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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  May 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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good start, very warm ain touch on the humid side in the delaware and lehigh valleys. we are holding in the upper 80s in philadelphia, 89 in trenton and 90 in reading, 81 in the poconos and we have the south facing wind for cape may, so a temperature of just 69 and upper 60s as well in beach haven. and talk about the humidity and dew point in the atmosphere. any time you have dew point numbers. when you have numbers reaching 65 and 70 degrees, you feel the uptick in humidity. and you'll notice that when you step outside. double scan live radar 3-d, we see a frontal boundary out to the west, you have the heat and added instability. a shower and thunderstorm north of the city tonight. but the weekend kickoff looks like this. if are you at the shore and the city, the poconos, the shore tomorrow not bad a temperature
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of 75. in the city up to 92, it's hot and humid and at the poconos high temperature of 83 with an afternoon pop-up shower or storm. so we are ranking the days, if you have to do so over the holiday weekend. tomorrow is mostly sunny and dry and number one, sunday a few more clouds roll on in. and that is number 2. and we are tracking some rain into the holiday, that comes in at number three. we'll look at the actual holiday coming up with the full accuweather forecast. for a lot of people it means a trip to the beaches in delaware and new jersey. shore towns are already packed. trish hartman continues our team coverage live in ocean city. hi trish. >> hi there sharrie. plenty of people came down the shore to kick off their holiday weekend in ocean city. and plenty of people enjoying
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their afternoon, people taking a stroll on the boardwalk, we thought people made a day of it on the fly and found people that called in sick and people that came down tore a couple of hours to get their fix on the boardwalk. when it comes to the shore everyone has their favorite treat. >> i like fried pickle and fried oreo. >> you can't come without getting man pizza. >> ocean city boardwalk is hoping people get their fix this weekend especially saturday and sunday. >> it's all about the weather, if it's raining people don't come out and walk the boardwalks. but that is not the case this weekend. >> the summer season was kick of at noon with the business persons plunge sending the professionally dress crowd into the ocean and people watching kicking off their weekend early. >> how was the drive yesterday? >> great. no problems it was fine.
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>> we played hooky to get some water ice and enjoy the first day of summer. who can blame her when she was showing the ropes to a transplant. >> this is way better. >> reporter: i think a lot of people will agree with that. businesses say they are thankful for the beautiful weather today. this is just a warm-up for saturday and sunday. expected to be the two nicest days of this holiday weekend. trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." >> all right trish, grab the sunglasses while you are at it. getting to the shore is the tricky part on a friday afternoon. with a near record number of people expected to hit the road traffic could be tricky. lets go to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> when you taste the pizza and popcorn and ice-cream. it will all be worth it but now
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it's not pleasant, the walt whitman bridge into south jersey, it's crowded in the eastbound lanes, you see from chopper 6 hd no big surprises, all approaches to the walt whitman bridge all approaches are jammed heading into the garden state. lets go farther along on 42, southbound lanes remain heavy off the walt whitman bridge to creek road to the a.c. expressway. we are moving but just a smooth pace as you head down to the acx head said eastbound 6 miles per hour on the approach to the garden state parkway southbound where you have the ongoing construction there on the parkway itself. as of yesterday they finally wrapped up the work westbound at the egg harbor toll plaza. damages in the big fire around thanksgiving, they have all the toll lanes open there and that will help us out. now, farther south in tuckahoe,
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work going on 50, that doesn't seem to be slowing us down too much at this point. lets look live at the garden state parkway at the toll plaza and southbound taillights headed down to cape may, moving slowly for sure. in marlton we had a crash along 73 at brick road and still single digit speeds on 70 eastbound, if you take the delaware memorial bridge all lanes into newcastle are open and long-term construction has finished. in case you are wondering it's pennsylvania turnpike in bucks county as reopened and close most of the day because of a massive truck fire but it's ready this afternoon. lets grab the ipad a crash at odessa just 25 miles per hour there and it's jammed but open unlike yesterday afternoon. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> someone sent me a tweet
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saying on route to it's jersey shore, the gps says i should get there by monday. a good sense of humor there. check out our interactive traffic map and stay ahead of the weather and follow the "action news" weather team on facebook and twitter for updates on any changes. developing now verizon and its workers reached an agreement on their contract. it brings to an end a strike that lasted almost a month and a half. chad pradelli is live with details on the deal. >> reporter: sharrie, the strike ended earlier this afternoon when the secretary of labor announced the tentative agreement. we arrived at verizon headquarters in philadelphia. there were a few picketers but they were packing up and heading home.
