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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  May 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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one night 6 people shot in trenton. police are working the cases right now. storm tracker 6 live showing rain to the south in the carolinas, we'll get that rain a bit later today. a run for a septa police officer seriously injured by a hit hit-and-run driver. good morning, 6:00 a.m., i'm gray hall, nydia han is off. the nation honors fallen soldier members on this holiday weekend. we're marking the unofficial
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start of summer. before the holiday ends, the rain will arrive. we look outside, cape may, new jersey, thankfully no rain just yet. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. you promise the rain is on the way, right. >> reporter: i have good news or bad news though,, which do you want first? good news, bonnie stalled, we're delaying the rain onset. we got it. >> reporter: you knew what i was trying to say, the onset of the as we get you outside and show you the view, the st.. the humidity levels have come down a a little bit. 50s in millville. 60s for everybody else. the humidity increases and the clouds increase the downpours move in overnight tonight. for now we're doing okay, clouds are approaching from the
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southwest, we're mainly clear across new jersey and southeastern pennsylvania. there's some of the leading edges of the moisture across the virginias and the carolinas, all that is pushing to the north as the day wears on. we have delayed the rain a little bit. we'll start out with sunshine, 9:00 a.m., 74. 1:00 p.m., 82. we're hooting for a high of 86 degrees which would break the string of 90s. so far we've seen three consecutive days, we've had three days of 90-dry-plus heat. that will come to an end this afternoon. bonnie is sitting right there 50 miles southeast of charleston, south carolina all this moisture will pump to the north over the next 12 to 24 hours. heavy downpours on the way. when i come back we'll talk about when it arrives and how much we'll receive, i'll have
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that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. 6:02. if you're just waking up. ocean temperature is only 60 degrees, but that's not stopping people from taking a dip at the jersey shore. generations are squeezing out every bit of fun as they can. even though the rain is coming. so many families took to the beaches and the boardwalk is a right of passage. jeff chirico is spedged the weekend there talk -- spending the weekend there talking to the people. we'll talk to him in the in effect half-hour. many are marking memorial day in philadelphia. for some it's a neighborhood affair. here's chris christy achristie . we have kosher meat.
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>> reporter: in feltonville it's a family reunion. it's a neighborhood block party for a large family. >> reporter: how busy have you been? very good day. enjoying this heat stroke weather trying to not to die, but outside, trying to enjoy the weather while we can. >> reporter: river rink was packed. everybody has a good time. and skating puts everyone on even playing field. and the weekend celebrations are just beginning. >> reporter: if the weather is like it was yesterday, places like the river rink will be packed. christie ileto channel 6 "action news." laurel hill cemetary will host a memorial day parade. it was the first site of memorial day other than e
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observance in 1868. general meade is laid to rest there. across the area, parades and ceremonies are honoring those who gave their lives for our country. if you're heading to the shore, check on your devices there's an inter active traffic map and rely on storm tracker 6 live to stay ahead of the weather and facebook and twitter for updates and any changes. 6:05. new information to tell you about this morning, it's been a violent night in the city of trent. 6 people in the hospital after two separate shootings. the first happened before 1:00 a.m. in the 600 block of martin luther king boulevard. in that incident four people were hit by gunfire. around 1:30 a.m. trenton police responded to the shooting of two people at a corner grocery store
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on spring street. all victims were taken to the hospital. new jersey state police say a rider taking part in the could you town rodeo died from injuries he received. he was trampled during the performance. "action news" contacted could cw town, but they had no comment. the number of dead continue to ride after mass flooding in texas. two people have died and four are missing. evacuations are in effect in a number of cities and towns. elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: this is a bad memorial day weekend for so many in texas. floodwaters chasing them from their homes. i have nowhere to go. >> reporter: as streets became rivers they dialed 911. we got ahold of the fire
