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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 28, 2016 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. >> walking the boards at dusk. it is a summertime tradition in ocean city, new jersey. it really begins over the memorial day holiday weekend. welcome to the summer of 2016, at the new jersey shore. it is friday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the start of the holiday weekend and top two items on our agenda the going's on at the shore and cecily tynan's accu weather forecast. first up "action news" reporter jeff chirico in ocean city, jeff. >> reporter: hi jim, after that long, dreary may mother nature finally got her act
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together just in time for this big memorial take weekend. take a look at the boardwalk a few people still on the boards, starting to thin out at this 11:00 o'clock hour. it is chilly, breezy. some folks wearing sweat shirts tonight but they are dreaming of what is expected to be a picture perfect weekend. well, sunsets on the new jersey shore the summer is just beginning. the crowds returned to the boardwalk in ocean city enjoying staples of ride, fudge and good times. for the shields girls and their friend from fort washington it is welcomed break from a grueling school year. >> i love school but it is just amazing here. >> i am here with my family ape friend having fun. >> reporter: beach ball drop kicked off holiday week men atlantic city. water cold and beach breeze bye the sun lure the turner family from southwest philadelphia it was nice out. i got kid from school early and i just wanted to come to the beach. >> everybody is here, thinks it is cold.
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it is 70 degrees. we're from buffalo. we're enjoying life because it is 70 and sunny. >> reporter: in sea isle city sidewalks were crammed with smiling vacationers, anxious to get the summer started. >> having a a good time, go to the beach tomorrow, enjoy the nice weather. >> reporter: outdoor, indoor tables were full at princeton bar and grill in avalon, good weather served up twice as many customers as this day last year. >> we were 21 days in rain. we're happy. shore is back. >> reporter: across shore points summer is back and pennsylvania native brooke nardo and her husband from toronto says this. >> we are with close friend, family, happiness, just, a good time in general and this is where i want to be with the summer and how it should be. >> reporter: maybe a little chilly right now but you hey, it is memorial day, it is boardwalk, we are enjoying our ice cream with matt and kill friday lawrenceville, new jersey. i have got mine, sprinkles or jimmy as. >> jimmy's. >> of course, you win.
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happy memorial day. reporting live, jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> thanks, jeff. now holiday accu weather forecast, cecily tynan at the big game. >> jim, our holiday weekend is certainly starting hot, yesterday and today hit 90. tomorrow i'm forecasting a high of 92 degrees. three days in the 90's in a row making it the first heat wave of the year. normal high is 77 degrees. satellite six with action radar is showing nothing more than a few cloud around tonight. we will start the holiday weekend dry, and then tomorrow, we will be the best day of the three days. if you are down the shore, enjoy it. perfect. mostly sunny. 75 degrees. in philadelphia it will be hot and humid with sunshine 92 degrees. poconos could get an afternoon pop up thunderstorm with a high of 83 degrees. warm, humid. this is time of the year we have to keep flying had sun screen. uv index tomorrow will be a nine. that is very high. don't forget on the beach, the sand and water, can reflect uv
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and can intensify it and the key times, ten and 4:00 o'clock when you want to keep reapplying that sun screen. heading in the second half of the weekend, this is a satellite loop, infrared of the tropics and we have a disturbance that will be tropical storm bonnie tomorrow and that will have a major impact, on our weather on memorial day. ill a's let you know how and go in the shore and poconos forecast in detail with the full accu weather forecast, jim. >> thanks, cecily. philadelphia's own dj jazzy jeff kicked off the party at the blue cross river rink tonight. starting at 9:00 will smith's musical partner spun record for summer fest while hundreds of the people went for a spin on the roller rink. we asked to you keep six hand think holiday weekend on all of your devices. check out our interactive traffic map as you are heading out, rely on storm tracker six live radar to stay ahead of the weather and follow the "action news" weather team
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throughout the weekend on facebook and twitter. it is done. new jersey governor chris christie has signed the bill that will keep atlantic city from going broke. that is good news, with the summer season just getting underway. the bill gives atlantic city's leaders five months to balance the budget for the next five years. said christie the final count down starts today. if it doesn't work the state will be able to take over the cities finances. this was the scene in philadelphia today as striking verizon workers ended their seven week job action. 40,000 verizon employees and nine eastern states, and washington d.c., could be back on the job next week. the company and unions reached a tentative settlement for a new four year contract today, nobody is giving out details, on the contract. philadelphia police are still trying to track down the teenager who saw fit to use a 61 year-old man as a punching bag last week even. it happened in overbrook as
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the victim was walking his dog. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live in the 1100 block of north 66th street. john, police have been working on this for a week now, are they getting any closer. >> reporter: well, they have had some video. as you will see from this video it was a sneak attack that came out of no where. victim has a broken nose, concussion, repeat thely punched and robbed. it is believed his assailant who is still out there is about a third of the age of the victim. about 1:00 a.m. saturday in the 1100 block of north 66th, surveillance cameras pick up these kids hoff tried to get into nearby parked cars. at that time, this 61 year-old man is out walking his dog, one of the kid, approaches and asked a question, lieutenant john walker, picks up the narrative. >> walked up to the gentlemen and asked him for the time. he looked at his phone. the gives him the time. while he is doing that the young man cold cox him in the the jaw and knocking him to the ground. he fell to the side.
