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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 27, 2016 2:40am-4:01am EDT

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but pantene is making my hair hairpractically unbreakable.ff. the new pro-v formula makes every inch stronger. so i can love my hair longer. strong is beautiful. pantene. (cheering) narrator: marriage. dishes. divorce. dishes. every dish, every time. only finish has the power ball to take on anything. a north carolina boy is recovering after a bizarre car accident. police say the 9-year-old was sitting on his grandmother's lap when he mistakenly pressed the gas instead of the brake and slammed into their house. the air bag deployed. her sister says her grandmother allows the boy to steer the car and ride in her lap. so far no charges have been filed. a new theory on alzheimers may completely change our approach to the disease.
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harvard researchers found that a protein considered a bad player in aulz heim terz actually helps in fighting off bacteria and fungus in mice. doctors have tested drugs that try to get rid of that protein. but if the new theory problems to be true, those drugs would be dangerous. drugs that simulate the immune system mate an be safer and more effective. and a canadian diplomat who became an international hero two years ago is at it again. this time kevin vickers canada's ambassador to ireland grab add irish protesterer shouting insults during a memorial service for british soldiers in dublin. he grabbed and held the man till police arrested him. in 2014, he shot a gunman who was in the canadian parliament. he's a hero. >> wow. we turn now to a new controversial tool in combating the growing zika virus outbreak here in the u.s. >> the makers of genetically modified mott mosquitoes are pitching their plan to congress and how safe they would be.
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here's abc's gio benitez. >> a red hot debate what to do about zika as mosquito season kicks flow high gear. congress hearing a new approach. genetically modified mosquitos. a company claiming they can reduce the bug population by 90% in urban areas releasing modified males producing offspring that die hatching killing off the next generation of mosquitoes before they ever have a chance to bite. the company says their mosquitoes won't hurt humans. >> it's no more less capable of doing anything else than a normal mot o mosquito. >> some worry it could backfire. >> we don't want to be lab rats. >> reporter: concerned americans looking for products to fight the bug. just this week, the ftc taking one to task. the marketer of mosquito shield bands agreeing to fork over $300,000 after the ftc said the
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company pedaled the band without the science to know if it truly prevents bites. company firing back saying it has data showing it works but that it never claimed to protect against all mosquitoes and that it did not take advantage of consumer concerns for the zika virus. now, in consumer reports releasing its latest test on mosquito repellent clothing. they say they found that the shirts do help protect against mosquitoes but they aren't entirely mosquito proof. >> neither brand of shirt worked as well after it had been washed 25 times. >> reporter: the companies in the tests don't claim you should only use their shirts. ll bean telling abc news, our no-fly zone garments give folks yet another effective choice for battling biting insects and insect borne diseases. insect shield saying it an inexpensive and automatic way to protect from the zika virus. gio benitez, abc news, new york. both companies tell abc news
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the technology is used by the military and that it is effective but again, you should still use bug spray even when wearing it. >> in the meantime, there's no word yet on weather gmo mott mosquitoes will be released or how the country will pay to fight zika. >> the surprise find in a construction zone. >> what workers in boston unearth that's been undisturbed more than 100 years that now has archaeologists excited. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ sending out an sos, sending out an sos ♪ >> i can't sing. >> she can't sing because her voice is shot. it's been awesome. it was much more than a message in a bottle that workers unearthed at a construction site? boston. >> it was actually a major piece of history dating back to the 19th century. here's abc's david muir. at a busy construction site for what will be an office building, construction crews were digging when right at this very spot an unexpected find. an old ship buried 15 feet below ground. >> it looks like we have a slip wreck trapped on the dorchester
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flats sometime in the mid to late 1800s. >> that ship from a time back when boston harbor looked more like this. >> no other ship wrecks of this size and scale have ever been found. it's probably one of the only ones i'll do in my lifetime time. >> a team of archaeologists found a barrel lid used to make mortar and plas fer for construction. here the bow and the ship's hull. just today this fork offering new clues, it's from the 1800s found right next to a stack of burned dishes in the ship wreck taking us back to a time long ago right there in boston harbor. david muir, abc news, new york. amazing history right there. >> boston has a ton of it but they say this is the first time they've found something like this in that area by the seaport. >> what did you discover while in boston. >> dollar dress. >> talk cotuesday. all right. we'll take a look at movies
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♪ >> time now for "insomniac theater" and checking out two movies that are opening rather this weekend. >> okay, so we're going to start with "x-men apocalypse" which finds the re-emergence of the world's first and most powerful mutant hell bent on destroying the world as they do. it has georgia law, james mcca voi. >> love him. >> leading a team of young m men toe stop an ponl pock lips. they just now discovering their own superpowers. >>. >> somers? i know you're in here.
