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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  May 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> police pelted with rocks, protestor outside a donald trump rally. >> a school damaged by fire is now safe for students. >> suddenly it's summer. accuweather is tracking highs in the 80's and building humidity all the way into the holiday weekend. >> good morning. it's 5:30 on this wednesday, may 25th. let's go right on over to meteorologist, david murphy and to karen rogers. they've got the latest on your accuweather and on your traffic. good morning. >> we have been saying all week that this is the pick of the week in terms of sky cover and it is although it is going to be very warm this afternoon and we have an air quality issue. i'll talk about all of that. sunshine obviously is on the way as that counterclockwise rotation around that departing low is pulling away from us clearing out the clouds. we are looking at a air quality alert today, though
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and code orange ozone action day across the entire region. this is from the lehigh valley all the way down to the shore where air quality is going to be poor enough for sensitive groups and that would include young kids, senior citizens, those of you suffering from art ailments or asthma where we're suggest that you go limit your outdoor exertion and exposure especially between the hours of noon and 6:00 when the ground level ozone is not going to be great and the left of us can help out by not gassing up the car during those hours. 59 degrees is your current temperature in philadelphia. 52 in allentown. 58 in wilmington. 61 in cape may. really pretty comfortable out there with winds on the light side and on the bus stop this morning, looks like we'll be at 57 at 6:00 and probably back up to the mid 60's a quick climb by 8 o'clock this morning. mostly clear and comfortable. warm this afternoon, 84 degrees by noon. by 3 o'clock, 88. and we're going to get a high of 87 -- and we're going to get a high of 88 degrees today at about 4 o'clock this afternoon. karen not very humid today but tomorrow that begins to
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change. i'll have details coming up in the accuweather 7-day. >> all right dave. if you're about to get up and get going, you have a pretty easy ride in for the most part. no weather related problem plaguing us. i-95 very light volume headed towards center city. overnight construction there is clear. crews never came out on the vine street expressway so it stayed opened overnight. no problems no, delays as we look live on the vine approaching the schuylkill. the one issue we have is an accident where a car ran into a pole and it's causing a problem in wynnefield heights. they've blocked belmont avenue between conshohocken avenue and monument road. you have to stick to bryn mawr avenue and wynnefield avenue to get around the problem there. earlier i told you about an accident in abington on coolidge avenue. that has cleared but one in souderton still an issue. problems on allentown road at banbury drive. police on the scene blocking one lane. matt. >> thanthank you karen. some of the responding officers have been hurt. "action news" reporter
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katherine scott is monitoring this story live from the satellite center. katherine. >> reporter: matt it definitely was chaotic and some officers were injured and several people arrested after protestors -- protests erupted outside this donald trump rally and again several officers were injured from thrown rocks. protestors burst through barriers outside a donald trump rally in new mexico and tried storming the albuquerque convention center after the presumptive republican presidential candidate took the stage. a few did make it inside prompting scuffles with security as they resiste removal. >> you can get them out. get them out. >> reporter: as the night wore on, chaos outside. you see smoke which police say was not tear gas. hundreds chanting anti-trump slogans jumping on police cars, some throwing bottles and rocks at officers and police horses. police say there's possible damage to the convention building after someone shot a pellet gun through the
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windows. >> ♪ >> reporter: inside trump wooed his supporters promising more jobs and better border security. >> polls are coming out all over the place that we're winning. we're winning. i love to win. we're winning for the country. forget about me. we're winning for our country. >> reporter: from different cities in california the democrats took aim at trump as they continued to drum up support for their own campaigns before next month's primary there. >> we are going to take on climate change which donald trump says is a hoax except when it comes to his golf courses. >> if the democratic party wants a candidate who is going to defeat trump and defeat him bad, we are that campaign. >> reporter: meanwhile sources are telling abc news that house speaker paul ryan will be endorsing donald trump but there's no word yet on when that endorsement will come. we're live from the satellite
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center, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." matt. >> thanks, katherine. new on "action news" here the tredyffrin township police department released surveillance pictures of a suspect in a strong arm robbery. it happened at the gateway shopping center on swedesford road in wayne on thursday night. police say a blue car with two men inside pulled up to a woman in a parking lot and one of the men grabbed the victim's purse as the vehicle sped off. police say one of the men then tried to use the victim's credit cards at a wegmans and the target in east white land township. >> a montgomery county high school damaged by fire will be back opened today on a normal schedule. smoke spread thr penn high school in towamencin township yesterday forcing out over 3,000 students and faculty. the fire broke out in a band storage room on the ground floor. there is some minor damage. but nobody was hurt. the state fire marshal's office is investigate wag kicked off the fire. north penn officials say the school has been properly ventilated, that it is safe for students this morning. and new this morning, the
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kutztown borrow council enacted a ban on all rooftop activities except for maintenance and this ban comes just a few days after a penn state student died after spending time with friends on a roof in state college. the coroner says she grabbed for a high voltage wire and was electrocuted before she fell from the roof. the rooftop ban will go into effect in kutztown in the fall. if you're caught on a roof after then you could face fines up to $600. >> 5:36 and bill cosby will stand trial in montgomery county on charges he sexually assaulted a former temple university employee. this is the only criminal case that has been lodged at cosby amid the dozens of accusations that the comedian drugged and then molested women. andrea constand claims she was molested a the cosby's home in shelter nacheltenham in 2004. constand did not appear. cosby has not entered a plea since his december 30th arrest in the case. no trial date has been set.