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he didn't hit his heat. >> reporter: video shows at assailant jump on top of the man and took his cell phone. >> the doggies so small, he is trying to bite the ankle but he is unable to. >> reporter: police isolated this video of who they believe is responsible. he is in shorts and light colored hoodie and backpack. they think he is a teen living nearby. >> we are asking neighbors in that community to clearly identify these kid and call our tip line anonymously at 215686-tips. actions like this make bad behavior by young kids unacceptable. >> reporter: thinks person police believe assaulted the dog walker. he was with larger group of kid roaming this area on saturday. sixty-six and malvern is an intersection just behind me here. detectives are hoping that people who live in this area take a very close look at that video, and the hope is that they will know who those kids are or they can give the police some clues. that will allow the police to pick up the individual that they are looking for before he can hurt anyone else.
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live from overbrook, john rawlins for channel six "action news", jim? >> thanks, beyond. john. police are investigating a deadly accident involving a minivan and motor psyched that will happened at 6:30 tonight. in south white hall township near lincoln avenue. one person was killed, and the other is in the hospital. but the family of the pastor who was kill in the hit and run in west kensington last night in philadelphia, is calling for the driver to turn himself in. and it happened, about 0:00 o'clock on the 2100 block of north front street. elijah leon an assistant pastor at a germantown avenue church just dropped off a group of recovering addicts when he was struck. police believe he was a dark color saab, and if you have any information, you are urged to call police. a 17 year-old student is under arrest, charged with setting fire, to north penn high school earlier this week.
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towamencin township police are not releasing his name since he is being held as a juvenile. the multi alarm fire broke out in the storage area the choir and band room and a theater classroom sustain significant damage. a city council hearing called into question, whether the ppa is shortchanging the philadelphia a school district. a portion of the money from parking meters and red light camera tickets is supposed to go to the schools. those two revenue streams typically generate more than a hundred million-dollar a year but some council members are trying to figure out why ppa payments to the school district are going down, even after a parking rate height. state controlled ppa says those formulas are set by law. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is losing another press secretary, her eighth, chuck ardo announce that had tuesday will be his final day on the job. he has been working since 2013, but he says he is leaving after handling what he calls an unfolding series of
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crisis, that were just never ending. of course, kane is facing criminal charges for allegedly leaking secret grand jury testimony. her law license has been suspended and she has threatened to release thousands of pornographic e-mails found on servicer of her employees and judges. about a dozen people showed up in front of the saint charles borromeo seminar any wynnewood tonight to rally in support of the bill to remove the statute of limitations for child sex abuse. protesters targeted the seminary because the legislation is opposed by the pennsylvania catholic conference, and the archdiocese of philadelphia. church officials say that changing the statute of limitations puts an unfair burden on the church. it goes into to the state senate committee. still to come on "action news", hold the phone, new government report on cell phones and cancer. also the very latest from new york where a world war two era plane crashed in the
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hudson river tonight, we will show you the moment of impact. plus police officer gets out of the way of a fallen tree just in time, cecily? well, we are live on sky six looking the atlantic city. we have a dry start to the holiday weekend. it gets very hot tomorrow and then stormy weather moves in on memorial day. i'll have details from the accu weather seven day forecast. jeff skversky with the phillies taking on the best team in baseball, that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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we have a developing story out of new york city tonight, which a vintage world war two fighter plane has gone down in the hudson river. a massive search, with boats and divers, has just located the pilot's body. a witness captured the moment that the p47 thunder bolt splashed down into the river near the george washington
