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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, 26 reported tornadoes tear through 5 states. >> oh, my god. >> winds 140 miles an hour ripping apart homes, debris flying through the air. now, even a stronger storm system is on the way. texas to minnesota on alert right now. also overnight, violent riots break out at a donald trump rally in new mexico. protesters outside storm barricades. police use pepper spray and smoke grenades to get crowds under control and protesters inside are dragged away. >> i said get out of here and he ran out. >> as trump gets ready to land his biggest endorsement yet this morning. breaking news, a highway shooter going on a rampage targeting random cars and drivers shooting at least two people. the manhunt and the suspect in custody this morning. ♪ shut up and dance with me
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and nyle and peta stun the ballroom dominating the dance floor in the closest battle yet. our ginger and val spin their way to the top three. >> you're a quick-stepping scientist. >> you're right. thank you all so much for having me. >> now the finalists fly all night long to join us here in times square for our biggest "gma" after-party ever. >> all: good morning, america. whoo. ♪ i said you're holding back how about that ballroom last night? there was the moment right there. nyle and peta winning the mirror ball trophy, what a season it has been on "dancing with the stars" and all the finalists getting on that plane overnight landing at teeter bowboro airport, new jersey, peta. he is being gallant and ginger, of course, coming in to new york city with val, as well and now they're on the bus. oh, no, that's our after-party
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last night. >> there's the bus on their way here and be here in moments. we were watching the whole if finale cheering on our ginger at our giant "gma" watch party, the wings were flying last night. our team out in full force. >> absolutely. all for you, gingi ginger was feeling love, as well. robin, you sent her your lion slippers. >> yeah yon up. >> she wanted you to know they did bring her good luck. such a great experience. >> i can't wait to hug her. >> and let her put her feet up. we'll begin with the severe weather from texas to minnesota. take a look at these double twisters near dodge city, kansas. at least 26 reported tornados overnight and more severe weather is on the way. abc's phillip mena is on the ground in hart hid bristow, oklahoma. >> reporter: good morning. that storm blasted the walls off of this home. this is a match tress here and
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you may be able to see this is a power pole that came crashing down. this was an extremely dangerous storm that has left destruction here and up into the central plains. >> just destroyed something. it's moving toward that house. >> reporter: overnight, massive tornadoes ripping through the plains. in kansas, you can see the funnel cloud moving across the field. then winds start taking apart that home. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: storm chaser brett adair filmed several of the monstrous twisters getting dangerously close. >> seeing a house come apart in front of me. i've never seen anything like that before. >> reporter: in dodge city, kansas, early estimates have winds at 140 miles per hour making that tornado at least an ef-3. cars coming to a halt as debris is tossed through the air. 26 reported tornadoes in 5 states from michigan to texas. >> toward come right through
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here. [ sirens ] >> reporter: kansas alone with reports of 18 tornadoes. six homes destroyed there. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: several people critically injured. police going house to house to check for more victims. this propane tank picked up and tossed into the middle of the road. you can hear gas leaking. tractor trailers knocked to their sides. these two rare twin tornadoes caught on camera. the couple who lives here were able to take cover inside a storm shelter and thankfully they were not hurt. robin. >> thankfully they were not, that's right, phillip. thank you. to rob now for more on the severe weather hitting today and the rest of the week. more storms? >> yeah, three more days. it's been a turbulent week, yesterday very dynamic with double, even triple tornadoes at times. here's today's threat from mexico all the way through inz minnesota and the mother system, it will eject tomorrow and friday and the most action and
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this is when we get into the i-35, more populated corridor, dallas, oklahoma city getting in through kansas city. in response, we are cranking up the heat for the east coast, instant summer. temperatures near 90 degrees and humidity comes in. >> instant summer. to the race for the white house and violence overnight. protesters at a donald trump rally in new mexico broke through barriers, police tried to control the crowds with pepper spray and smoke grenades. abc's tom llamas is with the trump campaign in los angeles. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. trump's west coast swing got off to an unruly start. the trump supporters were fired up but so were demonstrators who refused to leave the trump rally and last night at one point there was fear protesters were shooting at police. overnight, a wild and buy lent scene at the donald trump rally in new mexico. protesters throwing rocks at officers who responded with pepper spray. police calling in a riot.
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>> get him out. >> reporter: more demonstrations inside the rally. >> this is so exciting. >> reporter: one woman dragged out by her limbs. a man holding trump is a fascist banner went down a flight of stairs in an armlock. >> he can't get a date so doing this instead. >> reporter: trump taking it from all sides. even this little boy screaming at him, trump taking it in stride asking -- >> how old is this kid? still wearing diapers. telling you the kid looks like he's 10 years old. i said get out of here and he ran out. it was great. i wish everybody -- >> reporter: but outside things got really ugly. >> get back. >> reporter: demonstrators storming through barricades and breaking windows. a trump flag set on fire and at one point a gunshot scare when this window at the main entrance looked like it had been shot. police in riot gear preventing the angry crowd from getting inside. >> shattered one of the windows and set up a barricade to block
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another. as you see behind me there's thousands that are trying to get out right now. >> reporter: between interruptions, trump staying focused announcing his real prize in the general election. women voters. >> i want to set records with women, not with men. the hell with the men. right? the hell with the men. >> reporter: and calling hillary clinton a, quote, low-life for running this ad. >> if there is a bubble burst as they call it, you know, you can make a lot of money. >> reporter: charging trump wanted to make money off people losing their homes in the recession. >> i'm a businessman. that's what i'm supposed to do. >> reporter: now back to those protests police determined there were no shots fired but there were arrests and last night trump responded to criticism it took him four months to donate $1 million to a veterans group after announcing in iowa. trump explained he had to, quote, vet the vets. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. more on this from jon karl in washington. jon, let's stay with the trump
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campaign. some confusion this morning about whether or not he's about to get the endorsement of house speaker paul ryan. >> yeah, we were told point blank from trump campaign sources that a ryan endorsement is coming but this morning paul ryan's spokesman said he hasn't told him anything but there is little doubt he will eventually endorse him and trust me when, when it comes it won't be because trump suddenly turned a new leaf or changed his tone but because ryan and other republicans are concerned the division also hurt the party. >> meantime, rump is getting called out for promoting conspiracy theories saying there is something fishy about the death of vince foster who worked with the clintons in the white house but the trump campaign completely undeterred. >> senior trump campaign sources tell me that trump will continue to hammer bill clinton on his issues with women, relentlessly from now until november, they are convinced this is effective. it puts bill clinton on the sidelines and also deflects some
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of the attacks on trump over the issue of how he's talked about women. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. the democrats and hillary clinton focused on donald trump as bernie sanders makes it clear he's going to fight for every last delegate. both campaigning in california today. abc's cecilia vega is there in l.a. with much more. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning to you. just about two weeks to go until the primary here. more delegates up for grabs in california than any other state. hillary clinton is hoping this is where she can finally put this primary fight to bed but bernie sanders hopes it's where he can keep his candidacy alive. with everything on the line bernie sanders is in california laying on the attacks, his rallies where he is still drawing massive crowds. >> i had also hoped that secretary clinton would have kept her word and agreed to engage in a debate. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and in a new ad that hits los angeles airwaves today -- >> california, it's a long way to washington.