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department and they got us. >> reporter: boats were rescuing residents from the rise are waters. this plan was removed on a stretcher. up to 16 inches of rain in 24 hours, washing out roads an submerging cars. four dead after days of violent storms. in wichita an 11-year-old boy is missing after being swept away falling into a creek trying to cross it. this family heading to their son's graduation by boat. in the southeast they are bracing for tropical storm bonnie in south carolina. high winds and high surf have the lifeguards an high alert, the big concern, the deadly rip tights. a little choppy, a little rough, but not terrible yet. i think it will get worse. i have to be careful of the kids. >> reporter: residents hitting
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stores to stock up, bonnie will drift north by monday making a damp and dreary holiday for millions. elizabeth hur abc new york. 6:08. one of the biggest days in racing. the 100th running of the indianapolis 500 is running today. it is the first ever out of -- l out of the race. the race is scheduled to go on, you can watch it live on of abc. coverage begins apt 11:00 a.m. live coverage of the indi500 starts at 11:00 a.m. one programming note this week with george stephanopoulos airs at 10:00 a.m. not 10:30. runners are running in
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philadelphia to support at that septa police officer who was hit by a hit-and-run driver. he was hit last sunday while running in the city's holmesburg section. he had a broken leg and concussion. the run starts at rowan avenue and chippen daily street where he was hit. the run is rain or shine past the hospital where miller is being treated. lightning strikes injuries dozens of people over seas. overnight we learned about a man who helped many people caught in the path of one bolt. gray coming up in weather today, looks better than what we saw yesterday, tomorrow looks like a complete mess with the remnants of the tropical storm bonnie marching on threw, heavy downpours expected, maybe
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flooding, details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. so glad you stayed with us
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on a sunday morning on on this memorial day weekend. 6:12, sky6 live hd giving you a live glimpse over atlantic city. 66 degrees out there already. meteorologist chris sowers says it looks beautiful out there,
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but the rain indeed is on the way, sir. >> reporter: and lots of it. monday won't be a lovely day. that's a good shot and hopefully that last for 6 hours or so. after that it goes downhill in a hurry. tropical storm bonnie pours on in here, we're expecting heavy rain and downpours in the overnight and especially monday, 66 degrees is the current temperature reading in philadelphia. the dewpoint has come down a little bit, so it doesn't feel as humid always yesterday, at least not right now. the number will increase as the day wears on. pressure reading holding steady. ocean temperature, 56 degrees. that will keep the shorepoints cooler than what you see inland. yesterday we topped out at 90 degrees. philadelphia will top out around 86 or 87. right now we're showing 66. cape may, 61 and dover
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61 degrees. all that moisture pulling off to the northwest, tropical storm bonnie is sitting right there off the coast of the charleston, south carolina let's use the red that will show up better. all the moisture will pull to the north over the next 1 hours or so. it will get in here after sunset. most of the day appears to be dry as bonnie stalled out, it was moving like this and did a loop deloop yesterday evening. that amount it pushes back the moisture. today will be a dry afternoon after all. some of the rains march in after 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. here's the latest on tropical storm bonnie. 50 miles per hour to the southeast of charleston, south carolina. winds are up to 45 miles per hour. some of the winds are 50 or 60.
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over the next couple of days it will meander about over the coast of the caroline analysis. the low pressure stays well to the south. this is not a big wind maker. lots of times you think tropical storms or hurricanes big winds. this is a hovering around south. during the late afternoon hours, this particular model has us dry through 7:00 p.m. accuweather expect to see showers starting to pop for south jersey and delaware, and that moisture lifts to the north overnight tonight. first thing tomorrow morning, lots of reds, oranges and yellows on the map, heavy downpours expected through the first part of the afternoon. some of this will come down at a trait of one or two inches an hour. most of the moisture will be out of here by 5 to 7:00 p.m. we also to east across the viewing area. rainfall totals look at this,
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ranging anywhere, accuweather will go a general one to two, the idea is isolated areas heavier amounts. millville, 3, dover, closing in on 4 inches of rain. this will be a good soaking. increasing clouds, humid, 86 degrees is the forecasted high, winds out of the south southwest at 5 miles per hour. for the mountains up in the poconos enjoy a nice day, 87 today, downpours expected for tomorrow, 77 degrees. for the jersey shore you have clear conditions right now. lots of sunshine throughout the morning, increasing clouds throughout the afternoon, another sea breeze day, 75. tomorrow, downpours and 74. the rain arrives probably sometime after 7:00 p.m. most of the day will stay dry, sun and humid, increasing clouds and 86. downpours expected throughout most of the morning on monday,
