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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  May 27, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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weekend weather will affect your fun. and each new flag at this memorial honors high school students. and frightening moments in new york when a suspect tries to get away from police driving down a crowded sidewalk. >> now the details we are waiting for the unofficial start to the summer season and it's finally here. memorial day weekend has begun and many folks are at their holiday destinations. as we look live at sky 6 at the beach in cape may, a few folks are already out there. this is the place to be and the weather perfect for the next few days, if you like it hot. the jersey shore will no doubt be packed all weekend long, and we have live team coverage for the holiday weekend. trish hartman is standing by in ocean city where the boardwalk is open to business. they get a first look at the important forecast from accuweather. >> hello again. >> hello rick, it's a hot one as we head into the holiday
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weekend. warm at this hour as well. little cloud cover in the sky right now. 83 in philadelphia and 85 in reading, 73 in the poconos and cooler in cape may 71. and 83 out to the west in lancaster. lets check out the dew points, the level of moisture in the atmosphere, any time you have dew points at 60 or higher, any time 65 or higher, you can feel the humidity and that is what we are dealing with along the i-95 corridor. the exception is the poconos. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have dry conditions and not much in the way of shower activity at this hour. but i wouldn't be surprise if we saw something flair up north of philadelphia during the day and into the afternoon. a lot of folks are trying to get away on this get away friday. here is the travellers forecast, the green light in philadelphia, the same for the northeast and boston and out to the midwest in
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chicago, minor delays at 41 minutes, all in all it's okay if you are traveling by road or by air. in our neck of the woods. we are ranking the days saturday and sunday, it looks like the national spelling bee for those folks and kids there. we are ending in a tie for tomorrow and sunday. on monday coming in at number three we'll be tracking showers moving on in. coming up we'll take a closer look at the forecast, our high is 90, and yesterday a high of 90, and this could be heat wave number one of the unofficial start of our summer season. details with the accuweather forecast coming up. >> thank you. you can't start the summer season without unlocking it's ocean of course. tourists and officials held their ceremony in wildwood. elementary schools were there to help open the ocean using a giant key and philadelphia history made its way to the event as well.
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ben franklin was there to help light up the ceremony with a key and kite in hand. trish hartman is at the boardwalk with the fun has begun. >> hi there rick, people are ready for summer in ocean city. lots of folks are here enjoying the boardwalk and the beach soaking up the sun on this gorgeous day before memorial day. city officials just performed the ceremonial unlocking of the ocean here on the beach. and they are celebrating being named the best beach in america by coastal living magazine. that was followed up by the business person's plunge people jumping into the frigid water with their clothes on. i can tell you the water is cold
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and people are here to kick off their summer a little bit early. >> did you go in? >> yes. now i'm going go in again. >> even though it's cold? >> i can't wait. >> we go down to ocean city, our go too beach and it's close by and we jumped on the opportunity the first nice day. >> we came down yesterday with the beach crowd coming in and staying until late sunday. they like to ride the rides and play on the beach and all of that. >> reporter: the smiths from getties berg were not alone trying to avoid all the traffic. the official memorial day observance will be held at veterans memorial park. >> all right trish thank you. keep handy this holiday weekend handy on all of your
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devices, check out our interactive traffic map and rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan to stay ahead of the weather and stay on facebook and twitter for updates or changes. just in time for the holiday that honors our military, a new veterans memorial is open in radnor. the six foot tall wall at radnor, honors students that died in service to our country. gray hall is live to show us more. >> reporter: hi rick, the students here at radnor high school say they understand the importance and significance of memorial day, they are not just talk. they prove this in their actions by creating the wall of honor. [ taps ] >> richard l. holland, 25. >> they are the 57 names from radnor high school, read allowed and honored by student and
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staff. >> we don't have this weekend off for any other purpose other than to honor those that lost their lives in service to our country. >> they are snare not just refg they created this six foot wall to commemorate the veterans from radnor high school. >> it was complied by radnor students. >> getting to know how the deaths of the veterans impact a community and a family and not just that person really made me connect with the project. >> this means a lot to me because my father was a sailor in the navy, and just the ultimate sacrifice they gave for america it's just unbelievable. >> each flag on the wall represents one of the 57 radnor high school students that died serving our country.