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but you can send a message they can't ignore. >> reporter: hillary clinton is in the golden state too but her attention not on the upcoming primary. clinton not even once mentioning her democratic opponent by name. but she did find time to stop by for "the ellen show" getting big laughs when she chose "scandal" star tony goldwyn over sanders as a possible vice presidential pick. >> bernie sanders. >> tony. >> tony. >> clinton's massive delegate lead this morning, sanders is fighting to stay in the race and every delegate counts. last week's primary in kentucky so close, sanders is now requesting a recanvas, elections officials now preparing to check every voting machine and absentee ballot on the line for sanders, one delegate. the vermont senator now facing mounting questions about whether staying in the race could hurt the party. but he told "the view" he is not going anywhere. >> no, i don't think i'm harming the democratic party. i think i'm invigorating
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american democracy. >> reporter: and now there's talk of another reality tv star in the race. mark cuban has publicly said he would consider being hillary clinton's vice president, robin and george, he now tells us the campaign has reached out to him for a meeting. >> we'll see what happen. >> that will be some summit. thank you, cecilia. we move on to that breaking news out of arizona where a highway shooter opened fire on random cars overnight injuring at least one driver. a suspect is now in custody and abc's kayna whitworth has the latest. good morning, kayna. >> one passenger car northbound. >> reporter: this morning, police taking a man into custody after a massive manhunt overnight near phoenix. >> they're getting several reports of a shooter on sr-87. >> reporter: witnesses reported a suspect driving the wrong way opening fire on passing cars on this arizona highway. >> there's a male subject injured. >> reporter: highway 87
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paralyzed after the alleged suspect struck one of the motorists in a passing car. >> it looks like the gunshot graze to the head. >> reporter: authorities say he then fled to a nearby casino where he shot and wounded another person during a carjacking. >> there was body armor that was found near the car, the weapons that were used as well as the ammunition and body armor were found. >> reporter: police shutting down the highway in both directions. this comes after last summer's roadway shooting spree in the area. >> i think my window just got shot. >> reporter: 11 cars shot in two weeks along a span of phoenix highway. the longtime suspect in that case has now been exonerated. authorities in arizona say they plan on releasing the name of the person responsible for last night's shooting later today. describing him as only a phoenix area resident in his mid-30s. now he was reportedly shooting with a semiautomatic weapon now booked on aggravated assault and carjacking. robin and george. >> all right, kayna, scary scene. we have the latest on those
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crippling security lines at our nation's airports. a top tsa official has been removed from his post and the agency is taking new action to cut down wait times ahead of a showdown with lawmakers on capitol hill. abc's david kerley covering it all for us at reagan national airport. >> reporter: congress heard the complaints from passengers who have been in these long arduous lines and the tsa administrator testifying he's taken action in the past couple of days. the question, will that be enough? he created a tsa command center that will work with the airlines and if there's an expected surge in an airport additional canine units and screeners deployed to deal with that workload. also the head of security has been removed from that position. he was in charge when the tsa failed 95% of the tests last year to get in banned substances. he was also given $90,000 in bonuses so he is gone. tomorrow, robin, the airlines are going to be testifying, as well. >> so, david, all that you said, do you think that's going to
7:14 am
satisfy members of congress and will it shorten those lines? >> reporter: it probably won't satisfy congress. there has been some movement into some hubs taking more officers to chicago and in new york to reduce the lines there. many are calling on congress including the white house to fund more officers because more of us are flying this year and there are the same number of officers, the math just doesn't add up, robin. >> of course the holiday weekend right upon us. thank you, david. >> a couple days away. a lawsuit involving within of baseball's biggest stars. the family of the late tony gwynn filed a wrongful death suit against the tobacco industry saying chewing tobacco caused the oral cancer that killed him. >> reporter: tony gwynn was one of baseball's icons inspiring fans around the world until his death at age 54. now his family say big tobacco rode his coattails following him since his college days. >> there it is, number 3,000 for tony gwynn.
7:15 am
>> reporter: he was one of baseball's most popular hall-of-famers. >> tony gwynn has done it. >> reporter: donetsk gwynn, the 15-time san diego padres all of star known for his sweet swing and smokeless tobacco in his cheek before his 2014 death from salivary gland cancer at age 54. >> i hate to say it but i'm a tobacco junkie. >> reporter: this morning's gwynn's family going to bat for him suing big tobacco. he spoke about his addiction several times during his career. >> if he had known how addictive and harmful to his health dip was he wouldn't have started using it. >> reporter: the lawsuit filed against several tobacco companies and individuals including philip morris' parent company altria group saying they conducted a marketing campaign specifically targeting african-american men. to sell smokeless tobacco. >> the tobacco companies were using his addiction to turn him into a walking billboard.
7:16 am
>> reporter: chewing smokeless tobacco also called dipping still popular in big league dugouts. according to the lawsuit gwynn chewing the equivalent of smoking four to five packs after cigarettes per day. >> i've had nights where i drive down to the local circle k to get a can and the lady behind the counter doesn't want to sell me a can because she knows, you know, what i'm doing to myself. >> reporter: ballparks in five cities banning smokeless tobacco. now gwynn's family hoping his death won't be in vain. >> he would be relieved to know his death was a catalyst to get tobacco out of baseball. >> reporter: a spokesperson for altria declined to comment, george. >> ryan, thanks very much. let's turn to amy with today's other top stories. urgent search in houston. >> houston police are asking for the public's health as they search for the man who murdered a young boy walking home from school. they've released this video of 11-year-old josue flores two blocks from where he was repeatedly stabbed. police have a vague description
7:17 am
of the suspect. and there are new details in the crash of egyptair flight 804. there were no technical issues with the plane before it took off from paris. the search for the black boxes continues today. a new battle against isis, thousands of american backed fighters in syria have launched an offensive to retake the city of raqqa. the so-called isis capital. the u.s.-led coalition is providing air support. a big mess in the italian city of florence where a 600-foot sinkhole opened up swallowing all these cars, 20 in total. but thankfully nobody was injured. another stunner in the nba playoffs, steph curry and the warriors are on the brink of elimination after a lopsided loss to the thunder, 118-94. the thunder lead the series 3-1. finally if you're planning/camping trip this summer you may want to look away. a camping trip in africa, just to be specific. a couple of campers in bat swan
7:18 am
that woke up to this. they found two lions licking the water off their tent. somehow they stayed calm enough to record the whole thing and guess what, their tent flap was actually open but thankfully the lions weren't interested in getting inside. just wanted that water. the couple on facebook, i love this, later called this experience, well, they called it a privilege. i call it a nightmare. >> i couldn't imagine waking up and seeing that. and then -- >> staying calm. >> and recording the whole thing. >> yeah. >> rob is nice and calm even though this flooding and storms and all that. >> we mentioned the severe weather, robin. we have heavy rain and flooding across much of the area. jonesboro, arkansas, five inches fall
7:19 am
>> most of those warm cities they just showed. nothing showing on storm tracker6 live double scan this morning. heading outside lots of sunshine up over the horizon. gorgeous picture of the commodore barry bridge. notice how the river water other than where you've got a boat wake is nice and glassy because there's not much wind out there and your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows that we moved from the low 60's to a very warm high today of 88. tomorrow warm, 89.
7:20 am
a bit more humid and then hot and muggy on friday. do video doorbells really help? >> they're on their way. our ginger zee and the champ nyle and paige moments away from arriving, the three finalists. ? our ginger zee and the champ nyle and paige moments away from arriving, the three finalists.