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somers? no! >> hmm. well, must have been something he ate. despite the action, it's getting a splat on rotten tomatoes scoring only 47%. steve writes it's the ends of the world as we know it because we've seen it in a dozen other super hero movies by now. and in gizmoto it's not god awful but not good either. beak another film in a trilogy. >> next to some significant lighter fare, "alice through the looking glass," has alice return together world of her underland where she's told by the white queen she has to travel back in time to save johnny depp's mad hatter. >> go back in time? >> uh-huh. >> how? >> the kron knows sphere.
2:57 am
>> i'm sorry what? >> the kron knows sphere the course that powers the grand clock of all time. legend has it also lets one travel across the ocean of time. >> none of us can use it because we've already been in the past. and if your past self-seizure future self. >> what happens? >> there's -- it is said if it were to happen, everything would be history. >> alice through the looking glass" may just be history before it gets started scoring 28% splat on rotten tomatoes. >> that's. >> hugely expensive and extra gantly stupid. alice through the looking glass is just one more silly hollywood mashup. bob says it's not a waste of time but also isn't time well spent. >> clearly they didn't have like etaning bed on set. >> no.
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this morning on "world news now," starting the holiday weekend with another round of severe weather. >> flash floods are developing across the country's midsection as tornadoes force residents to take cover. the sudden and heavy rain nearly drowned over a dozen people inside a cave. >> as millions of americans gear up to travel congestion at the airports and on the roads also threatening to put a damper on the holiday. air travel issues already creating problems and what the government is trying to do to cut down those security lines. new video of navy pilots rescued at sea. investigators are now looking into what caused their jets to crash and why it may have been a mid-air collision. and appreciating art. even when it really isn't. so why this impromptu exhibition is going viral for a simple reason. we'll explain "the mix" on this
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friday, may 27th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> do you smell that? that. >> it smells like. >> a holiday weekend. >> friday. >> it is friday. even though you sound like it's monday. >> yeah, apologies. i'm losing my voice. so we're going to make it work. >> yeah, i mean, and that said, can you explain the theory of relativity to me right now. >> why do i have a feeling you're going to take advantage of the situation today. >> maybe read the new testament. >> absolutely. i'll give my soliloquy later. >> first we start with of course, the severe weather. there's yet another day of vicious storms pounding the areas putting millions of americans on high alert. and this threat's far from over. >> in central texas, thunderstorms have unleashed widespread street and road flooding and at least one tornado ripped through bryan college station ripping up rooftops and manning ling trees you see there. over in kentucky, 19 people, they were mostly geology students from clemson university
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touring hidden river caves when a pouring rain triggered a flash flood stranding the group. they spent more than six hours trapped in the muddy rushing current finding themselves neck deep at times but they managed to navigate through it all and finally made it to safety. unfortunately, the friday forecast offers no relief with the dismal conditions stretching from texas to the great lakes. more rain, hail and flooding for the day ahead. abc meteorologist rob marciano has more from the tornado zone. >> new twisters on the ground. power flashes on the horizon show just that in bryan, texas. homes ripped apart there. in missouri, passengers at kansas city's airport evacuated. in kansas, parents at a topeka library keeping kids calm with story time amid the tornado warnings. this after an incredible 24 hours here in northern kansas. by some accounts, one of the most intense tornadoes ever
3:03 am
chased. an ef-4 with winds of 180 miles an hour. a half mile wide. traveling 26 miles on the ground for a terrifying 90 minutes. >> that's a barn sitting in the road. >> this storm has a huge path. we need help. >> reporter: more than 100 first responders racing to find. -- defying physics. thankfully no injuries. the twister's relatively slow speed giving residents like sam zook and his wife time to get to their shelter. >> the main floor walls of their home blown out. this is mayor master bedroom. the zooks emerging to find their home gone, happy to be alive, but overcome with emotion. >> good lord upstairs. rob marciano, abc news, abilene, kansas. now follow ticks. donald trump has secured enough delegates to clinch the gop nomination. he unleashed a fresh wave of
3:04 am
attacks against hillary clinton claiming she's declared war on the american worker. he also unveiled his energy plan in north dakota. in another swipe against clinton, trump said he would bring back thousands of coal mining jobs. he also vowed to cut funding to climate change programs and kill certain u.s. policies. >> we're going to cancel the paris climate agreement. and stop all payments of the united states tax dollars to u.n. global warming programs. trump has previously called climate change a hoax. he said clinton will unleash the epa to control every aspect of our lives. he claims his energy plan put america first. hillary clinton struggles in the meantime to clinch the democratic nomination. she's standing ground on her use of a private e-mail server. after a state department report found that clinton broke the rules, she's denying any wrongdoing. clinton tells abc news that personal e-mail use was allowed. but she pointed out that she has repeatedly acknowledged that it was a mistake.
