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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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thunder baseball game. ali gorman is at the hospital in langhorne. nora muchanic is live. >> reporter: it was suppose to be a fun day at the ballpark but the heat was too much to handle for the students. it was the end of the day trip for sixth graders at william penn middle school. but after being in the blazing 90 sun, more than a dozen students felt ill. >> the students were dizzy and feeling sick to their stomach. >> two students, both girls were taken directly from the ballpark to the health center nearby and others returned to the school and other children were showing heat related illness. >> it was a mass casualty situation. they didn't know what they were
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responding to. >> the school staff is busy taking calls about the status of the ill students and tracking their whereabouts. updates are posted on the pen bury school website. >> you hear they were sick and you don't know what they were exposed to or what happened. the mass casualty response went into play and worked perfectly. >> some scary moments for the kids and also for the adults that responded. nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you nora. lets switch live to st. mary hop and health reporter, ali gorman. what is the stormy with the kids and are people more at risk during the first really hot dayses of the season? >> jim, as for the students, the ones that we have updates on those are in good condition and some are treated and released as for the weather? yes. when the temperatures spike up quickly, your body doesn't have
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time to adjust and that can cause problems for people. just a few years ago the broad street run it got very hot very quick and a lot of people got sick that day. we could look at a similar situation today. >> after the field trip students returned back to middlel at william penn. two were taken via ambulance to capital health and five to sane mary's. the five have been treated and send home and several were treat bid school nurses and paramedics, this serves a reminder that the heat can be dangerous. the very old and very young are at most risk but the mercury rises take precautions, drink water and wear light colored clothing and take breaks from
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the heat. and heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke, it could be deadly. it's important to take the precautions seriously for the next few days and throughout the summer. ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you ali. adam joseph standing by with the late word from accuweather. adam how hot did it get today? what are we looking forward to over the next day or two? >> changes won't happen over the next couple of days. we have 90s coming after months in the 50s and 60s. body are not adjusting or acclimating to the quick rise in heat. 90 in philadelphia, the first time we have hit that 90 degree mark since september 9th of last year and in fact as we take a look at the holiday weekend, as we go into friday, saturday and sunday. 90 expected tomorrow and 92 the
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peak of the heat on saturday, and 90 on sunday and well above the normal of 77 degrees. heat wave is more than likely and a reminder heat wave is three consecutive day of 90 degrees or above. high clouds from the west and not enough to block the sunlight to cool us off. and the central part of the state they are also fall ago part. we are watching the bahamas as between bermuda heading towards the carolinas later on in the weekend and that drops the temperatures come monday along way chance of nummous downpours and storms. both day a tie, it's hot and dry and humid and monday a good chance for rain. kind of the worst day if you are looking at doing some outdoor activities this holiday weekend. when we come back we'll look at the seven-day forecast and the rain coming in on monday. >> all right adam.
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you can check the forecast any time at, you'll find the latest videos and stories and storm tracker 6 live and be sure to interact with our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter. atlantic city celebrates the holiday weekend after being thrown a life line today. both the senate and assembly approved a package of bills that will keep the city afloat while it devices its own plan to balance the budget but there is a time limit. the mayor and city council have five months to figure it all out. if they don't make it a state takeover would still be on the table. a philadelphia police officer was taken to the hospital after a crash this morning. police say that the officer's patrol vehicle was hit by another car at the intersection of german town avenue and price street. it happened at 11:00. police say the officer was responding to a call and the officer was taken to einstein
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medical center in stable condition, the other driver involved was also taken to the hospital and we have no word on her condition. 46-year-old mark storms was held for trial today. storms is charged in the murder of 27-year-old robert braxpton inside of keystone fellowship church last month. the judge held him on $200,000 cash and dozens came out to support braxton's family at the relimbry hearing today and they formed a prayer circle in the lobby following the decision. a former massage therapist who plead guilty to molesting carolinas will spend the next five years in prison. he worked at massage envy in goshen in 2015, today he came face-to-face with some of his victims.
