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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  May 28, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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. good morning, america. breaking overnight. trump rally chaos. protests in california erupting in violence. police in riot gear pushing back demonstrators. dozens of arrests. trump sticking to his message, just miles from the mexican border. >> we'll build the wall. >> he is backing out on a debate with bernie sanders. why he says he won't do it. >> deadly floods, parts of texas under water. historic rainfall turning roads into rivers and a race to rescue those trying to escape. now the urgent search to find those believed to be swept away while the east coast braces for an ugly storm. will it mean a memorial day washout? >> johnny depp drama unscripted. the real life divorce battle. his estranged wife amber heard
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saying these pictures prove he's got to stay away. what she told the court and what depp's attorney is saying this morning. >> ready to race. the indy 500, the 100th sold out. drivers gearing up for racing's greatest show. are the dance moves the secret to success? who will it be to take the checkered flag this year? hi. >> hey good morning. i'm pleased to be celebrating the unofficial start of summer alongside cecelia vega who is in for paula faris. >> great to be here. almost summer. also national hamburger day i'm told. something important. >> which we will be celebrating coming up. >> yes, we will. there's hamburgers. >> i won't leave the set. >> a live look at asbury park new jersey, millions of americans heading to the beach
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this weekend. not us of course but on the east coast real concerns this morning about a potential tropical storm. rob has the forecast. >> violence at a trump rally. in california overnight. riot police moving in. dozens, dozens of arrests. >> those protests not going away any time soon. california has become the center of the political universe as hillary clinton fights hard to stave off what could be a damaging loss to bernie sanders and speaking of sanders, trump is backing out of that proposed debate. abc is covering that action from washington this morning. devin, good morning. >> reporter: it's the political fantasy that seemed like it might almost become reality. bernie sanders and donald trump facing off in prime time. but this morning it's those heated protests in california that are highlighting the stakes of this campaign. the eruption of protests over donald trump lasted hours after he left california.
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police in san diego march against the crowds. officers break it up with pepper spray and make 35 arrests. officers used batons to beat back demonstrators trying to breach the barricades. near trump's speech. trump supporters facing off with immigrant advocates, parading mexican flags and raising trump pinatas. >> he is now the people's nominee. so suck it up cupcake! >> sarah palin revved up the crowd where trump spoke 20 mile from the mexico border. in san diego. >> we're going to build the wall. we're going to build a wall. latinos for trump, i love you! >> trump swinging hard against hillary clinton. >> she shouts into the microphone and it drives everybody crazy. she was saying i love the dictator in north korea. i don't love the dictator, bad guy, okay. bad guy.
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>> reporter: in an oakland community round table clinton tried to take on trump. >> we don't want a bully in the white house but we can use the bully pulpit. >> still stuck battling bernie sanders. who is gunning for his own battle with trump. >> trump claims to be a tough guy, pushes people around. donald let's have a debate. >> trump played up a debate with sanders throughout his west coast tour this week and abruptly changed course saying that it would be quote inappropriate to debate a second place candidate and wait for the likely democratic nominee, hillary clinton. >> thank you. let's bring in matt dowd. good morning. >> good morning dan. >> so why do you think trump backed out of that debate with sanders? was that a smart move or did he miss an opportunity? >> i think he missed an opportunity. my guess is he backed out. donald trump has not had any engagement one on one throughout this whole election process. when he had the debates in the fall it was all one on ten, one on 12, one on 5 and as soon as it got limited he stopped doing
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debates. never did a one on one debate in the course of the gop primary. he looked at the risk and downside of being pointed out on certain things in the course of this was much worse than the upside than he made a decision not to. this sets up a situation for the fall where it will be one on one against the democratic nominee which puts donald trump in a unique position. >> it sure does. let's talk about the protesters. these folks likely not going away any time soon. some rough scenes in california. is this a troubling sign for donald trump or could this help him in any way, matt? >> well, it's probably a troubling sign for our democracy. the course of what's happened in the last 12 months. i think what it presents is donald trump fighting for a certain aspect in a cultured america that many voters feel under assault and basically the protesters are pointing out that donald trump is the one fighting on the other side. i think in the end for donald
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trump's voters and many in america it helps him, doesn't hurt him. >> let's talk about the democratic side. hillary clinton is now in the tough fight in california with bernie sanders. what kind of damage would it do to her campaign if he lost there? >> dan, you know, the problem is if you're in a football season, you don't want to lose the last few games of the season going into the super bowl or the playoffs. you don't want to be weakened going into this. that's what i think the problem for hillary clinton is. it won't take away the nomination from her, won't impact the delegates dramatically per se but it weakens her going into a general election when she needs as much strength in a competitive race as possible. >> the leader of our political brain trust at abc news. thank you. have a good day today. we want to turn to our other big story, those deadly flash floods in texas. record rain slamming roads and homes leading to some dangerous rescues. abc's phillip mena has more. good morning to you.