3:05 am
clinton then slammed donald trump on everything from foreign policy to immigration. >> donald trump is an unqualified loose cannon who cannot get near the most powerful job in the world. it is up to us to say no! >> clinton said her campaign is in communicating with bernie sanders' campaign. she expressed confidence that the democratic party will unify after the last primaries on june 7th. overseas this morning, president obama becomes the first sitting president to vust the japanese stef hiroshima where a u.s. atomic bomb killed 140,000 people. earlier he joined other world leaders in wrapping up the annual g7 summit. they agreed to tackle major risks to global growth. those would include threats from terrorist attacks and violent extremism. 41 secret service employees have been disciplined for reviewing prust agency records
3:06 am
including the failed job application of a top lawmaker who criticized the service. utah republican jason chaffetz held several hearings to investigate scandals within the secret service. details of his file were also leaked to the media sparking yet another scandal for the service. the u.s. navy is investigating how two of its fighter jets crashed into the atlantic ocean. officials now say they're not sure if collided bfd they crashed. the four crew members were plucked off a commercial fishing ship that pulled them out of the ocean. they were taken to a hospital in norfolk, virginia, with only minor injuries. people flying for the memorial day holiday can expect long security lines. american airlines says more than 70,000 of their passengers missed flights this year because of glapz now lawmakers and other airlines are pressing for action. adrian banker has more. >> reporter: a brief issue delaying passengers to l.a.x. equipment failure halting incoming flights to los angeles with planes stalled on the
3:07 am
tarmac. the issue quickly resolved. at jfk, jetblue customers facing frustrating computer issues. it comes at a tumultuous time, the eve of the busy memorial day weekend and following disastrous lines smaking through terminals at some of the busiest airports in the country due to a tsa breakdown. the department of homeland security in the hot seat facing a senate hearing taking responsibility while admitting the cause was a trifecta. a surge in passengers, increased security measures and not enough staff. >> we are addressing all three of those very, very vigorously. >> reporter: the head of the tsa and the nation's biggest airlines saying wait times have already improved. >> a combination of new personnel coming in shifting some dog teams there, dog teams help considerably in terms of moving passengers. >> reporter: and more of those passengers are moving through tsa precheck. >> we went last year from a daily average of 3,000 enrollees into precheck two days ago, we
3:08 am
reached 16,000 mark. >> the government hoping to expedite lines while employing effective counter-terrorism measures. >> our effort nest confronting violent extremism, terrorism globally needs to be more comprehensive. we need to scale up our effort. >> reporter: and the senate just approved the homeland security bill which would add another billion dollars to the ta to help with these improvements. >> all right, our thanks to adrian there. unrest and chaos in perhaps as police clash with protester, strikers and demonstrators escalating over labor law reforms. oil refinery workers are striking and blockading oil imports. on thursday, nuclear power plant workers walked off the job. the unions also stopped the printing and delivery of newspapers, dozens of people have been detained, as well. and france is sending a slip equipped with a special detection probe to help search for the black boxes from egyptair flight 804.
3:09 am
on thursday, search teams say they detected an emergency signal from the flight. that could help them locate the wreckage. the plane heading to cairo from paris crashed in the mediterranean sea last quek killing all 66 people on board. cause is still un-in. a new poll finds many americans are taking social security benefits as soon as they can even though it means a lower payout. four in ten americans who were 50 and over say they'll dip into the program before reaching full retirement age. that could mean a reduction in benefits by up to 30%. and 44% of those polled said social security was the biggest source of income in their retirement years. the celebration is on this morning in pittsburgh where the penguins are heading to the stanley cup finals. >> so pittsburgh's brian rust scored a pair of second period goals in game seven of the eastern conference finals. that was enough for a 2-1 victory over the tampa bay lightning. the penguins will take on western conference champs the san jose sharks at home on
3:10 am
monday night. and then over in the nba, the golden state warriors, they staved off elimination with a wild home court win over the oklahoma city thunder. in game five, the western conference finals. after a rough game four, steph curry scored 31 points. final score, 120-1 al score, 12. oklahoma still holds a 3-2 lead over golden state. the city heads back on saturday night. that will does beg the question, what who do you think will win the series? you have the offense and oh, what does that say? i would have said something really informative here but i'm trying to save my voice. you can't do that copout. >> i know, sorry. >> all right. fine. >> sorry i can't impress you with my basketball knowledge. >> you came prepared. coming up, the new scare over the scariest super bug yet.