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he is free on $1 million bail. >> happening now, the solar impulse two is on its way to the lehigh valley. it's the next leg of the plane's historic trip around the world. it was delayed by one day for inspection. the solar plane took off from dayton ohio around 4:00 this morning and is expected to get here in the lehigh valley at the international airport there in allentown at 9 o'clock tonight. you might say ohio is not that far. why does it take so long? well, the plane's average speed is only 31 miles per hour. it does need solar to you. >> humidity helps lift. >> well, yeah, baseballs sort of go better. >> planes. >> it might get here at 8 o'clock. >> good for them to come in here when it's hot. >> also good that it's sunny because it's solar powered. >> sure. >> storm tracker6 live double scan shows a lack of precipitation. that green you see is just a little ground clutter and we've also got a little bit of return echo coming in in those lines from distant features but no rain.
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taking a look outside and we have sky6 and the sun is building and so is the warmth across the region. feels pretty comfortable right now. we've slipped to 59 degrees but that warm air is definitely on the way. there are the current numbers. 59 degrees. your dewpoint up there at 52. not all that humid today. and the winds are currently showing up calm at philadelphia international airport. satellite and radar again showing that you storm system that's been bugging us the last couple of days now finally pulling away to the northeast. the next system producing clouds about halfway across ohio but too far away from us to have much of an impact at all today. we're expecting a lot of sunshine and warm air. 65 degrees by 8 o'clock. but as soon as 10 o'clock, we'll be up into the upper 70's, so getting toasty in a hurry out there today. by noon, 83 and then by 3 o'clock, 87. your high of 88 will be right in there around 4 o'clock this afternoon. so, very warm during the afternoon and very sunny. high temperatures across the region we'll get up to 87 in allentown and trenton, 88 in reading so very similar
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numbers up through the northern and western suburbs and even down toward millville. and down the shore it will be typically cooler today but we're getting up to the upper 70's, so warmer at the shore today than what we've seen in a long time. remember, there is a code orange ozone action day declared today. air is unhealthy for sensitive groups like seniors, young kids, those who suffer from asthma and heart ailments so limit your outdoor exposure between the hours of noon and 6:00 when the ground level ozone is at its worse. as we take a look at tomorrow sunshine giving way to some clouds as we go through the day. late in the day there's a chance of a pop-up shower or thundershower especially north and west of philadelphia but i don't think that's really going to be much of an issue outside of the far northern and western suburbs tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 88 today, sunny, very warm. tomorrow very warm, 89 and a little bit more humid and there could be that late northwest shower or thunderstorm. hot and a bit muggier on friday, a high of 90 degrees. a chance of a couple of thunderstorms around. saturday warm and sticky, 88
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and if we're going to see an afternoon or evening thunderstorm, i think saturday out of the next several days is probably the best chance. it's not going to be a total washout. don't cancel your picnics but have a plan to get indoors if you hear a rumble of thunder. couple of more showers or thunderstorms in spots and then monday an easterly flow probably kicks in more clouds so of the three holiday days, monday appears to be the cloudest. a high of 78 degrees and again some afternoon showers or thunderstorms not out of the question. on tuesday, clouds and sun and still a bit unsettled but you see he those temperatures dropping back into the mid 70's. >> all right. thank you david. it is 5:40. coming up on "action news" police out west are in the middle of a frantic search after gun shots rang out leading to a terrible event on a busy highway. we'll have details. >> a man who order add pizza probably never believed a police officer would be the were unto deliver it. find out why that happened. karen. >> check out this accident scene on 422 eastbound at oaks. you can see this car just kind of smashed through that
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guardrail right there. doesn't look like any emergency workers are on the scene just yet. we'll have the latest on this coming up. >> and memorial day this weekend and father's day just around the corner. we'll give you some grille tips. you don't need them. you're good at the grille. a little later. >> i could use some improvement. [laughter] >> really? on "action news."