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"when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. it's 7:24 on this wednesday may 25th. and it's going to be hot today. first up traffic and karen rogers. >> yeah, matt, chopper six over the scene of this accident. o'clock this out here on i-95 northbound an accident involving that overturned
7:25 am
truck blocking the two left lanes. now, this is in new castle county, i-95 northbound just past 273 but you see the backup with those left lanes being blocked. you're jammed all the way from 896 to past 273 so a good solid delay on i-95 northbound in new castle county and it's not the only i-95 delay. i want to take you to another camera shot. we've got a shot here and this is delaware county. so, look at i-95 northbound here approaching highland avenue. you're jammed at this point from the delaware state line to the blue route and that's because of an accident that's on the ramp to the blue route temporarily blocking all lanes. so, two jams on i-95 northbound right here. another problem is on 422. we had a big accident this morning that was causing huge delays. the accident itself cleared eastbound at oaks but you can see as we look live at 29 we're still really jammed from past limerick to approaching oaks on 422 eastbound, matt. >> thank you karen. how hot will it be? that's after the break.
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♪ ♪ new fresh step with the power of febreze. odor control worth celebrating.
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>> bright sunshine across delaware and lehigh valleys right now. we're still sitting on a comfortable 61 degrees. all these numbers you see right now are going to change in a hurry this morning and we're getting warm today. this afternoon look for mainly sunny skies and a high of 88. tomorrow very warm and a little more humid, 89 and then 90 muggy on friday. looks like friday, saturday, sunday and monday there's the chance of a late day shower or a thunderstorm. but none of those days necessarily look like washouts, matt. >> thanks, david.
7:28 am
the detroit police department is calling out philadelphia police in a running man challenge. see their video on the "action news" facebook page. >> ♪ ...on the spot. keep on scratchin'
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♪ welcome back to "gma" and take a look at ginger and val spinning their way across the dance floor. boy, they gave it everything they had and they're joining us live in just a little bit. >> you think they're caught in traffic? they're usually here by now. they fly all the way -- >> no pressure. just live television. >> yeah, that's right. a little party we have planned for you. right now millions from texas to minnesota on alert for severe weather after 26 reported tornadoes tore through five states overnight. now warnings and even stronger storm system is on the way. and donald trump, a rally in new mexico turning violent overnight. police using pepper spray, smoke grenades to get crowds under control as trump turns his focus to california this morning. it is confirmed. they are stuck in traffic right now but if they get here, we're
7:31 am
celebrating our "dancing" after-party. i'm kidding. the winners are eventually going to get here, we believe. champs val and nyle, ginger and value and paige and mark. you know what happens when you're tired, surprises. we'll wake them up when they get here. so much fun in just a bit. >> until then we have other news including that bill bill cosby bombshell. he will stand trial on charges he drugged and sexually assault women in 2004. abc's linsey davis is outside the courtroom in philadelphia. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. the face-to-face encounter between bill cosby and one of his accusers andrea constand didn't happen at yesterday's hearing but she is expected to testify at the trial. still, there was lots of drama in the courtroom. the 78-year-old actor waved to fans on his way into court tuesday where he learned the fate of his effort to avoid prosecution. a pennsylvania judge ruling there is enough evidence for him
7:32 am
to stand trial in a sexual assault case. >> she was unable to concept, you know, that's the crime. >> reporter: not present in court, andrea constand who prosecutors say was drugged and sexually assaulted by the comedian at his pennsylvania home in 2004. according to the criminal complaint constand told investigators cosby urged her to take three blue pills and after ingesting them everything became blurry and dizzy saying she was unable to move or speak during the assault and describing her condition as frozen and paralyzed. cosby never criminally prosecuted and the prosecutor declining to press charges at the time. in a civil deposition related to the same alleged encounter cosby admitted to kissing and heavy petting with con stapdz but maintained it was consensual. >> there was no evidence of a crime here. and that the inconsistencies that plague this investigation from the beginning continue to plague it now. >> reporter: during the
7:33 am
3 1/2-hour hearing cosby's attorneys gave insight into their possible defense. >> after the so-called incident, the complainant continued to contact mr. cosby, the complainant accepted a dinner invitation from mr. cosby. >> this is wrong. >> reporter: this morning, a group of cosby supporters say they've spent thousands of dollars to get ads on the air in defense of the embattled comedian calling the case against cosby a witch-hunt. more than 50 women have accused cosby of sexual assault. you can expect that the prosecution is likely going to fight vigorously to try to get their testimony included in this case. cosby's defense team has repeatedly denied the allegations against him. robin. >> linsey, thank you. joining us now is nancy grace, host of "nancy grace" on hln and here in the studio our chief legal analyst dan abrams. nancy, let me begin with you, prosecutors at the time of the alleged assault did not file criminal charges so how strong is this case against bill cosby?
7:34 am
>> well, i find that very disturbing that they did not go forward, but what i think is more important than the prosecution's decision not to go forward way back in 2005 is the fact that she went to authorities. it's not as if she sat back and thought about it all these years, took a money settlement and then at the last moment just before the statute of limitations runs she goes forward with criminal charges. she went to police and made as we call it in the law an outcry. she told people what happened at the time. that's very significant. >> yeah, people need to keep that in mind, of course. constand as we heard in lynn so report one of many women who have come and accused bill cosby. will that -- will others come forward. >> that's the most important legal question in the case. they've come forward. the question will they be able to testify? >> exactly. >> if they are, this case against bill cosby is going to be a very powerful, strong one. if they can't, if a court deems that they cannot testify as part
7:35 am
of this case, this is not going to be that easy a case against bill cosby. yes, they have statements from his deposition which fundamentally change things. yes, they'll have her account. but keep in mind, it took her many months if not almost a year to come forward to report the crime. there's the time that has passed since then, there is the he said/she said element of this and let's not just presume because it's moving forward it will be a slam conduct for prosecutors. >> the defense, nancy -- ? he's right. you can't presume anything. >> right. you know the defense was vocal in the preliminary hearing yesterday. they were even shouting at times and constand was not there for the preliminary hearing and, of course, she would have to be in court at some time, wouldn't she? >> well, yes, under the constitution the accused who is bill cosby has a right to confront and cross-examine his accuser. but, you know, all that blustering and grandstanding by the defense, that didn't mean a
7:36 am
hill of beans to me. she did not have to be at the preliminary hearing. that is standard in most jurisdictions. i expected the defense attorney to bluster his way and complain and scream but i think, dan, you really hit the nail on the head in that -- there have been cases for i got up to ten similar transactions in on the case in chief. if they come in, this case is over and i think cosby's own words under oath are going to haunt him. >> would you expect her to take the stand. >> she will take the stand. the fact she didn't testify in the preliminary hearing doesn't mean anything. she will testify in the criminal case. >> dan, nancy, nancy, always good to see you. thank you very much, both of you. >> likewise. >> okay. thank you. coming up you've seen ads for video doorbells. it lets you answer the door even when you're not home but can it really help catch crooks? the champs and finalists are on the bus battling good old new york city traffic making their way to times square and we can't
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we're back with "gma investigates" and this morning we're looking at video doorbells. they let you pretend you're home when you're not and claim they can help catch thieves who steal packages outside your house and abc's linzie janis is giving the smart cameras a try. >> reporter: from knoxville to las vegas, doorbells equipped with video cameras are recording suspected burglars at their owner's doors. one even capturing this curious bear. you've probably seen the ads. >> i invented rings you can see and speak to whoever is at your home from your smartphone. >> reporter: so how well do video doorbes work? "gma investigates" trying out two, ring and its main competitor skybell. both work via an app on your phone and both have motion
7:42 am