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>> reporter: cecilia, good morning. we're not far from where cars were swept away by the flood. the force of the water so strong that it ripped this road to pieces. this morning parts of texas under water. in the storm's wake, road signs barely visible. streets buckling under the weight of the deluge leaving a trail of destruction. massive flooding turning deadly in this state leaving at least one dead and one missing. rescue crews and people out in force conducting hundreds of rescues like this one outside houston. this group holding a ladder to save a woman stuck in her van. >> i just want to say thank you very much because they did save my life. i could have drowned. >> the waters rising up around one high school. many of its students trapped inside for hours. >> i left the house at 2:30 today trying to get to him. i've been every route i could. >> residents ignoring warnings to stay off the roads are
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keeping police busy. officers rescuing one woman who drove past a barricade. her car in shoulder deep water in this underpass. >> it is amazing. they don't tap their brakes. they're just oblivious to it. it puts them and us in harm's way. >> the rainfall has turned roads into rivers swallowing up cars and homes alike. inside this family home the walls marked how high the waters reached. >> it's really stressful. we just got to fix up within the last month, start from ground zero again. >> reporter: even though the rain has finally stopped, the rivers here are rising for the next several days. dan. cecilia. >> thank you. rob marciano says drier weather is moving in. the tropical system threaten the east coast. hey, rob. >> tropical depression number two, 250 miles off the coast of
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the carolinas, charleston, in the satellite picture. interacting with land later on. forecast in the hurricane center does strengthen it all be it briefly to tropical storm status before it makes landfall late tonight early tomorrow and spreads out in time. going to bring rain, some wind but i think the bigger impact is rip currents and storm surge about one to two feet. water temperatures not quite warm to make it an explosive event. still tropical storm warnings posted. june 1st is the official start of hurricane season. here's the forecast for the season. main storms 10, 16. hurricanes 4 to 8. major hurricanes 1 to 4. about average. last two or three years have been below average. it will seem more active than usual. >> we want to turn to the crush of holiday travel. millions hitting the roads this memorial day weekend and the tsa working overtime to make sure the long lines don't ruin the getaways.
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so far it seems to be working. we're at new york's laguardia airport. what's the wait time looking like there? >> reporter: this is the longest line we have seen all morning and it's only a few minutes long. it's moving along because of all of the extra tsa agents. as much of the same in places like atlanta and chicago which as you know is a big change from the long waits they have been dealing with. it's a promising start to the summer travel season now the tsa has put more employees to work. using a new command center and some airports hired additional private contractors to help out. the head of the tsa says now the average wait time to get through security is well under a half hour. across the country. and while the holiday weekend may be off to a smooth start at the airport. not the case on the roads. look at that traffic jam in new jersey. many of the 38 million americans
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expected to travel this weekend are driving. the travel association estimates this will be the biggest travel weekend since 2005 which is the last time gas prices were this low. whether you're driving or flying today is expected to be the best day to head out and the worst time to try to head home expected to be monday afternoon. dan. >> thank you. now a very different kind of aviation story. on the hudson river crews rushing in after a world world two plane crashed into the water between manhattan and new jersey. eva pilgrim has the story right now. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. that experienced stunt pilot was up flying that world war ii airplane taking promotional pictures for a show monday that was celebrating the plane's 75th anniversary when something went very wrong. >> my god! >> a vintage world war ii plane crashes into the hudson river overnight. >> location is hudson river. they are missing one, p-47
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plane. no contact. >> reporter: from restaurants and balconies onlookers capturing the chaos as the plane rapidly drops below the surface. >> you could see the pilot struggling. and he was there for about 30 seconds. >> reporter: its pilot the only person on board still trapped inside. >> seemed like trying to get out and just no hope for him. >> reporter: divers recovering his body. this morning officials identifying him as 56-year-old pilot william gordon. the single engine plane sent a distressed signal before going down in the hudson. >> one of our small response posts able to tie a rope around the plane. we have a line on it. >> reporter: this morning investigators trying to figure out the cause of the crash. witnesses say the plane was emitting smoke as it came in extremely low before making that hard splash into the hudson. >> it was like a lot of noise.