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showers by afternoon, 75. wednesday, sunny and nice, 82, thursday, 77 friday, 7 of and saturday 76. we are learning about a lightning strike that left nine people unconscious. ment bolt hit a park where people were gathered for birthday celebration. they were looking for shelter under a tree when a storm moved in. 11 people most of them young children were injured. an off duty firefighter injuring a museum nearby ran to render first aid. it hit a soccer game in germany, 35 people were hurt the rest had to be revived. new this morning, police in
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georgia say a man who shot a sheriff during a traffic stop is in custody. this happened 80 miles south of atlanta. police say the deputy was hit in his face as he approached the vehicle. joe lee garrett, the suspect took off. he later turned himself in. nba player for the new york pelicans has died. jones was visiting his girlfriend and went into a wrong unit after a night after. police say jones kicked in the door of what he believed to be
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her bedroom. the man inside opened fire. police have not said if charges will be filed. a father and outcome son are in the hospital after a freak accident in bucks county. police say they were injured by a branch that fell off a tree in neshaminy state park. it was a frightening scene. we heard a big noise, a tree falling and everybody running to the tree when we got there, three people were under the tree. one man was stuck under the tree they had to did you cut the tret the man. people nearby pulled the boy out, the father and son are listed in stable condition at aerie torresdale hospital.
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spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly? we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:23 sunday morning, storm tracker 6 live we set it in motion for you, showing you the tropical rains pushing inland, the remnants of bonnie sitting off the coast of charleston. the center of the storm will travel like this and pull out to sea. these rains in here will increase as the day goes on. we're not expecting too much in the way of rain today. you can see how much distance it has to traveling. when we get into the overnight tonight and tomorrow, high pressure pulse through. there's a low around the west, the winds blow counter clockwise around the low. there's nowhere for it to go, but up, it will be steered to the north and we'll have rain
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late in the event and the overnight. south jersey and delaware, maybe after 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. the general idea rain arriving tonight downpours expected one to two inches of rain possible with isolated heavier amounts of 3 to 4 inches tomorrow afternoon. flash flooding is possible in low lying areas and areas of pour -- poor drainage. defending nba champs rally for a game 7. golden state warriors overcame a deficit in oklahoma city. 108-101 win. 41 points scored overall. the warsers have come back from down three games from one in the series. decisive game seven is monday night. the phillies have been blown out of the windy city, the
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series of the cubs wraps up today. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: with all this losing are you losing faith in the phillies? they have gone from hot to ice cold just like that. they have lost 8 of the last 12 games adding up the to the worst stretch of the year. in chicago, jarrett ikoff. they have more in the second, jason hayward in the i got it, i got it, no you don't. drops in, galvis drops in the second. ryan howard trying to do some damage, another o-4 day.
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phils lose 4-1. they drop 6 of 8. they try to avoid getting swept today. mets pitcher and the manager ejected in the third. utley responds, 6 inning the dodger second baseman, gone, utley mass more homers against the mets than any other team he is booed. utley booed again with the bases loaded he responds with a grand slam. chase utley you are the man. else still making mets fans mad. phillies fans love him. utley is still getting booed this morning. the union woke up in solely possession of first place, they had a win last night or draw and
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new york leap frogged them in the standing. watching these games, scoreless second half. in colorado, 87th minute, union down 1. five minutes later in extra time, brian carroll beating zack mcmath, former union goalie, they pick up a point. david letterman said his driver gram ray hall is on his top ten list always the number one driver today -- as the number one driver today. if we don't win the 100th running i have every intention of faking my own death. can we run through that real quick? i can't reveal. i know a fellow who will remove
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might have prints, i have a post office box somewhere on the planet and that's all i can tell you. indi 500 coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day.
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we're right in the middle of a holiday weekend and we have everything you need to know about the forecast and the best time to hit the shore.
