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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  May 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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2016. how the delaware valley is spending the long holiday weekend next. ♪ " action news." delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. >> from the jersey shore to the city, the heat is on for this memorial day weekend, the
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unofficial start of customer is upon us. family and friends are getting together, and of course, paying tribute to the men and women who served our country. and a great start to the holiday weekend. it was hot, no doubt, but after a spring of gray, rainy weeks, we were all ready to enjoy the sunshine. team coverage, christie ileto live at penns landing, jeff chirico live in ocean city. but we begin with meteorologist melissa magee and the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> walter, we have been off to a very good start for our holiday weekend across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. and today official heat wave in the city, the first of the year. it started out on thursday with a high of 90. and yesterday we had a high of 90. today in philadelphia, climbed up to 90 degrees. well above average. normal for us this time of year is 77 degrees. at this power it is still pretty warm, pretty comfortable with the southerly wind. 74 in the city, 77 in allentown and the lehigh valley.
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65 at the coast in beach haven and lancaster coming in at 74. 69 up in the poconos. whether you are going to be at the shore, the city or poconos, tomorrow we have you covered. and 73 degrees and mostly cloudy and evening hours likely. in the city, back down into the lower 80s. mostly cloudy as the day progresses. it is humid with evening rain on the way and showers late in the day with the poconos, high temperature of 83. here is the reason why. satellite 6 and action radar showing you we are tracking moisture over charlton, south carolina because of tropical storm bonnie. winds sustained now at 45 miles per hour. eventually the storm system moves north and west and works its way up the mid-atlantic region, and taps into some of the tropical storm moisture as the system surges northward. talking about what we can expect as we were to rank the days. today coming in at number one, and each day after today goes downhill. sunday number two, and the actual holiday on monday, we're
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tracking what would be tropical downpours across the region. taking a closer rook -- look in the full accuweather forecast. and the place to be tonight is the jersey shore where we find jeff chirico live in ocean city. hey, jeff. >> walter, a beautiful day on the beach led to a delightful night on the boardwalk. it is chilly, come pulling out coats and sweatshirts. the rides are going strong, people not deinterested by the chilly weather parking the start of summer. ♪ >> forget chicago, ocean city was the place to be. a frank sonata tribute contest kicks off the night of fun. and families on the board of -- the boardwalk and enjoying the sights and sounds. >> going on the rides, having fun, yeah.
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>> my grandparents live down here. i get down here a lot. >> what is your favorite thing to do? >> i like the cars. >> little evan convinced grandma to join him on a kiddie ride. for her, ocean city an ideal getaway. >> it is wonderful, perfect. we love being together in ocean city and they love going on the rides. >> and earlier today the temperatures lured thousands to the beach. and many braved the 59-degree waters, one like he has been done for years. >> like a kid again. i have been coming here since i was an infant. so every year i think for the last 42. so it's fun. >> besides ice cream and funnel cake it is family togetherness keeping people coming back to ocean city, a tradition passed down to little jackson here on his inaugural visit. >> he is watching his sisters on the ride. he likes it. i feel bad for him, but when he gets older we'll come back.
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[laughter] >> and back out here live, we are told the rides will go on until 11:30 tonight. and ocean city is holding a service to honor our veterans and those who went before us. the memorial day service held at 11:00 a.m. on monday morning at veterans memorial park. live on the ocean city boardwalk, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." and christie ileto spending the inning in and around town, joining us from penns landing for a look at what folks who decided to stay home are up to. christie? >> walter, that's right. whether you came here to penns landing or kept the celebrations on your neighborhood block for a block party, people took advantage of ringing in the memorial day weekend locally. >> we are having a block party. >> how many times have you gone back and forth through that? >> a lot. >> neighborhoods are kicking off memorial day weekend. >> how long have you guys been
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out here now? >> since -- >> 10:00 in the morning. >> since 10:00 in the morning. >> beef kabobs and here kosher meat. >> a neighborhood block party for a large family. >> can i have one small mango -- >> how busy have you been today? >> a very good day. a lot of people keep coming and going back of the >> thank you. >> enjoying this heat stroke weather. going outside and enjoying the weather while we can. >> river rink was packed. >> everyone having a good time and i think skating puts them on an evening playing field. >> and the weekend celebrations just beginning. >> the weather, if it is anything like it was today tomorrow, this place will be packed.
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christie ileto, walter? memorial day weekend a time to pay tribute to the wonderful men and women who served our country. and in wilmington coming together to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. ♪ >> "action news" at the vfw post for the annual memorial day tribute program. a memorial day ceremony in bucks county honoring local veterans there at the memorial field in warrington. the town's veterans affair committee added names to the memorial wall during the formal ceremony. ♪ >> and tonight, the philly pops with a memorial day concert. more than 2,000 tickets given away to veterans, active military members and first responders. keep handy this holiday weekend on all of your devices.