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and then it just disappeared. >> reporter: according to the bio on his website he had performed for 25 years at air shows all across the country. dan and cecilia. >> really sad. thank you. >> that is a hard one. ron has the top stories. starting with concerns over the olympics and zika. >> good morning everyone. good morning everyone out there too. an urgent call to postpone or move the summer olympic games in rio because of the zika outbreak in brazil. scientists urged the world health organization to endorse the move in the name of public health. who declared the zika outbroke a global emergency and advising pregnant women not to go but the organization said cancelling or moving it will not spread -- not stop the spread of the virus which is in more than 60 countries. president obama is back on
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u.s. soil. after becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshi hiroshima, japan. 71 years after u.s. dropped a bomb in world war ii mr. obama laid a wreath at the memorial there and also met two survivors of the attack and embracing one of them. the president did not apologize for the bomb but did call an end to nuclear weapons. after a deadly encounter between a police officer and a driver that started with a traffic stop. an investigation under way. video showing the driver ramming into the car. you see it there. the officer pulls up in his motorcycle and stands in front of the car ordering the driver to stop. it doesn't happen. the trooper ends up on the hood firing his weapon through the windshield killing the driver as the car throws him off. and watch as a police officer in new jersey responding to a call about a fallen tree branch blocking a busy road. you see the branch down there. first tries to move it out of the way and then as he's walking away, watch this.
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the tree comes crashing down on him. another tree there almost hitting him. talk about a close call. the officer did suffer a broken wrist and had 13 stitches to his head. but very lucky to be alive. nadal out of the french open. forced out by a wrist injury. announcement coming as a bit of a shock, the nine time french open champion advanced to the third round and an inflamed tendon in his left wrist made hitting the ball too painful to continue. nadal out of the french open. finally on this memorial day weekend a pair of army officers paying tribute to fallen soldiers through song. ♪ counting down the days until i come home ♪ ♪ it will be okay >> those are first lieutenants justin wright and andrew yakovan who met in basic training and
8:16 am
stationed 40 miles away from each other and make music together through skype and other technologies. very nice, huh? >> yeah. >> amazing. >> they sing about the things they want to do after war right? >> yeah. >> the places they want to see in america. i love that. >> very nice. >> let's not forget what memorial day is all about. let's check the forecast. rob, i got to say you have been out the past couple of weekends and i missed you. >> i miss you too, dan. good to see you. we have seen over 100 tornad we have seen over 100 tornado reports an with that, kansas, luckily, no damage with the storms. tremendous amount of rain across texas. it will come to an end today but look for more later in the week, across the central part of the country and east coast, as well.
8:17 am
remnants of tropical system. brief hail and damaging wind across that portion of the country. temperatures today probably going to be the warmest yet and we're increasing the levels of humidity, 91 in philadelphia, 90 in philadelphia. 90 in washington, d.c. cooler tomorrow, but warm. here's the local forecast check it out. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. hottest day on the way for the year. temperatures in the low 90s. this afternoon there's a lovely shot as we go live on sky6 live hd controversy looking the commodor barry bridge. mostly sunny this afternoon, high, thin clouds throughout the day. 92 feeling like 94. tomorrow tropical downpours move in. 82. 77 monday.
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sacrifice. indy 500 might have rain around race time. hopefully we'll get it in. but they shut it down as soon as the rainfall comes. we'll keep you posted. >> racing fans are gearing up for a big weekend with the indianapolis 500. >> tomorrow marks the 100th running and espn is right there at the famous speedway. >> drivers would actually win the indy 500 than win championship. that is how respected this race really is. this is like the super bowl of indycar racing. and this year it's even bigger. drivers and fans are thrilled to be a part of it. first time ever the indy 500 is completely sold out. a crowd of 300,000 strong expected to roar into indianapolis this weekend to celebrate the 100th running of the greatest spectacle in racing
8:19 am
and driver tony kanaan who won in 2013 it is all about the fans. >> i remember how amazing that moment the fans went nuts. what is that like for you coming back and trying to do it again? >> i know i got my face on the trophy. i got a ring that i can wear for the rest of my life but the memories of that moment with the fans is something i will never forget. >> for a driver and "dancing with the stars" mirror ball trophy winner race might include this. >> go like halfway. you'll go -- yes. >> and this -- >> look. >> she's ready. she's good. you should be on "dancing with the stars." >> what about the preparation for this big race? a three time indy winner and would join a small group of racing's ultra elite if he takes the checkered flag for the fourth time. >> i did it again. >> great because in the record books it looked really nice. as a driver i don't think that. i'm just thinking what can i do to win that race.