detectors that trigger the camera to record movement and send you an alert. even if someone doesn't actually ring the bell. >> all right. there's motion at my front door. >> reporter: first how well do they allow us to communicate? we arrange for two package deliveries for each video doorbell. >> hi there. >> making a delivery. >> reporter: using ring i could talk to the delivery person both times, even though i was in my office far away. the same with skybell. we used the hd version. no problem. >> have a nice day. >> reporter: but could these video doorbells really help identify a package thief? we asked staffers to take the packages. we also installed traditional surveillance cameras to compare the video. first up ring. it notified us both times. but when our pretend thief moved quickly, we only got a side view of his face. for skybell, our first pretend thief as seen on our surveillance cameras is very
7:43 am
fast. no alert video. and our second pretend thief is slower. we do get an alert but the recording only captures the side of her face and her back making it hard to identify her. we showed the video to criminal investigator glen bard. >> i would want to inhabit so they would catch her as she's walking up. when. >> reporter: when it came to nightvision both outperformed our security camera. i spoke with both companies about our findings. first ring. when we had someone take a package off of the stoop, we didn't get a good look at their face. >> sometimes you get in that wi-fi not having a great signal to that area can cause things like slight delays and so we do work with our customers so we capture great face shots of everyone coming up. >> reporter: then skybell. >> so the software of the skybell that you tested is actually set to trigger an alert for motion that happens for ten seconds or more. >> reporter: since our experiment skybell tells us it's
7:44 am
changed its alert system and now works immediately. are products like these worth having. >> they are. just this itself cannot be the end all be all solution. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, lee oleeonia, new jersey. >> both cost around $200. an upgraded more expensive version has come out called the ring pro. >> seems like a good idea. hey, guys, they're here and finally made it here. the "dance going" champs and finalists talking nyle. there he is, the champion. paige came in second. our dear ginger zee, one of the finalists came in third. they're all here and we cannot wait to see them all. especially ginger. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] fferer. my mom wants to understand, but she just can't see it. so excedrin worked with me to show my mom
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10. >> what do you think? 10. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know how we feel about ginger and val. they'll always be a perfect 10 to us. you missed all the hugs in the
7:49 am
commercial break. we mugged them both. it is so great to have you home. >> i'm so happy to be home. so beautiful here. >> thank you for taking such good care. >> my pleasure. >> we appreciate that. yes, and so in case you need a reminder let's take a look back at ginger's journey. >> roll 'em. >> i thought we were going to look at your journey. >> imagine in your mind if you will a beautiful journey that ended right here. >> welcome backs, ginger. >> thank you so much. >> how do you feel? how is everything? how is your pelvis. >> everything is good. everything is great. i feel so much better. i'm so happy to be home and so grateful for val and my husband and family for supporting me and for rob. >> you represented all of "gma" so well. we're so proud of you. >> thank you for filling in and for the weather team for killing
7:50 am
it while i was gone and now i'm back. you got me. i'm ready to come back. >> robin was nice enough to send out her lucky slippers which -- >> people over there too. >> and i know you sent that picture. could you feel the support you were getting from us and know we were rooting for you so hard. >> when you were in the ballroom obviously but even from back here it felt so good to see the tweets, read the e-mails and thank you so much for supporting us and it took 27 producers to do that live shot.%-pwe love it. >> a little gift. open it up fast. only have ten seconds. >> oh, nice. >> my mama can move. >> much more with the champions and finalists of "dancing with the stars." the party is on, y'all. thank you, val. the party is on. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ let's dance
7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning. i'm matt o'donnell. 7:56 on this wednesday may 25 many. route 202 is the topic of concern right here. let's go to karen rogers. >> it is. you know why 'cause we've got these trucks here. we aren't sure what they're doing. penndot says they're not their crews but they're over here. there's a lane kind of in the gore point almost to the side here but 202 southbound at high street is creating a jam-up as everyone is stopping to check out as you head towards chadds ford live in west chester. we've got a few vehicles kind of off to the side right there causing a bit of an issue. we're hearing there's some injuries on the scene with this accident coming in to us its in newtown square. providence road at west chester pike. we've got police on the scene there responding to that. i-95 has been really jam. looking live in delaware county this is i-95 northbound
7:57 am
approaching highland. jammed from the delaware state line to the blue route. we had an accident blocking part of the ramp that accident cleared but it's still a slow go there matt. >> okay karen thank you. turning up the heat today. that's a live look at philadelphia international airport and the accuweather forecast delivered by dave murphy. david. >> all right, matt, we're out on the terrace. sun is up. temperatures are beginning to climb a bit. take a look. we're at 66 degrees still pretty cool but standing in the sun you can start to feel that warmth building and this afternoon it really builds. we're going to see a high of 88 degrees mainly sunny skies today. very warm again tomorrow with high of 89. perhaps a few more clouds later in the day and there's a little bit of a rise in humidity tomorrow. then friday hot and probably muggy, 90 degrees is the highway late day or evening thunderstorm possible. for the weekend sticky on saturday, 85 on sunday and back to 78 with more clouds on monday, matt. >> thanks, david. a 25 year man is dead after a shootout in a pathmark parking lot in philadelphia's germantown section. it happened on the 200 block of west chelten of a just
7:58 am
before 2:30 a.m. police are questioning two people of interest. governor wolf says he wants to free the six-pack and allow pennsylvanians to purchase beer at gas stations. the story on
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ shut up and dance with me ? good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. >> nyle and peta. >> they did it. nyle and peta blow away the ballroom winning the coveted mirror ball. the finalists flying all night on the "gma" express to bring the trophy home right here to times square and wait till you see the surprises in store only on "gma." surrogacy fight. the groundbreaking legal battle over three babies. the surrogate mom saying the biological father didn't want them all. now she's suing to see them speaking out for the first time since going to court. ♪ nobody can drag me down new this morning, johnny depp's war of words heats up. >> you gave the greatest -- >> going after the australian prime minister. >> he looks like inbred with a
8:01 am
tomato. >> his comments igniting a frenzy. ♪ and dream big. robin's powerful words for the class of 2016. >> we are all just a little bit stronger than we think we are. >> sharing words of wisdom from her mother and father and how everyone can make good things happen. ♪ go big or go home ♪ go go all that and from our overnight watch party to our huge morning after party, get ready to dance as we welcome ginger home. >> bringing back your meteorologist. >> hey. >> our ginger rogers. >> all the dances couples here live in times square as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ ♪ tell me what you've been drinking ♪ ♪ i can tell what you're thinking ♪ ♪ i'll be yours for the weekend ♪ ♪ if you just want it i'll
8:02 am
guarantee you this ♪ ♪ i'd rather wait for someone ♪ don't talk to me ♪ prove to me you won't only be ♪ ♪ ♪ you want to get down shake it shake it ♪ ♪ one foot in one foot out a little bit up ♪ ♪ shake it shake it >> oh, my. good morning, america. you're up now. i thought that was the opening for "dancing with the stars" at the beginning. no, that's our studio. mesmerized. >> we welcome you to our "gma" dancing after-party. that's how we do it. >> wow. >> a huge morning after an amazing night in the ballroom. >> after flying all night long. we have the newest "dancing with the stars" champions, nyle and peta here plus paige and mark. also ginger is back with val. they flew all night long and here this morning can't wait to
8:03 am
talk to us. >> oh, gosh, how do they do it? we have a surprise guest hidden in our very own mirror ball. let's spin it around. who is it? who is it? spin it, spin it. it's tom bergeron. >> i had no idea he lived in there. >> that's just the beginning of our big after-party. >> absolutely. our ballroom bash is gearing up. the party started and our "gma" team out in full force for our watch party. of course, cheering on ginger every step of the way and we have so many more surprises coming up. >> that's why we're a little -- she's tired and we're a little -- >> not anything like that they are. >> nothing like they are. >> a lot coming up. first the morning rundown from amy. >> violence erupting at a donald trump rally in new mexico. protesters threw rocks and bottles at police. set campaign signs on fire. broke through barricades and stomped on patrol cars. several officers were injured. they fired back with pepper spray and smoke grenades.
