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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  May 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday may 25th. we're following several breaking and developing stories. >> a gunman murders a man in a germantown parking lot between inn a fight between a group of people. >> the booze battle rages on in pennsylvania. governor tom wolf is calling for beer sales at gas stations. details on what is expected to happen today. >> tornadoes leave a path of destruction as they tear
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through parts of the plain states. >> let's go over now to dave murphy. he's outside. he says this is going to be a great day, warm, sunny and karen rogers is taking a look at your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. sun's up over the horizon and it's cool and comfortable right now but getting warm later on. take a look at satellite. there goes that pinwheeling area of low pressure pulling away from us off the coast. next band of clouds still on the other side of pittsburgh and in between we are ready for lots of sun. we have an alert, though. the air quality index is not great today. we got a code orange ozone action day and that means those of you in sensitive groups, young kids senior citizens and people suffering from heart ailments and asthma want to limit your outdoor exposure and exertion especially between the hours of noon and 6 o'clock and the rest of us can help out by not filling the cars during those hours. 59 degrees in philadelphia, 52 in allentown, 56 in wilmington. winds are very light. cool and comfortable, maybe a light jacket for the kids. but they can do away with that jacket big time at recess and on the way home. 73 he degrees as soon as 9:00.
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81 by 11 o'clock. then by 1 o'clock 84. your high today is going to be 88. we'll probably hit that at about 4 o'clock and we spend basically the whole afternoon in the mid to upper 80's. pollen counter is running a little bit high for those of you suffering from allergies. karen it's going to get a tad warmer over the next couple of days and a bit more humid. we'll have that story and the weekend call coming up. >> all right dave. i'm watching the scene on 422 eastbound here at oaks. we showed you this accident scene even before an emergency workers came to the scene. we have police and emergency crews, they've just made their way down to the car right now off to the grassy median. it's unclear if someone is actually in the vehicle. you can kind of see what happened here as you look at the damage. someone ran right through that guardrail here on 422 eastbound and off the roadway into the median here. this is 422 eastbound at oaks. emergency workers now blocking this left lane. still no delay as you head eastbound towards king of prussia but you want to watch for this. they're going the need a tow truck and perhaps more emergency workers to get this vehicle off of the median and out of here but they're out
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here right now working on that scene. so, eastbound we're watching for to it start to get heavy approaching oaks. we have an accident in wynnefield heights and belmont avenue is still blocked. this is between conshohocken avenue and monument road. here's an accident where a car ran into a pole so crews are out here on the scene. you can stick to bryn mawr avenue and wynnefield avenue instead. outside live on the vine street expressway, we didn't have any construction overnight. it's been opened. we noticed a disabled vehicle. can you see it right there? westbound here as you head towards the schuylkill some slowing and watch for that disabled vehicle. looks like it's out there blocking the right lane, matt and tam. >> thank you karen. philadelphia police are on the scene of a parking lot shootout. there's still a large police presence there right now. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live on the scene. she's got the latest developments. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam. on the crime scene unit just left a short time ago but homicide detectives remain out here going door to door to businesses to see what
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surveillance video they can get that may have captured what they're describing as a shootout in this parking lot behind me. take a look at how large this area is. this is the entire crime scene not only just in this parking lot this shopping center but across to that kentucky fried chicken that you see across the street. now, according to police they say that the 25-year-old man who died suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and also appears he had graze wounds on his head. police believe again that it was a shootout possibly between several people that went down. take a look at this video. the crime scene unit and homicide detectives were out here this morning. investigators found a cluster of shell casings behind a car in the parking lot near where the body was discovered. then across the street by that kfc i was talking about they found more shell casings, only about 50 feet away. they believe the shell casings were from a different weapon. police say the 25-year-old was unresponsive. officers scooped him and transported him to einstein
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hospital where he was later pronounced dead. now, police believe one of the guns used may be in a parked car in the lot. they're waiting now for a search warrant. here's what police will to say a short time ago. >> we did find two individuals who were still on scene and they were identified by witnesses as being part of the altercation. one of them possibly being the shooter. so, those two individuals were transported in separate vehicles to homicide. >> reporter: and take a look at this video. this is video that we got from the scene when we first came out here of two people in handcuffs. we are told those are two people who are persons of interest who you just heard the chief inspector talking about that were taken to homicide. no charges have been filed. this is still very early in the investigation. that is why we are blurring their faces in video. now back out here live for several hours this entire area of chelten of a was shut down