8:20 am
>> and he says there is that one moment where he knows he's ready. >> the national anthem is the time that i'm like now i'm ready. now let's go to the metal. >> at the moment that gives everybody here goosebumps. he has another part of his routine, 30 minutes before the race he tries to drown everything out. puts his ear buds in, tries to remain quiet. really tough this time with 300,000 plus fans. guys. >> that's how ron claiborne prepares for this. >> i drink milk later. >> thank you very much. and a reminder. the indianapolis 500 right here on abc sunday noon eastern, 9:00 pacific weather permitting as rob marciano points out. coming up on the show, actor johnny depp's estranged wife has a restraining order against him and why she says the actor needs to stay away.
8:21 am
we'll hear from his attorney as well. >> plus are pregnant mothers really eating for two. busting some popular pregnancy myths. >> and the newest game show 500 questions with our dan harris as host we go behind the scenes as the smartest minds around are pitted against each other and tragically he's going to be putting us to the test. >> when you talk about the smartest minds i am not included in this smartest minds. it's been a humbling experience. we'll take you behind the scenes right on "gma" on a saturday morning keep it here. ♪
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and still ahead on "gma" trouble for johnny depp. why his wife went to court to get a restraining order against him. we have got the latest.
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a pleasant good morning to you, sky6 live hd giving you a beautiful glimpse of cape may, new jersey. 8:27 saturday morning, huge crowds will soak in the sun today at the jersey shore for the memorial day getaway. but we're tracking heavy rain expected to move in late tomorrow. i'm gray hall let's get i caught up on the forecast with meteorologist chris sowers.
8:28 am
hi, chris. >> reporter: soak the sun in all day today because it will be limited tomorrow and won't see it memorial day itself. hot and humid, 92. 82 tomorrow, increasing clouds, not much sun. showers move in the in the afternoon. 82 degrees. heavy downpours on monday, 77 degrees. we'll see you back here at 9:00 a.m. back to "g.m.a."
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and welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. chaos on the campaign trail. dozens arrested at a trump rally in san diego. protesters push back with batons. police in riot gear as the democratic race for the golden state heats up. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both fighting hard for those delegates in california. >> crews narrowing their search for the egyptair plane that went down killing all 66 onboard. investigators focusing on a area of the mediterranean hoping to find the black boxes and a repeat for cleveland cavaliers and the nba finals for the second year in a row lebron james scoring 33 points against the raptors making his sixth consecutive appearance in the finals. king james. >> king james. he's good.
8:31 am
coming up, the land of geniuses, i'm hosting a game show on abc called 500 questions and it's been a humbling experience being the dumbest person on the stage. i'm going to share my pain with my co-hosts when i give them a pop quiz with real questions from our question team on the show. we'll start with something entirely different. a twist in the case involving johnny depp. >> his estranged wife is submitting these pictures to get a restraining order against him less than a week after the actress filed for divorce from depp. abc joins us with more. >> good morning. we want to be clear. these abuse allegations still unconfirmed while two sides to the story. depp has a lot of devoted fans. the investigation might draw much more media attention than his box office blockbusters. johnny depp keeping his distance from newly estranged wife after
8:32 am
submitting these photos to a judge. the bruises on her face allegedly caused by depp during an altercation that spiralled out of control. >> an insider says says johnny and amber's relationship was often toxic and known to fight. quite a lot. >> heard claiming the fight ended with depp hitting her in the face with a cell phone even after telling a friend to call 911 depp continued screaming at me pulling my hair, striking me, and violently gripping my face. >> a source close to amber says incidents happens on saturday night were not isolated and there had been similar things to happen in the past. >> depp's attorney saying there's no basis for heard's claims coming days after the couple filed for divorce. now heard is seeking for spousal support right away. >> she will be able to make an argument that she has suffered emotional distress. that may impact her ability to
8:33 am
earn income as an actress. >> while the judge granted a temporary restraining order he denied heard's request. the couple's dogs that were in the middle of a legal battle last summer which led to them issuing this apology. to to australian government. >> i'm sorry pistol and boo were not declared. protecting australia is important. >> declare everything when you enter australia. >> depp is agreeing to avoid contact because he and amber are on different continents as amber is aware. >> could be hard for him to overcome. >> and emotional. depp's mother died and within a few days amber heard filed the divorce proceedings. so the world will be watching. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. time now for the weather. let's get over to rob. >> here we go. that time of year again. time to break out the beach forecast with the bouncing beach