8:04 am
inside donald trump shouted down protesters as they were hauled away. meanwhile, trump may be getting another boost. campaign sources say house speaker paul ryan has decided to endorse trump, however, ryan's office says he has not told the trump camp anything yet about his intentions. more to come on that. also more than two dozen tornadoes have been reported across the plains in the last 24 hours including take a look at this monster storm near dodge city, kansas. hurling debris through the air and throwing one home's propane tank. at least two have been critically injured and several homes damaged. these storms stretching from texas all the way to michigan and look at that. two rare twin tornadoes caught on camera. rob's forecast coming up in just a bit. well, the man in charge of the tsa is expected to be grilled on capitol hill today. administrator peter neffenger will face questions about those long security lines at airports. son-in-law of them three hours long. there is some good news. airlines say recent staffing
8:05 am
changes have reduced wait times in chicago to just 15 minutes, but this holiday weekend will be the true test. well, now to california and a custody case involving a surrogate mother of triplets. she is fighting the biological father for custody claiming surrogacy contracts are unfair and not in the best interest of the children. abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: this morning, 48-year-old melissa cook says she'll never give up her tight fight to see the three babies she gave birth to as a surrogate. >> i loved them while they were in me. i love them still. >> reporter: but cook who is already the mother of four says early in the pregnancy the biological father told her he no longer wanted three babies. saying he couldn't afford all of them. what were you thinking. >> to go back and say, oh, i changed my mind? that's ridiculous. >> reporter: the attorney for the get etic father telling "people" magazine his client asked cook to abort one of the
8:06 am
babies for concern of her health and the health of the children. >> there's no question it would violate the right to privacy to force someone to get an abortion. >> reporter: cook continued the pregnancy giving birth to three healthy babies earlier this year. the genetic father took them home. now cook is taking her fight to court telling abc news she is suing to ensure the children are in good hands and to have california's surrogacy laws changed. what do you think it would be like if you did get to hold the babies. >> i'd let them know that, you know, i'm here. i'm fighting for you guys. you guys are -- you guys will be okay. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. our thanks to abbie for that. well, johnny depp's dog fight with the australian government has taken another ugly turn. on "jimmy kimmel" depp admitted that the apology video he taped with his wife may have been his greatest performance ever. on that tape they claimed they were sorry for failing to register their two dogs which
8:07 am
violated australia's bio security laws but now he is slamming them for spending taxpayer money to chase down his yorkies and compares the deputy prime minister to a tomato that's ready to explode. his words, not mine. but let's move on to robin's words. this time of year we see a lot of inspirit rational commencement speeches but this one was extra special. robin addressing the graduates there at new york's college of new rochelle passing along some important life lessons. >> and i have to say something else that my mother and father taught me, proximity is power. you can wish, hope and pray all you want but you have to put yourself in position for good things to happen to you and you have done that! you have done that! >> and, you know, it was robin so it wasn't all serious. she snapped a selfie, there it is with a group of smiling graduates. congratulations to all of them and to you, robin. you earned an honorary degree.
8:08 am
>> you don't have to call me dr. roberts but i have to say commencement is so special. it's like an ending and a beginning and these graduates are considered nontraditional. that's what -- i use quotations. i don't know what that means because they're phenomenal but many had many challenges to overcome. many are older and many are the first in their families like my mother and father were the first in their family to go to college. >> we could hear the excitement. >> great time. thank you. >> you were an inspiration. >> up to lara with the "morning menu." >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." on fire after a three-year break for pink opening up about motherhood. you can hear it our "gma" after-party "dancing with the stars" just getting started. the mirror ball champs are all here. all that coming up. ooh, that hurt. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:09 am
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8:12 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the new ford escape. life is a sport. we are the utility. be unstoppable.
8:13 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma." how about that performance right there, the men of "dancing with the stars." >> wait for it. wait for it. >> robin didn't want me to talk over the strip right there. >> right. that was a big payoff there. time for our "dancing with the stars" after-party. mirror ball champs nyle and peta. [ cheers and applause ] paige, paige and mark. paige and mark. [ cheers and applause ] yes. ginger and val. [ cheers and applause ] it was one of the closest
8:14 am
seasons ever. so let's take a look at the highlights. >> nyle and peta. >> reporter: nyle dimarco wowed us all. ♪ becoming the first deaf dancer to win the mirror ball with peta and now a two-time champion by his side. >> it's been so incredible because of this man. ♪ it's a beautiful day >> reporter: nyle proving time after time when you put your mind to it, you can do anything. >> really brought me to tears in this one. >> in 22 season has is the best dance i have ever seen. >> reporter: but still he faced fierce competition all season long. ♪ now >> there is nothing about that dance that i didn't like. ♪ >> outstanding! outstanding. >> reporter: last night was no exception. ♪ paige the ultimate fighting
8:15 am
champion jiving her way to second place. ♪ and our ginger dancing one last fusion dance with her partner val capping off a season full of memorable moments. but in the end, nyle's powerful dancing could not be beat. ♪ >> nyle, peta and all the dancers join us now. here they are. nyle, let me start with you. congratulations. and i have to tell you my fifth graders, you inspired her and will write her fifth grade he czar on deafness. thanks to you. what challenge is next. you've won "america's next top model." you've won "dancing." >> yeah. >> yeah, maybe, maybe. i've got to sharpen up on my cooking skills. i really have to. >> people learned there's absolutely nothing you can't do, nyle. >> all right, tom bergeron, since you're piping in, you know, yelling at the stage crew. >> i just mention by the way not
8:16 am
that i'm upset about it or anything, i almost got killed by this. did you see it? i came out and then your automatic mirror ball almost took me out. >> but just like you have to up your game every season we have to do that with the after-party. how was this season? i know every year we say it's the best but this was so special. >> one of the testimonies is how fast it goes. how fast it feels. at the beginning, certainly for you guys when you're faced with all the training in your dances it just seems like there's this big expansive time and then suddenly on a good season like this one, you're ten weeks in and it's the finale and you have to say good-bye to these friends you just made and i mean look at this. i mean this was absolutely -- i got to be honest with you, to try to talk to them after that number was really difficult. we were all -- bruno and i and carrie ann. >> she said it's the best she's seen in 22 seasons.