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but right now it is opened, traffic is moving and like we said it looks like police are wrapping up here. homicide detectives still remain on the scene. for now reporting live from germantown, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> thanks so much annie. developing this morning, several police officers in new mexico recovering this morning from a chaotic scene that erupted outside a donald trump rally. >> it happened outside the abcan cherokee convention center. at one point trump protestors broke through a barricade. >> along with rocks they also threw burning t-shirts at police causing several injuries among officers. police have labeled this outburst a riot and made a series of arrests. they fired pepper spray and smoke grenades into the crowd. trump responded inside the rally by telling them to go home to mommy. we will have a full report from the satellite center coming up in the next half hour of "action news." pennsylvania governor tom wolf wants you to be able to fill up your gas tank and your beer cooler in the same place. governor wolf will ask the
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liquor control board today to issue permits to allow the sale of six packs at convenience stores that also sell gas. there was not allowed under pennsylvania law until a court ruling in 2014. that ruling is now being appealed. even though it is still in legal limbo the governor wants the permits issued opening the door for hundreds of applications. >> it is 6:07 and happening today montgomery and bucks county residents will have another chance to sound off on chemical contamination in their water supply. last week officials discovered the water in and around the former willow grove air station and naval warfare center is contaminated with chemicals. 16 municipal wells in horsham warrington and warminster are now shut down until a permanent fix can be found. officials have been providing affected residents with up to two cases of bottled water a day. last night a number of residents voiced their frustrations and outrage. today's meet willing start at 11 :00 this morning at the horsham township community center. >> millennials or those who have basically grown up after the year 2000 just don't want to move out of the house.
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maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square with our market watch report. maribel. >> reporter: good morning, matt. millennials are living at home more than any other group of young adults in u.s. history. just over 32 percent of the age group are living with their parents compared to about 20 percent back in the 1960's. student loan debt home prices and slow wage growth are factors. you know what, the number one reason for millennials living at home, fewer are settling down romantically before age 35. all this according to a study from the pew research center. a broad based rally with gig gains in tech and bank stocks lifted mark. futures pointing to a higher open. no major economic reports due out today. dominos being sued for allegedly under paying workers. pizza joined and three of its franchise cease were flamed isn't a suit filed by new york's attorney general. covering to the suit dominos under paid the workers didn't pay overtime and failed to reimburse the delivery staff for gas. the new york ag claims dominos under paid the workers at 10
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stores in the state more than half a million dollars over two years. that's the late of the in business news from the nasdaq market site. back to you matt and tam. >> thanks maribel. let's talk about today. it sounds gorgeous. >> it is going to be a good looking day kind of warm that's for sure. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that we're dry. little specs of green are just ground clutter and as we take a look outside we have the sun coming up nice and bright over the commodore barry bridge. and we are looking good. still cool and comfortable this morning but turning pretty quickly as we go through the morning into a pretty warm day. 59 degrees right now, though, in philadelphia. you step outside cool, untraffiuncomfortable, winds nol that strong and feeling pretty good. that pinwheeling low pressure that brought us the threat of showers is pushing away. the next frontal boundary very slowly coming in from the east and these clouds are all the way back in ohio at this point so in between those two features we are look, at lots of sun today. and it's going to be warm. up in the lehigh valley a high all the way up to 87 degrees. at the shore, this is the
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first time in awhile we've talked about this. the schlor i shore is getting ie upper 70's under mostly sunny skies. in philadelphia cool drinks and sunscreen if you're going to be out and about. sun sheen -- sun sheen -- sunshine, very warm and 88 degrees for the high so almost 90 and when it turns 90 that's when we start talking about being all out hot. 65 degrees is the overnight low, a few clouds and comfortable overnight tonight, winds variable at six to 12 miles per hour so not much wind today, not much wind tonight. a reminder we have a code orange ozone action -- i keep forgetting to change this to today. they built this last night but we're talking about today with this. it's a code orange ozone action day. that means ground level ozone is going to be bad enough where if you're among our senior citizen population young kids, people who suffer from asthma or heart ailments you want to limit your outdoor activity and exertion especially between the hours of noon and 6 o'clock when the ground level ozone is at its worst. the rest of us can help out by not running gas mowers during