8:34 am
these the water temperatures chilly up north. getting into the 60s across the carolinas, 70s in georgia and 80s in miami beach. looking for sunshine in the northeast that's where it will be the warmest. 80 degrees seaside heights, jersey shore end of may. that's amazing stuff. we're monitoring this tropical depression could be bonnie some time soon. it will be on the south carolina coastline by 7:00 a.m. it will be a nuisance and rain and storm surge. once it's inland, the moisture will train into the northeast and monday looks like wetness, at least, showery activity along the memorial day i-95 corridor. chicago, detroit and minneapolis, south of new orleans looking good for monday. showers across the plains and west coast is dry. that's a look at the memorial
8:35 am
day forecast. here's the local forecast for today. >> reporter: good morning, everyone i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. hot and humid today highs in the low 90s. some of the tropical moisture could get in here sunday afternoon. 82 degrees. mammal a washout, 77. forget about the towel and lounge wear. >> i like your style. we should say that the aforementioned dan is your weather producer. >> upstairs making it happen. he's the man. >> the man. >> the wheels of steel. >> the man. the dj for a second. >> all right. coming up here on "gma," what game show "500 questions". >> and actor daniel craig says no to another 007. who will be the next james bond?
8:36 am
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the french toy called lecran magique was a flop until the
8:40 am
ohio company bought the rights and changed its name to what? five seconds. >> etch a sketch. >> i don't know that any of us would have known the answer to that but dan, my friend, you are a busy man. >> yes, i am. >> anchor extraordinaire and now game show host and hanging out with geniuses not including us. >> right. always surrounded by geniuses. right now i'm hosting a show on abc called "500 questions" features real geniuses if you want to read whatever you want into real. it's been a learning experience for me and my friend abc's nick watt joined me for behind the scenes look. here it is. >> the world's toughest questions and only one simple rule, don't get three in a row wrong. >> simple rules, genius contestants. >> you might be the least intelligent person on this show. >> it's a intimidating show. i feel much more secure now that i'm standing here with you. i don't know why that is.
8:41 am
maybe it's coincidence. >> how many shows in a row were you on jeopardy. >> 75 times. >> yes, that is jeopardy legend ken jennings. >> how much money have you made doing game shows? >> somewhere north of $3 million. >> a lot of these contestants know each other and competed in other game shows and some grudge matches we have orchestrated. >> your road starts with these ten categories. >> 20th century american poetry. >> no. would there be any poetry from any country you would succeed? >> bolivian. i'm big on that. >> just for our viewers, he's lying. the planet's second largest ice sheet. found on what island? five seconds. >> greenland >> correct. i hate this. this is not going the way i thought it was going to go. >> paris is not a shoulder to cry on. >> i'm more of a turn the knife guy. >> this is a serious moment. one more wrong and you're out. you're standing three, four feet
8:42 am
away from them and they're scared. this is real money on the line. and an enormous amount of proud. >> her goal is to take your place. france has a land border with what eight countries? ken, five seconds. >> spain. >> andora. >> monaco. >> luxenburg. >> only 499 questions to go. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> guys, ready for this? i'll put you to the test. >> fire, man. >> no cheating vega. the first one is easy. what is the last name of scott and mark nasa's only twins to have traveled in space? kelly is right, don't jump the question. i have a taser. >> tase her. >> question two. what twoing syllable word is the
8:43 am
opposite of reverse? >> backwards. >> backwards. >> oh, opposite. reverse. >> averse. >> averse. >> you were close. here's question three. >> exactly. >> give me another. >> i don't know what that world means. name for a book of the bible, who is the patriarch in the musical cats? name for a book of the bible. >> i cheated on this one. i can't take it anymore. so i know. puterotomy. >> correct. >> where did you get that from? >> she looked at my sheet. >> c'mon. >> it's in the prompter. >> you're not cheating, you're not trying. >> i like the way you think. said by a man who wants to drag a mattress on to the beach. anyway, thank you very much for playing along. i want to say "500 questions" continues at 8:00 tonight right here on abc and finale june 1st right here on abc. >> we're very excited for you. >> thank you.