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bridge. the plane was part of the museum collection set to celebrate the seventh fifth anniversary of the thunder bolt for the memorial day weekend. it ends in tragedy. a north jersey police officer is counting his lucky stars that he was not killed this morning. it came down to a matter of inches. three three-year old officer douglas farber pulled over to deal with the large tree branch blocking part of the road. he heard the crack. the rest of the tree came crashing down. >> the fallen tree broke his wrist and officer farber needed 13 stitches on his led but chief says he is resting at home tonight and he should be just okay. chopper six caught this dramatic video of the, dangerous tree rescue in burlington county today. a worker had been shock by live electrical wires and was drifting in and out of
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consciousness. the only thing keeping him from falling to the ground was his safety harness. fire fighters had to be careful for their ladder not to make contact with the lines. this all happened along burlington avenue in delanco just after 1:00 o'clock. the rescue man is now you in stable condition at cooper university hospital. campaign, tonight, it was a massive show of force by today in san diego by police. about a thousand donald trump protesters, were outside his rally and venue and several times things got tense between protesters and the trump supporters. police made three arrests. inside, trump proclaimed that he will stop california's water crisis, declaring there is no drought. trump campaign declared there would be no debate, one day after saying he would love to debate bernie sanders, he stopped the idea today. sanders said on the campaign trail he hopes that trump
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changes his mind, again. meanwhile sanders is now neck and neck with hillary clinton in california, according to a couple of polls, hillary clinton took part in the pan tell day in oakland. she's appealing sanders supporters saying quote whatever differences senator sanders we have or our supporters, they pale in comparison to our differences with donald trump and what he represents. assuming clinton is nominee she will need sanders supporters in the fall. current occupant in the white house made history today, when he became the first sitting president to visit hiroshima. barack obama did not apologize for america using the first atomic bomb to end the war that japan began with an attack on pearl harbor. obama looked back on the day that hiroshima was decimated august 6th, 1945. >> seventy-one years ago a bright cloudless morning,
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death fell from the sky and the world was changed. the scientific revolution that led to the splitting have of an atom requires a moral evolution as well. >> president obama shared an i am breeze with the elderly survivor of the bombing. 140,000 people were killed, by the atom bomb in hiroshima, 07,000 more when second bomb three days later was dropped on nagasaki. speaking to the idea of ridding the world of nuclear weapons obama said quote we may not realize this goal in my lifetime but persistent effort can roll back possibility of the catastrophe. on health check at 11:00 a new government study is renewing concerns about cell phone use and cancer. in the largest study of its kind, researchers have found a slight increase in brain and other tumors after exposing rats to high doses of cell
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even if radio waves nine hours a day for two years. again, thinks a laboratory experiment with rats. the national institutes of health notes that previous studies with humans found little or no definitive link between cell phones and brain cancer. several scientists not involved in the report that say due to quirky findings, they believe the research was flawed. the american cancer society praised the report and says even if cell phones cause cancers, it is very low on the list of things to avoid, red meat, sunburns and smoking are all more carcinogenic. if after all of this you are still concerned, here are the precautions consumer reports recommend, to reduce radiation exposure. >> keep the cell phone away from your head or body, if you are going to make calls use video calls or hands free options or text.
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government forecasters are out for the upcoming atlantic hurricane season. noaa says this year will be close tore average after three relatively slow years. forecasters are predicting between ten and 16 named storms, four to eight of them becoming hurricane and possibly one to four major hurricanes, with wind over 110 . hurricane season officially begins on wednesday, and as you you are reporting, there is not just a potential but the apparent formation of a tropical storm. >> tropical storm bonnie likely will be forming and heading toward south carolina in january we had hurricane alex, and we are jump starting holiday weekend. unfortunately bonnie will put a damper on our memorial day. storm tracker six live double scan now showing rain free conditions out there it is certainly still very warm though. philadelphia is 75 degrees, normal high for this time of the year is 77. we hit 90, second day in the the row.