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check out or traffic map as you head out and rely on stormtracker 6 double scan radar to stay ahead of the weather. and following the "action news" weather team on facebook and on twitter for updates on any changes in the forecast. we have developing news out of chester where officials are trying to find the person who set two dogs on fire killing them. this happened at about 8:30 tonight on west 6th street. fire crews called to the scene, instead of a home on fire they found two dogs. again, no arrests made. twin 3-year-old girls recovering tonight after they fell from a second-story window in the city's germantown section. just after 12:30 this afternoon the girls tumbling from the second story of the home in the 500 block of manheim street. the family thinks the first sister who fell ended up breaking the fall of the other sister when they landed. falling about 20 feet to the pavement. mckenzie and madison whitney are
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inseparable. >> madison is the one who is hurt. mckenzie, she seems to be all right, you know. one had blood on her, the other one didn't have a mark on her. >> the girls' father think the twins climbed on a window street and fell through the screen which you see right there. two people recovering after injured by a large branch that fell from a tree in the neshaminy state park. it happened just after 4:00 this afternoon. police say the branch crashed to the ground, injuring a father and his young son. they were rushed to the hospital and the people there at the park say it was a frightening scene. >> a big noise, what tree falling, everybody running to the tree. when we got to see three people were under the tree, one of the men was stuck under the tree. they had to cut the tree to get the man. >> the people nearby were able to pull the young boy out. crews had to cut down the branches. at last check the two victims were listed in stable condition
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at the hospital. police in new jersey are searching for the hit and run driver who struck and killed a man this morning. after 4:00 a.m. a vehicle struck 26-year-old kyle marcy from galloway township as he was walking near route 30 and route 9. and marcy was taken to the atlantic city medical center and pronounced dead a short time later. the investigators say that marcy hit by a dark-colored 2012 honda civic. anyone with information is asked to call the police. a 20-year-old woman died of her injuries after hit by an s.u.v. in the olney section of the city. the crash yesterday in the southbound lanes. and the victim was jogging at the time of the crash. the driver stayed at the scene and police have not released further details about the case. a 70-year-old man was able to escape from a burning home after someone threw a molotov cocktail at a front window. this happened early this morning along the 1000 block. and the investigators say the
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device did not shatter the window so it did not make it inside. that family just moved into that home from south carolina and so far no arrests made. much more to come on "action news." a boy climbs into a gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo and what they had to do to save the youngster's life. and man versus beast. how hundreds of athletes tested their meddle in the blazing sun. what went down in new york with chase utley and the mets tonight. jeff skversky with that and more in sports when "action news" comes right back.
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in texas, rivers and creeks are swollen after that region got hit with several inches of are rain. a mandatory evacuation is underway for a town of 800 people about 40 miles west of houston. authorities say at least two people have died and four missing, including a 10-year-old swept away by a fast-moving swollen river. a 3-year-old boy expected to recover after he was injured by a gorilla at a cincinnati zoo. the zoo says the youngster called through a railing and got inside of the gorilla enclosure. the 400-pound animal grabbed the boy from the moat and dragged him around for about 10 minutes of the zoo says they had to kill the 17-year-old gorilla to save the boy. the zoo's director says that decision was a difficult one but
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the right one. child was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. a year has passed since a man was gunned down on his way home from work. now a detective investigating the case is urging anyone to come forward if you have any information. here is rick williams with tonight's crimefighter's report. ♪ >> believe that he was just in the city, you know, possibly just looking for, you know, hang outing with friends or something like that. >> a simple act that would get him killed. on friday, may 1, 2015, mark stone had just gotten out of work and was in the area of dolphin and ramona streets in camden. >> the metro unit responded to the shots fired. as they responded to the shots fired they pulled up and they seen a male lying in the street. >> 32-year-old stone died a short time later at the hospital. >> we have some cameras in the surrounding area. you know, trying to piece things
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together. but nothing directly on the actual street. >> the citizens crime commission offering a $1,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. all you have to do is call 215-546-tips. all calls will remain anonymous. >> it is a lot of senseless violence going on. but i just stress, i stress over and over that, you know, we have to start telling and talking about these things because it's the only way it's going to get better. >> for crimefighters, i'm rick williams, channel 6 "action news."