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those hours or fill the car i'm going to get mine filled about 9:15 after we get done the cut ins this morning. tomorrow we start out sunny, a few clouds gather as the day goes on and there's a chance of a shower or thundershower but well out to the north and west of philadelphia tomorrow. there will be a better chances as we move into friday and especially saturday as that boundary gets closer to us. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 88, sunny, very warm today. tomorrow, very warm and a bit more humid with a high of 89 and that western shower possible. and then hot and a bit muggier on friday with a high of 90 degrees and again a chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm late in the day or evening. on thursday or saturday i should say starting out the weekend 88 degrees warm and sticky. there is the chance of a pop-up shower or a thunderstorm probably a better chance on saturday night than friday or sunday. but sunday partly sunny and somewhat humid, 85 and again, a scattered spotty thunderstorm later in the day or evening. monday is now looking mostly cloudy. we are going to get an easterly flow that's going to knock us down to 78. there could be a couple of showers around in the
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afternoon. the bottom line for this holiday weekend, none of these days right now anyway look like washouts so don't cancel your plans but keep your eyes on the forecast and if you do hear a rumble of thunder you have to have an out plan to get your barbecue guests indoors while that storm passes. >> we'll be trod do that. thanks, david. 6:12. coming up the search for the person who murdered a young boy in texas who was simply walking home from school. >> wild weather rips through the heartland. we have dramatic storm chasing video up next. karen. >> this is a better shot of that jam i've been talking about on 422. look at this eastbound traffic approaching oaks. still heavy approaching 29 to approaching oaks. it's all because of an accident where a vehicle drove right through the guardrail and into the median. i'm going to show that you accident scene coming up. >> also, a special door takes to you a galaxy far, far away. you will hear why later on "action news." >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. sun on the water as you take a look out over penn's landing over to the ben franklin bridge. a lot of folks getting ready to go down the shore this weekend. take a look at more sunshine on the water. going to be a nice, nice wednesday. 6:15, 59 degrees. >> sunshine is gleam out there, karen rogers. >> it certainly is. beautiful sunshine out there and yet problems on the roads.
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what we're looking at right here is a delay on 422. this is eastbound traffic at 29. and you can see how heavy it is approaching 29 to approaching oaks and that's because of an accident scene right at 422 and chopper6 has been live on the scene. we can show you what's happening here. this car ran right through the median and into the grass right here. we were watching live. someone d- -- police did put someone in the vehicle. we have a car off to the side. the police blocking the left lane as well as a tow truck already on the scene. so, that's what's causing this delay on 422 eastbound at 29 and here's another scene of this accident here. so you can see the car off into the median. it drove right through the guardrail here and now we've got police walking across the highway so they're temping blocking out all lanes 422 this is eastbound at 29. now they're letting cars get through. we have one off to the side, one blocking the left lane and a tow truck already on the scene. we are already jammed in this area and if they have to restrict it further when they pull this car out it's going
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to cause even more problems so watch for a delay on 422 eastbound at 29. another accident that's been causing problems is here in wynnefield heights. belmont avenue is blocked between conshohocken avenue and monument road. here a car ran into a pole. stick to bryn mawr avenue and wynnefield avenue instead. in newark some construction on the i-95 southbound at 896. and in new jersey, 42 northbound still looking okay. it's a nine minute ride from the a.c. expressway to 295. 59 degrees right now in philadelphia. no weather related problems. abundant sunshine. we're actually dry and a high of 88 degrees today. >> there's three tornadoes on the ground at the same time. good night. >> tornado sirens blared in the plain states for the fourth consecutive day as multiple twisters overturned vehicles and damaged homes. two people were critically injured and taken to the hospital in dodge city kansas. there were reports of
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tornadoes in colorado and texas. the national weather service will conduct damage surveys later today. police in houston urging anyone who has any information about the unsolved murder of an 11-year-old boy to please come forward. family and friends gathered yesterday to say their final goodbyes to josh flores. someone stabbed the boy as he walked home from school last week. a $15,000 reward is now posted for anyone who can can help authorities arrest and convict the murderer. a suspect was arrested last week but released after authorities determined he was not the killer. >> a former nypd officer is accused of running a high end prostitution ring. prosecutors say 44-year-old michael rezi was operating dome mains with names like lush and fly girls nyc. some clients spent up to $2,000 a night through his sites. authorities claim he set up personal and business bank accounts to launder the millions of dollars he took in. his lawyer denies the charges. >> it is 6:18.