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one victim said the company had prior complains against dieter but took no action. a municipal court judge took action with a case fixing can'tal. judge o'neil was charged with making false statements to the fbi. it was in the small claims case for another judge. and he lied about being contacted about the case. a hearing is scheduled for september 7th. more violence at coatesville high school, this comes after we reported last night about a series of recent fights. officials are telling "action news" that there was at least one fight at the nine-ten center for freshman and sophomores this morning. they have not confirmed of other violent incidents on the campus today. the administrators met with student this morning to address the issues. coming up on "action news" a
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delaware judge rules on an intimidation case involving striking verizon employees and replacement workers. and a radnor high school pitch per overcomes his team's rough start to bring them to the playoffs, but that is hardly his greatest triumph. and the heat is on in the mid-atlantic for the unofficial beginning to the summer holiday season, and one place where it is a lot cooler and it will stay that way is the shore. meteorologist, melissa magee, is there to kick off the season of down at the shore. >> reporter: yes, adam we are at the community garden at the absecon lighthouse, so much to see and do and we are getting ready to kick off our season of summer fun, we'll have the shore forecast in time for the holiday weekend. >> those stories melissa and much more.
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philadelphia mayor kim kenney key laired the first annual world heritage day, it was named a world heritage city last year and now they are developing plans to celebrate that. among that corporating lessons of world heritage in school curriculum and promoting multiculturtural tourism. the strike continues for 45,000 verizon workers in the eastern part of the united states. and a judge refused to hold two local unions in contempt. vernon odom explains.
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>> we are unified and peaceful and that is what we want to convey. >> joe and his colleagues on picket line again today. the beginning of the seventh week of the strike as they walk the line in front of this suburban store, the union and lawyers duked it out in the courtroom. they refused to find two workers in civil contempt for violating an order tore actions. but blasted them and applied new strike restrictions. they must take responsible for two incidents on i-95 for damaged vehicles non-union workers. >> we are here picketing peacefully and we have people's support and some people may not
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agree or see our point. we are still friendly and it's positive. >> closed doors on a contract for nearly 45,000 verizon strikers being overseen by the labor secretary and a gag order is in effect. and some believe that the holiday weekend could spur compromise like on job security and benefits and wages. the impasse has become increasingly bitter, the workers without wages and benefits for weeks now. >> they report that this strike is taking its toll on verizon's bottom line both its business and its stock. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." good news here, haddon afternoon in camden is getting a makeover. >> today crews began reconstructing the roadway from investor boulevard to the old white horse pike, this is the first of several projects to come.
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when finished this stretch of road will have new traffic signals and bike lanes and decorative lighting, the project is designed to transform what camden officials say is a key gateway to the city.
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eagles is back to work today and jeff skversky. >> zero playoff wins since 2008. hopefully the hard work now pays off in december and january. all the talk the offseason is about the quarterback drama and even malcolm jenkins jokes i'm grad they didn't draft a safety to replace me. they gave up the most rushing yards per game last season but jim schwartz vows to fix it and new safety rodney mccloud who plays opposite jenkins should help out.
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even though is he only 5'10" and 210 pounds. >> he plays hard and played fast and plays violent and plays bigger than he actually is. but now i'm playing next to him you see the smarts in his football iq knowing different defenses and different ways to adjust things and having the ability to use tools for a different situation. and he is an extension of the coach on the field. phillies off to a brutal 5-0 start and one of their best pitchers got hurt. andrew austin saved the season and volunteered to pitch and led radnor to the playoffs. how he did is the amazing part. here is jaime apody. >> when you watch andrew austin on the mound you notice his smooth delivery and the plate his sweet swing, probably take a moment to not the one aspect of
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his game that is missing, his right arm. >> the doctors told my parents, if you don't make an issue of it he won't either. >> andrew excels at every sport basketball and swimming, but baseball is his first love. he adapts to the challenges. >> you find things that work and don't work, and perfect the things that do work. >> his delivery is quite complicated but he make its look seamless. >> it's up against my body and i throw the pitch my follow through i put my hand back into it to field obviously. >> he used a carbon fiber prosthetic, he is batting .333 with several stolen bases. >> we have people in the stands watching him pitch, they think we'll win, he has one arm and he is our best fielder and our best
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hitter and pretty much the best kid. >> he has a role model in former major league player, jim abbott, who went on to pitch a no-hitter for the yankees. >> just because you look different or act different didn't mean you are different. you just have to be you. and my love is sports. it doesn't have to be sports, just like be comfortable in your own skin and everything else falls into place. >> jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> how about that kid? remarkable he is undefeated this season and that may continue because radnor has the lead now on holy ghost in their playoff game thanks to austin. >> great story. freshman from st. george's technical school spend the day serving their community. more than 200 students took part in projects throughout newcastle
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county. including here at the river view cemetery in riverton. they helped out with landscaping and repaving grave markers.