3:11 am
a powerful bacteria that can't be killed even by our most powerful antibiotics. it's found its way into the u.s. for the first time. the cdc sounding an alarm over a case that's popped up in pennsylvania. the growing danger to kids online that they're not telling their parents about. so-called sex employtation. this morning we'll hear from one young victim who found the courage to speak out. remember to find us on facebook and twitter ate abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in.
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in virginia, troops held a memorial day tradition at arlington national cemetery. soldiers from the 3 rd rd u.s. infantry regiment placed small flags. the tradition dates back to 1948 when the unit was designated as the army's firm ceremonial unit. >> the fda approved the first implant to treat opiate addiction. it contains a drug which in its oral form has been used successfully for the past 14 years. proponentses say the implant is more convenient and less likely to be misused. >> another major medical headline about a new superbug scare. >> a powerful bacteria that can't be killed even by our most powerful antibiotics has found its way into the u.s. here's abc's linsey davis.
3:16 am
>> it's almost here. the cdc is sounding the alarm revealing a woman in pennsylvania has become infected with a bugging this country has never seen before. >> the more we look at drug resistance, the more concerned we are. >> reporter: overuse of antibiotics has bred super bugs resistant strains, 2 million infectionses in 2013 alone. even worse, 23,000 of those infections are fatal. this is the first strain ever found to be resistant to colistin an old drug of last resort rarely used because of its harsh side effects. >> the medicine cabinet is in the. it is the end of the road for antibiotics unless we act urtly. >> don't ask your doctor for an antibiotic. you don't always need one. make sure you take it for the entire course even if you start feeling better after a day or two. linsey davis, abc news, new york. here's the fascinating thing. about 0% of all antibiotics are
3:17 am
used on live stock. in the u.s. to get them bigger. then we consume the antibiotic infused live stock. and that contributes to the problem. exactly. >> and the other thing, the length of time which antibiotics are eb continues to shrink more han more. as it does, they become less and less cost effective to spend the research needed to create them. so the problem is actually rolling over on itself. >> the experts have known about this since the snooins to coming up, an incredible story of a teen's response to a home invasion. >> she was hiding in a closet yet managed to tempt her mother but she was quickly discovered. what she did next that turned the tables on those burglars. first a parenting alert about teens and kids exploited online. what they're not telling their parents what stranger are coseriousing them into doing. you're
3:18 am
3:19 am
♪ so we've been hearing the dangers about kids and sexting for years now. but there's an even bigger threat gaining new traction now. called sexploitation. >> that's basically when kids are coerced into sending explicit images or videos then used to blackmail them. t. jshlg holmes has the story of one young victim who found the courage to speak out. >> i just wanted to be alone. >> reporter: the pain is still fresh for bethanie and her mom alana. >> i'm watching my child just melt and break as a parent, you want to fix it. you can't fix this. >> reporter: when bethanie was in high school, she says she was a victim of sexual exploitation. >> i got a text that said, i have some photos of you if you don't do what i say, you're
3:20 am
going to regret it. >> reporter: for three years, bethanie says she received threatening text messages from an anonymous number. someone claimed to have explicit photos of her and demanded that she send more. scared, she sent pictures hoping the harassment would stop but says it didn't. >> oh, send me this. oh, send me that. if you don't, you're going to hate the consequences. >> reporter: what bethanie describes is called sextortion. and according to fbi, it's a growing internet crime where victims often children are coerced into providing sexualply explicit images or videos thin used as blackmail. >> the perpetrator is trying to normalize his or her behavior towards the victim. so suggesting that everybody sends nudes and therefore, it's okay for the victim to do so. and that's a process that can take place over weeks, months, even years in some instances. >> reporter: bethanie stopped sending photos. and then the unthinkable. she says the explicit photos
3:21 am
were e-mailed to her family and friends. even posted on x rated web sites. >> i was in nominations for homecoming queen and i had friends in choir and once everything went out, i had no friends. >> police say bethanie was actually tormented by a fellow student at her shoal. the suspect chris hirtzel is now in jail facing sux felonies including distribution of child pornography if i. he has not yet enter aid plea. >> when a perron allows a child to go online unsupervised it's basically dropping their child on one of the most dangerous corners in the city. >> reporter: as for bethanie, her advice, speak out. >> tell your parents. they'll want to help you. whatever you do, don't send those pictures because they can come back and haunt you. >> our thanks to t.j. for that story. it's so sad and at least one case, that girl was so tormented she ended up committing suicide.