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changing their tune. a choir snubbed at a baseball game says the person responsible deserves a seconds chance. david. >> we are going with a light jacket on the kids this morning because we have temperatures that have slipped into the upper 50's. it's a little cool. this afternoon though temperatures are really jumping up there. shorts and t's weather. i'll have your day planner forecast coming up next. in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient.
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>> (screaming). [laughter] >> hopefully people always laugh not wonder what the heck was that. a hotel lobby door has become a youtube sensation. it is literal al scream. the door makes a noise just like r2 d-2 in star wars. proof that the internet can really make anything famous slowinsolong as the force is stg
6:22 am
with it. >> "gma" will be interviewing the door. >> can you imagine working next to that door all day. that would drive me nuts, man. let's check these roads. chopper6 is above over this accident scene on 422. this is eastbound at oaks and getting a better view of this right now. we've got a tow truck on the scene. you can see that car smashed right through that guardrail into the grassy median. there was another car off to the right side. there's the backup. we were watching live as police did put someone in handcuffs in their vehicle there. with this accident scene on 422 eastbound as you head towards king of prussia you are in that. it's a jam from approaching 29 to approaching oaks. let's go to the maps right now. other issues around the area. we had an accident very quickly came up and left at allentown road and halderman road. things are moving better in franconia township. dave. >> we're cool and comfortable right now with numbers in the upper 50's maybe up to about 60. by 9 o'clock all the way up to 73 and then we're in the 80's the rest of the day with a high of 88 degrees. we'll probably lit that rather
6:23 am
late in the afternoon around 4 o'clock. mostly sunny skies. light winds. humidity on the low side today. but definitely on the warm side. if you're running errands you might wander to get them done early. pollen forecast is in the medium high range and staying way straight through the holiday weekends. matt. >> coming up tonight a groundbreaking procedure that could make or break a prospective police dog's career. here's a preview. >> reporter: i'm erin o'hearn and this is kimber an aspiring k-9 unit for a new jersey police department. unfortunately a severe knee injury has sidelined her training but a new scientifically advanced therapy is using something she already has in her body to get her back on track. >> what we're doing is extracting bone marrow. >> reporter: what is it and how does it work? our cameras were the only ones invited inside to see this procedure firsthand. we're giving you this exclusive look tonight only on channel6 "action news at 11:00. >> it is 6:23 and up next the a celebrity is coming to the rescue of an abused horse from
6:24 am
lancaster county. >> anti trump supporters infiltrate a rally and cause chaos on the streets. a full report is coming up at 6:30. >> ♪
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>> happening today the abandoned paintball pony he from lancaster county is getting a new home. jon stewart and his wife will officially adopt lilly. the couple partnered with a farm sanctuary to open a home for animals in colts neck new jersey.
6:27 am
omega horse rescue left hand little who is blind and suffered injuries from the paintball attack get healthy and ready for a new life. >> san diego gay men's chorus is now asking the padres to reinstate a deejay fired over a national anthem mishap. a recording of a woman sing the national anthem was played before the game on saturday preventing the group there was on the field from singing. the team fired deejay art form the man responsible for the control room mistake. the deejay apologized for the error on monday. the chorus has accepted the apology and hopes the padres will give him a second chance. >> 6:27 and developing overnighter chaos outside of a donald trump rallily. >> later bullets are fired on drivers seemingly at random. police out west are scouring the highways to figure out where those shots are coming from. >> ♪