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first heat wave of the season or apparently so. started at 90 degrees, and three consecutive days of 90 or above and we hit that in the city of philadelphia. double scan live radar right now lots of sunshine out there and lots of toasty temperatures and the humidity today is on the low side, it was a dry hot heat as opposed to the oppressive steamy type of steam bath heat that we typically get here in the middle
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of the summer season. 88 in philadelphia as well as trenton. we did hit 90 in philadelphia around 3:00 this afternoon. 87 in the lehigh valley and 70s in the poconos and look at the shore with the wind off the water, the ocean is just 58 degrees and 69 in beach haven, and 68 in cape may, a weak sea breeze and you head 10 miles inland it jumps up to 83 degrees, a few high clouds to the north and west and sprinkles to the poconos, all of that continues to fall apart at least the showers you see here along the appalachians, for tonight it's partly cloudy and it starts to turn the dial up on the humidity it turns muggy overnight and 64 to 67 degrees with the south-southwestly wind off the coast of bermuda with the winds counterclockwise, a southerly flow and plenty of sun for the next three days, an isolated storm for the next three day, it is dry and hot and on the muggy side.
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with temperatures in the 90s, and then the high breaks down a little bit and the low pressure off the carolinas could be tropical in nature hitting south carolina and numerous downpours and thunderstorms, definitely the pick of the weekend is saturday and sunday and goes downhill for the holiday itself. it's thursday as we head into the unofficial start of the summer season, that means that meteorologist melissa magee, is down at the shore in absecon at the lighthouse in atlantic city. are you cooking all of us dinner tonight? >> reporter: well, i mean it's still growing, we have radishes and strawberries, but there is a lot good stuff. maybe i'll bring you back something a piece of lettuce, we are at the community garden at the absecon lighthouse. we have the shore forecast for you as well. on saturday, plenty of sunshine
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with the high temperature of 74 degrees, still mostly sunny on sunday with a high down to 72 and then as adam was saying, inland locations same at the so shore clouds and showers around and high of 68 and ocean temperature currently in the upper 50s. hopefully we have a blast this weekend no matter the weather, lets send is back inside to you. >> i know you are working with bob. can you pan around? the tallest lighthouse in new jersey? >> the tallest lighthouse in new jersey and fourth largest in the country. 128 feet tall right in our backyard. >> thank you melissa -- >> as we look at the poconos for the upcoming weekend, 81 tomorrow and warm with a pop-up storm and a pop-up likely but overall dry, and 80 srgs and
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downpours and storms on monday at 72. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 90s taking over the next three days, with the peak of the heat on saturday, and isolated storm far to the north and west tomorrow and take out the chance of storms on saturday and sunday and monday it is cloudy and sticky and humid with the nummous downpours and storms and 79 degrees and sun on tuesday at 85, and wednesday and thursday temperatures around 80 with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. when you talk about food you have to do exercise making sure she has an equal balance going on down there. finally tonight dozens of prekindergarten students in wilmington practiced their reading skills with a captive audience, the youngsters made a visit to the humane society, and read cats and dogs. one showed the pictures in the booked as well.
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they say it helps the students with their reading skills and helps animals to socialize with people. love that. abc world news is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan, adam joseph, jeff skversky, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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as we come on, we have just learned an ef-4 tornado, winds up to 180 miles per hour, a half-mile wide, on the ground for 90 minutes. also tonight, the school children sheltering in place. and passengers at the airport held in garage tunnels amid new watches and warnings at this hour. also breaking tonight, the stunning new images from the nypd moments ago. the deadly shooting. a man opening fire at a concert in new york city. several hit. the race for the white house tonight. donald trump hits the magic number. what he needs to lock in the nomination. also tonight, his $10 million challenge. will he debate bernie sanders? there are also breaking developments involving the secret service tonight. word coming in now that 41 agents have been disciplined


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