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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  May 28, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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how about this final four in philadelphia? maryland will play north carolina in both the women's lacrosse title game tomorrow in chester, and in the men's title game at the link on monday, too. sportscenter anchor chris burman here for the final. and doing more than clap author this. and what a goal! take another look. what a goal, what a game. in o.t., matt rambo of maryland sets up the winner. maryland 15-14 in o.t. and they are moving on to face north carolina. scoring the final four record nine goals helping beat them. and playing monday for the national championship game. the first time in 23 years. the indy 500 sold out for the first time in history, and david letterman will have a front-row seat as an owner.
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letterman says his driver is on his top 10 list as number 1 tomorrow. what is he kidding? he starts 26th. >> if we don't win the 100th running, i have every intention of faking my own death. >> really, can we run through that quick? >> i don't know through it. i know a fellow who will remove my fingerprints. >> ok. >> i have a post office box somewhere on the planet, and that's all i can tell you. >> all right, dave, we'll see you home at 11:00 a.m. coverage begins for the indy 500 and the race starts at noon. which or without the beard, david letterman still funny. >> i recognize the voice, not the face. the grade sandwich debate. and a little boy with a huge voice. hear why this youngster's song in church is going viral. that and more when "action news"
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♪ "action news" continues. >> saturday night, i'm walter perez. what is happening at 11:30.
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trying to figure out why an experienced pilot lost control and crushed into the hudson. and bonnie on the coast and we have an update. why this 4 year old's son is inspiring people all over the world. first, tonight millions of americans blessed with good weather to kick off the memorial day weekend, millions more are spending the holiday under siege from the elements. and the southwest soon dealing with a tropical storm and we have more. >> this will be a memorial day weekend of bad memories for so many in texas. floodwaters chasing them from their homes. >> we got what we could and left. >> we're just watching the water. >> we have no where to go. >> streets became rivers, they dialed 911. >> we got ahold of the fire department this morning much they came about 8:00 and got us. >> first responders went door-to-door, by boat when necessary, rescuing residents
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from the rising waters. this man removed on a stretcher. up to 16 inches of rain in 24 hours, washing out roads and submerging bars. at least four dead and now five missing after days of violent storms. in wichita, an 11-year-old boy is missing after being swept away when he fell into a creek trying to cross it. this family, headed to their son's graduation by boat. >> cap and gown here. >> the southeast bracing for tropical storm bonnie set to land between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. in south carolina. and the high winds and high surf has them on high alert. and concerns of the deadly rip tides. >> a little rough but not terrible yet. i think it will get worse. >> residents in the stores to stock up. bonnie will drift north by
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monday, making a damp and dreary holiday for millions. fast-moving airport security lines at the beginning of the memorial day weekend could be good news for travellers returning monday. travellers reported moving quickly through airport checkpoints yesterday. the t.s.a. opened extra screening lines, and used bomb-sniffing dogs so some passengers about not have to remove shoes. and the t.s.a. added more security officers, but they would not say exactly how many. >> i hesitate to put an exact number out there, i am still trying to work out the final staffing models. we have redone our entire staffing model. >> some airports hired private contractors. and people traveling this weekend, the biggest traveling weekend since 2005. a fly-over tonight to pay tribute to the pilot killed when
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he went down in the hudson river yesterday. and flying in the traditional missing-man formation. and they are looking at the wreckage of the plane to find out what happened. >> a piece of american history raised from the hudson river. the plane crashed killing the pilot. they hope that the water-logged aircraft will reveal what went wrong before it plunged into the water. the single-engine plane crashed between manhattan and new jersey as people in restaurants and on balconies watched. >> they are missing one p47 plane. there is no contact. >> could actually see the pilot struggling and he was there for about 30 seconds. >> onlookers growing horrified as the thunderbolt dropped before the surface of the water, the pilot apparently trapped