8:17 am
>> amazing, amazing and if anybody wants a used piano, talk to me after the show. >> peta, this is your ninth season. you said it was unlike any you have ever -- >> absolutely. >> what will stick with you the most? >> sorry. >> what will stick with you the most. >> the whole journey has been so special. nyle coming on to the show with all the courage in the world. he is absolutely fearless and i will take that with me for the rest of my life and taught me so many lessons and made me a better teacher. >> you clicked right away. >> we did, absolutely and he's just such a great friend and awesome experience. >> and, nyle, what did it mean to you when carrie ann in her final remarks that she learned sign language to do that. what did that mean to you? >> it was really very touching and, you know, she actually, you know, took the time to learn sign language and we don't see that often so that penitentiary a lot to me and touched me and
8:18 am
hit me right at the heart. >> touched a lot of people. it did. >> ginger, we know how game you are. we know how fierce a competitor you are and see it here every day. what about this whole experience surprised you about yourself. >> oh, my gosh, i feel like -- i was surprised by the emotional journey. i knew physically it would change me and it would be very quick. but emotionally and the woman i've become, i'm stronger, more confident than i've ever been and have val to thank for that and my family and husband, baby, it really changed who i am and i'm so grateful for the opportunity to be next to all these amazing people. >> you know, i can see it in your eyes, ginger, in your beautiful eyes, so happy to you home and wonderful to see everybody competing this season. you like us watched it from afar for so long but then to be a part of it. >> so different and we were just talking about it. paige and i were on the plane last night and thinking, how did this happen? and how did it go so quickly and turns around, whoa. how am i here? i'm so -- the opportunity to be
8:19 am
able to do something like this and to change yourself and to hopefully, i mean, nyle has inspired so many people and the show is on for 22 seasons for a reason. >> look how good you are in this, come on. >> oh, my goodness. >> one of my favorite moments. >> one of mine too. >> val, we can see it in your eye, as well. you're really proud of her. >> she's been a pleasure to work with. i envy you guys for having the awesome time to have ginger. >> we want her back, okay. just so you know. >> i know. i know. >> wait, i'm coming back tomorrow morning. you realize that. [ cheers and applause ] >> she's great and this competition is more than just about dancing and nyle had an incredibly powerful message not just for the deaf community but all humanity as a whole and ginger was a great role model for young women, as well. that you could be a scientist and still be beautiful and paige, as well. you could be rough and still be
8:20 am
classy. graceful. >> speaking of that, i love you, paige. it was wonderful to see your strength and your beauty and all that you encompass and we have one of your friends gian villante wants to say something to you. >> hey, paige, you have been an inspiration to us all season long. it's been fun watching you, great job? that was amazing. [ cheers and applause ] >> gian, glad you didn't do that to me. i miss ufc and have been out of the fight world for a long time and miss punching people so bad. but this has been fun. he's taken a few shots. >> must have been a little intimidating, mark, to have a partner that can throw a punch. >> i've been a huge fan of the ufc for a long time and followed her career and been to many,
8:21 am
many fights and so excited to do this piece we're showing right now. in the cage that represented what she does. and showed how strong she is and how feminine she can be. it was an absolute honor and a pleasure. >> it was fun to watch too. >> it really was. you know what, and kudos to all of you, but you dancers, you professional dancer, what you do every single season. >> absolutely, robin. [ cheers and applause ] >> stick around and we'll talk to you in our next half hour. >> george, you and robin you got that, right, beautiful in l.a. welcome back. but it's beautiful in times square. i have my sunglasses on to remind everybody. you're all going home with a pair of guess sunglasses today. man, i feel like oprah. have fun over this memorial day weekend. sunny and warm here in new york today going to feel like summer.
8:22 am
check out the temperatures. getting near 90 in d.c., philly and new york and that will pretty much couldn't right through saturday. that's a quick check of the national outlook. >> need your shades today around here and shorts too maybe. right now no rain on storm tracker6. as we take a look outside plenty of sunshine up over the airport and across the rest of the region. temperatures climbing into the mid 60's now and your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high of 88 this afternoon, sunny, very warm. 89 tomorrow, little bit more humid and then 90 muggy on friday with a couple of spotty late thunderstorms. 88 saturday. 85 sunday. back to 78 with more clouds monday. getting free stuff. guess sunglasses all the way around. toss it back inside to "pop news." >> thank you so much, rob. [ cheers and applause ] there we go. i'm going to start with shonda rhimes. >> be careful because tom is here. >> you are always welcome to
8:23 am
jump in. >> i'm bashful, though. >> i know. >> so we're going to start with abc's own shonda rhimes, the reigning queen of prime time now planning to conquer the big screen. her latest a biopic. it looks like it's going to fox 2000 and team up with the ladies after acquiring the rights to the story of these dare divas formed after a detroit woman lost her husband and when counseling didn't work it did not console her she recruited her three best friends to travel the world, cliff diving, whitewater rafting, skydiving and more. if shonda has her eyes on the story consider it handled. there you go. shia laboeuf never ceases to amaze, the paper bag thing on the red carpet then hosted the movie marathon, all his own movies. now he is hitchhiking all in the name of art. the actor is embarking on a
8:24 am
month life lodge journey across the country and invite fans to pick him up along the way. >> this will go well. [ laughter ] >> shia plans to tweet out his coordinates with the #takemeanywhere. you can pick him up, take him anywhere and monitor the progress of had art experiment on an interactive website hosted by ironically >> his agent was last seen in a bar. >> drinking heavily. >> yeah. and then finally, as you know, we have all stayed up late watching "dancing with the stars," these guys flying through the night, tom getting injured by the giant ball. >> yes, killer mirror ball. >> it's not easy doing the show. we know who can relate. this is how we all feel this morning. trying to get to the set. isn't that -- is this how you guys feel? >> oh, yeah. >> at this moment. >> yes. >> this cat literally couldn't even make it to the bottom before going, you know what, i'm
8:25 am
done. anyway, i want to let you know "dancing with the stars," folks, we understand how you're feeling and we appreciate you making the effort. we love you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> thank you. >> anything to add because i randomly have more time. >> you have more time? don't look at me. this is your show. i did mine last night. >> he's not going to let us off the hook. we have a lot more with you guys coming up in our next half hour. also big dance-off. pros will take on the stars. a lot more surprises. ♪ ♪ you need to let it go >> we're one-on-one with pink. come on back. "gma's" shummer shades is brought to you by visionworks. find more than a pair of glasses. find a better you. ♪ you need to let it go
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> hi, everyone, it's 8:27. we have things going on on route 202 still karen. >> still those trucks. staying off to the side here. this is in west chester on 202 southbound at high street. we're jammed from paoli pike to high street. everyone stopping checking them out. a few trucks kind of off to the side right now. and we are hearing this accident has some injuries in newtown square. providence road at west chester pike we still have police on the scene. on the boulevard northbound we have an accident a multi-vehicle accident. happening right now at large street in the inner drive. so you might wander to stay to the outer drive with three vehicles involved. it's the boulevard northbound at large street. in mercer county an accident right on 295 northbound has been causing some problems and here's one in hammonton atlantic county with downed wires. this is on hey road at egg harbor road here. it's blocked in this area. so you have to stick to waterford road in hammonton
8:28 am
instead of hey road, matt. >> thank you karen. it's going to get hot today. let's go to meteorologist, david murphy. >> pretty warm anyway. temperatures zooming up into the mid and up are 60's in some spots right now. 66 in philadelphia, 67 in millville. the sun up over the horizon nice and bright. actually felt a little good stepping out if the air conditioning into the terrace right now. later today cool drinks and sunscreen, please. 88 degrees is your high with plenty of sun. tomorrow sun and maybe a few more clouds. could be a tad more humid, too, with a high of 89 and then hot and muggy on friday with a high of 90. notice there is the chance of some afternoon thunderstorms through the weekend. they're fairly spot too. i could see saturday night maybe being a little bit more active and then we get to monday and we're back to 78 with an on-shore flow, more clouds and perhaps some showers around at times there. matt. >> thank you david. the detroit police department is calling out philadelphia police in a running man challenge. see the video on the "action news" facebook page. >> ♪
8:29 am
at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. you know people think that all turkey tastes alike.tarians. (both) wrong! true turketarians swear by butterball. we like to say, (both) "what is this? thanksgiving?" (both laughing) get it? butterball. the choice of turketarians.