3:22 am
these cases can get very serious. >> it is tough for the kids and their parents. we'll be right back. seems like every time the toilet gets cleaned,
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unstopables by downy. the ultimate in long lasting scent. >> time now for "the mix." do you think pranks can be art. >> of course. >> i think we're going to reaffirm that when we check out the next story. this happened at a museum according to a twitter moment here. it turns out two people left a pair of glasses on a museum floor and this is what happened next. people started gathering around thinking the glasses themselves were art. >> it does look like picasso. doesn't it? >> in some cases they were taking photos with the glasses analyzing the glasses. >> i mean, when you look at a pair of glasses and you just are hanging out watching them like this. it's nothing. you put it there and it's like oh, my god. bow down to the artistry. wow. it's like banksy.
3:26 am
>> so now we are artists. >> that is just a thing of beauty. here's another thing of beauty. so this guy in india, he set the record for the most hugs in a minute. some 79 hugs. look at him. he did it in split seconds. some of these people are probably bruised as a result. >> those don't look like very good hugs. i don't want one of those hugs. i want a real hugging. > broadway as a lyric theater with cast members of on the town. ♪ politics and important wars all the weather all the scores that's theward news polka. if a good night's sleep you lack do the world news polka. ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants snow grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ on the town you and me, there's a lot for us to see. ♪ here's a few examples. ♪ hot dog and falafel stands
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truck with food from many lands everywhere there's plenty ♪ ♪ lots of tourists lots of -- coffee shops ♪ ♪ please make mine aventi. everyone is helpful here and always so polite. like bicyclists who stop at every single traffic light ♪ naked cowboy lots of fun. ♪ naked guy on subway run ♪ that's the world news polka. who cares what the bosses think they're a goofy crew ♪ ♪ and if your neighbors call the cops here's all you have to do ♪ when they yell it's half past 3:00 tell them hey it's news to me. ♪ that's the world news polka, do the world news polka ♪ >> michael rose and allison quinn, holly ann butler and cory. have a great night on town. we'll see you monday. e 50 to 85:
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this morning on "world news now," floodwaters nearly turning deadly in the midwest. 19 people pulled from a cave at just the right time. as storms strike across the region. a massive lightning bolt caught on dashcam, the latest round of severe weather as we head into the holiday weekend. the forecast straight ahead. donald trump is taking aim at hillary clinton emboldened by clinching the republican nomination. hear what he revealed last night about his strategy for the general election. and new this half hour, shock and outrage on a busy city street. >> a car flies down the sidewalk nearly mowing people over. and the whole thing was caught on camera. >> and in hollywood, it's a day that ends with y. so you know what that means. it brings two more celebrity divorces. why khloe kardashian is again filing against her former nba
3:31 am
star husband and how gwyneth paltrow's conscious uncoupling is now just one small step away from an official divorce. that story ahead in "the skinny." it is friday, may 27th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now.">> good morning, everybody. on in friday, i'm kendis gibson here with kathleen turner. >> i am in the process of losing my voice. we're going to try to keep it losing and not completely lost by the end of the show. >> it does make you sound hotter. >> do you like it? >> yes, doesn't it? >> maybe i should try to keep it. >> you should. i'm sure your husband enjoys it. it definitely has this different tone. >> might have a different career ahead of me. >> absolutely. mrs. turner. let's turn to the misery storms are causing right now at the start of the long holiday weekend for millions of americans battered by the pounding rain, flooding and damaging tornadoes. >> in paducah, kentucky, a
3:32 am
couple of police cars caught a lightning strike on their cruiser cams. it was so powerful it knocked one of the video cameras from its mount inside the car. the storm also triggered a flash flood that trapped 19 people inside hidden river cave for more than six hours. at times they found themselves stranded in neck deep muddy water. they managed to navigate their way through the muck and made it to safety. >> in texas, thunderstorms unleashed widespread flooding swamping city streets and country roads and at least damaging one damaging tornado hit residential neighborhoods in bryan college station. it ripped off roof tops but no word of any injuries. >> at the airport in kansas city, missouri, a tornado warning forced travelers to take cover, some waiting in parking garages. the threat eventually passed and travelers were given the green light. but it made the already long lines inside the terminal even longer. the dark clouds that were hovering over kauffman field in
3:33 am
missouri, swe, looked more like a horror movie set than a major league baseball park. obviously, the game between the royals and white sox was postponed. some fans didn't seem to check the forecast beforehand. >> unfortunately, we're not out of the woods as yet. more storms are on the way. many regions will be feeling that throughout the weekend. >> justin povick has the forecast for us. good morning, justin. >> diane, kendis, thanks. we have finally reached friday. as we go throughout the daytime hours, it's going to feel like july once again. lots of sunshine. slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm. most areas dry and the cooler temperatures are now well off to the north and to the east. i hate to say this, more severe weather over the central and the southern plains. large damaging hail stones destructive winds and tornadoes again going to be a possibility. heading in toward memorial day, more storms over the nation's midsection. wet weather in spots over the northeast and we have to keep an eye on the tropics. this area here south and east of the southeast united states is favorable for development.