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inside. >> trying to get out, no hope for them. >> and hours later they identified him as william gordan. he was part of a group which performs at air shows. the plane scheduled to fly in a show, and they called him an extraordinary pilot. >> one of the top warbird pilots in our nation died doing the mission he dedicated himself to. >> so far investigators know it left from eastern long island and the authorities say it did send a distress signal before going down. witnesses say they saw smoke coming from the plane before the crash. now the f.a.a. and the ntsb will examine the wreckage to try to figure out how the tragedy unfolded. severe weather across europe. a lightning strike send people to the hospital, striking while they were celebrating in the park. germany, lightning struck a
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children's soccer game injuring 35 people. one of the referees went into cardiac arrest after hit directly by the lightning, and was revived by people nearby. nasa slowly inflated a brand new experimental room at the space station earlier today. the astronaut opened and closed the valve allowing air to flow into the compartment. they are not allowed to go into the week for at least a week, making sure it is air tight before going inside. amazing scientists detecting key organic compounds in a comet according to a theory that comets may have delivered to earth chemical building blocks for live a very, very long time ago. detecting an amino acid inside of a cloud of gas and dust from the come met. the amino acid used to make
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proteins. and also finding phosphorus, the key element in all living organisms on earth. what do you call this? a taylor ham are pork roll? the debate making it all the way to the new jersey statehouse. plus -- ♪ >> how about that? a joyful noise as a 4-year-old is bringing down the house. melissa? walter, it is warm and still humid tonight. we are tracking changes getting into the second half of the holiday weekend with tropical moisture heading our way. details coming up with the accuweather forecast.
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an ongoing debate in new jersey involving a popular pork sandwich has made its way to the statehouse. the good people of new jersey can't seem to agree whether the meat in the favorite breakfast sandwich is called taylor ham or pork roll. many in the northern part of the state call the processed meet taylor ham. in the south we call it pork roll. the debate surfaced after a lawmaker introduced legislation designating it as the official state sandwich. and chris christie weighed in saying it is taylor ham. pork roll. no debate what to call this, hamburger. the month of may is national hamburger month and today is national hamburger day. invented in the 1860s after the mechanical meat grinder came about. originally served on sliced
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bread. and millions fire up the grill this weekend to cook the burgers. doctors have a warning tonight about what you may use to clean the grill. wire bristles can get larged in food and are tiny and hard to detect, even in x-rays. and they say wire bristle mishaps sent about 1700 people to emergency rooms since 2002. >> i saw a glint of light off a piece of metal. and my colleague operating with me said it looks like a brush bristle. >> they recommend you always use a newer brush, and you can test it using a fliers to ma mamak make -- pliers making sure it doesn't come off too quickly. and wipe down with a paper towel before you cook. and a check of the forecast. >> it was warm today, it was hot. changes getting into sunday and even monday. and we show you what is going on here in stormtracker 6 live double scan radar.
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it is dry and quiet and no issues of precipitation. and outside we go. and sky 6 live in hd looking at the commodore barry bridge. and a partly cloudy sky and a few clouds roll in in the overnight hours and especially getting into sunday afternoon. highs today definitely on the hot side. allentown today 92. philadelphia maxed out at 90, making this the official heat wave for the city. the first one of the year. 87 wilmington, ocean city cooler with the south-facing wind coming in at 73 today. north and west of town, 76. and chester 74. and levittown 76. center city 74 degrees. across new jersey and inland locations still in the 70s, but 69 in vineland. 64 sea isle city and 64 degrees in surf city. smyrna and dover in the low 70s.