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an update on twin toddlers who fell from a second floor window in germantown. a pleasant good morning to you, in an in an -- nydia is off this morning, chris sowers joins us with the accuweather forecast. some folks are waking up to bad news, chris. >> reporter: only for tomorrow. today it's good news we are expecting rain to move in here in the overnight. today looks all right. looks like we'll start out with sunshine and increase the clouds as the day goes on. the numbers will be cooler, the humidity level will be a thorn in the side, but generally speaking a nice day. warrington, 66 degrees. martins creek 65. dewpoints in the whole area, upper 50s, feels more refreshing. coatsville, 63. chester, 64. center city, 66. glassboro, 61. take a look at gandys beach,
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58 degrees, vineland 58. hammonton, blue about herry country. 6 -- blue about her -- blue berry country, 60 degrees. the clouds lower and thicken throughout the afternoon and that eventually gives way to rain after 6:00 p.m. from south to north across the viewing area. today, starting out with sun, increasing clouds, warm and sticky, right now we're in the mist of a heat wave 90 degrees or higher for three days, we should fall short of that later this afternoon as the highs today top out at 86. not this 92. we are increasing clouds today it's humid, jersey shore highs around 75. sun giving way to clouds late in the afternoon. gray?
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thank you so much for the update. sky6 live hd is giving you a glimpse over cape may, new jersey. the weather is holding up thankfully so far this weekend as the rain moves in for the remainder of the holiday weekend. jeff chirico caught up with people soaking in the sun and enjoying music at the shore. ♪ my kind of town >> reporter: a frank sinatra tribute concert kicked off a weekend of fun. outside the music pier families enjoyed the sights and sounds of summer. going on the rides and having fun. my grandparents live down here, so we can a lot. evan of southampton pennsylvania convinced grandmother to join her on a
6:34 am
kiddie ride. it's wonderful, it's perfect we love being in ocean city and they love the rides. >> reporter: earlier in the day, blue skies and warmer temperatures lured many to the beach. i feel like a killed again, i've been coming here since i was an infant, so every year, i think for the last 42, it's fun. >> reporter: besides the ice cream and funnel cake it's family togetherness that keeps people coming back a tradition that's passed down to jackson on his inaugural visit. i feel bad for him, when he gets orderly we'll come back. >> reporter: ocean city will hold a memorial day day service monday at 10:00 a.m. tow veterans' memory -- memorial
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park, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." action cam was on the scene scene of an accident that sent two people to the hospital on the the boulevard. the driver and passenger were taken to had hanheman hospital e treatment. police are looking for the person or persons behind a brutal case of animal abuse. two dogs were set on fire their bodies were found in the 2800 block of west 6th street. twin three-year-old girls recovering after they fell from a window in germantown section. the girls tumbled from a second floor of a home on the 500 block of manheim street. the first sister ended up great breaking the fall of the other sister. they fell on the pavement.
6:36 am
madison is the one that's hurt, mcken'sy, is he seems to be all right, you know. one had blood on her, the other one didn't have a mark on her. the girls father knowledge think the twins climbed on a window seat and fell through the screen. starting now, federal judge has ordered the release of internal documents from trump university in a class action lawsuit against the former real estate school owned by donald trump. the lawsuit claims the seminars and classes were like info ls. hillary clinton coming to new jersey this week holding a fundraiser in east brunswick on
6:37 am
tuesday with core book -- cory booker. bernie sanders is holding events in oakland. california primary is june 67. if you're just joining us, we're used to seeing dash cam videos from police and more people are putting them in personal vehicles and finding out it comes in handy in all sorts of situations. nydia han what you need to know in this special report. >> reporter: that you're tweeted this video. makes you jump. we have to get that guy's license plate number, i said wait a minute i have the dash cam on it's on tape. >> reporter: he got his dash cam because he thought it would be fun, now he is really hissing it's youthful.