8:30 am
♪ it feels so good >> welcome back to "gma." it is our giant "dancing with the stars" after-party. i'm going slow because i want to show you this really cool shot that we have in our "dancing" tunnel. >> we have the "dancing with the stars" troupe in action out in times square in addition alar ra and i and we're excited with our hall of mirrors. is that what it is? robin and george, top that. >> we can't. [ cheers and applause ] >> back now with "dancing with the stars" finalists who flew all night to be here. you danced your way into america's hearts. the world's hearts. come on now. your life plan was to be a math teacher. you took a little bit of a detour. did you ever dream of winning a show like this? >> no, no, no, i've never
8:31 am
dreamed, you know, obviously, you know, it's really a strong relationship between sound and music, you know, you have to think it's like can a deaf person really dance to the music as perfectly as we did? and, you know, just really thought if we were -- i didn't know if we would be able to do that. we just took it week by week and worked hard and -- >> absolutely. [ cheers and applause ] >> i loved when you guys danced with no music. you let us into what it is, nyle, how that was brilliant. whose idea was that? >> it was kind of both of ours at the beginning of our partnership we thought about a few things like the blindfold and taking the music out to show america what he goes through every monday night. >> brilliant. >> i said to nyle after the blindfold i said next week we'll bind your legs. [ laughter ] >> ginger back to work tomorrow. no break. >> no break. >> but you've been doing two,
8:32 am
three, four jobs at the same time. will it feel easy. >> no, it's going to feel better than it did and gave me more perspective. i feel like i'll be a better woman, a better meteorologist, a better wife, a better mother and that's the beauty of this show, it allows you to grow as a person in front of so many people and to learn this new skill but also just to share and learn about yourself. >> her baby. >> oh, there he is. >> gets a big "a high-tech" like that. >> a new besty right there. >> a new besty. >> the wedding, you know, bachelor party in the works or anything there, val? >> what happened was -- >> peta doesn't allow me to host the bachelor party. >> yeah. >> i don't know why. >> very hands-on with this wedding thing. >> it's actually happening in a convent. [ laughter ] >> look at peta. >> we'll save peta right now.
8:33 am
paige, a question from your fan beverly on twitter wants to know how will your "dancing with the stars" experience affect your future fighting? fancy footsteps before a takedown. >> i definitely think it could help my performance throughout this whole process it is such -- it's a lot of work and i stayed in athletic shape really well so excited to get back in a fight and working on signing a fight contract right now and i will be fighting very soon. >> right back in it. ginger is going back to work, everybody is going back to work. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. okay, nyle, i have to ask this question because everybody in the production meeting, especially our young ones -- >> drew the short straw. >> i drew the short straw. everyone wants to know are you single? >> well, yes, very single. but, you know, i'm just enjoying life right now. >> the ladies -- >> i did draw the short straw. any insider info there?
8:34 am
>> i'm married. very, very married. >> just checking. just checking, tom. thanks. >> look, most discreet i've ever seen you. >> huh. >> >> most disskreef i've ever seen you. >> my wife is watching. >> we have a birthday boy. [ cheers and applause ] >> mark. >> ah. >> look at that picture. >> happy birthday, mark. >> just 30 years old. >> huh? >> were you able to celebrate at all. >> we were kind of like in the grind but it was a great day and -- >> he got the hat. >> i go the a hat, yeah. >> this is great. thank you, guys. >> you're welcome. >> nyle, we also have someone here who wants to congratulate you. before i introduce this person do you have any idea who it is? any guesses? >> oh. i -- i have no idea.
8:35 am
who do you think it is? >> we like that. a good surprise. tyra. i don't know. tyra banks maybe? >> let's turn around the mirror ball and find out. >> they survived the mirror ball. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh. how are you? i love you. >> i love that. >> i'm going to cry. >> so proud. so proud. so proud. >> very, very happy. >> yes. >> very proud of nyle. it's been a long journey. i got to watch most of the show between australia and living in paris and coming here to join him this morning so i'm a little bit -- don't know where i can be at the time but working with "america's next top model" has been sort of interesting
8:36 am
experience because in the beginning i thought, hmm, this may be difficult for him but he's proven everything and more. >> did you have any idea he could dance? >> not really. no. i mean when i was giving him the walking lessons it was about movement, of course, with the body but i'm a big black vision so he took the vision to -- >> tom, would you like to -- >> i just love that we actually -- he's got the mirror ball for "dancing with the stars" with the guy that says and i taught him how to walk. >> you know, you're welcome, i think. congrats to everybody else here, as well. this is my favorite dancer. >> watch mark all day every day. but, again, congratulations. it's -- >> thank you, thank you. >> i have something for you.