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verizon head quarlters in philadelphia picked up their signs. the strike is over. >> i'm happy to go back to work. i'm excited. >> details are not released but a local union representative tells "action news" that the new four year deal is a great contract. all call centers here will remain open and pension and wage issues are resolved. nearly 40,000 verizon workers were on strike nationally and 2500 from our region. bruce is a troubleshooter for verizon also a husband and father. the strike took a toll. >> it's nail biting i haven't paid bills. >> people are trying to budget their money and make ends meet. but we are happy that we'll be able to get back to living the way we are used to living. >> reporter: and verizon had no comment and works are expected back on the job next week.
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chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. south jersey firefighters saved a man who was knocked unconscious while working in a tree. they captured the entire incident on video at 1:00 today. the man was shocked by live wires on burlington avenue, he was intentionalered by a rope that kept him from falling to the ground before crews were able to carry him down. >> he was unconscious upside down. we were able to get him down without falling and without ourselves being energized at all with the power. >> officials say the worker is stable at this hour and being treated at cooper university hospital. pseg is investigating what caused him to make contact with the power line. police are trying to track down the driver who hit and killed a man in kensington and we learned that the victim was working with his church when the crash happened. vernon odom is live at
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headquarters with more on the investigation and the people in mourning today. >> reporter: good evening sharrie, this is an awful story about what has happened to this 57-year-old man, the suspect hit a person and then fled into the night leaving the victim there to die. apparently never looking back. family members of friends are mourning the death overnight of le leah leon a pastor, he had just dropped off a group. this is where he counselled troubled young men. >> he came every day and worked with the boys and brought the message of god and tried to make sure they would go straight. >> he loved god and was a good person and he was humble.
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and you know he was always keeping people off of drugs. >> leon's family is devastating by the loss. >> he always wanted to help, he never said no. he would take the shirt off his back if he had too. that is how he passed away do what he wanted to do was help people all the time. >> police released a zriks description of the striking vehicle. a saab, with scuffed side mirror and damage to the front windshield. >> he was getting into a van when the individual was operating northbound on front street and hits the male striking him and the van door so hard he knocked the van door off. it's a tragedy situation. >> brian and sharrie if our
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viewers with help police solve the crime they would appreciate the the tip call as soon as possible. the suspect is somewhere trying to get replacement parts for that get away car. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right we do expect the phones will start ringing soon. still ahead. donald trump lays out plan for america's energy future. >> plus, president obama makes an historic visit to the site of the nuclear bombing in hiroshima. it's the biggest recall in american history and now it's bigger. the problems with airbags.
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>> the presidential candidates are making a push in california today as they look into that state's primary, as they stump for votes they are trading jabs that would leave out hillary clinton. megan hughes is live in
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washington with the latest on all of it. >> reporter: the latest is right. we heard news from the trump campaign, in a statement saying quote, it seems inappropriate that i would debate the second place finisher. when on the campaign trail he said he would love to debate bernie. donald trump firing up crowds and taking aim at hillary clinton. >> hillary is a disaster, she has bad judgment, that was said by bernie sanders, he gave me most of my best lines. >> bernie sanders continuing to tie uphillry. >> she could lose the california primary, the last primary of the season as she heads into the convention but she goes in very weakened. >> clinton working hard in california, sitting down at the wafflele house in oakland.