3:34 am
so something we'll keep a close watch on. diane, kendis, back to you. >> justin, thank you. we have breaking news now from tokyo where the engine of a korean airplane has caught on fire just before takeoff. you can see the smoke from the aircraft as it sat on the tarmac. everyone made it off safely but 30 people are now being treated for feeling sick and being shaken up. incoming flights are being directed to other airports. more than 38 million americans are expected to travel this memorial holiday weekend. aaa estimates that nearly 3 million people will be flying. that's up 1.6% from last year. and nearly 89% of the people getting away will be hitting the roads. that's up more than 2% from last year. one of the reasons so many americans will be driving this holiday weekend is cheaper gas prices. abc's rebecca jarvis explains. >> reporter: pump prices have been rising now for 15 -- for two straight weeks but the national average is still 40
3:35 am
sent below where it was this time last year. and this memorial day weekend, those 34 million drivers set to hid the road will be paying the lowest price they have in a decade. so, who's got it the best? louisiana, texas and mississippi prices in the country. meantime, california's paying the highest price but they are still paying $1 less than what they were paying this time last year. and while $2 a gallon is firmly in the rearview mirror, experts tell me we can expect to pay less than $2.40 on a national average basis in the coming weeks. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. hiroshima's peace memorial park is being cleared of visitors this morning in preparation for president obama's visit. today, mr. obama will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit the city where 140,000 people were killed by an atomic bomb. earlier the president joined other world leaders in wrapping up the annual g7 summit. they agreed to collectively tackle major risk to global growth. >> hillary clinton is defending
3:36 am
her use of a private e-mail server after a blistering report by the state department. the day after the inspector general slammed clinton for violating government policy, she denied she did anything wrong. clinton told abc's liz kreutz that the practice was allowed and she said the state department rules did not change until after she left. >> reporter: can you say today that you did not break the rules? >> you know this report makes clear that personal e-mail use was the practice for other secretaries of state. but it was still a mistake. and as i've said many times, if i could go back, i would do it differently. >> and clinton reiterated that she does not believe that e-mail issue will affect her campaign or her presidency. she then pivoted to the general election blasting donald trump as an you be qualified loose cannon. >> speaking about trump, he is in celebration mode right now after moving one step closer to the white house, trump surpassed the number of delegates needed to secure the republican nomination. hours later he delivered a policy speech in north dakota
3:37 am
unveiling an energy plan that includes cutting funding to the u.n. climate change programs. and trump accused hillary clinton of declaring war on the american worker and he revealed part of his game plan for the general election. >> what i'm going to do is i want to focus on 15 or so states. because we have to win. and i want my energy to be put in the states where it could go either way. >> we'll have to wait and see if trump and bernie sanders do eventually face off in a debate next month. bernie sanders was a guest on "jimmy kimmel live" last night, one night after trump told kimmel he would be open to a debate. sanders appeared to be up to challenge. trump says he wants the host network to donate $10 million to $15 million to a charity that benefits women. police in new york released video of that shooting at a popular concert venue. the slip shows the gunman bursting the door of a vip room
3:38 am
in parent pursuit of another man who takes off running. one was killed, three others hurt in the violence. the shooting happened right before a t.i. concert. the gunman has -- the alleged gunman has been arrested. >> a stunning shake-up at baylor university over the handling of sexual assault cases. the football coach has been fired after an investigation found that the school mishandled and in some cases silenced alleged sexual victims. the accusations involve football players, the school's president ken starr has been demoted. starks of course, best known for investigating bill clinton's affair with monica lewinsky. for the third year in a row, the national spelling bee has ended in a tie. >> they're too good. >> the final two contestants took it all the way to the 25th round in a nail biting back and forth. >> organizers tried to make it tougher this year forcing the last two spellers to get through three times as many words but the results were the same. 13-year-old jairam hathwar and 11-year-old
3:39 am
nihar jangg were both declared the winners. nijar is the contest's youngest winner. >> i'm just speechless. i can't say anything. i mean, i'm only in fifth grade. >> okay. so here are the final two words. feldenkrais which means a system of body movements intended to ease tension. and gesellschaft which means a mechanistic type of social relationship. >> when you can't even pronounce the words in a spelling bee. >> i'm putting the wrong emphasis on the wrong syllable. >> can you spell mechanist? >> no. not at all. >> congratulations to them both. >> i wouldn't be able to spell it on monday either. >> it's friday. you shouldn't have to spell. coming up, home alone during a home invasion.