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and there is a touch screen on the wall to watch a video about each student. it's a way to say thank you to those that served. >> when i have kids that come here, they will be able to say my mom did that, and it will mean something and these people will be remembered forever. >> this is a living and growing memorial, another name was added making it 58 students on the wall. the school says if you know of one contact them and they will add the name to the wall. in other news a suspect is on the loose after an assistant pastor was killed in a hit and run in philadelphia's west kensington section and the family is speaking out. 57-year-old leon was getting into a van after giving a sermon at his german town church when
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he was struck. it happened on the 2100 block of west front street. he was dragged about 15 feet and he was rushed to the hospital where he died overnight. loved ones say that the brother, father and mentor would help anyone and they are calling on the driver to turn himself in. >> they took away the life of a good man. and now you need to step up -- and you know -- just step up and face what you did. >> police are searching for an older model 199 8 to 2008 saab with front end damage. a 45-year-old man is recovering after being robbed and shot, it happened just after midnight at 13th and west moreland streets in philadelphia. police say they shot the victim in the hip and took his wallet and cell phone. no arrests have been made. >> and there is much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. caught on camera, a driver
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barrels down a sidewalk not the road trying to make a get away in brooklyn, he even hits a child, and president obama expresses sadness and regret at the site of the first atomic bombing in hiroshima, those stories and more next.
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shop keepers filmed a wild get away in brooklyn. a driver jumped the curb and narrowly missed people and baby strollers and then went down another sidewalk and bystanders did everything they could to stop the car even throwing a trash can at it. a 9-year-old boy was struck and hurt his foot. one man is in custody and a second person is still at large. president obama made history today by becoming the first u.s. president to visit hiroshima. he laid a wreath at the peace
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memorial park where the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb in 1945 and paid tribute to the 140,000 people killed and met with survivors, but he did not apologize for at tack. instead he called on the world to pursue a future without nuclear weapons. >> japan's prime minister called the visit courageous and long awaited. and now the race for the white house, the republican nominee donald trump took a victory lap in north dakota. he will not officially have it until the convention in cleveland. in the meantime he offered to debate bernie sanders and bernie sanders agreed. but he would only do it if their battle raised $10 million for charity. and hillary clinton is locked in a contentious battle with sanders, she opted out of a one-on-one debate with the
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senator in california. villanova is looking to rebuild their football program after they mishandled allegations of sexual assault and the university's president was denoted. ryan smith has more. >> he was once charged with righting the wrongs in society. the former federal judge best known for investigating bill clinton's affair with monica lewinsky. but now kenneth star out of baylor university after they revealed that the school mishandled and in some cases silenced sexual assault cases on campus. >> the school chose not to report sexual violence claims, discredited complainants and reenforced a perception that
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football was above the rules. >> recently two football players convicted of sexual assault and the result sacking the football coach, who led the team from the rags to the riches of college football, capturing the title in two of the last three seasons, commanding an annual salary of nearly $6 million. he texted his players, i am no longer the head football coach. >> and star saying to the victims, i am story who were not treat with the care and support they deserved. >> he did not know of the allegations of violence until 2015. stephanie met personally with star in september to discuss her own sexual assault. >> i wish they had done more to help if someone believed i was sitting in class next to my r e
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rapist more should have been done about it. >> coming up tonight on 20/20 more on the upcoming sexual assault charge against median, bill cosby. a judge ruled this week in norristown there was enough evidence to bring cosby to trial. she alleges she drugged and assaulted her at his home in 2004. tonight on 20/20 abc's elizabeth vargus will have the latest on the upcoming trial and the a&e documentary where some of cosby accusers smoke out. it airs tonight at 10:00 here on 6 abc. still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, another check of your holiday forecast as we look live outside, sky 6 hd showing you the beach and boardwalk in atlantic city. meteorologist, melissa magee has an update from accuweather.
