked at 16 repellants with a range of active ingredients for effectiveness for mosquitos that carry zika,
4:55 pm
and the mosquito known to spread the -- and tics. one containing deet may seem like a good idea. >> it only lasts 60 minutes or less. repel 30% lemon eucalyptus was able to ward them off. and repel deet tic and wilderness formula. they are safe for children and safe for women that are pregnant or breast feeding. in responsible for concerns for pregnant women, they say that some plant oils do work and some people want alternatives to deet
4:56 pm
and vitac that makes the bands, has settled with the federal trade commission, they say the wrist band creates a vapor band but the fcc alleged it did not have scientific evidence to back up its claims. more on finding an affective repellant is at and that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, alicia vitarelli, cecily tynan and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams, join me along with brian and ducis rogers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" tonight at 10:00. >> now here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what is next at 5:00. >> thank you and coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, become headed to trial. now we are waiting to hear from his defense team after a judge decided the legendry comedian will face felony sex charges. and a man has turned himself
4:57 pm
in after a deadly early morning hit and run in northeast philadelphia. we are telling you about it all day long, our daisy days fundraiser continues. we are looking forward to hearing from you. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. legendary entertainer, bill cosby will stan trial for sexual assault charges dating back more than a decade. that is the ruling from a montgomery county judge after cosby's lawyers tried to get the charges thrown out. tuesday night and the big story is the continuing legal trouble for the comedian and philadelphia native. chad pradelli is live outside of the montgomery county courthouse in norristown with all the details. >> this only last aid few hours but at times it was spirited. at one point the judge told the defense attorney, you are grand standing, in the end she held bill cosby for trial on sexual assault charges. >> bill cosby walked out of court and raised his arm to
5:00 pm
supporters, but for his critics, the laughter that made him a comedic icon turned to disappointment. they did not call andrea constand to the stand but used her statements to police, they claim that cosby gave her three blue pills and some wine and was soon paralyzed and unable to talk in his home in 2004. and he then allegedly sexually assaulted her. they okayed to the decision not to have constand testify today. >> it wasn't necessary it's a preliminary hearing. we are over the next hurdle. >> cosby told police there was kissing and petting and the sexual contact was concsensuaco. and the defense tries to attack her


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