6:38 am
he said in this case it helps police track down the offending driver and give him a recording. >> reporter: the dash cam has recorded other near misses. there he was in my lane coming right at me. if you need it, it's nice to know it's there. mark used his dash cam to fight a traffic ticket. he tells us he stopped before making a legal right turn on red, but a cop said otherwise. the argument he made was that i never stopped at all. so when i want to the court i approached ply defense in that way saying i did stop. >> reporter: he said he won because of this dash cam video. gordon bryce said he avoid a scam in san francisco. i zip in the spot and there was no car behind me. when he came back there was a
6:39 am
car behind his and two people trying to rip him off. when you're trying to get in the parking spot, you damaged our front end. i said what she you talking about, there was no car there. bryce told them edit all on camera. before you get a be dash cam, there are tips. buy one that starts immediately recording on its own. when you turn the vehicle on, the power comes from my cigarette lighter and goes on automatically. >> reporter: choose one that let's you close the monitor so it's not distracting. and make sure it's helpful, get one that has a date and time stamp and records in a continuous long loop. some save the video to a internet cloud. not bad for $30. new jersey and pennsylvania have laws covering dash cams they are legal as long as 89 monitor is
6:40 am
not visible to the driver. if the dash cam records audio, inform the people in your car. insurers do to the offer discount for dash cam. we have more information at more coming up on sunday morning. children in new jersey take a field trip to a place that's helping them overcome learning object tickles. jamie apody tells you about a one-armed star who has a message. >> reporter: the sun is out, meteorologist chris sowers says enjoy it, because the rain is coming later today. else back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast after the break. all right folks, glad you
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stayed with us. sea explorers have discovered a sponge 11 1/2 feet long and 6 feet height. it could be the biggest sea sponge in the world. soaking up a whole lot of water. >> reporter: speaking of water, we have rain on the way.
6:44 am
some of the downpours will be impressive. tropical storm bonnie will march on through here. tomorrow is a miserable day. own joy the sunshine we'll see the sun and clouds increase in the afternoon. things go downhill in a hurry overnight tonight and tomorrow. there's a lovely shot of atlantic city. a good day down there today, not as much sunshine from what you saw yesterday. temperatures in the 70s, wall-to-wall blue skies, a few clouds. it was hot inland we were baking. it's the third straight day we hit 90 degrees or higher. the normal is 77 degrees. when you have three days of 90 degrees or higher that's officially a heat wave. on average we should see 24 days during the summer where we hit 90 or higher. this summer accuweather is predicting we'll hit the mark
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32 degrees, looks like we'll see 29 more here, get ready more heat on the way. 68 in allentown. 66 in philadelphia. millville, 58. dewpoints have lord a little bit. trenton, 67. cape may, 63. atlantic city, 62. clouds on the increase. look toward the bottom of the screen. you'll see the cloud cover and showers develop through the carolinas and the virginias that's the remnants of the leftover of tropical storm bonnie. center of circulation is 50 miles per hour to the southeast of charleston, south carolina. what a miserable day it was for those folks rain pushing inland. eastern portions of tennessee and the smoky mountains. all this will push north over the next 10 hours or so. we'll have clear skies early and increasing clouds throughout the day. we'll have high, thin clouds
6:46 am
that will lower and thicken by evening. 67:00 it's cloudy everywhere. it wouldn't surprise moo me if showers pop up around the delaware bay region. we have periods of rain after midnight. first thing tomorrow morning look at the reds and oranges and yellows. heavier downpours expected. that will lead to localized flooding issues especially in areas of poor drainage or low-lying areas or any place that floods, you're running the risk that is seeing flooding tomorrow morning. in the afternoon hours we could see clearing, but the forecast model keep us locked in from start to finish tomorrow. south jersey and delaware let's say from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., i-95 metro between 8 and 9:00 p.m. and north western
6:47 am
suburbs 9:00 p.m. and 10 spotty showers and transitioning to heavy tropical downpours. rainfall totals has this part of the area over 4 inches. normally we should three 3 and 3 quarters of an inch of rain. a lot of rain potentially is on the the way. cooler, but muggy. 86 degrees and increasing clouds. cape may, 74. atlantic city, 75. poconos increasing clouds, warm and humid, 87 degrees. you'll see more sun, downpours expected tomorrow, 77. jersey shore, sunny, increasing clouds during the day, 75. don't forget the sunscreen early, downpours expected tomorrow. 74 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 86 today downpours and humid tomorrow, 75. 75 would be nice and refreshing for this time of the year, with all the humidity it's not going
6:48 am
to feel that way. 85 and less humid tuesday, wednesday looks nice, thursday looks nice, maybe a pop-up thunderstorm for friday, and 76 degrees. today is a good one. barbecue today. >> reporter: you have a good chance to get a barbecue in. 6:48. earlier this season when radnor high school lost their best pitcher to an injury, another stepped up and that player led his team to the playoffs. that's only a small part to the amazing story. >> reporter: when you watch andrew austin on the mound, you notice his smooth deliver, -- delivery. whistles born the doctors told my parents if you don't have a problem with it, he won't either. >> reporter: andrew excelled at
6:49 am
everything he tried. baseball was his first love. you find things that work and don't work you perfect the things that do work. >> reporter: like his delivery which is complicated but he makes it seamless. i start with my glove off, when i throw the follow through, i put put it back on. >> reporter: he bats 333 with 15 stolen bases. we have people in the stand who watch him pitch he has one arm one glove tucked. he is our best player and he is our best kid. >> reporter: jim abbott was born without a right hand and threw a no hitter for the yankees.