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allentown and trenton even warmer, 76. reading is a steamy 78 degrees, millville 72. quite a bit cooler along the beach with the wind off the ocean. ocean temperature 60. cape may .65 degrees. satellite six with action radar showing nothing more than some cloud bubbling up this evening. we will start the holiday weekend dry. few door tracker is showing it stays dry on sat the day but we could see thunderstorms bubbling up across the poconos in the afternoon and then sunday we will start sunny but then the cloud will roll in and some showers and thunderstorms developing in the afternoon and evening hours. it looks like these will be intensifying sun take night, through memorial day. this is the reason why. still tropical depression number two, but likely will be tropical storm bonnie by tomorrow, and it is 355 miles south east of charleston, south carolina it will be a weak tropical storm, and heading toward charleston by sunday and a cold front will
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pick this up and push it out to sea. we will not get a direct hit the by a tropical system buzz the problem is that this cold front essentially funnels up the moisture along the i-95 corridor. sunday night through memorial day we are looking at potential for more than a inch of rain. they will within some tropical downpours. planning out your weekend tomorrow definitely better of the three day. down the shore tomorrow mostly sunny. don't forget that sun screen. seventy-five on the beach. sunday increasing cloud, some showers possible in the afternoon and then 72, sunday night, through memorial day, period of rain, heavier at times with a high of 68 degrees. monday not looking to be a good beach day. heading to the poconos tomorrow, goodwill again, afternoon sunshine possible. warm and humid, 83. sunday more thunderstorms possible. monday temperatures dropping down to 75 degrees with showers and thunderstorms. the exclusive accu weather
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seven day forecast in philadelphia it will be hot tomorrow. 92 degrees. officially making this the first heat wave of the year. sunday, starting with sun, increasing cloud, muggy. 89 degrees. showers and thunderstorms late in the day sunday and sunday night. monday, memorial day unfortunately for the parade, observance is it is wet with period of rain, heavier at times, high of 79 degrees. tuesday, behind that cold front, it is still warm, but the humidity drops, 87 degrees and then we have a broad area of high pressure building in by middle of the week. wednesday just spectacular, low humidity and sunshine. 84 degrees. thursday, partly sun which a high of 82. and friday, cloud, milking with some sun and possibility of showers with a high of 80. so two out of the three days this weekend looking pretty good. monies looking very wet. >> all right, happy holiday. >> to. >> fun night to remember for three high school students from philadelphia, thanks to a local non-profit organization. the group is called we can do better, and it recruited local
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business toss provide tuxedos, dresses, the accessories and limousines so the teens could attend the event in style. the organization is helping young people with prom expenses since 2012.
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well, phillies in wrigley. tough game. >> they are still not hitting. the cubs, well, they are scoring a lot. when it rains, it pours and no, we're not talking about the two rain delays today. we're talk about all of the runs phillies starter adam morgan has allowed. how about 15 in the last 13 and two-thirds rds including six to the cubs. adam morgan loses his game for the third straight start. he give up four in the fourth. jorge solar the solo shot. phillies down one in chicago. so much for friendly confines of wrigley. cubs t off, david ross with the three run shot. three home runs, six runs. pete mackanin said he had zero common. phillies lose six-two. they have dropped five of their last seven. sixers have big decision toss make on top of that big one at the top of the draft. what will they do with all of
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the big men. they can't possibly fit simmons, okafor, noel, embiid and saric, can they? sixers admitted they would explore trading picks and players to get the ball rolling. so this should come as in surprise, sixers are gauging the trade interest in jahlil okafor and nerlens noel according to a report. raptors and kyle lowery, the calves lear slammed the door shut beating up toronto in game six. lebron 33 points and calves 113-87 win. lebron is going to the the nba finals for sixth straight year, only one other player has done that since the 1960's. the pace under chip kelly, faster, faster. but his need for speed, caught up to the former eagles coach. the players too. but now is there a new tempo in town. eagles quarterback sam bradford will be able to run the offense at a slower pace under doug pederson. eagles will huddle.
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bradford license able to change up play at the line of scrimmage if he doesn't like the look at the defense. >> biggest thing is coming in out of the huddle, longer play calls, more time to assess situations, different checks, audibles, things like. that you come out slow you are dissecting what the defense is doing. they are not gassed. they are ready for every single play. so we have to run plays more so off of what they give us. it is different in that aspect. >> how about this pace today, some of the eagles practicing with 125 kid from around the delaware valley. they promote importance of exercise, sign this kid up, the touchdown dance and then runs the
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lacrosse mens final four is back at the link tomorrow. maryland begins brown and north carolina against loyola in the other semi final. local players all over the place. twenty players, between teams, with ties to the delaware valley, including maryland's leading scorer matt randall from glenside, so is there added pressure for these players here at home. >> i have been dreaming about going to the final four since i was a little kid and being able to play in philly, i never thought about that. it is just crazy. >> i really don't think there is added pressure. i think we will get more support. friend and family out here. it is still the same. the it is exciting to be in philadelphia but it is great. >> finally check this out from a high school softball game in utah freshman keisha white,
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unreal, taking a look, robs a home run over the fence. just flat out, unbelievable. >> yes. >> wow. >> nice catch. jimmy kimmel live next filled by night line. "action news" continues at 5:30 a.m., with cecily tynan, jeff skversky, and ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night and a terrific holiday weekend. >> ♪
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