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>> developing now on "action news," police are pelted with rocks, protestors set fires all outside of a donald trump rally. >> happening today, back to class. a school damaged by fire will open its doors for students this morning. >> suddenly it's summer. accuweather is tracking highs in the 80's and building humidity all the way to the holiday weekend. >> reminds me of that song and suddenly. >> like suddenly see more. >> i'll sing it to you while david and karen get going on the weather and traffic. good morning. >> all right. you can sing about the weather i guess if you wanted it sunny this morning, cool and comfortable for now. take a look at satellite. we can see that pinwheeling area of low pressure spinning away from us overnight and the next band of clouds still out in ohio and not really a factor for us. one thing that will be a factor is air quality, though. we are going to trap some ground level ozone down by the surface today so an air quality alert has been declared from the lehigh valley all the way down to the shore. and that means that you're in a sensitive group senior citizens young kids or those suffering from asthma or heart condition cans you want to
6:31 am
limit your outdoor exposure especially between the hours of noon and 6 o'clock when the ground level ozone is at its worst. the rest of us can help by not filling the car during those time periods. 59 degrees right now in philadelphia. feeling pretty comfortable. low 50's in some outlying suburbs. by 9 o'clock up to 73 degrees. about 11:00 busting into the 80's. this afternoon the upper 80's. at 3 o'clock 87 and your high of 88 probably at around 4 o'clock this afternoon. gets warm or stays warm i should say and gets a little more humid tomorrow and heading into the weekend. i'll have details on that coming up in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. karen, we still got that disabled vehicle there. >> yeah, we want to give you the latest with this scene here. this is 422 eastbound at oaks. we were looking at the scene even before emergency workers arrived. we got someone who ran through the guardrail into the grassy median. you can see it right here. we've got a tow truck on the scene with this. emergency workers as well. i was watching this chopper6 shot as we saw someone being held off into handcuffs into one of the police vehicles
6:32 am
here. so, we see they've got the one lane blocked right now. only one lane getting by at times on 422 eastbound at oaks and because of this we've got a real jam. look at this traffic eastbound. you're backed up as you look live right now with chopper6, you can see jammed from royersford to approaching oaks on 422 eastbound with that accident scene there blocking the left lane at oaks and a car off into the grassy median and the traffic just goes on and on as you can see barely moving here on 422. i want to show you a different shot of this and you can kind of see the backup here. this is 422 at 29 and you can see how slowly everyone is kind of crawling along right here. we've got an update to this accident in wynnefield heights. a car lit a pole. they had completely blocked belmont avenue for awhile but now one lane is getting by between conshohocken avenue and monument road. so things moving a little bit better right there. one more live look. i-95 starting to jam. a 24 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine matt. >> thank you, karen. developing overnight, violent protests erupted outside of a donald trump
6:33 am
rally in new mexico. some of the responding officers have been hurt. "action news" reporter katherine scott is monitoring the story live from our satellite center. katherine. >> reporter: matt, officers had been concerned that things could get out of hand so they did have added security measures in place. in the end there were some arrests and several officers were injured from thrown rocks. protestors burst through barriers outside a donald trump rally in new mexico and tried storming the albuquerque convention center after the presumptive republican presidential candidate took the stage. a few did make it inside prompting scuffles with security as they resiste removal. >> you can get them out. get them out. >> reporter: you see smoke which police say was not tear gas. hundreds chanting anti-trump slogans jump on police cars, some throwing bottles and rocks at officers and police horses. police say there's possible damage to the convention building after someone shot a pellet gun through the windows.
6:34 am
>> ♪ >> reporter: inside trump wooed his supporters ad had of new mexico's primary in early june promising more jobs and better border security. >> polls are coming out all over the place that we're winning. we're winning. i love to win. we're going to win for the country. forget about me. we're winning for our country. >> reporter: meanwhile from different cities in california, the democrats took aim at trump as they continue to drum up support for their own campaigns before next month's primary there. >> we are going to take on climate change which donald trump says is a hoax. except when it comes to his golf courses. >> if the democratic party wants a candidate who is going to defeat trump and defeat him bad, we are that campaign. >> reporter: meanwhile sources are telling abc news that house speaker paul ryan will endorse donald trump but it's unclear when that endorsement will come. we're live from the satellite center, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. matt.