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it has been a wild week of severe weather in the midwest
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and the south. a flood emergency in kentucky, left more than a dozen college students trapped in a cave and floods and tornados in texas have devastating is results. >> 29 years gone in a flash. >> reporter: in brian, texas three homes destroyed and 60 damages from a tornado. >> i didn't even know there was a tornado until i got here and i had no roof on top of my living room. >> that twister igniting a fire as people tried to leave town. they are looking into damage in cross plain texass. >> i was sitting outside watching the storm. and the building just started shaking and i when into the walk-in and waited a little bit and came out and the roof is in the parking lot. >> in other parts of the lone star state, fast moving water
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except away cars. it's expected to crest today making for emergency rescues. many people have been evacuated. >> into kentucky a dramatic rescue for a group of geology students and their guide stuck in floodwaters for hours. >> we were very pushy, very, very we need to move on move now. >> in kansas it could be the third straight day of this. thunder and lightning, hail and rain and another round of tornadoes. and officials confirm with us that one person has died and two others are still missing feared swept away by floor waters outside of houston. all right back here we are having to deal with steam we weather, it's already 83 out there now and we are still ramping it up. >> average for us is 77, we are already above that and the numbers keep on climbing this afternoon rick. here is stormtracker 6 live
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double scan radar, you can see no issues with precipitation, it's all about the heat and the rising humidity right now, we'll show you the picture outside. sky 6 hd a beautiful shot of the center city skyline, a nice blue sky and a few thin clouds across the region and a nice start to the weekend as we get closer and closer to the holiday. neighborhood numbers north and west of town are warming up as well. 83 in pottstown and 85 in slatington and 87 in coatesville and 87 in chester, down across the inland locations in new jersey, 89 for ewing and browns mills. right along the immediate coastline, it's cooler with the south facing wind and sea isle city 70 and 67 at the boardwalk, and to the west we go, smyrna 89 and 86 in hockessin. it's dry and quiet across the region and a bit of a frontal boundary that starts to get closer and closer to us.
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a stray shower is likely mainly north and west of that i-95 corridor and up to the poconos, we allow for that later on this afternoon but the heat is on. the heat wave is likely, today we call for a high of 90. yesterday we had a high of 90 and today we call for a high of 90 and saturday 92 is the expected high and sunday 90, we need three days for a heat wave and this will be likely heat wave number one. if you are at the shore tomorrow, it's mostly sunny and 78 degrees, nice day by sunday still underneath a partly sunny skies and 76 and then the showers move in by monday, any time of the day you are likely to find activity. high of 72. the poconos 82 degrees and 82 on sunday and monday 74 degrees with a couple of showers around. taking you down to the tropics, a close eye on this area of low
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pressure bringing showers and storms between bermuda and also the bahamas, we'll have to track those closely as it moves to the north and west and impacts the southeastern united states as we get into monday for the holiday weekend. it has a 90% chance to become tropical or subtropical. the eye and formation of this storm is becoming more defined and we'll track it for us as we get closer and closer to our weekend to see if the moisture creeps northward into our area for monday. today it's hot and sticky, up to 90 for a high and saturday it's hot and humid and in at 92, remember three straight days with temperatures in the 90s. and still hot on sunday 90 degrees and 79 degrees on monds with showers popping up and a rumble having thunder is possible. and tuesday we come back
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nightly, sunny and warm and 85 and thursday not bad nice and refreshing with a high temperature of 78. so not a bad start for the weekend be prepared for the heat. >> i should have wore shorts today. long story. >> thanks. well students in delaware county are learning about electricity engineers and line workers visited blessed mary charter school. they taught the kids how electricity is distributed. and held a safety demonstration and told students what to do in case of an emergency. it's part of the stem curriculum. it's time to officially kick off the summer movie season and a pair of big screen franchises are being rolled out. x-men apocalypse is expected to top the box office, it could bring inasmuch as $100 million in ticket sales and alice
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through the looking glass opens in theaters today a followup to the 2007 alice in wonderland. they expect it to make up to $60 million. disney is the parent can be of 6 abc.
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the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d... with viberzi. moving up on the 1:00 hour. melissa magee has a final check of the forecast. >> coming in today at 90 degrees, a mixture of sun and clouds and you'll notice the humidity. 89 in reading and 89 in allentown. it's cooler at the coast 74. so the heat is on today and stays that way for start of our holiday weekend. >> have a nice weekend. >> you too. finally this noon a special
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high school athlete is leading his team on to playoff victory. andrew austin pitched an upset against the defending champs. the radnor baseball player does it all with one arm. >> when i was first born the doctors told my parents if you don't have a problem with it, he won't either. be comfortable in your own skin and everything falls into place. >> he uses a prosthetic to swing the bat, he has excelled at every sport he has tries from water skiing to basketball. what an inspiration. >> for melissa magee, david murphy, i'm rick williams, have a nice afternoon we'll see you later.
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