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>> i worked in oakland in the summer of 71, so i have memories of eating in oakland, shopping in oakland. >> we don't want a bully in the white house. >> sanders in l.a. is pushing the process of a trump sanders debate. every poll have you seen in the last two months not only has us defeating donald trump but defeating him by large numbers. >> i want to debate him so badly. >> but trump is looking to raise $10 million for charity as a condition for the debate. >> the networks want to keep the money themselves so that is a problem. >> late this afternoon the sanders campaign says that two networks did offer to host the debate. they were prepared to accept an offer. >> a busy day megan thank you. president obama has concluded his historic trip to hiroshima,
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the first sitting american president to visit the city decimated by an atomic bomb in 1942. he laid a wreath at the peace memorial. it was the only structure left standing after an attack that killed 140,000 people. the president did not apologize but recognized the toll of human life. >> a flash of light. many and a wall of fire. destroyed a city. and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself. >> the president also greeted survivors and made a case for a world without nuclear weapons. japanese officials added another 7 million cars to a recall over faulty airbags. the takata airbags can explosion with too much force sending
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shrapnel into the faces of drivers and passengers. over 12 million vehicles have been recalled. they identified the models affected by the recall, and affect eight different models, it could table until the end of the decade to fix the problem. a look at closing numbers this friday afternoon. the dow is up 45 points, and the nasdaq up 32 points and the s&p 500 closing out the week up 9 points on the day. now to the part of this newscast that makes us all wish we were outside. the accuweather forecast. >> melissa magee in for adam. she is inside. thank you melissa. >> no problem brian and sharrie, i thought i would join the party inside but you may want to venture out for the holiday weekend. the ocean cam is outside shrivers, the folks look good
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along the boardwalk, taffy and fudge sound good. we have a bright and sunny sky and people are enjoying the weather. 90 in reading and 89 in allentown and at the coast in cape may, we are picking up the south facing wind 69 there and 68 in beach haven. here is satellite 6 along with action radar it's mostly dry across the region, but south and west of philadelphia in chester county as the frontal boundary moves on through there is a pop-up shower across the area, we go in tighter on street level with storm tracker 6, the moisture is starting to move to the north of lionville at route 100. keep that in mind. there will be spots that find a shower or rumble of thunder. we'll drop down to 65 in the suburbs and 68 is the overnight
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low in philadelphia. as we head into the weekend we have you covered at the shore, the city or the poconos tomorrow. the weekend kickoff at the shore it's a great looking day, mostly sunny and 75. sunny and nice, in the city 92 degrees and the poconos a spotty thunderstorm is likely with a high temperature of 83. also, if you plan to be outdoors tomorrow, that will be my pick over the weekend, you have ample sunshine and it looks to be primarily dry and saturday at the pool it's dry and hot and lather on the sunscreen with the uv rays, 84 degrees and 3:00 in the afternoon, we are in the lower 90s. we'll take you down to the tropics because we are keeping a close eye on this area of disturbs weather with bermuda and the bahamas, this is southeast of the south carolina, what we are tracking is in the middle. it's better organized than last
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night. this could be tropical or subtropical. we'll keep you posted with that. the spaghetti plots bring it into charleston, south carolina and some of these moisture gets into the mid-atlantic region and that means we could have showers around for the holiday come monday. the four day at 4:00 looks like this, you can see we have hot and humid conditions a high temperature of 92 and on sunday sun to clouds. it's muggy, high of 89 degrees, on monday it's humid and we have the downpours and we track tropical moisture coming on in. the humidity starts to drop and the numbers stay up. up to 83 degrees and we are tracking the downpours. we'll take the sunshine in the meantime. melissa thank you. >> up next the problem forcing the local animal shelter to
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close its doors. coming up at 4:30, the teacher makes the remarkable decision to donate an organ to her students, the heart warming story and an update in big talkers.