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look there -- the view of the ben, gorgeous out there this morning and sun right in the center of the picture and it will be in the center of the picture all day. it's going to be a warm one. it's 5:44 and almost 60 degrees already. >> you look at the sun and it looks like it's going to be hot today, doesn't it. >> it does. when you look at the sun you might always think that but yes, it is going to be very warm today. so you could get out there and enjoy it. let's check the suburbs right now because we've got a shot right now of 422 and look at this car just completely ran out through the median. you can see right here how the median is kind of crashed. through the median into the woods. i'm not seeing any emergency workers on the scene yet. this is 422 eastbound at oaks. it's not forming delays yet but as more emergency workers come to the scene as they try to pull this car out of there that will obviously cause some restrictions as you head towards king of prussia so watch for this. keeping an eye on this scene live on 422 eastbound at oaks.
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clop oar six headed to the scene right now. we had a few other accidents that have since cleared. let's tell you about them. on coolidge avenue things are moving better at galloway avenue and easton road atwood land road, that was one of our accidents that cleared. also out here in souderton we had a problem on allentown road at banbury road. this accident clearing as well. things are looking better overall for your morning commute except for that problem on 422 eastbound at oaks. on your commuter traffic report if you're coming in this morning from cherry hill, headed on route 70 up and over the ben franklin bridge it's an easy 15 minute ride. no problems, no delays being reported in the area. it's 60 degrees already in philadelphia. how about that? you actually don't even need a coat for a change after the dreary days there we had. how about a high of 88, lots of sunshine, picture perfect day if you like it warm, matt. >> thanks karen. search is on for an active shooter or shooters aiming at drivers and law enforcement on a rural highway in arizona. the maricopa county sheriff's office received reports last night of a driver traveling in the wrong direction and firing
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a gun from the vehicle. a department of public safety vehicle was hit but the trooper inside was not injured. one person either walking or driving on the highway was grazed by a bullet and is expected to be okay. >> missouri father is on the run after shooting his infant son to death as the child's mother tried to run away with the baby in her arms. saint louis police say diota crockett fired one shot at his wife as she tried to get out of their car during an arms unit. the bullet hit the baby she was carrying. two other children were found at a relative's home unharmed. the wife flags down a driver to get the baby to the hospital but the infant didn't make it. the wife told police she believes he's suicidal. a michigan policeman went beyond the call of duty at the scene of a crash. a pizza delivery man was hurt in the accident so officer joe sparks decide he would drive the order to the customer himself.
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>> okay, why is the cop bringing my food. >> he came out surprised. police car with a pizza. >> i'm like dude what the lek? what did i do. >> officer sparks said he wanted to make sure no one went hungry and he won't either. the pizza shop is hooking the officer up way free lunch to say thank you. >> this weekend's fyi philly has plenty of ideas for spending memorial day and getting ready for fathers day including getting that backyard grille for another season ready to go. erin o'hearn has expert tip from the chef at center city's ocean prime. >> reporter: what is the key? executive chef jason shelley says it starts with your grocery store butcher. >> talk to him. ask him what's fresh. >> reporter: while everyone loves a fillet. >> to me where it's at are these cuts. >> reporter: the fat in the rib eyes and strip stakes will flavor up the meat when grills and when it can comes to seasoning. >> we'll use oil and salt and pepper. >> reporter: once the steak is on the grille he says just let it cook. >> if you're always moving it you're never going to get that little bit of char and even
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temperature in your stay. >> reporter: now to the topping. >> love roast edgar lick. >> reporter: use it as is or mash it up. >> put a little butter in there. >> reporter: add rose marytime an little bit of worcester sauce. >> you're making a little compound butter. >> reporter: for a fatty steak or pork shop he likes cilantro chopped parsley and scallion. >> you're getting your greens. >> makes you feel better about eating a steak. >> reporter: in restaurants it's all about the presentation. serve on a simple white plate. >> that topping is so good. cheers. >> cheers. >> happy father's day. >> not yet but maybe. >> ooh that looks good. you can see much more grille tips and a lot more than that on fyi philly. that's saturday night beginning at 7:00 p.m. rider here orighthere on 6abc. >> "dancing with the stars" crowns a new champion. who it is next.