8:44 am
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all right. you know what that sound means. we are going to bust some myths about nutrition and being pregnant. abc news chief women's health correspondent and author of the new book "eat this, not that when you're expecting" and now a recent grad with a master's in nutrition. dr. jen ashton to bust some myths. congratulations. a lot of on table.
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>> we're going to eat it all. >> you were not actually eating for two. >> big myth. and sabotage. i say don't eat for two. eat for you. so in this book we break down what your caloric needs are. in the first trimester, not that much more. by the end you're only getting an additional about 450 calories a day. it's not a lot. so we tell you the sensible and easy ways to do that. >> we have a few things on the table. this is my favorite one given the time of day. yes or no, coffee? >> it's a big myth that you have to stop. you can get about 200 milligrams of caffeine. one to two cups. in the book we have tons of recipes and you can get a little caffeine that way. with a smoothie. >> ice cream, yes or no? >> i brought you some. i give it an a grade. so many people think it's off limits. too fattening.
8:49 am
the ice cream isn't fattening, it's the toppings. we break down the best brands in terms of the lowest in sugar and trans fats and i think it's a great source of calcium, protein. here you go. >> people are going to love you starting with me. >> i got you. >> thank you. we got a lot more on "pop news" next. a lot more on "pop news" next. with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard. the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours. these it almost feels like from were inside the house. not that i've been in there... or have i?
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♪ it's time for "pop news." it is national burger day. kayna, what is in pop. >> no one is going to pay attention because we have a desk full of hamburgers. james bond, might be jamie bell, the latest actor in talks about taking on the famous role. there are no official names attached to the lead just yet but potential for jamie to step in. he's worked with the producer before.
8:54 am
there are also some other names rolling around like tom hilson indris alba. she has that one. so babies. we're going to talk about baby care. they grow up so fast right? >> yeah. >> i know firsthand. >> sometimes not fast enough. >> not fast enough. >> or ever. >> do you think your child looks like someone not in your family? that is the case for this woman. she thinks her child looks like gordon ramsey. we want to show you a picture. look at this. >> i see it. especially the more i look at it yes. >> the hair is cut off but look at that expression. is that not totally amazing? >> yeah. >> she's got to get him cooking soon. >> she puts this out on twitter and ramsay tweeted back. have you been in whales in the last ten months. he said i was but 11 months ago.
8:55 am
now it is national burger day and we have a table full of burgers here. it's a great way to kick off memorial day weekend. you can turn on the grill. rob, you can eat your burger. don't worry. super stressed out about it. >> i was waiting for permission. >> you can eat it on your mattress on the beach, that's fine. we want to say thank you to bounce sporting club in new york for these burgers. can you see? >> wow. >> there's no ketchup. >> impressive. >> stop complaining. >> don't look at gift burger in the mouth. [ laughter ] >> i think this is the best thing that's happened to me in a really long time. >> are you going to be able to eat that? >> can you -- >> these are quite good. what do you think, ron? notwithstanding the lack of ketchup. >> very good. fantastic. >> national burger day. >> you forgot that. >> oh, yeah. i was obsessed with getting into this. happy national burger day. >> great job on "pop news" and you'll be back tomorrow? >> yeah. i don't know that i can bring hamburgers again. >> don't come back.
8:56 am
>> thanks everybody. we'll see you tomorrow morning. . i'm gray hall coming up next on saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. the holiday weekend is finally here, whether you're at the shore or close to home there's plenty to keep you busy. we have a fiery wreck in montgomery county we have the latest. those stories plus the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast on "action news" saturday morning.
8:57 am
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morning to you, it is may 28. i'm gray hall. here's a look at the stories we're following on "action news." medics fly two people to the hospital after a roll-over crash on the atlantic city expressway. police are searching for a
9:00 am
teenager after a brutal beat down caught on camera on a philadelphia street. the heat is on, but guess what, the rain is moving in. let's get you to the forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. hot today, but the rain is on the way. the timing is changing, sunday might not be as nice as what we were originally thinking yesterday or the day before. today will be lovely, lots of sunshine expected. it will be hot and humid, temperatures in the low 90s feeling like 93, 94 when all is said and done. we get in here tomorrow especially monday, tropical storm bonnie will march in here. we're clear as a whistle right now. temperatures in the mid 70s. humidity levels are starting to creep up a little bit, but it's manageable and tolerable. tomorrow afternoon and monday it becomes down right


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