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a tractor trailer fire led to a mess on the pennsylvania turnpike just past 358 in levittown where it happened at 5:00. it has printer ink and hazmat crews had to come out to help. traffic was backed up for hours during the morning commute. a former employee at conestoga high school will head to trial on charges she had a sexual relationship with a student. christine towers was in chester court where she waived her right
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to a preliminary hearing. police allege she had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. she was working there as an aide and coach. now they are beginning the memorial day weekend with a ceremony and placing flags. this is an annual ceremony at the gloucester memorial cemetery. they placed the markers at the head stones of the men and women that served in the armed forces. the delaware spca announced they are closing one of the few shelters in the state. they cited financial stress for the proactive decision to sell the shelter in stanton, sussex county. that will allow them to create the most stable animal welfare facility in delaware. you can call it a pop-up
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game of soccer that hopes to have long lasting effects. they kicked off their first ever philadelphia cup. it's for kids age 6 to adults. the match-ups are played four on four in these especially built men estadium. when it's over the fields will be donated to a local philadelphia neighborhood for families to have a safe place to play and learn more about how sports with make a positive difference. still ahead on the hot friday afternoon. lots of people are headed to the shore, there is plenty to do around the city this weekend. plus, a selfless act for a teacher is saving a student's life. we'll explain how in big talkers.
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it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a major bust. and details about an arrest and fire that broke out in a montgomery county high school. plus, a local letter carrier honored for straying from her route to help someone in need. we'll explain what happened coming up. but first it's memorial day weekend and many are heading to the shore, there is also a lot going on in the city and the suburbs. >> from horse shows to kids
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activities and ceremonies honoring the true meaning of this holiday weekend. there are lots of ways to go out and enjoy the unofficial kickoff to summer. john rawlins is live along boathouse row on kelly dry on a hot day. >> reporter: hi guys, on a weekend like this, the lure of the shore and the mountains is certainly strong but my role in all of this is to tell you there are plenty of things to do and plenty of things to do much closer to home. strapping on a pair of roller skates on the delaware river, sounds like a good idea then the river summer fest. new to summer fest this year, chickie and petes waterfront crab shack with everything from hard shell crabs and crab fries. >> if it's horses you wants to
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see it's devon horse show. the longest and oldest multibreed horse show is going from now until june 5. but if iron horses traveling through a beautiful setting is more to your liking then the arboretum is where you want to be this weekend. summer railway 2016 kicks off tomorrow. this year's theme is awaken the senses. listen to the whoosh of trains go by and smell the bakery smells. it sounds interesting. well, in addition to imagining the aroma of baking, the grand opening at the arboretum promises crafts for kids and free ice-cream while supplies
4:32 pm
last. dart is back in business. there are four different stops where you and your beach supplies can hop on board. they are running through labor day. an annual tradition opens the beach in wildwood this evening. >> three, two, one. >> with the turn of that key, they unlock the ocean. this year more than 300 elementary school students are on hand to help the city officials. and philadelphia history made its way to the jersey shore, ben franklin himself was there to light up the ceremony with a key and kite in hand. how about this, a live look right now, sky 6 hd over the beach in atlantic city where the crowd is growing on a perfect day to be beside the atlantic
4:33 pm
ocean. that crowd will grow as the weekend goes on. because melissa these temperatures are not going anywhere. >> it's warm and very sticky, the shore is a very nice place to be. a picture outside. sky 6 hd looking at the center city skyline on this friday afternoon. we have got a bit of a hazy sky, the temperature of 89 degrees and the dew point 64, an uptick from yesterday. the winds are out of the southwest pumping in the milder air at 13 miles per hour. the heat index make its feel like 90. down the shore in cape may, this is the place to be, we see folks on the beach and on the sand. the temperatures are cooler than inland locations, dew point 63 and southeasterly wind at 6 miles per hour and the ocean temperature now in the upper 50s. water temperatures, something to keep in mind. out in the ocean, chilly and owes temperatures from surf city to cape may, upper 50s and lower
4:34 pm