6:35 am
>> thanks katherine. new here on "action news" the tredyffrin township police department released surveillance pictures of a suspect in a strong armed robbery at the twenty eight way shopping center in wayne on thursday night. police say a blue car with two men inside pulled up to a woman in the parking lot. one of the men grabbed the victim's purse as the vehicle sped off. police say one of the men then tried to use the victim's credit cards at a wegmans an target in east white land township. >> a montgomery county high school damaged by fire will be back opened today and on a normal schedule. smoke spread through north penn high school in towamencin township yesterday forcing out over 3,000 students and faculty. the fire broke out in a band storage room on the ground floor. there is some minor damp but no one was hurt. the state fire marshal's office is investigating a cause. north penn officials say the school has been properly ventilated and that it is safe for students. the kutztown borough counsel enacted a ban on all rooftop activity except for maintenance and this ban comes
6:36 am
a few days after a penn state student died after spending time with friends on a roof in state college. the coroner says she grabbed for a high voltage wire and was electrocuted before falling from that roof. the rooftop ban will go into effect in kutztown in the fall. if you're caught on a rooftop after there you could face fines of up to $600. >> 6:36. bill cosby will stand trial in montgomery county on charges he sexually assaulted a former temple university employee. this is the only criminal case that has been lodged at cosby amid the dozens of accusations that the comedian drugged and then molested women. andrea constand claims she was molested at cosby's home in 2004. parts of her police statements were read in court but constand did not appear. no trial date has been set. cosby has not entered a plea since his december 30th arrest in the case. he is free on $1 million bail. >> happening right now, the solar impulse two is on its way to the lehigh valley. it's the next leg of the plane's historic trip around the world. now it was delayed by one day
6:37 am
for inspection. the solar plane did take off from dayton ohio at 4:00 this morning. let's take a live look at the live feed from the company that shows us the pilot's view as well as the solar plane's current position and at the moment it looks like it's sort of in between cincinnati and cleveland making its way little by little pittsburgh is up next and ultimately you see the orange dot at the end, philadelphia right there nearby up in the lehigh valley. now, it's expected to get into allentown around 9 o'clock tonight and the reason it's going so slowly it is solar powered. it takes a little bit longer. its average speed is only 31 miles per hour but very exciting. >> i'm going share that on my twitter feed. i'm sure will you, too. >> yeah. >> i wonder what movie they're showing on board. >> something long, the godfather saga. >> really. how long is that. >> that's like nine hours. >> storm tracker6 live double scan right now and we have dry conditions, little green on the radar is just ground clutter this morning. as we take a look outside, well, you get the idea. lots of sunshine in center
6:38 am
city. barely a cloud in sight and that's the way it's going to stay for the majority of the day. temperature right now is back up into the low 60's after sitting in the upper 50's for a bit. 61 degrees currently. and winds light at 5 miles per hour. at times we've had them just calm. again, the cloud cover from yesterday spinning away along with an area of low pressure. the next bank of clouds thin and falling apart out by pittsburgh and in between we expect mostly sunny skies today. it's also going to be warm. 65 degrees by 8 o'clock. if you can get out and get your shopping and errands done early good for you because by 10 o'clock we'll be in the uner 70's and by noon busting past the low 80's and in toward the mid 80's pretty quickly. we'll send the majority of the afternoon in the upper 80's. today's high is 88. we'll hit that about 4 o'clock and probably sitting on that about 4:30 or so. very warm this afternoon and very private your high temperatures 87 in allentown, 88 reading, 88 in philadelphia. very even numbers from the lehigh valley down to about millville. if you are headed out today you'll want to keep that cool
6:39 am
drink handy and sunscreen obviously a good idea. down the shore it's going to be a bit milder than it has been really all spring. we're going to see highs in the upper 70's in places like cape may and atlantic city. so, nice from north to south. a reminder that we do have that ozone action day declared today. i keep forgetting to change that but we are looking at unsensitive -- unhealthy air for sensitive groups. if you're among the senior citizen population young kids those suffering from asthma or heart ailments you'll want to limit outdoor exposure between the hours of noon and 6:00 especially when the air quality is at its worst and the rest of us can help by not filling the car during those hours. tomorrow it looks like sunshine to start out. maybe a few clouds digging in as the day goes on and late in the afternoon there is the chance of a pop-up shower or thundershower out to the west of philadelphia. but most of the area tomorrow should stay dry. one change tomorrow, the humidity levels will start to become more noticeable. that will start to pop up a bit. your exclusive accuweather 7-day sunny very warm today a high of 88. tomorrow very warm a bit more humid with a high of 89,
6:40 am