3:40 am
listen to this. a teenager was hiding in a closet, discovered by two intruders. but it's what she did next that changed everything. and courageously facing the flames. we're getting our first look at mark wahlberg's new action thriller "deepwater horizon." that's ahead in "the skinny." you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. o you by colonial penn life insurance. into this old jar. ane it's never much, just what's left after i break a dollar. and i never thought i could get quality life insurance with my spare change. neither did i. until i saw a commercial for the colonial penn program. imagine people our age getting life insurance at such an affordable rate. it's true. if you're 50 to 85, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program for less than 35 cents a day, just $9.95 a month.
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(babies crying) narrator: life. dishes. death. (slurping) dishes. every dish, every time, only finish has the powerball to take on anything. these frightening moments in a new york city neighborhood. a driver apparently trying to make a getaway barreled down a sidewalk in brooklyn striking a child. dashcam video capturing the scene as the car hurtled down the sidewalk narrowly missing women, children and several baby strollers.
3:44 am
the driver eventually caught. people there are angry at that driver as you can see. we turn now to another unbelievable story here of bravery during a home invasion near salem, oregon. >> a teenager hiding in a closet texting her mother quickly discovered by the intruders. but it's wa she did next that really turned the tables. here's abc's brandi hitt with the story. >> oh, my god. they're in the room. >> stay here with me. >> a terrified mother calling police to report a break in near salem, oregon. her 18-year-old daughter jensen clark home alone had just texted her mom, who is here? someone is knocking. >> he started ringing the doorbell like six or seven times in a row getting pretty aggressive. >> don't answer, texts her mother as she calls the 911. >> 911. >> i just got a call from my taken daughter that someone is trying to get into our house. >> mom texts back, where are you? >> in dad's closet. stay in there. >> that's when i heard footsteps inside.
3:45 am
i heard the door open to the room i was in. that's when i started getting really, really scared. >> they're in dad's room, jensen texts. i love you so much, mommy. >> hold on, replies her mother. then this horrifying response. "they found me." >> they found her. they have her. >> jensen came face to face with a woman intruder sheriff's deputies identified as tiffany wick. and she says wick wasn't alone. >> and she goes, there's someone in here. at that point they were both looking at me. we're all within a two-foot radius. i stood up and said you guys need to leave immediately. if you leave right now, i will not do anything. >> jensen's mother unaware of her daughter's brave stance waiting for her next text. >> my whole world stopped. it was pretty all of awful mostly because i knew she was afraid. authorities say wick and jackson fled the house and both were arrested a short time later. >> both are now charged with first degree burglary. jensen clark says she felt the rush of adrenalin that helped
3:46 am
her stand her ground. investigators say she did everything right. mom also very relieved and proud. kendis and diane? >> very impressive. brandi, thank you. when we come back, two more celebrity divorces are rocking hollywood. >> and what steven spielberg said about immigration that cracked up the commencement ceremony at harvard. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. p?p?o?gv
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny >> well, we're going to start the "skinny" this morning on a friday with two new celebrity breakups. >> or maybe not so new. khloe kardashian has filed for divorce from lamar odom for the second time again for irreconcilable differences. >> you remember she previously filed for divorce in 2013 but then with drew that petition after the former nba star was found unconscious in in a nevada brothel. >> the two were married in 2009 a month after meeting in a made for hollywood ceremony filmed for a special episode of "keeping up with the kardashians." then there's the conscious uncoupling of gwyneth paltrow and chris martin is now nearly a full-fledged divorce. "people" magazine reports the couchal has reaped a settlement regarding their property and child support agreeing that neither will ever ask for spousal support because they're rich. the final step in the dissolution of their ten-year
3:49 am
marriage will be a judgment from the court. >> the couple has remained friendly since their split and even celebrate holidays and birthdays as a family. >> they vacation together, as well. next to some words of wisdom from a hollywood lum narey. >> steven spielberg gave the 365th commencement address to harvard university students. and in a veiled jab at someone, he admonished those who persecute anyone on the basis of nation, religion, race, gender or sexuality. someone. >> thank you so much. we are a nation of immigrants. at least for now. so -- [ laughter ] still a hero needs one more thing. a hero needs a villain to vanquish. and you're all in luck. >> and drawing a parallel to his own career, spielberg also had this message for the graduates. just like e.t., every now and again, go home.