60s and in the bay it's a touch warmer and 66 near areas south of fortescue, and 63 north of lewes and rehoboth beach. we'll look at the forecast coming up and we are updating you on the tropics. to see if the tropical moisture. not the system itself but if the moisture heads our way for the holiday monday. >> thank you. lets get a check of the roads because the beaches are where everyone wantses to be. matt is standing by with the update. >> you know how they turn the key to unlock the ocean, i wish i could unlock the traffic. everybody is trying to get to the beach on this friday before memorial day. chopper 6 hd is live over the southbound lanes of 42 just off the base of the walt whitman bridge, jammed on all approaches to the walt and traffic crawls across the span and this is what you are left with on 42
4:35 pm
southbound, a slow crawl south of the a.c. expressway. the good news is, there are no accidents or broken down vehicles at this point just a whole lot of volume making its way down the shore on this friday afternoon. the eastbound side of the expressway. speeds of 14 miles per hour as you approach the garden state parkway, 27 miles per hours as you head down to ocean city. and see i'a isle city this afternoon. they come together and slow moving traffic, could be worse as you head towards wildwood just busy, on the delaware memorial bridge all the lanes are open once again, that is good news into newcastle county, a mile backlog there, once you are in delaware, hopping on i-37
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southbound. and live outside along 95, i said all approaches to the walt whitman bridge is clogged. one of them southbound lanes of 95 stacking up approaching the bridge. we'll check it again coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> all right matt thanks. keep handy this holiday weekend. on all of your devices, check your interactive map and rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan radar to stay ahead of the weather and follow the "action news" weather team on facebook and twitter for updates on any changes. a north penn student is accused of setting a fire at that school earlier this week. they have now arrested a 17-year-old charged with arson. the fire broke out near the band room on tuesday. and student his to be sent home early because of it. staffers will be talking to the rest of the students about the seriousness of actions like that and they will ask parentses to
4:37 pm
do the same. a late night stabbing at is the point breeze section left a man in critical condition. police say someone stabbed him in the neck on south 41st street. police are trying to figure out who attacked the man and why. philadelphia police say they caught a man that they say was dealing heroin in newcastle county. they arrested the 27-year-old during a traffic stop on old capital trail in newcastle. they had been investigating him for two months and they searched his car and a building on the block and found more than 23 grams of heroin. they say they found 15 grams of crack. he is facing a long list of charges this afternoon when he could not post his bail. his car crashed right into the front of t this happened on bustleton avenue. this happened in the rhawnhurst section this morning, the driver suffered minor injuries but no
4:38 pm
one inside of the building was hurt. chopper 6 hd was over head as fire rescue boats responded to a boating accidents in bear, delaware, the 53 foot boat ran into the north side of the cnd canal. all were able to get off the boat safely. city council is investigating where your money going when you pay for traffic fines and parking in philadelphia. they focused on the allocation of revenue generated by red light tickets and parking meters. they want to make sure the school district and the city are receiving accurate amounts due to them under the law. it has generated more than $700 million in recent years. >> pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, signed a new law designed to increase personal privery across the state anchor, rick
4:39 pm
williams is live in the newsroom with more on this story. >> this new bill deals with the people that place calls to 911 looking for help. according to the bill's author some people choose not to call for fear of retribution, coming up tonight at 5:00, the new protections they put in place so victims have a better shot at getting help. it's fitness friday and health check, ali gorman takes us inside of the nation spin craze that made its way into the delaware valley. it's called soul cycle and it's a lot of fun. more on "action news" at 5:00. >> we'll see you in a bit. a member of the postal service was applauded today not for delivering mail but for delivering kindness. postal authorities delivered it to the huntington valley post office. lewis noticed an elderly woman
4:40 pm
walking in a remote area who appeared to be disoriented and lost. it turned out that woman walked two and a half hours from warminster. lewis called police and waited with her until officials arrived. lewis likely saved that woman's life. still ahead neighborhoods in texas, are bracing for more rain today. but they are still trying to clean up for damaging floods overnight. we'll look at what was left behind. sometimes i get picked on by some of them. a first grader bullied at school gets support from an unlikely crew, meet the group of friends coming up in big talkers. not bad friends to have. melissa magee is back with the full accuweather forecast. for your holiday weekend.