mainly dry and then hot and a bit muggier on friday with a high all the way up to 90 and the chance of an afternoon or evening shower or pop-up thunderstorm. not a lot of that activity but there will be some around. on saturday warm and sticky, a high of 88 degrees. again a chance of a late day or evening shower or thunderstorm. maybe a little better chance on saturday than on friday. and sunday partly sunny and still a bit humid. a high of 85. and another spotty shower or thunderstorm possible. things are going to change a little bit on monday. first of all it's going to be cooler with a high of 78 degrees. still pretty warm but not as warm as saturday and sunday. and it's going to cloud up a bit with an easterly flow and we could see some afternoon and evening showers and maybe a rumble of thunder. i wouldn't cancel plans, though, on any of these three holiday days. i would keep my eyes on the forecast. i think it's going to be a situation where you can have your barbecues but you have to have a plan to get everybody inside if you hear he a rumble oa rumble ofthunder. >> thank you david. more stories you didn't see last night including the arm wrong way driver firing
6:41 am
off shots from behind the wheel. >> philadelphia police just got served. find out if they will step up to this viral challenge. karen. >> oh, they'll step up. looking outside live with chopper six on the scene. we've got this accident and we can watch right now as they're starting to move this week vehicle out of the woods. it crashed right through the guardrail into the median. we'll have the latest on the jam-up related to this accident on 422 as well as a new accident on i-95. we're hearing it's involving an overturned truck. all those details coming up. >> and airline waives a flier's cancellation fee thanks to a witty letter. we'll tell you what he wrote coming up next. >> ♪
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6:44 am
>> time to check in with karen rogers. you have a serious scene going on behind you. >> we have been watching this accident scene even before emergency workers came here. chopper6 is live on the scene and this is looking at 422 at oaks. ask you see the damaged guardrail? there was a car that drove right through the guardrail. there's the car now in the grassy medianly it was even further down into the woods but we can see the tow truck is here and they have been pulling that car out of the woods, out of the median and they're trying to pull it back onto 422. this is all eastbound at oaks. i was watching this chopper6 live shot when we saw police take away someone in handcuffs when they arrived here at the scene. so, this is 422 eastbound at oaks. details still coming in on this but what we can tell you is that we've got police and emergency workers, two tow
6:45 am
trucks on the scene with this one and one car in the grassy median. now, chopper is panning back and you can see we're really jammed here on 422 eastbound because they've got a lane blocked in an area that would be busy anyway. so we watch live. as you can see how the traffic is just crawling on 422 eastbound. already jammed now from royersford every time i talk to you the delay getting a little longer. jammed from royersford at this point to approaching oaks where we've got police and penndot all on the scene with this one. so, you see that shot of 422. what a mess of a commute this morning eastbound. i've got another view of this and you can see from this shot here 422 at 29 how traffic is just jammed solid as you head towards king of prussia, as you head towards oaks where we've got that accident scene and the left lane's still blocked. also in wynnefield heights we have an accident there with a vehicle that ran into a pole. they're now letting one lane get by here on belmont avenue between conshohocken and monument road but you're going expect a delay. might wander to still stick to bryn mawr avenue and wynnefield. one more accident i want to mention 'cause we're hearing
6:46 am
it's involving an overturned truck right on i-95. it's northbound as you're past 273. this is new castle county. at least two lanes blocked with this one, matt. >> thank you karen. the search is on for an active shooter or shooters aimed at drivers and law enforcement on a rural highway in arizona. the maricopa county sheriff's office received reports last night of a driver traveling in the wrong direction and firing a gun from the vehicle. now the department of public safety vehicle was hit but the trooper was not injured. one person either walking or driving on the highway was grazed by a bullet and is expected to be okay. >> a father in missouri is on the run after shooting his own infant son to death as the child's mother tried to run away with that child in her arms. saint louis police say crockett fired one shot at his wife as she tried to get out of the car during an argument. the bullet hit the eight month old baby there she was carrying. crockett fled in a vehicle with the two older children still in the back seat. those children were found at a relative's home unharmed. the wife flagged down a driver
6:47 am
to try to get the baby to the hospital but the baby did not make it. >> a passenger sent an airline a doctor's note to try to get out of a cancellation fee. and it worked. alex hamburger of new york had to cancel a trip to see his niece in kansas city when he got sick. he would have ode american airlines $200 forts nonrefundable ticket. but hamburger decided to explain his situation firms he wrote a letter including his doctor's diagnosis and included heartwarming photos featuring hamburger being a great uncle to his niece. american's custom relations waived the cancellation fee and helped him rebook his trip. >> cute by way good sense of humor and a cute baby. i'm sure that helped. >> lightbulb. >> live preview of "gma" is up next. also detroit's finest challenge to the philadelphia
6:48 am
police force to a dance-off.