6:50 am
his game and him makes him a role model himself. just because you think different or look different doesn't mean you are different. you have to be you and do what you love. my love is sports. it doesn't have to be sports, you just like be comfortable in your own skin and everything else falls into place. at radnor high school, jamie apody channel 6 "action news." so glad you stayed with us
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a year has passed a since a man was shot and killed on his way home from work. detectives investigating this case is urging anyone to come forward if they have information. here's rick williams with this morning's crime fighters report. he feels in the city possibly looking to hang out with friends. >> reporter: a simple act that would get him killed. on friday, may 1, 2015, mark
6:53 am
stone had gotten out of the work and was at dolphin streets at 11:00 a.m. camden county metro respond to shots fired. they see a male lying in the street. 32-year-old stone died a short time later at the hospital. we have cameras in the rowrngd area trying to piece -- surrounding area trying to peels things together -- piece things together, but nothing on the street. police are looking for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. call 215-546-tips all calls are anonymous,. there's senseless violence going on, i stress over and over, that you know, we have to start talking about these things because it's the only way it's going to get better. >> reporter: for crime fighters i'm rick williams, channel 6 "action news." (war drums beating)
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intromercedes-benz c-coupe, redesigned with its athletic prowess and sleek new body. it doesn't just raise the bar...
6:56 am completely crushes it. the all-new c-class coupe. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. differently got a behind-the-scenes look at technology that helps them to learn. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic was right there. >> reporter: these students from village elementary were cheered as they arrived princeton ton. they are among the one in every five students in america who suffers from dyslexia, a reading disability. sometimes it's a jumble ever words. i'm struggling on the words, it's hard for me. >> reporter: when you hear them say it? it helps me learn about
6:57 am
them. >> reporter: the kids are improving their skills bayous -- by use of audio books. it highlights the words as it's being read to him. i said i was struggling with words, it reads it for me so i can practice. >> reporter: this class allows the students to see where the audio books are recorded and get a chance to sit in the sound booth themselves to try it out. experts say dyslexia has nothing to do with how smart you are. it the way the brain processes the information. i can read the words because i'm listening to the bigger worlds. >> reporter: the learning program is offered in 1,000 public schools in new jersey, the kids in the book club say it's making a huge difference for them. a lot of people struggle.
6:58 am
>> reporter: does that make you feel better? yeah. it makes me feel better. >> reporter: princeton ton, nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." mother nature is going to throw a curve ball into holiday fun, meteorologist chris sowers says parts of the area could get several inches of rain by the end of tomorrow. his full forecast is next. jane loves to treat herself. so she loves new light & fit crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious toppings
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like chocolate and almonds. now that's a treat! light & fit crunch. feel free to enjoy.
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so glad you stayed with us, a get well run will offer support for a septa police officer seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver. thank you for waking up with us, nydia han is off today, sunday morning this reading, the nation is honoring the sacrifice of fallen service members. we are marking the unofficial beginning of summer. about the holiday ends, the rain will arrive. sky6 live hd looking at cape may, new jersey, and the beach. looks to be empty. that will change throughout the day. it is 7:00 a.m., not 6:00 a.m., my


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