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parts of texas were flood
4:43 pm
soaks and evacuated today. one area got 16 inches of rain and one trapped families inside of their homes. flash flood forced some people to abandon their cars. by the time we turned around our car was under water. -- the rain -- the forecasters warned there would be more before the day is done. >> police are looking for one more pen that got away in brooklyn. a driver jumped a curb narrowly missing a woman and baby strollers and then it barrel sd backyard careening down another sidewalk. they did everything in their power to stop the car even throwing a trash can at it. the suspects were caught trying
4:44 pm
to use counterfeit cash at several businesses. they used the sidewalk to get around the traffic. a 9-year-old was injured but will be okay. travelers concerned about the long waits at the airport were pleasantly surprised. they are moving faster than expected after weeks of costly delays. the security administration says that bomb sniffing dogs are being used at busier airports trying to move things along. people screened by dogs don't have to take their shoes off and can keep their laptops. ♪ ♪ well, demarcus davis spent the day playing his violin for people going through security. he just wanted to give the passengers something to enjoy. >> love that. i'm feeling calm myself.
4:45 pm
big talkers now at the big board and the story of a little girl in ohio and her unlikely group of new buddies. audrina told her mother she was being bullied at school and mom called for backup. the punishers were more than happy to step in. they may have a tough name, but they are all former law enforcement officials and first responders have a soft spot for helping kids in need. his mom was inspired to call them because his daughter loves to ride dirt bikes, they offered to give audrina the ultimate ride to school. >> giving her a ride to school will help turn things around form former. >> we want her to know not everybody is mean and there are nice people in the world. the guys did a wonderful job helping us with that. >> nobody is messing with audrina these days.
4:46 pm
now a big talker update on a story that warmed hearts everywhere. we told you about 8-year-old natasha back in march, she had kidney disease and required a transplant. her teacher volunteered to donate her own kidney, a perfect match and this week the surgery took place and we are thrilled to tell you that natasha is recovering today. the fullers released a statement thanking her for their jen rossities and the amazing gift that gave their daughter life. freebie friday is coming up. we have an exclusive deal you won't wants to miss.
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she has the only information anybody cares about today the accuweather forecast. >> we are going be there eventually right. >> eventually you are right. >> and then over the weekend saturday and sunday looks okay. the picture outside. sky 6 hd from penn's landing looking at the spruce street harbor park, we have plenty of sunshine and a lot of folks out and about on this friday afternoon. we have comfortable conditions although it is on the hot side across the region. you'll notice the uptick in humidity as well. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan radar, it's mostly quiet across the region and we had a spotty shower there in chester county and a frontal boundary off to the west and there could be an isolated shower mainly north and west of the i-95 corridor. the heat index is not terrible but gives you an indication of
4:50 pm
the humidity in the atmosphere. feels like 90 in philadelphia and 92 in reading, i say not terrible because we have seen worse in the summer season. the heat index is definitely noticeable outside today. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have a mostly clear sky across the region and this is the frontal boundary we are tracking so we have the warm air, the heat and humidity adding to the instability and there could be an isolated shower or thunderstorm that moves through the rest of tonight. that is the call from accuweather, it's warm and sticky and an isolated thunderstorm is possible. we'll drop down to 65, and 68 degrees in philadelphia, with the overnight low with the southwesterly wind and 3 to 6 miles per hour. the day planner for saturday is a hot one and humid. the temperature is 74 degrees and plenty of sunshine and temperature at 84 at 12:00 and 89 at 2:00 and peak at 92 at
4:51 pm