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you look at the dewpoint the level of the moisture in the atmosphere. right now dewpoint numbers for philadelphia, millville and atlantic city not bad. and the air is pretty comfortable. when go north and west of town the lower 60s, a slight touch of humidity in the air. and the humidity stays with us tomorrow as well. satellite 6 and action radar, partly cloudy sky across much of the mid-atlantic region. widening out the picture, things are changing sunday into monday. and taking you down to what we are tracking. tropical storm bonnie, winds sustained 45 miles per hour and you see the moisture pressing into charleston, south carolina. the storm system now is nearly stationary, but later on sunday night into monday it moves to the north and west and eventually takes the curve and moves across the mid-atlantic region. we will be tapping into some of the tropical moisture. and sun giving way to increasing clouds. and by 4:00 you see showers pressing into areas in dover,
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delaware. and by 11:00 tomorrow night, this model showing you that moisture that continues to work its way northward across our region and the on-and-off scattered showers continue monday. there might be issues of localized flooding, just have to track the progress of the storm system that moves on in and how much tropical moisture actually makes it into our region. the memorial day forecast. in the city 79 degrees. and the seven-day forecast, the lower 80s tomorrow and the heat wave coming to an end. some rain arrivals late, tropical downpours on the way by monday and 79 drying out, but staying warm on tuesday. in fact, a warmer day at 86. sunny and nice on wednesday. and 83 degrees. thursday, mostly sunny and at 78. looks like we're going to stay in the upper 70s closing out the week next friday. and 78 degrees as we get into
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section saturday, walter. hopefully a chance to soak up the sun because the rain moves on in. >> all right, thank you. a little boy with a big voice is getting some well-deserved recognition these days. his amazing performance in this church in north carolina was all caught on camera, and now not surprisingly the whole thing has gone viral. ♪ >> from the first second you hear him you kind of can't believe it, but caleb, he has the voice. and he's got the moves. >> caleb has been singing and demonstrating that he has got the "it" factor for a long time. ♪ >>in the past few weeks, nearly 3,000 views since family friend put up the video on facebook.
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and performing at the baptist church in north carolina. and how is it caleb was born four years ago gets this good? >> he started singing when he was baby. i would sing to put him to sleep. >> and where is his inspiration coming from? >> where do you sing from? >> my heart. >> to who? >> jesus. >> and we know this -- caleb is anybody but shy. >> hey everybody. i am on abc news! ♪ >> here's the question. he has the voice, he's got the moves, but does he have the finish? oh, yeah, caleb has the finish. and he is just getting started.
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♪ the weather is heating up, the phillies on the other hand are cooling off. in fact, they have gone ice cold. as far as starter, jerad eickhoff he can't catch a break. nobody in baseball with more losses. before he even looks up today, the phills are already in a hole in chicago. very first batter eickhoff faces goes yard. dexter fowler puts everyone in a foul mood. and falling behind 4-0. and ryan howard 0-4 with two strikeouts. and howard's average .154, the worst for players with 125 at-bats. and no homers in the last weeks. and phills lose 4-1 dropping six of the last eight games. lebron james is a warrior. he is going to the nba finals for the sixth straight year. who will the cavaliers face? the warriors or thunder? oklahoma city trying to close
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out the western conference finals tonight against golden state. the second quarter, thunder center steve adams throws it down. up as many as 13 in the first, up 7 with five to go. and back come the warriors. the fourth quarter quarter clay thompson. an nba playoff record 11 threes adding up to 41 points. 14 seconds left, golden state steph curry what a shot? warriors win 108-101 to force a game seven. what a finish in the nba playoffs. but, it's the worst possible word you can use to describe a first-round draft pick, barring a major turn-around this season, the eagles 2014 first-rounder, marcus smith may never be able to shake the word bust. he hopes to break out with a big year, looking for his first nfl start.
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transitioning from linebacker back to defensive end, the position he played in college and he was at louisville. he only played 21 of the 32 possible games his first two years in the league. >> i think the opportunity is definitely there. i have-having a great week, the o.t.a.s, standing back and talking to the coaches to make sure, to see what i can do better. so i think it's there. speaking of rocky starts, a rocky road since the union's inaugural season, but it looks like things have finally turned around here. the union are the best team in the east coming to play tonight against colorado, the number one team in the west. and watching the union games no longer a headache. the scoreless second half in colorado. 87th minute, sam cronin. he beats andre blake and union down 1, down to the last shot. and five minutes later, and brian carroll beats the former union goal, and union finish in a 1-1 draw picking up a point
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and remain in first place by one point tonight. what a finish on the road. walter, back to you. >> thank you, jeff. finally tonight, if have you ever been to coney island you know it is a big deal. nathan's famous hot dogs celebrate the 100th anniversary. turning back the clock selling hot dogs for a nickel. hundreds showed up and the line around the block. the man who founded the company was one of 13 children of poor jewish shoemakers of eastern europe. starting as a small hot dog stand in 1916 and today they sell 500 billion hot dogs each and every year. "castle" is next. and "action news" continues tomorrow morning. more melissa magee, jeff skversky, and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. have a great night. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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