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instead of sitting on the beach enjoying the nice weather, hundreds competed in the memorial beach challenge in ocean city. competing in three separate races, a navy seal-inspires obstacle course, ocean paddle challenge and kids fun run. and a patriot ceremony to honor veterans and fallen warriors. and a check of the forecast with melissa magee. it was really hot today. >> it was toasty today making it an official heat wave. three straight days with temperatures in the 90s. >> we felt it. >> yeah, we did. not that warm tomorrow walter, tracking changes. what is going on, stormtracker live double scan radar, it is dry and quiet. we are tracking some moisture moving in for the end of our holiday weekend. we show you the picture outside in the near term enjoying it. down the shore, in atlantic city
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a lot of folks still on the boardwalk enjoying a nice saturday night, all be it a little cooler at the course. but certainly getting ready for the unofficial kickoff to our summer season. a high today in philadelphia of 90 degrees making it an official heat wave, the first of the year. wind 74 in the city, and 79 in reading. up the coast in cape may 64, atlantic city 70 degrees. and action radar, a partly cloudy sky across the region. the clouds continue to increase as we go throughout the overnight hours and as we get into the day on sunday. we talk about the reason why in a moment. and in the near term, the call from accuweather over the next 12 hours is warm and humid, increasing clouds rate. and dropping down to 66 in the suburbs and 69 in philadelphia for the overnight low. if you're traveling tomorrow down the show we have you covered with the forecast. the high temperature of just 73 degrees. so i think you're ok for the
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majority of the day, but by the evening we will be tracking the possibility of a couple of showers. and on monday, not the best of beach days. the thunderstorm likely with a high temperature of just 72 degrees. up north of the city tomorrow, up in the poconos it certainly is not bad. high temperature of 83. but then showers roll in late on sunday. and it continues on monday with downpours likely and a high temperature of just 77. here is the reason why. we take you down to the tropics, a close eye on what is now tropical storm bonnie. winds sustained at 45 miles per hour. you do notice that moisture moving into charleston, south carolina. so this storm system right now is nearly stationary, but later on tonight, into monday, it moves into the north and west and eventually works its way up the mid-atlantic region. some of the tropical moisture works into our region. by monday, futuretracker showing threw could be in some locations close to two inches of rain across our region. and there will be an issue with localized flooding.
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we have to keep you posted on the progress of this as it moves no our region for the actual holiday monday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. humid tomorrow and rain arrivals late. high temperature 84. the lower 80s, it looks like the heat wave will come to an end by them. the tropical downpours monday and high temperature of just 79. this front moves on through, so warmer on tuesday but the humidity drops. and then sunny and nice and 83, and mostly sunny by the end of next week thursday with high of 78. friday, some sun around and a thunder shower is probable and 78. it looks like we will hold in the upper 70s with the thunderstorm possible. and humid tomorrow and then tracking the progress of the moisture moving in. and up next, jeff skversky with sports and the phillies taking on the cubs. and the former second baseman the one making headlines tonight.
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some motorcyclists went on a ride this morning in bucks county for a great cause, all part of the rock and ride for the cure. taking on from the harley david ton in langhorne ending up in new hope. raising money for pancreatic research. and a check on sport, jeff skversky is here and the phillies slipping off. >> memorial day not going so well for our baseball team. having a tough time. with all of this losing, are you losing faith in the phillies? they have gone from hot to ice cold. lost eight of the last 12 games adding up to the third straight series they lost. it is the worst stretch of the year. nobody in baseball has more losses than phills star jerad eickhoff. today in chicago, the first of the game, oh, oh, dexter fowler. the lead-off solo homer.
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the phills giving up four homers in the last six innings. cubs get 2 in the inning and add morgue -- more in the second inning. and jason heyward. and the fills fall behind 4-1. and ninth inning looking for a run, and freddy galvis the lazy fly into right. i got it, i got it, i got it -- no, you don't. drops in. and galvis drops into second and two batters later, ryan howard another 0-4 day. the phills are 0 for chicago and strikes out ironically, and the only way the phills score. they lose 4-1. they lost six of the last eight games. and chase utley the former phillie the big story in the big apple. and the mets players, he hit one in the playoffs and they throw behind him and ejected and the manager in the third. and the sixth inning the dodgers second baseman gone, solo homer.
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and utley more homers against the mets than any other team. he is booed. and in the seventh utley booed again with bases loaded and responds this time with a grand slam! chase utley, you are the man! you are still making mets fans mad. the phills fans love you for it. l.a. wins 9-1. utley booed again. the union woke up this morning in sole position of first place. if they want to wake up tomorrow atop the east they must win or tie tonight after new york won and leap frogged them in the standings. and watching the union names no longer a headache. scoreless, and in colorado, beating blake and oh, oh, union down 1. five minutes later the last shot, brian beats the former union goaltender. and they remain in first.
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