8:37 am
>> uh-oh. >> oh, come bearing a gift. >> i have a box because i heard that you guys love to start rehearsal but you can't do it without m&ms. >> that's right. >> so here's a box that has your face on it. >> oh. >> and peta. >> my face is on it. >> you as well. >> oh, very cool. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> one per day. watch the calories. >> so kind of you to make the effort to be here. means everything. we know you're traveling all over the world and to be here to celebrate these -- >> i think it's important to support your friends and support people that you love and care about and he is a real great student. must have been very easy for you in the end because you're a good teacher because if he can look at you and follow you by just visually doing it is incredible. there are no handicap barriers anywhere in the world after this. >> absolutely. [ cheers and applause ]
8:38 am
>> we got to get the birthday boy. mark ballas,
8:39 am
>> little bit of severe weather across the plains. we're watching there. today tomorrow and again on friday and heat across the northeast. time now for your local forecast. check it out. >> all right, guys, well, we are off to a nice start across the region right now with dry conditions. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows that we'll move from the 60's to a high of 88, lots of sunshine today, very warm. tomorrow a bit more humid, 89 and 90 on friday. tyrest. mark and the rest. the gang can use some rest. no doubt about that. lara, back out to you. >> mark is like wandering. all right. we're going to switch gears and sticking with the music theme, though, a little one-on-one with pink, the grammy win soaring to new heights and opening up about motherhood, body shaming and her electrifying new song called
8:40 am
"alice through the looking glass" and abbie boudreau sat down with the star. ♪ shoobby doo ♪ shoobie do >> anthem just like fire -- ♪ i'll disappear when they come for me ♪ >> reporter: a song she penned for the upcoming fantasy film "alice through the looking glass." >> hello, alice. >> aagh. >> the movie sort of celebrates uniqueness and that's a huge theme in our house so i'm a fan all around. ♪ >> reporter: and her fans are responding. the song climbing the charts after her three-year hiatus. what were you doing during that period of time when we hasn't been hearing from you? >> a lot of bake sales. >> you were just being a momma. >> i love being a momma. i made a choice a long time ago that i was going to have a successful family and that is my absolute number one goal in
8:41 am
life. >> are you thinking about having any more babies. >> i feel like i have two kids right now. i would like a third. no, i want to say i have an awesome husband and good dad but he's like a second child. >> would you ever adopt? >> absolutely. >> and as a momma she's adopted a different approach to songwriting. finding inspiration from her daughter who makes a cameo in her music video. what does your daughter think about the song. >> she likes it. i can tell she likes it not because she tells me because she would never do that. she finds my singing distracting. when she was 2, momma, terrible voice. first of all, who taught you the word terrible. mom, you're so lame. >> reporter: despite spending time away from the limelight she says she still experiences industry pressures of body shaming. >> there's so many different kinds of bodies. how can you shame one over the other? my thing is if you have all four lips and all five senses you're
8:42 am
doing a-okay and anybody that has an issue with that needs to find some gratitude. >> reporter: if you're a die-hard fan like me and ever wondered how did you come up with the name pink. >> it was a nickname when i was a kid. >> why. >> lots and lots of reasons some inappropriate. others not so much. reservoir dogs was one of the reason, mr. pink. >> yo, mr. pink. be thankful you're not mr. yellow. >> had nothing to do with your hair. >> no, my hair was green. >> i think we need to raise our glass. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> great job, abbie. coming up here more with the "dancing with the stars" champions and everybody else, stay with us, everybody. we're going head-to-head for a little competition, friendly competition, i promise.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] oh, yes. we are back, we are back with "gma's" "dancing with the stars"
8:46 am
after-party. now, now this season you re-created famous dance moves from some of our favorite music videos and that inspired this game which i'm sure is going to go great. >> yes. >> what could go wrong? >> dancing with the video stars. >> exactly, the pros, it's the pros versus the stars. one person from each team will step up to the buzzer. we'll give you a cue. whoever buzzes first answers the question for an extra point. you can then turn to the camera and do the dance move. >> okay. >> okay? >> yeah. >> so first up, nyle versus peta. >> all right. >> all right. here's the question this catchy dance about being unattached features three women dancing in leotards. >> oh. got it. >> "single ladies." beyonce. >> that is correct, sir, ma'am. [ cheers and applause ] >> should we do it? ♪ all the single ladies
8:47 am
♪ if you want it should have put a ring on it ♪ >> i believe they do have the extra point. >> one point for them. >> val and ginger. before the walking dead, one of my favorites there was the dancing dead in which iconic video from 1984? >> oh, come on. >> ginger. >> "thriller." >> for the extra point. for the extra point. dance. ♪ thriller thriller ♪ >> one for the stars and this goes to paige versus mark. it is the most watched video in the entire world. over 2.5 billion hits -- >> "gangnam style." >> do you want the extra point?
8:48 am
♪ gangnam style ♪ >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah. the guy that wouldn't karaoke. >> i'll have what he's having. >> no kidding. >> now the pros are winning. i don't know what the score is. >> i don't know either. i don't think it matters. go ahead, amy. >> nyle and peta, this incredibly popular spanish song inspired a line dance that rhymes with scmac achscmacascha♪ >> "macarena ♪ ♪ >> there you go. i'll tell you. all right. >> you got it. you got it. >> i believe that we are 4-2. >> even nyle's friend tyra banks
8:49 am
would approve of the dance moves in this madonna video. go. >> "vogue." >> "vogue." >> ginger gets it again. it's now 4-3. >> very good. >> very nice. >> very good. >> they could tie it. we should try to get one more in. >> all right. we have to go to break. >> the tension. >> the after-party next. >> we'll announce the winner next.
8:50 am
8:51 am
[ cheers and applause ] i know. but here we are back with our "dancing" group and ginger zee, as you know, we're all so proud of you. so amazed with every single thing you did in the ballroom. we are not alone.
8:52 am
a special surprise. your mama is joining us live this morning from los angeles. hi. >> there she is. >> hi there, ging. hi, val. hi, everybody. oh, my gosh. >> i can't even imagine how proud you must be as a mom watching ginger dance. tell us what you felt when you watched her just glide across that floor. >> you know, last night when she redid that one piece with val that i wasn't here on set when she did. i saw it at home. it was absolutely beautiful but i was breathless. i watched her body not just glide but look like engaged with val so much. i was so impressed and she just had a peace about her face that i didn't see the first time. and it was so exciting to watch and i was like jealous. >> we worked on that. >> i wanted to be in val's arms. >> a little tango.
8:53 am
>> hey, is there a dance, a moment you're most proud of or surprised by ginger this season? >> i was proud of all of them but it was really fun to see her be the princess that she's always been to me and that was the disney night. >> you want to say anything to your mom. she was supporting you. >> she was out there three times -- it was so awesome to have my family and friends and the support i had, i could not have done this without you, mom or my husband ben. >> dawn, t
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by cosequin joint health supments available at veterinarians and pet aisles nationwide. >> before we go and before george glides off the dance floor the winner of our "dancing" challenge, the pros. the pros have won. congratulations. [ cheers and applause ]
8:57 am
>> hi, it's 8:56 on this wednesday, may 25th. karen rogers has a look at traffic. >> lots of accidents today matt all on your majors. here's one on i-95 near bridge street southbound as you head towards center city, a multi vehicle accident, three trucks involved. they're all off here. penndot is here assisting on the scene but you're jammed approaching cottman to girard. i-95 blocking the right lane three trucks involved with this accident. another multi vehicle accident on the boulevard northbound at large street blocking a lane in the inner drive. stick to the outer drive. two accidents on 295. so here's one northbound at sloane avenue. they just pushed it off to the shoulder but we're seeing a good five to 10 minute delay on 295 northbound here in mercer county. in camden county on 295, we've got an accident that had been blocking the right lane. seeing about 20 to 25 minutes delays on 295. this is northbound past warwick road. that accident pushed to the shoulder then within the backup another problem with a truck that's blocking a lane there, matt. >> thank you karen.
8:58 am
something we haven't dealt with a lot these days, humidity. let's go to dave murphy. >> that's tomorrow matt. right now it's pretty comfortable on the terrace. 70 degrees currently. we're really marching up. mid 70's down in wilmington and millville and this afternoon we're shooting up to 88 degrees, sunny, very warm. now tomorrow it will be warm and more humid as matt mentioned a high of 89. well out north and west of philadelphia late thunderstorm possible and then hot and muggy on friday. 90. a couple spotty storms there. for the weekend sticky saturday 88. late storm possible 85 on sunday. at least it won't be quite as warm on monday. >> police investigating a deadly parking lot shoot out. coming up at noon an update on what they know about the exchange of gunfire outside a local grocery store. live with kelly is next. seal is the guest host. can'ters up from "dancing with the stars" will perform. see you later.
8:59 am
next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
9:00 am
>> it's "live with kelly." today, the winners of "dancing with the stars," nyle dimarco and peta murgatroyd. plus the runners-up, paige vanzant and mark ballas. and from the new "teenage mutant ninja turtles" movie, stephen amell. and get ready to eat heart healthy as we continue our take charge of your food week. also, seal is here. he joins kelly at the co-host desk. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now here are kelly ripa and seal.


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