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snack patrol! >> as you're starting your day we want to warn you about this accident z. i want to take you here live on 422. watching eastbound at oaks because we spotted this accident even before emergency workers came and now we see police have pulled up. they're off to the left lane partially blocking the left lane 422 eastbound at oaks. you can see what happened. that car ran right through that guardrail and into the woods there. we do see someone standing around but police just coming to the scene right now so watch for this eastbound as you're heading towards king of prussia. another nasty accident where a car ran flood watch into a polt conshohocken avenue straight through to monument road. stick to bryn mawr and wynnefield dave. >> on the big board we're dressing the kids with a light jacket and they're not going to need it for long. they might be okay running off to the bus stop without it. this afternoon definitely shorts and t's. here's how it's going to go. 72 by 7 o'clock.
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still in the 60's as they get off the bus. by 9 o'clock 73. 83 by noon. sunscreen and cool drinks if you're headed out to the playground this afternoon. 87 by 3 o'clock and your high today is going to be 88 degrees and that will clock in probably at about 4 o'clock this afternoon so mostly sunny, very warm. checking out the big board at the airport, hoping for all green aircraft which means no major delays, that's what we got none sign of any precipitation right now in any of our big travel destinations including atlanta where my son is getting on the and a plane a little bit later today coming back and saying hi. >> hi. can't wait to see you. dad can't wait to see you. you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker6 double scan radar any time of day on our web site. just go over to brad pitt came to the rescue of a fan near his movie shoot in spain's canary islands. the actor took a break to visit with the crowd trying to get as close as possible to the set. that's when pitt noticed a girl being pushed up against the fence he rushed over to help her. he and his two body guards
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grabbed the girl and lifted her over the fence. the actor comforted the girl by rubbing her neck and back until medics got to the scene. >> the winners and new champions of "dancing with the stars" are. [cheers and applause] nyle and peta. [cheers and applause] >> big win last night nyle dimarco won the coveted mirrorball trophy. ginger zee got third place. nyle is the first deaf person to win on the show. >> it means more opportunity for the deaf community. it really means a lot. i have my own foundation to inspire deaf kids and make changes in their lives. it's about the community. >> you can catch nyle dimarco on "good morning america" right after "action news." >> 5:53. before we led to the break we want to invite you to join us for a very special edition of "action news" at 6:00 p.m. >> our lisa thomas-laury is retiring after 38 years at 6abc. all day we'll be taking a look
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back at her storied career. here she is at the wedding of prince charles and princess diana. >> they have come to pay tribute to the prince of wales and his princess to be who are on their way to be wed. charles arrived in a grand carriage to the cheers of the crowd. lady diane florida is making her entrance into the processional. it is indeed a grand day for both the prince and the princess but this is truly lady diane florida' diana's day. as she makes her way to saint paul's cathedral. thousands of people have lined on the mall to witness this day.
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>> a harrisburg teenager accused of trying to help isis faces additional charges. prosecutors say jayliel aziz used 57 different twitter accounts to call for violence against the u.s. and posted information about 100 military members. the 19-year-old has pleaded not guilty. aziz's lawyer says the names of service members were actually posted by isis hackers and that aziz was simply retweeting them. >> from our new jersey news room a bill to ban smoking on state beaches is expected to be approved by legislators tomorrow. governor chris christie vetoed the bill in 2014 saying it went too far. the amended measure now allows for municipalities to set aside 15 percent of the beach as a designated smoking area. it is unclear, though, if this version will actually make it past christie's veto pen. >> 5:57 and contamination
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concerns. several local drinking sources have been found to be unsafe and residents are frustrated with the response to the problem so far. >> dominos is accused of cheating workers out of pay.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday may 25th. we're following several breaking and developing stories. >> a gunman murders a man in a germantown parking lot between inn a fight between a group of people. >> the booze battle rages on in pennsylvania. governor tom wolf is calling for beer sales at gas stations. details on what is expected to happen today. >> tornadoes leave a path of destruction as


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