5:00 tomorrow evening. the 8:00 that number bumps back down to 84 degrees. at the shore it's a great looking start to the weekend. mostly sunny and 84 degrees on saturday. and sunshine giving way to a few more clouds on sunday and overnight sunday into monday we track an area of low pressure that brings periods of rain into the region, so unfortunately for the actual holiday it looks to be wet and dreary across the region and 68. and if your destination takes you there over the weekend, warm with a pop-up likely and high of 83 and 81 on sunday. and on monday showers and storms are likely with a temperature coming in at 74 degrees, down to the tropics we go, we are tracking the area of low pressure between bermuda and it's bahamas, and this was an area of low pressure we are tracking, tropical depression number two. this is moving northwest close to charleston, south carolina and close to the southeastern
4:52 pm
united states as we head into the weekend. future tracker 6 showing you sunday night into monday. you'll notice you can find .75 inch of rain near charleston, this is the area we are focusing in on. as we go through time the stream of moisture is working its way up the eastern seaboard. we could pick up more than an inch of precipitation, we are not tracking a tropical system but we could fine tropical moisture especially with the humidity into our region especially monday. for the start of our weekend, hot and humid tomorrow high up to 92, that is my pick over the weekend, sunday sun to clouds, muggy high of 89 and humid with downpours on monday and high of 79 and warm up to 87 on tuesday and 80s next wednesday, thursday and friday. and we'll be outside. >> thanks melissa. freebie friday is coming up next.
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it's time for freebie friday. you can kick off with free yoga on pier in old city. one on saturday and another one on sun morning. just bring your own mat and a bottle of water. in chester county, the downingtown fine arts festival is this weekend. can you get outside and enjoy the warm weather while browsing work from area artists, the festival is set up and there is free parking within walking distance. >> memorial day is monday and there are promotions for museums
4:56 pm
and there are concerts. can you get into the philadelphia sea port museum if you are military on monday. and the exclusive offer will have a lot of ladies excited. dry bar is opening its first location in philadelphia next friday, june 3rd. we want to give you time to plan ahead. the first 25 customers, to go in and mention 6 abc will get a free blowout and cosmetic bag. we posted this with the details on our website got to keep your hair right. >> that's it. >> that is it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, alicia vitarelli and melissa magee and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join me along with adam and ducis rogers every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on ph almost 17. rick williams is standing by with a look ahead tonight. >> coming up on "action news" at
4:57 pm
5:00, our memorial weekend coverage continues, we are live down the shore where the beaches are getting more packed by the minute. and verizon workers are back to work as soon as next week. the deal reached with the company just this afternoon. those stories and other look at the holiday forecast. coming up next on "action news" at 5:00. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. looking live outside we are just hours away from the unofficial start of summer. but it feels like the season is well underway. temperatures topped out around 90 today and it looks like we are in for our first heat wave come this weekend. friday night monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us. and the big story on "action news" is the memorial day forecast. cecily tynan is live outside with what to expect this weekend. >> reporter: hi rick and sharrie, we are starting off the weekend warm and sunny and ending it with the potential for some tropical downpours. look at the temperatures across the region, we are close to 90 philadelphia 89 and reading has
5:00 pm
hit 90 and allentown 89 and wilmington 87 and down the shore with the wind off the ocean, the ocean temperature now 60 degrees cooling off the air and beach haven and cape may point only 69 degrees. it feels noticeably more humid though than the last few days. dew points in the mid-60s and that adds to the discomfort level, and definitely a sticky situation as you head outside. double scan live radar showing a storm system to the west triggering an isolated thunderstorm or two. nothing here right now but there could be isolated activity this evening. your saturday forecast, saturday is looking really nice, down the shore just beautiful. mostly sunny and 75 degrees. here in philadelphia it's hot and humid with a high soaring up to 92 degrees and the poconos it will be warm and humid and 83


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