3:50 am
>> okay. >> go home. >> that the what that someone's been telling people, as well on the campaign trail. >> apparently a lot of millenials are going home and staying there. >> so next, dramatizing deepwater horizon. >> we're getting our first look at the trailer for mark wahlberg's action thriller focusing on that deadly bp oil explosion six years ago. >> in the trailer, his character is talking to his wife on skype as the horror unfolds. >> is there someone at your door? >> are you seeing this? get everybody off! >> what is that? is everything okay? >> we've got to go right now! >> i'll call you back. >> "deepwater horizon" co-stars kate hudson, john malkovich and kurt russell. it is set to hit theaters on september 30th. >> and finally our celebrity real estate roundup.
3:51 am
starting with a real whopper. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg reportedly buying up four neighboring homes for $30 million and filing plans with the city of palo alto to tear them down and rebuild them with updated versions. >> hmm. as the "new york post" points out, one of the structures looks like a doomsday panic room style bunker with solid brick walls, dark steel doors and windows. >> winter is coming. so you need that. >> and next, if you'd like to buy a piece of '90s nostalgia, the "full house" house in san francisco has just hit the market for $4.5 million. >> well, of course, it doesn't look anything like the hollywood set interior. but the three bedroom home has 11 foot ceilings and original details. >> and finally, celebrity chef bobby flay has carved a cool million off the asking price of his manhattan duplex. the 3200 square foot three-bedroom apartment now listed at $7 million and that, of course, includes a chef's kitchen. >> but don't you need like a
3:52 am
clef to be in that kitchen to be included? >> i don't know if bobby flay is included in the deal. i don't think so. . i don't think so. introducing new k-y touch gel crème. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch.
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♪ okay. so this week's headlines were once again of course, dominated by the crash of egyptair 804 along with politics. >> but there were more than a few light-hearted moments woven into this week's news narrative. here now is your weekly "friday rewind." >> egyptair 804 contact padova. 1-2-0 decimal. >> this is 0725. thank you so much. good night. >> now we have evidence that says something mechanically went wrong. whether that was caused by a bomb or it was just plain mechanical, we need to figure that out. >> you go to work and you think everything's going to be okay. that's the only way you can think about it and unfortunately, it's not. >> no justice, no peace.
3:56 am
>> had he been found guilty of these crimes, officers across the country would have felt that they could not arrest people, that they could not do their jobs. >> translator: i feel profound resentment against this self-centered and absolutely despicable crime. >> the united states is appalled by any violent crime that may have occurred or been carried out by any u.s. personnel or u.s. contractors. we consider it inexcusable. >> he's talking about more guns in our schools. he's talking about more hatred and division in our streets. >> i don't want to have guns in classrooms although in some cases teachers should have guns in classrooms, frankly. >> i don't want to see the american people voting for the lesser of two evils. >> why don't you give me a little rap. let's see what you got.
3:57 am
it's been a crazy day. >> well, that was good. >> i have to find a way to carry on. honey, this one's for you. the show must go on. >> and that was a great show indeed. >> a lot happened this week. >> yeah, it was an eventful week. of course, we have memorial zmi that's right. >> on monday. >> we also by the way on thursday, national rotisserie chicken day. >> why do you bring that up while i'm here at the set. >> aren't you excited about that? >> why? i don't like chicken. we don't all like chicken. but you've been tormenting me all day. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, strong storms wreaking havoc across the middle of the country. heavy rain bringing flooding to texas. the threat of more tornadoes continue into the holiday weekend, even some snow as we approach the unofficial start of summer. breaking overnight, hundreds of passengers evacuated after a fire on board a passenger plane. the details are still coming in right now. the president's historic visit to hiroshima, japan, destroyed by an atomic bomb at the end of world war ii. meet the co-champs at the national spelling bee. you'll hear them spell words you probably never even knew existed.


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