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> 10 minutes shy from "good morning america." >> let's check in with a immee robach. goorobe -- with amy robach. >> reporter: coming up next on "gma" we're talking about that severe weather from michigan to texas. massive storms and tornadoes touching down in five states. several people left critically injured. our weather team is on the ground in oklahoma following all the latest. and then we know you have been covering those dramatic developments in the cosby case.
6:51 am
a judge in montgomery county ruling the case can move forward. our legal experts dan abrams and nancy grace will weigh in on that decision live. then our huge "dancing with the stars" after party. nyle and peta taking the mirrorball trophy. ginger coming in third. all the finalists headed our way. right now they flew overnight and we cannot wait to give ginger zee a big hug and a huge congratulations and also just let her put her feet up. >> i'm sure she would love to put her feet up. >> ginger needs three weeks off. having a baby going on "dancing with the stars" and doing her job. >> tell ginger to call matt. >> i will make the case. >> let's take a look outside right now and show you some problems we've got on the roads. here's an accident on i-95 northbound past 273. we hear it's involving an overturned truck blocking to lanes so watch for this one in new castle county causing a jam already from 896 to past 273. how about 422? are you
6:52 am
moving? for a moment i thought it was a still shot and the camera froze. no, the traffic is literally not moving all because of that accident approaching oaks blocking the left lane. jammed past limerick now they've. >> all right, karen, on the big board we're dressing the kids in a light jack this morning. temperatures are starting to pop up into the low 60's already. it's definitely shorts and t's this afternoon. we are starting out at 62 at 7 o'clock jumping to 73 as soon as 9 o'clock and then 80's for the afternoon with a high today of 88 degrees. we'll probably hit that at about 4 o'clock today. sunscreen and cool drinks if you're headed out this afternoon. matt and tam. >> thank you david. detroit police officers are busting a move in the latest viral dance video and they want philadelphia's finest to step up. >> ♪ >> this is the video posted on the detroit department's facebook page showing officers breaking it down as part of the running man challenge. they are now calling on the philadelphia cincinnati and chicago forces for a dance-off. no response yet from our local police. >> tonight on "action news" at
6:53 am
6:00 we'll be taking a look back at the very special career of lisa thomas-laury. >> lisa is retiring after 38 years here with 6abc and we invite you to share your memories on our "action news" facebook page. here's one, her very first story back in february of 1978. >> it's been a beautiful week all week and if your car looked like mine did yesterday, you should have done what i did. >> ♪ it's going to rain tomorrow. maybe you should wait to wash your car. >> you got to get the salt off your car from the snow. it will eat through the a wax. >> don't let a 10-year-old have to set you straight. do your car a favor. wash it.
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>> the big accident of the morning is right here on 422 eastbound at oaks. we saw police take someone away from this scene in handcuffs. you can see they're now blocking the lanes of 422 eastbound only getting the shoulder by and that's why you're so jammed. this car went off the guardrail into the woods. it's a mess, dave. >> wow. into the woods. it's better when it's a broadway play, right. >> yeah. >> storm tracker6 has been showing us that we're dry, lots of sunshine today. it's going to be warm this afternoon. getting up into the upper 80's. we're on or about 60 right now but look at how fast the
6:57 am
numbers climb. today's high is 88 around 4 o'clock this afternoon. a reminder that we have an air quality alert. air quality not great this afternoon. >> did they do "dancing with the stars" in l.a. >> yes. >> ginger zee is going to be on "good morning america" this morning. in the next.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, 26 reported tornadoes tear through 5 states. >> oh, my god. >> winds 140 miles an hour ripping apart homes, debris flying through the air. now, even a stronger storm system is on the way. texas to minnesota on alert right now. also overnight, violent riots break out at a donald trump rally in new mexico. protesters outside storm barricades. police use pepper spray and smoke grenades to get crowds under control and protesters inside are dragged away. >> i said get out of here and he ran out. >> as trump gets ready to land his biggest endorsement yet this morning. breaking news, a highway shooter going on a rampage targeting random cars and drivers shooting at least two people. the manhunt and the suspect in custody this morning.


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